Curators at Home: Suffragist Images with Dr. Karen A. Sherry

Time Period
1877 to 1924
Media Type
Art & Architecture
Civil Rights
Politics & Government
Women's History
Dr. Karen A. Sherry

This program from May 15, 2020, is part of our Curators At Home Series taped by curatorial staff members from their own homes as they worked remotely in response to COVID-19. 

As the fight for female suffrage in America intensified in the early 20th century, pro- and anti-suffrage forces deployed propagandist imagery to convey their message. Images of suffragists appeared in a range of guises from nurturers fostering a more perfect union to shrews wreaking chaos on the establishment. Discover what period images of suffragists tell us about historical attitudes toward women and their role in American civic life.

"Moral, Maternal, Mannish, & Monstrous: Suffragist Images, 1900-1920" is presented by Dr. Karen A. Sherry, Museum Collections Curator