George Washington's America: A Biography Through His Map By Barnet Schecter

Time Period
1764 to 1824
Media Type
Geography & Environment
Politics & Government
Barnet Schecter

The maps George Washington drew and purchased, from his teens until his death, were always central to his work. Inspired by these remarkable maps, Barnet Schecter has crafted a unique portrait of our first Founding Father, revealing his early career as a surveyor, his dramatic exploits in the French and Indian War, his struggles throughout the American Revolution as he outmaneuvered the far more powerful British army, his diplomacy as president, and his shaping of the new republic.

Schecter, the author of The Battle for New York, the hinge battle in the American Revolution, and The Devils Own Work, a chronicle of the Civil War draft riots in New York, is an independent historian who lives in New York City.

This lecture was cosponsored with The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Virginia.