The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: Harrison Salisbury

Time Period
1925 to Today
Media Type
Military History
Politics & Government
Eugene P. Trani

On March 28, 2013, Eugene P. Trani delivered a Banner Lecture entitled “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: Harrison Salisbury.”

During his career at the New York Times, Harrison Salisbury served as the bureau chief in post–World War II Moscow, reported from Hanoi during the Vietnam War, and in retirement he witnessed the Tiananmen Square massacre firsthand. In a new biography of the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Eugene P. Trani and Donald E. Davis make use of Salisbury’s personal archive of interviews, articles, and correspondence to shed light on the personal triumphs and shortcomings of this preeminent reporter and illuminate the world in which he lived.

Doctor Trani is President Emeritus and University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and the author, with Davis, of The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: Harrison Salisbury and the New York Times. (Introduction by Paul Levengood)