Galladute - Industrial: photographs and portraits of groups

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, prints and other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories or in private hands.

The group files are organized by the name of the group, family name, company, or the name of the leading individual in the group (for example, "T. J. Jackson and staff").

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photograph file for a particular person or group in which they have an interest should then request an appointment to view the files to determine their exact content.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC holds some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collection, usually as part of a collection of family or personal papers, or of a group of business records. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised. 

The group files are organized by the name of the group, family name, company, or the name of the leading individual in the group (e.g. "T.G. Jackson and staff"). Topics that have a "see also" reference should be checked for additional materials in the online catalog.

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Galladute Association, Stauton Va.

Galt, Annie A

Garden Club of Virginia

Gathright Co.

Gayle Family

General of the confederacy See Also: Confederate generals

German day festival. Meeting

German day festival Parade

Gesang- Verein Virginia

Gibson family

Gillis family

Ginter, Lewis (Maj.) Ar Westbrooke

Girl Scouts

Glasgow family See Groups Hobson family

Good hope school

Goodwin, John Gravatt children

Gordon, Douglas H. Family

Gordon, Thelma Duane Young

Government Agencies

Graduate Nurses Pageant see Burleigh, Louise

Grant Family

Great Statesmen and orators of the Early Republic

Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs Hotel Guests See also: Oversize

Gregory Collection

Gregory family

Gubernatorial Race, 1993

Gwathmey family See also; Burlington album and Por. 987.74. 1-7


Haase family

Hagan family

Edward Chambers Hamner, Jr. Commodore WM. Rainear Bowne, VSN,

Capt. Louis B. McBride

Hampden-Sydney College. Hampden-Sydney, Va. Student Group

Hampden-Sydney College, Hip Php Fraternity 1946-47

Hampden-Sydney College. Hampden-Sydney, Va. Student Group

Hampton Family

Hampton Institute

Hampton Institute Board of Trustees - 1930

Hanger Cancas. Session 1881 - 1882 see Oversize Persons (Group) Prl: 2

Hanover Academy

Hanover Bicentennial Parade

Hardwick family

Harrison, Burton Norvell, 1838 - 1904

Harrison Wedding Party Belvoir


Hassell Golden Wedding

The "Hatfield Clan"

Hennighausen, Laura Anna, 1866-1953

Hass, E and family

Highland Springs School

Highland Springs High School

Hill family see: Dunlop family album

Hillard family

Hobson Family

Hobson, A L family

Hobson, Edwin family

Hoge, Moses Drang and his Companions

Holdcroft School Charles City CO. see also: Locations, Charles City Co.

Horn's Ice Cream Co.

Hotchkiss, Jedediah, 1828 - 1899

Huguenot Springs, Hotel, Powhatan Co., VA.

Hunting Party To Dr. Kelly For Governor's Exhibit


Immortal Six Hundred

Inauguration. Theodore Roosevelt, 1905

Industrial Commission of Va.