Adult Virtual Programs

Adult Virtual Programs

HistoryConnects Lifelong Learning Programs bring the history of the Commonwealth to your residents through videoconferencing with museum educators!


Our HistoryConnects Lifelong Learning programs are designed to engage adult audiences with Virginia’s immense history. Our programs address everything from Virginia’s role in the Revolutionary War and propaganda during WWI to the culinary history of the Commonwealth and so much more! Please contact Director of Education, Maggie Creech, at to learn more and book a program.


  • Programs can be booked by email. Please contact Director of Education, Maggie Creech, at to learn more and book a program.

  • HistoryConnects Lifelong Learning Programs are $125 each.

  • Participants are sent an invoice at the time of booking and payment is not due until the program is completed. We understand that there are several external factors that can impact a program centered on technology. If a program connection is unable to be made due to factors that are beyond human control (i.e. snow days, power or network failures, etc.), we will work with you to reschedule your program at no additional charge. 



  • Participants registered for a paid program will connect with VMHC via Zoom, an online meeting application. It is available for free download at Before each program, participants are emailed a link to join the VMHC Zoom room.



  • An internet-connected computer or web-enabled device connected to a projector, monitor, or Smartboard.

    • NOTE: Connectivity is enhanced when the fewest number of devices are connected to the Wi-Fi. If possible, please use a wired ethernet connection.

  • An external or built-in webcam positioned to see as many participants as possible.

  • A built-in microphone or external USB noise-canceling conference microphone.

  • Speakers loud enough for the entire room to hear.

Ready to book a virtual learning program or interested in learning more? Please contact Cece D'Arville, Education Coordinator, at cd'