Articles & Book Reviews

Articles & Book Reviews

As the journal of record for Virginia history, the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography routinely publishes articles and reviews of books on the business and economic history of the state.

Below are listed some recent examples that can be accessed in the Research Library Reading Room. VMHC members may also access these sources through the VMHC JSTOR account.

vol. 117, no. 3

  • Aaron W. Marrs, Railroads in the Old South: Pursuing Progress in a Slave Society (pp. 295–97) (book review)

vol. 116, no. 4

  • Ann Smart Martin, Buying into the World of Goods: Early Consumers in Backcountry Virginia (pp. 412–413) (book review)
  • L. Diane Barnes, Artisan Workers in the Upper South: Petersburg, Virginia, 1820–1865 (pp. 418–420) (book review)
  • Frank J. Byrne, Becoming Bourgeois: Merchant Culture in the South, 1820–1865 (pp. 420–421) (book review)
  • Rand Dotson, Roanoke, Virginia, 1882–1912: Magic City of the New South (pp. 424–426) (book review)

vol. 116, no. 3

  • Laura Croghan Kamoie, Irons in the Fire: The Business History of the Tayloe Family and Virginia's Gentry, 1700–1860 (pp. 298–300) (book review)

vol. 116, no. 2

  • Rand Dotson, "New South Boomtown: Roanoke, Virginia, 1882–1884," pp. 150–90. (article)

vol. 115, no. 4

  • Deborah R. Weiner, Coalfield Jews: An Appalachian History (pp. 594–96) (book review)

vol. 115, no. 3

  • Kenneth Cohen, "Well Calculated for the Farmer: Thoroughbreds in the Early National Chesapeake, 1790–1850," pp. 370–411. (article)

vol. 115, no. 1

  • Nicholas Onuf and Peter Onuf, Nations, Markets, and War (pp. 138–40) (book review)

vol. 114, no. 4

  • Owen Stanwood, "Captives and Slaves: Indian Labor, Cultural Conversion, and the Plantation Revolution in Virginia," pp. 434–63. (article)
  • vol. 114, no. 3

  • Beth English, "'I have . . . a lot of work to do': Cotton Mill Work and Women's Culture in Matoaca, Virginia, 1888–95," pp. 356–83. (article)
  • "Matoaca Manufacturing Company: A Photographic Essay," pp. 384–98. (article)
  • Susanna Delfino and Michele Gillespie, eds., Global Perspectives (pp. 413–14) (book review)
  • Tom Lee, The Tennessee and Virginia Tri-Cities (pp. 415–16) (book review)

vol. 114, no. 2

  • Sean Patrick Adams, Old Dominion, Industrial Commonwealth (pp. 303–4) (book review)

vol. 113, no. 3

  • Elna C. Green, "Gendering the City, Gendering the Welfare State: The Nurses' Settlement of Richmond, 1900–1930," pp. 276–311. (article)
  • Jonathan Daniel Wells, Origins of the Southern Middle Class (pp. 321–23) (book review)

vol. 112, no. 1

  • William Kauffman Scarborough, Masters of the Big House (pp. 62–64) (book review)
  • T. H. Breen, The Marketplace of Revolution (pp. 69–70) (book review)
  • David L. Carlton and Peter A. Coclanis, The South, the Nation, and the World (pp. 78–79) (book review)
  • Paula Elsey, ed., Stone Ground (pp. 83–84) (book review)

vol. 111, no. 4

  • Michael Ayers Trotti, "Murder Made Real: The Visual Revolution of the Halftone," pp. 379–410. (article)
  • Robert H. Gudmestad, A Troublesome Commerce (pp. 419–20) (book review)
  • James L. Huston, Calculating the Value (pp. 420–21) (book review)

vol. 111, no. 3

  • Albert H. Tillson, Jr., "Friendship and Commerce: The Conflict and Coexistence of Values on Virginia's Northern Neck in the Revolutionary Era," pp. 221–62. (article)
  • John E. Clark, Jr., Railroads in the Civil War (pp. 314–15) (book review)

vol. 111, no. 2

  • Sarah Hand Meacham, "'They Will Be Adjudged by Their Drink, What Kind of Housewives They Are': Gender, Technology, and Household Cidering in England and the Chesapeake, 1690–1760," pp. 117–50. (article)

vol. 111, no. 1

  • Kevin T. Barksdale, "Our Rebellious Neighbors: Virginia Border Counties During Pennsylvania's Whiskey Rebellion," pp. 5–32. (article)

vol. 110, no. 2

  • John J. McCusker and Kenneth Morgan, eds., Early Modern Atlantic Economy (pp. 264–65) (book review)

vol. 109, no. 4

  • John F. Devanny, Jr., "'A Loathing of Public Debt, Taxes, and Excises': The Political Economy of John Randolph of Roanoke," pp. 387–416. (article)
  • Charles Royster, Fabulous History of the Dismal Swamp Company (pp. 420–21) (book review)

vol. 109, no. 2

  • John Majewski, A House Dividing (pp. 229–30) (book review)

vol. 108, no. 4

  • Stacy L. Lorenz, "'To Do Justice to His Majesty, The Merchant and The Planter': Governor William Gooch and the Virginia Tobacco Inspection Act of 1730," pp. 345–92. (article)

vol. 108, no. 3

  • Steven J. Hoffman, "The Decline of the Port of Richmond: The Congress, the Corps, and the Chamber of Commerce," pp. 255–78. (article)

vol. 108, no. 2

  • Langhorne Gibson, Cabell's Canal (pp. 189–90) (book review)
  • Scott Reynolds Nelson, Iron Confederacies (pp. 194–95) (book review)
  • William G. Thomas, Lawyering for the Railroads (pp. 195–97) (book review)

vol. 108, no. 1

  • George F. Bagby, "William G. Price and the Gloucester Agricultural and Industrial School," pp. 45–84. (article)