Index to African American material in the sheet music collection

Index to African American material in the Sheet Music Collection

The sheet music collection can be used to document Virginia's rich musical tradition. Whether the songs are about political campaigns, military affairs, or personal tragedy, sheet music can reveal both the public and private aspects of life.

One area of special emphasis includes songs pertaining to African Americans. This list of titles indexes music that encompasses spirituals, minstrel tunes, the all-black revues of the twenties, and other music by and relating to African Americans. Many of the titles are illustrated with racist stereotypes that provide information about racial attitudes over the course of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Abraham, Jefferson, Washington, Lee. You Ain't Goin' To Pick No Fuss Out of Me.
By Andrew B. Sterling, 1906.

African Quadrilles: Selected from the Most Admired Negro Melodies
Arrangement by John C. Scherpf

All Aboard for Alabam'.
By George Mann and Walter Esberger, 1911.

All Coons Look Alike to Me
Words and music by Ernest Hogan

All Wise Chicken Follow Me
Words by Henry S. Creamer; Music by Thos. Lemonier

American Ballads and Folk Songs
Collected and compiled by John A. Lomax and Alan Lomax
M 1629 A51 1972

Anything is Nice if it Comes From Dixieland.
By Grant Clarke, George W. Mayer, and Milton Ager, 1919.

At An Ole Virginia Wedding.
By Maurice J. Steinberg & Co., 1899.

At the Ringing of the Sunset Bell: Sentimental Song (copy 2)
By Eugene R. Kenney

Aunt Harriet Beecher Stowe. Words
By Charles Soran Esq., music by Charles Stephani, 1853.

Aunt Harriet Becha Stowe
By Charles Soran

Away to De Sugar Cane Fields
By S.S. Steele, n.d.

Babylon is Fallen!
By Henry C. Work, 1863.

Back, Back, Back to Baltimore
Words by Harry Williams

The Battle Cry of Freedom
By Geo. F. Root

By George G. Grant, 1905.

Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?
Words and music by Hughie Cannon

Bill Hardey's Songs of the gay and other favorites
Edited by Hugo Frey
M1629 .F89 B5 1966

A Black Bawl: A Slow Drag
By Harry C. Thompson

The Black Four Hundred.
Music by Irving Jones, 1897

Black Virginia Boy.
Words by Richard Henry Buck, music by Adam Geibel, 1900.

Blue Tail Fly.

Boogie Woogie.
Arrangement by Bob Russell and Duke Ellington, piano solo by Maurice Rocco, 1942.

The Bowry
Arrangement by Nick Manoloff

A Bran Dance Shuffle: A Rag Time Cake Walk
By Wade Harrison

Bullfrog and the Coon.
By Felix Feist, n.d.

By the Dreamy Susquehanna Long Ago Songster
Published by William W. Delaney

By the Watermelon Vine Lindy Lou.
Words and Music by Thomas S. Allen, 1905.

Cabin and Plantation Songs as Sung by the Hampton Students
Arranged by Thomas P. Fenner and Frederic G. Rathbun

Cabin in the Cotton
By Mitchell Parish

Carolina Sunshine
Words by Walter Hirsch; Music by Erwin R. Schmidt

Carry Me Back to Old Virginia.
By Christy's Minstrels (E.P. Christy), 1847.

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.
By James A. Bland, n.d.

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.
By James A. Bland, 1878.

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.
By James A. Bland, 1879.

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.
By James A. Bland, 1906.

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.
By James A. Bland, 1920.

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.
By James A. Bland, 1934.

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.
By James A. Bland, 1935.

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.
By James Bland, 1938.

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.
By James Bland. Sung by Alma Gluck, 1906.

Christy Melodies (Carry Me Back to Old Virginny).

Climbing Up de Golden Stairs.
By F. Heiser, 1884.

Climbing up de Golden Stairs: Great Jubilee Song
By F. Heiser

Climbing up de Golden Stairs: Schottische
By F. Heiser

The Contraband.
By Sep Winner, 1861.

Cynthia Sue.
By J.W. Turner, 1844.

Dandy Jim.
By B. Williams, 1843.

The Darkey's Home Sweet Home.
Words and music by Charles E. Baer, 1899.

De Boatman's Dance.
By Daniel Emmit, 1843.

De Floating Scow of Old Virginia.
By Charles White, 1841.

De History ob de World.
Song by William Parker, 1847.

Dearest Mae.
Words by Francis Lynch, music by James Power, 1817.

Dere Aint Gwine To Be No Rain.
Words by William L. Lyles, music by Herman Jackson.

Diddie, dumps & tot [sound recording]
By Louise-Clarke Pyrnelle
PZ3 P998 Di 2010

Dixie, I Wish I Was in Dixie.
Words and music by Dan Emmett, 1936.

The Dixie Volunteers
By Edgar Leslie and Harry Ruby

Dixie's Land.
By Dan Emmett, n.d.

Do, I Do, I Don't Do Nothing.
By P.H. Moran, 1831. (Nat Turner)

Doan Ye Cry Ma Honey.
By Albert W. Noll, 1899.

Down in the Vale of Shenandoah
By Charles K. Harris

Down South Everybody's Happy.
Words by Nat Vincent, music by Herman Paley, 1917.

Eight Negro Songs
Collected by Francis H. Abbot

Ethiopian Medley, no. [1]
Composed and arranged for the piano forte by Francis Buck

Ethiopian Medley, no. 2
Composed and arranged for the piano forte by Francis Buck

The Ethiopian Quadrilles. Sett 4
Arranged by A. Nagerj Onyqjva

Fare Thee Well Kitty Dear.
By G. Freidrich Wurzel, n.d.

Farewell to the Star Spangled Banner.

A Fat Li'll Feller Wid His Mammy's Eyes.
Words by Frank L. Stanton, music by Sheridan Gordon, 1913.

Four Little Curly Headed Coons.
By J.W. Wheeler, 1891.

Gib Me Dat Water-Million.
By Thos. P. Westendorf, 1882.

Gimme Dem Words.
Words and music by Anne M. Evans, 1942.

Go 'Way Ole Man!
By James Green, 1875.

Goin Ober De Mountain Ethiopian Quadrilles.
By Virginia Minstrels, n.d.

Good-bye boys
Words by Andrew B. Sterling and Wm. Jerome; Music by Harry Von Tilzer

Good bye Eliza Jane
Words by Andrew B. Sterling; Music by Harry Von Tilzer

Grady and Hazel Cole's Blue Ridge Mountain Songs
By Grady and Hazel Cole

The Gum Tree Canoe.
By S.S. Steele, 1807.

Heart Songs: Dear to the American people
Published by World Syndicate Pub. Co.
M 1629 H43 1909

Hello! Ma Baby
By Howard and Emerson

Here's to You Harry Clay
"Written by an old coon"

...Hot Lips...
By Henry Busse, Henry Lange, & Lou Davis, 1922.

A Hot Time in the Old Town.
By Joe Haden & Theo. A. Metz, 1896.

The Hound Dog Song
By S. P. H.

How Come You Do Me Like You Do?
By Austin & Bergere, 1924

Hunky-dory: Characteristic Cake Walk, March & Two Step
Composed by Abe Holzmann

I Saw Esau Kissing Kate.
Words by Harry Hunter, music by Vincent Davies, n.d.

I Wish I was in Dixie's Land.
By Daniel Emmett, 1860.

If the Man in the Moon was a Coon
By Fred Fischer

I'm an Old Virginia Nigger: A Plantation Melody and Song
By Howell c. Featherston

I'm Coming Virginia
By Will Marion Cook

I'm Goin' to Ole Virginny: Song and Chorus
Written and composed by Polk Miller

In the Morning by the Bright Light.
By James Bland, 1879.

I'se Gwine Back to Dixie: Song and Chorus
By C. A. White

It Ain't Gonna Rain No More.
By Wendell Hall, 1923.

It's a Hot Combination
By Fred C. Farrell

It's Nobody's Business But My Own.
Words and music by Will E. Skidmore and Marshall Walker, 1919.

I've Got the ol' Virginny Pickaninny Blues
By Joe McKiernan

Jesus My Savior, I'll Follow Thee
Words and music by Janie P. Hill

The Kinky Kids Parade: Kute, Kunnin' Kapers
Words by Gus Kahn

Ku Klux Klan Schottish.
By Jas. A. McClure, 1868.

Lay Low Lizzie
Words by Stuart Brauer; Music by Billy Pierce

Le'go Thar.
By H.C. Thompson, 1922.

Linda Lee: Comic Endsong from the N.Y. Clipper
By D. Pauldng and C.C. de Nordendorf

Little Joe, The Contraband
Words by Lucy Lovell; Music by Mrs. Parkhurst

Little Katy.
By James Simmonds, 1853.

The Little Nigar.
By Claude Debussy, 1934

Little Sam.
By Will S. Hays, 1867.

Long Tail Blue.
By G. Willig Jr., n.d.

Little Spring Beside My Cabin Home.
By Geo. W. Persley, 1864.

Lullaby Blues in the Evening
Words by Al M. Kendall

Mah Watermelon Belle.
Words by Owen Clark, music by Carl Wheelock, 1907.

Mammy Jinny's Hall of Fame: Song
Lyrics by Stanley Murphy; Music by Harry Tierney

Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose.
Words by Raymond Egan, music by Richard A. Whiting, 1916.

Mammy's Shufflin' Dance
Words by L. Wolfe Gilbert; Music by Melville J. Gideon

Mary Blane.
By William Whitlock, n.d.

Massa's In De Cold Ground.
By Stephen Foster, n.d.

The Medicine Man Songster
Published by William W. Delaney

Melon Time in Dixieland: A Snappy One Step Song
Words and music by Dave Ringle

Memories of Virginia
Words by Jack Wilnorf, Music by James W. Atkinson

Meet Me in Heaven (The Night Funeral of a Slave).
By C.C. Converse, n.d.

Melon Time in Dixieland.
Words and Music by Dave Ringle, 1921.

Memories of Virginia.
By Jack Wilnorf, 1918.

The Minstrel's Harp.
By Jack Clarke, n.d.

Minstrel songs, old and new: a collection of world-wide, famous minstrel and plantation songs, including the most popular of the celebrated Foster melodies: arranged with piano-forte accompaniment.
M 1629 M66 1882

Moon, Moon
Words and music by Nat. D. Mann

Moonlight on the Melon Patch.
By Mina Deane, 1899.

My Chocolate Covered Baby.
By James O'Dea, 1898.

My Dusky Lady Lou
Words and music by Harry Bickford

My Dusky Rose.
By Thomas S. Allen, n.d.

My Gal is a High-Born Lady.
Music by Barney Fagan, 1896

My Hannah Lady: Whose Black Baby is You?
Words and Music by Dave Reed, Jr., 1899.

My Old Virginia Home
Words and music by J. A. Wallace

Nelly Bly.
By S.C. Foster, 1850.

New Ribber Sue: A Song of Old Virginia
Music by M. C. Hanford, Words by Al. Hamilton

The New Skedaddle.
By R. D. Scott, 1862.

Nicodemus Johnson.
Sung by Charley Pettingill

Oh Boys Carry Me Long.
By Stephen C. Foster, n.d.

Oh! Carry Me Back
As sung by Christy's Minstrels

Oh! Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.
By Henry Chadwick, n.d.

Oh, Carry Me Back to Old Virginny…
By Charles White

Oh Carry me Back to Ole Virginny.

Oh dem Golden Slippers
Words and music by James Bland

Oh, Didn't it Rain.
By H.T. Burleigh, 1919.

Old Black Joe.
Song by Foster, c. 1912.

Old Black Joe.
By J.W. Turner, 1889.

Old Dan Tucker.
By Daniel Emmit, 1843.

Old Favorite Songs.
M 1629 O44 1906

Old Folks at Home.
By E.P. Christy, 1851.

Old Joe's Dream.
By Brother Gardner, 1881.

Old John Brown.
note: original filed under broadside.

Old Tare River.
By J. W. Sweeney, 1840.

The Old Virginia Home: Ballad & Refrain
Words by Harry S. Miller; Music by Emily Smith

Old Virginny Days.
Words by W.M.H. Gardner, music by Theodore Morse, 1916.

Old Virginny Never Tire
Written by T. Vaughn

Old Virginny One Step.
By J.S. Zamecnik, 1916.

Ole Virginny Barbecue: Characteristic March & Cake Walk.
By J.E. Andino, 1899.

Ole Virginny Days
Lyrics by William H. Gardner; Music by Theodore Morse

Oleander, a Negro Love Song.
Words by William H. Gardner, music by Adam Geibel, n.d.

Ole Times Cum Again No More (The Virginia Darkey Lament).
Words by R.S. Allen, music by Leo Wheat, 1889.

Oliver Gallop.
By Tom, the Blind negro boy pianist only 10 Years old, 1860.

On Old Potomac's Shore: Song and Chorus as sung by Wood's Minstrels
Composed by G. Friedrich Wurzel

On Old Virginia's Shore: (I'm Coming)
By Lillian Smith Jones

Once More Take me to Virginny
Words by Harry Melvin; Music by J. W. Wheeler

The Peanut Vendor = El Manisero
(Photo of Noro Moarles)

Pickaninny Sandman: Song
Lyric and music by Sarah Talbert

Plantation Melodies.
By S.S. Steele, 1847.

Pleasures of Youth.
By Ferd. Beyer, n.d.

Poor Lucy Neal.
By Virginia Holladay, n.d.

The Ragtime Volunteers are off to War
Words by Ballard Macdonald; Music by James F. Hanley

Ring Dat Golden Bell.
By F. Heiser, 1885.

Rockin' in De Win'.
Lyrics and Music by W. H. Neidlinger, 1904.

Rodeheaver's Sociability Songs: “Songs for Everybody”
M1977.C5 .R68 1928

Root Hog or Die! No. 2
Composed and sung by richad J. McGowan

Rose of Ole Virginia
Words by Phyllis A. Dennison

Sailin' Away on the Henry Clay
Lyrics by Gus Kahn; Music by Egbert Van Alstyne

Sailin' Away on the Robert E. Lee
By Eugene West, James McCaffrey & Dave Ringle

Sailin Down the Chesapeake Bay
By Havez & Botsford

The Seashore for Mine.
Lyrics by G. Ed. Weitzel.
Music by Conrad Wagner, 1912.

Shenandoah Valley Blues.
By Ruth Lam, 1936.

Sich a Gitting Up Stairs.
By Bob Farrel, n.d.

Since Bill Bailey Came Back Home.
Lyrics by Billy Johnson
Music by Seymour Furth, 1902.

Sing, Sing, Darkies Sing.
Published by F. D. Benteen

The Skidmore Guard.
By William Carter, n.d.

Slavery Days: Song and Chorus
Words by Ed. Harrigan

Slumber on Kentucky Babe
Lyrics and music by Elizabeth Proctor Biggs

The Smiler
By Percy Wenrich, 1907

Songs for the People
Edited by Albert G. Emerick
M 1629 S67 1849

The Songs of Mother Dear
Lyrics and music by Leon O. Rundell and J. Edwin Allemong

Songs of the Sunny South, no. 2
Lyrics by Angelina Baker

Songs the Whole World Sings
Selected and edited by Albert E. Wier
M 1629 S695 1915

Sons of Freedom Hear My Story (from opera: The Slave).
By Henry R. Bishop, n.d.

Souvenir de l‘Amerique: amusement de Salon: Sur des Motivs Etiopiens
Composée par M. Strakosch

That Chocolate Colored Gal of Mine
Words and music by Al. J. Palmer

The Sun Do Move.
By John Stromberg, n.d.

Take Me back to Old Virginny.
By F.D. Benteen, 1847.

There's a Bit o'Virginia in Ya
By Maceo Pinkard

They'll Never Carry Me Back to Old Virginia: Virginia's My Home
Words and music by Lew Pollack

Turkey in the Straw: A Rag-time Fantasie
By Otto Bonnell

Twelve Negro Spirituals: As Sung by the Dixie Spiritual Singers

Twelve Popular Plantation Songs.
Arranged by R.W. Saar, 1929.

Twill Nebber Do to Gib it Up So!
By Dan D. Emmit, n.d.

Uncle Ben.
By Otis M. Alfriend, 1932.

Uncle Remus [sound recording]
Joel Chandler Harris; read by Mary Wingfield Scott
PZ3 H242 Uno 2010

Under Southern Skies: Piano Solo
By Elizabeth Blackburn Martin

Virgie From Virginia
Words and music by Max Armstrong

Virginia Blues: Fox-Trot et Blues
Par Fred Meinken

Virginia Capers: Two Step and Cake Walk
By Fred A. Hall

Virginia Love: Song
Words by Ealre C. Jones; Music by Charles N. Daniels

The Virginia Minstrels' Cotillions
Arranged by Old Dan Tucker

Virginia Polka.
By Tom, the blind negro pianist only ten years old, 1860.

Virginia Rag Two Step.
By Sydney P. Harris, 1906.

A Virginniy Frolic: Two Step and Cake Walk
By H. O. Wheeler

V. M. I. Songs.
Published by Thornton W. Allen

Wake Nicodemus.
By Henry Clay Work, n.d.

War Camp Community Service Song Sheet
Compiled and arranged by C. C. Cappel

Watermelon Cuttin'.
Eldin Burton, 1945.

Watermelon Days
Words and music by W. R. Williams

The Watermelon Party
Lyrics by Harry B. Smith; Music by Maurice Levi

Watermelon Pickaninnies.
By Francis Gwynn, 1936.

Watermelon Pickaninnies: For the Pianoforte
By Francis Gwynn

Watermelon Whispers: A Fox-Trot
By George Hamilton Green

Way Down in Ca-i-ro.
By Stephen Foster, 1850.

Way Down in Dixie Where the Sugar Cane Grows.
By Ernest L. Bolling, 1905.

Way Down in my Heart (I've Got a Feeling for you) Words & music by Sam. Simmons

When It's Night Time Down in Dixieland.
By Irving Berlin, 1914.

When the Apple Blossoms Bloom in France.
Lyrics Harold Freeman, 1918.

When the Boys from Dixie Eat the Melon on the Rine
Words by Alfred Bryan; Music by Ernest Breuer

When You Play in the Game of Love.
Lyrics Joe Goodwin.
Music by Al Piantadosi, 1913.

Which is Brown?
By Delcher and Hennessy, n.d.

Whose Little Choc'late Babe is Oo?: Refined Coon Love Song
Words by John W. Dunston; music by Percy Y. Clarke

Wm. H. Kibble's Original Uncle Tom's Cabin Songster
Published by Harold Rossiter Music Company

The Wreck of the Noble Maine.
Lyrics by Alice A. Russell.
Music by John J. Greenwood, 1898.

The Wreck on the Southern Old 97: Song
By Henry Whitter

Young Folks at Home.
By Miss Hattie Livingston, 1852.

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