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Opens June 24, 2023

This display features the remarkable stories of young adults with diverse abilities, demonstrating how our entire community thrives when the disability community is included.
A black and white photo of Julia Child in her kitchen standing behind a countertop filled with cooking implements and ingredients

Julia Child: A Recipe for Life

Opens March 16, 2024

Learning to cook empowered Julia and she in turn empowered others, profoundly transforming American cuisine and food culture. This exhibition explores the key ingredients that led to Julia’s personal evolution and America’s culinary revolution.
Two people hold an ornately frame painted portrait of two people in early 1900s dress

A Better Life for Their Children:

Opens May 25, 2024

From 1912-37, the Rosenwald schools program built 5,357 schools, shops, and teacher’s homes across 15 Southern and border states. The exhibition features 23 photographs by Andrew Feiler of schools restored and yet-to-be restored and portraits of people with compelling connections to these schools.
A young solider in military fatigues and helmet carrying a camo backpack

Virginia and the Vietnam War

Opens November 23, 2024

On the 50th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, now is the time to ask new questions about Virginia and the Vietnam War. The exhibition will invite guests to immerse themselves in the choices, perspectives, and experiences of Virginians during the Vietnam War era, and to consider the long-term impact...