Dalton - Fulton: photographs and portraits of groups

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, prints and other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories or in private hands.

The group files are organized by the name of the group, family name, company, or the name of the leading individual in the group (for example, "T. J. Jackson and staff").

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photograph file for a particular person or group in which they have an interest should then request an appointment to view the files to determine their exact content.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC holds some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collection, usually as part of a collection of family or personal papers, or of a group of business records. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised. 

The group files are organized by the name of the group, family name, company, or the name of the leading individual in the group (e.g. "T.G. Jackson and staff"). Topics that have a "see also" reference should be checked for additional materials in the online catalog.

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Dalton, John family

Dane family

Darden, Gov. and others

Daughters of Dr. George Ben Johnston

Davidson Family See oversize

Davis, Jefferson and his cabinet see oversize: persons Groups

Davis, Jefferson and Petit Jury

Davis, T Walter

Deer Hunters, Buckingham Co., VA.

Derby family

Dervishian family

Doak family

Dort family

Dunkars See also: Group Church of the Brethren

Dunlop Family see oversize albums

Dunn family


Earl of Warwick and classmates

Early family

Eastern shore of Virginia historical society

Edmunda Lizzie together with group at White Sulphur Springs Hotel, circa 1870.

Edward VII and his suite....in U.S....1860

Eggleston collection

Ehrhart family See also: Forrest-Ehrhart Family photo album

Elba School See also: Negroes

Employment Bureau-Richmond, Va. ca 1930

Episcopal high school Alexandria, Va.

Episcopal High School Baseball team 1891

Epworth league

Eppes family. (Appomattox)

Evangelical Synod of North America See Also: Group - St. John's United Church of Church

Executive Retail Institute, Arlington, VA. class dinner


Faulkner Family

Federal Reserve-Board 1919

Federal Reserve Girls Basket Ball Team

Federal Trust Co.


Fleming Gov. of W. Va. and Party

Foley, John Eugene Family

Football, Woodberry forest 1900

Football team, Martinsburg, W. VA.

Ford motor Co. Richmond, Va. Ca. 1918

Fork Union Military Academy

Franklin School

Fraser Family See: Whittet Family

Fraternal groups see also: oversize

Frederecksburg collegiate institute

French army war board

Friedman-Marks Clothing Co. of Richmond, Va. See: Oversize

Friends' Assn. For Children (Board)


Fulton Family