Pacific - Ryland: photographs and portraits of groups

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, prints and other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories or in private hands.

The group files are organized by the name of the group, family name, company, or the name of the leading individual in the group (for example, "T. J. Jackson and staff").

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photograph file for a particular person or group in which they have an interest should then request an appointment to view the files to determine their exact content.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC holds some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collection, usually as part of a collection of family or personal papers, or of a group of business records. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised. 

The group files are organized by the name of the group, family name, company, or the name of the leading individual in the group (e.g. "T.G. Jackson and staff"). Topics that have a "see also" reference should be checked for additional materials in the online catalog.

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Pacific International exposition, San Francisco California See Oversize

Pamunkey Indian Group See: Works of Specific Artists-"Foster"


Parrish, William Joseph with Group

Parliament - England 18th cevt. House of Commons House of Peers

Partiotic Societies.

Peachy and Wise family

Pershing and staff

Petersburg, Va. Baseball team. 1912

Petersburg, Va. Girl's School

Petersburg, VA. High School Band.

Plater, Richard Family

Pollard, John Garland and sons

Polard family

Popa Wedding party

Possum Hollow School, Floyd County

Postal Telegraph Co.

Powell School, Richmond

Powers family, Stafford, VA. Deposit

Powers family

Powell family See also: Powell family (Photo Album)

Powell School See Richmond Female Seminary

Press association meeting, Virginia, 1952 See Albums "Carry Me Back..... To Old Virginia"

Protestant Episcopal Church. Bishops

Protestant Episcopal Church Luray parish

Protestant Episcopal church. St. Peter's, New Kent Co., Va.

Purdy Family


No data available. View individual index: Q


Railroad Trainman's Brotherhood

Randolph-Macon College, Virginia

Randolph Macon College 1966

Randolph Macon Women's College

Rawley Spring, Virginia

Red Cross See Also: Events: ca. 1920 Parade

Reed, William T.

Reformer Dept. 1895

Rinington Rand Co. Richmond

Retreat Hospital Groups

Richmond Police Baseball Team

Richmond Art & Crafts "Drama Guild"

Richmond Auto Show Committee,1917

Richmond Baseball Club

Richmond Baseball Opening 1916

Richmond Baseball League

Richmond Baseball Team 1912

Richmond City Council 1962-64

(Richmond) City Hospital See also: Non-Group for Richmond city

Hospital Richmond City Planning Commission

Richmond Civil War Roundtable See Ovesize

Richmond College

Richmond College Professors; See Ministers attending Baptist General Association Marshal Street Viaduct, Richmond, Va.

Richmond Female Seminary

Richmond Grats

Richmond Va. Lakeside Amusement park.

Richmond Va. Protestant Episcopal Church.

Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad Co. Accounting Dept 1966

Richmond, Virginia: First Presbyterian Church

Richmond VA. Central School

Richmond, VA Norwood's University School Room "C"

Richmonders Coffee Party

Richmonders, Richmond Coffee Party

Richmonders, Circa 1913, watching Tennis Natch at Country Club Of Virginia; See Oversize

Richmond, Virginia. St. John's German and English school

Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroads

Richmond News Paper Circle

Richmond Virginia. Community Fund Groups

Richmond Howitzers, co 1,2&3; See Oversize

Richmond Howitzers

Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad Co. -Accounting Dept. Employees 1966 1971

Richmond Groups

Richmond, Virginia. Graduating Class.

Richmond Light infantry Blues 1883 90th anniversary Capt.

Richardson Founder Capt. Pizzi Ammidator 1883

Richmond Light Infantry Blues ca 1918

Richmond Light Infantry Blues; See also: Connecticut Foot Guard

Richmond Blues

Richmond Light Infantry Blues See Also: Pic 925.5 and Oversize Groups

Roanoke Group

Roberts Family

Robertson, Walter Spencer, 1893-1970

Robertson Family Trip to Heloh Battlefield

Roller Skating

Roosevelt Parade, Richmond Va.

Rotary Club

Rotary International; See Oversize

Roundtree Cooking School

Russell, John Wilson, children of

Ryland family; See also Por. 987.74. 1-7