Aaroe - Aylette: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Aaroe, Alden 1918-1993

Abbot, Aloins B. See: groups- Abbot family

Abbot, George 1562-1633

Abbot, Houghton D. See: groups- Abbot family

Abbot, Joel Houghton 1839-1926 See also: groups- Abbot family

Abbot, Joel Houghton, Jr. See: groups- Abbot family

Abbot, Lent L. See: groups- Abbot family

Abbot, Walter H. See: groups- Abbot family

Abbot, William S. See: groups- Abbot family

Abbott, Josiah Bartlett, 1793-1849, See also- Abbott, Walter Randolph

Abbott, Walter Randolph 1838-1862 See also-Abbott, Josiah Bartlett

Abernathy, Sir John 1764-1831

Abram, Ellis

Achiltree, Tom Reference: Wise, John S.

Ackiss, Amos Johnston 1871-1928

Acree, Mr. & Mrs. A.B. See: groups- Acree family

Acree, Alec See also- Acree family

Acree, Caroline See: Snodgrass, Caroline Acree

Acree, Pualina P. (Steen) 1806-1861 See also: Acree, Thomas O. & Thomas, Jr.

Acree, Thomas O.

Acree, Thomas O., Jr.

Adair, Cornelia

Adams, Abigail Smith 1744-1818

Adams, Allen Charles 1899-1972

Adams, Andy 1859-1935

Adams, Ben See: groups- Norwood's Univ. School Room C

Adams, Charles Francis 1835-1915 See also: Broadsides- 1920 "Samuel Adams"

Adams, Clothilda (Hassel) 1894-1970 See: groups- Mrs. Hassel-Golden Wedding

Adams, Gen. Daniel W.

Adams, Elizabeth (Fauntleroy) 1736-1792

Adams, Helen Dewitt

Adams, Herbert Baxter

Adams, Howard H. 1891-1971 See: groups- Eastern Shore of Va. His. Soc.

Adams, John 1735-1826 See: groups- Great Statesmen & Orators, see also: Thomas Jefferson and oversize

Adams, Dr. John 1773-1825 See also: Adams, Margaret

Adams, Brig. Gen. John -1864

Adams, John Quincy 1767-1848 See also: oversize

Adams, Kitty

Adams, Louetta (Stuart) See: Snyder, Louetta (Stuart) Adams

Adams, Louisa Catherine (Johnson) 1775-1852

Adams, Margaret (Winston)

Adams, Mary Jane 1834-1914 See: Alley, Mary Jane (Adams)

Adams, Maude 1872-1953

Adams, Richard Henry Toler,Jr. 1871-1936

Adams, "Captain" Robert 1568?-

Adams, Samuel 1722-1803

Adams, Samuel 1876- See: Broadsides: 1920

Adams, Hon. W.H. See also: groups- Adams Family

Adams, Brig. Gen. Wirt

Addison, Jane O. 1792-1888 See: Bayly, Jane O. (Addison)

Addison, Joseph 1672-1719 See: oversize

Adriance, Charles Platt 1790-

Adriance, Sarah (Camp) See: Adriance, Charles Platt

Aiken, Charles D.

Aiken, Elbert

Aiken, Irene See also: Aiken, Mr. & Mrs. W.A.

Aiken, William A. See also: Aiken, Irene

Ailesbury, Robert Bruce, 1st Earl -1685

Ainsworth, Mr.

Akin, John

Akin, Martha Giles (Chaffin) 1847- See: groups- Chaffin, Richard Booker

Albermarle, Earl of

Albermarle, Christopher Monck, 2nd Duke 1653-1688

Albermarle, George Monck, 1st Duke 1608-1670/71

Alderman, Edwin Anderson 1861-1931

Aldrich, Marjore

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey 1836-1907

Aldrich, West

Alexander, Anthony Enders See also: Alexander, John Clifford

Alexander, Archibald 1772-1851

Alexander, Charles Palmer See also: Alexander, Margaret

Alexander, Charles Palmer,Jr.

Alexander, Brig. Gen. Edward Porter

Alexander, Irvin

Alexander, J.R.H. 1882-1966

Alexander, James 1828-1874 See also: Alexander, Wm. Wills & Alexander, Rebecca Ann (Wills)

Alexander, James Butler 1836-1861 See: Alexander, Wm. Wills & Alexander,James

Alexander, John Clifford

Alexander, Laura See also: Alexander, Susan

Alexander, Mrs.

Alexander, Margaret See also: Alexander, Laura & Susan

Alexander, Margaret See also: Alexander Margaret Stuart & Alexander, Charles P., Jr.

Alexander, Margaret Stuart See also: Alexander, Charles Palmer & Alexander, Margaret

Alexander, Marion Stuart See: Johns, John 1796-1876

Alexander, Rebecca Ann Wills See: Alexander, James 1828-1874

Alexander, Sarah Ann See: Nelson, Sarah Ann (Alexander) 1812-1850

Alexander, Sgt. of New Orleans Cadets See: Sheet Music- "Orleans Cadets Quick Step"

Alexander, Susan See: Alexander, Laura

Alexander, William See: Stirling, William Alexander, Earl 1567?-1640

Alexander, William Cabell See also: Alexander, Charles Palmer, Charles P., Jr., Margaret S., & Margaret

Alexander, William Rogers 1852-

Alexander, William Wills 1838-1865

Alexandra, Princess of Wales

Allan, Frances Keeling (Valentine) 1785-1829

Allan, Mr. See: Groups- Haase Family

Allan, W. See: Groups- Jackson T.J.

Allbright, Ola Irvine See: Groups- St. John's Evangelical Church

Allen, Bobbie

Allen, Clara (Walker) 1737-1764/5

Allen, Daniel

Allen, Edgthe -See: Groups- Friends Assn. For Children Board

Allen, Everette G., Jr.

Allen, Forrest See: Allen, Susan

Allen, Frances (Jessup)

Allen, George F., Jr.

Allen, Gilbert See: Groups- Wakefield, Va. High School Stud.

Allen, James 1805-1857 See: Allen, Martha & Heath, Mary Elizabeth

Allen, Jesup Lightfoot 1864-1912

Allen, John See also: Allen, William 1855-1917

Allen, John James 1797-1871

Allen, Joseph

Allen, J. Sidna

Allen, Martha T. (Russell) 1806-1845 See: Allen, James & Heath Mary Elizabeth (Allen)

Allen, Mary Clarkson See: Duyvendak, Mary Clarkson (Allen) Bagby, 1896-

Allen, Mary Elizabeth See: Heath, Mary Elizabeth (Allen) 1829-1901

Allen, Minnie (Anderson) See also: Bagby, Ellen

Allen, Robert

Allen, Robert W., Jr.

Allen, Russell Houston See: group- W&L University, students

Allen, Susan See: Allen, George

Allen, Tandy See: Van Doren, Tandy (Allen) 1835-1873

Allen, Tyler See: Allen, Susan

Allen, Virginia See: groups- Wakefield, Va. H.S. Students

Allen, William

Allen, William 1734-1793 See: Allen, Clara Walker

Allen, William 1855-1917 See: Allen, John

Allen, William Griffin 1815-1875 See: Allen, Frances Jessup

Allen, William Kinkle 1874-1960

Allen, William Raymond 1877- See: group- W&L Univ., students

Alley, C.O.

Alley, Hon. Edmund H.

Alley, Doddridge 1788-1869 See also: Alley, Samuel

Alley, John Shannon 1870-1899 See also: groups- Alley family

Alley, Lena Nellie 1879-1900

Alley, Leo. Glenn 1885-

Alley, McLanson McClallan 1867-1940

Alley, Margeurite See: Alley, Robert

Alley, Mary Jane (Adams) 1834-1914 See also: Alley, Solomon

Alley, May See: Alley, Leo. Glenn

Alley, Milton Daryl See: Alley, Robert

Alley, Mordecai Oliver See: groups- Alley family

Alley, Nancy L. Bunyard 1805-1879 See: Alley, Samuel

Alley, Noah See: groups- Alley family

Alley, Robert See also: Alley, Mary Jane; Alley, Solomon; Alley; McClanson; & Alley family

Alley, Samuel 1808-1875 See: Alley, Doddridge & Alley family

Alley, Samuel J. See: groups- Alley family

Alley, Shannon See: groups- Alley family

Alley, Solomon 1836-1914 See: Alley, Robert; Alley, Mary Jane; & Alley family

Alley, Taswell L. 1861-1937 See also:groups- Alley family

Alley, William M. 1867-1930 See: groups- Alley family

Alley, Zadoc See: groups- Alley family

Allison, Richard

Allman, John Brodie 1895-1958

Allmand, John


Almond, James Lindsey 1898- See also: groups- Eastern Shore of Va. His. Soc.; Virginia Governors

Alpert, Janet A.

Alsop, Albert See: groups- Va. Carolina Chemical Co.

Alsop, Benjamin Pollard See: groups- Va. Carolina Chemical Co.

Alsop, Clair

Alsop, J.B. See: groups- Richmond Auto Show Committee, 1917

Alsop, Joseph 1805-1872

Alsop, Sarah Ann (French) 1816-1886

Alsop, Thomas See: extra o.s.- vmi class 1889-1893 (album)

Alvey, Margaret See: Gaymont #16

Ambler, Catherine Bush (Norton) 1773-1846

Ambler, Elizabeth (Jacqueline) 1709-

Ambler, Gordon Barbour 1896-1951 See also: Ambler, Nancy R.

Ambler, Gordon Barbour, Jr. See: Ambler, Nancy

Ambler, James Markham Marshall 1848-1881

Ambler, John Jacqueline 1801-1854

Ambler, John Marshall See also: Ambler, Sarah Coleman

Ambler, Lucy (Marshall) 1768-1793

Ambler, Mary See: Marshall, Mary (Ambler)

Ambler, Nancy R. See also: Ambler, Gordon B.

Ambler, Sarah Coleman See also: Ambler, John Marshall

Amelia, Princess 1711-1786

Ames, E. Almer, Jr. 1903- See: groups- Eastern Shore of Va. His. Soc.

Ames, Fisher 1758-1808

Ames, Fred F. 1897-1968

Ames, Susie May 1888-1969 See also:groups- Eastern Shore of Va. His. Society

Amherst, Sir Jeffrey 1717-1797

Ammen, Brig. Gen. Jacob

Ammons, R. Allen 1889-1923

Anderson (unidentified) See: Hobson (unidentified)

Andersen, Hans Christian 1805-1875

Anderson, Abner 1832-1906

Anderson, Agnes Sinclair (Glass)

Anderson, Alfred 1887-1942

Anderson, Alfred Scott, Jr. 1904-1971

Anderson, Anne (Thomas) -1848

Anderson, Annie Morriss

Anderson, Archer 1838-1918

Anderson, Calvert Allen

Anderson, Cassandra M. (Shanks) 1807-1887

Anderson, Charles Jefferies 1848-1925

Anderson, Charles R.

Anderson, Charles J.

Anderson, Dorsey Cullen

Anderson, Edward See: groups- St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation, 1913.

Anderson, Eleanor Bowles (Armistead) 1881-1965

Anderson, Elizabeth Lydecker 1883-1963 See: Wise, Elizabeth Lydecker

Anderson, Elizabeth (Schumaker) 1876-1946 See: groups- Richmonders. Richmond coffee party

Anderson, Elisabeth Strother See: Bryan, Elisabeth Strother (Anderson)

Anderson, Ella Bascom See: Roane, Ella Bascom (Anderson)

Anderson, Ellen Graham See: Anderson, Joseph Reid

Anderson, Elmira Frances (Roane) 1825-1918

Anderson, Elsie Cullen See also: Hobson, Fannie Anderson

Anderson, Ezekiel Pickens See also: Anderson, George B.

Anderson, Fannie See: Hobson, Fannie Anderson

Anderson, Francis Thomas 1808-1887

Anderson, George Barksdale

Anderson, George Kimbrough 1860-1930 See also: extra-oversize- Virginia Const. Conv. 1901-1902 album

Anderson, George Thomas 1824-1901 See groups: Confederate generals

Anderson, H.W.

Anderson, Col. Henry A. 1870-1954

Anderson, Howard C.

Anderson, Howard Leake 1886-1917

Anderson, Mrs. J. T. See groups: Church groups- St. John's Evangelical Church

Anderson, James B.

Anderson, James Harper 1854-1923 See also: group photographs

Anderson, Jane

Anderson, John F. T.

Anderson, John T.

Anderson, John Thomas 1803-1879

Anderson, Joseph Reid 1813-1892 See also: Anderson, Calvert Allen; Anderson John F.T; Anderson, John T.; Anderson, Mary Evans (Pegram)

Anderson, Joseph Reid 1851-1930

Anderson, Joseph W. 1836-1863

Anderson, Julian

Anderson, Gen. J. Patton

Anderson, Lily Reid

Anderson, Logan Puryear 1812-1881

Anderson, Louise See: Patten, Louise (Anderson), 1880-1973

Anderson, Marie Burnwell

Anderson, Maria Burnwell (Carter) 1855-1931

Anderson, Mary

Anderson, Mary Evans (Pegram) 1830-1911 See also: Anderson, Gen. Joseph Reid

Anderson, Mary Lightfoot See: Garland, Mary Lightfoot (Anderson), 1808-1898

Anderson, Mary Mason

Anderson, Mary (Pickens)

Anderson, Mary Tomlin See: groups- Greenbriar, White Sulfur Springs- Hayride

Anderson, Mason

Anderson, Minnie See: Allen, Minnie (Anderson)

Anderson, Morris

Anderson, Nancy

Anderson, Oliver

Anderson, R. A.

Anderson, Reid

Anderson, Richard Heron 1821-1879 See also: groups- Confederate Generals

Anderson, Robert 1805-1871 See also: groups- oversize- Union generals "Our Generals in the Field"

Anderson, Robert Lane See also: Anderson, Sherwood

Anderson, Ross

Anderson, Sally Reid

Anderson, Samuel Armistead 1850-1928

Anderson, Samuel R.

Anderson, Sherwood See also: Anderson, Robert Lane

Anderson, Thomas O.?

Anderson, William ca.1763-1839

Anderson, William Alexander 1842-1930 See also: extra-oversize: "Virginia Const. Conv.- 1901-1902; See: Anderson, Ellen

Anderson, Wythe See: Perrine Collection (filed by City, by Gallery)

Andre', John 1751-1780

Andrew, John Albion 1818-1867

Andrew, Marietta M.

Andrews, John Summerfield 1902-1953

Andrews, Mary (Blair) 1758-1820

Andrews, Matthew Page See: groups- Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church.

Andrews, T. Coleman

Andrews, Welsley G. See: Hampden-Sydney College, Chi Phi Frat. 1946-47.

Andros, Sir Edmund 1637-1714

Angel, Elizabeth Walker Page See: Wilson, Elizabeth Walker Page (Angel)

Anglesey, Earl of 1614-1686 See: Annesley, Arthur, 1st Earl of Anglesey

Anne, Duchess of Buccleuch 1615-1731

Anne (of Denmark), Queen of England 1574-1619 See also: oversize

Anne, Queen of England 1665-1714

Annesley, Arthur, 1st Earl of Anlesey 1614-1686

Ansley, Lewis M.

Anthony, David John -1911

Anthony, Margaret Couch 1814-1882 See: Cabell, Margaret Couch (Anthony)

Antoinett, Marie

Antrim, Hugh See: groups- Norwood's University School Room "C"

Appleton, George Hough 1854-

Apperson, Harvey Black 1890-1948

Archer, Branch T.

Archer, Edward R.

Archer, Essie 1843-?

Archer, James Jay 1817-1864 See also: Pegram family

Archer, John

Archer, Mary Frances 1819-1900 See: Goodwyin, Mary Frances

Archer, Nina Randolph See: Keith family album

Archer, Robert 1794-1877

Archer, Mrs. Robert

Archer, W. S. 1843-?

Archer, William M.

Archer, William Segar 1789-1855

Argyle, Archibald Campbell, 8th Earl abd 1st Marquiss of 1607-1661

Argyle, John Campbell, 2nd Duke of 1673-1743

Arlington, Henry Bennet, Earl 1618-1685

Arliss, George 1868-1946

Armat, Angie Brooke

Armistead, Cary Champion 1894-1944

Armistead, Eleanor Bowles 1881-1965 See: Anderson, Eleanor Bowles (Armistead)

Armistead, Emily See: Purcell, Elizabeth (Bosher)

Armistead, Frank 1878-1952

Armistead, George 1780-1818

Armistead, Jesse S. 1797-1869

Armistead, John See: Armistead, Roslie (Jones)

Armistead, Judith -1699 See: Carter, Judith (Armistead)

Armistead, Lewis Addison 1817-1863

Armistead, Mary See: Carter, Mary (Armistead)

Armistead, Meriwether Irving 1895-1945

Armistead, Roslie (Jones) 1886-1956

Armistead, Walker K.

Armitage, Laura Emily

Armstead See: groups- Equal Suffrage League of Richmond

Armstrong, Anthony W.

Armstrong, Brig. Gen. Frank C.

Armstrong, James G. -1891

Armstrong, Samuel Chapman 1839-1893 See:Hampton, Va., Hampton Normal & Architectual Institute

Arnald, Josie

Arnett, Trevor See: Eggleston, Joseph Dupuy

Arnold See: groups- Booth, John Wilkes & his Associates

Arnold, Benedict 1741-1801 See also: Arnold, Margaret (Shippen)

Arnold, Charles

Arnold, Herb

Arnold, Margaret (Shippen) 1760-1804 See also: Arnold, Benedict

Arnold, Matthew 1822-1888

Arnold, Maj. Gen. Richard

Arnold, Robert W. 1886-1943

Arnold, Robert Watson 1915-1963

Arrinton, Mary Dade (Thornton) 1886-1979 See: groups- Thornton family and friends

Arthur, Chester A. 1830-1886 See: oversize

Arundel, Thomas Fitzallen (Archbishop)

Arundel, Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel & Surry 1586-1646

Asbury, Francis 1745-1816

Asgill, Sir Charles 1763-1823

Ashburner, A. E.

Ashburner, Charles E. 1938-

Ashby, George

Ashby, James, Jr. 1917-1971

Ashby, Turner 1828-1862 See also: Ashby, Richard; Jackson, Thomas J.; groups- Confederate Generals

Ashe, Arthur 1943-1993

Ashworth, Mrs. O. O.

Aspinall, Lloyd

Asquith, Frank See: groups- oversize A

Asquith, John See: groups- oversize A

Asquith, Mariam See: groups- oversize A

Asquith, Mattie See: groups- oversize A

Asquith, S. A. See: groups- oversize A

Ashton, Walter, 1st Baron 1584-1639 See: oversize

Astor, Nancy Witcher (Langhorne) Shaw 1879-1964 See also: oversize; groups- Astor, Nancy; Bagby, Ellen M.

Atkins, Berthe' Allen 1876- See also: Atkins, Mary

Atkins, Mary 1875- See also: Atkins, Berthe'

Atkins, Stanley See also: groups- Meade family & friends

Atkinson, Ardie See: Duke, Laudne B., Jr.

Atkinson, Hugh Linwood 1908-1963

Atkinson, John Mato Pleasants 1817-1883

Atkinson, Paul Tulane See also: Eggleston, Joseph Dupuy

Atkinson, Samuel Taylor

Atkinson, Thomas

Atkinson, Thomas P.

Atkinson, Virginia See: Hobson, Fannie Anderson

Atwood, Florence Blanton (Chenault)

Atwood, John Randolph

Atwood, Julian Lamar

Atzeroot See: groups- Booth, John Wilkes, & his Assoc.

Auklnad, William Eden, 1st Baron See: oversize

Audubon, John James 1785-1851

August, Thomas P. 1821-1869

Augusta, Pricess of Wales 1719-1772

Augustas, Edward 1739-1767 See: York, Edward Augustus, 10th Duke

Augustus, William See: Cumberland, William Augustus, 3rd Duke

Aulick, Ann Mary (Wetzel) 1759-1834 See: Booker, Ann Mary (Wetzel) Aulick

Aulick, Hamden 1846-1888

Austin, Stephen F.

Austin, W. L.

Atkins, Margaret C.

Avary, Mysta Lockett

Avant, David A., Jr. See: Avant, Eugenia T.

Avant, Eugenia Tatum 1865-1884

Averell, Gwynn Burwell (Patten) See also: Patten, Louise (Anderson)

Avery, E. K.

Avirette, James B. See: van Doren family album

Avirette, John See: van Doren family album

Avirette, Mary (Williams) See: van Doren family album

Avirette, Philip See: van Doren family album

Ayers, Harry J

Ayers, Jeanette 1974-

Ayers, Louisa Victoria (Morison)

Ayers, Rufus Adolphus 1849-1926

Ayers, William

Aylett, Alice (Brockenbrough) -1895

Aylett, John See: Aylett, Lewis Dandridge for family genealogy

Aylett, Judith Page -1942 See: Royall, Judith Page (Aylett)

Aylett, Lewis Dandridge 1856- See also: Williams, T. B.; Aylett, Mary Sheppard

Aylett, Mary -1796 See: Fairfax, Mary (Aylett)

Aylett, Mary Sheppard 1887- See also: Aylett, Lewis Dandridge

Aylett, Patrick Henry 1825-1870

Aylette, Pattie Walker See: Ward, Pattie Walker (Aylette) Cabell Bliss