Babcock - Byrne: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Babcock, Alfred See: groups- Mosby's Men

Babcock, John C. See: groups- Sharpe, George H. and Staff

Bach, Jorg W. See: groups- Church Groups- St. John's United Church of Christ, Confirmation Class of 1962.

Baber, John Trevillian

Bacham, W. B.

Bachrach, Ernestine

Bacon, Francis, Viscount of St. Albans 1561-1625

Bacon, John Lyddall 1838- (missing)

Bacon, Narcissa See: Taylor, Narcissa (Bacon)

Bacon, Nathaniel 1647-1676

Bader, Ralph Hedrick 1888-1939

Bagby, Arthur P.

Bagby, Bathurst Browne

Bagby, Ellen Hobson 1831-1894 See: Matthews, Ellen Hobson (Bagby)

Bagby, Ellen Matthews 1879-1960 See also: Allen, Minnie; Bagby family

Bagby, George 1797-

Bagby, George William 1828-1883

Bagby, George William 1876-1943 See also: groups- Bagby family

Bagby, Hampden See: groups- Virginia University. Unidentified Groups

Bagby, John Hampden Chamberlayne 1867-1934 See also: Bagby, Lucy Parke (Chamberlyne); groups- Virginia University. Students, 1888; Bagby Family.

Bagby, Lucy Parke (Chamberlayne) 1842-1927 See also: oversize; groups-APVA Jamestown Committee.

Bagby, Martha Burwell Dabney 1869-1954 See: Battle, Martha Burwell Dabney (Bagby); groups- Bagby family.

Bagby, Mary Clarkson (Allen) 1896- See: Duyvendak, Mary Clarkson (Allen) Bagby

Bagby, Parke Chamberlayne See: groups- Bagby Family

Bagby, Philip Haxall 1882-1926 See also: groups- Bagby family

Bagby, Philip Haxall Jr. 1918-1958 See also: Bagby, Philip Haxall

Bagby, Robert Coleman 1876-1938 See: Bagby, George William; groups- Bagby Family.

Bagby, Sally (missing)

Bagby, Virginia 1864-1955 See: Taylor, Virginia (Bagby)

Bagby, Virginia Allen 1920-1971 See: MacNeil, Virginia Allen (Bagby)

Bagby, Virginia (Evans)

Bagly, James Warren 1881- See: groups- Washington & Lee Univ. Lexington, Va. Students.

Bailey, Ellie Jones

Bailey, Francis Rochette

Bailey, James Henry 1848-1915

Bailey, James Henry 1919-

Bailey, John E. 1831-1917

Bailey, Pearl

Bain, Claude M. See: groups- Hampden-Sydney College: Chi Phi Fraternity 1946-47

Bain, Robert Franklin 1892-1947

Bainbridge, William 1774-1833

Baird, Alvin Voris, Jr. See also: Baird, Nancy

Baird, Jennie B.

Baird, Nancy C. See also: Baird, Alvin V., Jr.

Baker, Ammie H.

Baker, Addison Baker

Baker, Jesse G. See: Baker, Mrs. Charles Addison; Baker, John H.

Baker, J. Norment See: groups- Rose Lawn, Orange Co., Va 1896

Baker, John H. See also: Baker, Mrs. Charles A.

Baker, Joseph

Baker, Lawrence Simmons 1830-1907

Baker, Mabel See also: Baker, John H.

Baker, Richard Henry 1826-1911

Baker, Richard H., Jr. 1855-1930

Baker, Rufus

Baldwin, Abraham 1754-1807

Baldwin, Briscoe Gerard 1828-1898

Baldwin, Jane

Baldwin, John Brown 1820-1873 See: Baldwin, Susan M. (Peyton)

Baldwin, Susan M.

Baldwin, Gen. William E.

Balentine, Frances (Booth)

Balfour, George 1771-1830 See: Balfour, James

Balfour, James -1775 See: Balfour, Mary J.

Balfour, Mary Jemima -1781

Baliles, Gerald L.

Ball, Burges

Ball, Charles Read

Ball, E. B.

Ball, Frank L. 1885-1966

Ball, Ebenezer Burges

Ball, Janet Randolph

Ball, Melvin See: groups- oversize A

Ball, Mary 1708-1789 See: Washington, Mary (Ball)

Ball, Mary (Pierce)

Ball, Mary Baughman

Ball, Mottram Dulaney 1835-

Ball, Robert Randolph 1860-1897

Ball, Robert Randolph III

Ball, Richard Thomson Mason 1857-1913

Ball, George Washington 1828-1912

Ball, Rosalie (Noland) See also: St. Catherine's School

Ball, Thomas 1836-1917

Ball, William Lee 1781-1824 See: Ball, Mary (Pierce)

Ballard, James W. 1876?-1920

Baltimore, Cecelius Calvert 1605-1675

Baltimore, George Calvert 1582-1632

Balz, Ed

Banbury, William Knollys 1547-1632

Bancroft, George 1800-1891

Bancroft, Richard 1544-1610

Bandy, H.M.

Banister, Augusta Bolling See: Slaughter, Augusta Bolling (Banister)

Banister, Blair

Banister, Emily 1820-1869 See: Cocke, Emily (Banister)

Banister, Euretta See: Stickley, Euretta (Banister)

Banister, Helen See: Madison, Helen (Banister)

Banister, John

Banister, Mary See: Noltenius, Mary (Banister)

Banister, Mary Burton Augusta (Bolling) 1789-1853

Banister, Mary Caroline (Noltenius) See also: groups- Noltenius family

Banister, Mary Louise Brodnax See: Lanier, Mary Louise Brodnax (Banister)

Banister, Molly See: Banister, Mary Caroline

Banister, T. Lewis

Banister, William B. See: Banister, Mary Caroline (N.)

Banister, William B., Jr. See: Banister, Mary Caroline (N.)

Bankhead, Ann Cary Randolph

Banks, Gerard

Banks, Nathaniel Prentice 1816-1894 See Also: Groups oversize: Union Generals "Our Generals in the Field"

Banks, Sarah (Struther) See: Gerard Banks (Mrs. Gerard Banks)

Banks, Vivian May (Haxall)

Banks, William See: curator for negative

Banning, Sallie

Banning (Unidentified)

Barbe,Francois See: Marbois, Francois Barbe, marguis de, 1745-1837

Barbe, Martha and Mary See: Occupational and manufacturing (Barbe sisters)

Barbee, Gabriel Thomas 1814-1908

Barbee, Herbert 1848-1936

Barbee, Jane Catherine (Totten) 1829-1908 (Mrs. Lewis Conner Barbee, Sr.)

Barbee, Lewis Conner, Sr., 1821-1877

Barbee, William Randolph, 1818-1868 See Also: Barbee, Herbert (1848-1936)

Barbee, William Randolph, 1871-

Barbour, (Mrs. John S.)

Barbour, Benjamin Johnson (1821-1894)

Barbour, John Strode, 1866-1952 See Also: extra-oversized: Album "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902."

Barbour, Philip Pendleton, 1783-1841

Barbour, Thomas, ca. 1860- See Also: Gordon, James Lindsay, 1860-1904

Barclay, David Moore, 1877- See: Group: Washington and Lee University students.

Bard, Samuel See: Group Gragory Collection

Barger,James Hafford, 1894-1956

Barham, Joseph lewis, 1846-1925 See: Extra-oversized: Album "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902."

Barham, Thomas Jefferson, 1863-1944

Barkley, Alben W.

Barksdale, A.D.

Barksdale, Anthony Sydnor

Barksdale, Conway

Barksdale, Elizabeth (Robertson), 1824-1858

Barksdale, Emma Mason

Barksdale, George Ainsley, 1835-1910

Barksdale, J.S. See: Barksdale, Mildred Jane (Mrs. J.S.)

Barksdale, Marianna Elizabeth (Tabb), 1796-1856. (Mrs. William Jones)

Barksdale, Mary Morton (Lovelace), 1870- See: Mss1 B8346a75

Barkesdale, Mildred Jane (Mrs. J.S.)

Barksdale, Nancy (Jones), 1782

Barksdale, Nelson

Barksdale, Judge william Randolph, 1849-1925

Barlow, Alma

Barlow, Joel, 1754-1812

(Barlow),Mabel Elizabeth (Mrs. Leon Jenkins) (See Groups: Jenkins Family)

Barnard, George Scott See Groups: Norfolk-Hunter School, 1895-96

Bernard, Georgr S.

Barnard, John Gross, 1815-1882

Barnard, L.R.

Barnes, Albert, 1798-1870

Barnes, L.F.

Barnes, Manly Howell, 1854- See: Extra-oversized: Album-"Virginia Constitutional Convention-1901-1902."

Barnes, Thomas H., 1833- See: Extra-oversized: Album-"Virginia Constitutional Convention-1901-1902."

Barnett, Blanche See: Boyce, Sallis (Barnett)

Barnett, James Harmon, Jr., 1891-1970

Barnett, Sallie See: Boyce, Sallie (Barnett)

Barney, Mrs. Charles G.

Barney, Charles Gorham, 1814-1894

Barney, Evelyn Byrd Dougles (Wise), 1879-1962

Barney, Jack H., 1909-1969

Barney, Joshua, 1759-1818

Barnum, Zenus, 1854-

Barnwell, Middleton Stuart See Groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria 1910

Barr, Robert Gaily, Jr., 1918-1960

Barrett, Katie Waller ie. Mrs. R.S.

Barrett, Warner A.

Barringer, Gen. Rufus

Barrington, William Wildman, 2nd, Chancellor of exchequer in 1761 Viscount, 1717-1793 9/30/60 Knight 3/6 Oversize; 3/23/61 Rainiger 5/10 Oversize; 3/23/61 Knight-Lawerence 6/0

Barron, James, 1740-1787

Barron, James, 1769-1851

Barron, James Smith, 1875-1941

Barron, Samuel

Barrow, William James, 1904-1967 See also: Groups: Randolph Macon College, 1966, William & Mary College, E. G. Swem Library, Barrow Research Laboratory

Barrow, W.W.

Barry, Col. John D.

Barry, Mary Moran

Barry, William Taylor, 1785-1835 Born in Lunenburg County, Virginia 6/12/61 Copperplate by J.B. Longacre, $7.50 (Argosy Book Store)

Barry, Sir David

Bartaw-Jones, Edward,Jr., (1909-

Bartenstein, Laurence R., 1900-1948

Bartlett, Elisha

Barton, Benjamin Jr., 1803-1887

Barton, Robert Thimas, 1891-

Barton, Thomas?

Barton, Seth Maxwell, 1829-1900

Bartow, Brig. Gen. Francis S.

Bartram, John, 1699-1777

Bashaw, George See Groups: Fork Union Military Academy

Baskerville, W.M.

Bass, Dr. H.H.

Bass, Robert Greene, 1882-1954

Bassatt, Anna maria (Dandridge) See: Bassett, Burwell, Washington, Martha

Basset, Charlotte Ann 1838-1910 See: Derby, Charlotte Ann (Basset),

Basset, Robert Lewis, 1844-1889 See Groups: Bassett Family Children

Bassett, Burwell, 1734-1793

Bassett, Burwell, Jr. See: Bassett. Burwell

Bassett, Clarence B. See Group Photographs: Norfolk Virginia Norfolk academy football team, 1900

Bassett, Hannah See: Moseley, Hannah (Bassett), 1772-1834

Bassett, John See: Bassett, Burwell

Bassett, Judith Frances Carter See: Mitchell, Judith Francis Carter (Bassett), 1836-1907

Bassett, mary Burnet (Bassett), 1839-1881 See Groups: Bassett Family Children

Baston, Florence See Groups: Eggleston collection

Batcheller, Adair See Groups: Beach Scene, 1896

Batcheller, Frank See Groups: Beach Scene, 1896

Batchels, Joseph S.

Bate, Maj. William B.

Bate, William Brimage, 1826-1905

Bates, Tareton, 1775-1806

Bathurst, Allen Bathurst,1st earl, 1684-1775 Lord chancellor in 1771; 9/30/60 Bestland 4/0

Battaile, Sarah See: Fitzhugh, Sarah (Battaile), 1731

Batte, Lucynder See: Russel, Lucynder (Batte)

Batte, John Henry See: Batte, Martha (Mason)

Batte, Martha (Mason)

Battige, Frieda See Groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class 1913

Battige, Karl C. See: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1919

Battige, Maluine See Groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class 1909

Battle, Brig. Gen. Cullen A.

Battle, George Gordon 1868-1949 See Also Groups: Virginia University Students 1890; Bagby, martha B.D. (Babgy) Battle

Battle, Martha Burwell Dabney (Bagby) 1869-1954 See Also: Battle, George Gordon, 1868-1949; Groups: Bagby Family; White Sulphur Springs, W. VA. (Tea party)

Battle, John Stewart 1890-1972 See Also: Group Photographs: Proestant Episcopal Church, New Kent County; Virginia, Virginia Governors

Battle, William S. 1870-

Baugh, W.B. See: transportation ( R F & P RR)

Baugh, Wilbur See: Group Photograph: Bainbridge Junior High School Safety Patrol

Baughender, Emile See Also: McGuire's University School, Richmond

Baughender, William See Groups: McGuire's University School

Baughman, Ann Meredith (1978-

Baughman, Ann Randolph (Ball) 1865-1948

Baum, Edward Marion 1855?-1927

Bauserman, John Vawter 1908-1963

Bauserman, Joseph Morgan, Jr. 1892-1928

Bauserman, Robert Dunlap 1908-1967

Baxter, Sidney S. 1802-1879

Bayard, James Ashton See: Gordon,James Lindsay, 1860-1904

Bayliss, William Murray Forbes See Groups: Williams Family

Baylor, Ellen carter (Bruce) 1858-1899

Baylor, George 1752-1784

Baylor, J. B.

Baylor, John 1750-1808

Baylor, John 1705-1772

Baylor, Brig. Gen. John R.

Baylor, John 1889-1968

Baylor, Louisa Henrietta 1830-

Baylor, Maria

Baylor, Richard See Groups: Norfolk, VA Hunter School

Baylor, Sarah Evelyn Courtney See: Blackford, Sarah Evelyn Courtney (Baylor, 1883-1956)

Baylor, Warner Lewis 1825-1894 See: oversized

Baylor, William H. Smith 1831-1862

Bayly, Jane See: Higginbothan, Jane (Bayly) 1827-1900

Bayly, Jane O. (Addison) 1792-1888

Bayly, Thomas M. 1775-1834

Bayne, Nettie

Bayne See Groups: Booth, John Wilkes, and his associates

Bayne, T.S.

Baynham, William 1749-1814

Bazile, Mrs. Leon M. Virginia Lee

Bazile, Leon Maurice Nelson 1890-1967

Beal, Maj. Gen. George L.

Beale, James

Beale, L.D.

Beall, John Yates 1835-1865

Beall, William N.R.

Beam, Agnes

Bear, Dr. Harry

Bear, Dr. Hyman

Bear, Hon. J.A.

Beattie, Harriet Heath 1913-1963

Beattie, William See Groups: Norwood's University School Room "C"

Beatty, Emily Trapnell

Beatty, James Herbert 1877-1906

Beatty, Gen. John

Beatty, Dr. Joseph Edword USA

Beatty, Philip A. 1871-1963

Beatty, "Tinker Dan"

Beaufort, Henry Somerset 1629-1699 1st duke, on trade and plantations in 1679; 9/30/60 oral 1317 no. 3 2/6; 9/30/60 white (cuillain) 6/0

Beauregard, A.T. See Groups: Inauguration-Theodore Roosevelt, 1905

Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant 1818-1893 See Also groups: Confederate Commanders; Confederate Generals

Beaver, Brig. Gen. James A.

Beck, James Burnie 1822-1890

Becker, Darlene D. See Groups: Church Groups: St. John's United Church of Christ Confirmation Class 1962

Beckh, Bertha Celeste (Haase) 1864-1934 ie, Mrs. Ferdinand h. Beckh See Groups: Hasse Family

Beckh, Helen V. ie, "Mrs. Allan M. Lawrence" See Groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class 1920

Beckman, george Ross ca. 1913-

Beckwith, Elizabeth (Jenings)

Beckwith Family


Beckwourth, James

Bedford, John Russell, 4th duke 1710-1771 See Also: oversized 4-7-60 proof 5/0

Bedford, Lucy Harrington, Countess d.1627 Named in 3rd Virginia charter; 4-7-60 freeman 5/0; 5-5-61 passe 2/2/0

Bedinger, Annie See: Van Doren family album

Bedinger, Benjamin F. 1854-1938

Bedinger, Caroline Bowne (Lawrence) Wife of Henry Bedinger

Bedinger, Daniel Lucas 1862-

Bedinger, Evelino L. 1884-1973

Bedinger, Dr. everett Wade Sr. 1830-1916 USA surgeon

Bedinger, everett Wade, Jr. 1858-1939

Bedinger, Everett Wade III 1885-1889

Bedinger, George Michael 1860-1940

Bedinger, Henry See: Bedinger carolina Biwne (Lawrence)

Bedinger, Henry G.

Bedinger, Kate

Bedinger, Laura Beverley (Brooke) (Mrs. E.W. Bedinger, Jr.)

Bedringer, Mary See: Bedinger, Caroline Bowne (Lawrence)

Bedinger, Olivia M.

Bedinger, William Lucas 1856-1932

Bedsaul, F. Clyde

Bee, Barnard Elliot 1824-1861

Bee, Brig. Gen. Hamilton P.

Beers, Charles (Charlie) See: Hill/Booton Family Album, Page 1 and page 41

Beers, Margaret Fletcher See: Hill/Booton family Album, Page 2

Beers, William See: Hill/Booton family Album, Page 3

Begg, Mary Haldane See: Coleman, Mary Haldane (Begg), 1875-1967

Behle, Dorthy See Groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evengelical Lutheran Church-Confirmation Class 1921

Behle, Jeannette A. ie., Mrs. Henry S. Liebert See Groups: Church Gropus: St. John's Evengelical Lutheran Church-Confirmation Class 1921

Behn, Aphra 1640-1689 Author of play on Bacon's Rebellion "Widow Ranter"; 3/23/61 white 6/0

Beirne, Frank See Groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Beirne, Richard 1856-1891

Belcher, Bettie Curtis See: Gates, Bettie Curtis (Belcher) 1834-1861

Bell, Benjamin See Groups: Wakefield, VA. High School Students

Bell, Billy See Groups: McGuire's University School

Bell, Mrs. Emma See Groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Bell, J. Spencer 1906-1967

Bell, Helen (Godbold) ie, "Mrs. A.G. Bell, Jr." See: Groups: Bell Wedding Party

Bell, Landon Covington 1880-1960

Bell, M. L.

Bell, Mary Ann (Walker) ca. 1784-1841 ie. Mrs. John Bell

Bell. Gen. Tyree H.

Bellamy, Stacey Michelle

Bellar, Molly Stewart

Bellows, Marjorie

Bellows, Reynolds See: Bellows, Marjorie

Bellows, Stephan

Belvin, John Allan -1880

Bemiss, Amy Lucy See: Blodgett, Amy Lucy

Bemiss, Cathrine Skelton See: McGuire, Catherine Skelton (Bemidd) 1901-

Bemiss, Cyane Dandridge (Williams) 1866-1952

Bemiss, Doreen (Fitzgerald) See: Jeffress, Elizabeth (Gwathmey)

Bemiss, Fitz Gerald

Bemiss, Frances (Lockart) "Mrs. Samuel M. Bemiss"

Bemiss, John Harrisan

Bemiss, Margaret See: Bryan, Margaret (Bemiss)

Bemiss, Samuel Merrifield 1894-1966 See Also: Groups: Virginia Historical Society, Barrow Research Laboratory

Bemiss Family Unidentified Photographs

Benagh, Elizabeth

Benatar, Pat

Benburg, Thomas

Benjamin, J. W. See Groups: Civil War Centennial Commission- West Virginia

Benjamin, Judah Philip 1811-1884 See Also: Groups: Confederate Generals

Bennet, Hubert D. See Groups: Virginia Supreme Court

Bennett, Frank See: Groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Bennett, Henry

Bennett, Jessee 1769-1842

Bennett, William Walter

Benson, Mag (?)

Bentley, Donald Grey

Bentley, Floyd T.

Bentley, Lucy (Chamberlayne) 1821-1913

Benton, Brig. Gen. Samuel -1864

Benton, Thomas Hart 1782-1858

Beng, Harry Jacob 1900-1961

Bergamann, Geory See Groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Berhard, Miss Anna See Groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Berkeley, Alfred R.

Berkeley, Anna Louisa (Berkeley) -1898

Berkeley, Anne Poe (Harrison) 1856-1939 ie., "Mrs. Landon Cater Berkeley"

Berkeley, Beverley 1880-1945

Berkeley, Charlie See Groups: Government Agencies

Bereley, Charles C. 1873-1949

Berkeley, Edmund

Bereley, Elizabeth Wormeley (Carter)

Bereley, Francis L. See Groups: Virginia Colonial Records Project, Virginia Historical Society

Berkeley, Lady Frances (Culpeper) 1634?-1690

Berkeley, George Berkeley, 1st earl 1628-1698 Privy council (colonial) in 1685; 9/30/60 Dunkarton 5/0

Berkeley, Henry Robinson 1840-1918 See Also: Groups: Berkeley, Henry Robinson

Berkeley, Landon Carter Jr. 1847-1904

Berkeley, Norborne, Baron de Botetourt See: Botetourt, Norborne Berkeley, Baron de

Berkeley, Sarah B. (Manning)

Berkeley, Sir William 1608(?)-1677

Berkeley, William R{andolph} 1838-?

Bernard, Eliza Frances See: Semmes, Eliza Frances (Bernard) 1815-1889

Bernard, Lelia Bolling See: Robertson, Lelia Bolling (Bernard) 1827-1873

Bernard, Fanny (Hipkins) 1771-1801

Bernard, Jane Gay Robertson

Bernard, Martha Jane (Thomas) 1810-1843 Wife of Overton Thomas

Bernard, Overton 1798-1866

Bernard, Sarah (Dykes) 1799-1860

Bernard, Simon 1779-1839

Bernard, William III 1796-1822

Bernhard, Alfred See Groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Bernhard, Louise A. See Groups: St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Confirmation Class 1920

Bernhard, Margaret F See Groups: St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Confirmation Class 1921

Bernhardt, Augusta See: Groups: Richmonders, Coffee Party

Berry, Hiram Gregory 1824-1863

Bertram, Hiram William 1868-1949

Bethune, Thomas Greene 1849-(1908?)

Betts, George Munford 1838-1863

Betty, George Marvin 1889-1918

Beveridge, Ann

Beverley, Bland See: Beverley, Carter

Beverley, Carter

Beverly, Elizabeth See: Randolph, Elizabeth (Beverley), 1691- 1723

Beverley, Susanna See: Randolph, Susanna (Beverley), ca. 1692-1798

Beverley, Tucker -ca. 1865 See: oversized

Beverley, William?

Beverley, William

Beverley, William Welby 1889-1969

Beyer, Donald S., Jr. Lt. Gov. Of VA, 1990-1994

Bibb, Richard

Bibb, W. E. -1910

Bickers, Roger Aylor 1878-1963

Bickford, R. G.

Bidgood, Joseph Virginius 1841-1921

Bigger, Thomas Bibb 1795-1880

Biggs, J. Franklin

Bigler, Jonathan E. 1973-

Biglow, John

Binford, Jesse 1875-1952

Binford, Julien

Binford, Walter Blair

Binga, Anthony

Bingley, Elizabeth Stith (Gordon)

Bingham, Senator Hiram See Groups: Yorktown, VA; Yorktown Sesquicen Tennial

Binney, Horace

Binns, Aubrey Willis 1888-1963

Binswanger, M.I.

Birckhead, Peter

Bird, George T. 1865-

Bird, Hugh Stockdell 1869-1931 See: Bird, Margaret (Randolph)

Bird, Hugh Stockdell 1869-1931 See Groups: William & Mary College "The Seven Wise Men"

Bird, Hugh Stockdell II

Bird, Lloyd C. See: Pr42: Ballots and electoral tickets

Bird, Margaret Randolph See: Tompkins, Margaret Randolph (Bird)

Bird, Margaret (Randolph) 1842-1933

Bird, Rebecca M. See: Trask, Rebecca M. (Bird)

Bird, Rev. Stephan Moylan 1841-1894

Birdsong, Horrace See Groups: Wakefield, VA. High School Students

Birge, Maj. Gen. Henry W.

Birney, (Maj. Gen.)

Birney, James Gillespie 1792-1857

Bishop, Charles Edward 1861-1932 See: William & Mary College- "The Seven Wise Men"

Bismark, (Count) Otto Von

Bissell, E. H. See: Gordon, James W.

Bithel, Ralph C.

Bitting, Charles Carroll 1830-1898

Bird-Randolph Family

Black, Barron F.

Black Beard, the pirate See: Teach, Edward, -1718

Black Hawk 1767-1838

Black, Brig. Gen. John C.

Black, Munro 1897-1957

Black, Shirley (Temple) Agar 1928

Blackburn, Joseph L. See Groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class 1909

Blackburn, Otto F. See Groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class 1909

Blackburn, Col. Thomas

Blackford See: Bruce and Blackford families. Unidentified and friends

Blackford, Charles Minor 1833-1903

Blackford, Pelham

Blackford, Pelham, Jr. See: Miller, Virginia

Blackford, Sarah Evely Courtney (Baylor) 1883-1956

Blackford, Launcelot Minor 1837-1914

Blackford, Mary Berkeley (Minor) See: Minor, Lucy Landon (Carter)

Blackford, William Matthews 1801-1864

Blackwell, R. E.

Blackwell, Dr. R. E.

Blackwell, Dr. Robert

Blackwell, Robert Emory 1854-1938

Bladen, Ann See: Tasker, Ann (Bladen)

Blaine, James G.

Blair, Alice 1880-(?)

Blair, Anne Reubenia (McCormick) 1860-1917

Blair, Andrew Beirne 1897-1918

Blair, David, 1823-(?)

Blair, Elizabeth See:Bolling, Elizabeth (Blair) Bland, (?) - 1775

Blair, Ellen Edmundson (?)-1901

Blair, Frank See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Blair, Gordon See: Groups: Norwoods University School Room "C"

Blair, Harrison " "

Blair, Henry Wayne 1857-1884

Blair, J. R.

Blair, James 1656-1743

Blair, John Durburrow 1759-1823

Blair, John (Nephew of commissary James Blair 1655-1743) See: Graham Hood's Charles Bridges, pp. 38-39

Blair, John 1732-1800

Blair, John Jr.

Blair John D.

Blair, John Geddes 1787-1851

Blair, Lewis Harvie 1834-1919

Blair, Lyle

Blair, M.

Blair, Maria 1841-1924

Blair, Mary See: Andrews, Mary (Blair) 1758-1820

Blair, Robert William 1873-(?) See: Extra oversize: Album "Virginia Constitutional Convention - 1901-1902"

Blair, Sarah (Harrison) 1679-1713 Wife of James Blair

Blair, Walter 1835-1909

Blair, William Barrett 1817(?)-1883

Blake, Benjamin Gary 1905-1968

Blake, J. H. W.

Blakemon, William T.

Blakemore, John See Groups: White Top Mountain Music Festival

Blakey, Mary Michie (Morgan)

Blakey, Robert E.

Blakey, Thomas Evans 1852-1915

Blakney, John See Groups: Va. State Guard Co. 54

Blanchard, Brig. Gen. Albert G.

Bland, Elizabeth (Blair) See: Bolling Elizabeth (Blair) Bland (?)-1775

Bland, Frances See: Tucker, Frances (Bland) 1752-1788

Bland, James A. 1854-1911

Bland, John ca. 1776-

Bland, Mary See: Lee, Mary (Bland) 1704-1764

Bland, Nancy Daniel (Goode)

Bland, Richard 1710-1776

Bland, Sarah (Fitzhugh) 1748-1793

Bland, Schuyler Otis 1872-1950 See Also: Groups: William and Mary College, Kappa Alpha Fraternity 1895-1896

Bland, Theodoric 1776-1846

Blanton, C.A. Dr.

Blanton, Elizabeth Brown (Wallace)

Blanton, H. W., Dr.

Blanton, James A.

Blanton, Thomas Hunter 1895-1965

Blanton, Weldon C.

Blanton, Mrs. Wyndham See: Groups: Friends Association for Children (Board)

Blanton, Mrs. Wyndham and children

Blanton, Wyndham Bolling 1890-1960 See also: Groups: Virginia Historical Society

Blanton, Wyndham, Dr.

Bledsoe, Albert Taylor, 1809-1877 See also: oversize

Bledsoe, T. Wy.

Blenker, Louis (Ludwig) 1812-1863 See: Groups oversize: Union Generals "Our Generals in the Field"

Blenner, Spruell

Blick, G. Holcombe See Groups: Lucy Family Reunion 1922

Bliley, Frank

Bliley, Joseph W.

Bliley, Thomas U.S. Representative, Mayor of Richmond

"Blind Tom" See: Bethune, Thomas Greene 1849-1908(?)

Bliss, Pattie Waller (Aylett) Cabell See: Ward, Pattie Waller (Aylett) Cabell Bliss

Block, Karl Morgan See Groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Blodgett, Amy Lucy (Bemiss)

Bloom, Bessye E. 1903- See: Walton, Bessye E. (Bloom), 1903

Bloomberg, S.L. See: Groups

Blount, Martha

Blount, Patty

Blow, George

Bluford, Robert

Blount, Ann E. See: Ridley, Ann E. (Blount)

Board, John W. See: Extra-oversize: Photograph album "VMI, class 1889-93"

Boarman, Miss Nina See Groups: Beach Scene 1896

Boatwright, John Baker 1881-1965

Boatwright, Dr. F. W.

Boaz, William H. 1852-(?) See extra oversize: Album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902"

Bobb, Robert C.

Bobbitt, John See: Bobbitt, Lorena

Bobbitt, Linwood

Bobbitt, Linwood, Jr. See also: Bobbitt, Mamie (Graves)

Bobbitt, Lorena

Bobbitt, Mamie (Graves)

Bobbitt, Mary Ann See also: Bobbitt, Linwood

Bobbitt, Mildred See: Rogers, Mildred (Bobbitt)

Bobbitt, Turman See: Bobbitt, Linwood

Bockisca, Elsie M. See Groups: Church Groups: St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church- Confirmation Class 1920

Bocock, Elizabeth Strother (Scott) 1901- i.e. Mrs John Holmes Bocock

Bocock, John Holmes 1890-1957

Boeck, Leopold J. See: Van Doren family album

Boedecker, L. A.

Boggs, Lewis Alexander

Boggs, Mary Jane

Boggs, Brig Gen. William R.

Bohannan, James Gordon 1880-1947

Bohannon, Richard Lafon

Bok, Edward William 1863-1930

Bolen, David Winton 1850-1832 See: extra-oversized, Album-"Virginia Constitutional Convention- 1901-1902"

Boles, Margaret Cabell

Boles, O. E.

Boleyn, Mary

Bolling, Ann (Cocke)

Bolling, Ann Dade (Stith) 1780-1846

Bolling, Emerson, Annie Stuart Litchfield (Mrs. Rolfe Emerson Bolling) See: Perrine Collection, filed by city, by gallery

Bolling, Archibald 1827-1897

Bolling, Blair 1852-1917

Bolling, "Captain"

Bolling, Catherine (Payne)

Bolling, Charles Edward 1852-1929 See also oversize: Groups: White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.

Bolling, Mr. Charles E. See also groups: Bagby Family

Bolling, Dorothea (Payne) 1777-(?)

Bolling, Elizabeth (Blair) Bland (?)-1775

Bolling, Elizabeth See: Gay, Elizabeth (Bolling)

Bolling, Elizabeth (Gay)

Bolling, George Washington 1803-1875

Bolling, Jane See: Randolph, Jane (Bolling)

Bolling, Jane (Payne) See: Ferguson, Jane (Payne) Bolling

Bolling, Jane Rolfe See: Skipwith, Jane Rolfe (Bolling) 1817-1867

Bolling, John 1676-1729

Bolling, John 1700-1757

Bolling, John 1771-1783

Bolling, John 1832-1905

Bolling, Lucy See: Randolph, Lucy (Bolling)

Bolling, Marianne 1779-1852 See folder on Bolling, Mary Marshall (Tabb)

Bolling, Mary See: Fleming, Mary (Bolling) 1711-(?)

Bolling, Mary Burton Augusta See: Banister, Mary Burton Augusta (Bolling) 1789-1853

Bolling, Mary R. 1777-1849

Bolling, Mary (Kennon)

Bolling, Mary Marshall (Tabb)

Bolling, Mary (Randolph) 1774-1863

Bolling, Mary Tabb See: Lee, Mary Tabb (Bolling)

Bolling, Parke Chamberlyne (Bagby) 1874-1947 i.e. Mrs. Charles Bolling See also: oversize: groups: Lee (Robert E. Memorial Foundation)

Bolling, Randolph

Bolling, Robert 1646-1709 See also: oversize

Bolling, Robert 1682-1749 See also: oversize

Bolling, Robert 1710-1775 See also: oversize

Bolling, Robert 1759-1839 See also: oversize

Bolling, Sallie

Bolling, Stanhope See Groups: White Sulphur Springs, Wva.

Bolling, Thomas 1735-1804

Bolling, Thomas 1766-1836

Bolling, Thomas 1845-1912

Mrs. Thomas Wife of Thomas Bolling, 1845-1912

Bolling, William 1777-1849 of "Bolling Hall"

Bolling, William Albert 1799-1884

Bolyn, Robert Taliaferro See Groups: William and Mary College, Kappa Alpha fraternity

Bonaparte, Napolean 1762-1821 See also: Groups: Napoleans

Bond, Thomas or Phineas

Bond, Thomas Baker 1787-1854

Bondurant, Thomas Morgan 1792-1869

Bonet, Geniente

Boney, David See Groups: Hampden-Sydney College, Chi Phi fraternity, 1946-1947

Bonham, Milledge Luke 1813-1890

Bonheur, Rosa

Bonsall, Jesse Stapleton (not a Virginian) painted by L.M.O. Guillaume

Bonum, Rebecca See: Eskridge, Rebecca (Bonum) d.1715

Booker, A. Tyler

Booker, Ann Mary (Wetzel) Aulick 1759-1834

Booker, Belle Peirce (Litchfield) 1880-(?)

Booker, John

Booker, Martha (Grinnell) 1812-1915

Booker, Mary See: Clapton, Mary (Booker)

Booker, Mary Garnett (?)-1882

Booker, Tom See Groups: Mosby's Men

Boon family

Boone, Daniel 1734-1820

Boorstin, Daniel J.

Booth, Benjamin See Groups: Hampden-Sydney College, Chi Phi fraternity, 1946-1947

Booth, Edwin Thomas 1833-1893 See also: Jefferson, Joseph 1829-1905

Booth, Frances See: Balentine, Frances (Booth)

Booth, Frances Amanda Todd 1802-1824

Booth, Henrietta See: Locations: "Carter's Grove", James City County Va.; Wise, Henrietta (Booth)

Booth, John See Groups: Hampden-Sydney College, Chi Phi 1946-47

Booth, Lucy Ann 1805-1821

Booth, Mary Cooke 1750-1820 See: Booth, Elizabeth Mason

Booth, Mary Elizabeth Mason 1801-1818

Booth, Mary Mason (Todd) See: Tabb, Mary Mason (Todd) Booth, 1751-1814

Booth, Paul M. Adj. Gen. Va. National Guard

Boothe, Cabel See: Group photograph: Bainbridge Junior High School Safety Patrol

Boothe, Armistead Lloyd

Booton See also: Hill, unidentified members of the Hill/Booton family friend and students

Booton, Anne Powell Hill

Booton, Edwin Theodore 1860-1905

Booton, Robert F.

Booton, William H.

Borden, Newton William 1880-1963

Boreman, Arthur Ingram 1823-1896 First governor of W. VA

Boving, Frances (Alley) 1887-

Borland, Charles Barney See Groups: Norfolk, Hunter School 1895-96

Borland, Thomas R.

Bosher, Elizabeth See: Purcell, Elizabeth (Bosher)

Bosher, Emily E. (Dill) 1819-1857 ie. Mrs. John Henry Bosher

Bosher, Hannah Ann See: Lyon, Hannah Ann (Bosher), 1839-1923

Bosher, John Henry (d. 1861)

Bodher, Lewis

Bosher, Mrs. Robert See: Purcell, Elizabeth (Bosher)

Bosher, Robert S. 1843-

Bosley, C. H.

Bostic, Annie (Purdy) See Group Photograph: Purdy family

Bostic, Nicholas J. See Group Photograph: Purdy family

Boston, Reuben Beverly 1834-1865

Boswell, Georgia See Groups: Wise family & friends

Boswell, James Keith 1838-1863

Boswell, Peggy See Groups: Wise family & friends

Bosworth, Elam W. See Groups: McGuire's University School

Botetourt, Norborne Berkeley, Baron de, 1717-1770

Botts, George O 1909-1962

Botts, John Minor 1802-1869

Botts, Susan Frances (Randolph) Wife of Alexander Lawson Botts

Boucher, Jonathan 1738-1804

Boudinot, Elias (1740-1821)

Boulder, Albin C. See: Van Doren family album

Bouldin, James Wood

Bouldin, Martha (Daniel)

Bouldin, Tyler

Bouldin, Wood 1838- See extra over-sized: Album "Virginia Constitutional Convention -1901-1902"

Boulware, family See: "Buena Vista" Caroline Co., VA

Boulware, Aubin Lee 1843-

Boun, Rerd ?

Bourke, J. P.

Boush, Elizabeth 1753-

Boushall, Thomas See also groups: Virginians 1972

Bouverie, E. Oliver P.

Bowden, Harry See groups: Norfolk, VA, Hunter School

Bowen, Frederick Fillison

Bowden, Henry 1882-1963

Bowden, Lemuel Jackson 1815-1864

Bowden, Marshall Livingston

Bowdoin, Mrs. James

Bowe, Wythe See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Bowen, Bess May

Bowen, Maj. Gen. John S.

Bowen, William T. 1903-1964

Bowers, Miss Eliza See Groups: Galt, Annie A.

Bowie, Brig. Gen. George W.

Bowie, Samuel T.

Bowles, C. C. See groups: McGuire's University School, Football Squad 1927

Bowie, Walter Russell See Groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria 1910

Bowler, Charles Pendleton 1834-1862

Bowles, Charles F.

Bowles, Drury Wood Knight

Bowles, Jane See: Wormeley, Jane (Bowles)

Bowles, John R.

Bowles, Muriell

Bowles, Paul C.

Bowles, Mrs.l Paul C.

Bowles, Maj. Gen. Pinkney

Bowles, Sallie

Bowman, Fox

Bowser, Barrington See groups: Friends' Assn. For Children (Board)

Boyce, Richard (2nd earl of Shannon)

Boyce, Sallie (Barnett)

Boyd, Belle See: High, Belle (Boyd) Hardinge Hammond, 1844-1900

Boyd, Gen. Elisha

Boyd, Mrs. H. M.

Boyd, James N. See groups: Richmond, "West Brooke"

Boyd, James Nalle 1850-1915

Boyd, Lila Goode See: Garntt, Lila Goode (Boyd)

Boyd, Louise H. 1875-

Boyd, Lola Elizabeth 1916-1992

Boyd, Lucy Waller See: Hundley, Lucy Waller (Boyd) 1854-

Boyd, Malcolm

Boyd, Thomas Munford

Boyd, Virginia Nalle

Boyer, Dorthy See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Boyer, Virginia Alice 1845-1934 See: Holmes, Virginia alice (Boyer)

Boykin, Anna Brown -1955

Boykin, Ellen Burton (George) -1915

Boykin, Ellen Pittfield -19

Boykin, Francis Marshall 1781-1817

Boykin, Francis Marshall (III) 1837-1906

Boykin, Hamilton Godwin 1880-1942

Boyle, Charles See: Orrery, Charles Boyle, 4th earl, 1676-1731

Boyle, Elizabeth See Groups: WOBCA

Boyle, Henry See: Carleton, Henry Boyle, baron, d. 1725

Boyle, Robert 1627-1691

Boynton, Brad -1993

Boynton, Gen. Henry Van Ness

Boyston, "Gussie"

Bozeman, William Evans See groups: Washington and Lee University. Lexington, VA. Students.

Brackley, Thomas Egerton 1540?-1617 First viscount, lord chancellor in 1603; 8/16/60 Bond-Allen 4/0; 8/16/60 Lodge 6/0 filed in oversize

Bradford, L. W. S. See groups: Wise, John N. Cropper

Bradford, Russell Taliaferro 1893-1968

Bradley, Mary letitia 1834-

Bradley, Brig. Gen. Luther P.

Bradley, Stuart See groups: Meade family & friends

Bradley, William E. 1841-1928 See: Fredericksburg, VA-views folder

Brady, James T.

Bragg, Braxton 1817-1876 See also groups: Confederate Commanders

Bragg, Brig. Gen. Edward S.

Bragg, Frances (Cuthbert) (Mrs. James C. Bragg)

Bragg, S. Burnell 1879-1965

Braham, Herbert Jackson Jr. See: Davis, Charles J.R., scrapbook- extra-oversized

Braidfoot, John

Brackelle, Nore Neale

Brackelle, Mrs. S. M. See: Brackelle, Nora Neale

Bradford, Joshua T.

Brame, Marshall See Groups: VA State Guard Co. 54

Branch, Anne Adams (Wheelright) 1827- See: Branch, Thomas 1802-1888

Branch, Anne Harris 1859-

Branch, Bevlah

Branch, Carloine Gardner (Carlton)

Branch, Carter Wheelright 1858-1911

Branch, David Mann 1809-1869

Branch, John See Groups: Branch family

Branch, John Kerr 1865-1930

Branch, Katherine Beers See Groups: Branch family

Branch, James R. 1828-1869

Branch, John Patteson 1830-1915

Branch, Margaret Elizabeth See: Glasgow, Margaret Elizabeth (Branch), 1876-

Branch, Julia Lee (Clark) See: Branch, Harry Cornell

Branch, Harry Cornell See also: Julia Lee (Clark)

Branch, Mary Cooke See: Munford, Mary Cooke (Branch) 1865-1938

Branch, sarah Read 1857-

Branch, Tazewell

Branch, Thomas 1802-1888

Branch, William

Branch, Zayde Bancroft See: Rennolds, Zayde Bancroft (Branch), 1891-

Brand, Phyllis (Langhorne) See: oversized

Brander, Thomas A. 1839-1900

Brandon, Brig. Gen. William L.

Brandt, Mrs. G. D. See: Perrine Collection Filed by City, by gallery

Brandt, Sigmund Mittledorfer 1880-1941

Brannock, James Madison 1830-1907

Bransford, Cara J. See: Hill, Cora J. (Bransford)

Bransford, Cora See: Hill/Booton family album, page 13

Brantly, Brig. Gen. William F.

Bratton, Gen. John

Brauer, Amelia "Dolly" (Nichol) (Mrs. Otto L. Brauer)

Brauer, Bernhard, Sr. 1829-1909

Brauer, Carlina 1857-1877 See Group Photographs: Braner family

Brauer, Christine (Briel) 1817-1896

Brauer, Christiana (Dauber) 1848-1901 See also group photographs: Braner family, ca. 1882

Braner, Christine (Briel) 1819-1896 See also group photographs: Brauer family

Brauer, Elizabeth See: Grimmell, Elizabeth (Brauer) 1846-1905

Brauer, Elsie See: Miller, Elsie (Brauer) 1883-1937

Brauer, Elsie (Miller)

Brauer, Frederick Rudolph 1869-1935 See also group photographs: Bruner family ca., 1882

Brauer, Frederick William 1861-1941

Brauer, Frederick William, Jr.

Brauer, Friedrick 1819-1888 See Group Photographs: Braner family

Brauer, Hazel

Brauer, Helena See: Gasser, Helena (Brauer)

Brauer, Henry

Brauer, Henry Bernard See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1901

Brauer, John Cephas 1841-1913 See also group photographs: Brauer family, Brauer family, ca. 1882

Brauer, Josephine (Briel)

Brauer, Margaret See: Miller, Margaret (Brauer), 1848-1921

Brauer, Marianna See: Schaaf, Marianna (Brauer), 1850-1917

Brauer, Otto

Brauer, Otto Carl 1881-1953 See group photographs: Brauer family, ca.1882

Brauer, Otto L.

Brauer, Philippine (Zimmermann) 1831-1915 (Mrs. Berhard Brauer)

Brauer, Rudolph Carl 1894-1974 See also groups: School & Colleges (non- athletics)

Brauer, Sarah See: Sauer, Sarah (Brauer), 1842?-1874

Brawer, Theresa Marie (Hennighausen) 1869-1957 See also group photographs: Hennighausen

Brauer, Walter E.

Brault, Adelard L.

Brautigam, Carl Adolph See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class of 1901

Brawley, Norma Stewart (Bryan) 1914- See groups: Bryan family; ie. Mrs. Francis Winslow Poe Brawley

Braxton, Allen Carperton 1862-1914 See also: extra-oversized, album "Virginia Constitutional Convention- 1901-1902"

Braxton, Betty Harrison 1859-1861 See groups: Braxton family

Braxton, Carter Edward 1912-1930

Braxton, Charles Carter 1856-1900 See also groups:Braxton family

Braxton, Charles Hill 1787-1843

Braxton, Gay See groups: Braxton

Braxton, Corbin -1822

Braxton, Elizabeth

Braxton, Henry Galt 1881-1973

Braxton, Judith (Robinson) 1736-1757 Wife of Carter Braxton

Braxton, Mary gabriella (Williamson) 1853-1886 ie. Mrs. Charles C. Braxton

Braxton, Sally

Braxton, Susan Grymes 1863-1831 See: West, Susan Grymes (Braxton)

Braxton, Virginia (Coalter) 1837-1913 See also groups: Braxton; ie. Mrs. Wm. P. Braxton

Braxton, William Presley 1816-1881

Bray, Suzie See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Breckenridge, Lt. Col. Cary Por 946.179

Breckinridge, Charles Henry See groups: Breckinridge family

Breckinridge, Frances Caroline Preuost

Breckinridge, Frances Craik (Pinckney) See: Williams, Frances Craik (Pinckney) Brackinridge, 1901-

Breckenridge, Mr. and Mrs. Henry See groups: Hunting trip 1933

Breckinridge, James 1763-1833

Breckinridge, John

Breckenridge, John Cabell 1821-1882 See groups: Confederate commanders

Breckinridge, John Cabell 1821-1875

Breckinridge, John Robert See groups: Breckinridge family

Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell See groups: Breckinridge family

Breckinridge, Letitia See: Porter, Letitia (Breckinridge) Grayson

Breckinridge, Letitia See: Gamble, Letitia (Breckinridge) 1791-1866

Breckenridge, Lomax

Breckinridge, Mary Hopkins (Cabell)

Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson See also groups: Breckinridge family

Breckinridge, William Campbell Preston See groups: Breckinridge family

Breckinridge, William Lewis

Breckinridge, W. L.

Breeden, Earnest See Groups: Maryland, VA Cornet Band

Breitstein, M. L.

Bremner, Leith Stanley 1887-1968

Brenaman, Jake See groups: Government Agencies

Breneman, Jacob R. 1872-

Brenster, Selah

Brent, Catherine (Johnson)

Brent, Daniel Carrol 1765-1815

Brent, William 1783-1848

Brevard, Col. Theodore W.

Brewer, Charles

Brewer, Margaret Esther

Brick, Mr.

Bricker, John

Bridgeford, D. B. See groups: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan and his staff

Bridgeman, Sir Orlando 1606?-1674 Lord chancellor in 1667; 8/16/60 Faithorn 10/0; 8/16/60 Vander Gocht 4/0

Bridger, James 1804-1881

Bridges, Elizabeth M. 1874-1946 See: Hobson, Elizabeth M. (Bridges)

Bridges, Philip St. George -1896 See: extra-oversized photograph album "VMI class, 1889-93"

Bridges, Robert 1858-1941

Bridgewater, John Egerton 1646-1701 Third earl, Privy council (colonial) in 1691, also trade and plantations; 9/30/60 Smith 1/5/0

Briel, Christine See: Brauer, Christine (Briel) 1819-1896

Briel, Louis

Briel, Marie See: Mallory, Marie (Briel) ie, Mrs. John R. Mallory

Briellur, Bill

Briggs, Gray

Briggs, Lucy (Gray) -1779 Wife of Howell Briggs

Bright, John Fulmer 1877-1953 See: Bagby, Ellen Matthews 1879-1960. Photograph no. 41; Group: Richmond, VA Community Fund groups, transatlantic telephone call between Richmond and London; Byrd, Harry Flood, 1887-1966

Bright, Robert Anderson 1839-1907

Brinkley, Authur S.

Brinkley, Harry Admiral 1877-1956

Brinkley, Mrs. Frances and son Harry

Brinseer, R. C. See Groups: McGuire's University School, Football Squad, 1926 & 1927

Briscoe, G. Baldwin (Conf. Uniform) G.W. Minnis, Photographic Gallery, 9th and Main, Richmond

Bristol, John Digby, 1st Earl 1586-1652 In 2nd Virginia Charter

Bristow, Joseph A. 1838-(?) See extra oversize album "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902

Bristow, Myon Edison 1879-1955

Brittingham, Jacob 1852-

Brittle, Oscar See groups: Wakefield, VA. High School Students

Britton, Lucille See groups: Gregory family

Britton, Beverley Lyle

Britton Sydney William

Britt, Mrs. Lee See: MSS1 D2873a 185

Brittts, William

Broaddins, Andrew

Broaddus, Annie

Broaddus, J. Alfred, Jr.

Broaddus, W. E. See groups: McGuire's University School, Football Squad 1926

Broaddus, W. R., Jr.

Broadus, John Albert 1827-1895

Broadus, William F.

Brock, Dr. Charles William Penn 1836-1916

Brock, Robert Alonzo 1839-1914

Brock, Robert Kincaid 1878-1962

Brockenbrough, Alice See: Aylett,Alice (Brockenbrough), -1895

Brockenbrough, Anne G.

Brockenbrough, Clara K.

Brockenbrough, John 1774-1852

Brockenbrough, Lula

Brockenbrough, Maggie

Brockenbrough, Sally

Brockenbrough, Sarah Smith See: Lamb, Sarah Smith (Brockenbrough)

Brockenbrough, Thomas

Brockwell, R.H.

Brodie, Lucie Jane See: Gregory, Lucie Jane (Brodie)

Brodie, Robert Little 1829-1913

Brodnax, Edward

Brodnax, Elizabeth Rebecca

Brodnax, John Wilkins 1864- See also: McGuire, Hunter Holmes, 1835- 1900, Groups: MCV, Richmond, VA. Richmond Retail Merchants, drug store

Brodnax, Rebecca (Champion) Travis d.1723

Brodnax, Rebecca (Wilkins)

Brodnax, Robert Ca. 1702-

Brodnax, Mrs. Robert

Brodnax, Sally J.

Brodnax, William 1675-1727

Brodnax, William -1771

Brodnax, William Edward -1830

Bromm, Anne (Fleming)

Bromm, August Friederick See: Bromm, Louis William

Bromm, Edward August See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class 1901

Bromm, Kate (Wenzel)

Bromm, Louis William

Bronson, William Sherlock

Bronson, Sherlock 1896-1942

Broocks, John W.

Broocks, Judith L. (Ford) See: Broocks, John W.

Brooke, David Tucker 1852-1915 See: extra-oversized: Album "Virginia Constitutional Convention-1901- 1902"

Brooke, David Tucker 1852-1915

Brooke, Douglas Shelby See groups: Norfolk-Hunter School 1895- 1896

Brooke, Francis John 1847-1924

Brooke, Francis Taliaferro 1763-1851

Brooke, Francis Taliaferro

Brooke, Fulke Greville 1554-1628 First baron, member of the Virginia council, 4-7-60 Cooper 5/0

Brooke, Genevieve See group photograph: Mallory, Henry Reed, 1892-

Brooke, Henry Laurens (Jr.) 1856-1932

Brooke, Henry Laurence, Sr. 1808-1874

Brooke, James V.

Brooke, John Francis

Brooke, John Mercer 1826-1906 See also: extra-oversized photograph album "VMI, class 1889-93."

Brooke, John Rutter See groups: Brooke, John Rutter and staff

Brooke, Katherine See: Powell, Katherine (Brooke), 1771- 1851

Brooke, John T.

Brooke, John Taliaferro 1763-1821

Brooke, Margaretta See group photograph: Mallory, Henry Reed, 1892-

Brooke, Richard 1787-1827

Brooke, Richard

Brooke, Robert Spottswood

Brooke, Robert T. -1906

Brooke, Robert 1761-1800

Brooke, St. George Tucker 1844-1914 C.S.A.

Brooke, Sarah Virginia (Tucker)

Brookes, Maria Cox

Brooks, William Gregory

Brooks, John 1752-1825

Brooks, Mrs.

Brooks, R.J.

Brooks, R.J. (Mrs.)

Brooks, Robert A. 1939-1914

Brooks, Sarah

Brooks, Maj. Gen. W.T.H.

Broom, Pauline See: Dietrich, Pauline (Broom) ie, Mrs. Eugene A. Dietrich

Broome, roger Greville Brooke 1915-1945

Brophy, James

Brown, A.

Brown, Abram Burwell 1821-1885

Brown, Alexander

Brown, Alexander

Brown, Alexander Gustavus 1873-1953 "ir" 1939

Brown, Alfred Gordon See groups: William & Mary college, Kappa Alpha fraternity

Brown, Ann See: Hanson, Ann (Brown) Claggett Horner

Brown, cabell See: Roome, Cabell (Brown) Cheek

Brown, Calloway 1859-1903

Brown, Charles Atkinson -1920 See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Brown, charles Brockden 1771-1810

Brown, Conway See: Groups,Mead family and friends.

Brown, Charles McCormick 1865-1938

Brown, David A. 1846-1918

Brown,Edward Walton 1884-1944

Brown Elizabeth See: Wallace,Elizabeth(Brown)

Brown, Elizabeth Dallas See:Wingo,Elizabeth Dallas (Brown) 1889 - 1969


Brown, Ethyl See:Groups: Eggleston collection

Brown,Felix See:Groups: Friends Assn. For Children(Board)

Brown Family (Unidentfied)

Brown, Frances Bland

Brown,Frances C.

Brown,Frank T.

Brown,George W.

Brown,Gustavus Richard 1747-1804

Brown, J,Edward See: P-8 Hotels


Brown,Harris(Staples) Wrightman

Brown,Ida Mason See: Scrapbooks

Brown, Ida Mason (Dorsey)

Brown, J.R.

Brown,J.T.jr. See:Brown,Frances C.

Brown, J. Thomson 1840-1921

Brown, James


Browne,Rev.William Washington 1849- 1897

Browne,Elizabeth Ruffin 1775-1799

Browne,Sarah Edwards 1795-1815


Browne, William 1759-1779

Browning,Alexander T. 1879-1951

Browning,George Landon

Browning,Ruth (Paul) See: Groups:School and College Groups(non athletic)

Brownlow, William Gannaway, 1805-1877 Born: Wythe Co,Va.7/11/61 Buttre 0/2/0 (suckling)


Bruce,Anne Seddon See: Page, Anne Seddon(Bruce),ca.1867 - 1888


Bruce, Augusta Fredrica Elizabeth 1822-1876 See; Stanley,Augusta Fredrica Elizabeth (Bruce)

Bruce, Charles,"of Soldiers Rest". -1792 See also:Bruce,James,the Emigrant.

Bruce, Charles"of Staunton Hill" 1826-1896 See also: Bruce,James, the Emigrant.

Bruce,Clarence See: Groups:White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.(Bowling party)

Bruce, Charles Morelle 1853-1938

Bruce,David Kirkpatrick Este 1898-1977

Bruce, Douglas Rivers 1877-1882


Bruce, Ellen See: Baylor,Ellen,Ca 1858 -

Bruce,Ellen Carter, 1820-1862

Bruce, Ellen Carter 1820-1862 See: Morson,Ellen Carter (Bruce)

Bruce, Elvira (Cabell) Henry 1783-1858


Bruce and Blackford Families, Unidentified family and friends. Gift in 1977 of Pelham Blackford jr,

Bruch,Dr. William



Brugh, Benjamin F.

Bruhl,Maurice de (comte) 1763-1809

Bruns, John Dickson See: Groups: Literary Figures


Bryan,C.B. -1922 See: Group: Virginia Theological Seminary,Alexandria, Va Class of 1878


Bryan family ,Misc unidentified photos

Bryan, Charles

Bryan,Charles F. Jr.

Bryan, Courtlandt Dixon Barnes 1936-

Bryan, David Tennant 1906- See also groups:Virginians 1972,also Albums;"Carry me Back to Old Virginny"

Bryan,Elizabeth Strother(Anderson) 1929-

Bryan,George 1860-1930

Bryan, Helen McGill (Hamilton) 1884-1967 See Groups: Bryan family ie.Mrs Thomas Pinckney

Bryan, Henry

Bryan, Isobel Lamont (Stewart) 1847-1910

Bryan, Isobel Stewart (Bryan) 1909- See: Hayes,Isobel (Bryan)

Bryan , John Coalter 1831-1853

Bryan, John Randolph 1806-1887

Bryan,John Stewart 1871-1944 See also: Byrd, Richard Everlyn 1888 -1956

Bryan, John Stewart jr. 1911- See also: Group;Virginia Historical Society: Trans-Atlantic telephone call from Richmond to England.

Bryan, Jonathan 1708-1789

Bryan, Jonathan 1874-1933

Bryan, Jonathan See Groups: Williams, Maude Stokes with others

Bryan, Joseph 1773 -1812

Bryan, Joseph 1845 - 1908

Bryan, Joseph 1904-

Bryan, Margaret

Bryan, Margret, See:Rogers,Margaret,(Bryan)

Bryan, Margaret(Bemiss)"Mrs Samuel Bryan"

Bryan, Sally See:Brown,Sally(Bryan)

Bryan, St.George Tucker Coalter

Bryan, Mrs. St.George

Bryant, Stewart See:Groups:Norwood's University School, Room"C"

Bryan, Thomas Pinckney 1918- See:Groups: Bryan family

Bryan, Thomas Pinckney 1882-1920

Bryan, William Jennings 1860-1925 See: Lee, Fitzhugh. 1835-1905

Bryant, William Cullen 1794-1878

Bryant, Mrs.

Bryant, Capt.Herbert

Bryarly, Betty See: Taylor,Betty(Bryarly)

Bryarly, Louisa See: Glass,Louisa(Bryarly

Bryarly, Mary See: Van Doren,Mary(Bryarly)

Bryarly, R.P.(family) See: Van Doren family album

Bryarly, Richard See: Van Doren family album

Bryarly, Robert See: Van Doren family album

Bryarly, Sallie See: Van Doren family album

Bryarly, Samuel See: Van Doren family album

Bryarly, Wakeman See: Van Doren fanily album

Bryce, Clarence Archibald 1889-1918 See: Group photographs,Bryce family

Bryce, Clarence Archibald 1848-1928

Bryce, Jeanette 1892-1975 See: Staton, Jeanette(Bryce)

Bryce, Louise 1898- See: Pavay, Louise(Bryce)

Bryce, Mildred 1886-1966 See Group photographs: Bryce family

Bryce, Virginia 1881-1974 See Group photographs: Bryce family

Brydon, George McLaren 1875-1963 See also: 1.Oversize.2. Group photogaph Richmond,Va Protestant Episcopal Church.3.Group,Virginia Historical Society.


Buchanan, ie. Mrs John P. See Groups: White Top Mountain Music Festival

Buchanan, A.C.

Buchanan, Archibald C. See: Groups Virginia Supreme Court

Buchanan, Cornelia 1822-1895 See: Conway,Cornelia(Buchanon)

Buchanan, Horace Graham 1869-1925

Buchanan, J.L.

Buchanan, James, Pres. U.S. 1791-1868 See: Oversize.also.Groups, Buchanon and Cabinet

Buchanan, John 1743-1822

Buchanan, Patrick

Buchanan, Maj. Gen. Robert C.

Buchanan, Sarah 1807-1874 See: Hampton,Sarah(Buchanan)

Buchanan, William

Buchanan, William Cross

Bucher, Virginia See:Groups; W.O.B.C.A.

Buck, Charles -1918 See:Groups;Virginia Theological Seminary.Alexandria Va.Class of 1878

Buck, Francis 1821-1848

Buck, Gordon Mountjoy 1875-1970

Buck, Pearl(Sydenstriker) 1892-1973

Buck, Wellman

Buckingham, Brig. Gen, Catherinis P.

Buckingham, George Villier, 1st Duke 1592-1628

Buckingham, George Villier, 2nd Duke 1628-1687

Buckingham, Mary(Fairfax) 1638 -1704

Buckland, Gen. Ralph P.

Buckland, Wm.

Buckner, Jim

Buckner, Simon Bolivar 1823 -1914

Buel, Henry See Groups: Norwood's University School Room"C".

Buel, General

Buffington, Edward Carter Stanard 1848- See: Tennant, Willie Ann (Buffington)

Buffington, Eliza Jane (Stanard) Nicholas 1811-1862

Buffington, Eugenia 1846 See:Tennant,Willie Ann(Buffington) 1843-1921

Buffington, Mary (Kent) Norris

Buffington, William 1787-1858

Buford, A. Sidney, III

Buford, Algernon Sidney jr, 1880-1951

Buford, E.P.

Buford, Erskine See Groups: Nolley's School,1901

Buford, Elizabeth Lanier (Dunn) See Groups: Dunn family

Buford, Mary (Pollard) See: Pollard, Mary F.

Buford, Paul Chalmers 1893-1960

Bull, Anna 1760-1831 See: Smith, Anna (Bull)

Bull Ole 1810-1880

Bullitt, Joshua Fry 1856-

Bullock, Catherine, (Roy) (Mrs.David Bullock)

Bullock, Dr. H.A.

Bullock, J.H.

Bullock, Page M. See: Hampden-Sydney Collage-CHI PHI Fraternity 1947-47

Bullock, Brig. Gen. Robert

Bumpass, Junno (?)

Bunker, Eng-Chang 1811-1874

Bunnstead, W.L.

Bunny, John See: Groups United Confederate Veterans 1914

Buntin, William H 1847-1926

Bunyard, Nancy L. 1805-1879 See: Alley, Nancy L.(Bunyard)

Burch, Harvey See: Perrine collection,filed by City,by gallery

Burdett, Francis

Burdett, Robert

Burge, Vernon See groups: U.S. Army

Burgoyne,John 1722 -1792

Burnham, Brig. Gen. Hiram (D.1864)


Burke, ie. Mrs Taylor Burke (Mason) See: Equal Sufferage League of Richmond.

Burke, Alice (Moncure)

Burke, Claire (Mrs.Fredrick Hall Burke) 1908 -1993

Burks, Albert Oglesby 1911 -1959

Burks, Charles Edward 1886 -1965

Burks, Edward Callohil 1821- 1897

Burks, H. Edward, jr. See Groups:church groups, St John's United Church of Christ,confirmation class, 1962

Burks, Martin P.

Burks, Susan McCullock

Burleigh, Louise

Burleigh, William Cecil,baron 1520-1598 Elizabeth's minister of state. 6/30/61 Rogers 2/10/-

Burley, B.H.

Burnet, Gilbert, bp of Salisbury 1643-1716

Burnet, Jacob 1770-1835

Burnet, James 1714-1799 See: Monboddo, James Burnet, Lord

Burnett Laura


Burnett, Lelia, Louise See: Jeffreys, Lelia Louise (Burnett)

Burns, Joseph Washington

Burns, Manie Henry

Burns, William Elkanah 1860-1930

Burnside, Ambrose Everett 1824-1881 See also groups oversize: Union Generals,"Our Generals in the Field".

Burnside, Chris

Burr, Aaron 1756-1836

Burr, David J. (?)-1876

Burr, Theodotia

Burross, L.H. See groups: McGuire's Univesity School,Football Squad 1927

Burress, Withers A.

Burroughs, James

Burrows, D.

Burrows, John Lansing 1814-1893

Burrus, Eugene See Group photographs: Norfolk,Va,Norfolk Academiy football team 1900.also Norfolk,Va.Hunter School

Burrus, Nathaniel C. See Groups: Blue Ridge Springs Va.

Burton, others unidentified.

Burton, Benjamin 1784-1860

Burton, Eliza H. (Shipp) 1804-1862 ie.Mrs. Benjamin Burton

Burton, Elizabeth R See: Royster, Elizabeth R (Burton)

Burton, Frank Patterson 1888-1956

Burton, John May 1823 -1893 See also: Oversize

Burton, Josie See groups: Wakefield Va.High School students

Burton, Lucy Hortense See: Grant, Lucy Hortense (Burton)

Burton, R.A.

Burton, Sally Mitchell d1820 ie, daughter of William Burton See:memorial miniature Por 970.24 in vertical file, storage area.

Burton, Rev. Simms William

Burwell, children -1918 See: Early, Mary Judith

Burwell, Alice Lewis See: Reed, Alice Lewis (Burwell)

Burwell, Anne Carter 1810-1861 See: Johnston, Anne Carter (Burwell)

Burwell, Ann Powell 1805-1855 See: Garland, Ann Powell (Burwell)

Burwell, Arthur H. See: Group photographs: Logan,Robert

Burwell, Carter

Burwell, Custis A. See: Group photographs: Logan, Robert

Burwell, Lewis 1710-1752

Burwell, Lucy (Grymes) ie., Mrs. Carter Burwell

Burwell, Lucy (Randolph)

Burwell, Mary Willis ie., Wife of Lewis Burwell II 1710-1752

Burwell, Nathaniel 1750-1814

Burwell, William Meade See: Group photographs; Logan,Robert

Bush, George See: Events,Richmond Debate of Oct. 19, 1993.President of the U.S. 1989-1993

Bush, Prescott See: Posters, Oversize Under subject name

Bushrod, Hannah See: Washington, Hannah (Bushrod)

Bussels, Addie F.

Bussy, Gen. Cyrus

Bust, Robert See: Heron, Wlliam

Bustard, Maitland Hunt 1898-

Buston, Col. William

Butcher, Robert Gilliam 1895-1956

Bute, John Stuart, 3rd earl 1713-1792 See: 8/16/60 Graham-Ramsay 6/0 Prime miinister in 1762, 8/16/60 Jones 3/0 8/16/60 Lodge(proof) 6/0 Filed in Oversize

Butler, Adele (Picot)

Butler, Austin See: Van Doren family album

Butler, Benjamin Franklin 1818-1893 See also: Groups,oversize: Union Generals "Our Generals in the Field"

Butler, Ethel

Butler, Maj. Gen. Matthew Calvin 1836-1909

Butler, 1634-1680 See: Osory, Thomas, Butler, earl

Butler, Wilbur

Butt, See: Beckwith

Button, Robert Young

Butterfield, Daniel 1831-1901

Butzner, William Walker 1883-1952

Byrd, Anne 1725-1757 See: Carter, Anne( Byrd)

Byrd, Bolling See: Clark, Bolling Byrd

Byrd, Courtney Bowdoin 1835-1901 See: Jones, Courtney Bowdoin

Byrd, Eilzabeth Hill (Carter) 1731-1760

Byrd, Evelyn 1707-1737

Byrd, Evelyn Taylor 1766-1817 See: Harrison Evelyn (Byrd)

Byrd, Francis Otway 1756-1800

Byrd, Francis Otway 1790-1860

Byrd, Harry Flood 1887-1966 See Also: 1. Bagby, Ellen Matthews,1879-1960 (ph# 41) 2. Groups: Byrd family 3. Transatlantic telephone call from Richmond to England.

Byrd, Harry Flood 1914- See also: 1. Byrd, Harry Flood 2. Groups: Byrd family

Byrd, Jane 1729-? See: Page, Jane (Byrd)

Byrd, John Carter 1751-?

Byrd, Lucy (Parke) 1686-1715

Byrd, Maria 1727-1744 See: Carter, Maria (Byrd)

Byrd, Maria Taylor 1698-1771

Byrd, Mary (Willing) 1740-1814

Byrd, Richard Evelyn 1860-1925 See also groups: Byrd family

Byrd, Thomas Bolling -1967 See: Byrd, Harry Flood, 1887-1966

Byrd, Thomas Taylor 1752-1821

Byrd, Richard Evelyn 1888-1957 See also: Groups, Parades

Byrd, Westwood

Byrd, William, See groups: Theatricals and musicals

Byrd, William I 1652-1704

Byrd, William II 1674-1744

Byrd, William III 1728-1777

Byrd, William IV 1749-1771

Byrne, Henry H. 1880-1940