Cabaniss - Cutts: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.


Cabaniss, Florance

Cabaniss, Sadie Heath

Cabell, Agnes Sarah Bell 1783-1863 (Gamble) ( Mrs. William H.Cabell)

Cabell, Alice Winston See:Palmer,Alice Winston (Cabell)

Cabell, Ballard Hartwell 1915-

Cabell, Mrs. Caskie See groups: Bagby, Lucy Parke (Chamberlayne) and friends.

Cabell, Clifford 1885-1931

Cabell, Col. Edward A. 1797-1869

Cabell, Elvira -1859 See: Bruce, Elvira (Cabell) Henry

Cabell, Elizabeth See: Lewis, Elizabeth (Cabell)

Cabell, Frances Grace 1852- See: Campbell, Frances Grace (Cabell)

Cabell, George jr.

Cabell, Henry Coalter 1820-1889

Cabell, Henry Landon 1858-1936

Cabell, James Branch 1879-1958 See also groups: William and Mary Collage-Kappa Alpha Fraternity 1895- 96.

Cabell, James Branch 1879-1958

Cabell, James Lawrence 1813-1889 See also: oversize

Cabell, John Jordan 1772-1834

Cabell, John Willis

Cabell, Joseph Carrington 1778-1856

Cabell, Joseph Hartwell 1863-1955

Cabell, Julia Calvert (Bolling) 1834-1923

Cabell, Margaret Etta

Cabell, Patrick Henry Carey

Cabell, Patrick Matthews

Cabell, Patrick Henry "Pat"

Cabell, Randolph

Cabell, Royal Eubank

Cabell, Somers E.

Cabell, Roller, family and servants

Cabell, Mayo

Cabell, Nicholas 1667-1730

Cabell, Nicholas 1750-1803

Cabell, Patrick Henry 1837-1907

Cabell, Pattie Waller (Aylett) See: Ward, Pattie Waller (Aylett) Cabell Bliss

Cabell, Philip Barraud 1836-1904

Cabell, Priscilla (Bradley) Shephard -1949

Cabell, Mark Rice (Garland) 1804-1893

Cabell, Mary Washington 1846-1917 See: Early, Mary Washington (Cabell)

Cabell, Mary Hopkins See: Beckinridge, Mary Hopkins (Cabell)

Cabell, Magaret Waller (Freeman) See also groups: Virginia Historical Society, ie., Mrs. James Branch Cabell

Cabell, Margaret Crouch (Anthony) 1814-1882

Cabell, Margaret Baldwin 1826-1877 See: Brown, Margaret Baldwin (Cabell)

Cabell, Rachel (Hooper) -1737 Wife of Nicholas Cabell

Cabell, Randolph

Cabell,Robert Henry 1799-1876

Cabell, Sallie (Logan) -1954

Cabell, W.C. See groups: Blue Ridge Springs,Va.

Cabell, William Henry 1772 -1853 Governor of Virginia

Cabell, William H. See groups:Charge of the V.M.I. Cadets.

Cabell family, unidentified

Cabell family, houses

Cabot, Sebastian Ca. 1476-1557

Cadman, Helen

Cadot, Andrew

Cadot, Henry

Caesar, See: Hollins Collage, Hollins Va.

Caffey, Jerusa May (Rives) 1837-1861

Cake, Col. Henry L.

Caldwell, Peggie

Calhoun, John Caldwell 1782-1850

Call, Almon E.

Call, Manfred

Call, M.L.

Call, Norman See groups: Richmond VA Central School

Call, Norman 1880-1959

Call, Norman

Callaway, William 1717-1777

Callaway, William Aylett

Callis, Eliza

Callis, Joel

Callis, John Dennis 1845-1854

Calvert, Cecelius Ca.1605-1675 See: Baltimore, Cecelius Calvert, 2nd baron

Calvert, Helen 1750-1833 See: Read, Helen (Calvert) Maxwell

Calvert, Margaret Walke ie., Mrs. John Calvert

Canidos, James Lyle 1888-1970

Cambray-Digny, Louis-Antoine-Jean-Baptiste Chevalier de -1822

Camden, Charles Pratt 1713-1793 Earl Lord chancellor in 1766 8/16/60 Bassire-Reynolds 16/60 8/16/60 Faber 15/0 See:oversize

Cameton, Alexander

Cameron, Flora

Cameron, Mary Parke (Haxall) 1846-1915

Cameron, William Everlyn 1842-1927 See extra-oversize: Album"Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902".

Camm, Gertrude See groups: White Sulphur Springs, W. VA

Cammack, John W.

Camp, George Washington -1823

Camp, Frances (Willoughby) (Mrs.George W.Camp)

Camp, W.C. See groups:American National Bank directors.

Campbell, Alexander -1860

Campbell, Gen. Alexander W.

Campbell, Anne

Campbell, Archibald Algeron -1921

Campbell, Bruce

Campbell, Carrie Lee 1867-1952 See group (persons): Campbell's (Rev.and Mrs.) school, Richmond, VA

Campbell, Catherine Clairmonte ca. 1895-1853

Campbell, Charles 1807-1876

Campbell, Brig. Gen. Charles T.

Campbell, Clarance Jackson 1863 - See extra oversize: Album" Virginia Constitutional Convention-1901-02".

Campbell, David 1779-1843

Campbell, Edmond Douglass -1880

Campbell, Eva J.

Campbell, Frances Grace (Cabell) 1852-

Campbell, George William

Campbell, Harriet

Campbell, Henry Terry 1858- See also groups: Early family.

Campbell, Mr. and Campbell, Hester Penner

Campbell, James Laurence See groups: Early family

Campbell, James

Campbell, John 1678-1743 See: Argyle, John 2nd duke of,

Campbell, John 1705-1782 See: Loudon,John Campbell 4th earl of,

Campbell, Judith Scott 1855 See groups: Early family

Campbell,Isabelle Paxton 1862-1958 See: Cannon, Isabelle (Campbell)

Campbell, Letitia Smith 1839-1887

Campbell, M.D.

Campbell, Preston White 1874-1954 See also extra oversize: Album "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901- 02".

Campbell, Ruth

Campbell, Sally Brown 1822-1851

Campbell, Sarah Buchanan 1766-1846 See: Preston, Sarah Buchanan (Campbell)

Campbell, Sprigg

Campbell, Sturart Bland 1888-1973

Campbell, Susan 1856-1935 See groups: Early family

Campbell, T.P.

Campbell, Virginia Eppes (Dance) See groups (persons): Campbell's (Rev.and Mrs.) school, Richmond, VA

Campbell, Volney Howard 1919-1967

Campbell, Wade Hampton

Campbell, Brig. Gen. William B.

Campbell, William Addison 1829-1896 See groups (persons): Campbell's (Rev.and Mrs.) School, Richmond VA

Campbell, W. John jr. 1928-1993

Campbell, Willie See: Perrine collection, Filed by City, by gallery.

Campbell, William S.

Campbell, Mrs. Willie See groups (persons): Campbell's (Rev and Mrs.) school, Richmond VA

Canby, Edward Sprigg, 1817-1873

Cann, Edward H.

Cannon, Isabelle P. (Campbell) See group (persons): Campbell's (Rev.and Mrs,) school, Richmond VA

Cannon, James 1864-1944

Canter, Dr. Hall jr.

Canter, Samuel Redd 1876-

Cantry, Brig. Gen, James

Capel, Arthur 1631-1683 See: Essex, Arthur Capel, 1st earl (7th creation)

Capers, Nellie (Roberston) See groups (persons): Campbell's (Rev.and Mrs.) school, Richmond VA

Capers, Brig. Gen. Ellison

Caperton, Allen Taylor 1810-1876

Caperton, Helena 1878-1962

Caperton, Hugh 1781-1874

Caplin, Mortimer M.

Capps, Fannie Bernard 1861-1921 See: Couper, Fannie Bernard (Capps)

Capps, Washington Tazwell 1829-1905

Carbonall(?), Liet Julian See groups: Lee, Fitzhugh and staff.

Carbutt, John

Carden, Roscoe C.

Cardin, J.J.

Cardozo, L.A. See groups: Blue Ridge Springs,VA

Cardwell, Alice See: Perrine collection, filed by City,by gallery.

Cardwell, John Wesley 1821-

Cardwell, Richard Henry

Carew, Sir Nicholas -1539

Carey, Mrs. John B.

Carey, Matthew

Carlton, Ambrose 1808-1878

Carlton, Caroline Gardener See: Branch, Caroline Gardener (Carlton)

Carleton, Dudley 1573-1632 See: Dorchester, Dudley Carleton 1st viscount.

Carleton, Sir Guy

Carleton, Helen Frances See: Ransom, Helen Frances (Carlton)

Carleton, Henry Boyle -1725 See: oversize

Carleton, Hubbard G. 1849-1941

Carleton, Mary Augusta -1919 See: McKenny, Mary Augusta (Carlton)

Carlisle, Charles Howard 1674-1738 3rd earl Lord treasuer in 1701 8/16/60 Faber-Kneller 1/10/0

Carlisle, Mildred See groups: White Sulphur Springs,W,Va.

Carlton, Joseph 1809-1881

Carmichael family See: Powell family album

Carmichael, Dimple See also: oversize

Carmichael, Harriette See: Powell family album

Carmichael, Hartley 1854-1903

Carmichael, R.B. See: Powell family album

Carnegie, Andrew 1835-1919

Carney, Alonzo Boleyn 1878-1950

Caroline, queen of England 1683-1737 4-7-60 Vertue 0/8/0 6-30-61 Van Haecken 1/8/- 6-30-61 Smith 1/4/-

Caroline, daughter of GeorgeII of England 1-30-61 Faber 1/5/- And his wife Caroline 6-30-61 Faber(Hysing) 1/8/-

Carr, Dabney 1773-1837

Carr, Julian S.

Carr, Nancy (Carr)

Carr, Peter 1770-1815

Carreras, William L.

Carrick, William C.

Carrico, Harry L. -1916 See also groups: Virginia Supreme Court.

Carrier, Ronald

Carrington, C

Carrington, George W.

Carrington, Henry B.

Carrington, Maria See: Weems, Maria (Carrington)

Carrington, Mary (Watkins)

Carrington, Paul jr. 1764-1816

Carrington, Paul S. 1798-1866

Carrington, Sarah

Carrington, Tucker

Carrington, William Allen 1830-1866

Carrington, William Cornelius

Carroll, Daniel Long 1787-

Carroll, William H.

Carruthers, Mr. See groups: Virginia University Board 1933

Carson, Allae (Reynolds)

Carson, Kit

Carson, Maria Elizabeth 1815-1900

Carson, Theodore M. 1824-1902

Carson, Walter Lapsley 1894-1954

Carter, Addison Bowles ca.1805-

Carter, Anne (Byrd) 1725-1757

Carter, Anne Hill 1773-1829 See: Lee, Anne Hill (Carter)

Carter, Bernard Moore 1780-1842

Carter, Betty Landon

Carter, Charles "of Cleve" 1707-1764

Carter, E ? (Black artist)

Carter, Edmondia Fauntleroy (Corbin) 1821-1917

Carter, Edward

Carter, Elizabeth Hill 1731-1760 See: Byrd, Elizabeth Hill (Carter)

Carter, Elizabeth (Landon) Willis 1684-1719 Wife of Robert Carter (1663-1719)

Carter, Elizabeth( Wormley) 1714-1740 1st wife of Landon Carter

Carter, Frances Ann (Tasker) 1738-1787 ie., Mrs. Robert Carter III

Carter, Eilzabeth Wormley See: Berkley, Elizabeth Wormley (Carter)

Carter, Evelyn

Carter, Ezra Thomas 1874-1965

Carter, George W. Sr. See: Brown, Norman

Carter, Henry Clay 1841-1931

Carter, Hill 1846-1918 See extra oversize: Album- "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-02".

Carter, James T. -1959

Carter, John -1743

Carter, John C.

Carter, John Mustain

Carter, John W. 1887-1941

Carter, Judith (Armistead) -1699 Wife of "King" Carter (1663-1732)

Carter, Landon 1710-1778

Carter, Landon 1757-1820

Carter, Lucy 171?-1773 See: Harrison, Lucy (Carter) Fitzhugh

Carter ,Lucy Landon See: Minor,Lucy Landon (Carter)

Carter, Mann Page

Carter, Margaret (Woolfolk) 1895-1984

Carter, Maria (Byrd) 1727-1744

Carter, Mary -1898 See: Minigerode, Mary (Carter) Wife of Rev. Charles Fredrick Mingerode(1814-1894)

Carter, Mary Armistead Wife of Landon Carter

Carter, Mary Elizabeth See: Davis, Mary Elizabeth (Carter)

Carter, Mary (Nelson) 1774-1803 Wife of Robert Carter

Carter, Mary Randoph (Hicks) 1867-1930

Carter, Pamela (Herndon) Lewis 1839-1929

Carter, Priscilla (Churchill) See: Lewis, Priscilla (Churchill) Carter

Carter, Randolph Hicks 1904-

Carter, Randoph Scott

Carter, Richard H. Dr.

Carter, Richard Venty 1906-1973 See also groups: Associated Press banquet In Richmond ca.1927-28

Carter, Robert 1663-1732 See also: oversize

Carter, Robert II 1705-1732

Carter, Robert 1728-1804

Carter, Robert

Carter, Robert 1774-1805

Carter, Robert Hill See groups: Virginia Historical Society

Carter, Sam See groups: Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Development.

Carter, Shirley

Carter, Sophia

Carter, Spencer Leslie 1873-1950 See extra oversizez: Photograph album, V.M.I. class 1889-93

Carter, Thomas See group: Carter ordination (1642)

Carter, Thomas 1826-1908

Carter, Thomas Henry 1831-1908 See also: R.E. Lee camp album Extra oversize

Carter, Thomas M.

Carter, Walter Harrison 1890-1965

Carter, W.J.

Carter, Mrs. William See group: Richmonders, Richmond coffee Party.

Carter, Williams 1782-ca.1860

Cartier, Jacques 1491-1557

Cartwright, John 1740-1824 Chaplain of American Independence 3/23/61 Meyer 10/0 3/23/61 Adam Buck 6/0

Cartwright, Peter 1785-1872

Cary, Archibald 1721-1787

Cary, Catherine

Cary, Constance 1843-1920 See: Harrison, Constance (Cary)

Cary, George Edward 1887-1951

Cary, Henry 1575-1633 See: Falkland, Henry Cary 1st viscount.

Cary, Hetty 1871-1943 See: Harrison, Hetty (Cary)

Cary, Hetty 1836-1892 See: Martin, Hetty (Cary) Pegram

Cary, John Baytop 1819-1898

Cary, Lott 1780-1828

Cary, Martha 1686-1737 See: Jacquelin, Martha (Cary)

Cary, Miles

Cary, Miles Davis 1875-

Cary, Monimia Fairfax 1820-1875

Cary, Sally 1730-1811 See: Fairfax, Sally (Cary)

Cary, Virginia (Randoph) 1786-1852 ie., Mrs. Wilson Jefferson Cary

Cary, Wilson Miles 1838-1914

Cascie, Andrew J.

Caskie, George Evans 1858-1919

Caskie, James Randoph 1885-1969

Cass, Lewis 1782-1866

Castle, Geraldine Marie (and Mother)

Castleman, Robert Allen jr.

Castleman, Virginia C.

Cather, Thomas Russell 1888-1944

Catherine (of Braganza) 1638-1705 Queen of England 4-7-60 Freeman -5/0 6-30-61 Dunkarton 1/1/-

Callett, Maria Breckinridge 1860-1930 See: Gordon, Maria Breckinridge (Callett)

Catlin, George 1796-1872

Caton, Harry Bernard 1879-1949

Caton, James Randall 1851-1935

Caton, James Randall jr.

Catt, Carrie Chapman 1859-1947

Catte, Gordon Rives

Catterall, Ralph Charles Henry

Catterall, Ralph T.

Catterson, Robert Francis

Cavendish, Thomas 1560-1592 Explorer 5/20/60 Passe (1620) 6/0 " Passe (15980 2/10/0

Cavendish, William 1720-1764 See: Devonshire, William Cavendish , 4th duke.

Cayce, George M. -1886

Cazenove, Frances Ansley 1839-1884 See: Minor, Frances Ansley (Cazenove)

Cease, George

Cecchini, A.J. See: McGuire's University School, Football squad 1976

Cecchini, Paul, family See groups: Cecchini family

Cecil, Edward 1571-1638 See: Wimbleton, Edward Cecil 1st viscount.

Cecil, Robert 1542-1662 See: Salisbury, Robert Cecil 1st Cecil,

Cecil, Thomas 1542-1662 See : Exeter, Thomas Cecil 1st earl.

Cecil, William 1520-1598 See: Burleigh, William Cecil, baron.

Cecil, William 1591-1668 See: Salisbury, William Cecil 2nd earl.

Chaffee, Adna R. jr. See groups: Inauguration, Theodore Rooseavelt, 1905.

Chaffin, Adelaide Wilson 1876-1952

Chaffin, Ann Elizabeth 1841- See: Easley, Ann Elizabeth (Chaffin)

Chaffin, John See groups: Norwood's University school Room "C".

Chaffin, John Harvie 1861-

Chaffin, Mary Blair 1872-1952 See: Vinson, Mary Blair (Chaffin)

Chaffin, Martha Giles 1847- See: Akin, Martha Giles (Chaffin)

Chaffin, Richard Booker 1844-1902 See Also: group photographs.

Chafin, Sarah Heron (Harvie) 1844-1924

Chaffin, Susan Adeline (Wilson)1815-ca.1883 See group: Chaffin, Richard Booker- (1844-1902)

Chalk, Charles

Chalk, Virginia

Chalmers, Brig. Gen. James R.

Chalmers, John Armstrong 1862-1935

Chaloner, Sir Thomas 1559-1615 Member of Virginia Company and Virginia Council. 5/20/60 Earlon 15/0 See: oversize

Chamberlain, Joshua L.


Chamberlain, Crenshaw?

Chamberlayne, Churchill Gibson 1876-1939

Chamberlayne, Crenshaw 1879-1964

Chamberlayne, Eddy See groups: Chamberlayne family.

Chamberlayne, Edward Pyle

Chamberlayne, Elzabeth Gibson 1880- See: Chamberlayne, Lewis Parke (1879-1917)

Chamberlayne, Francis West 1832-1904

Chamberlayne, Hartwell Mr. See groups: Chamberlain family

Chamberlayne, Mrs.Hartwell See groups: Chamberlain family

Chamberlayne, John Hampden 1838-1882 See also: Chamberlayne, Churchill Gibson.

Chamberlayne, John Hampden II 1878-1925

Chamberlayne, John Hampden III

Chamberlayne, Lewis See groups: Chamberlayne family.

Chamberlayne, Lewis Parke 1879-1917

Chamberlayne, Lewis Webb 1798-1854

Chamberlayne, Lucy Atkinson 1875-1944 See: Scott, Lucy Atkinson (Chamberlayne)

Chamberlayne, Lucy Parke 1842-1927 See: Bagby, Lucy Parke (Chamberlayne)

Chamberlayne, Maria Burwell (Dabney) 1802-1883

Chamberlayne, Martha Dabney 1874- See: McNeill, Martha Dabney (Chamberlayne)

Chamberlayne, Mary Walker (Gibson) 1849-1905

Chamberlayne, Sally See groups: Chamberlayne family

Chamberlayne, Virginia Dilworth See: McDonald, Virginia Dillworth (Chamberlayne)

Chamberlayne, Virginia (Hanes) 1832-1904 Wife of Francis West Chamberlayne See: Chamberlayne, Francis West

Chamberlayne, William

Chamberlayne, Wiiliam Nelson 1870-1892

Chambers, Alexander

Chambers, Benjamin Duval See groups: Virginia Theological Semiary Alexandria, VA 1910.

Chambers, Edward R. 1795-1872

Chambers, Henrietta Lucy 1826-1845

Chambers, Lenoir 1891-1970

Chambers, Lucy Goode (Tucker) 1805-1854

Chambers, Martha Eppes 1830-1878 See: Laird, Martha

Chambers, Mary Allen

Chambers, Rose 1842-1921 See: Goode, Rose (Chambers)

Chambers, William Allen

Chambliss, John Randolph 1833-1864

Chambliss, Capt. W.P.

Champe, John

Chapin, Brig. Gen. Edward P. -1863

Champion, Rebecca -1723 See: Broadnax, Rebecca (Champion) Travis.

Champlin, Brig. Gardener

Chancellor, James Edgar 1826- See also: Van Doren family album.

Chancellor, Melzi Sanford 1859-1925 See: Fredricksburg, VA, views-folder

Chancellor, S. Caroll 1860-1905

Chandeler, Alvin Duke 1902- See: William and Mary Collage- Inauguration of President.

Chandeler, Anne Hamilton

Chandeler, Delacey M.

Chandeler, Emma Temple

Chandeler, Ferdinand Fairfax 1897-1965

Chandeler, Joseph S.

Chandeler, Julian Alvin Carroll 1872-1934

Chandeler, Juliette 1870- See: Messer, Juliette (Chandeler)

Chandeler, Lucy Sommerville

Chandeler, Marie Louise

Chandeler, Norburne Eaton

Chandeler, Ruben Grigsby 1852-

Chandeler, Samuel Temple

Chandeler, Virginia Hamilton (Pope) 1885- See: Pope, Elizabeth Grigsby (Hamilton)

Chandeler, Warren M.

Chanless, See: Bagby, Philip Haxall, (1882-191?) Photograph no.12

Chanler, Amilie Rives 1863-1945 See: Trubetskoy, Ameilie Rives (Chanler)

Chanler, John Armstrong 1862-1935 See: Chaloner, John Armstrong

Channing, Richard Moore

Channell, Chester 1841-1864

Channing, William Ellery 1780-1842

Chapin, Israel

Chapin, Juliana See: Smith, Juliana (Chapin) McPherson

Chapline, J.E.

Chapman, Hunter B. 1866- See extra oversize: "Virginia Constitutional Convention - 1901-02

Chapman, Nathaniel 1780-1853

Chapman, Col. W.T.

Chappelear, Nancy See: Baird, Nancy C.

Chappell, Bertie

Chappell, John Taylor 1845-1915 For original see: Chappell papers.

Charlemagne ca.742-814

Charles I 1600-1649 King of Great Britain See also: oversize 4-7-60 Faber 1/10/0 4-7-60 White 0/6/0 4-7-60 Beckett 0/16/0 5-4-61 Passe 2/2/0 6-30-61 Smith -/10/6 6-30-61 Oval Smith -/16/-

Charles II 1630-1685 King of Great Britain 4-7-60 VanDalen 2/2/0 6/30/61 Quieter 1/5/- filed , 4-7-60 Evans 7/0

Charlotte 1744-1818 Queen of England 4-7-60 Ryland18/0 4-7-60 Evans 7/0 See: oversize

Chase, Elisha 1790-1844

Chase, Isabella Watkins (Taylor) See: Taylor, Geo. Alex. Watkins Jr.

Chase, Roland Ephriam 1867-1948

Chase, S.P.

Chase, Samuel 1741-1811

Chase, Virginia 1874-1948 See: Weddell, Virginia (Chase) Steadman.

Chase, Salmon Portland 1808-1873

Chatham, Wiiliam Pitt 1708-1778 1st earl

Cheatham, Maj. Gen. Benjamin Franklin

Cheatham, Frank

Cheek, Cabell(Brown) See: Roome, Cabell (Brown) Cheek

Cheek, Mary Tyler(Freeman)

Cheek, Molly

Chelf family, unidentified photos. See: Dabney family.

Chenault, Fred

Chenault, Rosa Edgar Pollard

Cherry, John W.

Chesley, Harry See group: Virginia Theological Seminary Alexandra, VA Class of 1878.

Chesnut, William Calvin 1873-1962

Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope 1633-1713 2nd earl Privy council (Colonial) in 1681. 9/30/60 Scriven 2/0

Chesterman, Evan R.

Chesterman, W.D. See: Pic 925.5 Richmond Light Infantry Blues, Co. A 46th VA Regt.

Chesterman, William Dallas

Chevallie, Jean Auguste Marie 1765-1838

Chevallie, Peter Joseph 1791-1837

Chew, Roger Preston 1843-1921

Chewning, Billy See also Group: Chewning, William, Jeffries family.

Chewning, Margo (Couzens) See group: Chewning (William Jeffries) Family.

Chewning, Margo Ann See group: Chewning (William Jeffries) Family.

Chewning, Ruben (1st)

Chewning, Wiiliam Jeffries See group: Chewning (William Jeffries) Family.

Chewton, Charles 1751-1789 See: Wadergrave, George Chewton, 4th earl

Chicheley, Sir Henry 1615-1683

Chichester, Cassius Moncure 1882-1950

Chichester, John H.

Chichester, Julia (Sully) -1863

Chichester, Richard Henry Lee 1870-1930

Childe, Cathrine Mildred (Lee) 1811-1856

Childress, Sarah 1803-1891 See: Polk, Sarah (Childress) Wife of James Knox Polk.

Childrey, Marion Mease

Childs, See groups: Wise family and friends.

Childs, Margaret Elizabeth 1835-

Childs, James Rives 1893-

Chiles, Dr. Luther Rice

Chilton, Margaret

Chilton, Robert H.

Chilton, Samuel Blackwell 1900- See: Protestant Episcaopal church St.Peter's New Kent county,VA

Chiswell, Elizabeth (Randoph) ca. 1722-1776 Wife of John Chiswell.

Chittenden, William B.

Chitwood, Joseph Howard 1877-1940

Choate, Rufus 1799-1859

Chorley, Kenneth 1893-

Chowning, Mary Chilton

Chowning, Robert Granville 1865-

Chowning, Thomas Jackson 1867-


Christian, Dr.

Christian, Mrs. H(orace?) B. See: Christian, H(orace?) B.

Christian, Andrew Dunscomb 1892-1947

Christian, Bettie Allen

Christian, Edward D.

Christain, Elizabeth (Steptoe)

Christian, Miss Emily See groups: Galt, Annie A.

Christian, Frances W.

Christian, Frank Patterson 1897-1944

Christian, Frank Wood 1851-1908

Christian, George Llewellyn 1841-1924

Christian, Helen (Steptoe)

Christian, Horace B. II See also: Christian, H(orace?) B.

Christian, Jackson

Christian, Julia Laura (Jackson) 1862-1889 See: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan (1824-1863)

Christian, Maj. Langdon Taylor

Christian, Langdon Taylor

Christian, Lightfoot Turnbull (Sims)

Christian, Mat

Christian, Mollie H. See Persons (group): (Rev. and Mrs.) Campbell's School, Richmond VA

Christian, Nellie

Christian, Rebecca (Ruffin)

Christian, Sallie

Christian, Samuel Bedloe 1919-1879

Christian, Stuart G. See groups: Virginia Historical Society Grand opening.

Christian, Thomas Branch

Christian, Virginia

Christian, Walter

Christian, Warren

Christian, Dr. William Steptoe

Crysler, Gen.

Churchill, Clementine (Hozer) See groups: Williamsburg, VA 1946.

Churchill, Priscilla See: Lewis, Priscilla (Churchill) Carter.

Churchill, Maj. Gen. Thomas J.

Churchill, Winston Leonard Spenser 1874-1965 See also groups: Williamsburg, VA

Cilley, Jonathan P.

Cinds, Augustus H.

Clack, Franklin Hulse 1828-1864

Claflin, Tennie C. (Mrs.)

Claggett, Ann (Brown) See: Hanson, Ann (Brown) Claggett Horner.

Claiborne, Herbert Augustine 1886-1957 See also groups: Virginia Historical Society.

Claiborne, Jeane Alston

Claiborne, Jennie

Claiborn, John

Claiborne, John Herbert 1763-

Claiborne, John Herbert 1828-1905

Claiborne, Sterling

Claiborne, William ca.1587-1677

Claiborne, William Charles Coles 1775-1817 Born in Sussex County,Va 7/112/61 Longacre 0/2/6 (Suckling)

Clairmonte, Catherine 1895-1953 See: Campbell, Catherine (Clairmonte) Freedman's Village See: Arlington.

Clapp, Fanny

Clapp, Verner See Groups: Barrow Research Labatory.

Clare, John Holles 1564-1637 1st earl Member of the Virginia Company 5/20/60 Clamp 3/6

Clarendon, Edward Hyde 1609-1674 1st earl Lord Treasurer in 1660 8/16/60 Loggan 10/0 8/16/60 Lodge 6/0

Clarendon, Henry Hyde 1638-1700 2nd earl Privy Council(clonial) in 1680 9/30/60 Harding 5/0

Clark-family or friends, unidentified

Clark, A.B.

Clark, Annie See groups: Wakefiekd, VA High School Students.

Clark, Champ

Clark, Charles

Clark, Claude See groups: Wakefield, VA High School Students.

Clark, Daisy P. See: Clark, Willian J.

Clark, Lt. Elijah

Clark, Elise Thompson

Clark, Eliza Ann (Sprangins) 1821-1897

Clark, Estelle Goodman Adele Clark's mother.

Clark, (Francis?) Glasgow

Clark, Sir Francis and daugher Dorothy

Clark, George Rogers 1752-1818 1/11/61 Welch 0/2/6 (Suckling)

Clark, Gerardus

Clark, Grace Willis (Thompson) 1856-1940

Clark, J.B. (Col.)

Clark, John See groups.

Clark, John B.

Clark, Jonathan See: Heron, William

Clark, John W.

Clark, Littleberry

Clark, Elsie Thompson 1881-1950 See: White, Anita Grace (Clark)

Clark, Mark Wayne 1896- See group photograph: Jamerson, George Hariston (1869-1960)

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mrs. Mark Wayne See groups: Jamerson, George Hairston

Clark, Mrs.

Clark, Norma Goodner (Lynch) See photograph album: Lynch family.

Clark, Peter Cunningham See group photograph: Hampdem-Sydney Collage, Hampden-Sydney,VA student group.

Clark, Phebe ie., Mrs. Littleberry Clark.

Clark, Sallie

Clark, Thomas B. 1851-1919

Clark, W.F.

Clark, William, 1770-1838

Clark, William J.

Clark, Mrs. William Wife of William (1770-1838)

Clark, William Meade 1855-1914

Clarke, Adele 1882-1983

Clarke, Augustus Burfoot 1818-1898

Clarke, Bolling Byrd See: Byrd Richard E.

Clarke, Charles Hammett 1827-

Clarke, Creston

Clarke, Elizabeth Iris Southall 1871-1958 See: Gordon, Elizabeth Iris Southall Clarke Gordon Biddle.

Clarke, Eva Turner

Clarke, Junius Archer See: Perrine Collection, Filed by City, by gallery.

Clarke, Kellie C. (Miss)

Clarke, Lizzie See groups: Taliferro/Brander wedding Party. "Southern Beauties" Representing 12 States.

Clarke, George Harvey 1852-1931

Clarke, George Stanley See: Clarke, Mary Pollard.

Clarke, Mary Ellen (Pollard) 1862-1939 Wife of George Harvey Clarke.

Clarke, Powhatan

Clarke, Rebecca Bell 991.88

Clarkson, Matthew

Clary, Paul See group photograph: Bainbridge Jr.High School, Richmond, VA Safefty patrol.

Clay, Henry 1777-1852 Born in Hanover County Va. 7/5/61 Sartain, oversize (Argosy) 7/5/61 Robinson, oversize (Argosy) 7/11/61 Jackman 0/2/0 (Suckling) 7/11/61 Edwards 0/2/0 (Suckling) 7/11/61 Sealey 0/2/0 (Suckling) 7/11/61 Willard 0/2/0 (Suckling) 7/17/61 D'Argnon oversize (Agosy) 8/21/61 Longacre (Goodspeeds)

Clayton, Powell

Clayton, Graham 1852-1903

Claytor, Samuel 1794-1831

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne 1835-1910 "Mark Twain"

Clement, James Turner 1874-1944

Clement, Nathaniel Elliot 1872-1950

Clements, Jennie

Clemm, Maria

Clemm, Virginia 1822-1847 See: Poe, Virginia (Clemm)

Clendenin, William

Cleaneay, Norma Stuart

Cleveland, Duchess of See: Villiers, Barbara

Cleveland, Grover 1837-1908 See: Cleveland Stephen Grover

Cleveland, Mary Rebecca -1911 See: Cocker, Mary Rebecca (Cleveland)

Clevinger, French M. 1884-1931

Clifford, (of Chuleigh) Thomas 1630-1673 1st baron Lord treasuer in 1672 8/16/60 Scriven 4/0 8/16/60 Lodge 6/0 oversize

Clingman, Charles See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA

Clinton, DeWitt 1769-1828

Clinton, Florence Edith See: Sutro, Florence Edith (Clinton), 1865-1906

Clinton, George 1739-1812

Clinton, Sir Henry 1738?-1795

Clinton, Hillary Rodham

Clinton, R. S. See groups: Military-Doctors, 1917

Clinton, William Jefferson

Clipp, James Boyd


Clopton, John Bacon 1789-1860

Clopton, Mary (Booker)

Clopton, Minnie Vaden (Mrs. William I. Clopton)

Clopton, William I. 1839-1909

Clough, Joel

Cloyd, David M.

Cloyd, Mary See: McGavock, Mary (Cloyd), 1741-1827

Coalter, Frances Bland (Tucker) 1779-1813

Coalter, Henry St. John 1869-1911

Coalter, Judge John 1750-1837

Coalter, Judith Harrison (Tomlin)

Coalter, John 1769-1838

Coalter, Judith Harrison (Tomlin) 1807-1859

Cobb, Daniel W.

Cobb, E. C.

Cobb, N. A.

Cobb, Thomas Reade Rootes 1823-1862

Cobb, William L. 1850- See extra oversized: Album- "Virginia Constitutional Convention-1901-1902"

Cobbs, George N. See groups: Civil War Centennial Commission-West Virginia

Cochran, George Moffett 1832-1900

Cochran, George M. See also groups: Virginia Supreme courts

Cochran, Herbert G.

Cochran, John

Cochran, John Lewis 1827-

Cochran, Peyton 1880-1969

Cochran, Susan Baldwin (Robertson) 1887-

Cochran, William Berkeley 1810-

Cochran, William Lynn (D?)

Cocke, Ann See: Bollong, Ann (Cocke)

Cocke, Ann Harrison See: Mason, Anne Harrison (Cocke), 1860-

Cocke, Benjamin 1780-1836

Cocke, Betsey (Fauntleroy)

Cocke, Betty B.

Cocke, Bowler

Cocke, Charles Lewis 1820-1901

Cocke, Edmonia Randolph 1879-1886

Cocke, Eliza

Cocke, Eliza Bernard Meredith 1848-1922

Cocke, Elizabeth (Bunny)

Cocke, Elizabeth

Cocke, Elizabeth Preston 1891-1981 See Also groups: WW I Hospitals

Cocke, Elizabeth Randolph Preston

Cocke, Elizabeth (Ruffin)

Cocke, Ella Meredith 1873-1966 See also groups: Johnson (Mang) School, Richmond, VA

Cocke, Emily Augusta

Cocke, Emily (Banister) 1820-1869

Cocke, Euretta

Cocke, Harrison Henry 1794-1873

Cocke, James

Cocke, James Powell

Cocke, John Hartwell 1780-1866

Cocke, John Preston 1845-1917

Cocke, Juliana Ruffin

Cocke, Lucian Howard 1858-1927

Cocke, Lucian Howard, Jr. 1889-1969

Cocke, Lucy 1871-

Cocke, Mary Monro See: Richards, Mary Monro (Cocke)

Cocke, Mary Munro

Cocke, Mary Rebecca (Cleveland) -1911

Cocke, Nathaniel 1746-1813

Cocke, Philip St. George 1809-1861

Cocke, Powell 1833-1862

Cocke, Richard 1672-1720

Cocke, Richard ca. 1706/07-1772

Cocke, Richard 1860-

Cocke, Rosabel

Cocke, Sallie Browne See: (Wilson, Sallie Brown), 1840-1909

Cocke, Sally Lyle Preston

Cocke, susanne V. -1906

Cocke, Thomas

Cocke, William Briggs 1868-1943

Cocke, William Irby 1862-

Cocke, Wm. Homer (General) See: also Claremont

Cocke, William Ruffin Coleman 1884-1967

Cockrell, Francis Marion 1834-1915

Cockrell, Joseph H.

Codrington, Christopher 1668-1710

Cody, W. F. "Buffalo Bill"

Cofer, Paul See groups: Wakefield, VA, High School Students

Cofer, Ruth See groups: Wakefield, VA, High School Students

Coghill, James Henry 1817-1908

Coghill, Sarah (Eastman) 1829-1849

Coghill, Thomas Dallas 1844-

Cogsdale, Nancy

Cohen, Caroline Hazlehurst See: Wise, Caroline Hazlehurst (Cohen), 1872-

Cohen, Leroy R., Jr. 1904-1970

Cohen, Sidney See: Curry, Margaret

Cohn, Sarah

Cohoon, Willis Everett 1902-1960

Coile, Cecil See groups: U.S. Army

Coke, Sir John 1563-1644 Commission for foreign plantations in 1634; committee to consider "state of" Virginia in 1631. 8/16/60 Donkarton 5/0

Coke, John A. 1877-1939

Coke, John Archer -1920

Colburn, Lt. Col. See group photographs: Union officers. Morell's headquarters

Colcock, W.F.

Cole, Annie Eliza (Lee) 1861- See group photograph, Lee family

Cole, Annie G.

Cole, Annie Lee See: Cole, John Thompson, 1857-

Cole, Eleanor See: Cole, John Thompson, 1857-

Cole, Fredrick Hancock, Jr. 1909-1957

Cole, James Edward 1865-1928

Cole, John Thompson 1857- See also: group photograph, Lee family

Coleman, Beverly Clarke

Coleman, Beverly Mosby

Coleman, Charles Washington 1826-1894

Coleman, Cynthia Beverley (Tucker) Washington, 1832-1908

Coleman, Daniel 1877-1935

Coleman, Ethel Bert Algernon 1812-1892

Coleman, Frederick William 1878-1941

Coleman, George Preston 1870-1948

Coleman, Henry Embry 1768-1837 Of Halifax Co.

Coleman, Anne (Gordon) 1776-1824 Wife of Henry Embry Coleman

Coleman, John

Coleman, John Marshall

Coleman, J. Tinsley 1857-1916

Coleman, John Tinsley, Jr. 1886-1947

Coleman, Mary Haldane (Begg) 1875-1967 See also groups: Williamsburg, VA ca. 1935 ie, "Mrs. George Preston Coleman"

Coleman, Pauline Mosby

Coleman, Samuel Walton, Jr. -1964

Coleman, W. S.

Coles, Edward 1786-1868

Coles, Isaac

Coles, Isaac 1747-1813

Coles, Lousia Gertrude (Nivison) 1795-1824 Mrs. Isaac A. Coles

Coles, Mildred (Lightfoot) 1752-1799 See: Lightfoot, Mildred (Howell) 1723-1783

Coles, Russell J.

Coles, Sarah See: Stevenson, Sarah (Coles), 1789-1848

Collet, Susanna (Ferrar) 1581-1657

Collier, Sir George 1738-1795 British admiral who raided Chesapeake Bay during the American revolution 3/23/61 Blood 2/0

Collings, George B. 1880-

Collins, Anthony -1729

Collins, Cecil C. 1894-1964

Collins, Egbert See groups: VA State guard Co. 54

Collins, Elizabeth See: Lee, Elizabeth (Collins)

Collins, Ruth See: Parry, Ruth (Collins) 1782-1843

Collins, Lewis Preston 1896-1952

Collinson, Peter 1694-1768

Colonial Gentleman (unidentified)

Colonna, B. A. See groups: Charge of the V.M.I. cadets

Colonna, William Briggs 1876-1948

Colquitt, Alfred Holt 1824-1894

Colston, Elizabeth Fisher 1846-1930?

Colston, elizabeth (Marshall) 1756-1842

Colston, Gertrude Powell

Colston, Raleigh Edward 1825-1896 See also: oversized

Colston, Raleigh T. 1821-1893

Colt, Sam

Colvin, Howard Milton 1880-1956

Comfort, David

Comfort, Sarah Anne See: Hotchkiss, Sarah Anne (Comfort), 1833-

Compton, Henry 1632-1713 Bishop of London 5/20/60 Beckett 15/o

Compton, Spencer See: Northumberland, Spencer Compton, 9th earl, 1601-1643

Compton, Spencer See: Wilmington, Spencer Compton, earl, 1673?-1743

Comstock, Elizabeth

Cone, Ida See: Photograph album, Lynch family

Confederate, The Little

Congreve, Margaret Gholson (Glasgow), 1902- ie., "Mrs. Ambrose Christian Congreve"

Congreve, William 1670-1729 Playwrite friend of William Byrd II 3/23/61 Gocht 3/0 3/23/61 Cooper 3/0 3/23/61 Fittler 3/0 filed in oversize

Conklyn, Charles C.

Conklyn, Robert W.

Conlyn, Thomas Bryce -1960 See groups: Virginia Military Institute, students

Connally, Mary

Conner, James K. 1829-1883

Tom Connolly by William Osborne, 1870

Connolly, Tom See: Allen, William

Connor, James

Connor, Samuel

Connor, Seldon

Connors, Chuck

Conover, Diane See groups: Conover family

Conover, Joseph, Sr. See groups: Conover family

Conover, Joseph, Jr. See groups: Conover family

Conover, Nancy Ann (Davison) See groups: Conover family

Conover, Samuel See groups: Conover family

Conover, Virginia See groups: Conover family

Conquest, Eugenia (Fairfax) See: Fairfax, Eugenia


Conrad, Daniel 1771-1806

Conrad, David Holmes 1800-1877 See: Conrad, Robert Young, 1805-1875

Conrad, Elizabeth Whiting (Powell) 1809-1872

Conrad, Georgia Bryan (Forman) 1846-1925

Conrad, Holmes 1840-1916 See also groups: McGuire, William

Conrad, Rebecca (Holmes) See: Conrad, Daniel 1771-1806

Conrad, Robert? 1919- See groups: Winchester, VA red cross motor corps., 1942

Conrad, Robert Young 1805-1875

Conrad, Sarah Harrison See: Fauntleroy, Sarah Harrison (Conrad), 1842-1908

Conway, Alfred Taliaferro 1875-1939 See also groups: Conway family

Conway, Arch Moncure 1880-1931 See groups: Conway family

Conway, Battaile Fitzhugh Taliaferro 1814-1897

Conway, Battaile Fitzhugh Taliaferro 1908-1956 See also group photograph: Conway, Battaile Fitzhugh Taliaferro family Davidson,Byrd Taliaferro (Conway) Reid, 1903-

Conway, Byrd Taliaferro See: Davidson, Byrd Taliaferro (Conway) Reid, 1903-

Conway, Catlett 1786-1839

Conway, Catlett Fitahugh 1840-1929

Conway, Cornelia (Buchanan 1822-1895

Conway, Daisy See: Price, Daisy (Conway), 1874-1942

Conway, Eleanor Pauline 1928- See: Conway, Elizabeth Byrd, 1927-

Conway, Elizabeth Byrd 1927-

Conway, Elizabeth (Fitzhugh) See: Taylor, Elizabeth (Fitzhugh) Conway, 1754-1823

Conway, Elizabeth LeRoy (Hart) 1883-1972

Conway, Eva Fitzhugh See: Sparks, Eva Fitzhugh (Conway), 1849- 1934

Conway, Georgianna June (Sherwin) 1920- See: Conway, John Hart, 1905

Conway, John Gibbons See groups: Conway Family Reunion

Conway, John Hart 1905- See also: Davison, Byrd Taliaferro (Conway) Reid, 1903-

Conway, John Hart 1956-

Conway, Julia Ellen (Thomas) 1844-1916 See also groups: Conway Family Reunion

Conway, Marian Mayine 1930- See: Conway, Elizabeth, 1927-

Conway, Martha Bell

Conway, Nelly See: Madison, Nelly (Conway), 1732-1829

Conway, Pauline (Wilson) 1906-1950 See: Conway, Battile Fitzhugh Taliaferro, 1908-1956

Conway, Dr. W.C. See groups: Conway Family Reunion

Conway, William Buchanan 1845-1920

Conway, William Henry 1812-1852

Cook, E. G.

Cook, James 1728-1779

Cook, Lena (Kolbe) See group: Richmonders. Coffee party

Cook, Philip

Cooke, Barry

Cooke, Flora See: Stuart, Flora (Cooke), 1836-1923

Cooke, Giles Buckner 1838-1937

Cooke, Maj. Gen. John

Cooke, John Rogers 1788-1854

Cooke, John Rogers 1833-1891 See also: oversized

Cooke, John Warren

Cooke, Louise M.

Cooke, Maria (Pendleton) 1792-1850

Cooke, Merritt See groups: Norfolk, VA Hunter School

Cooke, Nancy See: Cooke, Barry

Cooke, Phillip St. George

Cooke, Philip St. George 1809-1895

Cooke, Rachel W. (Hertzog)

Cooke, Richard D. 1880-1958

Cooley, Elizabeth Ann See: McClure, Elizabeth Ann (Cooley) 1825- 1848

Coolidge, Calvin 1872-1933 President of the U.S. 1923-1929

Coons, Ella Edwina (Thompson) -1849 See also: Coons, Mary Edwina, 1902-1984 See also groups: Coons Family

Coons, Frank Alexander 1846-1912

Coons, Martha Elizabeth 1839-1863

Coons, Mary Edwina 1902-1984 See also groups: Coon family See also: Coons, Warren Eldoxus, 1849-1919

Coons, Mary Dillard See: Corbin, Mary Dillard (Coons)

Coons, Robertson 1809-1861

Coons, Warren Eudoxus? 1849-1919 See also groups: Coons Family Por 985.72 (tintgpe)

Cooper, A. A.

Cooper, Anthony Ashley See: Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st earl, 1621-1683

Cooper, Sir Astley-Paston 1768-1841

Cooper, Catharine (Fitzgerald)

Cooper, Cornelius 1750-

Cooper, Douglas H.

Cooper, James 1700-

Cooper, James Fenimore 1789-1851

Cooper, James A.

Cooper, Samuel 1798-1876

Cooper, Susannah See: Meeks,Susannah (Cooper), 1780-1853

Copeland Family

Copenhaver, Edwin Henry, Jr. 1896-1968

Coppedge, L. J.

Copple, Raymond See groups photograph: Bainbridge Junior high School, Richmond, VA, Safety patrol

Corbell, La Salle See: Picket, La Salle (Corbell), 1848-1931

Corbett, Andrew

Corbett, Boston

Corbett, Charles H.

Corbett, Doris

Corbett, Julian

Corbett, Marguerite

Corbett, Stephen See: Corbett, Andrew

Corbett Family and Friends, unidentified

Corbin, Edmonia Fauntleroy See: Carter, Edmonia Fauntleroy (Corbin), 1821-1917

Corbin, Elizabeth (Tayloe) 1721-1784 Wife of Richard Corbin, 1714-1790

Corbin, Henry 1629-1675

Corbin, Jane, Gawin, and Martha

Corbin, Lemuel A.

Corbin, Letita (Lee) See: Lee, Lrtitia (Corbin), 1657-1706

Corbin, Mary Dillard (Coons)

Corbin, Richard Randolph -1853

Corbitt, James Howard 1869-1945

Corcoran, William Wilson 1798-1888

Cornell, Edith

Corns, E. M. See groups: Mesical College of Virginia

Cornwallis, Frederick 1713-1783 Archbishop of Canterbury

Cornwallis, Lady

Corse, J. M.

Corse, Montgomery D. 1816-1895

Cosby, Azgad Napoleon Bonepart 1843-1916

Cosby, Dabney 1879-1956

Cosby, Frank Eugene

Cosby, George B.

Coste, Jean Francois 1741-1819

Cottington, Francis Cottington 1578?-1652 Barron, Lord Treasurer in 1643 8/16/60 Houbraken 9/0 filed in oversize

Cotton, Sir John Hynde d. 1752 Commissioner of trade and plantations in 1711, 9/30/60 Harding 5/0

Cosway, Maria

Cotton, Joseph See groups: Virginians 1972

Cotton, Joseph Actor

Cottrell, Allenia M. Moncure, Allenia M. (Cottrell)

Cottrell, Nannie See: Sheet Music: "Violante"

Cottrell, Walker Crump Sr.

Cottrell, Walker Crump, Jr.

Cottrell, W. W.

Couch, Maj. Gen.

Coulbourn, William Clark 1892-1968

Couper, Fannie Bernard (Capps) 1861-1921 Wife of John D. Couper, Jr.

Couper, Euphama Ann Monroe (Cowling) 1822-1895

Couper, John Diedrich 1822-1908

Couper, John Lee 1916-

Couper, William 1884-1964 See also group photographs: Norfolk Virginia: Norfolk Academy football team, 1900, Hunter School,and Virginia Military Institute students

Couper, William Couper D. 1723 First Earl, Lord Chancellor in 1705 8/16/60 Smith 1/5/0 filed in oversized

Coupland, Ann (Harrison) 1753-1821

Couric, Katie Mrs. Jay Monahan

Courtenay, Edward 1803-1853

Courteney, Mike See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Couzens, Margo See: Chewning, Margo (Couzens)

Coventry, Henry 1619-1686 Commissioner of Trade and Plantations in 1679, 8/16/60 harding 3/6

Coventry, Thomas Coventry 1578-1640 First Baron, Member of Virginia Company, Lord Treasure in 1625, 8/16/60 Houbraken 10/0, 4/7/60 Houbraken (deep) 6/0, and 4/7/60 Agar 6/0 filed in oversized

Coventry, Sir William 1628?-1686 Commissioner of foreign plantations in 1667, 9/30/60 cooper 5/0

Cowardin, Lewis M.

Cowdery, Jonathan

Cowles, Adelaide H.

Cowling, Euphama Ann Monroe See: Couper, Euphama Ann Monroe (Cowling), 1822-1895

Cowper, John 1763-1847

Cox, A. J. See: Pic 925.5 Richmond Light Infantry Blues, Co. A 46th VA Regt.

Cox, E. P. See groups: Medical College of Virginia

Cox, Edwin P.

Cox, Mrs. Edwin

Cox, Edwin Piper 1870-1938

Cox, Edwin

Cox, Elizabeth See: Virginia Christian

Cox, Gabriel H.

Cox, Gene Original filed under Bobb

Cox, Theodore Sullivan 1894-1947

Cox, William Ruffin 1832-1919

Coxe, Daniel 1673-1739

Coxe, Daniel

Coxe, Whitwell Wentworth

Coxe, William

Craft, Ryland Glenmore 1889-1960

Craig, James See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Craig, Jane (Steinmetz) See groups: Church Groups, St. John's Evangelisal Lutheran Church, 1931

Craig, Jane Stith See: Stanard, Jane Stith (Craig), -1824

Craig, John -1863

Craig, Nancy (Hiden)

Craigie, F.

Craigie, Mr. W. W.

Craik, James 1730-1814

Cralle, Mary H.

Cramp, Clarissa Layton

Crane, ie., Mrs. Richard

Crane, Hannah See: Gifford, Hannah (Crane), 1757-1830

Crane, James C.

Cranfield, Lionel See: Middlesex, Lionel Cranfield, 1st earl, 1575-1645

Cranwell, C. Richard

Craven, Willaim Craven 1606-1697 Earl, Commissioner of Trade and Plantations in 1675; 8/16/60 Anonymous 18/0, 8/16/60 Thane 2/6

Crawford, Andrew See: Van Doren family album

Crawford, Mrs. E. B.

Crawford, Louisa Cutler (Ward) See: Terry, Louisa Cutler (Ward) Crawford, 1823-1897, ie., Mrs. Thomas Crawford

Crawford, Francis Marion 1854-1909

Crawford, Thomas 1813-1857 The sculptor

Crawford, William 1732-1782

Crawford, William Henry 1772-1834 Born in Virginia, 7/11/61 Gimber 0/2/6 (Suckling)

Creasy, L. D.

Creecy, John Harvie See groups: McGuire's University School

Creecy, Joshua Skinner 1788-1817

Creecy, Penelope Margaret See: Wright, Penelope Margaret (Creecy)

Creecy, Willie (Harvie)

Crenshaw, A. A.

Crenshaw, Elizabeth

Crenshaw, John Werner 1848-

Crenshaw, Lewis

Crenshaw, W. D.

Crenshaw, Winifred See groups: Richmond, Lakeside Amusement Park

Cress, Georgia

Crews, Brig. Gen. C.C.

Cridlin, George Patton 1876-1963

Crim, Mrs. E. C.

Cringan, John -ca. 1822

Crismond, H. F. 1849- See: extra-oversized: Album, "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902

Crittenden, John

Crittenden, John Jordan 1787-1863

Crittenden, Thomas T.

Crocker, Agnes

Crocker, Frank Lee 1860-1927

Crocker, Isabella Carter

Crockett, David

Crockett, Paul See groups: Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Development

Crockett, Robert O. 1881-1955

Crockett, Samuel Thorne 1890-

Croker, Rosamund Hester Elizabeth See: works of specific artists, Sir Thomas Lawerence

Cromwell, Betty See: Southwell, Elizabeth (Cromwell), Baroness Cromwell, d. 1709

Cromwell, Frank Thomas 1900-1958

Cromwell, Oliver 1562?-1655 5/20/60 Houbraken 7/6 and 5/20/60 Turner 18/0 filed in oversized

Cronkite, Walter

Cropper, John 1755-1821

Cropper, Margaret (Pettit) 1752-1781

Crosby, Floridus Scott 1893-1957

Crosby, George B.

Cross, Capt. Alphonse

Cross, Lawrence L. See: Robertson, Walter, Spencer (1893- 1970)

Cross, Tom Peete See group photographs: Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk Academy football team, 1900

Crouch, Elizabeth Skyring See: Wallace, Elizabeth Skyring (Crouch), 1835-1913

Crouch, Fredrick Nicholls 1808-1896

Crouch, Randolph Waldo 1881-1968

Crowder, Charles Womack 1890-1952

Crowe, T. J.

Crowell, Alton Ingram 1904-1965

Cruft, Sarah Ann See: Godbold, Sarah Ann (Cruft), 1771-1849

Crump, Beverley Tucker 1854-1930

Crump, Emily See: Gwathmey, Bill

Crump, Otway See: Archer, Branch T.

Crump, William Wood 1819-1897

Crump, William Wood 1887-1968

Crutchfield, A. D. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad 1926

Crutchfield, E. Mulford

Crutchfield, John Jeter 1844-1920

Crutchfield, Stapleton

Cudzik, Daniel

Cullen, John 1797-1849

Cullen, John

Culler, John Lester 1911-1963

Cullen, John Syng Dorsey

Cullum, Gen. G. W.

Culp, Alma (Gerharot) See groups: Hassel Golden wedding

Culpeper, Cathrine See: Fairfax, Cathrine (Culpeper), baroness, 1670-1719

Culpeper, Frances See: Berkeley, Lady Frances (Culpeper), 1634?-1690

Culpeper, Margaretta (Van Hesse) Lady, 1635-1710

Culpeper, Thomas 1635-1689 Lord, second baron

Cumberland, Margaret Russell 1560-1616 Countess, named in third Virginia charter, 4-7-60 Caldwell 3/16

Cumberland, William Augustus 1721-1765 Duke of

Cumming, Gen. Alfred

Cumming, Wallace

Cummings, Diana

Cummings, Hugh See: Cummings, Diana

Cummings, Lucy See: Cummings, Diana

Cumpston, William Hudson See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Cunningham Family

Cunningham See also groups: Cunningham Family

Cunningham, Ariana (Gunn) McCartney, 1770-1838

Cunningham, C. T.

Cunningham, Edward 1771-1836

Cunningham, Edward Brahan -1904 See extra-oversized: Photograph album, "VMI, class 1889-93."

Cunningham, Edward Hall

Cunningham, Elizabeth (McGuire) See: Glencairn, Elizabeth (McGuire) Cunningham, countess, 1724-1801

Cunningham, Francis Deane 1836-1885

Cunningham, John

Cunningham, John Atkinson 1803-1881

Cunningham, John Atkinson

Cunningham, Mary Burley

Cunningham, Richard

Cunningham, Richard H.

Cunningham, Richard Hoope -1887

Cunningham, S. A.

Cunningham, Sallie Venable See: Hunt, Sallie Venable (Cunningham), -1885

Curley, Mary Kathrine

Curry, Charles 1858-1944

Curry, Duncan 1887-1955

Curry, Jabez Lamar Monroe 1825-1903

Curry, Margaret

Curtis, Gen.


Curtos, Drayton, Mills

Curtis, Mary Walke Mrs. Drayton Mills Curtis

Curtis, Robert Keith

Cushing, Jonathan Peter 1793-1835

Cushing, Lt. W. B.

Cushman, Pauline 1835-1893

Cushman, Charlotte Saunders 1816-1876

Cussons, John 1838-1912

Custer, George Armstrong 1839-1876

Custis children See: Custis, John Parke, 1755-1781

Custis, Daniel Parke 1711-1757

Custis, Eleanor Parke 1779-1852 See: Lewis, Eleanor Parke (Custis) 1778-1852

Custis, Elizabeth Parke See: Law, Elizabeth Parke, 1776-1832

Custis, Frances (Parke) 1686-1715

Custis, George Washington Parke, 1781-1857 See also: MSS1 L5114d

Custis, John Parke 1744-1781 See also groups: Washington Family

Custis, Martha Parke 1757-1773 See also: Custis, John Parke, 1775-1781 groups: Washington Family

Custis, Mary Anne Randolph See: Lee, Mary Anne Randolph (Curtis), 1808-1873

Custis, Mary Lee (Fitzhugh) 1788-1853 See also: MSS1 L5114d Wife of George Washington Parke Custis, 1781-1857

Custis, Nellie

Cuthbert, Frances See: Bragg, Frances (Cuthbert)

Cuthbert, Francis (Bragg)

Cuthbert, James -1813

Cutshaw, Wilfred Emory 1838-1907

Cutts, Anna (Payne) d. 1832 ie., Mrs. Richard Cutts

Cutts, James Madison 1805-1863

Cutts, Richard 1771-1845

Cutts, Rose Adele See: Williams, Rose Adele (Cutts) Douglas, 1835-1899

Cutts, Ellen Elizabeth (O'Neale), 1811-1899