Dabney - Dyke: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Dabney, Anna Wilson (Noland) 1847-

Dabney, Chiswill See: Dabney, John C.

Dabney, Edward

Dabney, John C.

Dabney, Martha Chamberlayne -1888

Dabney, Overton

Dabney, Richard Heath 1860-1947

Dabney, Robert Lewis 1820-1898 See also groups: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan and his staff

Dabney, Sarah (Smith) See: Macon, Sarah (Smith) Dabney, 1775- 1851

Dabney, Thomas Lloyd 1867-1924 See also groups: Virginia University students, 1888

Dabney, Thomas Smith 1850-

Dabney, Virginius 1835-1894

Dabney, Virginius 1901- See also groups: Robertson, Walter Spencer Virginia State bar committee commemorating advent of common law- Jamestown, 1607, Virginians, 1971, VHS- grand opening

Dabney, Walter D. 1853-1899

Dabney, William Cecil 1849-1894

Dabney, Lt. Wm. T. Jr. 1917 World War I

Dabney Family Unidentified members of the Dabney or Chelf Family

Dade, Lawerance Taliaferro 1785-1842

Dade, Anne Mayo

Dalhgren, Joseph F. See groups: Dalgren, Ann H. (Gorden) wedding-oversized

Dahlgren, Ulric 1842-1864

Dale, Maj. Edward d. 1694

Dale, Richard 1756-1826

Dale, Sir Thomas -1619

Dalham, Clarence

Dalhousie, Mary


Dalston, Catherine See: Fauquier, Francis, 1704-1768

Dalton, Edwina Original filed under: Bobb

Dalton, John Nichols See also groups: Dalton, (John) Family

Dame, George Washington 1812-1895 Ten orginials

Dame, Mary Maria (Page) 1813- Ie., "Mrs. George Washington Dame"

Dame, Nelson P.

Dame, Wm. Page

Damm, George 1896-1964

Danby, Henry Danvers 1573-1643 First earl, Commissioner to consider the "State of" Virginia in 1631, 8/16/60 Green-VanDyck 1/10/0 (filed in oversized), 8/16/60 Lodge 5/0

Dance, Virginia Eppes See: Campbell, Virginia Eppes (Dance), 1831-1918

Dancey, R. L.

Dandridge, Bartholomew -1802

Dandridge, Dorothea (Spotswood)

Dandridge, Florence

Dandridge, John 1700-1756

Dandridge, Martha See: Payne, Martha (Dandridge)

Dandridge, Martha See: Washington, Martha (Dandridge) Custis, 1731-1802

Dandridge, Ray

Dandridge, William circa 1690-1743

Dandridge, William

Danforth, Grace

Dangeleit, Fredrick Carl See church groups: St. John's Evengelical Lutheran Church confirmation class of 1901

Dangeleit, Louise Anna Marie See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church confirmation class of 1901

Daniel, Anne Lewis 1822-1905 See: Moncure, anne Lewis (Daniel), 1822- 1905

Daniel, Jennie See group: Worth, Hal

Daniel, James Robertson Vivian, 1850-1904

Daniel, John Moncure 1825-1865

Daniel, John Warwick 1842-1910 See also: extra oversized: Album-"Virginia Constitutional Convention-1901-1902 8/86-see also P.S. 61 for large framed blowen up plate of the above

Daniel, Junius -1864

Daniel, Margery Randolph See: Daniel, Robert Williams, 1855-1940

Daniel, Maria (Stith)

Daniel, Martha See: Bouldin, Martha (Daniel)

Daniel, Mary See group: Worth, Hal

Daniel, Mary Derby (Ayres) See: Moncure, Mary Derby (Ayres) Daniel, 1902

Daniel, Mary Isabel Randolph 1893-1900

Daniel, Mary Long See: Gordon, Mary Long (Daniel), 1829-1876

Daniel, Peter Vivian 1784-1860

Daniel, Raleigh Travers 1833-1919

Daniel, Richard Potts, Jr. See group: Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA, students

Daniel, Robert Williams 1885-1940

Daniel, Thaddeu Franklin 1900-1942

Daniel, Walter Taylor, Jr. 1916-1967

Danvers, Henry See: Danby, Henry Danvers, 1st earl, 1573- 1643

Danvers, Sir John 1588-1655 Named in 3rd Virginia charter, 4-7-60 Thane 2/6

Darby, Nathaniel 1754-1811

Darden, Colgate Whitehead 1897- See also groups: Williamsburg, VA, 1946 Virginia Governors

Darden, Constance Simons (du Pont) "Mrs. Colgate W. Darden"

Darke, William

Darling, Nancy See: Gaymont #21

Darling, Tiernan See: Gaymont #21

Darne, George -1933 See group: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA, class of 1878

Dart, George W.

Dartmouth, William Legge 1731-1801 Second earl, Commissioner of Trade and Plantations in 1765, 9/30/60 Parks 5/0- filed in oversize, 9/30/60 oval (London magazine 1780) 2/6

Dashiell, Grayson

Dashiell, Parker

Dashiell, Randolph Grayson 1888-1947

Dahiell, Thomas Grayson 1830-1893

Dassler, Albert See groups: church groups-St. John's Evangelical Church

Dauber, Cristiana See: Brauer, Christiana (Dauber), 1848- 1901

d' Aubigne, Lloyd See: Dabney, Thomas Lloyd, 1867-1924

Daughtrey, Mills Colgate See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria 1910

D'avenant, William 1606-1668

Davenport, E?. A.

Davenport, Elsie

Davenport, Fanny

Davenport, Mamie See: Davenport, Nellie

Davenport, John Sidney, III

Davenport, Nellie

Davenport, Susan Stuart (Gibson) See groups: Gibson Family ie., "Mrs. Stephan R. Davenport"

David, Benjamin O., Jr.


Davidson, Anna Maria See: Smith, Anna Marie (Davidson)

Davidson, Charles Hyde, Jr. 1909-1971 See also groups: Davidson Family

Davidson, Flossie See groups: Astor, Nancy

Davidson, James M. See groups: Davidson Family

Davidson, John P. See groups: Davidson Family

Davidson, Maj. Gen. John W.

Davidson, Brig. Gen. H.B.

Davidson, Mary See group: Astor, Mary

Davidson, William A. See groups: Davidson Family

Davie, William Richardson 1756-1820


Davies, Amelia (Holt) See: Davies, Samuel, II

Davies, Arnold D. J. See: MSS1 D2873a 252

Davies, Glenna Montagne (Latimer), 1896-1980

Davies, John Anthony Randolph

Davies, Mary (Stout) See: Davies, Samuel, II

Davies, Marion

Davies, Samuel 1723-1761

Davies, Samuel, II

Davies, Samuel III See: Davies, Samuel, II

Davis, Abigal (sic) Livia Martha See: Meeks, Abigal (sic) Livia Martha (Davis), 1826-1876

Davis, Abigail Faxon (Thayer) -1874

Davis, Annie H. (Woods) See also: PIC 985.31

Davis, Burke 1913-

Davis, Cary See groups: Cary, Miles-Marker Unveiling

Davis, Charles Henry 1845-1921

Davis, Charles Woodard 1878-1957

Davis, Daniel Webster 1862-1913

Davis, Delamater 1886-1966

Davis, Brig. Gen. Edmund Jackson

Davis, Elizabeth

Davis, George 1820-1896

Davis, Harriett Hildreth (Dunn) Scott, 1885-1970

Davis, Harrison Bolen

Davis, Hartwell Chamberlayne See groups: Chamberlyne Family Davis, T. Walter

Davis, H. E.

Davis, Hugh Walter 1929-

Davis, Hugh Wheelwright See groups: Norfolk-Hunter School, 1895-96

Davis, Isaac 1749-1826

Davis, Isaac

Davis, Isabel

Davis, Jefferson, family of

Davis, J. L. See: Thompson, M. Jeff

Davis, James 1719-1765

Davis, Jefferson 1808-1889 See also groups: Confederate Commanders Davis, (Jefferson) and Petit Jury See: oversized

Davis, Jefferson (Jr.) 1857-1876 See group: Davis, Jefferson, family of

Davis, John See groups: Norfolk, VA, Hunter School

Davis, John Andrew Gardiner

Davis, John Staige 1824-1885 See also: Van Doren Family album

Davis, John Staige 1824-1885

Davis, John Staige 1866- See: Van Doren Family album

Davis, John Williams 1873-1955 See also groups: Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA, group

Davis, Joseph R.

Davis, Levin Nock 1887-1971

Davis, Margaret See groups: Davis, Jefferson, Family of

Davis, Margaret (Inman)

Davis, Martha (Eager) 1773-1854

Davis, Mary Elizabeth (Carter)

Davis, Mary Jane (Terrell) ie., Mrs. John Andrew Gardiner

Davis, Mary W. (Conway) See groups: Conway Family Reunion

Davis, Parke Chamberlayne See groups: Davis, T. Walker

Davis, Phineas 1772-1834

Davis, Phineas 1801-1850

Davis, Phineas George

Davis, Quinton Clerence, Jr. 1884-1954

Davis, R. A. See groups: McGuire's University School, 1926

Davis, Ralph See also: Davis, Charles J.R. Scrapbook- extra-oversized

Davis, Rebekah Cook See groups: Davis T. Walter

Davis, Richard Beale 1845-1917

Davis, Richard W. See: Mosby, Robert O.

Davis, Sallie Chamberlayne See groups: Davis, T. Walter

Davis, Smithson H.

Davis, Susannah (Hyat) 1765-1847 See: Davis, Thomas, 1761-1839

Davis, T. Walter See groups:

Davis, Thomas 1761-1839

Davis, Varina (Howell) 1826-1906 See also: Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889

Davis, Varina Anne Jefferson 1864-1898 See also groups: Davis, Jefferson, Families

Davis, Virginia Louise 1925-

Davis, Walter Lee See groups: Davis, T. Walter

Davis, Walter Lee

Davis, William Blackford See also: Van Doren family album groups: Wise, John S.

Davis, William G. M.

Davis, William Howell 1861-1873 See groups: Davis, Jefferson, Family of

Davison, Alexander MacDonald 1813-1889

Davison, Byrd Taliaferro (Conway) Reid, 1903 See also: Davison, George Evans, 1889-1976

Davison, George Evans 1889-1976

Davison, Louise (Jennings) 1896-1959

Davison, Mary Louise See: McConnell, Mary Louise (Davison), 1919

Davison, Stephan Daniel Plus siblings

Davison, Major William 1768-1822

Dawe, Charles Alfred Coridley 1890-1960

Dawley, Claude Sinclair See groups: Virginia Military Institute, students


Dawson, Elizabeth (Gaines)

Dawson, James 1781-1836

Day, Benjamin 1752-1821

Day, Grace See: Bagby, Ellen, 1879-1860

Day, Henry

Day, Lucy Chambliss See: Martin, Lucy Chambliss (Day),-1915

Day, Richard E.

Day, William Lewis 1830-1897

Dayton, Admiral John Havens 1869-1953 See groups: Pershing

Dean, Claude M.

Dean, Francis Brown, Jr.

Dean, Silas 1737-1789 See: DeKalb, Johann, baron, 1721-1780

Deans, Parke P.

Deans, Rosannah Lilly See: King, Rosannah Lilly (Deans) Smith

Deans, W. S.

Dearing, Henry

Dearing, James 1840-1865

Dearling, James Alfred M. See: extra-oversized photograph album, "VMI, class 1889-93."

Dearing, Mrs. Joseph G.

Dearing, Margaret See: Dearing, Henry

Deas, Brig. Gen. Zachary C.

Deaton, Emma

Deaver, John H. See groups: Roanoke group

Debry, Theodore ca. 1528-1598

DeButts, D. D. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad, 1926

DeButts, Elisha

DeButts, Harry Ashby 1895-

DeButts, Mary Ann (Welby) -1828

DeButts, Mary Ann 1786-1855 (Dulany, Mrs. John Peyton)

DeButts, Samuel 1751?-1814

DeButts, Mary Custis (Lee) See: Ely, Anne Carter (Lee), ca.1897-1978

Decatur, Stephen 1779-1820 See also: oversized

Decatur, Stephen, Jr. See groups: Inauguration Theodore Roosevelt, 1905

Deeds, John Wasley Bryan 1900-1968

Deems, James M.

Defoe, Daniel 1661-1731 Author of novels on Virginia "Colonel Jacques" and "Moll Flanders" 3/23/61 Gucht 10/0 3/23/61 Thomson 2/6 3/23/61 Anonymous 2/0

deGraffenried, Clara

deGraffenried, Helmuth

de Hart, Abigail See: Mayo, Abigail (de Hart), 1761-1843

DeJoinville, Prince See photographs: Union officers. Morell's headquarters

DeKalb, Johann 1721-1780

DeKim, Charles See groups: U.S. Army

DeLagnel, Julius A.

Delany, John Thomas -1915

Delaney, Mrs. William F.

Delarue, Alma See: Delarue, Hazel

Delarue, Hazel

de Lasteyrie, Louis Gilbert Sydney, 1881-1955

Delaware, Thomas West 1577-1618 See also menus: "Banquet of the Virginians", third baron

DeLeon, Thomas Cooper 1839-1914

Delius, Frederick 1862-1934

Dell, Rev. Nathan

DeMoulinar, Susanna Helene

Dempsey, Jack See: Kirsh, Walter

Denby, Bill See groups: Bicycle Endurance Contest winners

Deneckere, Father

Denelli, G. M.

Denelli, Mrs. G. M.

Dennis, J. Upshaw

Dennison, Emily

Denny, Collins 1854-1943

Denny, Collins, Jr. 1899-1964

Denny, Elizabeth (Jefferson)

Denny, George H.

Denver, William

DeParis, Count See group photographs: Union officers. Morell's headquarters

De Polgnac, E. J.

Derby, Beulah Herdon (Thompson), 1882-1961 See also: William Perry Derby, 1875-1955 Wife of william Perry Derby

Derby, Charlotte Ann (Basset) 1838-1910

Derby, earl

Derby, Elizabeth Stuart See: Gray, Elizabeth Stuart (Derby), 1881- 1940

Derby, Harriet Alexander 1862-1927

Derby, Harriet Wise (Wilkins) 1883-1961 See also: Gray, Elizabeth Stuart (Derby), 1881-1940 Mrs. Landon Basset Derby

Derby, Henry Landon 1843-1909 See group photographs: Derby Family

Derby, Mrs. Henry Landon See group photographs: Derby Family

Derby, Henry Owen 1872-1878

Derby, Landon Basset 1877-1915

Derby, Landon Basset 1904-

Derby, Marietta Wise See: Garst, Marietta Wise (Derby), 1911-

Derby, Martha Ann See: Snow, Martha Ann (Derby), 1860-1944

Derby, Mary Charlotte See: Ayres, Mary Charlotte (Derby), 1874- Derby Family, group photographs

Derby, William Perry 1875-1955

Derichemond, Meschinet

de Rienx, Justin Pierre Plumard, 1756-1824

Dervishian, Ernest

Dervishian, Harold H. 1910-1972

Dervishian Wedding 1908

Dervishian See groups: Dervishian Family Events: World War II-Dervishian Parade

DeSaussure, Charles Albert 1846- See also persons (group): United confederate veterans. Reunion, 1932

Desha, Joseph

Desha, Mary Curry

Deshler, James -1863

Detliff, Christian

Devany, Walter L., Jr. 1887-1961

Devers, William P.

Devonshire, William Cavendish 1720-1764 Fourth duke, Prime Minister in 1756, 9/30/60 Holland 5/0; see: oversized

de Venne, Laura

dev Pratt, Harben See: Mason, George Carrington

Dew, John G.

Dewey, Eleanor See groups: Gwathney Family

Dewey, George 1837-1917

Dewey, Gen. Joel A.

DeWitt, Fontaine


Dibrell, George G.

Dick, Elisha

Dick, Elisha Cullen 1762-1825

Dick, Mary Elizabeth See: Mercer, Mary Elizabeth (Dick)

Dickens, Charles 1812-1870

Dickerson, Bertie

Dickerson, Capt. H. G.

Dickerson, Joseph Coleman 1839-1913

Dickerson, Mahlon 1770-1853

Dickerson, William Warren 1898-1952

Dickinson, Alfred Elijah 1830-1906

Dickinson, Anna

Dickinson, Asa Dupuy 1816-1882

Dickinson, Hugh

Dickinson, John 1730-1808

Dickinson, John F.

Dickinson, Gen. Joseph

Dickinson, Mrs. M. A. (Auntie Dick) and Charlie See: Hill/Booton Family Album, page 4

Dickinson, Sallie

Dickinson, Martha Letitia Womack See: Taylor, Martha Letitia Womack (Dickson)

Dickson, William P., Jr.

Didlake, Thomas Elvin 1884-1946

Dietrich, Anna (Grimmell) ca.1878-1967 See group: Richmonders, Coffee Party ie., Mrs. George Dietrich

Dietrich, Charles E., Jr. See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church Confirmation class, 1921

Dietrich, George C.

Dietrich, George H. See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class, 1919

Dietrich, Pauline (Broom) ca.1878-1964 See group: Richmonders, Coffee Party ie., Mrs. Eugene A. Dietrich

Dietz, August ca.1902-1954

Dietz, August

Dietz, Mr. August, Jr.

Dietz, Norma See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class, 1913

Digby, John See: Bristol, John Digby, 1st earl, 1568- 1652

Digby, Sir Renelm 1603-1665 Commissioner to consider the "State of" Virginia in 1631 9/30/60 L'Armesson 4/0 9/30/60 Houbraken 10/0-oversized 8/21/61 Wright 504 (Goodspeeds)

Diggs, Sir Dudley 1583-1639

Digges, Edward 1615-1675

Digges, Thomas Atwood 1741-1821

Dill, Emily E. See: Bosher, Emily E. (Dill), 1819-1857

Dill, Mary Ehrhart See groups: Forrest-Ehrhart Family

Dillard, Mrs. Jesse

Dillard, William See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Dillon, Edward

Dillon, Jesse William 1904-1972

Dillon, Wilton See groups: Gwathney Family

Dimmock, Charles

Dimmock, Charles Henry 1831-1873

Dinwiddie, Robert 1693-1770

Dinwiddie, William See groups: Virginia University, students, 1890

Dix, John Adams See also groups oversized: Union generals "Our General in the Field"

Dixey, Jane Oliver (Minge) 1828- See: Minge, William Henry Harrison, 1830- 1862

Dobbin, Robert

Dobbins, Brig. Gen. A. J.

DoBie, Armistead Mason 1881-1962

Dobyns, George Hamilton

Dodd, William E.

Doddridge, Philip 1773-1832

Dodson, Edward Griffith 1884-1967

Dodson, John Edward 1845-1863

Dodsworth, C. E.

Doerrer, Elizabeth See groups: church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class, 1913

Doggett, Benjamin

Doggett, David Seth 1810-1880 See groups: Methodest Epesopal Church- Bishops

Doherty, Cornelius H. 1896-1969

Dold, William Elliott

Doles, George

Donati, John See: Richmond Restaurants, Helen's Inn

Donelson, Brig. Gen. Daniel S.

Dong, Seung Gyoo

Donighe, Virginia See: Gaymont #36

Donn, J. W. See group photographs: Union officers. Bermuda hundred

Donovan, William J., General See also: Bruce, David K. E.

Doolittle, Charles C.

Dooley, James Henry 1844-1922

Doran, Joseph I.

Dorchester, Dudley Carleton 1573-1632 First viscount, Commissioner to consider the "state of" Virginia in 1631, 9/30/60 Sturt 2/0 9/30/60 Rives 2/0

Dorell, hon. Ashton

Dormer, Sir Fleetwood

Dorrier, Margaret Erskine Miller (Hutcheson) "Mrs. William Dorrier"

Dorset, Edward Suckville 1590-1652 Fourth earl, named in 3rd Virginia charter, commissioner for foreign plantations in 1634 4/7/60 Houbraken 0/6/0 8/16/60 Vertue 0/9/0 oversized 5/5/60 Thomas Jenner 2/2/0

Dorsey, Ida Mason See: Brown, Ida Mason (Dorsey)

Dorsey, Jenny

Dorsey, John C. Plus unidentified family

Dorsey, J. T. B.

Dorsey, Katherine Chew Mason

Dorsey, Laura Lee See groups: Olney Institute, June 1887

Dorsey, Nannie

Dorsey, Ralph See groups: Virginia dept. of conservation and development

Dorsey, Virginia Mason

Dort, Joe See also groups: Dort Family

Dortsch, Annie Sally

Doswell, Mary Epes Poythress See: Williams, Mary epes Poythress (Doswell)

Doubleday, Abner 1819-1893

Dougherty, Dora Mae (Alley) 1872-1932 See: Dougherty, Francis M., 1866-1944

Dougherty, Francis M. 1866-1944

Dougherty, John Alley 1929- See: Boring, frances (Alley), 1887-

Doughty, George L. 1884-1953

Douglas, Eliza Dandridge (Pollard) (?)- 1867

Douglas, Ellen

Douglas, Evelyn Byrd Beverly See: Wise, Evelyn Byrd Beverly (Douglas)

Douglas, Henry Kyd 1840-1903 See also: Groups: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan and his staff

Douglas, Henry Thompson 1838-1926

Douglas, S. H.

Douglas, Stephen Arnold 1813-1861

Douglas, Suasan (Randolph) Wife of Charles Douglas

Douglass, Aminta Elizabeth See: Moxley, Aminta Elizabeth (Douglass), 1775-1857

Douglass, S.H.

Douthat, Robert 1796-1828

Dove, John

Dovell, Grover Ashton 1885-1949

Dowdey, Clifford See: Groups: Virginians - 1972

Downer, Walter See: Groups: Hunter School

Downing, Sen. T.J.

Downman, Rawleigh William 1830-1882

Doyle, Edward Fitzgerlad See Groups: Norfolk-Hunter, 1895-96

Doyle, Mary Francis 1840-(?) See: Richards, Mary Francis (Doyle), 1810-(?)

Dozier, Curtis Merry 1883-1964

Drake, David

Drake, Sir Francis 1540-1596 See also: oversize

Drake, James C.

Drake, Laura

Draper, John Samuel 1872-1955 See also: Groups: Government Agencies

Drayfows [?] See: Thompson, M. Jeff

Drash, Robert Arthur 1929-1970

Drayton, Michael 1563-1631 Poet "Ode to the Virginia Voyage"

Drayton, Thomas Fenwick 1808-1891

Dreux See: sheet music: Orleans Cadets Quick Step (1861-1865)

Drew, John 1853-1927

Drew, Juliet Jordan (Shore) 1797-1862 See also: Shore, Henry Smith 1768-1832

Drew, Martha Bickerton See: Lee, Martha Bickerton (Drew) 1818-1892

Drewry, David Barnes (?)-1909 See: Extra oversize: Photograph album: "VMI, class 1889-1893

Drewry,William Shepherd 1899-1949

Driggs, Odie See groups: Va. State Guard, co. 54

Drinard, Elliott See groups: Sports and sporting events

Drinker, Elizabeth (Sandwith) 1735-1807 See: Pleasants, Samuel 1737-1807

Drinker, Henry 1724-1809 See: Pleasants, Samuel 1737-1807

Droste, Benno See groups: Nolley's School 1901

Drummond, Harry Ames 1900-1948

Drumwright, George Thomas 1898-1929

Dryden, John 1631-1700 Playwright using Va. as his subject

Drysdale, Hugh (?)-1726 Subject and attribution questioned in Virginia Magazine, v. 60 (1952) pp. 46-49.

Dubert, Rosa (Schumaker) 1878-1959 See group: Richmonders: Coffee party

Dubois, Dudley M.

Dudley, Benjamin Winslow

Dudley, Gen. E.L.

Dudley, E. Waller

Dudley, Ellen Younger See: Hill/Booton Family Album, p. 21

Dudley, Kate

Dudley, Mary See: Dudley, Kate

Dudley, Thomas Underwood 1837-1904

Duer, William 1747-1799

Duerson, Lena Smith

Duesberry, Sarah E.

Duff, Joseph Eugene 1891-1966

Duffie, A.N.


Dugger, Henry ca. 1798

Dugger, James Mason 1925-1959

Duke, Mr. See: Morgan, S.T.

Duke, Frank See: Norwood's University School Room "C"

Duke, Laudne B., Jr.

Duke, Richard Thomas Walker 1822-1898

Duke, William D.

Dulany, R.R.

Dulles, Allen Welsh 1893-(?) See groups: Robertson Walter Spencer

Dulles, Margaret (Welsh) 1797-1897

Dunaway, Wayland Fuller 1841-1916 See extra oversize: group: Album. "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902"

Dunbar, Elizabeth Gregory (Thornton)

Dunbar, Robert

Duncan, Andrew

Duncan, James Armstrong 1830-1877

Duncan, James Reece 1901-1963

Duncan, Johnson K.

Dunglison, Robley 1798-1869

Dunlap, Madison

Dunlap, Samuel Scott

Dunlap, Virginia L. See groups: Rose Lawn, Orange Co., VA 1896

Dunlop, Anna Minge See album: Dunlop Family

Dunlop, David Robertson See album: Dunlop Family

Dunlop, Isabella See: Hill, Isabella (Dunlop), ie., Mrs. James Hill

Dunlop, James See groups album: Dunlop Family

Dunlop, John See album: Dunlop Family

Dunlop, Mary See: Hill, Mary Dunlop, ie., Mrs. James Hill

Dunlop, Mary (Johnston) See: McCrea, Mary (Johnston) Dunlop, -1960

Dunlop, Robert See album: Dunlop Family

Dunlop, Sallie L. See groups: Rose Lawn, Orange Co., VA, 1896

Dunlop, Mary Johnston See: McCrea, Mary J. (Dunlop)

Dunmore, John Murray 1737-1808 Fourth earl

Dunn, Bettie See: Dunn, William

Dunn, Elizabeth Lanier See: Davis, Harriet Hildreth (Dunn) Scott

Dunn, Harriet Hildreth (Heard) 1853-1935

Dunn, John

Dunn, Joseph Bragg 1868-1849

Dunn, McHee See: Davis, Harriet Hildreth (Dunn) Scott

Dunn, William

Dunn, William Logan 1839-

Dunn, William McKee 1814-1887

Dunnungton, John W.

Dunovant, John -1864

Dunstan, Bruce

Dunstan, Elizabeth (Sauer) 1874-1935 ie., Mrs. Sam Dunstan See groups: Richmonders. Richmond coffee party. Telephone, San Francisco, 1915

Dunton, Myrtle

Dunstan, Samuel B.

Duponceau, Peter Stephan 1760-1844

du Pont, Constance Simons See: Darden, Constance Simons (du Pont)

Du Pont, Samuel Francis 1803-1865

Dupuy, Asa 1788-1848 See: "Linden" Pr. Edward Co. (His home)

Dupuy, James Asa

Dupuy, Mary Purnell 1889-1982

Dupuy, Powhatan Ellis

Durant, Emma

Durrett, Martha Hincher

Durrett, Richard Winston, Jr.

Durrett, Susan Early (Mrs. Richard Winston Durrett)

Durrett, Susie (Mrs. Eugene P. Durrett)

Durrett, Eugene P.

Durham, Janet Stuart See: Pr42: Ballots and electoral tickets

Durker, Charles Clarence See groups: Virginia theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Dutton, Arthur H.

Dutton, Dalton

Duval, Benjamin Isacc Maryland

Duval, Esten See: Skinner, Frederick Gustavus

Duval, John Tabb 1897-1954

Duval, Maria Beverley (Randolph)

Duval, Miles Percy 1896-

Duval, Nannie Gordon (Thomas) ie., Mrs. Henry Ruman Duval

Duval, Robert Cammack, Jr. 1886-1959

Duval, Robert Randolph 1817-1875

DuVal, William 1748-1842

Duyvendak, Mary Clarkson (Allen) Bagby, 1896-

Dwight, Timothy 1752-1817

Dwinelle, Justin

Dyck, Sir Anthony van

Dykes, Sarah 1799-1860 See: Bernard, Sarah (Dykes), 1799-1860