Eager - Ezelle: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Eager, George Boardman, Jr. 1888-1942

Eager, Martha See: Davis, Martha (Eager), 1773-1854

Ealey, Roland See groups: Friends' Assn. for Chrildren (Board)

Eanes, Edward Ennis 1886-1956

Earle, Elias 1762-1825

Early, Benjamin and Mary

Early Several members of the Early Family

Early, Annie See: Fairfax, Annie (Early)

Early, Annie (Fielding) Mrs. Charles Early

Early, Charles

Early, Clifford Cabell 1883- See also groups: Early Family

Early, Elizabeth See: Calloway, Elizabeth (Early), 1759- 1796

Early, Estelle (Wilhoit)

Early, Evelyn Russell 1877-1940 See also groups: Early Family

Early, Harriet (Harman) See also: Early, Clifford Cabell, 1883- Early Family

Early, Henrian (Cabell) 1822-1890 See also: Early, Samuel Henry, 1813-1890 Early Family

Early, Henrianne Cabell -1895 See also groups: Early Family

Early, Henrianne Cabell 1890- See also groups: Early Family

Early, James Russell 1901-1960

Early, Joab 1791-1870

Early, John, BP 1786-1873

Early, John Cabell 1848-1909 See also groups: Early Family

Early, John Richard 1830-1906 See also: George M. Woods and Helen Amanda (Durrett) Woods

Early, Dr. Joseph Raglan 1822-1858

Early, Jubal Anderson 1816-1894

Early, Jubal Anderson 1886-1914 See also: Early, Clifford Cabell, 1883- Early Family Inauguration, Theodore Roosevelt

Early, Mary See: Phelan, Mary (Early)

Early, Mary Judith -1918 See also: Early, Henrianne Cabell, -1895 Early Family

Early, Mary Virginia (Early) See: Brown, Mary Virginia (Early), 1823- 1864

Early, Mary Washington (Cabell)1864-1917 See also groups: Early Family ie., "Mrs. John Cabell Early"

Early, Robert Davis 1841-1864

Early, Ruth Hairston 1849-1928 See also: Early, Henrian Cabell, -1895 Early Family

Early, Samuel Henry 1813-1874

Early, Samuel Henry 1880-1897

Early, Sarah Cornelia 1834-1874

Early, Sarah (Graves) 1794-1881

Early, Stephen Tyree 1889-1951

Early, Thomas Howard 1828-1904

Early, William 1843-1865 See: Early, Robert Davies, 1841-1864

Early, William David

Early, William E.

Earman, George N. 1852- See group: extra-oversized album, "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Easley, Ann Elizabeth (Chaffin)1841- See also groups: Chaffin, Richard Booker, 1844-1902, ie., "Mrs. William Daniel Easley"

Easley, James Stone 1885-1965

Easley, John Dunscomb 1884-1963

Eastman, Thomas M.

Eastman, Brig. Gen. S.

Easton, Maj. Gen. L.C.

Eaton, Brig. Gen. C.G.

Eaton, Brig. Gen. E. H.

Eaton, E. O. See: Sheet Music, Orleans Cadets Quick Step (1861-1865)

Eaton, Brig. Gen. J.

Eaton, Brig. Gen. John Jr.

Ebel, Elsie (Hassel) 1899- See groups: Hassel Golden Wedding ie., "Mrs. Jacob Ebel"

Ebel, Jacob See groups: Church Groups, St. John's Evangelical Lutheran church Confirmation Class, 1913

Echols, Allie

Echols, Edward 1849-1914

Echols, John 1823-1896

Echols, Margaret Young

Eck, Oswald See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1901

Eckenrode, Dr. H. J.

Ector, Brig. Gen. Matthew D.

Eddleton, Oscar B. See: Protestant Episcopal Church, St. Peter's, New Kent County, VA

Eddy, Mary Dunn (Mosher) See group: Mosher Family

Edgerton, Brig. Gen. A. J.

Edgcumbe, Richard Edgcumbe 1716-1761 Second baron, Commissioner of trade and plantations in 1754 9/30/60 reynolds (S. W.) 7/6

Edgerton, Frank See groups: VA State Guard Co. 54

Edmands, Brig. Gen. J. C.

Edmonds, John

Edmonds, Sarah Battaile (Fitzhugh), 1785-1878

Edmonds, John Worth 1799-1874

Edmondson, James H.

Edmondson, Samuel W., Jr. 1918-1956

Edmunds, E. Emma S. Union spy and nurse

Edmunds, James Easley 1860-1952

Edmunds, Nicholas and Jane

Edmunds, Winston

Edmundson, Henry Alonzo 1814-1890

Edmunds, Lizzie See groups

Edward, Duke of York 1739-1767

Edwards, Ballard T. 1870

Edwards, Buster See groups: VA State Guard, Co. 54

Edwards, Claude Joseph 1876-1946

Edwards, J. B. See groups: Military doctors, 1917

Edwards, Brig. Gen. John

Edwards, John Ellis 1814-1891

Edwards, Landon Brame 1845-1910

Edwards, Mary Ambrose See: Lyne, Mary Ambrose (Edwards), 1812- 1868

Edwards, Nancy Syles (Brown)

Edwards, Richard Augustus, III See: Edwards, Nancy Syles (Brown)

Edwards, Richard T. 1911-1968

Effinger, Maria

Effinger, William

Egerton, John See: Bridgewater, John Egerton, 3rd earl, 1646-1701

Egerton, Thomas See: Brackley, Thomas Egerton, 1st viscount, 1540?-1617

Eggleslace, Emmae See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Eggleslace, Maggie See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Egmont, John Perceval 1683-1748 First earl

Ehlers, Dean

Ehrenworth, Moses 1899-1969

Ehrhart, Elizabeth See groups: Forrest-Ehrhart Family

Ehrhart, Mary See groups: Forrest-Ehrhart Family

Eichelberger, Thomas

Eike, Maud

Eisenhower, Dwight David See groups: Williamsburg, VA, 1946

Eisenhower, Dwight David

Eisenhower, Mamie Geneva (Doud) See groups: Williamsburg, VA, 1946

Elder, Lt. Col. Alexander B.

Elder, Fitzhugh 1865-1930

Elder, Thomas Claybrook 1834-1904

Eldred, Edward See groups: U.S. Army

Eldred, John 1552-d.1632

Eldridge, Brig. Gen. H. W.

Elivell, Brig. Gen. J. J.

Elizabeth, Queen of England 1533-1603 See also oversized

Queen Elizabeth with King George VI

Elizabeth (Stuart) 1596-1662 Queen of Bohemia 4-7-60 Vertue -/5/0 6-30-61 ?Delaran 1/1/-

Ellerson, Watkins See group photographs: Richmond, VA, Lakeside amusement park

Ellett, Ann Virginia (Wrenn) 1805- "Mrs. Loftin Ellett

Ellet, Charles Jr. 1810-1862

Ellett, Francis Marion B. 1837-

Ellett, Loftin Newman 1797-1865

Elliott, Charles

Elliot, Miss Virginia Randolph

Elliott, Brig. Gen. I. L.

Elliott, Milton Courtright 1879-1928

Elliott, Norman S. 1905-1968

Elliott, Roger

Elliott, Brig. Gen. S. M.

Elliott, Brig. Gen. Stephen

Elliott, W. L.

Ellis, Andrew Jackson 1891-1950

Ellis, Charles 1772-1840

Ellis, Euphania Claiborne (Taylor) Harrison, 1819-1897

Ellis, Brig. Gen. J. G.

Ellis, Jane Shelton 1820- See: Tucker, Jane Shelton (Ellis)

Ellis, John Tyler 1887-

Ellis, Josiah 1777-1836

Ellis, Josiah

Ellis, Maurice

Ellis, Pearl (Tyler) 1860-1947

Ellis, Powhatan Lewis 1818-1847

Ellis, Mrs. Susanna

Ellis, Richard 1781-1846

Ellis, Thomas Harding 1814-1898

Ellis, William Munford

Ellsworth, Elmer Ephriam 1837-1861 See: oversized

Ellsworth, Oliver 1745-1807

Ellyson, James Taylor 1847-1919 See also groups: German Day Festival, Meeting

Ellyson, Mrs. J. Taylor

Ellyson, Lora e. (Hotchkiss) 1848-1935

Elmore, William Thomas 1835-1916 See: W961.28 (on top of museum object file cases in storage)

Elrass, Jas

Elstner, Brig. Gen. G. R.

Ely, Anne Carter (Lee) ca. 1897-1978

Ely, Maj. Gen. J.

Ely, Brig. Gen. Ralph

Ely, Robert Burroughs 1894-1951

Ely, Brig. Gen. W. G.

Elzey, Arnold 1816-1871

Embrey, Alexander Simmons 1861-1895 See: J977.19

Embrey, Alpheus Wilson 1901-

Embrey, Lucy Alexander See: Wilson, Lucy Alexander (Embrey), 1895- (?)

Embrey, Merrill Denham 1837-1905 See: J977.19

Embrey, Virginia Elizabeth (Modena) 1838-1899 See: J977.19

Emmet, John Patten 1796-1842

Emett, Daniel Decatur 1815-1904

Emory, Charlotte Ann

Enders, Emil

Enders, Emilie (Schiebelbuth) See: Enders, Emil

Enders, Emily Aylett

Enders, John

Enders, Minnie See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church confirmation class of 1909

Enders, William Henry See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church confirmation class of 1932

Engleman, Brig. Gen A.

Engleby, Joseph Thomas Jr. 1893-1970

Engleby, William Staples 1895-1951

English, Lt. Cdr. Earl

English, Lt. Col. James

Enrougty, Oscar

Enyart, Brig Gen. D.A.

Epes, Branch Jones 1832-(?) See extra oversize: group: album "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902" Epes,

Epes, Louis Spencer 1882-1935

Epes, Travis H.

Eppes, Abigail (Pickman) 1733-1780

Eppes, Freda Horner See: Maynard, Freda Horner (Eppes)

Eppes, Emily See also: Group photographs: Eppes family (Appomattox)

Eppes, Elizabeth Welsh (Horner)

Eppes, Hannah

Eppes, J.W.

Eppes, John Wayles 1773-1823

Eppes, Josephine Dulles (Horner) 1826-1852 "Mrs. Richard Eppes"

Eppes, Richard 1824-1896

Eppes, Richard Jr.

Epps, i.e. Mrs. Richard See groups: Epps Family (Appomattox)

Epps, Augustus C.

Epps, Frank Dashel

Epps, George W. Jr.

Epps, Richard

Ericsson, John 1803-1889

Erskine, Brig. Gen. Albert

Eskridge, ?

Eskridge, Allen Taylor 1873-1957

Eskridge, George 16(?)-1735

Eskridge, Rebecca (Bonum) d. 1715

Espinta, George

Essex, Earl of

Essex, Arthur Capel 1631-1683 1st Earl, (7th Creation), Commisioner of Trade and Plantations in 1679

Essex, Robert Devereaux, 2nd Earl of 1567-1601

Essex, Robert Devereaux, 3rd Earl of 1591-1646

Este, Brig. Gen George P.

Este, Louise See: Fisher, Louise (Este), 1834-1915

Estes, Clayton, See: Scanlan, Clayton (Estes)

Estes, Brig Gen. L.G.

Estes, Mary (Phelan) See: Early, Jubal Anderson 1886-1914

Etheridge, Herbert Rogers See groups: Norfolk-Hunter School 1895-96

Eubank, Beauford Nelson

Eubank, Eddie

Eubank, Willis

Eugtace, Sally Wardlaw 1827-1855 See: Turpin, Sally wardlaw (Eustace)

Eustice, N. H.

Eustis, Henry L.

Evans Unidentified

Evans, Charley

Evans, Col. Evan 1732-1794

Evans, Dr. George ?-1822

Evans, Brig. Gen. George S.

Evans, Joe

Evans, Joseph

Evans, Gen. Nathan G.

Evans, Oliver P. See groups: Charge of the V. M. I. Cadets

Evans, Mary See: Johnson, Mrs. Mary (Evans)

Evans, Otto Lewis 1861-1939

Evans, Col. Thomas J.

Evans, Walter M. 1897-1956

Evans, William McKay

Everard, Giles

Everard, Susannah See: Meade, Susannah (Everard)

Everett, Brig. Gen. C.

Everette, Charles -1848

Everett, Edward 1794-1865

Everett, Paul Lee 1907-1954

Everhart, Stever See also groups: slaves at Confederate Veterans Reunion; see persons: Lee, William Mack

Ewart, W. C.

Ewell, Benjamin Stoddert 1810-1894

Ewell, James 1773-1832

Ewell, Richard Stoddert 1817-1872 See also oversized and folder under Jackson, Thomas Jonathan ans see also groups: Confederate commanders

Ewing, Lt. Col. Charles

Ewing, Maj. Gen. Hugh

Exeter,1st earl, Thomas Cecil 1542-1622

Eyman, Katherine

Ezekiel, Catherine DeCasto (Myers), 1818-1891

Ezekiel, Jacob 1812-1899

Ezell, Elizabeth A. See: Morgan, Elizabeth A. (Ezell)

Ezell, Eva (Gregg)

Ezell, William Robert 1837-1917

Ezelle, Helen Ingle See groups: Salle Family and friends