Facetia - Fussell: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

"Facetia" See: Southwell, Elizabeth (Cromwell), Baroness Cromwell, d.1709

Fagan, John F.

Fairchild, Lucius

Fairfax Portraits


Fairfax, Annie (Early) -1964 Mrs. Ronald Fairfax

Fairfax, Bryan

Fairfax, Catherine (Culpeper) 1670-1719 Baroness

Fairfax, Charles

Fairfax, Dorothy (Best) -1750

Fairfax, Elizabeth

Fairfax, Eugenia (Tennant) 1873- See: Tennant, David Buffington, 1876-

Fairfax, Eugenia See: Conquest, Eugenia (Fairfax)

Fairfax, Eugenia Baskerville (Tennant), 1873- See: Fairfax, Henry, 1850-1916; see also: Tennant, David Buffington, 1876-

Fairfax, Ferinando 1584-1647

Fairfax, Ferinando 1766-1820

Fairfax, George William 1724-1787

Fairfax, Henry 1850-1916 See also extra-oversized: album, Virginia Constitutional Convention

Fairfax, Martha (Collins) -1743

Fairfax, Mary 1638-1704 See: Buckingham, Mary (Fairfax)

Fairfax, Mary (Aylett) -1796

Fairfax, Octavins

Fairfax, Randolph -1862

Fairfax, Robert 1707-1793 Seventh baron

Fairfax, Ronald Randolph 1870-

Fairfax, Sally (Cary) 1730-1811

Fairfax, Thomas

Fairfax, Thomas 1560-1640 1st Lord Fairfax

Fairfax, Thomas 1612-1671 3rd baron

Fairfax, Thomas 1657-1710 5th baron

Farifax, Thomas 1692-1782 6th baron

Fairfax, Thomas 1521-1599 Of Denton

Fairfax, William (Captain) 1593-1621

Faison, Emmet B. See extra oversized album: Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902

Faison, Virginia Wilson (Moore), 1896-1944

Falconberg, Thomas See: Fauconberg, Thomas Belasyse, earl, 1627-1700

Falkland, Henry Cary 1575-1633 1st Viscount, named in 3rd Virginia Charter, 4/7/60 Brown 5/0

Falmer, Foney See groups: Edmunds, Lizzie

Fanning, Col. Edmund See: neg. glass plate, 991.1

Fanshawe, Sir Richard 1608-1666 5/20/60 Harding 3/6

Farish, John Temple

Farish, Sarah Tunstall 1814-1897

Farley, Starke

Farley, William Downs 1835-1863

Farmer, James

Farnsworth, Elon J.

Farr, Richard Ratcliffe, IV 1880-1942

Farr, Wilson M. 1884-1959

Farragut, David Glasgow 1801-1870

Farrar, Edwin Field 1806-

Farrar, F. R. See: Broadsides, N. D.

Farrar, Marrian

Farren, Elizabeth Countess of Derby. See: Works of specific artists, Sir Thomas Lawrence

Farrow, Henry P.

Farrow, James 1827-1892

Farrow, Pattillo 1796-1849

Farrow, T. Stobo

Farwell, Mrs. Walter

Fauconberg, Thomas Belasyse 1627-1700 Earl, Commissioner of trade and plantations in 1679. 9/30/60 White 6/0

Faulkner, Charles James 1806-1884

Faulkner, Charles James 1847-1929

Faulkner Unidentified family members

Fauntleroy, Archibald Magill 1837-1886

Fauntleroy, Betsy See: Cocke, Betsey (Fauntleroy)

Fauntleroy, Catherine (Griffin) See: Gwynn, Catherine (Griffin) Fauntleroy, 1664-1728

Fauntleroy, Charles Magill

Fauntleroy, Elizabeth See: Adams, Elizabeth (Fauntleroy) 1736-1792

Fauntleroy, Emily Carter (Fauntleroy) 1793-(?)

Fauntleroy, Joseph

Fauntleroy, Maria Watkins See: Warren, Maria Watkins (Fauntleroy), 1780-1841

Fauntleroy, Sarah Harrison (Conrad) 1842-1908

Fauntleroy, Thomas Turner 1795-1883

Fauntleroy, Tristram (?)-1538

Fauntleroy, T.T.

Fauqier, Catherine (Dalston) 1710-1781 See: 1. Fauquier, Francis 2. Wollaston family (group)

Fauquier, Francis 1704-1768 See also: Wollaston family (group)

Fauquier, William 1733-1805

Faust, Amanda See groups: church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class 1909

Faust, Willaim F. See groups: church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class 1909

Faust, Erich Peter See groups: church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class 1913

Fawcett, George 1861-1939

Featherson, John Charles 1837-1917

Featherson, Winfield Scott

Feild, Everard M.

Fell, Nelson 1895-1926

Fellows, Alice

Fellows, Charles

Fellows, Herbert See groups: Jones, Catesby

Fellows, Susan Otey

Felps, Thomas L.

Fentress, Carroll D.

Fentress, Mary L. "i.e. Mrs. Charles H. Fentress"

Fenwick, Bernard See: Gaymont #15

Fenwick, Charles See: Gaymont #41

Fenwick, Charles G. See: Fenwick #18

Fenwick Charles R. 1900-1969

Fenwick, Edward Gulager 1897-1956

Fenwick, Gay Tiernan (Mrs. Henry A Fenwick) See: Gaymont #18

Fenwick, Harry See: Gaymont #41

Ferguson, Charles W. See groups: Civil War Centennial Commission- West Virginia

Ferguson, Elizabeth

Ferguson, Homer L.

Ferguson, Jane Elvira See: Grattan, Jane Elvira (Ferguson) 1806- 1888

Ferguson, Jane (Payne) Bolling

Ferguson, S.L., Senator

Ferguson, Samuel W.

Ferguson, Mildred

Ferneyhough, Bruce See: Perrine Collection, filed by city, by gallery

Ferneyhough, John Bowie See: Perrine Collection, filed by city, by gallery

Ferrar, John 1590-1657

Ferrar, Mary (Woodnoth) 1550-1634

Ferrar, Nicholas 1545-1620

Ferrar, Nicholas 1592-1637

Ferrar, Susanne See: Callett, Susanne (Ferrar), 1581-1657

Ferell, John H. Jr.

Ferell, Ralph Harris, Jr. 1912-1968

Ferry, Orris S.

Fessenden, Francis

Fessenden, James D.

Field, Charles W.

Field, Florence (Lathrop) See: Page Florence (Lathrop) Field, ca. 1858- 1921

Field, J.E.

Field, M. G.

Field, Richard H.

Field, Sarah Virginia (Todd) 1812-1830 Wife of Stephen Field

Fielding, M. R. (?)-1903

Fielding, Mrs. M. R.

Fielding, Sarah 1695-(?)

Fields, Robert Jr.

Fife, William

Filmore, Millard, Pres. U.S. 1800-1860 See oversize

Finch, Heneage See: Nottingham, Heneage Finch, 1st Earl, 1621-1682

Finch (of Fordwich), John Finch, Baron 1584-1660 Lord Chancellor in 1640

Finch-Frayser, Anne R.

Finley, Jesse J.

Finley, Samuel 1715-1766

Finnegan, Joseph

Finney, Benjamin Watkins (?)-1869

Finney, Catherine Skelton 1841-1904

Finney, J. E. See groups: Richmond Auto Show Committee, 1917

Finney, Mrs. John

Finney, Julia Leigh 1832-(?)

Finney, Louise Murray See: Gilmore, Louisa Murray (Finney) 1834- 1854

Finney, Mary (?)-1869 Wife of Benjamin Watkins Finney

Firmstone, Frank

Firth, Augusta

Fish, Hamilton 1808-1893

Fishback, Albert Calvin 1829-1862

Fishback, Sarah Jane (Rice) 1802-1875

Fisher, Edward

Fisher, Molly

Fisher, Louise Este Bruce, Louise Este (Fisher), 1866-

Fisher, Louise (Este) 1834-1915

Fisher, Sophia M.P. (Moxley) 1808-1898 ie., Mrs. James D. Fisher

Fisher, William Alexander 1839-1901

Fisher, William Alexander, Jr.

Fisher, John A.

Fisher, J. B.

Fisher, George Daniel 1804-1891

Fisher, Fredrick

Fisher, Myrtie See groups: Wakefield, VA High School

Fishwick, John P.

Fisk, Clinton B.

Fisk, James 1834-1872

Fitchett, W. F.

Fitzgerald, Catharine See: Cooper, Catharine (Fitzgerald)

Fitgerald, Doreen See: Bemiss, Doreen (Fitzgerald)

Fitzgerald, Edward 1782-1897

Fitzgerald, Edward H. 1815-1860

Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Ann (Thornton)

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Fitzgerald, Francis Ignatius 1832-1855

Fitzgerald, George Beale See: Fitzgerald, Francis Ignatius, 1832- 1855

Fitzgerald, James Henderson 1786-1852

Fitzgerald, John Paterson 1837-1898

Fitzgerald, Joseph Charles Handy, 1829-1855

Fitzgerald, Mary Hite (Bushby) 1795-1855 See also: Fitzgerald, Edward, 1782-1857

Fitzgerald, M. M.

Fitzhugh, Alice M. See groups: Rose Lawn, Orange Co., VA, 1896

Fitzhugh, Anna Maria (Goldsborough), 1790-1874 See also: Lee, Mary Anne Randolph (Curtis), 1808-1873

Fitzhugh, Elizabeth See: Taylor, Elizabeth (Fitzhugh) Conway, 1754-1823

Fitzhugh, Elizabeth (Stith) 1754-1786

Fitzhugh, Ellen S. (Conway) See groups: Conway Family Reunion

Fitzhugh, Francis Conway 1801-1858

Fitzhugh, Henry of Fitzhughburg, 1750-1777

Fitzhugh, Henry of Bellair 1747-1815

Fitzhugh, Henry 1614-1664

Fitzhugh, Henry 1686/87-1758 See also oversized

Fitzhugh, Colonel Henry 1723-1783

Fitzhugh, James Stuart See groups: Conway Family Reunion

Fitzhugh, James Stuart, Jr. See groups: Conway Family Reunion

Fitzhugh, Linda See groups: Conway Family Reunion

Fitzhugh, Lucy (Carter) See: Harrison, Lucy (Carter) Fitzhugh, 171?-1773

Fitzhugh, Mary Lee See: Custis, Mary Lee (Fitzhugh), 1788- 1853

Fitzhugh, Mildred See groups: Conway Family Reunion

Fitzhugh, Roberta (Conway) See groups: Conway Family Reunion

Fitzhugh, Rosa (Spence) -1849

Fitzhugh, Sarah See: Bland, Sarah (Fitzhugh), 1748-1793

Fitzhugh, Sarah (Battaile) c. 1731-

Fitzhugh, Susannah See: Knox, Susannah (Fitzhugh), 1751-1823

Fitzhugh, William 1651-1701

Fitzhugh, William 1741-1809

Fitzhugh, William Bullitt See: Pr42: Ballots and Electoral tickets

Fitzhugh, William Henry

Fitzhugh Family

Fitzpatrick, Gertrude

Fitzpatrick children 1752-1753

Fitzroy, Augustus Henry See: Grafton, Augustus Henry Fitzroy, 3rd Duke, 1735-1811

Fitzroy, Col. Herbert W. K. See Groups: Virginia. State Bar Committee Comemorating Advent of Common Law - Jamestown 1607.

Fleming, Anne See: Brame, Anne (Fleming)

Fleming, Anne Spotswood (Payne) 1772-(?)

Fleming, Carl See Groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Fleming, Clarissa Walton

Fleming, Cresswell

Fleming, Frances 1883-(?)

Fleming, Gay (Robertson) (Mrs. A. Walton Fleming), See: "Gaymont"

Fleming, Gov. See: Groups

Fleming, James Anderson 1924- See Groups: Hampden-Sydney College - Chi Phi Fraternity 1946-47, See also silhouettes by Edward Meeks Gregory

Fleming, Lavinia Marian See: Poe, Lavinia Marian (Fleming)

Fleming, Mary 1886-(?) See: Fleming, Frances 1883-(?)

Fleming, Mary See: Lewis, Mary (Fleming)

Fleming, Mary (Bolling) 1711-(?)

Fleming, Mary Tomlin (Anderson)

Fleming, Peyton See Groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Fleming, Thomas 1785-1855

Fleming, William 1736-1824

Flanagan, James Montague 1845-1923

Flanagen, William Madison 1849-1899

Flannagan, Roy Catesby 1897-1952

Flannagan, Roy Knight 1905- See also groups: Trans Atlantic Telephone call from Richmond to England

Flannagan, W. R. Dr.

Flash, H. L. See groups: Literary figures

Fleet, A. F. See: Tunstall, R. B.

Fleet, James R., Jr.

Fleet, Ryland

Fletcher, Albert See extra oversized: Album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902

Fletcher, F. P. See groups: Medical College of Virginia

Fletcher, George Latham 1874-

Fletcher, James Henry, Jr. 1858-1922

Fletcher, William Meade 1870-1943

Flicken, Irene E. (Stein) See church groups: St. John's evangelical Lutheran church confirmation class 1919

Flickinger, Stephen Loos 1881-

Flinn, Robert S.

Flint, Mabel See: Meeks, Constance Adela

Flippen, Anne Irving 1914-1969

Flippen, Norman L. 1895-1950

Flonnoy(?), H. W., Jr. See groups: Blue Ridge Springs, VA

Flood, Henry De La Warr 1865-1921 See also group: Album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902

Flood, William Robbins See photograph: Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, VA. Student group.

Flood, Joel West 1894-1964

Florance, Richard Reynolds 1871-1945

Flournoy, Ann Ellen Thornton, Ann Ellen (Flournoy), 1897-1945 See groups: Thornton Family and Friends

Flournoy, Richard Wilson 1806-1857

Flower, Benjamin

Floyd, John 1783-1837

Floyd, John Buchanan 1806-1863

Floyd, Martha Beuston (Tyler) 1838-1887

Floyd, Samuel Hall See group: Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA. Students

Floyd, Martha Beaston (Tyler)

Flynn, Annie (Miller) Rick See: Supplee, Annie (Miller) Rick Flynn

Flynn, Fredrick Lawrence 1904-1946

Foch, Ferdinand

Foege, John Mathew 1856-1938

Foley, John Eugene See groups: Foley, John Eugene (family)

Foley, Michael Leo 1963- See also groups: Foley, John Eugene (family)

Foley, John Eugene (Jr.) 1958- See also groups: Foley, John Eugene (family)

Foley, Patrick Dennis 1960- See also groups: Foley, John eugene (family)

Foley, Sylvia Anne 1959- See also groups: Foley, John Eugene (family)

Foley, Sylvia Thayer (Gregory) ie., Mrs. John E. See also groups: Foley, John Eugene (family)

Folkes, Minetree, Jr. 1908-1959

Folley, Lillian

Folsom, Frances See: Preston, frances (Folsom) Cleveland, 1864-1947

Fontaine, Edmund 1801-1869

Fontaine, Ellen See groups: Meade family and friends

Fontaine, Frank

Fontaine, Jane Catherine See: Meade, Jane Cathrine (Fontaine), 1833-1909

Fontaine, John

Fontaine, John Boursiquot 1840-1864

Fontaine, John Winston 1887-

Fontaine, Marian Dandridge See: Redd, Marian Dandridge, 1837-1913

Fontaine, Maria Louisa (Shackelford), 1807-1876

Fontaine, Molly See: Brown, Molly (Fontaine)

Fontaine, Patrick Henry 1841-1915

Fontaine, Peter 1720-

Fontaine, William Winston 1834-1917

Fontaine, "Willie"

Foote, Andrew Hull 1806-1863

Foote, Com. U. S. N.

Foote, Mamie See: Butler, Adele (Picot)

Forbes, Edwin

Forbes, Raleigh C. See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Forbes, W. S.

Forbes, William P. See group: Nolley's School, 1901

Ford, Antonia See: Willard, Antonia (Ford), 1838-1871

Ford, C. Vernon 1871-1922

Ford, Gerald

Ford, Judith L. See: Brooks, Judith L. (Ford)

Ford, Thomas Martin, Jr. 1919-1944

Foreman, Alvan Herbert 1878-1958

Forman, Georgia See: Conrad, georgia Bryan (Foreman), 1846-1925

Foreman, Ivey

Forman, Thomas Marsh 1758-1845

Forney, John H.

Forney, William H.

Forrest, Elenor Gates See groups: Forrest-Ehrhart Family

Forrest, French 1796-1866

Forrest, Joseph See groups: Forrest-Ehrhart Family

Forrest, Lillian See groups: Forrest-Ehrhart Family

Forrest, Nathan Bedford 1821-1877 See also oversized and groups: Confederate Commanders

Forrest, Sam See also: Gregory Edward Meeks

Forrest-Ehrhart Family Photo Album Persons (group)

Forrester, Walter

Forsyter, George

Forsyter, Harry See: Forsyter, George

Forsyth, James W.

Foster, Archibald

Foster, Frances (Tallman) Mrs. Archibald Foster

Foster, J. W.

Foster, John T.

Foster, Mrs. John T.

Foster, Murray Alden 1902-1966

Foster, Nellie Orpin, Nellie (Foster)

Foster, Russell

Foster, Stephen Collins

Foster Family Walter W. And Carrie H.

Foster, W. Brownley

Foster, Walter Washington

Foster, Mrs. Walter Washington

Foster, William Strong 1887- See group: Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA. Students

Fourqurean, Emmaj 1846- See: Fry, Mary Ella (Fourqurean), 1844-

Fourqurean, Mary Ella 1844- See: Fry, Mary Ella (Fourquean)

Fourqurean, Reuben D. 1811-1851

Foushee- "Lady Foushee"

Foushee, William 1749-1824

Fowke, Gerard

Fowle, Ellen Bernard See: Lee, Ellen Bernard (Fowle)

Fowle, Phillip Rollins

Fowler, Hon. Clinton A.

Fowler, W. A. 1872-1931

Fox, Charles James

Fox, Horace Marion 1880-1942

Fox, Samuel Mickle 1763-1808 See: Pleasants, Samuel 1737-1807

Francione, Raphael

Francis, Andrew J. 1873-1952

Francis, Elizabeth C. (Jones) 1836-(?) Mrs. Nathaniel Thomas Francis

Francis, Joseph

Francis, Mrs. Joseph

Francis, Lila Mull

Francis, Capt. Nathaniel Thomas 1833-1875

Franck, George

Franck, Margaret Elisabeth (Miller) 1891-1952 See: Miller, George 1891-1959

Franck, Minnie See Groups: Church Groups - St Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1931

Franklin, Benjamin 1706-1790 See also: Jefferson, Thomas 1743-1836

Franklin, Elizabeth Lloyd (Gibson), i.e."Mrs. John W. Franklin" See Groups: Gibson family

Franklin, Gregory W. See Groups: Church Groups: St. Johns United Church of Christ, Confirmation Class 1962

Franklin, Phillip H. (?)-1936 Last Survivor of the Lynchburg Home Guard

Franks, David Solebury

Franks, Rebecca

Fraser, Evan See: Whittet family album

Fraser, Jean See: Whittet family album

Fraser, Reata See: Whittet family album

Frayser, Benjamin H

Frazer, John W.

Frazer, Mary See: Smith, Mary (Frazer) 1784-1862

Frazer, Mary Worrall (Taylor) 1745-1830 See: Pleasants, Samuel 1737-1807

Frederick (Prince of Wales) 1707-1751

Frederick-Amhurst, Charles 1816-1839

Freeman, Douglas Southall 1886-1953 See also: 1. Johnston, James Ambler 1885- 1974 2. Groups: Trans Atlantic telephone call between Richmond and London

Freeman, Inez (Goddin), Mrs. Douglas Southall Freeman

Freeman, Leon L. 1872-1941

Freeman, Paul

Freeman, Philip Edwards 1892-1956

Freeman, Walker Burford

Freeman, Walker Burford 1843-(?) See: DeSaussare, Charles Albert 1846-(?), also group photographs: United Confederate Veterans, reunion 1932

Fremont, John Charles

Fremont, John Charles 1813-1890

French, Betsy Barton

French, C.L.

French, Elizabeth Wife of Ben Dulany of Shuter's Hill, Alexandria, Va.

French, James Strange 1807-1886

French, Louise Garland Eliason 1942-

French, Mrs. N.A.

French, Samuel G.

Freuger, William H. H.

Friend, Katherine Cole See: Valentine, Katherine Cole (Friend) Mayo 1848-1927

Friend, William Sharp See: Group Photograph, Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, Va. student group

Fritzsche, Irene Maria 1888-(?) See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Frazzelle, J.L. See groups: Medical College of Va.

Frost, Daniel M.

Froutner, Florence

Fry, B.D.

Fry, Elinor

Fry, Mary Ella (Fourqurean) 1844-(?)

Fry, Speed S.

Fuerlamb, Charles F. See Church Groups: St.John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class 1919

Fukuoka, Hidei See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Fulford, Joseph Walter See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Fulford, Mary Lorman, Mary (Fulford) 1771-1830

Fuller, James E.

Fuller, Melville W.

Fulton, Alexander

Fulton, Ann Rose (Garland) 1849-189-

Fulton, Elizabeth Bland (Mayo)

Fulton, Garland 1890-(?) See grouos: Fulton Family

Fulton, Harry R. See groups: Fulton Family

Fulton, James Alexander 1774-1823

Fulton, John Bell 1811-1880 See also: Sloperton Cottage, MD

Fulton, Robert 1765-1815

Fulton, Robert Burwell 1849-

Fulton, Roberta See: Lattiere, Roberta (Fulton)

Fulton, William Laurie See groups: Fulton Family

Funkhouser, Samuel King 1882-1958

Funsten, Bessie Carter (Minor) 1870-

Funston, Oliver ca. 1780-1826