Gaddard - Gwynn: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Gaddard, George

Gail, Billy See: Gail, Charles

Gail, Charles

Gaines Family

Gaines, Corralelia See groups: Russell, John Wilson, children of

Gaines, Edmund Pendleton 1777-1849

Gaines, Francis Pendleton 1892-1963

Gaines, Greenville

Gaines, Lizzie Taylor (Harris)

Gaines, Margareta (Wrigley) Also Gaines, William Harris Gaines, McPherson Wrigley

Gaines, Mary Lena

Gaines, Robert Edwin 1860-1959

Gaines, William Harris 1887-1963

Gaither, Harry Hicks 1868-

Gale, Sir Christopher 1680-1734

Gale, Finley

Galeski, Helen

Galeski, J. S.

Gallant, R. M.

Gallatin, Albert 1761-1849

Gallego, Joseph 1758-1818

Gallmeyer, Emma Rosaline See Church groups: St. John's evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class of 1901

Galt, Alexander Dickie 1771-

Galt, Annie A. See groups

Galt, Charles Ernest See: Van Doren family album

Galt, E. Pegram

Galt, Hugh Blair Grigsby 1883-1952

Galt, James D.

Galt, Lucy Bertrand See: Garland, Lucy Bertrand (Galt), 1841- 1890

Galt, Mary Jeffery See also groups: APVA

Gamble, Agnes Sarah Bell See: Cabell, Agres Sarah Bell (Gamble), 1783-1863. ie., Mrs. William H. Cabell

Gamble, Ann Selden 1821-1845

Gamble, Catherine (Grattan) 1753-1831 ie., Mrs. Robert Gamble

Gamble, Elizabeth Washington See: Wirt, Elizabeth washington (Gamble), 1784-1857

Gamble, Letitia (Breckinridge) 1791-1866

Gamble, Robert 1754-1810

Gamble, Robert Grattan 1781-1867

Gamble, Robert Howard 1815-1887

Ganett, Frank

Ganett, Lulie

Ganett, William

Gantt, E. W.

Gannaway, John Lancaster 1828-1862

Gannoway Children

Gantt, Lila Goode (Boyd)

Ganzert, Mrs. Henry See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Garber, J. A. Hon.

Garcin, Ramon D.

Gardiner, G. H. See Groups: McGuire's university school, football squad, 1927

Gardiner, Julia See: Tyler, Julia (Gardiner), 1820-1889

Gardner, A. H,

Gardner, Anne Eliza See: Lee, Anne Eliza (Gardner), 1819-1885

Gardner, Elizabeth 1800-1875 See: Holmes, Elizabeth (Gardner)

Gardner, Franklin 1823-1873 See groups: Confederate commanders

Garfield, James Abram 1831-1881 Pres., U. S., see oversized

Garibaldi, Guiseppi 1807-1882

Garland, A. B.

Garland, Alice Winston 1835-1858

Garland, Ann Powell (Burwell) 1805-1855

Garland, Anne Rose See: Fulton, Anne Rose (Garland), 1849- 189-

Garland, Caroline M. See: Thompson, Caroline M. (Garland), 1853-1881

Garland, Caroline Matilda See: Garland, caroline Matilda (Garland), 1807-1902

Garland, Caroline Matilda (Garland), 1807-1902

Garland, David Shepherd 1769-1841

Garland, Herbert Galt 1880-1939

Garland, Hugh Alfred, Jr.

Garland, Jane Henry Meredith See: Smith, Jane Henry Meredith (Garland), 1847-

Garland, John 1792-1861

Garland, Judy

Garland, Landon Cabell 1876-1902

Garland, Lucinda Rose See: Lewis, Lucinda Rose (Garland), 1893-

Garland, Lucy Bertrand (Galt) 1841-1890

Garland, Marguerite

Garland, Martha Henry See: Whitehead, Martha Henry (Garland) 1832-1903

Garland, Mary Lightfoot 1871-1972

Garland, Mary Lightfoot (Anderson) 1808-1898

Garland, Mary Rice See: Cabell, Mary Rice (Garland) 1804-1893

Garland, Maurice Hamner 1841-1908

Garland, Miss

Garland, Powell

Garland, Robert Ernest 1899-1969

Garland, Samuel 1789-1861

Garland, Samuel 1830-1862

Garland, Samuel Meredith 1801-1880

Garland, Spotswood 1846-1924

Garlick, (Fleet) Elizabeth

Garlick, G.R.

Garlick, Lucy Ann See: Gwathmey, Lucy Ann (Garlick) 1806-1891

Garner, John N. (Vice president of U.S.)

Garnett, Alexander Yelverton Peyton 1819-1888

Garnett, Ann (Mrs. Muscoe H. Garnett)

Garnett, Christopher Browne 1875-1955 See Also: Groups: Va. University Board 1933

Garnett, Griffin Taylor 1846-1910 See extra oversize: Group, album. "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902."

Garnett, James Mercer 1770-1843

Garnett, Katherine Huntington (Noland)

Garnett, Mary Eleanor Dick (Mercer) 1774-1837

Garnett, Muscoe H.

Garnett, Musco Russell Hunter, 1821-1864

Garnett, Richard Brooke 1817-1863

Garnett, Robert Selden 1789-1840

Garnett, Robert Seldon 1819-1861

Garnett, Theodore Stanford 1844-1915

Garrard, K.

Garraur, Prudence Rosalie See: Picot, Prudence Roslie (Garraur), 1791-1866

Garretson, Frederic

Garrett, Mr. and Mrs.

Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. 1908

Garrett, Benjamin F. ca. 1860-

Garrett, Edwin Enoch 1870-1957

Garrett, Harvey L. 1862-1906

Garrett, Jennings Wise ca. 1860-

Garrett, L. E.

Garrett, Robert Clarence 1858-1937

Garrett, Roland 1879-1925

Garrett, Van Franklin 1846-1932 See groups: William and Mary College "the seven wise men"

Garrett, Winder

Garrett, W. A. Senator

Garst, Marietta Wise (Derby) 1911-

Garvin, Annie See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Garuin, Ed See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Garvin, James F. See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Garvin, James F. See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Garvin, Julian See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Garvin, Rose Farmer (Mrs. Julus Garvin) See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Gary, Julian Vaughan

Gary, Lawrence See groups: Bicycle Endurance Contest, winners.

Gary, Martin Witherspoon 1831-1881

Gascoigne, Alice Peachy See: Moncure, Alice Peachy (Gascoigne), 1774-1860

Gascoigne, Sally See groups photographs: Lyne family group

Gascoyne, Bamber (fl. 1763)

Gaskins, Susan See: Luck, Susan (Gakins)

Gasser Family Collection

Gasser, Albert

Gasser, Bernhard

Gasser, C. Albert

Gasser, Carl

Gasser, Miss Helen See groups: Church Groups: St. Johns Evangelical Church

Gasser, Helen Louise See: Sheppard, Helen Louise (Gasser), (Mrs. Lee C. Gasser)

Gasser, Helen L. See groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1921 Confirmatimation class

Gasser, Helena Christine (Brauer) Mrs. Carl Gasser

Gasser, Herbert Spencer

Gasser, Karl -1865?

Gasser, louis

Gasser, Louis

Gasser, Louisa (ILL) 1812-1880 Mrs. Karl Gasser

Gasser, Martha See: Gasser, Louis

Gasser, Stella May Rogers Mrs. Bernhard

Gasser, Wilhelm

Gates, Annie E. 1888- See: Perrine Collection files by city, by gallery

Gates, Bettie Curtis (Belcher) 1834-1861

Gates, Billie

Gates, Horatio 1728/29-1806

Gates, Joan Bryan

Gates, Judith Ferguson See: Winfree, Judith Ferguson (Gates), 1856-1939

Gates, Lillie William See: Gregory, Lillie William (Gates), 1852-1917

Gates, Sir Thomas -1621

Gates, William Beverley 1815-1869

Gatewood, Anna (George)

Gatewood, Lucy Ann See: Moncure, Lucy ann (Gatewood)

Gatewood, Mary

Gatewood, Sue See: Healy, Sue (Gatewood)

Gay, Ed and Shields Sterrett

Gay, Edward S. 1846-1916

Gay, Elizabeth (Bolling)

Gay, Thomas B.

Gayle, Elizabeth Marshall (Cole) See groups: Gayle Family

Gayle, Joseph Y. See groups: Gayle Family

Gayle, Robert Finley See also groups: gayle Family

Gayle, Robert Finley 1892-

Gaynor, Aglia Garraur (Picot) 1814-

Geddy, James -1803

Geddy, Polly See: Prentis, Polly (Geddy)

Geddy, Thomas Henley, Jr. 1892-1844

Geddy, Vernon Meredith 1897-1952

Gee, Margaret L.

Geisler, Jerry H.

Geisinger, Joseph Francis 1883-

Gellman, Samuel Helmer 1894-1955

Gentry, Fred Bingham 1898-1970

Gentry, James A. 1840-1893

Gentry, Mary Cornelia (White) 1827-1903

Gentry, Walter B.

Georghegan, Marshall See groups: VA State Guard Co. 54

George I 1660-1727 King of England 4-7-60 Faber 18/0 4-7-60 Smith 1/1/0 4-7-60 Chevean 15/0 oversized 3-23-61 Picart 1714 1/10/0 oversized

George II 1683-1760 King of England

George III 1738-1820 King of England

George VI King

George, of Denmark 1653-1708 Consort of Queen Anne 4-7-60 Smith 18/0 4-7-60 Houbraken 7/0 5-20-60 Van Gunst 15/0

George, Anna See: Gatewood, Anna (George)

George, Brooks See groups: Virginia State Barr Committee Commemoration Advent of Common Law- Jamestown 1609

George, David Lloyd -1923

George, Mrs. Gladys

George, Ellen Burton See: Boykin, Ellen Burton (George), -1915

George, James Zachariah 1826-1897

George, John Pittfield 1829-1907

George, Miles 1807-1892 See also: Persons (group) PR 1:2 Poe, Edgar Allen

George, Thomas Jefferson 1882-1958

Gephart, Catherine Thayer See: Shook, Catherine Thayer (Gephart)

Gephart, Elizabeth Warner (Libby) See: Hyde, Elizabeth Warner (Gephart)

Gephart, Elizabeth Warner (Gregory) See also groups: Gregory family

Gephart, Greg

Gephart, John Marshall, Jr.

Gephart, John Marshall, III

Gephart, Thomas Jefferson

Gephart, Julie See also: Gephart, John Marshall, Jr.

Gephart family See also: Gregory family unidentified Groups: Gregory family

Gerard, Conrad Alexandre 1729-1790

Gerhart, Kale Walkins See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Gerhart, Marie See: Hassell, Marie (Gerhardt), 1828-1912

Germaine, George See: Sackville, george Germaine, 1st viscount, 1716-1785

Gerring, J. W.

Gibbes, R. W.

Gholson, Samuel J.

Gholson, Thomas Saunders 1808-1868

Gibbon, Major James 1759-1835

Gibbon, James -1811

Gibboney, Jacob Haller See also groups: Virginia theological Seminary, Alexandria

Gibboney, Joan See: Gibboney, Louise

Gibboney, Louise

Gibboney, Marie See: Thompson, Marie (Gibboney), Gibboney, Louise

Gibbs, Alfred and Blair

Gibbs, Blair See: Gibbs, Alfred

Gibbs, Mrs. Henry See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Gibbs, James Ethan Allen 1829-1902

Gibbs, Marianne Everard (Skelton) 1861-(?)

Gibson, Annabella Ravenscroft See: Jenkins, Annabella Ravenscroft (Gibson) 1827-1901

Gibson, Churchill Jones 1885-1970 See also: groups; Gibson Family, Protestant Episcopal Church Luray Parish

Gibson, Edmund bp. Of London 1669-1748 See oversize

Gibson, Elizabeth Lloyd See: Franklin, Elizabeth Lloyd (Gibson)

Gibson, Ernest Henry 1870-1956

Gibson, Evelyn See groups: Bicycle Endurance Contest Winners

Gibson, George A.

Gibson, Gay Blackford (Lloyd) See also: groups: Gibson Family

Gibson, Gay Lloyd See: Pinder, Gay Lloyd Gibson

Gibson, George D.

Gibson, Henry See: Gibson, George A.

Gibson, Irene See groups: Astor, Nancy

Gibson, Irene Langhorne i.e. "Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson" See groups: White sulphur springs Wva, (Tea Party); Astor, Nancy Witcher (Langhorne) Shaw, Viscountess

Gibson, James Davis See Groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria 1910

Gibson, John Thomas

Gibson, Mary Walker

Gibson, Mrs. P.H.

Gibson, N.

Gibson, Patrick

Gibson, Rt. Rev. R.A., Bihop, Epis. Diocese of Va., of others

Gibson, Randall

Gibson, Robert Atkinson, bp. 1846-1919

Gibson, Susan Stuart See: Davenport, Susan Stuart

Giesham, Thomas

Gifford, Hannah (Crane) 1737-1830

Gilbert, Sir Humphrey 1539-1583

Giles, Frances Anna (Gwynn) Second wife of William Branch Giles

Giles, Lizzie See: Robinson, Lizzie (Giles)

Giles, Vinny

Giles, William Branch 1762-1830

Gill, Aubrey W. 1918-1993

Gill, David Franklin See groups: Norfolk-Hunter school, 1895-96

Gill, Edward Hall

Gill, G. See: Pic925.5 Richmond Light Infantry Blues Co. A, 46th Va Regt.

Gill, John Monroe Bannister 1878-(?) See group: Washington & Lee University, Lexington, Va., students

Gill, Lucy (Moncure) 1869-(?)

Gill, Thomas F.

Gill, W. G. See groups: McGuire's University School, Football Squad, 1926

Gillespie, Albert Pendleton 1855-1913 See also: Extra oversize, group album, "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902."

Gillespie, Charles Pepper 1903-1954

Gilliam, Edward Holland See groups: Virginia Boat Club

Gilliam, Henry Eugene See groups: Virginia Boat Club

Gilliam, Hoge 1872-1962

Gilliam, Marshall R. See groups: Virginia Boat Club

Gilliam, Mary Marshall See: Wortham, Mary Marshall (Gilliam) 1874-(?)

Gilliam, Mary Roche (Hoge) 1847-1902 Wife of Marshall Madison Gilliam

Gilliam, Robert Hobson 1838-1923

Gilliam, William Lee See groups: Virginia Boat Club

Gillias, Sy

Gillies, Lucinda See: Mutter, Lucinda (Gillies)

Gilman, Thomas Etheridge 1893-1959

Gilmen, Willie Gilmir(?) See: Perrine Collection, filed by city, by gallery

Gilmer, Francis Walker 1790-1826

Gilmer, Harriet

Gilmer, Howard Cecil 1879-1944

Gilmer, Howard C. Jr.

Gilmer, J.F.

Gilmer, M.S. (Mrs.) Mary S.

Gilmer, Thomas Walker 1802-1844 See: oversize

Gilmer family

Gilmore, James William 1851-(?) See: extra oversize, group:album. "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902"

Gilmore, Louisa Murray (Finney), 1834-1854

Gilmore, Martha See: Robinson, Martha (Gilmore)

Gilmore, Mjr. Gen. Q. A.

Gilmore, Samuel

Gilpin, Charles

Gilpin, Kenneth Newcomer 1890-1947

Gilpin, Russell and Jeanette

Ginter, Lewis 1824-1897

Giradin, Louis Hue

Girard, Stephen 1750-1831

Gish, J. Emmett 1875-1948

Gist, Mordecai 1743-1792

Givens, Fred See groups: VA State Guard, Co. 54

Givens, F. B. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad, 1826

Gladstone, William Ewart 1809-1898

Glasgow, Arthur Graham 1865-1955

Glasgow, Charles Spears 1889-1962

Glasgow, Ellen Anderson Gholson, 1873-1945

Glasgow, Joseph

Glasgow, Jean

Glasgow, Joseph Anderson 1867-1940

Glasgow, Margaret Elizabeth (Branch), 1876- ie., "Mrs. Arthur Graham Glasgow"

Glasgow, Marjorie Gholson See: Congreve, Margaret Gholson (Glasgow), 1902-

Glasgow, William Anderson, Jr. 1865-1930

Glass, Agnes Sinclair See: Anderson, Agnes Sinclair (Glass)

Glass, Carter 1858-1946 See also extra-oversized: Album, "Virginia Constitutional Convention

Glass, Louisa (Bryarly) See: Van Doren family album

Glass, Maria (Hackley)

Glass, R. P. See: Van Doran family album

Glass, R. P. Jr. See: Van Doren family album

Glass, Raleigh

Glass, Sadie See: Van Doren family album

Glassell, A.

Glave, Patricia McKenna

Glazebrook Family photographs, unidentified See also: Glazebroof family album

Glazebrook, Allan Garnett

Glazebrook, Eugenia Lewis

Glazebrook, Evgenia Lewis (Goss) See also: Glazebrook, Preston Goss, Glazebrook, Evgenia Lewis, Glazebrook family album

Glazebrook, Hawsie Sutton

Glazebrook, Larkin White See also: Glazebrook, Eugenia Lewis, Glazebrook family album

Glazebrook, Preston Goss See also: Glazebrook, Eugenia Lewis

Glazebrook, Reva Gray

Glazebrook, Sutton Blackwell See also: Glazebrook family album

Gleckler, W. H. See groups: Mt. Veron, VA

Glencairn, Elizabeth (McGuire) Cunningham, 1724-1801, countess, wife of the 13th earl of Glencairn

Glenn, Garrard 1878-1949

Gloth, William C. -1944

Gloucester, William 1689-1700 Duke of, son of Queen Anne, 4-7-60 Houbraken 6/0 (Oberfund)

Gloucester, William Henry 1639-1660 4th duke, 4-7-60 Van Dalen 1/5/0

Glover, sam See groups: Norwood's University School Room "C"

Goad, Byrum P. 1891-

Godbold, Miss Helen See groups: Bell Wedding Party ie., Mrs. A. G. Bell, Jr.

Godbold, John William Ware 1760-1842

Godbold, Sarah Ann (Cruft) 1771-1849 See: Godbold, John William Ware, 1760-1842

Goddin, Alfred P. See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Goddin, Charlotte Indiana See: Hallowell, Charlotte Indiana (Goddin), ca. 1839-1900

Goddin, Elizabeth (Winston) See: Photograph album: Lynch Family

Goddin, Hobson

Goddin, Indie See: Photograph album: Lynch Family

Goddin, John See: Photograph album: Lynch family

Goddin, Wellington See: Photograph album: Lynch family

Godolphin, Sydney Godolphin 1645-1712 1st earl, priry council (Colonial) in 1690, lord treasure in 1702, 8/16/60 Houbraken 9/0, see oversized

Godwin, Charles Bernard, Jr.

Godwin, Mills Edwin 1914- See also groups: VA governors and Godwin, Miles Edwin Inauguration

Goepfarth, Carl

Goepfarth, Louise See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class, 1909. Ie., Mrs. Bernard Schaaf

Gold, Margaret Ann See: Morgan, Margaret Ann (Gold), 1836- 1905

Gold, Maude See: Shepherd, Maude (Gold)

Gold, William McDowell ca. 1802-1857

Golden, Robert E. ?-1970

Goldsborough, Anna Maria See: Fitzhugh, Anna Maria (Goldsborough), 1790-1876

Goldsborough, Carroll See also groups: Wise, John S.

Goldsborough, Mat (?)

Goldthwait, Ezckiel

Goldwater, Barry

Golsun, Logan See groups: Roselawn, Orange Co., VA, 1896

Gondomar, Diego Sarmiento de Acuna, conde (d.1625), Spanish ambassador to James I, spyed on Jamestown, 5/20/60 Cooper 18/0, see oversized

Gooch, Sir William 1681-1751

Goode, Berkely

Goode, Bessie Morton See: Jeffreys, Bessie Morton (Goode) 1879- 1930

Goode, J. Watkins

Goode, James Urquhart 1873-1944

Goode, John 1829-1909 See also: Extra oversize, album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Goode, John C. See also: Extra oversize, album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Goode, Milton

Goode, Morton Graham 1886-1959

Goode, Nancy Daniel See: Bland, Nancy Daniel (Goode)

Goode, Rosa (Chambers) 1842-1921

Goode, Thomas 1787-1858

Goode, Thomas Francis 1825-1905

Goodwin, Frank

Goodhart, Henrietta Laura McCormick

Goodloe, Ada

Goodloe, Annie

Goodloe, Harry Boynton 1882-1969

Goodloe, Herbert

Goodloe, Marion See groups: Virginia Colonial Records Project

Goodman, Julius 1895-1964

Goodner, Ella See: photograph album: Lynch Family

Goodner, Lyman See: photograph album: Lynch Family

Goodner, Marietta See: photograph album: Lynch Family

Goodner, Ralph A. See: photograph album: Lynch Family

Goodrich, Mary (Hopkins)

Goodridge, George McC. See: Booker, A. Tyler

Goodson, Price 1913-1947

Goodwin, Ella

Goodwin, Evelyn (Tannor) D.1915 See: Goodwin, William Archer Rutherfoord, 1869-1939

Goodwin, Frederick Deane 1804-1881

Goodwin, Frederick Deane, bp 1888-1968

Goodwin, Lettie See: Goodwin, William A. R.

Goodwin, Mary

Goodwin, Mary Frances (Archer), 1819-1900

Goodwin, Robert Archer See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910.

Goodwin, Rutherfoord 1901-1962 See: Goodwin, William Archer Rutherfoord, 1869-1939

Goodwin, S. A.

Goodwin, William A. R.

Goodwin, William Archer Rutherfoord, 1869-1939

Goowyn, Elizabeth Norfleet See: Ridley, Francis, 1817-1898

Goodwyn, Sallie Bennett (Aylett), -1942

Goolrick, Charles O'Connor 1876-1960

Goolrick, John T.

Goolrick, William Kinloch 1879-1958

Gordon, ? See oversized

Gordon, Agnes (Knox) 1787-1865

Gordon, Anne Campbell See: Thomas, Anne Campbell (Gordon), 1819- 1886

Gordon, Anna Campbell (Knox) 1784-1867 ie., Mrs. Bazil gordon of Falmouth, VA

Gordon, Anne Eliza (Pleasants) 1836-1901

Gordon, Ann Huntly ca. 1899 See: Gordon Douglas Huntly, 1902;Gordon, Douglas Huntly family; Dahlgren, Anne H.(Gordon) Marriage of, oversize

Gordon, Armistead Churchill 1855-1931

Gordon, Armistead Churchill 1897-

Gordon, Bazil 1768-1847

Gordon, Bennett Taylor 1855- See extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Gordon, Catherine d. ca 1845 See: Gordon, Isabella (McClary) Michael, b.1807-

Gordon, Charles George 1833-1885

Gordon children (2 girls)

Gordon, Douglas Hamilton 1817-1883

Gordon, Douglas Huntly 1866-1918

Gordon, Douglas Huntly 1902- See also persons: oversized, Gordon, Douglas H. and Gordon, Douglash family (group)

Gordon, Elizabeth Iris Southall (Clarke) Gordon Briddle, 1871-1958

Gordon, Elizabeth Stith ca 1898 See: Gordon, Douglas Huntly, 1902-; groups: Gordon, Douglas H. family

Gordon, Florence W.

Gordon, George H.

Gordon, George Loyall 1829-1862

Gordon, George Loyall 1899-1918

Gordon, H.

Gordon, Isabella (McClary) Micheal, b. 1807

Gordon, James 1714-1768

Gordon, James Byron 1822-1864

Gordon, James Lindsay 1860-1904 See also oversized

Gordon, James Linsay 1895-

Gordon, James Waddell 1869-1952 See also extra-oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902" Gordon, Jas. R. See groups: American National Bank Directors

Gordon, John 1720-1780

Gordon, John

Gordon, John Brown 1832-1904 See also oversized and extra oversized

Gordon, John W. Jr. See oversized

Gordon, John W. 1847-1928

Gordon, Lucy

Gordon, Maria Breckinridge (Catlett), 1860-1930 ie., "Mrs. Armistead Churchill Gordon"

Gordon, Martha Catherine See: Mallory, Martha Catherine (Gordon), 1838-1863

Gordon, Mary ie., Mrs. Lamont Humphrey; see groups: Morecock, Pinky

Gordon, Mary (Harrison)

Gordon, Mary Long (Daniel) 1829-1876 ie., "Mrs. George Loyall Gordon"

Gordon, Mason 1840-1914

Gordon, Milicent (Conway) 1727-

Gordon, Priscilla 1801-

Gordon, Reuben Lindsay 1855- See: extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Gordon, Sarah Stanly See groups: Gordon, Douglas H. Family

Gordon, Samuel 1784-1855

Gordon, Simeon Ca. 1810-1859

Gordon, Thelma Duane Young

Gordon, Thomas Christian Jr. 1915- See also: groups: Va. Supreme Court

Gordon, Thomas Croxton See groups: Va. Military Institute: Students

Gordon, Virginia Southall See groups: Gordon, Douglas H. Family

Gordon, William Alexander

Gorland, G. G.

Gorman, Joseph Vincent 1903-1969

Gosden, Walter See groups: Mosby's Men

Goshine, A. J.

Gosline, Dr. I. T.

Gotleib, Fredrick See group: Norwood's University School, Room C

Govan, Daniel C.

Gracie, Archibald 1832-1864

Gracie, Archibald IV 1859-1912

Gracie, Constance Elsie (Schack) Wife of Archibald Gracie IV, 1859-1912

Graeff, Michael

Graeme, John 1792-1872

Grafton, Augustus Henry Fitzroy, 3rd Duke 1735-1811 Prime Minister in 1766

Graham, Billy

Graham, Carrie Dandridge (Sampson)

Graham, Henry Tucker 1865-(?) See group photo: Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, Va. Student Group

Graham, General

Graham, Isobel (Pegram)

Graham, John A.

Graham, Lawrence P.

Graham, Robert Spotts 1881-1967

Graham, Samuel Cecil 1846-1923

Graham, William 1746-1799

Graham, William C. See groups: Rose Lawn, Orange County, VA, 1896

Grammar, G. L.

Granbery, (Lady)

Granbery, Henry Augustus Thaddeus, 1808-1904

Granbery, Henrietta Augusta 1829-1927

Granbery, John 1759-1815

Granbery, John Cowper 1829-1907 Bp.

Granbery, John Gershom 1833-1895

Granbery, Julian Hastings 1873-1961

Granbery, Julianna See: Hastings, Julia Caroline (Granbery), 1840-1869

Granbery, Mary Ann Marsh (Megie), 1831-1908 See: Granbery, John Gershom, 1833-1895

Granbery, Misses

Granbery, Prudence (Nimmo) 1807-1903 "ie., Mrs. H. A. T. Granberry"

Granbery, Susanna Butterfield (Stow), 1772-1852 "ie., Mrs. John Granbery"

Granbery, Virginia 1831-1921

Grant, Ann Elizabeth (Crenshaw), 1826-1901

Grant, Henry See groups photograph: Richmond, VA. Lakeside amusement park

Grant, James, Henry 1876-1937

Grant, James Henry 1906-1979

Grant, John Shepperson 1911-

Grant, Lewis Crenshaw 1882-1951

Grant, Lucy Hortense (Burton) 1888-

Grant, Mary Agnes 1908-

Grant, Nannie Armostead (Storrs), 1851-1953

Grant, Pauline Williamson 1879-1945

Grant, Pauline W. See group photograph: Fredericksburg Collegiate Institute

Grant, Robert Nelson

Grant, Ulysses Simpson 1822-1885 See oversized

Graser, Louise M. C. See: Bromm, Louise M. C. (Graser), 1849- 1885

Grasse, Francois-Joseph-Paul, Comte de, 1723-1788

Grantham, Thomas Robinson 1695-1770 1st baron, Commissioner of trade and plantations in 1749. 9/30/60 Harding 3/0

Gratiot, Charles 1788-1855

Grattan, Catherine See: Gamble, Catherine (Grattan), 1753- 1831

Grattan, Jane Elvira (Ferguson), 1806-1888

Gravatt, John James 1854-1925 See also groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Graves, Charles Alfred 1850-1928

Graves, Claiborne Giles 1809-1886

Graves, George W.

Graves, Mamie See: Bobbitt, Mamie (Graves)

Graves, Sarah (Tandy) 1774-1857

Gray, Agatha (Ashton) See: Confederate Soldier, otherwise unidentified

Gray, Alfred Leftwick 1873-

Gray, Arthur See group photograph: Bainbridge Junior High School, safety patrol

Gray, Alphonso Alexander, 1835-1908

Gray, Arthur Powell, Jr. See group photographs: Virginia University Students; Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA; Jefferson Academy; Brown's University School, Charlottesville, VA, baseball team; Brown's Unversity School, Charlottesville, VA, football team; and Virginia Theological seminary, Alexandria, 1910.

Gray, Arthur Powell 1853-1921 See also group: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA, class of 1878

Gray, Benjamin H.

Gray, Catherine Daingerfield (Willis) See: Murat, Catherine Daingerfield (Willis) Gray, 1803-1867

Gray, Elmont See groups: VHS- Grand Opening; state senator

Gray, Elizabeth Struart (Derby), 1881-1940 See also group photographs: Derby family

Gray, George Dabney 1829-1902

Gray, James William 1909- Baby with nurse

Gray, John M., Jr. See groups: Beach Scene, 1896

Gray, Lelia Palmer

Gray, Robert 1755-1826

Gray, Dr. Thomas Branch Willson

Gray, Wilhelmina Jordon (Radford), 1856-1922 Wife of arthur Powell gray, 1853-1921

Gray, William Hill 1805-1890

Grayson, Eleanor (Smallwood)

Grayson, William c. 1736-1790

Greaner, Anne Elizabeth See: Higgins, Ann Elizabeth (Greaner)

Greaner, William 1793-1868

Greear, Fred Bonham 1899-1960

King and Queen of Greece

Greeley, Horace 1811-1872

Green, Berryman 1754-1825

Green, Berryman 1836- See extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902

Green, Brooke

Green, Lewis W. 1806-1863

Green, Mary Browne See: rives, mary Browne (Green), 1779-1860

Green, Lucy Watkins (Lyons) 1807-1831

Green, Mary Frances See: Stone, Mary Frances (Green), 1829-

Green, Mary, Roane (Ritchie)

Green, Thomas 1798-1883

Green, William 1806-1880

Green, Wilmer See groups: Wakefield, VA, High School students

Greene, A. T. See groups: VA State Guard Co. 54

Greene, Israel c. 1823-1909

Greene, Nathanael 1742-1786

Greener, Mae See group: Richmonders, Richmond coffee party

Greenhow, (James) children

Greenhow, Mary

Greenough, Mrs.

Greentree, Jane (Obermeyer) See groups: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Girl Scout troop no. 12

Greentree, Kitty U. See: Greentree, Meyer

Greentree, Meyer

Greenwalt, Joe

Greenwood, Ruth (Werner) Enders See groups: Hassel Golden Wedding

Greer, David G. See: Mosby, Robert O.

Greever, Edgar Lee 1866-1943

Gregg, Alexander 1819-1893

Gregg, Eva See: Ezell, Eva (Gregg)

Gregg, James E.

Gregg, John 1828-1864

Gregg, Martha Jamison See: McIntosh, Martha Jamison (Gregg)

Gregg, Maxcy 1814-1862

Gregory, Catherine Cary

Gregory, Coleman

Gregory, Constance Heath, Jr. See group: Gregory family

Gregory, Diane R. See groups: church groups: St. John's United Church of Christ Confirmation class, 1962

Gregory, Dr. See also groups: Baptist Foreign Mission board in Virginia

Gregory, Edmund See groups: Gregory family

Gregory, Edward Meeks 1922- See also: Silhouettes by Edward Meeks Gregory collection; locations: Christ Church School, Christ-Church, VA, Richmond, St. Marks Epiocopal Church; Richmond, St. Peters Epiocopal Church. Groups: Gregory family, Friends' Assn. For Children (Board)

Gregory, Edward Sanford 1843-1884

Gregory, Elizabeth Warner See: Gephart, Elizabeth Warner (Gregory). Groups: Gregory family

Gregory, Fannie See groups: Gregory Family

Gregory, Frances Jefferson See: Ratcliffe, Frances Jefferson (Gregory) ca. 1836-(?)

Gregory, George See groups: Gregory Family

Gregory, George Craigshead 1878-1956

Gregory, George Osborne See also: groups: Gregory Family

Gregory, Elizabeth L.

Gregory, George Osborne Jr.

Gregory, Gloria C.

Gregory, Grover Johnson 1927-1972

Gregory, H. L. See groups: Medical College of Virginia

Gregory, Henry See groups: Gregory Family

Gregory, Herbert Bailey 1884-1951

Gregory, James 1809-1877

Gregory, James Imogene 1880-(?)

Gregory, James Marcus 1841-1916

Gregory, Lillie William (Gates) 1852-1917

Gregory, Louis See groups: Gregory Family

Gregory, Lucie Jane (Brodie)

Gregory, Lucy See groups: Gregory Family

Gregory, Mary Ann Maria (Brookes)

Gregory, Ollyn Wickliffe 1871-1934

Gregory, R. See groups: McGuire's University School, 1926

Gregory, Roger 1685-1730?

Gregory, Roger 1833-1920 See extra oversize: group album. "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902."

Gregory, Roger

Gregory, Susan Courtney

Gregory, Sylvia Thayer See: Foley, Sylvia Thayer (Gregory)

Gregory, Thomas West See also groups: Gregory Family

Gregory, Thomas William

Gregory, Thurlow Gates 1888-1969

Gregory, William See: Hill/Booth Family album, p. 42

Gregory ie., Mrs. C. A. Gregory

Gregory, Alice See groups: Gregory family

Gregory, Ann H.

Gregory family and friends Related to Constance Heath Gregory and Edward Meeks Gregory etc. See also groups, and groups oversized and albums- Gregory family

Gregory family Associated photos-houses, churches, scenes, objects, (Constance Heath, Edward Meeks Gregory etc.)

Grenville, George 1712-1770 Prime minister in 1763. 8/16/60 Houston 1/10/0; see oversized

Grenville, Sir Richard ca. 1541-1591

Gresham, Hattie Belle 1881?-1964

Gresham, Sir Thomas 1520-1579 6/30/61 Delaram 1/15/-

Greham, William, Mr. and Mrs.

Gretter, Plummer

Greville, Fulke See: Brooke, Fulke Greville, 1st baron, 1554-1628

Grey, Forde See: Tankerville, Forde Grey, earl, d.1701

Grey, Henry See: Suffolk, Henry grey, duke of, d.1554

Grice, George Washington 1824-1875

Grier, E.

Grierson, Gen.

Griffen, Samuel

Griffin, Catherine See: Gwyn, Catherine (Griffin) Fauntleroy, 1664-1728

Griffin, Cyrus 1749-1810

Griffen, J. W. See group photograph: Bainbridge Junior High School safety patrol

Griffin, Lucy (Lewis) 1789-1864

Griffin, Samuel 1840-1917

Griffith, Alfred Hundley 1895-1964

Griffith, John Summerfield

Griffith, Lelia See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Griffith, Richard 1814-1862

Grigsby, Abner Joseph 1821-

Gribsby, Hugh Blair 1806-1881

Grigsby, Hugh Blair 1823-

Grigsby, Hugh Carrington

Grigsby, John Warren

Grigsby, Joseph 1808-1848

Grigsby, Lucian Porter 1820-

Grigsby, Mary Ann See: McCormick, Mary Ann (Grigsby), 1828- 1878

Grigsby, Mary Blair 1860-

Grigsby, Miss Maude

Grigsby, Melvin

Grigsby, Reuben

Grigsby family

Grimes, Bryan 1828-1880

Grimmell, Anna See: Dietrich, Anna (Grimmell), ie., Mrs. George Dietrich

Grimmell, Annie See: Sommer, Annie (Grimmell)

Grimmell, August F. ca. 1871-1921

Grimmell, Elizabeth (Brauer) 1846-1905 See group photographs: Brauer family

Grimmell, Emma See: Liebert, Emma (Grimmell) ie., Mrs. John S. Liebert, 1878-1951

Grimmell, Emma Helene Messgel See groups: Richmonders, coffee club. ie., Mrs. Conrad Frederick Grimmell

Grimmell, Henry F.

Grimsley, Daniel Amon 1840-1910

Grinnan, Dr. Andrew Giassell

Grinnan, Daniel 1861-1940

Grinnon, Georgia Scriven Bryan

Grinnell, Martha See: Booker, Martha (Grinnell), 1812-1915

Groseclose, Frank Alexander 1874-1954

Grosvenor, Richard 1731-1802 1st earl of

Grove, George Philip 1896-1965

Grove, James Philip 1892-1947

Grubb, Curtis -1930 See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA, class of 1878

Grundy, Barton Haxall 1858-1928

Grundy, Felix 1777-1840

Grymes, children of Philip and Mary (Randolph)

Grymes, Alice See: Page, Alice (Grymes), 1723-1746

Grymes, Benjamin Andrew 1824-1884

Grymes, Benjamin 1725-1776? And Ludwell (1733-1795)

Grymes, Charles

Grymes, Elizabeth (Randolph) 1742- Wife of Philip Grymes

Grymes, Hannah See: Potter, Hannah (Grymes)

Grymes, John

Grymes, Lucy See: Burwell, Lucy (Grymes)

Grymes, Ludwell 1733-1795 See: Grymes, Benjamin, 1725-1776?

Grymes, mary (Randolph) -1768

Grymes, Peyton (Dr.)

Grymes, Philip 1721-1762

Grymes, Philip Ludwell 1746-1805

Grymes, Virginia D.

Guerrant, John Gibson 1875-1904

Guest, Elisabeth C. See groups: Wellford family

Guest, Frank B. See groups: Wellford family

Guest, John 1768-1817

Guest, John W. See groups: Wellford family

Guest, Mary E. Bernard See: Gaymont #4, (Mrs. George Guest)

Guigon, Alexander Barclay 1858-1923

Guild, Col. Curtis, Jr. See groups: Lee (Fitzhugh) and staff, 1898

Guild, Lafayette 1825-1870

Guilford, Francis North 1704-1790 1st earl

Guildford, Francis North 1637-1685 Lord Chancellor in 1682, 8/16/60 Lodge 5/0

Guillamme, Bertha See: Hill/Booton family album, pg 19

Guillamme, Henry See: Hill/Booton family album, pg 18

Guiza, Emily

Gundlach, Albert Frederick See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class of 1901

Gunn, Ariana See: Cunningham, Ariana (Gunn) McCartney, 1770-1838

Gunn, Edgar G. See also groups: American National Bank Directors

Gunn, Julien 1877-1948

Gunn, S. E.

Gunzburg, Dr. Frank See: Gunzburg, Ernest Max

Gunzburg, Mary See: Uitkowsky, Mary (Gunzburg)

Gunzburg, Trudy See: Gunzburg, Ernest Max

Gunzburg, Ernest Max 1911-1990

Guppy, J. J.

Guthe, Hermon Oscar 1860-1952

Guthrie, John Dennett 1878-

Gurernator, Louisa

Guvernator, George

Guy, Jackson

Guy, Louis Lee 1906-1953

Guy, Luther

Gwathmey, Abbie See groups: Gwathney family

Gwathmey, Abby (Manly)

Gwathmey, Anna See groups: Gwathney family

Gwathmey, Allan Talbott 1903-1963

Gwathmey, Basil M. See group: Gwathney family

Gwathmey, Bill

Gwathmey, Brooke

Gwathmey, Caroline Moore (Talbott)

Gwathmey, Elizabeth See: Jeffress, Elizabeth (Gwathney), 1887-1967

Gwathmey, Elizabeth T. (Burnley), 1806-

Gwathmey, Hardin See groups: Gwathmey family

Gwathmey, Hardinia Morris

Gwathmey, Jeannette G. See also groups: Gwathmey family

Gwathmey, Joe H. See groups: Gwathmey family

Gwatmey, Joe H., Jr. See also groups: Gwalthmey family

Gwatmey, John R. See also groups: Gwaltmey family

Gwatmey, Joseph Hardin 1878?-

Gwathmey, Laura

Gwathmey, Laura May 1881-

Gwathmey, Lewis Temple 1848-1881

Gwathmey, Lucy Ann 1806-1891

Gwathmey, Margaret (Nicolson) 1791-1824 (Mrs. Robert Gwathmey)

Gwathmey, Mary Burnley See also: works of specific artists; groups: Executive Retail Institute, Arlington, VA; Gwathmey family; H 987.72

Gwathmey, Maj. Joseph 1758-1824 Por. 987.57

Gwathmey, Richard See also groups: Gwathmey family

Gwathmey, Robert 1778-1855

Gwathmay, Robert

Gwathmey, Robert (Judge)

Gwathmey, Roberta Hollingsworth

Gwathmey, Virginia

Gwathmey, William 1878?-(?) See also: groups: Gwathmey Family

Gwathmey, William Henry 1819-1886

Gwathmey, Willaim Henry (possibly the grandfather of)

Gwathmey - unidentified, also possibly Ryland, Garnett Part of 1987 Burlington Gwathmey Memorial Foundation

Gwatkin, Lizzie See: Hill/Booton Family Album, p.20

Gwin, D. William

Gwin, William (?)-1863

Gwynn, Catherine (Griffin) Fauntleroy 1664-1728

Gwyn, Elizabeth See: Tayloe Elizabeth (Gwyn) Lyde, 1692- 1745

Gwyn, T. L. See: extra oversize: group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902"

Gwynn, Frances Ann See: Giles Frances Ann (Gynn)