Haas - Hynes: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Haas, Isabella Hamilton

Haase, Celeste Bertha, "Lessie",1884-1969 See groups: Haase family

Hasse, Charles 1828-1907 See also groups: Haase family

Haase, Charles H. See groups: church groups: St. John's Evanglical Lutheran Church-Confirmation Class, 1921

Haase, Charles Ruppert 1868-1944 See groups: Haase family

Haase, Miss Gertrude See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Haase, Helen Louise 1882-1966 See groups: Haase family

Haase, Henry Robert 1874-1946 See also groups: Haase family

Haase, John Edward 1880-1961 See groups: Haase family

Haase, Josephine See: Miller, Josephine (Haase), 1870-1945

Haase, Louis 1889-1890 See groups: Haase family

Haase, Miss Louise See groups: church groups: st. John's Evangelical church

Haase, Margaretha Lissette (Ruppert), 1844-1932 See also groups: Haase family

Haase, Marie Schaaf See groups: Richmonders, coffee club. ie, Mrs. Henry Robert Haase

Haase, William Frederick 1877-1967 See also groups: Haase family

Habersham, Joseph 1751-1815

Hackley, Harriet Randolph See: Talcott, Harriet Randolph (Hackley), 1810-1880

Haddon, C. Gray See groups: Government Agencies

Haddon, Thomas Gray 1884-

Hadley, Anne Carleton See: Barkley, Alben W.

Haden, Benjamin, Jr. 1891-1940

Haden, Janet Randolph (Ball) 1909-1965

Hagan, James

Hagen, John Campbell

Hagen, Stella See: Smith, Stella (Hagan)

Hageman, Ernest Edwin See groups: Church groups: st. John's United Church of Christ confirmation class, 1909

Hageman, Louis See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class, 1909

Hagemann, Norma See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class, 1913

Hagemueller, Paul See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Hagood, Johnson

Haien, Martin J.

Haile, Edwin

Hailey, William Edward 1870-1950

Hairston Unidentified

Hairston, Samuel -1782

Hale, Dr.

Hale, Nancy See groups: Virginians, 1972

Hale, Peyton Guyn 1821-1885 See groups: Big 4 and Massey

Haley, J. B.

Halifax, Chalmers

Halifax, Charles Montague 1661-1715 1st earl (2nd creation)

Halifax, George Savile 1633-1695 Marquis

Halke, William, Jr. 1786-1882

Hall See groups: Williamsburg, VA, ca 1935. ie., "Mrs. Thadhall"

Hall, Addison

Hall, Ann and Maria Double Portrait Dag.

Hall, Carloiana (Carter) -1799 ie., Mrs. Elisha Hall

Hall, Caroline

Hall, Channing Moore 1890-1953

Hall, Daniel 7/5/61 MacKenzie $3.00 (Argosy)

Hall, Harvey Thomas 1869-1944

Hall, Elisha

Hall, J. K.

Hall, John Lesslie 1856-1928 See also groups: William and Mary College, "The Seven Wise Men"

Hall, Louisa Ann 1794-1852 See group photographs (oversized): Scott family. Ie., Mrs. Charles Rush Hall

Hall, Lyman 1724-1790

Hall, Maria and Ann Double portrait dag. Sef file for Hall, Ann

Hall, Maria Allison

Hall, Marshall Carter 1883-1941

Hall, Martha Minor See: Scott, Martha Minor (Hall), 1827-1883

Hall Sidney Bartlett 1895-1946 See groups: Virginia University, board, 1933

Hall, Wilbur Curtis 1892-1972

Hall, William Alfred, Jr. 1898-1964

Hallam, Lewis, Jr. ca. 1740-

Hallam, Nancy

Halleck, Fitz-Greene

Halleck, Edgar William See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, 1910

Halleck, Henry Wager 1815-1872

Haller, C. I.

Hallihan, Waller

Halling, Margaret

Hallowell, Benjamin 1799-1877

Hallowell, Charlotte Indiana (Goddin), ca. 1839-1900

Hallowell, Josha C. -1865

Halsey, Don Peters 1870-

Halsey, Henry Conklin 1860- See groups: Halsey children

Halsey, James Taggart 1852-1915 See groups: Halsey children

Halsey, William Smiley 1856- See groups: Halsey children

Halsey, William (Admiral)

Halstead, Benton See groups: Confederate soldiers, 69th Ohio Vol. Reg.

Haly, Mary E. See: Bruce, Mary E. (Haly) Wright

Halybwrton, Judge James D[andridge], 1803-1879

Hambert, W. H.

Hamel, Charles Dennis 1881-1970

Hamilton, Alexander 1757-1804

Hamilton, Alexander 1850-1916 See extra-oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Hamilton, Alexander McNutt

Hamilton, Burleigh Washington 1905-1961

Hamilton, Charles Eaton 1816-1855

Hamilton, Elizabeth Grigsby See: Pope, Elizabeth Grigsby (Hamilton), 1858-

Hamilton, Elizabeth McNutt

Hamilton, George See: Orkney, George Hamilton, 1st earl, 1666-1737

Hamilton, James

Hamilton, James

Hamilton, James G.

Hamilton, John

Hamilton, John Randolph Pope

Hamilton, John Richardson

Hamilton, Joseph C.

Hamilton, Nancy See: Mackey, Nancy (Hamilton)

Hamilton, W. S. See: Van Doren family album

Hammond, Belle (Boyd) Hardinge See: High, Belle (Boyd) Hardinge (Hammond), 1844-1900

Hammond, Byrd See: Mowery, Byrd (Hammond) Williams, 1874-1932

Hammond, John Edmund 1878- See: High, Nathaniel Rue, 1861

Hammond, Lillie M.

Hammond, Marie Isabella See: Michael, Marie Isabella (Hammond), 1876-

Hammond, Mildred (Washington) 1772-1894

Hammond, Capt. Thomas

Hammer, Annis Reid

Hamner, Earl, Jr. See groups: "The Waltons"

Hamner, Wyatt Wingfield

Hampton, Betsy See: Hampton, Henry C.

Hampton, Elizabeth

Hampton, Harry LeRoy

Hampton, Henry C.

Hampton, Isabel A.

Hampton, Sarah (Buchanan) 1807-1874

Hampton, Wade 1818-1902 See also oversized

Hampton, William 1809-1887

Hanckell, Allan Reeve 1861-1944

Hancock, Ann Marie

Hancock, Ben See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Hancock, Beverly Agustus 1847-1904 See extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-02

Hancock, Etta See groups: Wakefield, VA High School students

Hancock, George 1754-1820

Hancock, John 1737-1793

Hancock, Margaret 1763-1834 See: Hancock, George, 1754-1820

Hancock, Mary See: Brown, Mary (Hancock), 1784-1848

Hancock, Phillip

Hancock, R. J. (Mrs) See: Van Doren family album

Hancock, Winfield Scott 1824-1886

Handy, Miss

Handy, Anne Roy (Johnston) See groups: Daughters of G. B. Johnston

Handy, Laurens Duvall 1896-1945

Handy, May See: Potter, May (Handy), 1865-1952

Hanes, H. Earlton 1872-1946

Hanes, Virginia See: Chamberlayne, Virginia (Hanes)

Haney, Herschel (Rev)

Hanger, Lina See: Perrine collection filed by City, by gallery

Hank, Joshiah Dickinson, Jr. 1875-1924

Hankins, J. Gustavus

Hanky, C. G.

Hanger, O.V.

Hank, Phillip M.

Hankins, Mr. and Mrs.

Hannah, George Gordon, 1865-(?) See also: group: Worth, Hal

Hannah, William Nathaniel 1893-1959

Hansbrough, L. C. 1856-1916

Hansen, Miss Estelle See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Hansen, Walter See: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation class of 1919

Hanson, Ann (Brown) Claggett Horner

Harbour, William Hooker 1921-1958

Hard, Edward See groups: U.S. Army

Hardaway, Martha Judith See: Old, Martha Judith (Hardaway) Harvie, 1789-1859

Hardee, William Joseph 1815-1873 See also: oversize; also: groups: Confederate Generals

Hardeman, Joan


Harding, Mattie Seay

Harding, Warren Gamaliel 1865-1923 President of U.S. 1921-1923

Hardinge, Belle (Boyd) See: High, Belle (Boyd) Hardinge Hammond 1844-1900

Hardwick, H.L.

Hardwick, Warner(?) and Family See groups: Hardwick family

Hardwicke, Philip Yorke, 1st Earl 1690-1764 Lord Chancellor in 1737

Hardy, Edward Hugh 1884-1948

Hardy, L.A. See extra oversize: group: "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902"

Hare, William B.

Hargrove, Sally

Hariot, Thames 1560-1621

Harker, Mary Slaughter, Mary (Harker)

Harkins, William G. See: Swem, Earl Gregg, 1870-1965

Harlan, Rolvix 1876-1954

Harland, Marion See: Terhune, Mary Virginia

Harless, Allen I. 1866-1930

Harley, Robert See: Oxford, Robert Harley, 1st earl, 1661-1724

Harlow, Leo Patrick 1879-1945

Harman, Alex M., Jr. See groups: Virginia Supreme Court

Harman, Harriet See: Early, Harriet (Harman)

Harman, James W. 1883-1970

Harman, John A. 1824-

Harman, King Edwin 1863-1939

Harmon, A. C.

Harmon, Daniel 1859-1912

Harnsberger, J. Samuel 1839-1912

Harper, Edgar C.

Harper, Fred 1874-1937

Harper, Sir John 1679-1741

Harper, Julia Mildred

Harrell, L. P.

Harrell, Lyman Christian, Jr. 1909-1970

Harrington, John Harington 1592-1614 2nd baron; 5/20/60 Elstrack 3/0; 5/20/60 small oval with lines beneath 2/0

Harrington, Sir John 1541-1613 Named in 3rd Virginia charter; 4/7/60 Passe 0/7/6 oversize; 5/5/61 Elstracke 1/10/0

Harrington, Lucy See: Bedford, Lucy Harrington, countess, d. 1627

Harris, Ben See group (persons): Taylor, Kidder, -1913

Harris, Ellen

Harris, Frederik 1780-1842

Harris, G. Ashton 1878-1941

Harris, Henry Herbert 1837-1897

Harris, Hy?m, Mrs.

Harris, Isham Green 1818-1897

Harris, John 1758-1813

Harris, Kate Brander See: Williams, Kate Brander (Harris) Mayo Skipwith, d. 1945

Harris, Malcom Kerr 1888-1941

Harris, Mary Caroline

Harris, Nathaniel Harrison 1834-1900

Harris, Pete See groups: VA. State Guard Co. 54

Harris, Rebecca (Britton) 1779-1857

Harris, Sally Anne

Harris, W. L.

Harris, W. O.


Harrison, Abby Willing See: Walker, Abby W. H.

Harrison, Albertis Sydney 1907- See also groups: Lynchburg, VA- Lynchburg Training School; Virginia Supreme Courts; Virginia Governors; Godwin, Miles Edwin Inaugration, 1966

Harrison, Ann See: Coupland, Ann (Harrison), 1753-1821

Harrison, Anne See: Randolph, Anne (Harrison)

Harrison, Anne (Carter)

Harrison, Anne Poe See: Berkeley, Anne Poe (Harrison), 1856- 1939

Harrison, Anne (Randolph) 1740- Wife of Benjamin Harrison, 1743-1807

Harrison, Belle

Harrison, Benjamin 1743-1807

Harrison, Benjamin 1833-1901 President of U.S. 1889-1893; See extra oversized- U. S. Military Academy Photo album; see oversized

Harrison, Benjamin Munford 1788-1857 See: Harrison, Nathaniel, 1744-1792

Harrison, Benjamin 1726(?)-1791

Harrison, Benjamin Temple 1863-1908

Harrison, Burton Norvell 1838-1904 See group: Harrison, Burton Norvell

Harrison, Caroline (Scott) 1832-1892 Wife of President Benjamin Harrison

Harrison, Caskie See groups: Harrison, Burton Norvell

Harrison, Constance (Cary) 1843-1920

Harrison, David Alexander, Jr. 1886-1966

Harrison, Dolly Pleasants Gray Briggs Carter (Nicholas), 1788-1857, wife of Benjamin Munford Harrison

Harrison, Edward Jacqueline 1857-

Harrison, Edward P. H. ca. 1860

Harrison, Elise (Thornton) 1888?-1972 See groups: Thornton family and friends

Harrison, Elizabeth See: Randolph, Elizabeth (Harrison)

Harrison, Elizabeth Gatewood (Williamson) See also: Braxton, Mary Gabriella (Williamson), 1853-1881. Wife of Randolph Harrison, b.1831

Harrison, Elizabeth (Page) ca,1751- See also: Page, Mann III, 1749-1803

Harrison, Ellen (Robertson) See: Gaymont, Caroline Co., VA

Harrison, Euphania Claiborne (Taylor), 1819-1897, See: Ellis, Euphania Claiborne (Taylor) Harrison

Harrison, Evelyn Taylor (Byrd) 1766-1817

Harrison, Fairfax 1869-1938

Harrison, George M.

Harrison, Gessner 1807-1862 See also oversized

Harrison, Hannah See: Ludwell, Hannah (Harrison), 1678-1731

Harrison, Henry Sydnor 1881-1930

Harrison, Hetty (Cary) 1871-1943

Harrison, Isabelle See: Keith, John A. C.

Harrison, Mrs. J. P. See: Harrison, J. P.

Harrison, J. P.

Harrison, Jacob Prosser 1834-1908

Harrison, James

Harrison, James F. See: Van Doren family album

Harrison, John Prosser -d. 1851

Harrison, Judith Willantina (Temple), 1837-1905 ie., Mrs. Jacob Prosser Harrison

Harrison, Julia

Harrison, Julian 1827-1877

Harrison, Lewis See group: Immortal six hundred

Harrison, Louisa Triplet (Haxall?), 1847-

Harrison, Lucy See: Randolph, Lucy (Harrison)

Harrison, Lucy (Carter) Fitzhugh, 171?-1773

Harrison, lucy Similiar to the Hudgin's portrait

Harrison, Maria Louise (Cosby) See: Harrison, William Flening

Harrison, Maria (Sheerin) See also: Harrison, James

Harrison, Mary (Randolph) 1771-1835 Mrs. Randolph Harrison

Harrison, Nathaniel 1744-1792

Harrison, Randolph 1769-1839

Harrison, Randolph 1799-1844

Harrison, Randolph b.ca. 1860-

Harrison, Randolph 1829-1900

Harrison, Randolph

Harrison, Randolph

Harrison, Randolph See groups: Lorton family and friends

Harrison, Rosily See: Van Doren family album

Harrison, Major Russell B. See groups: Lee (Fitzhugh) and staff 1898

Harrison, Sarah See: Blair, Sarah (Harrison), 1678-1713

Harrison, Susanna (Randolph) 1757- Wife of Carter Henry Harrison d. 1794

Harrison, Thomas Waller 1856-1935 See extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Harrison, Tommy See: Williams, Francis

Harrison, Virginia L. C.

Harrison, William -1814

Harrison, William Byrd 1800-1870

Harrison, William See groups: Hampden-Sydney College- Chi Phi Fraternity 1946-47

Harrison, William Elzey

Harrison, William Flening

Harrison, William Henry 1773-1841 See also localities: Richmond capitol building,; see oversized; U. S. President

Harrison, William Henry

Harrison, Mrs. William Henry

Harrison, Woodson See groups: Hampden-Sydney College-Chi Phi Fraternity 1946-47

Ramsay (Harrold), Mrs. Sears

Harrold, Elizabeth Sears

Harshbarger, C. L.

Hart, Alan L.

Hart, Ed See groups; VA State Guard Co. 54

Hart, Elizabeth LeRoy See: Conway, Elizabeth LeRoy (Hart), 1883- 1972

Hart, John Beauregard 1862-1901

Hartman, M. P.

Hartnett, Ann Bird (Ayres) 1932-

Hartwell, A. S.

Hartwell, Virginia Thomas and Bathia Thomas (Pairish)

Harvey, Ellen Virginia (Taylor) See: Taylor, Geo. Alex. Wattkins

Harvey, Irvin Abraham 1891-1955

Harvey, John M.

Harvey, John W. 1852-1922

Harvey, Robert -1831

Harvie, Charles, 1852-1927

Harvie, Eliza Meade 1850-1930

Harvie, James Blair 1847-1937

Harvie, John Brockenbrough 1810-1885

Harvie, James Seddon 1846-1917

Harvie, Lewis Edwin 1809-1887 See also: Por 979.10c on shelves in P.S.

Harvie, Lewis Edwin (?)-1912

Harvie, Martha Judith (Hardaway) See: Old, Martha Judith (Hardaway) 1789- 1854

Harvie, Martha Old 1852-(?) See: Blair, Henry Wayne

Harvie, Mary Elizabeth (Blair) 1819-1912

Harvie, Mary Lucy (Michaux)

Harvie, Mary Rutherford See: Maury, Mary Rutherford (Harvie)

Harvie, Peggy Blair See: Waring, Peggy Blair (Harvie) 1854-(?)

Harvie, Sarah Blair 1814-1890 See: por 979.10b in P.S. shelving

Harvie, Willie See: Creecy, Willie (Harvie)

Harris, Frederick

Harwood, Henry See groups: American National Bank Directors

Harwood, John

Harzfeld, S. K.

Hasbrook, Charles E. d. ca., 1920

Hase, Robert

Haskins, Rosa

Haskins, Sam

Hassel, Burghard 1828-1912 See also groups: Hassel golden wedding

Hassel, Carl Clothar 1904-1978 See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class, 1919

Hassel, Clothar 1866-1935 See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1898; See also: Hassel Golden wedding

Hassel, Cora See: Wenzel, Cora (Hassel); ie., Mrs. Frederick W. Wenzel, 1877-1963

Hassel, Helen See groups: Vaiden family; ie., Mrs. Helen H. Vaiden

Hassel, Helene Elizabeth (Poehler) See groups: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: Girl Scout troop #31. ie., Mrs. Rudolph C. Hassel

Hassel, Marie (Gerhardt) 1837-1919 See: Hassell, Burghard, 1828-1912; See also groups: Hassell golden wedding

Hassel, Mathilda (Schaaf) 1870-1988 See groups: Hassel golden wedding; ie., "Mrs. Clothar Hassel"

Hassel, Rudolph C. See groups, church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church Confirmation Class, 1921

Hassel, William Frederick d. 1979 See groups: Hassel golden wedding

Hassell, LeRoy Rountree See: Virginia Supreme Court

Hassinger, John H. 1869-1948

Hastings, Francis Rawdon Hastings, 1754-1826 1st marquis, British general in American Revolution. 3/23/61 Sanders 0/6/0, 3/23/61 Jones 0/1/1, see oversized

Hastings, Julianna Carolina (Granbery), 1840-1869

Hatch, John W. 1819-1902

Hatch, Willie See: Row, Mary Elizabeth

Hatcher, Samuel C.

Hatcher, William E, Dr. See also groups: Baptist Foreign Mission Board in VA

Hatcher, William Eldridge 1834-1912 See also groups: Fork Union Military Academy

Hatton, Christopher Hatton 1632-1706 1st viscount, Commissioner for trade and plantations in 1681, 8/16/60 Harding 5/0

Hatton, Goodrich 1862-1929 See also extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-02"

Haumueller, Karl See groups, church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class, 1909

Haunewinkle, Edward See groups: White Sulphur Springs, W. VA (tea party)

Haunewinkle, William See groups: White Sulphur Springs, W. VA (tea party)

Haw, George Edwin 1881-1971

Haw, H. H.

Haw, Richardson Wallace 1838-1901

Hawes, Anne See: McGuire, Catherine Skelton (Bemiss), 1901-

Hawes, Katie See groups: Meade family and friends

Hawes, Samuel Horace 1838-1922

Hawke, Edward Hawke 1705-1781 1st baron, Commissioner of trade and plantations in 1767; 3/23/61 Barolozzi 5/0; 3/23/61 Ryall 2/6; 3/23/61 Anonymous 2/0

Hawkes, Albert See group photograph: Bainbridge Junior High School safety patrol

Hawkins, Aubrey

Hawkins, Gertrude Park (Moore)

Hawkins, Sir John 1532-1595 Explorer; 5/20/60 Passe 10/0

Hawks, W. J. See groups: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan and his staff

Hawley, Mrs. Cornezia Dewey

Hawthorne, Alexander T.

Haxall, Anna Martha (Bradly) 1836-1882

Haxall, Anne Pleasants See: Johnson, Rose Gordon

Haxall, Harriet Elizabeth See: Bagby, Lucy Parke (Chamberlayne), 1842-1927

Haxall, Harry

Haxall, Littleberry

Haxall, Mary Jenifer (Triplett), 1849-1892 See also oversized

Haxall, Mary Parke See: Cameron, Mary Parke (Haxall), 1846- 1915

Haxall, Philip 1770-1831

Haxall, Philip 1840-1897 See also oversized

Haxall, Philip Angustus

Haxall, Robert William 1802-1872

Haxall, Rosalie

Haxall, Rose Gordon See: Johnson, Rose Gordon (Haxall)

Haxall, Theodore

Haxall, William Henry 1809-1888

Hayden, Eleanor Franklin See: Price, Eleanor Franklin (Hayden), 1908-1973

Hayden, Rev. Horace Edwin 1837-1917

Hayden, Horace E., Jr.

Hayes, Catharine

Hayes, Honorah

Hayes, Isabel Lamont Stewart (Bryan) (Mrs. Joseph Bryan)

Hayes, Isobel Stewart (Bryan) 1909-

Hayes, Rutherford B. 1822-1893 President of U. S., see oversized

Haynes, Donald 1934-1988

Haynes, Edward Thomas 1901-1953

Hayes, James M.

Hayes, Johnson J.

Hayes, Margaret Howell (Davis) 1854-1909 See groups: Davis, Jefferson, family of

Haynes, Thomas

Haynes, William Tyler 1870-

Hays, Georgia (Mrs.)

Hays, Harry Thompson 1820-1876

Hays, James 1839-1888

Hayton, Harry Craven

Hazard, Erskine See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Hazelgrove, Guy Blanton 1895-1950

Hazeltine, Fred See groups: Virginians, 1972

Heald, Elizabeth

Healy, Elliott

Healy, Joseph Edward, Jr. 1929-1963

Healy, Sue (Gatewood) See: Healy, Tiny?

Healy, Tiny?

Heard, Harriet (Hildreth)

Heard, Harriet Hildreth See: Dunn, Harriet Hildreth (Heard), 1853- 1935

Heath, Emma See: vaughan, Emma (Heath)

Heath, James

Heath, James Elliott 1871-1941

Heath, James Ewell 1792-1862

Heath, John 1789-1838

Heath, John 1758-1810

Heath, John 1863-1892 See also: Heath, Blanche Thayer (Meeks), 1865-1957

Heath, Mary Elizabeth (Allen) 1829-1901 See also: Allen, James and Allen, Martha T. A.

Heath, Richard William 1821-1875

Heath, Sir Robert 1575-1649 Commissioner to consider the "state" of Virginia in 1631; 9/30/60 Sawyer 4/6

Heath, Blanche Thayer (Meeks) 1865-1957 See also groups: Gregory family and oversize album- Gregory family

Heath, Elizabeth Ann (Macon) 1820-1868 ie., Mrs. James Ewell Heath

Heath family Related to Gregory, Constance Adela (Heath), 1890-1982; see also groups: Gregory family

Heatwole, Margaret

Heber, Reginald, bp. 1783-1826

Heckman, Charles Adams

Heffleman, Emily (Beatty) 1867-1956

Heilman, E. Bruce See: Broadsides: 1971, March 26

Heindl, C.T. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad 1926

Heinrich, Jeffries

Heintzelmann, Samuel Peter 1805-1880 See groups: oversize: Union Generals, "Our Generals in the Field"

Heintzelmann, Samuel P. w/family and staff, Arlington House 1862

Heintzelmann, Maj. Gen.

Heistand, Joseph T.

Heith, Allen Hampton

Heith, Barry Jan See: Heith, Allen Hampton

Helm, Ben Hardin

Helms, Jeremiah Strother

Helms, William Roy, 1910-(?)

Helse, C.C.

Hempstead, Fay

Henchman, Humphry 1592-1675 Bishop of London

Henderson, Elizabeth (Stodghill) 1776-1846

Henderson, James 1763-1829

Henderson, John 1768-1825

Henderson, John (?)-1787

Henderson, Maud Truxton 1868-1956

Hendrick, Carol Draper 1918-1969

Hendy, Patricia See groups: WOBCA

Hening, William Waller 1768-1828

Henley, John M[?]

Henley, Norvelle Lightfoot 1869-1923

Henley, Robert See: Northington, Robert Henley, 1st Earl, 1708(?)-1772

Henley, V. W.

Hennighausen, Charles August 1835-1926 See also: group: Marshall Street Viaduct, Richmond, Va.

Hennighausen, Charles August 1871-1931 See also: group photographs: Hennighausen Family

Hennighauson, Johannes Heinrich 1786-1859

Hennighausen, Josephine Blanche See: Stahl, Josephine (Hennighausen), i.e. Mrs. Frank Stahl, 1878-1967

Hennighausen, Laura Anna 1866-1953 See: groups

Hennighausen, Laura Anna 1866-1953 See also: group photographs, Hennighausen Family

Hennighausen, Louise Anna See: Hobelmann, Louise Anna (Hennighausen), 1881-1970

Hennighausen, Margaretha Josephine (Ruppert) 1845-1922 See also: Hennighausen, Charles August, 1835-1926

Hennighausen, Maria Catherine (Schulz) 1807-1879

Hennighausen, Theresa Marie See: Brauer, Theresa Marie (Hennighausen), 1869-1957

Henrietta, Maria Queen of England 1609-1669

Herndon, Willaim Lewis

Henry, ---

Henry VIII, King of England b.1497

Henry, Anne Kilby

Henry, Annie See groups: Meade family and friends

Henry, Dorothea Spottswood

Henry, Dorothy Willing Page

Henry, Elizabeth See: Lyons, Elizabeth (Henry)

Henry, Elizabeth See: Russell, Elizabeth (Henry) Campbell, 1749-1825

Henry, Elvira (Cabell) See: Bruce, Elvira (Cabell) Henry, (?)- 1859

Henry Frederick Stuart, prince, 1593-1612 See also: oversize, and Essex, Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl, 1591-1646

Henry, Patrick 1736-1799 See also: oversize; Russell, William; localities, Richmond (Capital Building); Events, 1763, Dec. 1, P. Henry arguing the Parson's cause

Henry, Robert Randolph 1845-1915

Henry, Thomas Stanhope See: group photograph: Hampden Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney Va., student group

Henry, Uncle

Henry, William See: Gloucester, William Henry, 4th Duke, 1639-1660

Henry, William Wirt 1831-1900 See also: por x282 (copper plate)

Henshaw, Miss

Henshel, Dorothy

Hepburn, David 1866-1931

Herbert, Col. Arthur

Herbert, George Somerville

Herbert, Philip See: Pembroke, Philip Herbert, 4th Earl 1584-1650

Herbert, Thomas Sweptson See: Groups: William & Mary College, Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Herbert, William See: Pembroke, William Herbert, 3rd Earl, 1580-1630

Herbig, Bernard

Herbig, John H. See groups: St. John's United Church of Christ-Confirmation class 1962.

Herbig, William See groups: church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Hericke, Sir William 1557-1653 Member of the Virginia Co., 5/20/60 in circle 3/0

Herman, Augustine ca.1605-1686

Herndon, Ann Hull See: Maury, Ann Hull (Herndon), 1811-1901

Herndon, Dabney

Herndon, Pamela See: Carter, Pamela (Herndon), 1839-1929

Herndon, Ty

Herndon, Capt. William Lewis 1813-1857

Herndon, Wolf See Groups: Va. State Guard, Co. 54

Herold See groups: Booth, John Wilkes, and his associates

Heron, William

Herring, Alvah Livingston 1886-(?)

Herring, Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, 1693-1757 See: oversize

Herrink, Louis Shephard 1892-1965

Herrman, Augustine ca. 1605-1686

Hertzburg, Bella See: groups: Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts: Girl Scout Troop #12

Hertzog, Rachel W. See Cook, Rachel W. (Hertzog)

Hess, E.L. & Family See groups: Hess

Hester, Mrs. Margaret W.

Heth, Henry 1825-1899

Heth, Henry 1750-1821 See also: Oversize

Heth, William 1750-1807

Hetzer, Mrs. Henry See groups: church groups: St John's Evangelical Church

Heuser, Henry Massilon 1867-1957

Hibbs, George See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Hibbs, Henry Horace 1888-1977

Hickey, John M. d.1927

Hickman, C.A.

Hickman, James Gardner

Hicks, Robert Randolph 1870-1951 See also: groups: Pershing

Hicks, W.F.

Hiden, J.C.

Hiden, M.B.

Hiden, Martha (Woodruff) i.e. Mrs. Philip Wallace Hiden See groups: Virginia Historical Society

Hiden, Nancy See Craig, Nancy (Hiden)

Higginbothan, David

Higginbotham, Jane (Bayly) 1827-1900

Higginbottom, Joseph

Higgins, Anne Elizabeth (Greaner)

Higgins, Eliza Andrews

Higgins, Eugene

Higgins, Henry

Higgins, Violet L. McCray, John H.

High, Belle (Byrd) Hardinge Hammond 1844-1900

High, Nathaniel Rue 1861-(?)

Hildreth, Harriet See: Heard, Harriet Hildreth

Hill, Unidentified members of Hill and Booth family, friends and students See also: albums

Hill, i.e. Mrs. Albert H. Hill See groups: Branch family

Hill, Capt. A. Govan See groups: Charge of the VMI cadets

Hill, Albert H. 1866-1933

Hill, Albert Hudgins 1869-1933

Hill, Ambrose Powell 1825-1865 See also oversize; groups: Confederate commanders

Hill, Anna Lee

Hill, Benjamin J.

Hill, Byrd Lee See: Hill, Albert H. 1866-1933

Hill, Daniel Harvey 1821-1889

Hill, James Christian 1831-1896

Hill, John Booton 1840-1913

Hill, Catherine

Hill/Booth Family Album 50 pages (no. In pencil)
1. Beers, Uncle Charlie
2. Beers, Margaret Fletcher
3. Beers, William
4. Dickinson, Mrs. M.A. & Charlie
5. Sturgis, May
6. Strugis, Charlie D.
7. Strugis, Charlie D.
8. Taylor Willie
9. Beers, George
10. Tyree, John Logan
11. Tyree, Phoebe Ann
12. "Nellie"
13. Bransford, Cora
14. Younger, Bettie
15. Sinton, Nannie Tyree
16. Mr. Winn
17. Page, Byrd
18. Guillamme, Henry
19. Guillamme, Bertha
20. Gwatkin, Lizzie
21. Dudley, Ellen Younger
22. No Photo
23. No Photo
24. Unidentified man
25. Unidentified woman
26. Unidentified man
27. Unidentified man
28. Tyree, John Logan
29. Younger, Samuel Bransford
30. Unidentified woman
31. No photo
32. Three unidentified young woman
33. Sinton, Nannie Tyree
34. Unidentified woman
35. Unidentified man
36. "Mr. Tommie Johnson and his brother Howard
37. No photo
38. No photo
39. No photo
40. Unidentified girl
41. Beers, Charlie
42. Gregory, William
43. Gregory, Mrs. William (Rosa)
44. No photo
45. No photo
46. No photo
47. Unidentified man
48. Silverthorn, Willie
49. Unidentified woman
50. No photo

Hill, Cora J. (Bransford)

Hill, Eliza Hall See album: Dunlop family

Hill, Eva

Hill, Francis Irwin 1860-1946

Hill, Gene See: Wolters, Dick

Hill, Harry See album: Dunlop family

Hill, Hugh H.

Hill, Isabella (Dunlop) See album: Dunlop family; ie., Mrs. James Hill

Hill, James See album: Dunlop family

Hill, John Booton Plus wife

Hill, Joseph

Hill, Judith Bransford See: Weaver, Judith Bransford (Hill)

Hill, Julia

Hill, Julien H.

Hill, Katherine Byrd See: Weaver, Judith Bransford (Hill)

Hill, Lilly Harrison

Hill, Mary (Dunlop) See album: Dunlop family, ie., Mrs. James Hill

Hill, Max See: Hill, W. R.

Hill, M. M.

Hill, Mary Louisa 1802-1869

Hill, Oliver

Hill, Richard See groups: Hampden-Sydney College, Chi Phi Fraternity 1946-47

Hill, Robert See album: Dunlop family

Hill, Thomas Blout

Hill, W. L.

Hill, W. R.

Hill, William Alexander

Hill, William Edwin 1880-1940

Hill, William P.

Hilliand, Ed. See groups: Hilliard family

Hilliand, Fred See groups: Hilliard family

Hilliard, John T. 1840-1862

Hillman, James Noah 1883-

Hillsman, Blanton L.

Hillyard, Aldine Shank See groups: Maryland, VA Cornet Band

Hillyard, Homer See groups: Maryland, VA cornet Band

Hinckle, G. W. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad, 1926

Hindman, Thomas Carmichael 1828-1868


Hines, Brainard M. See groups: Hassel Golden Wedding

Hines, Delores R. See groups: Gregory family

Hines, Helen (Werner) 1874- See groups: Hassel Golden Wedding

Hines, Louise Norton (Mosher) 1892- See persons (group) Mosher family

Hines, R. B.

Hinkins, Ernest H.

Hipkins, Fanny See: Bernard, Fanny (Hipkins), 1771-1801

Hirsh, Charles See: Maupin-Ridpath family album extra oversized

Hirsh, Grace See: Maupin-Ridpath family album extra oversized

Hirsh, Jerry See: Maupin-Ridpath family album extra oversized

Hite, Bentley 1900-

Hite, Mrs. D. M.

Hite, G. W.

Hite, Isaac 1758-1836

Hite, James Madison 1793-1860 See: Hite, Nelly Conway (Madison), 1760- 1803

Hite, Nelly Conway (Madison) 1760-1803

Hix, R. J. See: Pic 925.5 Richmond Light Infantry Blues Co. A 46th VA Regt.

Hoar, George Frisbie 1826-1904

Hobart, Major See groups: Lee (Fitzhugh) and staff, 1898

Hobart, Sir Henry d. 1625 On the Virginia council, 4/7/60 Passe 0/5/0; 5/5/61 Passe (sold by Sudbury) 2/5/0

Hobbs, Thomas Gibson

Hobelmann, Louise Anna (Hennighausen), 1881-1970 See also: Stahl, Josephine Blanche (Hennighausen), 1878-1967. Group photographs: Hennighansen family

Hobson, Anderson Unidentified photographs given Dec.'79

Hobson, Aqusta See: Tunstall, Aqusta (Hobson)

Hobson, A. Coryder(?)

Hobson, A. L., family See groups

Hobson, Annie Leigh (Camm) See groups: White sulphur springs, W. VA, ie, "Mrs. Reid Hobson"

Hobson, Bessie M. (Martin) -1966 See also groups: Astor, Nancy; Mrs. Saunder Hobson

Hobson, E. M.

Hobson, Eddy

Hobson, Edwin, family See groups

Hobson, Edwin See also: Hobson, Lafayette; See also groups: Tennis game 1887; see also groups

Hobson, Edwin Lafayette 1835-1901

Hobson, Elizabeth (Taliaferro) See groups: Girl Scout Troop #3

Hobson, Elizabeth M. (Bridges) 1874-1946 Mrs. Graham Hobson

Hobson, Ellen Graham Anderson See also groups: Tennis 1889

Hobson, Fannie

Hobson, Fannie Anderson 1846-1939 Mrs. Edwin Lafayette Hobson

Hobson, Fannie Anderson See also: Anderson, Elsie Cullen

Hobson, Frank See: deGraffenreid, Helmuth

Hobson, George

Hobson, Haskins 1877-1954

Hobson, Henry Wise 1858-1898

Hobson, J. Weivyss

Hobson, John

Hobson, Joseph Reid Anderson

Hobson, Joseph Reid Anderson 1901(?)-

Hobson, Nannie

Hobson, P.

Hobson, Lt. R. P.

Hobson, R. Archer

Hobson, Sally Archer Anderson

Hobson, William

Hocker, Mr. and Mrs. George Of Buckingham Co.; See: Works of specific artists/ Samuel T. Taylor

Hocket, Bill

Hodgman, Charles M. See group photographs: Norfolk, VA. Norfolk academy football team, 1900

Hoffbauer, Charles 1875-1957

Hoffheimer, Mrs. H. R.

Hofheimer, Henry Clay II

Hoffheimer, Herald

Hoffheimer, Norma J.

Hogan, J. A. Cameron

Hoge, Addison

Hoge, Alice Aylett See: Waller, Alice Aylett (Hoge), 1898

Hoge, Bessie Lacy 1845-1911

Hoge, Hampden 1867-

Hoge, Lacy See: Irvine, Lacy (Hoge)

Hoge, Lizzie

Hoge, Mary Roche See: Gilliam, Mary Roche (Hoge), 1847-1902

Hoge, Moses 1753-1820

Hoge, Moses Drury 1818-1899

Hoge, Moses Drury, Jr. 1861-1920 See also groups: Hoge, Moses Drury

Hoge, Susan Morton (Wood) 1825-1868 Wife of Moses Drury Hoge, 1818-1899

Hohelmann, Louise (Hennighausen) 1881-1970 See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church 1898; Hennighausen, Laura Anna

Hoke, Robert Frederick 1836-1912

Holcomb, Reverend Henry 1762-1824 Born in Prince Edward Co., Va.

Holcombe, James Philemon 1820-1873 See: oversize

Holcombe, William Henry 1825-1893 See groups: Literary figures-poets

Holdsworth, Francis Ann Woodson, Francis Ann (Holdsworth)


Holladay, Alexander Randolph 1870-(?)

Holladay, Eliza Lewis 1816-1878 See: Holladay, James Minor, 1823-1891

Holladay, Frances Ann 1821-1878 See: Holladay, James Minor, 1823-1891

Holladay, Hulda Lewis 1814-1891 See: Holladay, James Minor, 1823-1891

Holladay, James Porter See group photograph: Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney Va., student group

Holladay, Mary Waller 1818-(?) See: Holladay, James Minor, 1823-1891

Holladay, Virginia Randolph (bolling) 1841-1899

Holladay, Virginia Watson 1829-1888 See: Holladay, James Minor, 1823-1891

Holladay Family

Holland, Edward Everett 1861-1941

Holland, Harvey See groups: Wakefield, VA high school students

Holland, Henry Rich 1590-1649 1st earl, named in 3rd Virginia charter; 4/7/60 Thomson 5/0- 2 copies; 5/20/60 Clouwet 6/0

Hilles, Denzill 1599-1680 Commissioner of trade and plantations in 1679; 9/30/60 White 3/0

Holles, John See: Clare, John Holles, 1st earl, 1564- 1637

Holles, Thomas Pelham See: Newcastle-under-Lyme, Thomas Pelham Holles, 1st duke, 1693-1768


Holladay, James Minor 1841-1862

Holliday, Jane Kimbrough See: Pendleton, Jane Kimbrough (Holliday)

Holliday, Caroline C. (Stuart)

Holliday, Frederick Williams MacKey, 1828-1899 See also groups: Virginia Governor and staff

Holladay, Frederick W. M. Governor

Holliday, Lucy See group photographs: Lyne family group

Hollingsworth, Charles rouse

Hollins, George Nichols 1799-1878

Hollowell, Indie (Goddin) See photograph album: Lynch family

Holmes, Andrew Hunter

Holmes, Daniel Joseph 1840-1920

Holmes, David 1770-1832

Holmes, Elizabeth (Gardner) 1800-1875

Holmes, George Frederick 1820-1897 See also: Van Doren family album

Holmes, Henry Gardner 1830-1915

Holmes, James

Holmes, Joseph 1746-

Holmes, Leonie Helen

Holmes, Nancy Drweilla Tyler

Holmes, Oliver Wendell 1841-1935

Holmes, Rebecca See: Conrad, Rebecca (Holmes)

Holmes, Virginia Alice (Boyer) 1845-1934

Holstein, Otto

Holt, Alvin See group photograph: Bainbridge Junior High School, safety patrol

Holt, Amelia See: Davies, Amelia (Holt)

Holt, Charles J. 1850-1906

Holt, E. M. See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Holt, Henry Winston 1864-1947

Holt, Governor Homer A.

Holt, Mary Susan See: Letcher, Mary Susan (Holt)

Holt, Sarah Amanda Allen See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Holt, Saxon Winstion 1871-1940

Holton, Linwood 1923- See also groups: Virginians 1972

Holton, Tayloe See: Holton, Linwood, 1923-

Holtzclaw, James T.

Holzgrefe, Nancy Haxall (Wright), 1920-

Homer, Alfred Byrne 1861-1934

Hood, John Bell

Hood, Kent See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Hooe, Bernard 1791-1869

Hook, J. Edwin See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class of 1919

Hooker, James Murray 1873-1940 See also extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902

Hooker, Murray See groups: Government Agencies

Hooker, Oscar

Hoomes, Richard 1784-1823

Hoomes, William 1775-

Hooper, D.

Hooper, Rachel

Hoover, Herbert Clark 1874-1964 President of the U. S. 1929-1933; See also: Strauss, Lewis Lichenstein, 1896- 1874; See groups: Yorktown, VA, Yorktown Sesquicentennial; see also oversized

Hoover, J. Edgar

Hope, James Barron 1829-1887 See groups: Literary figures- poets

Hope, Louise Parramore

Hopkins, Abby Byrd Nelson (Page), 1798-1889

Hopkins, Abram Hancock 1888-1968

Hopkins, Ann (Ross)

Hopkins, Jean

Hopkins, John Page ca. 1825-1857

Hopkins, Harriet

Hopkins, Mary

Hopkins, Mary See: Goodrich, Mary Hopkins

Hopkins, Samuel ca. 1750-1819

Hopkins, Walter L. 1889-1949

Hopkins, Francis 1738-1791

Hoppin, E.

Hopson, Julius A. and son(?) 991.85.8

Honer, Ann (Brown) Claggett See: Hanson, Ann (Brown) Claggett Horner

Horner, Benjamin ca. 1840-1928

Horner, Elizabeth Welsh See: Epps, Elizabeth Welsh (Horner)

Horner, Elizabeth (Welsh) 1800-1879

Horner, Gustavus Brown

Horner, Gustavus Richard Brown 1804-

Horner, Ida See: Horner, Benjamin, ca. 1840-1928

Horner, Inman 1791-1860

Horner, Janet Cleiland 1822-1895 See: Weaver, Janet cleiland (Horner)

Horner, Josephine Dulles See: Eppes, Josephine Dulles (Horner), 1826-1852, "Mrs. Richard Eppes"

Horner, Mary Henderson 1794-1831

Horner, William Edmonds 1793-1853

Horsley, John Dunscombe 1849-1909

Horsley, J. Shelton

Horton, Thomas B. 1836-1844

Hosack, David See: Groups Gregory Collection

Hoskins, Mary Emma (Kelly)

Hoskins, T. See groups: McGuire's University football squad, 1923

Hoskins, W. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad, 1923

Hosmer, Emery N. 1900-1966

Hotchkiss, Anne Lydia See: Howison, Anne Lydia (Hotchkiss), 1857-

Hotchkiss, Ellen May 1855- See also: Howison, Anne Lydia (Hotchkiss), 1857-

Hotchkiss, Elmore D.

Hotchkiss, Jedediah 1828-1899 See also group: Hotchkiss, Jedediah and Jackson, Thomas Jonathan and his staff

Hotchkiss, Lora E. See: Ellyson, Lora E. (Hotchkiss), 1848- 1935

Hotchkiss, Nellie M. See groups: Hotchkiss, Jedediah

Hotchkiss, Patrick Henry Starke, 1881-1971

Hotchkiss, Patrick Henry Starke See: Hotchkiss, Henry, 1881-1971

Hotchkiss, Sarah Anne (Comfort), 1833-

Houchins, Ransom Bridges 1902-1963

Houdon, Jean Antoine c. 1741-1828

Houghawout, J. W.

Houston, Eleanora Gibson 1883-1942 See also groups: Equal Suffrage League of Richmond

Houston, Rev. Hale

Houston, Henry Gibson

Houston, Samuel 1793-1863


Howard, Charles See: Carlisle, Charles Howard, 3rd earl, 1674-1738

Howard, Conway Robinson 1832?-1895

Howard, David Halbert 1865-1925

Howard, E. T.

Howard of Effingham, Francis 1643-1695 5th baron

Howard, Henry 1792-1874 See also oversized

Howard, John 1733-1834

Howard, John 1875-1951

Howard, John Clarke 1846-1925 See: Van Doren family album

Howard, Mary See: Gordon, Mary (Howard)

Howard, Nancy McKay

Howard, Oliver Otis 1836-1909

Howard of Effingham, Philadelphia (Pelham), 1654-1685

Howard, Thomas See: Arundel, Thomas, 2nd earl of Arundel and Surry, 1586-1646

Howard, Thomas See: Norfolk, Thomas Howard, 3rd duke of, d. 1554

Howard, Thomas See: Norfolk, Thomas Howard, 4th duke, 1536-1572

Howard, Thomas See: Suffolk, Thomas Howard, 9th earl, 1561-1626

Howarth, Rev. Boyd Roberts

Howe, William Howe 1729-1814 5th viscount; see also oversized

Howell, D. J. See: Dorsey, John C.

Howell, Julius Franklin 1846-1948

Howell, Mary See: Lewis, Mary (Howell), ca. 1700-ca. 1780

Howell, Mildred See: Lightfoot, Mildred (Howell), 1723- 1783

Howell, Roxy

Howell, Varina See: Davis, Varina (Howell), 1826-1906

Howerson, Lee See groups: Mosby's Men

Howison, Anne Lydia (Hotchkiss), 1857-

Howison, Ellen Moore 1894-

Holton, Mary Semmes

Hoyt, Mary Wills

Hubard, Edmund W. 1841- See extra- oversized group album: "Virginia constitutional Convention, 1901-02"

Hubbard, Elbert (Green) 1856-1915

Hubbard, Eliza

Hubbard, Eleanor

Hubbard, Lizzie Shields

Huber, Eduard

Hucky, Mrs. J. J.(?) See also localities: (Richmond) Louser

Hudgins, Alexander

Hudgins, Edward Wren 1882-1958

Hudgins, Francis Gordon 1902-1962

Hudgins, George Washington

Hudgins, Mrs. R. S.

Hudgins, Randolph K. See groups: Hampden-Sydney College: Chi Phi Fraternity, 1946-47

Hudgins, Robert Lester 1879-

Hudnall, Capt. Henry

Hudson, See group: Washington and Lee University. Lexington, VA, students

Hucy, Mrs. T. W.

Huff, Margaret (Jones)

Huffman, F. L. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad, 1927

Huger, Benjamin See extra oversized: Photograph album, "VMI, class 1889-93


Hughes, Anna Douglas

Hughes, Dr. James Fife

Hughes, James Francis 1897-1952

Hughes, Charles E.

Hughes, John M.

Hughes, Robert Morton 1855-1940

Hughes, Robert Morton, Jr. 1880-1951 See also groups: William and Mary College Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 1895-6

Hughes, Robert William 1821-1901

Hughes, Rosa See: Roberts, Rosa (Hughes)

Hughes, William H.

Hull, Captain Isaac 1775-1843

Hull, David Denton 1872-1945

Hulvey, Charles Newton 1887-

Hulvey, Jean Meredith S. See: Hulvey, Charles Newton

Humes, Williams Y. C.

Hummelsine, Carlisle H. 1915-

Humphrey, See: Gordon, Mary; ie., Mrs. Lamount Humphrey

Humphrey, Evan Harris 1875- See: MSS1 D2873a 186

Humphrey, James W.

Humphreys, David 1752-1818

Humrickhouse, Buck See groups: VA state guard co. 54

Hundley, Beryl ca. 1894

Hundley, Edith Sherwin (Tatum) 1863-1918

Hundley, George Jefferson 1838-1924

Hundley, Henry Watkins

Hundley, Lucy Waller (Boyd) 1854-

Hundley, Robert Garland 1893-1950

Hunnicut, James W. 1814-


Hunt, A. J.

Hunt, Bessie 1861-

Hunt, George 1836-

Hunt, Gilbert 1773(?)-1863

Hunt, John Cunningham

Hunt, M. Alma

Hunt, Sallie Venable (Cunningham), -1885 See: Hunt, George, 1836-

Hunten, Francois 1793-1878

Hunter, Charles Evant 1887-1968

Hunter, David

Hunter, David 1802-1886 Major General U. S. A.; See: oversized; See: groups oversized union generals "Our Generals in the Field"

Hunter, Margaret (Stuart)

Hunter, Moses T.

Hunter, Robert See group: McGuire William

Hunter, Robert See: Norfolk, VA Hunter School

Hunter, Robert D. 1734

Hunter, Robert Mercer Taliaferro, 1809-1887

Hunter, Thomas Lomax

Huntington, A. S.

Huntington, Collis Potter 1821-1900

Huntington, Henry Edwards 1850-1927 See: Huntington, Collis Potter, 1821-1900

Huntley, Elizabeth (Valentine)

Hunton, Eppa, Jr. 1855-1932 See also extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-02"

Hunton, Eppa 1822-1908

Hunton, Eppa 1904-1976 See also groups: Virginia Historical Society "Lee Collection"

Hunton, Lucy Caroline (Weir) 1825-1899

Hunton, Minerva Winston (Payne), 1861-1897

Hurley, Michael See groups: WOBCA

Hurt, Eugene Charles, Jr. 1890-1958

Hurt, John Sinn 1838-1931

Hurt, Joseph M., Jr. 1891-1943

Hutcherson, R. B. See groups: VA state guard co. 54

Hutcheson, Charles Sterling 1894-1969

Hutcheson, James Morrison 1883-1972

Hutcheson, James Morrison 1883-1972 See also group: Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA, group

Hutcheson, Joseph Collier 1906-1972

Hutcheson, Margaret Erskine (Miller) "Mrs. James Morrison Hutcheson"

Hutcheson, Margaret Erskine (Miller) See: Dorrier, Margaret Erskine Miller (Hutcheson)

Hutcheson, Robert Francis 1878-1940

Hutcheson, Sterling See groups: Virginia Historical Society

Hutchings, Amy See: Newton, Amy (Hutchings)

Hutchinson, Martin Ashton 1892-1962

Hutchison, Robert Adolphus 1873-1949

Hutson, Joshua Brown 1844-

Hutter, George Christian 1793-1880

Hutton, Francis Beattie 1858-1928

Hutton, Matthew 1529-1606

Hutzler, Alvin Bryant 1887-1841

Hutzler, Henry Sigismund 1857-

Huxley, T. H.

Hyat, Susanna See: Davis, Susanna (Hyat), 1765-1847

Hyatt, Campbell 1880-1945

Hyde, Anne 1637-1671 Duchess of York; 4/7/60 agar 6/0 see oversized

Hyde, Edward See: Claredon, Edward Hyde, 1st earl, 1609-1674

Hyde, Elizabeth Warner (Gephart) See also: Hyde, Harold John, Jr.

Hyde, Elizabeth Warner

Hyde, Harold John, Jr.

Hyde, Harold John, III

Hyde, Henry See: Claredon, Henry Hyde, 2nd earl, 1638- 1700

Hyde, Laurence See: Rochester, Laurence Hyde, 1st earl, 1641-1711

Hyde, L. W.

Hylton, George Preston, Jr. 1912-1962

Hynes, Charles Henry

Hynes, Samuel Burke 1842-1904

Hynes, Thomas Woodruff 1815-1905