Jack - Juxon: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Jack the painter

Jackson, Andrew 1767-1845 See also oversized

Jackson, Bethie See groups: Gregory family

Jackson, Charles See groups: Gregory family

Jackson, Earnest Hilton 1869-

Jackson, Evelyn

Jackson, J. B.

Jackson, James 1757-1806

Jackson, Janye

Jackson, Jennie See group: Gregory family

Jackson, John F.

Jackson, John George 1774-1825

Jackson, John Long See groups: Virginia theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Jackson, Julia Laura See: Christian, Julia Laura (Jackson), 1862-1889

Jackson, Mary Anne (Morrison) 1831-1915 See: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan, 1824-1863

Jackson, Melville of ALA

Jackson, Otho Charleton 1885-1920

Jackson, Rosa See groups: Gregory family

Jackson, Thomas Jonathan 1824-1865 See also oversized; see also: Garibaldi, Guiseppi, 1807-1882; Sheet music: "Riding a Raid", "Stonewall Jackson", "In Memory of the Confederate Dead"; see groups: Confederate Commanders; Jackson, Thomas Jonathan

Jackson, Thomas Jonathan 1824-1863 See also: oversized; folders 1&2 orginial print color

Jackson, Vienna See: Rives, Vienna (Jackson)

Jackson, Walter Thomas

Jackson, Will See: Jackson, J. B.

Jacobs, Lennie See groups: McGuire's University School

Jacobs, Soloman 1775-1827

Jahnke, Albert F.

Jamerson, George Hairston 1869-1960 See also groups: Jamerson, George Hairston and Virginia Historical Society

Jamerson, Mrs. George Hairston See groups: Jamerson, George Hairston

James, Alfred

James, Arthur W.

James, Catherine Collidge Richard James See also groups: James, Joseph S. family; ie., Mrs. Joseph Shepherd James

James, Edward Wilson 1848-1906

James, Edward See groups: James, Joseph S. family

James, Joseph S. II See groups: James, Joseph S. family

James, George Payne Rainsford 1799-1860

James, J. B.

James, Kate See groups: James, Joseph S. family

James, Lorrimer F.

James, Maria (Wainwright) Slaughter

James, Richard See groups: James, Joseph S. family

James, Stanley D. See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

James, Willis McL.

Jamison, Hugh Burns McCready See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Janken, Anna Anderson


Janney, John

Janney, Mary E.

Jaquelin, Martha (Cary) 1686-1738 Wife of Edward Jaquelin, 1868-1739

Jaquelin, Edward 1668-1739

Jaquelin, Elizabeth See: Ambler, Elizabeth (Jaquelin), 1709-

Jaquelin, Mary See: Smith, Mary (Jaquelin)

Jarrat, Mattie See: Purdy, Mattie (Jarrat)

Jarrell, Jim See: Reynolds, John

James the First 1566-1625

James II 1633-1701

Jasper, John 1812-1901

Jaster, Lenni (Seidel)

Jay, John 1745-1829


Jefferies, William L.

Jefferson, Elizabeth See: Denny, Elizabeth (Jefferson)

Jefferson, Etta

Jefferson, George C.

Jefferson, George Colgin

Jefferson, Joseph 1829-1905

Jefferson, Martha See: Randolph, Martha (Jefferson), 1772- 1836

Jefferson, Mary E.

Jefferson, Peyton Giles 1893-1963

Jefferson, Thomas 1743-1826 See also oversized; see also localities (Richmond-Jefferson Hotel and State Capitol Building)

Jefferson, Thomas Garland

Jeffery, Annie W.

Jeffress, Albert

Jeffress, Elizabeth (Gwathmey) Wife of Robert Miller Jeffress, 1887-1967

Jeffress, Robert Miller 1887-1967

Jeffress, ie., "Mrs. Robert Jeffress; See groups: Virginia State Bar Committee Commemorating advent of common law, Jamestown 1607

Jeffress, Thomas Fox See also groups: Richmond, VA "Westbrooke"

Jeffress family See also: Bryan family misc. Unidentified photo

Jeffrey, Dr. Richard

Jeffreys, Bessie Morton (Goode), 1879-1930 See also groups: Jeffreys, Robert Meeki, family of

Jeffrys, Bessie Morton Goode See: Short, Bessie Morton Goode (Jefferys), -1977

Jeffreys, (of Wem), George Jeffreys, 1648-1689 Baron, Lord chancellor in 1685

Jeffreys, Lelia louise (Burnette), 1851 See also groups: Jeffreys, Robert Meekin, family of

Jeffreys, Robert Lee 1875-1932 See also groups: Jeffreys, Robert Meekin, family of

Jeffreys, Robert Meekin 1851-1924 See also groups: Jeffreys, Robert Meekin, family of

Jeffreys, William Henry 1871-1938 See also: Jeffreys, Robert Lee, 1875-1932; See group photographs: Jeffreys, Robert Miikin, family of

Jekyll, Sir Joseph 1663-1738 Lord Chancellor in 1725, 9/30/60 Ravenet 2/0

Jenings, Charles Edmund

Jenings, Edmund 1731-1819

Jenings, Elizabeth See: Beckwith, Elizabeth (Jenings)

Jenings, Sarah

Jenkins, Albert Gallatin

Jenkins, Annabella Ravenscroft (Gibson), 1827-1901

Jenkins, Mrs. Catharine M. (Carmichael)

Jenkins, Iredell

Jenkins, John Summerfield 1895-1969 See: MSS1 D2873a 187

Jenkins, Sir Leoline 1623-1685 Secretary to Privy council (Colonial) in 1683, 9/30/60 Thame 2/0, 9/30/60 Reading 2/0

Jenkins, Luther Howard 1856-

Jenks, O. B.

Jennings, Ann Elizabeth See: Wise, Ann Elizabeth (Jennings), 1808-1837

Jennings, Edmund 1659-1727

Jennings, George Alvan Chapman

Jennings, James Alvan Edmund 1820-1868

Jennings, John Melville 1916- See also: Richmond, Museaums (Battle Abbey); See also groups: Virginia Colonial Records Project, Virginia Historical Society, and Barrow Research Laboratory

Jennings, Judith Edwards Vaiden See: Richardson, Judith edwards Vaiden (Jennings), 1854-1917

Jennings, Louise See: Davison, Louise Jennings, 1896-1959

Jennings, Obadiah 1778-1832

Jennings, Sarah (Wilson) 1787-1841

Jenyns, Soame 1704-1787 Commissioner of trade and plantations in 1756, 9/30/60 Ahgus 3/0

Jerdone, Francis 1756-1841

Jervis, John See: St. Vincent, John Jervis, earl, 1735- 1823

Jesse, Charles Thomas 1879-1960

Jesse, Richard Henry 1853-

Jessen, Heinrick Christian

Jessup, Frances See: Allen, Frances (Jessup)

Jester, Annie Lee (Mrs. Lewis) See groups: Virginia State Bar Committee Commemorating Advent of Common Law, Jamestown 1607

Jester, Royston, Jr. 1888-1965

Jeter, Jeremiah Bell 1802-1880

Jewell, Frank

Jewell, John R.

Jewell, Robert Henry

Jewett, Carlton Elsworth 1897-1961

Jewett, Lucy Virginia (McCormick), 1865-1928

Jewett, Pliny A. -1865

Jobson, J. Tyler See also: oversize

John, Theresa See groups: church groups: St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class 1913

John, King Events: 1215, signing of the Magna Carta

Johns, Dr. Frank S.

Johns, Mrs. Frank S. (Anne Page)

Johns, Joel(?) W. See groups: Virginia Dept. Of Conservation and Developement

Johns, John bp. 1796-1876

Johnson-McIntosh-Pegram Family See files under individual names for individual portraits, see negs. 994.28.3 a-p

Johnson, Dr.

Johnson, Albert Sidney 1874-1961

Johnson, Amanda Melvina See: Smith, Amanda Melvina (Johnson), 1831-1903

Johnson, Ambrose

Johnson, Andrew 1808-1875 See oversize

Johnson, Annie

Johnson, Arthur

Johnson, Berkley Estes

Johnson, Bradley Saunders

Johnson, Bradley Tyler 1829-1903

Johnson, Bushrod Rust 1817-1880

Johnson, Carter Page 1822-1855

Johnson, Catherine See: Brent, Catherine (Johnson)

Johnson, Chapman 1779-1849

Johnson, Charles C.

Johnson, Claudia (Lady Bird)

Johnson, Cora (Lytel) See group: White Sulpher Springs, West VA, hayride

Johnson, Edward 1816-1873

Johnson, Elizabeth Thornton See: Poindexter, Rev. John (Mrs. John Poindexter)

Johnson, Howard and his brother Tommie See: Hill/Booton family album, pg. 36

Johnson, Jesse Mabrey 1900-1966

Johnson, John Henry 1889-1956

Johnson, John Walter Carlyle 1887-1964

Johnson, Joseph 1785-1877

Johnson, Joseph Watkins

Johnson, "Lady Bird" See: Johnson, Claudia

Johnson, L. B. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad, 1926

Johnson, Lerdy See groups: McGuire's University school

Johnson, Louisa

Johnson, lousia Catherine 1775-1852 See: Adams, Lousia Catherine

Johnson, Lyndon Baines

Johnson, Mary Davis Wright

Johnson, Mary (Evans) 1785-1843 Mrs. William Ransom Johnson

Johnson, Rose Gordon (Haxall) ie., Mrs. Robert W. Johnson, Jr. Anne Pleasant Haxall

Johnson, Thomas Maryland Gov.

Johnson, Tommie and his brother Howard See: Hill/ Booton family album, pg. 36

Johnson, Touxie

Johnson, Walter

Johnson, William Ransom 1782-1849 See: oversized

Johnston, Albert Sidney 1803-1862

Johnston, Anne Carter (Burwell), 1810-1861

Johnston, George Ben 1853-1916 See also group photographs: Lee, Fitzhugh and staff

Johnston, Anne (Macon) Johnston, Peyton, Mrs.

Johnston, Brad See: Evans, Joe

Johnston, Cameron See groups: Norwood's University School Room "C"

Johnston, Charles 1768/69-1833

Johnston, Charles See: Johnston, James Ambler, 1885-1974

Johnston, Eddie See groups: Bicycle Endurance Contest, winners

Johnston, Edward William 1799-1865

Johnston, Elizabeth Ann (Taylor)

Johnston, Frederick 1812-1893

Johnston, George 1700-1766

Johnston, James Ambler 1885-1874 See also groups: Virginia Historical Society

Johnston, James Hugo 1859-1914 See also: A. Tyler Booker

Johnston, James Hugo, Jr. 1890-1970

Johnston, Joseph Eggleston 1807-1891 See also oversized groups: Confederate Commanders and Lee, G. W. Custis

Johnston, Josiah Stoddard 1784-1833

Johnston, Josiah Stoddard 1833-1913

Johnston, Martha Old (Harvie) 1852- See: Blair, Henry Wayne

Johnston, Mary See: McCrea, Mary (Johnston) Dunlop, -1960

Johnston, Mary

Johnston, Mary Sayre (Macon) 1850-1935

Johnston, Peter

Johnston, Robert D. 1827-1919

Johnston, Z. V.

Jones ie., Mrs. Archer Jones; See groups: Equal Suffradges League of Richmond

Jones, Alexander Caldwell 1833?-1898

Jones, Alexander Clarendon -1893

Jones, Allan D. 1875-1954

Jones, Ann Amanda 1830-1895 See: Saunders, Ann Amanda (Jones)

Jones, Archer Lee 1890-1949

Jones, Birdie

Jones, Carter Wellford See groups: Wellford family

Jones, Catesby ap Catesby 1892- See also oversized; See also groups: Jones, Catesby ap Catesby and Virginia Historical Society

Jones, Catesby Graham 1888-1957

Jones, Charles Pinckney 1845-1914

Jones, Christina Elizabeth

Jones, Clarence A. 1882-1937

Jones, Courtney Bowdoin (Byrd) 1835-1901

Jones, Claggett Bennett 1857-1931 See extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-02"

Jones, Clair (Tinsley) See group (persons): Campbells (Rev. and Mrs.) School, Richmond, VA

Jones, Courtney Byrd See groups: Episcolpal High School, baseball team, 1891

Jones, Dan

Jones, Mrs. Decatur

Jones, Eddie

Jones, Edwin

Jones, Elizabeth C. 1836- See: Francis, Elizabeth C. (Jones)

Jones, Elizabeth (Hobson) 991.85.7

Jones, Gabriel 1724-1806

Jones, George Washington 1832-1910 See extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-02

Jones/Harvey Bracelet

Jones, Henry Cabell

Jones, Horace M. 1872-

Jones, J. Frank See: Weddell, Alexander Wilbourne, 1876- 1948

Jones, J. Frasia

Jones, James 1772-1848

Jones, James H.

Jones, James Kimbrough 1839-1908

Jones, John Bolling

Jones, John Marshall 1820-1864

Jones, John Paul 1747-1792

Jones, John Pembroke 1825-1910

Jones, John William 1836-1909

Jones, Joseph

Jones, Katharine S. See groups: Wellford family

Jones, Leigh See: Norwell, Leigh (Jones)

Jones, Leslie

Jones, Lewis 1893-1962

Jones, Lorraine F. 1837-1920

Jones, Maggie See: Jones, Eddie

Jones, Margaret See: Huff, Margaret (Jones)

Jones, Marion Williamson 1910-1960

Jones, Mary Morris See: Tyler, Mary Morris (Jones), 1865-1931

Jones, Martha (Seldon) Douglas

Jones, Mary (Willis) 1838-1883

Jones, Maryus 1844-1923

Jones, Mason Wiley See groups: Roanoke group

Jones, Meriweither 192 -

Jones, Millie

Jones, Nancy (Fowler) ie., Mrs. Joseph Hiden Jones

Jones, Nancy 1782- See: Barksdale, Nancy (Jones)

Jones, Norvell (Caskie)

Jones, Mrs. Osborne

Jones-Plummer Flippen 1875- See groups: William and Mary College

Jones, R. W.

Jones, Roger 1789-1852

Jones, Roslie See: Armistead, Roslie (Jones)

Jones, Samuel, Edmunds, Nicholas and Jane Descendants photocopy

Jones, Samuel 1819-1887

Jones, Susan (Johnston) See: Daughters of G.B. Johnston (group)

Jones, Sydney Bruce 1892-1966

Jones, Thomas D.

Jones, Thomas Catesby 1880-1946

Jones, Thomas Norman 1882-1978

Jones, W. H.

Jones, Walter 1745-1815

Jones, Walter 1777-1861 See also oversized

Jones, William 1782-

Jones, William Edmondson 1824-1864

Jones, William Atkinson, Jr. 1889-1966

Jones, William Garland See groups: Hampden-Sydney college, Chi Phi Fraternity, 1946-47

Jones, William Russell

Jones, Willie

Unidentified Jones See: Unidentified Lamb

Jonson, Ben 1573?-1637

Jordan, A. L. 1894-

Jordan, Charles D. 1816-1896

Jordan, George C. See: extra oversized album, "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-02"

Jordon, Harry Blackburn 1889-1959

Jordon, Helen

Jordon, Isham 1769-1837

Jordon, Louis F. 1880-1960

Jordon, Judith

Jordon, Russell Wood, Jr. 1905-1959

Jouett, Jack

Joyce, William Lee 1895-1956

Joyes, chapman C.

Joynes, Earl Rogers See groups: Norfolk, Hunter School, 1895- 96

Joynes, Katie (Wynne)

Joynes, Levin Smith 1819-1881

Joynes, Thomas R.

Judd, Ella (Steptoe)

Jukes, Herbert See groups: Virginia theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Julian, Anna Maria See: russell, Anna Maria (Julian)

Julian, Charles

Julian, Michael E.


Justus, Andy See locations: Buchanan Co., VA

Juxon, William 1582-1663 Archbishop of Canterbury