Kaempf - Kukla: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Kaempf, Frances See also: Kaempf, Willard

Kaempf, J. T.

Kaempf, Willard

Kaempf, Willie Newton

Kable, Kate

Kahle, Matthew

Kahle, Matthew d. ca. 1900

Kahle, Mrs. Matthew

Kahle, William d. ca. 1863

Kahle family

Kane, Elisha Kent 1820-1857

Kane, R. R. 1867-1902

Karnsford, Dr.

Kasten, Helen Lee See groups, church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, confirmation class, 1921. ie., "Mrs. Edward Stephens McCarthy

Kaue, Elias 1772-1840

Kaup, Felix F.

Kavanaugh, Hubbard Hinde 1802-1884 See groups: Methodist episcopal Church- Bishops

Kean, Mary

Kean, Robert Carlick Hill 1828-1898

Keane, Hugh Payne 1807-1891 See also: group photographs: Keane family

Keane, Lionel Richard 1808-1850 See also: group:Keane family

Keane, Marianna See: Palmer, Marianna (Keane), 1799-

Keane, Susan 1798-(?) See: group photograph: Keane family

Kearney, Frank A. 1901-1964

Keck, Frank E. See groups: church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church - confirmation class 1921

Keck, Theodore A. See: church groups: group: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church - confirmation class 1921

Keckley, Elizabeth

Keely, John

Keen, Ethel

Keene, Spotswood Hughes 1915-1952

Keen, William B.

Keenan, Barbara M. See: Virginia. Supreme Court

Keener, John Christian 1819-1906 See groups: Methodist Episcopal Church - Bishops

Keezel, George Bernard 1854-1913 See also: extra oversize: group album, "Virginia Constitutional Convention. 1901-1902."

Kegley, Fulton 1866-(?)

Keiley, Anthony M. 1835-1905

Keiley, Anthony Michael 1832-1905 See: MSS1 K2656b 55-58

Keiley, Benjamin J. 1847-1925 See: MSS1 K2656b 55-58

Keiley, John Denis 1839-1901 See: MSS1 K2656b 55-58

Keiley, William S. See: MSS1 K2656b 55-58

Keith, James 1839-1918

Keith, John A. C.

Keith, John Augustine Chilton 1870-1915

Keith, Mary Randolph See: Marshall, Mary Randolph (Keith), 1737-1809

Kellam, Floyd Eaton 1893-1958

Kellam, Frederick C. d. ca. 1929

Kelleher, Helen

Keller, may Lansfield 1877-1964

Kelleher, Col. Wm. C.

Kelley, Angeline See group: Richmonders, coffee party

Kelley, Roland Bev. 1929-1969

Kellogg, C. R. See groups: Richmond Auto Show Committee, 1917

Kelly, Angeline See groups: Richmonders, Coffee Club

Kelly, Howard

Kelly, Joe

Kelly, Joseph Luther 1867-1925

Kelly, M. L.

Kelly, Mary Emma See: Hoskins, Mary Emma (Kelly)

Kelly, S. L.

Kelly, Samuel L. See groups: Government Agencies

Kelly, Tott See: Robertson, Nelly

Kelsey, Denham Arthur 1880-1942

Kelso, William

Kemble, Margaret Tilloston ca. 1830-1883 See: Nourse, Margaret Tilloston (Kemble)

Kemp, Smeltzer Veron 1872-1947

Kempe, Josephine

Kempe, Julia

Kemper, Alice

Kemper, Charles Edward 1859-1943

Kemper, Daniel 1748-1847

Kemper, Maj. Gen. George E.

Kemper, Jennie Robinson

Kemper, James Lawson 1823-1895

Kemper, Maria Sophia See: Morton, Maria Sophia (Kemper), 1738- 1832

Kendall, Gilmer S. See extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-02"

Kemper, Mary, Simeon Jr., Helen

Kemper, Simeon V. Sr.

Kemper, Simeon Jr. and Helen See also: Kemper, Mary

Kendig, Edwin Lawrence 1881-1934

Kendrew, A. Edwin 1903-1993

Kennedy, Charles See groups: Mayland, VA cornet band

Kennedy, Granville See: White, Anita Grace (Clark)

Kennedy, Pres. John Election campaign

Kennedy, John Pendleton 1795-1870 Wrote on VA. 8/21/61 Whelpley $.50 (Goodspeeds); 8/21/61 American Review $.50 (Goodspeeds)

Kenney, Walter T. Mayor of Richmond

Kennon, Elizabeth Beverley (Munford)

Kennon, Richard -1690

Kennon, W. H.

Kent, Dr. See groups: White Sulphur Springs, W. VA

Kent, Charles M.

Kent, David Cloyd 1833-1902 See: Langhorne, Margaret Archer (Kent), 1857-

Kent, Gordon Cloyd 1816-1869

Kent, James 1763-1847

Kent, Jane Logan (McKee) 1812-1883 ie., "Mrs. Gordon Cloyd Kent"

Kent, Jane See: Kent family

Kent, Joseph 1765-1843

Kent, S. T. A.

Kent family

Kenton, Simon 1755-1836 Born in Faquier County, VA. 7/11/61 Dodson 0/2/0 (Suckling)

Keppel, George 1724-1772 3rd earl of Albermmarle

Kershaw, Joseph Brevard 1822-1894

Kerr, (John Leeds?) 1780-1844

Kessler, Wilbur Murdock 1923-1959

Kester, Howard

Key, Bobby See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Key, Francis Scott

Key, Gilbert See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Keyser, Charles Hampson 1873-1924

Kiachif, Marcia (Silvette) 1911-

Kilby, Bradford 1877-1947

Kilby, Wilbur John 1850-1907

Kilpatrick, Gen.

Kim, Randolph Hill

Kimbrough, Unity Yancey See: Pendleton, Unity Yancey (Kimbrough)

King, A. Owen 1880-

King, Bertha McC. See groups: Roanoke group

King, Cabell Franklin 1876-

King, Charles

King, Donald See: Whitaker, Pernell

King, Edwin B.

King, George Harrison Sanford

King, John 1559?-1621 Bishop of London. 5/20/60 Passe 0/5/0; 5/5/61 Passe 1/15/0 (sold by Humble)

King, Martin

King, Marton Luther See: D. C. Event: 1963 March on Washington

King, Peter King 1669-1734 Baron, lord chancellor in 1725; 8/16/60 Simon 1/5/0; 8/16/60 Faber 1/4/0

King, Robert 1790-1867

King, Robert See groups: Roanoke group

King, Rosannah Lilly (Deans) Smith

King, Rufus 1755-1827

King, Russell M.

King, Trish See: King, Martin

King, William Lyons MacKenzie 1874-1950

King, William Marshall 1901-1957

King, William R. See group photographs: Union officers. Bermuda hundred

Kingsley, Charles 1819-1875

Kinkle, William H.

Kinnan, Marjorie See: Rawlings, Marjorie (Kinnan), 1896- 1953

Kinsolving, Arthur See groups: Kinsolving family

Kinsolving, Mrs. Arthur See groups: Kinsolving family

Kinsolving, Charlie See also: Kinsolving family

Kirby, H. Scott See groups: Gregory family

Kirby-Smith, Edmund 1824-1893

Kirchmier, Frank See groups: Wakefield, VA high school students

Kirkpatrick, Thomas Snydor 1893-1960

Kirsch See: Maupin-Ridpath family album extra oversized

Kirschman, William Daniel 1863-1920 See groups, church groups: St. John's Evangelical church, 1898

Kirsh, Alfred Joseph 1891-1963

Kirsh, Walter


Klien, Emily J. See: North, Emily J. (Klien)

Klinge, Henry J. 1904-1960

Kliuechevsky, Vasily

Kluge, Patricia

Knapp, Douglas See groups: WOBCA

Knapp, Capt. J. W., Jr.

Knibbs, Solotion

Knight, Aquila L.

Knight, Bettie B.

Knight, Charles Edward Ashley 1902-1969

Knight, Edith Nelson

Knight (Ryland), Josephine

Knight, Margaret

Knight, William and Catherine

Knight, William I.

Knollys, William See: Banbury, William Knollys, 1st earl, 1547-1623

Knox, Anna Campbell See: Gordon, Anna Campbell (Knox)

Knox, Fitzhugh 1867-1940

Knox, Henry 1750-1806 See also: Cambray-Digny, Louis Antoine Jean Baptiste chevalier de,-1822. [ The Society's portrait of Cambray-Digny was long thought to be Henry Knox]

Knox, Susannah (Fitzhugh) 1751-1823

Knox, William 1729-1805

Knudsen, Jerry

Knudsen, Maude Shields

Kohler, Charles Frederick d. ca 1945

Kohler, John Frederick

Kohut, Gazelle See: Millhiser, Gazelle (Kohut)

Kolbe, John George 1886-

Krebs, Florence Hamilton See also: Krebs, Robert Newton

Krebs, Katherine Hamilton

Krebs, Margaret Hamilton

Kricorian Family funeral

Krieter, Vick See groups: VA State Guard Co. 54

Kuykendall, J. Sloan

Kukla, Jon VHS June 2, 1988