LaCour - Lyttleton: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

LaCour, Arthur Burton 1881-1957

LaCour, E. Lorraine

LaCour, Suzanne

Lacy, Benjamin Rice 1886-

Lacy, Elizabeth

Lacy, R. T. 1882-1938

Lacy, Richmond Ternell, Jr.

Lacy, Samuel Winston b. 1885

Ladd, John Bell 1846-1929

"Lady Lightfoot"

Lady Luck

LaFaucheur, Louis James

LaFaucheur, Myrtle Boyd See: Miley, Myrtle Boyd (LaFaucheur)

LaFaucheur, Louis James

LaFaucheur, Myrtle Boyd See: Miley, Myrtle Boyd (LaFaucheur)

Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul (Marquis de) 1757-1834 See also oversized

Lafayett, James b. ca. 1748 See also: Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul (Marquis de), 1757-1834


Laine, Eric See groups: Wakefield, VA High School students

Laine, Frank See groups: Wakefield, VA High School students

Laird, Edwin

Laird, Martha Eppes (Chambers) 1830-1878

Lake, Isaac Beverly 1837-1922

Lamb, Capt. (CSA) See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Lamb, Aubin Boulware See groups: Lamb, Brockenbrough family

Lamb, Bell Fuqua

Lamb, Brockenbrough 1886-1975 See also groups: Lamb Brouckenbrough family

Lamb, Brockenbrough 1918- See groups: Lamb, Brockenbrough family

Lamb, Christina N.

Lamb, Frank

Lamb, Frank Russell

Lamb, George Washington See: Lamb, Christina N.; See also groups: Lamb family

Lamb, Harry

Lamb, Henry

Lamb, Irvin Neilson

Lamb, James (Jim)

Lamb, James Christian 1853-1903

Lamb, James Christian 1871-1944

Lamb, Janie Preston See: Munford, Janie Preston (Lamb)

Lamb, Janie Preston (Boulware) 1891-1964 See groups: Lamb, Brockenbrough family and Virginia State bar committee commemorating advent of common law- Jamestown, 1607

Lamb, John 1840-1924

Lamb, John Anthony d. 1917

Lamb, Joshua See groups: Lamb family

Lamb, Laura See also: Lamb, Mollie

Lamb, Lula

Lamb, Margaret Gordon See: Vaughan, Margaret Gordon (Lamb)

Lamb, Marks

Lamb, Miss See group photograph: Bainbridge Junior High School, Richmond VA, safety patrol

Lamb, Mollie

Lamb, Robert Marks

Lamb, Sarah Faunt Leroy See: Larus, Sarah Fauntleroy (Lamb)

Lamb, Sarah Smith (Brockenbrough)

Lamb, Spruell, Jones, Marks family members Unidentified

Lambert, Ruth (Nenzel) See groups: church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church- 1931


Lamon, Ward Hill 1793-1863

Lancaster, Bessie

Lancaster, Dabney S. See also: Nolley's School, 1901

Lancaster, Dabney S. See groups: Virginia Historical Society

Lancaster, Edw. Williams

Lancaster, John Alexander 1795-1861

Lancaster, Nancy

Lancaster, Robert Alexander 1862-1940 See also groups: Lee (Robert E.) Memorial Foundation and Gordon, James W.

Lancaster, Robert Alexander 1829-1902

Lancaster, Williamine Cabell Carrington Mrs. R. A.?

Land, W. A.

Land, W. C.

Landon, Elizabeth See: Carter, Elizabeth (Landon) Willis, 1684-1719

Landstreet, John 1818-1891

Lane, Allan

Lane, Charlotte (Meade)

Lane, David

Lane, Franklin Knight 1864-1921

Lane, James H. Brig. Gen., Commander of N.C. Troops, Army of Northern Va.

Lane, Kate

Lane, Lottie See: Lane, Kate

Lane, James Henry 1833-1907

Lane Mary Garnett See: Peachy, Mary Garnett (Lane)

Langborn, William 1756-1814

Langdon, Louise

Langdon, Taylor Christian Maj. Va. Volunteer Militia

Langley, Annie Clarkson See: Witt, Annie Clarkson (Langley)

Langhorne, Chiswell Dabney 1848-1919

Langhorne, Daniel Allen

Langhorne, Daniel Allen 1825-1908

Langhorne, Daniel Grey

Langhorne, David Gray b. 1878 See also: Langhorne, Margaret Archer (Kent), 1857-(?)

Langhorne, Fannie

Langhorne, Jacob

Langhorne, J. Victory

Langhorne, Jacob Victory

Langhorne, James Henry

Langhorne, John Archer

Langhorne, John W.

Langhorne, John Deval b. 1824

Langhorne, John M.

Langhorne, John William

Langhorne, Lizzie Allen

Langhorne, Maggie Kent

Langhorne, Margaret Archer (Kent) b. 1857

Langhorne, Mary Buford

Langhorne, Maurice

Langhorne, Maurice

Langhorne, Maurice Daniel 1847-1900

Langhorne, Maurice Daniel

Langhorne, Maurice Daniel Jr. b. 1850 See also: Langhorne, Margaret Archer (Kent) 1857-(?)

Langhorne, Maurice Kent 1854-1864

Langhorne, Maurice Rhodes

Langhorne, Maurice S.

Langhorne, Maurice Scarsbrooke 1823-1908

Langhorne, Nancy Witcher See: Astor, Nancy Witcher (Langhorne) Shaw, 2nd viscountess, 1879- 1964

Langston, John Mercer 1829-1897

Langtry, Lillie

Lanier, Mary Louise Brodnax (Banister)

Lanier, Sidney 1842-1881

Lankford, Menalcus 1883-1937

Lanning, George Mott 1887-1963

Lansdowne, William Fitzmaurice Petty 1737-1805 1st Marquis, member of the Board of Trade, 9/30/ Reynolds 7/6; 9/30/60 Fielding and Walker 2/6; 9/30/60 oval (anon) 2/6

Lapsley, Ann (Welsh) 1746-1879

Larks, Charles Dunning b. 1881

LaRoche, Rene, Jr.

Larrabee, F. C.

Larrick, Herbert Skaggs 1871-1960

Larus, i.e., Mrs. C. D. Larus

Larus, Anne (Traylor) b. 1887

Larus, Charles D. (Home)

Larus, Lewis Griffin 1887-1966

Larus, Katherine M.

Larus, Nan See group (persons): Campbell's (Rev. and Mrs.) School, Richmond, VA

Larus, Sarah Fauntleroy (Lamb) i.e., Mrs. Michael G. T. Larus. See groups: Lamb, Brockenbrough family

Lassiter, Charles Trotter 1870-1930

Lassiter, Francis Rives 1866-1909

Latane, Henry Waring

Latane, James Allen 1831-1902

Latane (Robins), Mary

Latane, Mary Minor

Latane, William d. 1862 See: Burial of Latane in Events 1861-1865 Oversize; Works of Specific Artists: Washington, William D.

Latham, Gray

Lathrop, Bryan

Lathrop, Florence See: Page, Florence (Lathrop) Field, ca. 1858-1921

Lathrop, Jimmie(?)

Latimer, Glenna Montague 1896?-1980 See: Davies, Glenna Montague (Latimer), 1896?-1980

Latrobe, Benjamin Henry 1805-1878

Lattiere, Roberta (Fulton) See groups: Fulton Family

Laud, William 1573-1645 Archbishop of Canterbury; 5/20/60 (with Juxon) 4/6; 5/20/60 French title 3/0; 5/20/60 Marshall 3/0; 5/20/60 Watson 15/0 oversized; 5/20/60 Picart 5/0 oversized

Lauderdale, John Maitland 1616-1602 Duke

Laughton, G. H.

Laughton, John E. Jr. 1844-1913

Laurens, Henry 1724-1792

Laurens, John Baptist b. 1827

Lauzun, Duc de 1747-1793 See: Luzerne, Anne-Cesar de la, 1741-1791

Lauzun, Nancy (Tucker)

Law, E. M.

Law, Elizabeth parke (Custis) 1776-1832 i.e., "Mrs. Thomas Law"

Lawrence, Abbott 1792-1855

Lawrence, Carloine Bowne See: Bedinger, Caroline Bowne (Lawrence)

Lawrence, James 1781-1813

Lawrence, Thomas Nevitt See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Lawson, Gavin 1740-1805

Lawson, John William 1837-1905 See extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-02

Lawson, Susanna (Rose) 1749-1825 i.e., Mrs. Gavin Lawson

Lawson, Thomas 1781-1861

Lawson, Sir Wilfred

Lawton, Henry A.

Lawton, William P.

Lawton, Mrs. William P.

Layman, George Washington 1868-1955

Laymon, Robert See groups: Maryland, VA Cornet Band

Layton, Benjamin Thomas See: Layton, William Brown; Layton family

Layton, Mary Amanda (Sully) See: Layton, William Brown

Layton Family-Members and Friends See also: Layton, William Brown; see also groups: Virginia Manual Labor School, Hanover, VA; Benny Layton and his"Universal" Rythmn Kings

Layton, William Brown See also: Layton family, Virginia Manual Labor School, Cramp, Clarissa Layton

LaZouche, Edward See: Zouche, Edward LaZouche, 11th baron, 1556-1625

Lea, Helen Randolph See groups: Blue Ridge Springs, Va

Leach, Albert G.

Leadbetter, Helma (Berhard) See groups: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: Girl Scout troop #31; ie., Mrs. Norman Leadbetter

Leake, David Harris

Leake, Josiah Jordan 1870-1945

Leake, Walter 1883-1955

Leake, Wm. Josiah 1843-1908

Leankins, Mary

Leary, John Purcell 1877-1949

Leas, Katherine Miller

Leate, Nicholas d. 1631 Named in 3rd Virginia charter, 4/7/60 Payne 4/0

Leavett, Mrs. W.

Leazer, Harold McKnight

LeBlanc, June

Le Despencer, Francis 1708-1781 Chancellor of Exchequer; 3/23/61 Faber 1/10/0

Lee family

Lee, Alice See: Lee, Augusta

Lee, Anne Wife of Richard Lee, d. 1664

Lee, Anne Eliza (Gardener) 1819-1885 See also group photographs: Lee family

Lee, Anna Maria (Mason) See: Lee, Mary Anne Randolph (Custis), 1808-1873

Lee, Anne

Lee, Annie

Lee, Annie Eliza See: Cole, Annie Eliza (Lee), 1861-

Lee, Anne (Lee) 1770-1804

Lee, Anne Hill (Carter) 1773-1829

Lee, Anne Carter See: Ely, Anne Carter (Lee), ca. 1897-1978

Lee, Arthur 1740-1792

Lee, Augusta

Lee, Buddy

Lee, Catherine Mildred See: Childe, Catherine Mildred (Lee), 1811-1856

Lee, Cassius Francis 1808-1890 See also group photographs: Lee family

Lee, Charles Carter 1906-1958

Lee, Charlotte 1836-1908 See: Lee, Hancock, 1797-1860

Lee, Charles 1731-1782

Lee, Charles 1758-1815

Lee, Charlotte Taylor (Haxall) 1848-1872

Lee, Custis

Lee, Edward Jennings 1772-1843

Lee, Edwin Gray 1835-1870

Lee, Eleanor Agnes 1842-1873

Lee, Elizabeth Cullins ca. 1875-1927

Lee, Elizabeth Collins 1768(?)-1858 Wife of Richard Bland Lee

Lee, Elizabeth Gordon See Polleck, Elizabeth Gordon (Lee), 1813-1897

Lee, Ellen See: Mayo, Ellen (Lee)

Lee, Ellen Bernard (Fowle)

Lee, Fitzhugh 1835-1905 See also: oversize: group photograph: Lee, Fitzhugh and his staff

Lee, Francis Lightfoot 1734-1799

Lee, George

Lee, George Bolling 1872-1948 See also: "Lee Collection"

Lee, George Washington, Custis 1832-1913 See also: Lee, Robert Edward (1807-1870); Lee, William Henry Fitzhugh (1837-1891); oversize; Lee Mary Ann Randolph (Custis) 1808-1873; "Lee Collection"; groups: West Point

Lee, Grace Darling

Lee, Hancock and Family 1797-1860

Lee, Hannah (Ludwell) 1701-1750

Lee, Henry 1729-1787

Lee, Henry 1756-1818

Lee, Henry C.

Lee, Henry E. 1871-1929

Lee, James Kendall 1829-1861 See: Lee, Hancock 1797-1860

Lee, Jesse 1758-1816

Lee, John Lynch 1861-1926

Lee, Juliet 1853-1937 See : Blair, Henry Wayne, 1857-1884; Lee, Hancock, 1797-1860

Lee, Katherine C.

Lee, Laurence See: Perrine Collection, filed by city, by gallery

Lee, Letitia (Corbin) 1657-1706

Lee, Lettice See: Sim, Lettice (Lee) Wardrop Thompson, d. 1776

Lee, Lewis See: Perrine Collectoin, filed by city, by gallery

Lee, Ludwell 1760-1836

Lee, Margaret Henderson 1838-1915 See: Lee, Hancock, 1797-1860

Lee, Martha Bickerton (Drew) 1818-1892 See: Lee, Hancock, 1797-1860

Lee, Mary (of Lee Hall)

Lee, Mary Anne Randolph (Custis) 1808-1873 See also: Lee, Robert Edward (1807-1870); "Lee Collection"

Lee, Mary (Bland) 1704-1764

Lee, Mary Custis 1835-1918

Lee, Mary Custis See: deButts, Mary Custis (Lee); i.e., daughter of Robert Edward Lee, Jr.

Lee, Mary Tabb (Bolling) 1848-1924 See also: "Lee Collection"

Lee, Mildred Childe 1846-1905 See also: "Lee Collection"; Mary Custis Lee and Mary Ann Randolph (Custis) Lee

Lee, Mimms William 1889-1972

Lee, Nannie See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Lee, P. Lynch

Lee, Richard?

Lee, Richard 1600?-1664

Lee, Richard 1646-1714

Lee, Richard Bland 1761-1827

Lee, Richard Henry 1732-1794 7/11/61 Chappel 0/3/0

Lee, Richard Henry 1732-1794 See also localities: Richmond- Capital building

Lee, Robert Edward Images: 1-119

Lee, Robert Edward 1843-1914 See also: MSS1 L5114d; Lee, William Henry Fitzhugh (1837-1891)

Lee, Robert Edward 1869-1932 Son of W. H. F. Le grandson of Gen. R. E. Lee

Lee, Robert Edward IV

Lee, Robert Randolph b. 1853

Lee, Samuel Lile 1908-1963

Lee, Samuel Philips 1812-1897

Lee, St. George Tucker

Lee, Stephen D. 1833-1908

Lee, Sydney Smith 1802-1869

Lee, Tabb Mrs.

Lee, Thomas 1690-1750

Lee, W. Duncan See also groups: Architects

Lee, William 1739-1795 Probably his son, William Ludwell Lee; costume is of the 1790s and subject appears to be in his 20s or 30s

Lee, William 1758-1838

Lee, William Blackstone

Lee, William Fitzhugh 1804-1837

Lee, William Henry Fitzhugh 1837-1891 See also: "Lee Collection", Robert E. Lee (1807-1870), groups: Confederate commanders, (ie., Rooney Lee)

Lee, William Mack b. 1835 Gen. R. E. Lee's bodyservent, see also groups: slaves at confederate veterans reunion 1932 (W. M. Lee not pictured)

Leeds, Thomas Osborne 1631-1712 1st Duke; Lord Treasurer in 1673; 9/30/60 Harding 1799 5/0; 9/30/60 Thane 2/0; 9/30/60 Freeman 2/6

Leekenly, Alice S.

Lefebure, Hubert Pierre 1818-1868

Lefebvre, Martha See: White, Martha (Lefebvre), 1891-1977

Lefebvre, Mary Ogilvie See: Isaacs, Mary Ogilvie (Lefebvre)

Lefevre, Albert 1873-1928

Lefevre, W. H.


Lefew, Walter

Leftwich, Alexander

Leftwich, Dorothy

Legge, Henry Bilson 1708-1764 Chancellor of exchequer in 1754, 8/16/60 Bohles 1/1/0 oversized

Legge, William See: Dartmouth, William Legge, 2nd earl, 1731-1801

Leibermuth, Leon See: transportation

Leicester, Robert Dudley 1532?-1588 1st earl of the 4th creation, see also oversized

Leicester, Robert Sydney 1563-1626 12th earl, member of Virginia Council and named in 2nd Virginia charter; 5/5/61 Passe 2/5/0

Leigh, Benjamin Watkins 1781-1849 See also oversize

Leigh, Egbert Giles 1851-1926

Leigh, Henry Carrington 1885-1949

Leigh, Hezekiah Gilbert 1795-1853

Leigh, John Wickham b. 1825

Leigh, William 1853-1919

Leigh, W. H. P.

Leigh, William, Jr. 1883-1940

Leist, G. F.

Le Masurier

Lemon, Lanie M.

Lennox, James Stuart 1612-1655 4th duke, Commissioner of Trade and Plantations 1638. 7/25/62 Houbraker after Van Dyck 2/0/0 (Colnaghi)

Lenzi, Mark

Lenzner, Emil Davison, George Evans, 1889-1976

Lerivenor, Arthur See groups: Meade family and friends

Le Scrope, William Earl of Wiltshire

Leslie, Alexander 1731-1794 British general, under Cornwallis, in America Revolution, 3-23-61 Kay 4/6

Leslie, Sir John 1766-1832

L'Estrange, Sir Roger 1616-1704

Letcher, Greenlee Davidson 1867-1954

Letcher, John 1813-1884

Letcher, Sam Houston 1848-1914

Lett, Ralph Manson 1863-1946

Leutze, Emanuel Gottlied 1816-1868

Letcher, Mary Susan (Holt) 1823-1899 "Mrs. John Letcher"

Levy, A. See: Pic 925.5 Richmond Light Infantry Blues Co. A 46th VA Regt.

Levy, Authur

Levy, Jefferson Monroe 1852-1924

Levy, Monroe

Lewark, John

Lewis, See: Howell, Mrs. (Nee Lewis)

Lewis, (infant)

Lewis, Albert

Lewis, Andrew 1720-1781

Lewis, Andrew 1759-1844

Lewis, Anne See: Lewis, Albert

Lewis, Archie See groups: Gregory Family

Lewis, Bertha B. See Group: Lewis Family

Lewis, Betty (Washington) 1733-1797

Lewis, Burwell Boykin 1838-1885

Lewis, Caroline Matilda 1865-1951 See group: Lewis Family

Lewis, Charles A. See groups: Hampden-Sydney College, Phi Chi Fraternity 1946-1947

Lewis, Charles Cameron 1774-1803

Lewis, Charlie See Groups: Gregory Family

Lewis, Clifford M. See: Loomie, A. J.

Lewis, Colston A. 1912-1993

Lewis, Eleanor Parke (Custis) 1779-1852 See also oversized; see also Washington, George, 1732-1799

Lewis, Elizabeth See group: Lewis Family

Lewis, Elizabeth (Cabell)

Lewis, Dr. Elwood

Lewis, Elizabeth Dabney (Langhorne) 1851-1946

Lewis, Enos D. 1896-1918

Lewis, Ernest J. 1892-1918

Lewis, F. W.

Lewis, Fielding 1725-1781

Lewis, Fielding, Jr.

Lewis, Frances Fielding See: Taylor, Frances Fielding (Lewis)

Lewis, Frances ie., Mrs. Sydney Lewis; See groups: Virginians 1972

Lewis, George A.

Lewis, Henry

Lewis, Henry Stuart 1885-1947

Lewis, Hugh Rodman

Lewis, J. See Groups: Richard Auto Show Committee, 1917

Lewis, James Meriwether 1869-1939

Lewis, Janet (Patton) ie., Mrs. Lawrence Lewis, Jr.; See: Lewis, Lawrence

Lewis, John Henry 1841-1907

Lewis, John Moncure b. 1851

Lewis, Joseph Horace 1824-1904

Lewis, Lawrence b. 1879

Lewis, Lawrence

Lewis, Lizzie

Lewis, Louise G. See groups: Lewis Family

Lewis, Lucy See: Griffin, Lucy (Lewis), 1789-1869

Lewis, Lucinda Rose (Garland) b. 1893

Lewis, Lunsford Lomax 1846-1920

Lewis, Mammy Rose

Lewis, Margaret (Lynn) 1693-1773

Lewis, Mary (Fleming)

Lewis, Mary (Howell) 1700?-1780?

Lewis, Meriwether 1774-1809

Lewis, Mitchell

Lewis, Morgan 1754-1844

Lewis, Nannie

Lewis, Nannie M. See groups: Lewis Family

Lewis, Nelle See groups: Hanover Bicentennial Parade

Lewis, Nellie B. See groups: Lewis Family

Lewis, Nellie Bryce

Lewis, Nellie Neale

Lewis, Philip Pendleton 1833-1864

Lewis, Priscilla (Churchill) Carter ie., "Mrs. John Lewis" of Warner Hall

Lewis, Rose See groups: Lewis Family

Lewis, Samuel Edwin 1838-1917

Lewis, Sydney See groups: Virginians, 1972

Lewis, Thelma See: Lewis, Albert

Lewis, William

Lewis, William Owen 1922-1969

Ley, James See: Marlborough, James Ley, 1st earl, 1550-1629

Libby, Mrs. G. W.

Liebert, Emma (Grimmell) ca. 1873-1947 See also group photographs: Richmonders. Richmond Coffee Party

Liebert, Henry S. See groups: Church groups- St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church- Confirmation Class, 1920

Liggett, Ella Drake See: Wiggins, Ella Drake (Liggett) Scott, 1863-1942

Lightfoot, Ellen Bankhead See: Wormeley, Ellen Bankhead (lightfoot), 1818-1887

Lightfoot, John B., Jr. 1877-1948

Lightfoot, Mary

Lightfoot, Mary Washington Ball (Minor) 1851-1930 See Groups: Bagby, Lucy Parke (Chamberlayne)

Lightfoot, Mary Washington Ball (Minor) 1851-1930 "Mrs. John Bernard Lightfoot"

Lightfoot, Mildred (Howell) 1723-1783

Lightfoot, Philip

Lightfoot, William 1723-1764

Ligon, Maude

Lile, William Minor 1859-1935

Lilley, Robert Doak 1836-1886

Lincoln, Abraham 1809-1865 U. S. President, see also oversized

Lincoln, Alanson Tilman b. 1858 See group album: Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902; See extra-oversized

Lincoln, Benjamin 1733-1810

Lincoln, W. L. 1867-1933

Lind, Johnanna "Jennie" Maria 1820-1887

Lindbergh, Charles Augustus 1902-1874 See also: Byrd, Harry Flood, 1887-1966; See also groups: Hunting trip, 1933

Lindner, Max F. See groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class, 1913

Linder, Mrs. Carl M. See groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Lindsay, James Hubert 1862-1933 See extra-oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Lindsay, John E.

Lindsey, Reuben d. 1831

Lindsay, S. M.

Lindsey, Miss Julia See groups: Galt, Annie A.

Lindsy, Rachel See: Spotswood, Rachel (Lindsy), ca. 1663

Lingle, Walter Lee 1868-1956

Lining, Charles E.

Lloyd, Alice

Lloyd, Gay Blackford See, Gibson,. Gay Blackford

Lloyd George, David 1863-1945 See groups: Lloyd George, David

Lloyd, Granville See grous: Norfolk, Hunter School

Lloyd, James Hubard See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria 1910

Lloyd, Mary See: Lee, Mary Anne Randolph (Custis), 1808-1873

Locke, John 1632-1704 See: Oversize

Locke, John 1704-1772

Locke, Susan

Locke, W. Edgar

Lockhart, Frances See: Bemiss, Frances (Lockhart)

Lockwood, Belva Ann Bennett 1830-1917

Loeber, Charles E.

Logan, Benjamin

Logan, Georgine

Logan, Muldrop See: McKenny, Julian

Logan, Robert See also: Group photographs: Logan Robert

Logan, Sallie See: Cabell, Sallie (Logan), d. 1934

Logan, Thomas Muldrup 1840-1914

Logan, Willie As Pocahontas in Va. Historical Pageant 1922

Lomax, Lunsford Lindsay 1835-1913

Lomax, John Tayloe 1781-1862

Long, Armistead Lindsay 1827-1891

Long, Crawford W.

Long, J. P. See Group: Military, Doctors-1917

Long, John Lindsay b. 1875 See Groups: William and Mary College, Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Long, Robert See Groups: Maryland, VA Cornet Band

Longstreet, James 1821-1904 See also groups: Confederate Commanders and Lee, G. W. Custis

Lonsdale, John Lowther 1655-1700 1st viscount

Loomie, A. J. with Lewis, Clifford M.

Lord, Charlotte (Kasten) 1911- i.e Mrs. Frank Lord, Jr., 1911- ; See groups: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: Girl Scout Troop #31

Lord, Frank K.

Lord, Sarah See: Wight, Richard C.; Wight, Jabez II; Wight, Nancy Leeds

Loring, W. W. See: oversized

Loring, William Wing 1818-1886

Lorman, Mary (Fulford) 1771-1830 See: Lorman, William, 1764-1841

Lorman, William 1764-1841 with Lorman, Mary (Fulford), 1771-1830

Lorraine, Mr. C.

Lorraine, Edward 1818-1872

Lorton, Heth See also groups: Lorton Family and friends

Lorton, Thomas

Lorus, Charles

Louck, Edward See Groups: Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Development

Louderback, Charles C. b. 1878

Loudoun, Lord John Campbell 1705-1782 4th Earl

Louisa, Queen of Denmark 1724-1751 Daughter of George II of England. Wife of Frederich of Denmark

Louthan, Frank Garrett 1888-1967

Love, Samuel

Lovelace, J. Melvin 1895-1955

Lovelace, Richard 1618-1658

Lovelace, William c.1525-1577 Seargeant at Law

Lovelace, Sir William 1561-1629 "Of Bethersden and Gray Friars"

Lovelace, Sir William c.1583-1627 Of Woolwich

Lovell, E. H. See extra-oversize: group: album. Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902."

Lovell, Mansfield 1822-1844

Lovenstein, Rebecca P.

Loverne, Lucille See groups: United Confederate Veterans 1914

Lowe, Sarah Lucas (Bedinger)

Lowery, Michael H. See groups: Church Groups: St. John's United Church of Christ Confirmation Class 1962

Lowry, Landon 1878-1943

Lowth, Robert 1710-1787 Bishop of London; See: oversize; 5/20/60; Sherwin 9/0

Loyall, William Henry Thompson 1869-1951

Lucas, Daniel Beoinger

Lucas, Evelina Tucker (Brooke) 1838-1928 "Mrs. D. B."

Lucas, Virginia 1871-1929

Lucas, Virginia Ann (Bedinger) 1808-1839/40? "Mrs. William Lucas"

Lucas, William 1800-1877

Luck, J. Elder See groups: Beach Scene, 1896

Luck, Mamie

Luck, Susan (Gaskins)

Lucy Family

Lucy, Blanche Tompkins

Lucy, Calvin Tompkins

Lucy, May Tompkins

Lucy, Calvin See groups: Lucy Family Reunions, 1972

Ludlow, [?]

Ludwell, Hannah (Harrison) 1678-1731

Ludwell, Hannah Philippa See: Lee, Hannah Philippa (Ludwell), 1737-

Ludwell, Philip 1638?-1723

Ludwell, Phillip, II 1672-1727

Ludwell, Philip 1716-1767

Lundin, Eddie

Lunstall, Kate

Lutz, Pet

Luzerne, Anne-Cesar de la 1741-1791

Lybrook, Andrew Murray 1832-1899 See Groups: Big 4 and Massey

Lybrook, The Misses

Lyde, Elizabeth (Gwyn) See: Tayloe, Elizabeth (Gwyn) Lyde, 1692-1745

Lyle, James

Lyles, Lizzie Mayo (Blair)

Lynch, [?] (Bp)

Lynch, E. C.

Lynch, Irene

Lynch, Jacob Goodner See photograph album: Lynch Family

Lynch, John William 1847-1925

Lynch, Mary Adelia (Youngs) See photograph album: Lynch Family

Lynch, Mary Adelia (Youngs)

Lynch, Maurice M. 1854-1944

Lynch, Norma Goodner See photograph album: Lynch Family

Lyne, Cassandra Moncure See also group photographs: Lyne family group

Lyne, Cassandra Oliver (Moncure) 1845-1934 See also group photographs: Lyne family group

Lyne, Elizabeth See group photographs: Lyne family group

Lyne, F. L.

Lyne, Gascoigne See group photographs: Lyne family group

Lyne, Hiram Oliver b. 1870

Lyne, Josephine (Ryland) See also group photographs: Lyne family group

Lyne, Lucy Lawrence See also group photographs: Lyne family group

Lyne, Lucy Lee

Lyne, Mary Ambrose (Edwards) 1812-1868

Lyne, Mary Esten 1871-1875

Lyne, Mary Ryland See group photographs: Lyne family group

Lyne, Oliver See groups: Norwood's University School Room "C"

Lyne, Peachy Gascoigne See: Shackelford, Peachy Gascoigne (Lyne)

Lyne, Richard Gascoigne

Lyne, William Henry, Sr. d. 1887

Lyne, William Hanry, Jr. 1873-1905

Lynn, Margaret See: Lewis, Margaret (Lynn), 1693-1777

Lyon, [?]

Lyon, Finetta Anne See: Miller, Finetta Anne (Lyon), 1851-

Lyon, Frank 1867-1955

Lyon, Hannah Ann (Bosher) 1839-1923 "ie., Mrs. Daniel Lyon"

Lyon, Hylaw Benton 1836-1907

Lyon, Nathaniel 1818-1861

Lyons, [?]

Lyons, Elizabeth (Henry)

Lyons, James 1801-1882

Lyons, James

Lyons, Julia See also: Layton Family

Lyons, Lucy Watkins See: Green, Lucy Watkins (Lyons), 1807-1831

Lyons, Nellie See group (persons): Campbell's (Rev. and Mrs.) school, Richmond, VA.

Lyons, Peter 1734(?)-1809

Lyons, William H.

Lyons, William B. See also: Layton Family and Virginia Manual Labor School, Hanover, VA

Lytle, Anne See groups: Gregory family

Lytle, Cora See groups: White Sulphur Springs-Hay Ride

Lytle, Robert See groups: Gregory Family

Lyttleton, George Lyttleton 1709-1773 1st baron, supported colonies in Parliament in 1731; 9/30/60 Collyer 2/6; 9/30/60 Every 5/0 oversize; 9/30/61 Anonymous Harding 1744