McAdams - Myers: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

McAdams, Thomas B.

McAdoo, Eleanor (Wilson) See groups: Wilson Family

McAfee, Caty

McAfee, Ernest and Helen

McAffe, Mrs. Dr.

McAllister, William Miller 1843-1929

MacArthur, Douglas See oversize

MacArtney, Frances c.1745

MacBryde, Malcom Hugh Jr. 1904-1969


McBryde, Mary Whitfield 1789-1854

McCabe, Edmund Osborne 1868-1919

McCabe, Edward Reynsford 1876-(?)

McCabe, James Buchanan 1856-1905

McCabe, Mrs. Gordon

McCabe, William 1841-1920 See also groups: Literary figures, poets

McCall children

McCall, Jane Byrd (Mercer)

McCall, Peter

McCance, M.

McCandlish, Marshall See also groups: McCandlish group

McCandlish, Robert J., Jr.

McCane, James

McCarron, Joseph Patrick 1887-1961

McCarthy, Carlton

McCarthy, Edward Stephens 1837-1864

McCarthy, Florence 1798-1864

McCarthy, Frank

McCarthy, F.A.

McCarthy, John Calvin

McCarthy, William

McCarthy, Ariana (Gunn) See: Cunningham, Ariana (Gunn) McCartney, 1770-1838

McCausland, John A. 1836-1927

McCaw, A. B.

McCaw, Delia Ann (Patteson) 1824-1891 See: McCaw, James Brown, 1823-1906

McCaw, Dorothy

McCaw, James

McCaw, James Drew d. 1842

McCaw, James Brown 1823-1906 See: Chimborazo Hospital- Richmond, VA

McCaw, Mary See groups: Meade Family and friends

McCawley, J. E.

McChesney, William Baylor 1849-1930

McClary, Isabella See: Gordon, Isabella (McClary) Michael, b. 1807

McClellan, George Brinton 1826-1885 See also: Lee, Robert Edward, 1807-1870. Carte-de-Vista photographs. Group Photographs: Union Officers. Morell's headquarters. Groups oversize: Union generals "Our Generals in the Field"

McMlellan, Major Henry Brainerd

McClung, Marshall Simmons 1904-1968

McClure, Elizabeth Ann (Cooley) 1825-1848

McClure, Mary Christian

McClurg, Elizabeth Seldon See: Wickham, Elizabeth Selden (McClurg), 1781-1853

McClury, James 1746-1823

McComas, Ann Savage (Willis) b. 1795

McComas, James D. (Dr.)

McComb, Joseph B.

McComb, William 1828-1918

McConnell, Loretta Anne See: McConnell, Mary Louisa (Davison), 1919-

McConnell, Mary Louise (Davison) b. 1919

McConnell, William E. See group: U. S. Army

McConkey, James G. See extra-oversize: Photograph album, "VMI, class, 1889-_ _93

McCorkle, Emma J. (Fourquean) b. 1846 See: Fra, Mary Ella (Fourqurean), 1844-

McCorkle, Samuel

McCorkle, Walter L.

McCorkle, William A.

McCormick family unidentified family members and friends

McCormick, Anne Reubenia See: Blair, Anna Reubenia (McCormick), 1860-1917

McCormick, Caroline See: Slade, caroline (McCormick), 1874

McCormick, Cutler O. d. 1946

McCormick, Cyrus Hall 1809-1884

McCormick, Elizabeth Maria

McCormick, Emma Louise See: Smith, Emma Louise (McCormick), 1854-1893

McCormick, Henrietta Maria (Hamilton) 1822-1899

McCormick, Leander Hamilton

McCormick, Leander James

McCormick, Lucy Virginia See: Jewett, Lucy Virginia (McCormick), 1865-1928

McCormick, Mary Ann (Grigsby) 1828-1878

McCormick, Mary Grigsby See: Stone, Mary Grigsby (McCormick), 1878-

McCormick, Renie E.

McCormick, Robert Hall

McCormick, William Grigsby 1851-1873

McCormick, William Sanderson 1815-1865

McCormick- Goodhart, Mrs. Frederick E. d. 1932

McCoull, Mr.

McCoull, Mrs.

McCoy, Annie

McCoy, Henrietta See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class, 1932

McCrary, A. A. See groups: McGuire's University School, football aquad, 1926

McCray, Bernard V. 1876-1952

McCray, Bernard Winn b. 1907 See also: Por. 986.19

McCray, George "Cole" Scott b. 1938 See also: Groups- McCray, George Cole Scott; See also: "Riverview" Charles City County

McCray, Harriet Hildreth (Scott) b. 1906 ie., Mrs. Bernard Winn McCray

McCray, Hildreth Davis b. 1946

McCray, John H. b. 1940

McCray, Lanier Dunn b. 1940 See: "Winnstay" cottage, McCray, George Cole Scott, McCray, John H.

McCray, Nell (Winn)

McCrea, Archibald 1892-1937

McCrea, Mary (Johnston) Dunlop d. 1960 See: McCrea, Archibald, 1892-1937

McCulloch, Benjamin 1811-1862

McCullough, T. L. See groups: Military- Doctors- 1917

McCutchon, Harry See groups: VA State Guard Co. 54

McDaniel, Mrs. George W.

McDonald, Bessie See: Dabney, Thomas Lloyd, 1867-1924

McDonald, J.

McDonald, Josie

McDonald, Virginia Dilworth (Chamberlayne)

McDow, Mrs. T. B.

McDowell, Eliza Preston See: Wolff, Eliza Preston (McDowell), 1840-1923

McDowell, Ephraim 1771-1830

McDowell, Irwin General USA

McDowell, James 1795-1851

McDowell, Mary Fore

McDowell, Susanne Smith (Preston) 1800-1847

McDowell, William George See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

McDowell, William James 1903-1965

McElroy, S. Addison

McEntee, John See groups: Sharpe, George H. and staff

McEntosh, Donald

McEwen, Alfred Buffin 1907-1957

McFadden, Frank T. See also: Groups: Richmond, VA, First Presbyterian Church

McFarlane, John

McFarlane, Mary Gray See: McFarlane, John

McGavock, James 1728-1812

McGavock, Mary (Cloyd) 1741-1827 Wife of James McGavock

McGee, John

McGill, John 1809-1872

McGowenan, Samuel 1819-1897

McGraw, John T.


McGaffey, William Holmes 1800-1873 See also oversized

McGuire, Catherine Skelton (Bemiss) b. 1901

Mcguire, Edward

McGuire, Elizabeth See: Glencairn, Elizabeth (McGuire) Cunningham, countess, 1724- 1801

McGuire, Francis Howe 1850-1894

McGuire, Gertrude See: Taylor, Gertrude (McGuire), 1828-1894

McGuire, Getty See: Williams, Maria Ward Skelton (Williams), 1880-1960

McGuire, Gitter See group: Rose Lawn, Orange Co., VA 1896

McGuire, Hugh Holmes 1801-1875

McGuire, Hugh

McGuire, Hunter Holmes 1835-1900 See also: Por x282 (upright file) for copper plate. See also groups: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan and his staff

McGuire, Hunter Holmes 1895-1969

McGuire, John Peyton 1836-1906

McGuire, John Peyton 1866-1948 for unidentified friends or family members see costumes (3 photos)

McGuire, John Peyton, Jr. 1904-1961

McGuire, L. Courtney

McGuire, Mary stuart (McGuire) b. 1872

McGuire, Murray Mason 1872-1945

Mcguire, Peter Gose C. S. A.

McGuire, Ruth I. (Robertson) 1880?-1963

McGuire, Stuart 1867-1948

McGuire, William Edward 1860-1921

McHugh, Charles A. 1863?-1923

McIntosh, David Gregg 1836-1916

McIlwaine, A. G.

McIlwaine, Richard 1834-1913 See also extra-oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902

McIlwaine, Richard 1870-1937 See: MSS 1 D2873a 188,189

McInnis, John James 1905-1952

McIntosh, Claire c. 1929

McIntosh, Col. David Gregg 1813-1916

McIntosh, Duncan Hynes Unidentified family members, groups

McIntosh, Duncan Hynes Unidentified family members, male

McIntosh, Duncan Hynes Unidentified family members, children

McIntosh, Duncan Hynes Unidentified property

McIntosh, Duncan Hynes Unidentified family members, female

McIntosh, Duncan Also: Spinning, Duncan Helen

McIntosh, James

McInosh, Lachlan 1725-1806

McIntosh, Mamie W.

McIntosh, Margaret See: Morton, Margaret (McIntosh), 1870-1942

McIntosh, Martha Jamison (Gregg)

McIntosh, Virginia Johnson (Pegram) 1843-1920

McIntosh, Will

McIntyre, George Robert Augustus 1862-1952

McIntyre, Paul Goodloe 1860-1952 See groups: Virginia University, Board 1933

McKaig, Thomas Jefferson 1840-1806

Mackall, John Chicester

Mackey, Rebecca Holmes (McGuire)

McKean, Thomas 1734-1817

McKee, Jane Lewis See: Kent, Jane Lewis (McKee), 1812-1883

McKee, M. See: Van Doren family album

McKee, Peter Kinstey 1934-1967


Mckenney, ie., Mrs. Carlton Mckenney. See groups: Gregory family

McKenney, Ambrose Carlton

McKenney, Joseph B. d. 1898

McKenny, Julian

McKenney, Mary Augusta (Carlton) d. 1919

McKenney, William Robertson 1801-1916

McKanzie, Dr. Kenneth, Dr. William, Johana Tyler

Mackey, Dr. Robert 1737-1814

McKinley, Benjamin Walter Blaine See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria 1910

McKinley, William 1843-1901 President of U. S.; See also: oversize group photographs

McKinney, Frank Lawrence 1886-1960

McKinney, Maude

McKinney, Gov. Philip Watkins 1832-1899 See groups: German Day Festival meeting

McLafferty, Lt. J. E. b. 1918

McKown, Charlotte

McLane, Louis 1786-1857

Mclane, John 1785-1861

McLaughlin, Anne Selden (Brooke) "Mrs. James Fairfox, Sr."

Mclaughlin, James Fairfax, Sr.

McLaughlin, James fairfax, Jr.

McLaughlin, Virginia 1869-1962

McLaws, Lafayette

McLean, Frank

McLemore, Rev. Britain Sanders

> McLemore, James Latinns 1866-1954 See also: Silvette, David 1901-

McLemore, Minnie Fry (Barksdale)

McLeod, F. H.

McLeod, Hugh McC See extra-oversized photograph album: "VMI, class 1889-_ _93"

McLoughlin, J. M. See groups: McGuire's University school football squad, 1927

McCann, W. S.

McMurdo, Cyril E.

McMurran, Lewis A. See group photographs: Norfolk, Va. Norfolk Academy football team 1908

McMurran, Robert F. 1903

McNeal, J. M.

McNeer, Lillian See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

McNeil, Malcolm See Stewart, Norman

McNeill, Martha Dabney (Chamberlyne) Valentine 1874-1971

MacNeven, William See groups: Gregory collection

McNutt, A. Gallatin

McNutt, Francis Augustis

McNutt, J.S.

McNutt, Joseph P.

McNutt, Willaim Morton 1865-1939

McPherson, Juliana (Chapin) See: Smith, Juliana (Chapin) McPherson

McRae, Cameron Farquhar See Extra-oversize: Photograph album, "VMI, class 1889-93"

McRae, Charles Ferguson

McRae, Christopher

McRae, Pamela (Harris)

McRee, Fergus See groups: Jones, Catesby

McRee, James Iredell See groups: Catesby, Jones

McSherry, Jim See: Van Doren family album

McSherry, Miss See: Van Doren family album

McSherry, Richard Van Doren family album

McSherry, Richard (?)-1822

McTyeire, Holland Nimmous 1824-1889 See groups: Methodist Episcopal Church-Bishops

McTyre, Mrs. E.T.

McVeigh, Charlotte Randolph (Skelton) 1847-(?)

McVeigh, L.W.

McWhorter, Bessie Bell (Garman) See group photographs: Fredricksburg Collegiate Institute.

MacArthur, Douglas 1880-1965

MacDonough, T.

MacFarlane, William 1810-1873

MacGrill, Charles See: oversize

Maben, John C.

Mabry, W.A. See groups: Randolph Macon College, 1966

Machain, Herbert See groups: Norfolk, Va. Hunter School

Machen, Lewis C.

Machen, Lewis Henry 1871-1927

Mackan Family Snapshots

Mackan, Harry Stewart

Mackey, Martha Trimble See: Miley, Martha Trimble (Mackey), 1845-(?)

Mackey, Nancy (Hamilton) Wife of Henry Mackey, Jr.

Macline, Austin

MacMurdo, Sarah Catherine See: Rives, Sarah Catherine (MacMurdo), 1833-1909

Macneil, Daphne Drake

Macneil, Lucy Parke

Macneil, Mary Allen 1944-(?)

Macneil, Sayre

Macneil, Virginia Allen (Bagby) 1920-1971

Macneil, Tonia

Macon, Elizabeth Ann See: Heath, Elizabeth Ann (Macon), 1820-1868

Macon, Frances (Mutter)

Macon, Mary Sayre See: Johnston, Mary Sayre (Macon), 1850-1935

Macon, Mary Smith Mutter, Mary Smith (Macon)

Macon, Sarah (Smith) Dabney 1775-1851

Maddox, W. Clyde 1921 Ku Klux Klan; Also see: costumes

Madison, Dolly Payne (Todd) 1768-1849

Madison, George William

Madison, Helen (Banister)

Madison, James 1723-1801

Madison, James 1749-1812 bp.

Madison, Nelly (Conway) 1732-1829

Madison, Nelly Conway See: Hite, Nelly Conway (Madison), 1760-1803

Maffitt, John Newland 1819-1886

Magill, Ann (Tucker)

Magill, Charles Fauntleroy

Magill, Charlie

Magill, Mary Tucker

Maginnis, Charles B.

Maginnis, Josephine See: Rose, Josephine

Magginnis, William D. See: Maginnis, Charles B.

Magoffin, Beriah See extra- oversize: Photograph album: "VMI, class 1889-_ _93"

Magruder, Aletta Van Doren d. ca. 1909 See: Van Doren family album

Magruder, Helen d. 1909 See: Van Doren family album

Magruder, Henry Minor 1808-1885

Magruder, John Bankhead 1810-1871

Magruder, John Bowie 1839-1863

Magruder, L. F. See groups: Military, Doctors 1917

Magruder, Martha Wilson d. 1906 See: Van Doren family album

Mahone, William 1826-1895 See also groups: Massachusetts Civil War Regement


Majette, Mary Elizabeth 1877-1897

Makemie, Francis 1658-1708

Malbone, Edward Greene 1777-1807


Mallet, John William 1832-1912

Mallory, Charles King 1820-1875

Mallory, Charles King 1844-1863

Mallory, Christina (Wine) 1835-1901 See: Mallory, William, 1826-1908

Mallory, henry Reed b. 1892

Mallory, J. Edwin See: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1919

Mallory, Joan Ussher See: Reeves, Joan Ussher (Mallory), 1921-

Mallory, John Skinner 1857-1932

Mallory, John Stevenson b. 1894 See also: Mallory, Henry Reed, 1892- and Group: Mallory, Henry Reed, 1892-

Mallory, Marie (Briel) ie., "Mrs. John R. Mallory" See group: Richmonders Coffee party

Mallory, Martha Catherine (Gordon) 1838-1863 ie., Mrs. William Mallory

Mallory, Mary Susan d. 1863 See: Mallory, Martha Catherine (Gordon), 1838-1863

Mallory, Philip Wythe 1891-1906 See: Mallory, Henry Reed, 1892- and Group: Mallory, Henry Reed, 1892

Mallory, Sarah (Reed) ie., "Mrs. John Skinner Mallory"

Mallory, Stephen Russell 1813?-1873

Mallory, Thomas ca. 1605-1671

Mallory, William 1826-1908

Malone, Dumas b. 1892 See also groups: Virginians 1972

Malone, Edmund Lucien See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria 1910

Malone, Pamela

Manarin, Louis Henry b. 1932

Manchester, Henry Montague 1563?-1642 1st earl; Lord Treasurer in 1620; 8/16/60 Van Houe 5/0; 8/16/60 Delaram 1/1/0; 5/20/60 Harding 2/0; 5/20/60 1642 print 5/0

Manley, Langdon

Manly, Sarah Murray

Mann, Bernard 1861-1930

Mann, Dr. G. C.

Mann, James 1872-1945

Mann, Mary See: Page, Mary (Mann), 1672-1707

Mann, William Hodges 1843-1927

Mann, William Hodges, Jr. 1890-1953

Manning, Henry Pindell See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria 1910

Manning, Lelia Bernard (Meredith) 1861-1947

Manning, Richard Iroine 1859-1931

Manning, Richard Irvine 1883-1902

Manning, Sarah B. See: Berkeley, Sarah B. (Manning)

Manouvier, Albert W. C. See: Sheet Music "Protection Rifles"

Mansfield, Joseph King Fenno 1803-1862 See groups oversized: Union generals "Our Generals in the Field"

Mansfield, Cordelia Powell

Mansfield, James Robert

Mansfield, John Pelham

Mansfield, Mary B. Streit

Mansfield, Nell

Mansfield, Roger

Mansfield, William Henry

Mansfield, William Powell

Manson, Charlotte Hawes Ashby 1835-1913

Manson family

Manson, Nathaniel Clayton, Jr. 1858-1924

Mapp, J. Brooks 1887-1969

Marable, Sadie See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Marbois, Francois Barbe, Marguis de 1745-1837

Marbury, Leonard 1856-1902

Marchant, Alfred Lee 1906-1955

Marchant, Georgette M. (Stevens) ie., Mrs. Henry Mortimer

Marchant, Henry Mortimer 1843-1907

Marchetti, Grace See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class 1932

Marchetti, Miss Marie See groups; Church groups: St. John's evangelical Church Confirmation class, 1920

Marcuse, I. J.

Margaret, Countess of Ranelagh 1672-1728

Marie, Queen of Romania See also: Anderson, Henry Watkins, 1870-1954

Marindin, Mr. See group photographs: Union officers. Bermuda Hundred

Margraf, Gustav B. 1915-1969

Marion, Francis 1732-1785

Marks, christina Neilson

Marks, Daniel

Marks, E. E.

Marks, Florence

Marks, George B.

Marks, James

Marks, John

Marks, Josie See: Marks, Maggie

Marks, Maggie

Marks, Queenie See also: Marks, James

Marks, Robert

Marks, Robert John See also: Marks, Robert

Marks, Wirt Peebles, Jr. 1893-1963

Unidentified Marks See: Unidentidied Lamb

Marlborough, James Ley 1550-1629 1st earl. Lord Treasurer in 1624; 8/16/60 Payne 4/0

Marlowe, Julia

Marquart, Robin Layton 1889-1951

Marr, Robert Athelstan d. 1930 See extra oversized photograph album: "VMI class, 1889-_ _93"

Marriott, Richard Holbrook 1911-1968

Marron, Daniel Garrow 1836-1914

Marron, Maria Smith (Peek) 1845-1878

Marryat, Florence

Marratt, J.

Marsden, Henry Howard See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Margh, Mary See groups: White Sulphur Springs, W. VA (Lawn Party, 1890)

Marsh, Robert

Marshall, Mrs. A. B. See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Marshall, Charles 1830-1903

Marshall, Elizabeth See: Colston, Elizabeth (Marshall) 1756-1842

Marshall, Ellen

Marshall, Francis See groups: Epps family (Appomattox)

Marshall, George d. 1906

Marshall, George Catlett 1880-1959 See: Miley Collection, oversize; Events: World War II, Yalta Conference

Marshall, H. Snowden

Marshall, Hattie See: Gentry, Mary Cornelia (White)

Marshall, Humphrey General

Marshall, James P.

Marshall, James William 1844-1911 See extra oversize group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Marshall, John 1755-1835 See also oversize; Moore, Richard Channing, 1762-1841; Menu: Constitutional Centennial

Marshall, John 1904-1963

Marshall, Lucy See: Ambler, Lucy Marshall, 1768-1793

Marshall, Margaret (Lewis) 1792-1829 Mrs. Thomas Marshall

Marshall, Mary See: Gentry, Mary Cornelia (White)

Marshall, Mary (Ambler) 1766-1831

Marshall, Mary Randolph (Keith) 1737-1809

Marshall, R. C.

Marshall, Thomas R. See extra oversize photograph album: "VMI class 1889-_ _93

Marshall, Thomas Riley 1854-1925

Marshall, Vause W.

Marshall, Walton See groups: Rose Lawn, Orange Co., VA, 1896

Marshall, William Churchill b. 1855

Martin, alice Louise (Becker) b. 1909 ie., Mrs. Daniel F. Martin; See groups: Boy and Girl Scouts: Girl Scout Troop 31

Martin, Alvah Howard, Jr. 1890-1957

Martin, Mrs. Bessie

Martin, Bessie M. d. 1966 See: Hobson, Bessie M. (Martin)

Martin, Daniel E. See groups: Hampden-Sydney College- Chi Phi Fraternity 1946-1947

Martin, Delaney

Martin, Denny d. 1800

Marin, Edward (Major) 1722-1775

Martin, George Gresham 1869-1929

Martin, George Gresham, Jr. 1903-1968

Martin, Hetty (Cary) Pegram 1836-1892

Martin, James Craig 1874-1957

Martin, James Green 1881-1955

Martin, Joan See: Eggleston, Joseph Dupuy, 1867-1953

Martin, Katharine (Sinton) d. 1968

Martin, Lillian See: Price, Lillian (Martin)

Martin, Lucy Chambliss (Day) d. 1915 See also oversize

Martin, Luther 1744-1826

Martin, Miles See groups: Hampden-Sydney College- Chi Phi Fraternity, 1946-1947

Martin, Rawley White CSA

Martin, richard 1570-1618 Named in 2nd Virginia Charter, 4-7-60 Passe 3/6

Martin, Stephen Duval 1885-1970

Martin, Thomas

Martin, Thomas Staples 1847-1919

Martin, Walter Worth 1907-1964

Martin, William Bruce 1846-1921

Martin, William W. See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Martyn, Joseph 1643-1718 London merchant, 5/31/61 Smith 1/10/- oversize

Marvin, Enoch Mather 1823-1877 See groups: Methodist Episcopal church- Bishops

Marx, Frederick

Marx, Samuel 1796-1860

Mary (of Modena), Queen of England 1658-1718 4-7-60 Vandrebane 0/18/0 oversize; 4-7-60 Audran 0/6/0; 5-20-60 Stephani 0/15/0 oversize; 5-31-61 Smith 1/10/- oversize; 5-31-61 Tompson 2/2/- oversize

Mary II, Queen of England 1662-1694 See also: William III, King of England, 1650-1702

Mary, Queen of Scots 1542-1587

Marye, Robert Voss

Masinter, Morris Louis 1893-1956


Mason, Anne Eilbeck

Mason, Anne Harrison (Cocke) b. 1860

Mason, Anne Maria See: Lee, Anna Maria (Mason), 1811-1898

Mason, Dorothy See: Redmayne, Dorothy (Mason) Rolfe

Mason, Emily Banister b. 1885

Mason, George 1725-1792

Mason, George 1853-1923

Mason, George

Mason, George Carrington

Mason, Ida

Mason, Mrs. J. H.

Mason, J. E. 1853-1923

Mason, James Murray 1798-1871 See also: oversize

Mason, James Murray b. 1857

Mason, J. T. J.

Mason, John Young 1799-1859

Mason, Rev. John

Mason, Martha See: Batte, Martha (Mason)

Mason, Mary See: Turner, Mary (Mason)

Mason, St. George Tucker 1844-1884

Mason, Virginia

Massenburg, George Alvin b. 1894

Massey, John Edward 1819-1901 See groups: Big 4 and Massey

Massey, Sarah See: Stone, Sarah (Massey)

Massie, Eugene C. 1861-1924

Massie, H. M. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad, 1926

Massie, J. P.

Massie, Joseph Anderson 1871-1922

Massie, Joseph Anderson b. 1917

Massie, Thomas 1747-1834

Massie, Thomas 1783-1864

Massie, Thornton Lemmon 1866-1912

Massow, Baron Robert Von

Mathews, C. G.

Mathews, Colonel Samuel d. 1662

Mathieu, Royane See: McCarthy, Frank

Mathy, John Mathias

Mattern, Lillie See: Pohlig, Lillie (Mattern)

Mattews, Ellen Hobson (Bagby) 1831-1898 See also: Matthews, James Muscoe

Matthews, George Bagby 1857-1944

Matthews, James Muscoe 1882-1905

Matthews, John W. See groups: The Immortal Six Hundred

Matthews, Mollie

Matthews, Nellie See: Matthews, Molloe

Mauck, Henry Page b. 1891

Mauck, Henry Page

Mauck, Robert

Maupin See: Maupin- Ridpath Family Album, extra oversized

Maupin, Chapman

Maupin, Chapman White 1777-1861

Maupin, George Washington

Maupin, Mary Graves (Spencer) 1779-1868

Maupin, Socrates 1808-1871 See also oversize

Maupin, William Gabriel 1890-1951

Maurice, Henry A.

Maury, Allen 1854-1907

Maury, Ann Hull (Herndon) 1811-1901 See: Van Doren family album

Maury, Dabney Herndon 1822-1900 See also group photographs: Richmond, VA, Westbrook; See also: extra oversized


Maury, Elizabeth Herndon (Maury) 1835-1903 ie., "Mrs. William Arden Maury"; See: Van Doren family album

Maury, George Greenhow 1850-1853 See: Maury, Allen, 1854-1907

Maury, Isabel 1842-1934 See: Maury, Robert Henry, 1816-1886

Maury, James 1746-1840

Maury, Lucy Minor See: Van Doren, Lucy Minor (Maury), 1851-1915

Maury, Mary Rutherfoord (Harvie)

Maury, Martha Bickerton (Greenhow) 1820-1909

Maury, Matthew Fontaine 1806-1823 See also: oversize and extra oversize Van Doren family album

Maury, Richard Lancelot 1840-1907

Maury, Richard Wortham 1843-1916 See: Maury, Robert Henry, 1816-1886

Maury, Robert Henry 1816-1886

Maury, Robert Walker 1855-1903

Maury, Rose See: Pollard, Rose (Maury)

Maury, Sarah Ann 1846-1909 See Maury, Robert Henry, 1816-1886

Maury, Sarah Ann 1846-1909 See also: Maury, Robert Walker, 1855-1903

Maury, William Arden 1832-1918

Maus, Anna Page (Russell) ie., Mrs. Lewis Mervin Mavs; See groups: Russell, John Wilson, children of

Mavs, Lewis Mervin See group: Lee, Fitzhugh and staff 1898

Maxey, Mary

Maxey, Susan Eliza See: Watkins, Susan Eliza (Maxey)

Maxwell, Helen (Calvert) See: Read, Helen (Calvert) Maxwell, 1750-1833

Maxwell, M.

Maxwell, William 1784-1857

May, Edward b. 1855

May, James Harrison 1889-1963

May, Landon Culter 1904-1953

May, Richard A.

May, Robert Henry 1906-1960

Mayer, Eugene

Mayfield, Nina

Maynard, Freda Horner (Epps) ie., Lady John Maynard; See groups: Epps family (Appomattox)

Maynard, Sir John 1602-1690 Lord Chancellor in 1690; 9/30/60 anonymous Cadell 1794 2/6

Maynard, Sir John See groups: Epps family (Appomattox)

May, Benjamin H.

Mayo, Abigail (de Hart) 1761-1843

Mayo, Elizabeth Bland See: Fulton, Elizabeth Bland (Mayo)

Mayo, Ellen (Lee)

Mayo, John 1760-1818

Mayo, Kate Brander (Harris) See: Williams, Kate Brander (Harris) Mayo Skipwith (d. 1945)

Mayo, Katherine Cole (Friend) See: Valentine, Katherine Cole (Friend) Mayo, 1848-1927

Mayo, Lucy Garnett 1866?-1955

Mayo, Ned See groups: Wilton, Henrico Co., VA

Mayo, William Col. Of Powhatan seat

Mays, Austin See groups: VA State Guard Co. 54

Mays, David John 1896-1971 See also groups: Virginia Historical Society

Mazzei, Philip 1730-1816


Meade, Ann See: Randolph, Anne (Meade)

Meade, Ann Wray (Stith)

Meade, Benjamin Lincoln 1793-1851

Meade, Charlotte See: Lane, Charlotte (Meade) Mrs. James H.

Meade, David 1710-1757

Meade, David 1768-(?)

Meade, David 1778-1854

Meade, Edwin B.

Meade, Eliza See: Harvie, Eliza (Meade), 1850-1930

Meade, Everard 1748-1802

Meade, Frazier See groups: Meade family and friends

Meade, Gardiner See groups: Meade family and friends

Meade, George

Meade, George Gordon 1815-1872 See also: Group: Union officers at Brandy Station 1864

Meade, George Gordon See: Oversize groups: W

Meade, Hardy See groups: Meade family and friends

Meade, Hodijah 1789-1842 and Meade, Mary Susanna 1791-(?)

Meade, Jas. T.

Meade, Jane Catherine (Fontaine) 1833-1909

Meade, Jane Eliza (Hardaway) 1801-1876 See also: Meade, Benjamin Lincoln, 1793-1851

Meade, Kate F. See groups: Meade family and friends

Meade, Mary Susanna See: Meade, Hodijah

Meade, Lila Hardaway See: Valentine, Lila Haraway (Meade), 1865-1921

Meade, Louise Fontaine 1871?-1949 See: Cadot, Louise Fontaine (Meade), 1871?-1949 and Groups: Meade family and friends

Meade, Maria See: Stith, Maria (Meade)

Meade, Marianne Everanrd 1876-1970 See also groups: Meade family and friends

Meade, Mary Susanne b. 1791 See: Meade, Hodijah, 1789-1842

Mrs. Meade See: Williams, Maria Ward (Skelton), 1843-1929

Meade, Nellie Atkins 1871?-1957 See also: Caperton, Helena 1878-1962 and also Groups: Meade family and friends

Meade, Richard Everard 1778-1840

Meade, Richard Hardaway 1831-1880

Meade, Richard Hardaway II 1867-1951 See also: Valentine, Lila Haraway (Meade)

Meade, Richard Haraway, Jr. See also: Meade, Richard Hardaway II

Meade, Richard Kidder 1812-1892 Bp., See: Van Doren family album

Meade, Robert Douthat 1903-1974

Meade, Sarah

Meade, Spencer See: oversize groups W

Meade, Susannah (Everard) Wife of David Meade, 1710-1757

Meade, Susannah (Stith)

Meade, Thomas J. See Locations: Richmond, transportation terminals, Main Street Station

Meade, William 1789-1862 Bp. See also oversize: Van Doran family album

Meade family unidentified

Mears, Benjamin W., Sr. 1894-1961

Mease, J. A.

Mease, Marion See: Childtey, Marion (Mease)

Medows, Sir William 1738-1813 British general during American Revolution, 3-23-61 Cook 5/0

Meek, Mary Cabeen See: Brown, Mary Cabeen (Meek)

Meek, Samuel Williams b. 1864 See: MSS5:7 M4714:1

Meek, Samuel William 1895-1981 See: MSS5:7 M4714:1

Meek, Wilson See: MSS5:7 M4714:1

Meeks, Abigal (sic) Livia Martha (Davis) 1826-1876

Meeks, Blanche Thayer See also: Heath, Blanche Thayer (Meeks) 1865-1957

Meeks, Constance Adela See also: Meeks, Blanche Thayer

Meeks, Edward

Meeks, James Cooper b. 1807

Meeks, John 1737-1817

Meeks, Suzannah (Cooper) 1780-1853

Meeks, William Newton 1821-1897

Meeks, Washington

Meeks, William Vincent

Meem, Elsa

Meem, John G.

Megie, Mary Ann Marsh See: Granbery, John Gersham, 1833-1895

Mellon, Paul

Mendelssohn-Barthold, Jakob Ludwig Felix 1809-1847 See oversize


Menzel, Emma See: Grimmell, Emma (Menzel), ie., Mrs. C. Frederick Grimmell, 1878-1951

Menzel, Henry E. See Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class, 1901

Menzel, Marie Brigette (Rasmussen) 1855-1892 ie., Mrs. Paul Louis Menzel

Menzel, Paul Louis 1839-1907 See also groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church, 1898

Mencator, Gerhard 1512-1594

Mercer, Ann (Roy)

Mercer, Ella

Mercer, Charles Fenton 1778-1858

Mercer, George 1733-1784

Mercer, Hugh 1725-1777

Mercer, Hugh Tenant Weedon 1808-1853

Mercer, James 1736-1793

Mercer, Jane Byrd See McCall, Jane Byrd (Mercer)

Mercer, John 1704-1768

Mercer, John d. 1848

Mercer, John Cyrus b. 1810

Mercer, John Francis 1759-1821

Mercer, Mary Eleanor Dick See: Garnett, Mary Eleanor Dick (Mercer), 1774-1837

Mercer, Mary Scott (Swann)

Mercer, Mary (Swann)

Mercer, Walter C.

Mercer, Sophia (Sprigg)

Merchant, Maude Blake

Meredith, Alice Morson 1897-1961

Meredith, Ann (Morson)

Meredith, Bernard d. 1971 See also groups: Virginia University Students, ca 1914

Meredith, Bernard

Meredith, Charles Vivan 1850-1930 See also extra oversize group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Meredith, Edward Douglas 1852-1879

Meredith, John Alexander 1814-1882

Meredith, Lelia Bernard 1861-1947 See: Manning, Lelia Bernard (Meredith), 1861-1947

Meredith, Marion b. 1897 See: Meredith, Alice Morson, 1897-1961

Meredith, Mary

Meredith, Mary Ella

Meredith, Reuben 1850-1870

Meredith, Rosa

Meredith, Sarah Ann Bernard 1817-1889

Meredith, Sophie Rose b. 1880

Meredith, William Robertson

Meredith, Wyndham Robertson 1869-1940

Merrill, Christiana Custis

Merrill, George F.

Merrill, Mary See: Merrill, George F.

Merrill, William P. M. See extra oversize

Merriss, William H.

Messell, Mrs. Thomas E.

Messer, Charles See groups: WOBCA

Messer, Charles

Messer, Juliette (Chandler) b. 1870

Messick, Wesley See: folder under Curtis, Robert Keith

Mettauer, archer 1820-1910

Mettauer, E. W.

Mettauer, Frances Joseph

Mettauer, John Peter

Mettauer, John Peter 1787-1875

Meyer, Betty Chauncey Williams See groups: Gregory family

Meyers, Ned See groups: Wilton, Henrico Co., VA

Meynell, Alice (Thompson) 1850-1922

Michael, Isabella (McClary) See: Gordon, Isabella (McClary) Michael, b. 1807

Michael, Marie Isabella (Hammond) 1876-(?) See: High, Belle (Boyd) Hardinge Hammond, 1844-1900

Michaux, Dr. Jacob

Michaux, Kate See group photo graphs: Richmond, Va. Lakeside Amusement Park

Michaux, Dr. Stuart

Michie, Capt. See groups: Lee (Fitzhugh) and staff, 1898

Michie, Addinell Hewson 1897-1957

Michie, Peter Smith 1839-1901 See group photographs: Union Officers: Bermuda Hundred

Middlesex, Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl Lord Treasurer in 1622 1575-1645 See oversize

Midkiff, Robert See groups: Va. State Guard Co. 54

Miles, Gordon F.

Miles, Lizzie See: Purdy,Lizzie (Miles)

Miles, Capt. Sherman See groups: Inauguration: Theodore Roosevelt, 1905

Miles, Mattie

Miles, Waldo C.

Miles, William Porcher

Miley, Beatrice

Miley, Edwin 1876-(?) See also group: Miley, Michael, family

Miley, Edwin

Miley, Edwin LaFaucheur

Miley, G. Hunter See group photographs: Miley (Samuel) family

Miley, Genevieve (?)-1937 See also: group photographs: Miley, Samuel family

Miley, Henry Mackey 1873-1955 See also: Miley, Mchael, family 2. Oversize

Miley, Henry O. See group photographs: Miley, (Samuel) family

Miley, Herbert 1872-(?) See group: Miley, Michael, family

Miley, John

Miley, Martha

Miley, Martha Trimble (Mackey) 1848-(?) See also: Miley, Michael, family

Miley, Michael 1841-1918

Miley, Myrtle Boyd (LeFaucher), Mrs. Edwin Miley See also: Miley, Edwin, 1876-(?)

Miley, Pauline Renforth, Pauline (Miley)

Miley, Samuel Evert See also group photographs: Miley, Samuel, family

Miley, Mrs. Samuel Evert See group photographs: Miley, (Samuel) family

Miley, Virginia Hamilton See: Putnam, Virginia Hamilton (Miley)

Miley. Children of Samuel

Milhollen, Hirst Dillion b. 1906

Milleo, Sallie See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Mill, Neal F. B. 1893

Millhiser, Gazelle (Kohut) ie., "Mrs. Emanuel Millhiser"

Millhiser, E. Ross See: Millhiser, Gazelle (Kohut)


Miller, Annie See: Supplee, Annie (Miller) Rich Flynn, ca. 1871-1943

Miller, Ashley Macon See groups: Tennis, 1889

Miller, Burnett, Jr. 1908-1954

Miller, Charles Clendenin 1811-1898

Miller, Charles E. b. 1844 See extra oversize group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-02"

Miller, Charles Edward and family See above in Groups

Miller, Charles H. See Groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class, 1920

Miller, Charles Louis 1840-1900

Miller, Christian 1744-1836

Miller, Clifton M. See also group photograph: Miller, Clifton M. and family

Miller, Edward See groups: Gregory Collection

Miller, Edward T. See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class, 1913

Miller, Elizabeth G. See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class, 1921

Miller, Elise (Brauer) 1883-1937

Miller, Elvira 1850-1955

Miller, Emma See groups: Miller, Clifton and family

Miller, Finetta Anne (Lyon) b. 1851

Miller, Francis Pickens b. 1895

Miller, George 1891-1959

Miller, H. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad, 1925

Miller, Helen See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1931

Miller, Henry Frederick 1869-1939

Miller, Hunter 1876-1961

Miller, Jacob W.

Miller, James 1775-1851

Miller, James See groups: U. S. Army

Miller, James W. See groups: Church groups: St. John's United Church of Christ Confirmation class, 1960

Miller, Senator John G.

Miller, Joseohine (Haase) 1870-1945 See also group photographs: Richmonds, Richmond Coffee Party and Hasse Family

Miller, L. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad, 1923

Miller, Louis H., Jr. See groups: Church groups: St, John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class, 1921

Miller, Margaret Elisabeth See: Franck, Margaret Elisabeth (Miller), 1891-1952

Miller, Margaret (Brauer) 1848-1921 See also group photographs: Brauer family

Miller, Margaret Erskine See: Hutcheson, Margaret Erskine (Miller)

Miller, Mary B. See groups: Miller, Clifton M. and family

Miller, Mary See groups: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Girl Scout Troop #31. Died young

Miller, Nicketti (Johnston) ie., Mrs. Henry R. Miller. See groups: YMCA and YWCA, daughters of Dr. G. B. Johnston

Miller, Paul R. See groups: Church groups: St. John's United Church of Christ Confirmation class, 1962

Miller, Polk 1844-1914

Miller, Robert

Miller, Susanna Ruth

Miller, Thomas M. 1846-1902

Miller, Virginia

Miller, Willie See groups: Norwood's University School Room "C"

Miller, Willis Dance 1893-1960 See also groups: Virginia Supreme Court

Milligan, James See groups: Gregory family

Millington, John 1779-1868

Mills, Charles Spottswood 1812-1892

Mills, Dorothea (Rueger) b. 1900 ie., Mrs. Lonnie Neill Mills. See groups: Boy and Girl Scouts, Girl Scout Troop #31 and Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation class, 1921

Mills, Nicholas

Mills, Robert E. 1771-1855

Millson, John Singleton 1808-1874

Miner, Bertha

Minge, Benjamin Carter b. 1853

Minge, Collier Harrison

Minge, C. H. See groups: Change of the VMI cadets

Minge, David See album: Dunlop family

Minge, Jane Oliver See: Dixey, Jane Oliver (Minge), 1828-

Minge, John

Minge, Sarah Harrison b. 1833 See: Minge, William Henry Harrison, 1830-1862

Minge, William Henry Harrison 1830-1862

Minghini, Dr. W. E.

Minnigerode, Charles

Minnegerade, emily See groups: Eggleston Collection

Minnigerode, Charles Frederic Ernest 1814-1864

Minnigerode, James Gibbon

Minnigerode, Lucy

Minnigerode, Mary (Carter) d. 1898 See: Minnigerode, Charles Frederic, 1814-1894

Minor See also: Miner

Minor, Charles Landon Carter 1835-1903

Minor, Claude D. 1888-1965

Minor, Edmund Christian 1845-1903

Minor, Edward C.

Minor, Frances Ansley (Cazenove) 1839-1884 ie., "Mrs. Charles Landon Carter Minor"

Minor, G. G.

Minor, Heloise Innerarity

Minor, Jane Bell (left) and Margaret R.

Minor, Margaret R. See: Jane Bell Minor

Minor, John 1797-1862

Minor, John Barbee 1813-1895 See also oversize

Minor, John Barbee 1866-1952

Minor, Gen. John

Minor, Lewis Willis

Minor, Lucian 1802-1858

Minor, Lucy Landon Carter

Minor, Maria Ward Skelton (Williams) Sheerin b. 1902 See also: Williams, Fielding Lewis, 1906

Minor, Mary Berkeley See: Blackford, Mary Berkeley (Minor), 1802-1896

Minor, Marg Washington Ball See: Lightfoot, Mary Washington Ball (Minor), 1851-1930

Minor, R. C. See groups: Virginia University, students 1888

Minor, Raleigh Colston 1869-1923

Minor, Roberta D. b. 1872

Minor, Robert Dabney

Minter, Charles S. 1881-1957

Minter, Horatio Fontaine 1882-1965

Minter, William Marvin 1886-1970

Mitchell, Alice Virginia Broadus See: Mitchell, Samuel Chiles, 1864-1948

Mitchell, David See groups: Save Our Neighborhood Schools

Mitchell, Senator Douglas

Mitchell, Jennifer See groups: Save Our Neighborhood Schools

Mitchel, John 1815-1875

Mitchell, John, Jr.

Mitchell, John Douglas 1876-1951

Mitchell, Judith Frances Carter (Bassett)

Mitchell, Maggie Lena See: Walker, Maggie Lena (Mitchell), 1867-1935

Mitchell, Margaret Author of Gone with the Wind

Mitchell, Mark See groups: Save Our Neighborhood Schools

Mitchell, Michelle

Mitchell, Dr. R. E.

Mitchell, Samuel See groups: Gregory Collection

Mitchell, Samuel Chiles 1864-1948

Mitchell, W. P.

Mitcheson, MacGregor J.

Mitcheson, Sarah (Johnson)

Mizell, Arch Conway b. 1915 See groups: Mizell family

Mizell, Julia Roxanna b. 1910 See groups: Mizell family

Mizell, Mary (Mamie) (Conway) 1882-1972 See groups: Conway family and Mizell family

Mizell, William Capers, III b. 1907 See groups: Mizell family

Moale, Ellin (North) 1741-1826

Modena, Virginia Elizabeth See: Embrey, Virginia Elizabeth (Modena), 1838-1899

Modjeska, Helena 1840-1909

Moffett, Edna Virginia 1870-1962

Moffett, William Stuart 1880-1955

Moffett, William Walter 1854-(?)

Moffitt, John

Moffitt, W.S. (House)

Moger, Allen Wesley 1905-(?)

Molesworth, Robert Molesworth, 1st Viscount 1656-1725

Monboddo, James Burnett, Lord 1714-1799

Monck, Christopher See Albemarle, Christopher Monck, 2nd Duke 1653-1688

Monck, George See Albemarle, George, 1st Duke, 1608-1670/71

Monckton, Robert 1726-1782 British General during American Revolution

Moncure, Alice See: Burke, Alice (Moncure)

Moncure, Alice Peachy (Gascoigne) 1774-1860

Moncure, Allenia M. (Cottrell)

Moncure, Anna Gatewood See: Norment, Anna Gatewood (Moncure)

Moncure, Anne Lewis (Daniel) 1822-1905

Moncure, Belle

Moncure, Cassie Oliver See: Lyne, Cassie Oliver (Moncure), 1845-1934

Moncure, Catherine Ambler See groups: Moncure family

Moncure, Charles See groups: Moncure family

Moncure, Charles

Moncure, Elgin Dentin See: Styll, Elgin Dentin (Moncure)

Moncure, Elizabeth Cabell

Moncure, Ella See groups: Meade family and friends

Moncure, Eustace Conway

Moncure, Henry Wood See groups: Moncure family

Moncure, Irby

Moncure, James A.

Moncure, John

Moncure, Lucy A. See: Gill, Lucy A. (Moncure)

Moncure, Lucy Ann (Gatewood)

Moneure, Margaret

Moncure, Maggie (Tinsley) See group: (persons): Campbell's (Rev. and Mrs.) school, Richmond, Va.

Moncure, Maria Moore See: Moore, Maria Moore (Moncure)

Moncure, Mary Derby (Ayres) Daniel 1902-(?)

Moncure, Philip St. Leger

Moncure, Richard Cassius Lee 1805-1882

Moncure, Richard Travers

Moncure, Sally

Moncure, Thomas Jefferson 1832-1912 See extra-oversize: group: album "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Moncure, Virginia Buchanan See groups: Gregory family

Moncure, Walter See groups: Fork Union Military Academy

Moncure, William Augustus 1803-1862

Moncure, William Augustus 1863-1947

Moncure, William A.

Moncure, Judge William A.

Moncure, William Cassius 1831-1883

Monroe, Andrew (?)-1826

Monroe, James 1758-1831 See oversize

Monroe daughters

Montague, Andrew Jackson 1862-1937

Montague, Charles See Halifax, Charles Montague, 1st Earl (2nd creation), 1661-1715

Montague, Edward See: Sandwich, Edward Montague, 1st Earl, 1625-1672

Montague, Helen (Gwathmey) See groups: Gwathmey family

Montague, Henry See: Manchester, Henry Montague, 1st Earl, 1563(?)-1642

Montague, Hill 1866-1959

Montague, James 1568-1618 bp of Bath and Wells. Named in 2nd Virginia Charter, member of Virginia Council

Montague, John H. See groups: Richmond, "Westbrooke"

Montague, Margaret See groups: Equal Suffrage League of Richmond

Montague, Margaret Prescott 1878-(?)

Montague, Lady Mary Wortley

Montague, Russell Cary 1877-1960

Montgomery, Charles Francis 1889-(?) See group: Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. Students

Montgomery, Jane

Montgomery, John See folder under Curtis, Robert Keith

Montgomery, Richard 1738-1775

Moody, Betsey Holton

Moody, Dwight L.

Moody, William Lewis 1828-1920

Moody, Young Marshall 1822-1866

Moomaw, Hugh Mangus 1885-1959

Moon, John Barclay 1849-1915

Moon, Lottie (Charlotte) 1840-1912

Mooney, James See group photograph: Bainbridge Junior High School. Richmond, Va. Safety patrol

Moore See group: Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. Students

Moore, Augustine 1685(?)-1743

Moore, Bernard 1720(ca.)-(?)

Moore, C. See group photograph: Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, Va. Student group

Moore, Carr

Moore, Catherine Eliza

Moore, Charles W. See groups: church groups: St. John's United Chruch of Christ, Confirmation Class 1962.

Moore, Charlie

Moore, D.W.

Moore, Mrs. D.W.

Moore, David

Moore, E. Blackburn

Moore, Elizabeth (Todd) Seaton

Moore, Fannie

Moore, Frank 1871-1943

Moore, George Lewis See groups: William and Mary College, Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Moore, Joseph Francis 1887-1962

Moore, Julia Grant 1887? See also groups: Moore, Thomas Jefferson (Fammily of) 1840-1898

Moore, Lucy See: Moore, Bernard

Moore, Margaretta Watmough (Wise) b. 1884 See groups: Peachy- Wise Family

Moore, Maria Moore (Moncure)

Moore, Mary Augusta (Brown)

Moore, Mary Irwin 1884? See groups: Moore, Thomas Jefferson (Family of) 1840-1898

Moore, P.T.

Moore, Richard Channing 1762-1841 See also: oversize

Moore, Rittenhouse

Moore, Robert Walton 1859-1941 See also: oversize, Album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901- 1902"

Moore, Samuel Preston 1813-1889

Moore, Thomas

Moore, Thomas Jefferson 1880-1947 See also: groups, Moore, Thomas Jefferson (family of) 1840-1898

Moore, Thomas Justin 1890-1958

Moore, Thomas Lee 1865-1914 See extra oversize: group: album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention. 1901-1902"

Moore, Thomas Verner 1818-1871

Moore, Virginia Wilson See Faison, Virginia Wilson (Moore), 1896-1944

Moore, Walton See groups: University of Va. 1/31/36

Moore, William Edward 1903-1955

Moorecock, Pinky See group: Musicians

Moorman, Lulu

Moorman, Robert

Moran, Nora

Morano, Mrs.

Mordaunt, Charles See: Peterborough, Charles Mordaunt, 3rd Earl, 1658-1735

Mordecai, Alfred See group photographs: Union Officers, Bermuda Hundred

Mordecai, Helen Norwood 1848-1937

Mordecai, John

Mordecai, John Brooke 1839-1873

Mordecai, Rosina 1876-1941

Mordecai, Rosina Ursula Young 1818-1906

Mordecai, Samuel 1786-1865

Mordecai, William Young 1836-1900

More, Jane C.

Morecock, Miss Pinky See groups: Morecock, Pinky

Moreland, J. Earl See groups: Randolph Macon College, 1966

Moreland, William Haywood 1879-1944

Morell, George Webb 1815-1883 See group photographs: Union officers. Morell's headquarters

Morgan, Andrew

Morgan, Branch Beale See extra-oversize: photograph album: "VMI, class 1889-93"

Morgan, Charles Stephen 1799-1859

Morgan, Daniel 1736-1802

Morgan, Edmund S.

Morgan, Elizabeth (Ezell)

Morgan, George D.

Morgan, James Benjamin 1906-1953

Morgan, James Brainerd

Morgan, John

Morgan, John

Morgan, John Hunt 1825-1864

Morgan, John Tyler 1824-1907

Morgan, Jones 1883-1993

Morgan, Lelia Augusta (Myers) 1868-(?)

Morgan, Lewis 1754-1844

Morgan, Margaret Ann (Gold) 1836-1905 See also: Morgan, James Brainerd

Morgan, Mary Michie See: Blakey, Mary (Morgan)

Morgan, S. T.

Morgan, W. H. See groups: Immortal Six Hundred

Morgan, William A.

Morice, Sir William 1602-1676 Board of Trade and Plantation in 1662, See: Oversize

Morison, Hugh Graham 1878-1925

Morison, Louisa Victoria See: Ayers, Louisa Victoria (Morison)

Morison, Samuel Eliot 1887-(?)

Morrell, James A. 1916-1943


Morris, George W.

Morris, George Watts, ca. 1860- 1857-1908 See also: Gordon, James Lindsey 1860-1904

Morris, Gouverneur 1752-1816

Morris, Hythe David See groups: Norfolk, Hunter School- 1896-96

Morris, James W., Dr.

Morris, John

Morris, John Joseph 1907-1957

Morris, John Speed, ca. 1860- See also: Gordon, James Lindsey, 1860-1904

Morris, Lewis Coleman 1872-1923

Morris, Richard 1736(?)-1822

Morris, Robert 1734-1806

Morris, Sally Rives

Morris, Sarah Winston (Taylor) See groups: Hanover Bicentennial

Morris, Thomas J. 1837-1912

Morrissett, Carlisle Havelock 1892-(?)

Morrisette, Edna E. See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church- Confirmation Class 1921

Morrisette, William W. See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church- Confirmation Class 1919

Morrison, J. G. See groups: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan and his staff

Morrison, Mary Anna See: Jackson, Mary Anna (Morrison), 1831-1915

Morrison, Dr. Samuel Brown

Morrisey, Joseph D. 1958-

Morse, Samuel F.B. 1791-1872

Morson, Claudia (Marshall)

Morson, Ellen Carter (Bruce) 1820-1862

Morson, James Marion 1817-1868

Morton, George 1883-1963

Morton, Maggie Hubbard

Morton, Margaret (McIntosh) 1870-1942

Morton, Maria Sophia (Kemper) 1738-1832

Morton, Mr. and Mrs. R.I.

Morton, Rosalie Slaughter, M.D.

Morton, Susan See: Hoge, Susan (Morton), (?)-1869

Morton, Susie

Morton, William Smith 1787-1865

Mosby? See folder under Chamberlyne?

Mosby, Beverly Clarke

Mosby, C.L.

Mosby, John Garland 1786-1855

Mosby, John Singleton 1833-1916 See also groups: Mosby's Men; groups: United Confederate Veterans

Mosby, John S. Jr. See: Battle, Martha Burwell Dabney (Bagby), 1869-1954

Mosby, Pauline (Clarke) 1837-1876

Mosby, Robert O. And also: Davis, Richard W., Greer, David G.

Mosby, Vin (Hobson)

Mosby, William

Moseley, Arthur

Moseley, Lady Elizabeth

Moseley, Hannah (Bassett) 1772-1834

Moseley, Maria See: Williams, Maria Ward Skelton (Williams), 1880-1960

Moseley, Samuel 1764-1823

Moseley, William 1608-1655

Moseley, William, Jr. d. 1700

Moses, Charles Thomas

Mossgrove, Mrs. William

Mosher, Anne Warren See: Copley, Anne Warren (Mosher) Roberts, 1902-

Mosher, Hugh Emerson 1890? See persons (group): Mosher family

Mosher, Louise Norton See: Hines, Louise Norton (Mosher), 1892-

Mosher, Mary Dunn See: Eddy, Mary Dunn (Mosher)

Mosher, William Upshaw See persons (group): Mosher family

Mosmiller, Edith C. See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church Lutheran Confirmation class of 1919

Moss, Albert See groups: VA State Guard Co. 54

Moss, Charles Wesley b. 1895

Moss, family See groups: Moss family

Moss, J. P.

Moss, J. W. (Mrs.)

Moss, Walter G.

Mossgrove, Mrs. William

Moton, Robert Russa 1867-1940

Mott, Armistead Randolph See also: Gordon, James Lindsay, 1860-1904

Mott, Valentine

Moultrie, William 1730-1805

Mountaine, George 1569-1628 bishop of London 5/20/60 Grave 3/6

Mountcastle, G. B.

Mountcastle, G. Burton

Mowery, Byrd (Hammond) Williams 1874-1932 See: High, Belle (Boyd) Hardinge Hammond, 1844-1900

Moxley, Aminta Elizabeth (Douglass) 1775-1857 Wife of Gilbert Ireland Moxley

Moxley, Sophia M. P. See: Fisher, Sophia M. P. (Moxley), 1808-1898

Moynihan, Frederick See: Richmond, VA Monuments: Stuart

Mudd, Roger

Muhlenburg, John Peter Gabriel 1746-1807

Muire, Theodore N.

Mulgrave, Edward Sheffield 1564-1646 1st earl, member of the virginia Council, 4-7-60 Elstracke 0/2/6; 5-5- 61 Elstracke (sold by Sudbury) 2/2/0

Mull, Maggie

Mullen, James 1876-1967

Munce, David See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Munce, John See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Muncy, Andrew Jackson See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Mundy, James See extra oversized group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Mundy, William Starke, Jr. 1914-1961

Munford, Berverly Bland 1856-1910

Munford, Elizabeth Beverley See: Kennon, Elizabeth Beverley (Munford)

Munford, Fannie

Munford, Fannie Ball

Munford, George Wythe 1803-1882

Munford, Janie Preston (Lamb) ie., Mrs. William Tayloe Munford; See groups: Lamb, Brockenbrough family

Munford, John D. [urborrow] 1810-1876

Munford, Lucy Taliaferro (Smyth)

Munford, Marie

Munford, Mary Cooke (Branch) 1865-1938 See also group: Virginia University Board 1933

Munford, Robert d. ca. 1845

Munford, Robert B.

Munford, Thomas Taylor 1831-1919

Munford, William

Munford, William

Munford, William Ellis 1846-1921

Munford, William Preston

Munford, William

Munson, John W. See groups: Mosby's Men

Morat, Catherine Daingerfield (Willis) Gray 1803-1867

Murkland, Paul Lee See group photograph: Hampden-Sydney College. Hampden-Sydney, VA, student groups

Murphey, Jack See groups: Wakefield, VA. High school students

Murphy, Howard Meredith 1906-1967

Murphy, John b. 1842 See: oversized

Murphy, M. H.

Murphy, Paul See: Jennings, John Melville, 1916-

Murphy, Sarah (Norris)

Murray, J. Ogden See groups: Immortal six hundred

Murray, John See: Dunmore, John Murray, earl, 1737-1808

Murray, John

Murrey, Lindley 1745-1826

Murrell, John D. See groups: Richmond Newspaper Circle

Murrell, Dr. Thomas W.

Musclen, Joseph B.

Mushback, George Augustus 1850-1901

Muskie, Ed

Muse, William Taylor 1906-1971

Mutter, Frances See: Macon, Frances (Mutter)

Mutter, Lucinda (Gillies) 17??-1814

Mutter, John 17??-ca 1820

Mutter, Mary Smith (Macon) Nelson 1815-1907

Myers, Catherine DeCasto See: Ezckiel, Catherine DeCasto (Myers), 1818-1891

Myers, E. E. See groups: Civil War Centennial Commission- West Virginia

Myers, Gustavus Adolphus 1801-1869

Myers, Lelia Augusta See: Morgan, Lelia Augusta (Myers), 1868-

Myers, Sam Other unidentified Myers family

Myers children with nurse

Myers, William Barksdale

Myers, Baldwin See groups: Norfolk Virginia, Hunter School