Nachman - Nutting: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Nachman, Harry Leibe

Nagel, Paul See also: silhouettes of Edward Meeks Gregory; Nagel, Paul; groups: Va. Historical Society

Nah(?), Charlie See groups:

Naret, Henrianne Cabell (Quarrier), i.e. Mrs. Charles 1859-(?) See groups: Early family

Nash, Bernard Meredith

Nash, Elizabeth See: Walke, Elizabeth (Nash)

Nash, Elizabeth Fisher See: Read, Elizabeth Fisher (Nash)

Nash, G.W. family See groups: Nash Family

Nash, Joseph Page Jr. 1916-1978

Nash, Meredith

Nash, Preston 1912-(?)

Nash, Sarah Bernard (Cocke) 1885-1974

Nash Family, unidentified ladies See: Nash, William

Nash, William


Nast, Thomas 1840-1902

Naumann, Otto B. Jr. See groups: church groups: St. John's Evangelical Luthern Church- Confirmation Class 1921.

Nauman, Otto R. See groups: church groups: St. John's Evangelical Luthern Church- Confirmation Class 1919.

Neal, Charles See groups: Iones, Catesby

Neal, Lewis Wicliffe

Neal, T. D. See also groups: Neal T. D. and sons

Neale, Anna (Terrell)

Neale, Hamilton Smith

Neale, William R. See extra oversize: Photograph album: "VMI class 1889--93"


Neely, Elizabeth Norfleet (Ridley) See: Ridley, Francis, 1817-1898

Neeson, William Gay See: Gordon, James Lindsay, 1860-1904

Neff, Hon. W. N. Abingdon, VA

Neilson, Margaret (Keith) 1861-1935

Neiswanger, Mrs. J. E.

Nelson, A. C.

Nelson, Charles A. 1904-1959

Nelson, Eliza K.

Nelson, Horatio 1758-1805

Nelson, Hugh 1768-1836

Nelson, Hugh T. and Nelson, Hugh T., Jr. See groups: Nelson family

Nelson, J. C.

Nelson, James ca. 1841-1915

Nelson, Jane Byrd See: Walker, Jane Byrd (Nelson) 1775-1808

Nelson, Judith

Nelson, Leon Maurice 1876-1941

Nelson, Lezzie See: Van Doren family album

Nelson, Lucy See: Page, Lucy (Nelson), 1777-1863

Nelson, Mann Page (family) See: Van Doren family album

Nelson, Mary Carter

Nelson, Mary See: Carter, Mary (Nelson), 1774-1803

Nelson, R. W. (MD) See also groups: Nelson family

Nelson, Robert

Nelson, Robert See: Van Doren family album

Nelson, Sally

Nelson, Sarah Ann (Alexander) 1812-1850

Nelson, Thomas 1738-1789 Born York County, VA; 8/21/61 Rosenthal $1.00 (Goodspeeds)

Nelson, Thomas Hugh 1807-1861

Nelson, Thomas Kinloch See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria 1910

Nelson, Virginia Lafayette

Nelson, William

Nelson, William

Nelson, William 1711-1772

Nelson, William Edward 1879-1961

Nelson Family unidentified

Nesbitt, Marion Belt b. 1900

Netherland, J.

Neville, Sir Henry 1564-1615 Member of the Virginia Council; 4-7-60 Gardiner 4/0

Newberry, Samuel Henderson 1830-1916 See groups: Big 4 and Massey

Newbill, Col. Willard D.

Newby, Dangerfield

Newcastle-Under-Lime, Thomas Pelhom

Newcomb, Mr. See groups: Virginia University, Board, 1933

Newell, Dr. Arthur W. Pastor; See groups, church groups: St. John's United Church of Christ Confirmation class, 1962

Newell, C. J.

Newell, Mrs. C. J.

Newell, R. B. See groups: Mcguire's University School, football squad 1926

Newman, Nelly Conway (Rose)

Newman, Mrs. W. C.

Newman, Wilbur Lauck See groups: Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA, students

Newton, Amy (Hutchings)

Newton, Courtney Tucker Norton

Newton, George

Newton, John 1823-1895

Newton, Martha (Tucker)

Newton, Mary (Barksdale) 1861-1916 See: Barksdale, Conway

Newton, Mary Mann Page See: Stanard, Mary Mann Page (Newton), 1865-1929

Newton, Thomas 1712-1784

Newton, Thomas 1742-1807

Newton, Thomas 1768-1847

Newton, Virginius 1844-1904 See extra-oversize group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Nezey, Little See group photographs: Union officers, Bermuda hundred

Nguyen, Hanh See groups: WOBCA

Nichol, "Dolly" See: Brauer, Amelia "Dolly" (Nichol)

Nicholas, Dolly Pleasants Gray Briggs Carter See: Harrison, Dolly Pleasants Gray Briggs Carter (Nicholas)

Nicholas, Eliza Janes (Stanard) See: Buffington, Eliza Jane (Stanard) Nicholas, 1811-1862

Nicholas, George 1754?- 1799

Nicholas, John V. d. 1916 See extra oversize photograph album: "VMI class 1889--93"

Nicholas, Mary (Smith)

Nicholas, Robert Carter 1728-1780

Nicholls, Francis Redding Tillou 1834-1912

Nichols, Edward West 1857-1927 See extra oversize photograph album: "VMI" class 1889--93 oversize

Nicholson, Frances discredited

Nicholson, Francis 1655-1728

Nicholas, Wilson Cary 1761-1820

Nickels, William Henderson b. 1890

Nicklin, Benjamin Strother 1831-1873

Nicklin, Jacob Richards II 1811-1887

Nicklin, John 1829-1913

Nicklin, John Bailey 1803-1891

Nicklin, Joseph 1776-1853

Nicklin, Joseph Marshall 1805-1846

Nicklin, Juliana (Chew)

Nicklin, Levi Orme Connor 1807-1876

Nicklin, Philip

Nicklin, William Henry Harrison 1813-1881

Nicol, Charles Edgar 1854-1924

Nicol, Cora (Conway) See groups: Conway family reunion

Nicolson, Andrew 1763-1810

Nicolson, Margaret See: Gwathmey, Margaret

Nicolson, Joseph J. (?)-1981

Nieswanger, Mrs. J.E.

Nikel, Julius See groups: church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Niles, Russel O.

Nilsson, Christine

Ninimo, Alicia See also: Rena Swain

Nimitz, Chester W. (Admiral)

Nimmo, James 1755-1833

Nimmo, Prudence See: Granberry, Prudence (Nimmo), 1807-1904

Nimmo, R.M.

Nivison, Anne Stratton See: Tazewell, Anne Stratton (Nivison)

Nivison, John 1760-1820

Nivison, Mrs. John

Nivison, Louisa Gertrude See: Coles, Louisa Gertrude (Nivison)

Nivison, Sarah Stratton

Nivison, William Tazewell 1789-1821

Nixon, Mrs. Richard election campaign

Nixon, Richard Milhouse 1913-(?) See groups: Wolf Trap Farm, Va. 1971

Nixon, Thelma Patricia (Ryan) See groups: Wolf Trap Farm, Va., 1971

Noe, Walter Raleigh See groups: Va. Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Nolan, Bettie 1917 American Red Cross, Richmond Chapter

Nolan, Dennis Edward 1872-1953 See group photograph: Jamerson, George Hariston 1869-1960.

Noland, Anne Wilson See Dabney, Anna Wilson (Noland), 1847-(?)

Noland, Barr See: Dabney, Thomas Lloyd, 1867-1924

Noland, Charlotte Haxxall 1883-1969

Noland, Charlotte

Noland, Katherine Huntington See: Garnett, Katherine Huntington (Noland)

Noland, Rosalie See: Ball, Rosalie Noland

Noland, Rosalie (Haxall) 1852-1935

Noland, William

Nolde, August H.

Nolde, F. R.

Nolde, George F.

Nolde, H. William

Nilde, J. H.

Noltenius, Heinrich See also groups: Noltenius family

Noltenius, Mary (Banister) See also groups: Noltenius family

Nolting, Adolphus Wilhelm 1799?-1869

Nolting, Johanna Paulina 1808?-1874

Noltenius, Mary Caroline See: Banister, Mary Caroline (Noltenius), d. 1950

Nolting, Bertie See: Irvine, Bertie (Nolting)

Nolting Children

Norfleet, William J. See extra oversize

Norfolk, Thomas Howard d. 1554 3rd duke of

Norfolk, Thomas Howard 1536-1572 4th duke of

Norman, Sir Arthur

Norman, Helen McGill (Bryan) b. 1912 See groups: Bryan Family. Ie., "Mrs. Mark Richard Norman"

Norment, Anna Gatewood (Moncure)

Norona, Delf See groups: Civil War Centennial Commission - West Virginia


Norris, Cornelia H. G.

Norris, Hannon Edward

Norris, Hannon E. 1898-1962

Norris, John

Norris, Robert Opie 1880-1960

Norris, Sir Henry 1525?-1601

Norris, Mjr. William

Norris, William See groups: Wakefield, VA high school students

North, Ellin See: Moale, Ellin (North), 1741-1826

North, Emily J. (Klein) See: North, James H.

North, Francis See: Guilford, Francis North, 1st baron, 1637-1685

North, Francis See: Guilford, Francis North, 1st earl, 1704-1790

North, Frederick Earl of Guilford

Northampton, Spencer Compton 1601-1643 4th earl; 5/20/60 Cooper 5/0; See oversize

Northcott, Elliott 1869-1946

Northington, Robert Henley 1708?-1772 1st earl, Lord Chancellor in 1757; 9/30/60 Miller 2/0

Northrop, Lila Blair Mrs. William Northrop

Northrop, William See: Northrop, Elia Blair

Northumberland, Algernon Percy 1602-1668 10th earl, Commissioner of Trade and Plantations in 1638; 8/16/60 Lodge 5/0; 8/16/60 Houbraken 10/0- oversize

Nothumberland, Henry Percy 1564-1632 9th earl; 5/31/61 Delaram 2/2/0

Norton, Hope

Norton, Mrs. Hope

North, James Heyward and wife

Norton, James Keith Marshall 1860-1929


Norwell, Leigh (Jones)

Norwood, John J.

Norwood, Thomas

Norwood, Thomas H. See groups: Norwood's University School Room "C"

Norwood, William 1806-1887

Norwood, John

Nott, Joe C. See also groups: Wise, John S.

Notting, Bertie See groups: Rose Lawn, Orange Co., VA, 1896

Nottingham, Heneage Finch 1621-1682 1st earl; Lord Chancellor in 1673; Commissioner of Trade and Plantations in 1679; 8/16/60 White 6/0; 8/16/60 Lodge 5/0 oversize

Nottingham, John Edward 1877-1947

Nottingham, Severn Marcellus 1879-1954

Nourse, Annie C.

Nourse, Charles Joseph 1825-1906 See: Nourse, Charles Joseph 1850-

Nourse, Charles Joseph b. 1850 See also: Nourse, Margaret Tilloston (Kemble)

Nourse, Constance

Nourse, Margaret Tilloston (Kemble) ca. 1830-1883

Nowlin, Charles Shepherd

Nowlin, Florence Pendleton

Nunn, Philip

Nusbaum, Bertram Spagat 1895-1963

Nutting, B. J. "Sam"

Nutting, Dan