Pace - Pyle: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Pace, John R. Of Danville, VA

Pace, Nannie

Pace, William See: Harris, Sally Anne

Padgett, Morton Eldridge, Jr. 1908-1969

Page, Abby Byrd Nelson See: Hopkins, Abby Byrd Nelson (Page), 1798-1889

Page, Alice (Grymes) 1723-1746 First wife of Mann Page II

Page, Ann R.

Page, Anne Seddon (Bruce) 1867-1888

Page, Annie Kelly (Saunders) 1854-1940

Page, Miss Byrd See Hill/Booton family album, page 17

Page, Edmonia

Page, Elizabeth See: Harrison, Elizabeth (Page), ca. 1751

Page, Evelyn Byrd 1842-1863

Page, Florence Lathrop

Page, Florence (Lathrop) Field ca. 1858-1921

Page, Frank d. 1918 See group: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA, class of 1878

Page, Jane (Byrd) b. 1729 Wife of John Page [d. 1780]

Page, John 1627-1692

Page, John 1720-1780

Page, John 1743-1808

Page, John 1830-1901 See groups: Taylor, Kidder, d. 1913

Page, Judith (Carter) 1694?-1758 Second wife of Mann Page I

Page, Legh Richmond 1867-1944

Page, Leigh

Page, Lucy (Nelson) 1777-1863

Page, Mann I 1691-1730

Page, Mann II 1718-1778

Page, Mann III 1749-1803

Page. Mary (Mann) 1672-1707? Wife of Matthew Page

Page, Mary

Page, Mary Maria See: Dame, Mary Maria (Page), b. 1813

Page, Mary (Tayloe) 1758-1835 ie., "Mrs. Mann Page"

Page, Nathaniel Burwell

Page, Richard

Page, Robert 1764-1840

Page, Robert b. 1751

Page, Rosewell 1858-1939

Page, Sarah Walker (Page) 1766-1843

Page, Thomas See groups: Norfolk, VA. Hunter School

Page, Thomas Jefferson

Page, Thomas Nelson 1853-1922

Page, Vivian L. Hon.

Page, William 1803-1847

Page, William Butler 1848-1924

Paige, Richard G. L.

Paine, Robert 1799-1882 See groups: Methodist Episcopal Church- Bishops

Palatine, Count See: Rupert, Prince, Count Palatine, 1619-1682

Palfrey, Courtney

Palfrey, Edward A.

Palfrey, Edward A., Jr.

Palfrey, William S.

Palmer, Alice Winston (Cabell) 1849-1928

Palmer, Ben See groups: Mosby's Men

Palmer, Camille

Palmer, Charles Minor 1853-1910

Palmer, Giles Buckner See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria 1910

Palmer, Henry b. 1799

Palmer, James E. 1885-1958

Palmer, Joseph B.

Palmer, Marianna (Keane) b. 1799 ie., Mrs. Henry Palmer; See also groups: Keane family

Palmer, William H. 1835-1926

Palmer, William Price 1821-1896

Pamunkey, Queen of

Pannell, Anne Mrs. Henry C.

Pannell, Rebecca See: Pannell, William

Pannell, William

Paoli, Frank J.

Paoli, Jenie

Paoli, Pasquale de

Paoli, Sally DePrist

Paridis, Joseph

Parish, J. Scott

Park, Thomas See groups: Church groups: St. John's United Church of Christ Confirmation Class, 1962

Parke, Betty C.

Parke, Daniel 1669-1710

Parke, Frances See: Custis, Francis (Parke), 1686-1715

Parke, Joseph Sprye See extra oversize: Photograph album, "VMI, class 1889-__93."

Parke, Lucy See: Byrd, Lucy (Parke)

Parker, A. H.

Parker, Alexander Wilson 1898-1972

Parker, Dick

Parker, John Crafford 1862-1918

Parker, John Johnston 1885-1958

Parker, Lafayette Hobson

Parker, Robert Randolph 1881-1953

Parker, William A. 1856-1931

Parker, William H.

Parker, William Harwar 1826-1896

Parker, William Leroy, Jr. 1921-1968

Parker, William Watts 1824-1899

Parkhill, Charles

Parks, Fred Clifton 1894-1968

Parks, Richard Stewett 1839-(?) See extra-oversize group: album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902"

Parks, Rosa L.

Parr, Emily See also: groups: Barrow Research Laboratory

Parr, Robert J. 1927-1968

Parramore, Liz See group photographs: Derby family

Parrish, Bathia Thomas

Parrish, Mrs. J. Scott, Jr.

Parrish, Joseph

Parrish, Robert Lewis 1840-1904

Parrish, Robert L., Jr. 1876-1915

Parrish, Robert W.

Parrish, William Joseph, Jr. 1876-1915 See also groups: Parrish, William Joseph with group

Parrish, Winston 1876-1920

Parrott, Bob See groups: Mosby's men

Parry, Edward 1776-1834 See oversized

Parry, Ruth (Collins) 1782-1843 See: Parry, Edward, 1776-1834

Parsley, Janice See: Maurice D. Langhorne

Parsons, Grace

Parsons, J. M.

Parsons, M. L.

Parsons, John May 1866-1946

Parsons, John S. 1871-1918

Parsons, Lester Shields 1886-1960

Parsons, Theophilus Xenophan 1896-1963

Partlow, Ophelia

Pascall, Lee

Pasco, Samuel b. 1834

Patrick, William 1852-1909

Patten, Gwynn Burwell See: Averell, Gwynn Burwell (Patten)

Patten, Louise (Anderson) 1880-1973 See also oversize

Patterson, Archibald Williams 1858-1940

Patterson, M[alvern] C.

Patterson, Seaton Ashton 1902-1960

Patterson, Seargeant Smith Prentiss 1856-1930

Patteson, Delia Ann See: McCaw, Delia Ann (Patteson), 1824-1891

Patteson, William A. 1795-1870

Patti, Adelina 1843-1919

Pattison, J. Addison See group photographs: Lee, Fitzhugh and staff

Patton, W. Tazewell 1835-1863

Patty, Kenneth Cartwright 1891-1967

Paul, Charles F. 1902-1965

Paul, D'Arcy b. 1835?

Paul, D'Arcy b. ca 1860

Paul, John 1839-1901

Paul, John 1883-1964

Paul, Mrs. D'Arcy

Pauley brothers

Pavay, Louise (Bryce) b. 1898 See group photographs: Bryce family

Paxton, E. F.

Paxton, Elisha Franklin 1828-1863

Paxton, James Gardner d. 1870

Pazton, Mary See groups: Eggeston collection

Paxton, William McClung 1819-1916

Payne, Alexander D.

Payne, Alexander Spotswood 1780-1858

Payne, anne Spotswood See: Fleming, Anne Spotswood (Payne), 1772-

Payne, Anna See: Cutts, Anna (Payne), -1832

Payne, Archer, Jr. b. 1775

Payne, Archer b. 1748

Payne, Archer Langhorne 1864-1901

Payne, Archer Langhorne

Payne, George Lewis

Payne, John M.

Payne, Catherine See: Bolling, Catherine (Payne)

Payne, Dolley See: Madison, Dolley (Payne) Todd, 1768-1849

Payne, Jane Bolling See: Ferguson, Jane (Payne) Bolling

Payne, Dorthea See: Bolling, Dorthea (Payne), 1777-

Payne, George

Payne, John Robert Dandridge 1790?-1857 See: Payne, Alexander Spotswood, 1792-

Payne, Martha (Dandridge) 1748-1791

Payne, Martha See: Strother, Martha (Payne), 1773-

Payne, Matthew Montjoy 1787-1862

Payne, Minerva See: Hunton, Minerva Winston (Payne), 1861-1897

Payne, William Henry 1830-1904

Peabody, George See: oversize

Peachy, Bathurst Daingerfield 1830-1904 See also groups: Peachy- Wise family

Peachy, Mary Garnett (Lane) See groups: Peachy- Wise family

Pearce family

Pearce, Eugene Sebastian See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria 1910

Pearce, Martha See: Stanard, Martha (Pearce)

Pearson, Constance Heath (Gregory) b. 1911

Pearce, N. B.

Pearson, George

Pearson, Mamie See also: Pierson, Mrs. William

Pearson, W. A.

Pechin, Catherine (Anthony)

Pechin, William 1773-1849

Peck, H. Crim 1880-1943

Pecquet du Bellet, Kate Louise Noemie b. 1853

Pedigo, Abram 1839 See: extra oversize; See also group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Peebles, Robert S. J.

Peel, Sir Robert 1788-1850

Pegram, Mjr. Edward

Pegram, Hetty (Cary) See: Martin, Hetty (Cary) Pegram, 1836-1892

Pegram, Isobel See: Graham, Isobel (Pegram)

Pegram, James West 1839-1881

Pegram, John 1832-1865

Pegram, John Combe 1842-1909

Pegram, Mrs. John Combe "Of Providence, Rhode Island"

Pegram, Lucy See groups: Meade family and friends

Pegram, Mary Evans See: Anderson, Mary Evans (Pegram), 1830-1911

Pegram, Nancy

Pegram, William Benjamin 1818-1882

Pegram, William Ransom Johnson 1841-1865

Pegram, Virginia Johnson See: McIntosh, Virginia Johnson (Pegram), 1843-1920

Peirce, David Stuart 1846-1893

Peirce, James Newton 1814-1854

Pelham, Henry 1695?-1754 Prime minister in 1743; 8/16/60 Bockman 1/1/0

Pelham, John 1838-1863

Pelham, Philadelphia See: Howard of Effingham, Philadelphia (Pelham), 1654-1685

Pellew, Edward, lord Exmouth

Pelot, J. P.

Pemberton, John Clifford 1814-1881

Pembroke, Philip Herbert 1584-1650 4th earl of Pembroke and 1st earl of Montgomery

Pembroke, William Herbert 1580-1630 3rd earl, named in 2nd Virginia charter, Patented land in Virginia; 4-7- 60 Holl 0/6/0 oversize; 5/5/61 Passe 2/5/0

Pembroke, Mary Sidney 1555-1621 named in the 3rd Virginia charter; 4-7-60 Holl 0/6/0 oversized; 5-5-61 Passe 2/2/0

Pence, Mrs. W. A.

Pence, W. A.

Pender, William Dorsey 1834-1863

Pendleton, A. S. See groups: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan

Pendleton, C. S.

Pendleton, Hunter See: extra-oversize: photograph album, "VMI, class 1889- __93"

Pendleton, Maria See: Cooke, Maria (Pendleton)

Pendleton, Benjamin 1781-1853

Pendleton, Edmund b. 1774

Pendleton, Edmund 1721-1803 See also: por 979.8, por 960.52

Pendleton, Francis Key 1850-1930

Pendleton, George Hunt 1825-1889

Pendleton, James French 1805-1878

Pendleton, Jane Kimbrough (Holliday)

Pendleton, Nathaniel Greene 1793-1861

Pendleton, Sally Louise See: Spencer, Sally Louise (Pendleton)

Pendleton, Stephen Taylor 1828-1915 See groups: Richmond, VA, Central School

Pendleton, Unity Yancey (Kimbrough)

Pendleton, William A.

Pendleton, William Nelson 1809-1883

Penick, Bedford

Penick, C. C.

Penn, Carleton 1893-1952

Penn, William 1644-1718 See also oversize

Penn, Wilson Hilbert

Pennington, Robert L.

Pennington, William C.

Pepple, G. A.

Perceval, John See: Egmont, John Perceval, 1st earl, 1683-1748

Percy, Algernon See: Northumberland, Algernon Percy, 10th earl, 1602-1668

Percy, George 1580-1632

Percy, Henry See: Northumberland, Henry Percy, 9th earl, 1564-1632

Perkins, Col. F. U. M. A.

Perkins, Everett 1860-1925

Perkins, Keneth See groups: Norfolk, VA, Hunter School

Perkins, Maria Carter (Wormeley) 1845-1873

Perkins, Richard 1783-1860

Perkins, Robert See groups: Norfolk-Hunter School, 1895-96

Perkins, William Allan 1880-1960

Perkins, William Robertson, Sr. 1875-1945

Perkinson, Dick See groups: VA State Guard Co. 54

Perkinson, Everett

Perkinson, E. E. See: Perkinson, Elizabeth

Perkinson, Elizabeth

Perkinson, Garland See groups: VA State Guard Co. 54

Perkinson, James

Perkinson, Thomas 1764-1816

Perkmion, Eugenia Floyd

Perot, Ross See: Events: Richmond Debate, Oct. 19, 1993

Perreault, John D.

Perrin, Abner

Perrin, Nellie See groups (persons): Campbell's (Rev. and Mrs.) School, Richmond, VA

Perry, Edward Aylesworth

Perry, Edward Aylesworth 1833-1889

Perry, George Campbell 1873-1952

Perry, George E. See groups: Government Agencies

Perry, Oliver Hazard 1785-1819 See also oversize

Perry, Roy Clarke 1895-1964

Perry, T. Taylor

Perry, Thorton Tayloe, II See also groups: Civil War Centennial Commission- West Virginia

Perry, William F.

Perry, William Horton b. 1891

Perry- Ayscough, Lionel Bligh See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Pershing, John Joseph 1860-1948 See also: Pershing; See also: Yorktown Sesquicenntenial

Peter, Constance

Peterborough, Charles Modant, 3rd Earl of 1658-1735 supposed suitor of Evelyn Byrd, see oversize

Peterkin, ?

Peterkin, Joshua 1814-1892

Peterkin, Marion McIntosh (Stewart) 1849-1942

Peters, Prof.

Peters, Frederick G.

Peters, Herbert Grayson

Peters, Minor Julius See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Va. 1910

Peters, Col. Wm. E.

Petherbridge, Charles

Petouze, E. C.

Petrikin, Fanny

Pettit, Edgar

Pettit, Margaret See Cropper, Margaret (Pettit), 1752-1781

Pettit, Paul

Pettit, Pembroke 1852-(?) Wrong information- must be William Beverly Pettit 1825-1905, exactly same photo- RWP 1981

Pettit, Willaim Beverly 1825-1905 See also: extra oversize, group: Album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention. 1901-1902"

Pettit, Willie See groups: Norfolk-Hunter School, 1895-96

Peyton, Bernard 1792-1854

Peyton, Cabell Yelverton

Peyton, Green See: Van Doren family album

Peyton, Harriet

Peyton, John Howe 1778-1847

Peyton, Lawrence Washington Howe 1872-1949 See also extra oversize: Photograph album, "VMI, class 1889-1893"

Peyton, Randolph V.

Peyton, Robert Eden, Jr. 1873-1949

Peyton, Sir Thomas

Pfeiffer, Dr. Henry C.

Phelan, Editha Langdon See: Phelan, Henrianne

Phelan, Henrianne

Phelan, Mary (Early)

Phelps, Evelyn Laura

Phelps, Louie R. See also groups: Richmond Auto Show Committee, 1917

Philip II 1527-1598 King of Spain; 5/20/60 oval, arms above 4/0; 5/20/60 in armour 4/0; 5/20/60 vertue 4/0

Philip IV 1605-1665 King of Spain; 5/31/61 anom. -/15/-

Philibert, Emmanuel of Savory

Phillips, Alonzo Lafayette 1842-1909 See: 946.288

Phillips, Charlie F. See groups: Mayland, VA, cornet band

Phillips, Eldred Raleigh 1880-1943

Phillips, Eleanor (Fry) ie., Mrs. Stuart Philips

Phillips, James Eldred

Phillips, Nathan See extra oversize group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Phillips, P. P. d. 1931 See group: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA, class of 1878

Phillips, W. See groups: McGuire's University School football squad 1927

Philpott, A. L. d. 1991 Speaker of House of Delegates

Philpotts, Alphonso See group photographs: Norfolk, VA. Norfolk Academy football team, 1900

Phipps, John C.

Phipps, William M. 1889-1961

Phlegar, Archer Allen 1846-1912

Physick, Phillip Syng

Pickens, Andrew 1739-1817

Pickens, Mary See: Anderson, Mary (Pickens)

Pickerell, Willie See groups: Norwood's Eniversity School Room "C"

Pickering, Timothy 1745-1829

Pickett, Anne Blackwell 1824-1906

Pickett, Charles 1894-1965

Pickett, George Edward 1825-1875

Pickett, LaSalle (Corbell) 1848-1931

Pickett, Millie D. 1871-1874

Pickman, Abigail See: Eppes, Abigail (Pickman), 1733-1780

Pickrell, John 1855-1921

Picot, Abel Francis 1810-1862

Picot, Adele See: Butler, Adele (Picot)

Picot, Aglia Garraur See: Gaynor, Aglia Garraur (Picot), 1814-

Picot, Charles Edgar 1860-1944

Picot, Giles Burton b. 1855

Picot, Louis Francis 1858-1936

Picot, Louis Giles 1816-1876

Picot, Louis Hue See: Giradin, Louis Hue

Picot, Margaret Ann (Roberts) b. 1823 ie., Mrs. Louis Giles Picot

Picot, Mary Rosalie 1853-1943

Picot, Prudence Rosalie (Garraar) 1791-1866

Picot family unidentified members

Pierce, David S.

Pierce, Franklin 1804-1869 President of U. S.; see oversize

Pierce, George Foster 1811-1884 See groups: Methodist Episcopal Church- Bishops

Pierce, Mary See: Ball, Mary (Pierce)

Pierce, William Newby 1925-1970

Pierson ie, Mrs. William Pierson; See also: Pearson, Mamie

Pierson, Wallace Nelson See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Piggott (?), John

Pike, Albert 1809-1891 See also groups: Literary Figures- Poets

Pilcher, Edwin Mason 1866-1913

Pillow, Gideon Johnson 1806-1878

Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth 1746-1825

Pinckney, Frances Craik See: Williams, Frances Craik (Pinckney) Breckinridge, 1910

Pinckney, Mary Amanda (Stewart) 1844-1889

Pinckney, Thomas 1750-1828

Pinder, Gay Lloyd (Gibson) ie., "Mrs. Joseph W. Pinder"; See groups: Gibson family

Pinkney, William 1764-1822

Piper, Anne

Pitkin, John Budd 1802-1835

Pitt, Dr. R. H.

Pitt, Robert See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Pitt, William See: Chatham, William Pitt, 1st earl, 1708-1778

Pitts, Arthur Laurence 1885-1957

Pizzini, Andrew, Jr. See groups: Charge of the V. M. I. Cadets

Plater, Bland

Plater, Pamela (Robinson) See also groups: Plater, Richard family

Plater, Rebecca See: Tayloe, Rebecca (Plater), 1731?-1787

Pleasants, Anne Eliza See: Gordon, Anne Eliza (Pleasants), 1836-1901

Pleasants, Archibald 1781-1864

Pleasants, James 1831-1898

Pleasants, James 1769-1836

Pleasants, George L.

Pleasants, John Hampdon 1797-1846

Pleasants, Samuel 1737-1807 See also oversize

Pleasonton, Alfred 1824-1897 See group: Union officers at Brandy Station, 1864

Plecker, Walter A. (Dr.) Foster Collection, 1921

Pluemacher, Friederich Hugo 1860-1930 See groups, church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church, 1898 See groups: Hassel Golden Wedding

Pluemacher, Helen (Hassel) 1864-1940 ie., "Mrs. Friederich Hugo Pluemacher See groups: Hassel Golden Wedding

Plume, Ann

Plume, William

Plumer, William Swan 1802-1880

Plummer, Charles Evans 1876-1942

Plunkett, Moss Abram 1888-1957

Plunkett, Walter Carroll 1889-1961

Poage, Martha See: Woods, Martha (Poage)

Poague, W. T.


Poe, Edgar Allan 1809-1849 See also: MSS1 B8346a 48-70, 74-76

Poe, Eliza

Poe, John 1827-1895

Poe, Lauinia Marian (Fleming) 1890-1974

Poe, Thomas 1808-1828

Poe, Virginia Eliza (Clemm) 1822-1847

Poe, William 1786-1869

Poehler, A. Louise see groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church- Confirmation Class 1921

Poehler, Annie

Poehler, Miss Elizabeth See groups: Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Poehler, Louise

Poehler, Louise b. 1906-(?) See groups: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts- Girl Scout Troop #3; also Church Groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Poehler, P. H. See groups: Church groups: St. John's Evangelical Church

Poff, Richard H. See groups: Virginia. Supreme Court

Pohle, Charles Rudolph Maximillian 1821-(?)

Pohler, Elizabeth

Pohlig, August Edward See church groups: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class of 1901

Pohlig, Lillie (Mattern) See groups: Richmonders. Coffee Party

Poindexter Family See Quarles, Mary Johnson Poindexter

Poindexter, Eldridge Watts 1876-1960

Poindexter, Elizabeth Thornton Johnson See: Poindexter, Rev. John

Poindexter, Rev. John See also: Quarles, Garritt Minor

Poindexter, John Warner 1880-1951

Poindexter, Mary Johnson See Quarles, Mary Johnson Poindexter

Poindexter, Parke 1779-1847

Poinsett, J. R.

Poitiaux, Michael Benoit 1771-1854

Pokrass, B. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad 1923

Pokrass, R. See groups: McGuire's University School, football squad 1923

Pole, Reginald, Cardinal 1500-1558

Polignac, Camille J.

Polk, James Knox 1795-1849 pres. U.S., See also oversize

Polk, Leonidas 1806-1864

Polk, Sarah Childress 1803-1891 wife of James K. Polk, US president, 1795-1849

Pollard, "Capt." See oversize

Pollard, Charles Edward 1893-1943

Pollard Edward Bagby 1864-1927 see also: Pollard, John, 1839-1911

Pollard, Edward Spotswood

Pollard, Emily (Mason)

Pollard, Frances Courtenay (Baylor) 1822-1868

Pollard, Fred Gresham 1885-1915

Pollard, Fred Gresham 1918-(?) See groups: Godwin, Miles Edwin. Inauguration 1966

Pollard, Henry Robinson 1845-1923

Pollard, James 1842-(?)

Pollard, James Gilbert See groups: Wise, John Cropper

Pollard, John 1839-1911

Pollard, John Garland 1871-1937 See also extra oversize: 1. Group album. "Virginia Constitutional Convention. 1901-1902."; 2..Group: Yorktown Sesquicentennial; 3. Oversize posters PR31

Pollard, John Garland See: groups

Pollard, Mrs. John Garland See: Satterfield, Blanch

Pollard, Julia Cuthbert 1905-(?)

Pollard, Mary See: Buford, Mary (Pollard)

Pollard, Mary Ellen See: Clarke, Mary Ellen (Pollard), 1862-1939

Pollard, Mason See: Pollard, John 1839-1911

Pollard, Judge Robert N. 1880-1954

Pollard, Robert Spotswood

Pollard, Rosa Edgar See: Chenault, Rosa E.P.

Pollard, Rose (Maury) See: Van Doren family album

Pollard, Sherand Wilcox, i.e. Mrs. James Pollard See groups: Equal Suffrage League of Richmond

Pollard, Susan (Tyler)

Pollard, T.E.

Pollard, Virginia (Bagby) 1839-1918 See Pollard, John 1839-1911

Polleck, Elizabeth Gordon (Lee) 1813-1897

Pollock, Lew

Pond, J. B.

Pond, Mary C. See groups: Wakefield, VA, high school students

Pond, Naomie(?) See groups: Wakefield, VA, high school students

Popa, Mr. See groups: Popa wedding party

Pope, Asa W.

Poole, C. B.

Pope, Elizabeth Grigsby (Hamilton) b. 1858 "Mrs. Francis C. Pope"

Pope, Francis Contarini b. 1883 See: Pope, Elizabeth Grigsby (Hamilton), 1858-

Pope, John 1822-1892

Pope, Myra Belle 1891-1899

Pope, Virginia (McFerrin) b. 1882 See also: Livingston, Virginia McFerrin (Pope), 1907-

Pope, Virginia Hamilton See: Chandler, Virginia Hamilton (Pope), 1885-

Pope, William Rivers b. 1880 See also: Livingston, Virginia McFerrin (Pope)

Pope, William Rouse 1803-1846

Porter, Abner

Porter, Benjamin Tappen See group photograph: Hampden- Sydney College, Hampden- Sydney, VA, student group

Porter, David 1780-1843

Porter, David Dixon 1813-1891

Porter, Edwin H. See group photograph: Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden- Sydney, VA, student group

Porter, Fitz John (Maj. Gen.)

Porter, John Luke 1813-1893

Porter, J. W.

Porter, Julia (Wickham) ie., Mrs. Charles W. Porter

Porter, Letitia (Breckinridge) Grayson

Porter, William D.

Porter, William H.

Porter, John Terrill See groups: William and Mary College- Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Porterfield, Robert See groups: Virginia Dept. of Conservation- development

Porterfield, T. B.

Porteus, Beilby 1731-1808 bishop of London; See: oversize; 5/20/60 Picart 5/0

Portland, Richard Weston 1577-1635 1st earl; Lord Treasurer in 1628; 8/16/60 Lodge 5/0 oversize; 8/16/60 Hollar 8/0

Portlock, William Nathaniel b. 1854 See extra oversize group album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Pasey, Thomas 1750-1818

Post, W. See groups: Gregory Collection

Potemkin, Peter John

Potter, Hannah (Grymes) See: Burwell, Lucy (Grymes)

Potter, May (Handy) 1865-1952 wife of James Brown Potter

Potts, Benjamin F.

Potts, George

Pots, Jack See groups: White Sulpher Springs, West VA, hayride

Poulett, John Poulett 1585-1649 1st baron, named in 3rd Virginia Charter; 4-7-60 Harding 5/0

Poulsen, W.

Powell ie., "Mrs. John Powell"; See groups: White Top Mountain Music Festival

Powell, Burr 1768-1839

Powell, Catherine (Simms)

Powell, Daniel Lee 1826-1871

Powell, Elizabeth Whiting See: Conrad, Elizabeth Whiting (Powell), 1809-1872

Powell family See: albums

Powell, John

Powell, John Dalrymple 1828-1898

Powell, John Henry 1834-1889 See also: group photographs

Powell, John Norment 1877-1916

Powell, Katherine (Brooke) 1771-1851

Powell, Leven 1737-1810

Powell, Lewis F., Jr. See also groups: Virginia State Bar Committee Commemorating Advent of Common Law- Jamestown, 1607 and Gwathney family

Powell, Rebecca See: Powell family album

Poole, Eugene A.

Powell, R. R.

Power, William Henry 1865-1939

Powers ie., "Mrs. Robert Lee Powers"; See groups: White Sulphur Springs- hayride

Powers, Anne See groups: Powers family

Powers, Frances Gwin

Powers, Hiram 1805-1873

Powers, James Edward b. 1817 See: Powers, Meredith, 1815-

Powers, Madge Dorsey (Ould) 1873-1955 See also: Potter, May (Handy), 1865-1952

Powers, Margaret See groups: Powers family

Powers, Mary See groups: Powers family

Powers, Meredith b. 1815

Powers, Raleigh Dixon b. 1891

Powers, Sarah See groups: white Sulpher Springs- hayride

Powers, William Francis ca. 1866-1924

Powers, William Francis, Jr. See groups: Powers family

Powhatan, Chief

Powle, Henry 1630-1692

Poynor, Capt. Thomas D.

Pratt, ?

Pratt, John ?

Pratt, Charles Camden, Charles Pratt, Earl, 1713-1793

Pratt, Frank

Pratt, Matthew 1734-1805

Pratt, Robert A.

Prentess, Judge Robert R.

Prentis, Margaret Susan See: Webb, Margaret Susan (Prentis), 1810-1888

Prentis, Robert Riddick 1855-1931

Prentis, Polly (Geddy) Mrs. William Prentis

Prentiss, D. A. See Groups: Richmond Auto Show Committee, 1917

Prentiss, William c.1740-1824

Prescott, Albert H.

Prescott, William Hickling 1796-1859

Presley, Elvis

Preston, Caroline Pocahontas Bernard See: Gaymont #22

Preston, Edmund Myers 1898-1945

Preston, Thomas Lewis 1897-1957

Presley, William Walter 1879-1935

Preston, Frances (Folsom) Cleavland 1864-1947

Preston, Francis 1765-1835

Preston, Francis

Preston, Frank 1841-1869

Preston, Frank See groups: Charge of the VMI Cadets

Preston, James Patton 1774-1843

Preston, John Montgomery

Preston, John Smith 1809-1881

Preston, John Thomas Lewis 1811-1890

Preston, Julia (Christian) See: Christian, Jackson

Preston, Margaret Junkin

Preston, Maria Thornton Carter

Preston, Robert 1752-1843 See: Oversize

Preston, Samuel Pleasants See group photograph: Hamden-Sydney College. Hampden-Sydney, Va. Student group

Preston, Sarah Buchanan (Campbell) 1766-1846

Preston, Susanna Smith 1739-1823

Preston, Thomas Lewis 1781-1812

Preston, Thomas Lewis 1812-1903

Preston, William 1816-1887

Preston, William Ballard 1805-1862

Preston, William C.

Preston, William Campbell 1794-1860

Price, Anne Hayden See: Yates, Anne Hayden (Rice), 1934-(?)

Price, Armstrong See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Price, Daisy (Conway) 1874-1942 See groups: Conway family; also Price, Harvey Lee, 1874-1951

Price, Eleanor Franklin (Hayden) 1908-1973

Price, Harvey Lee 1874-1951

Price, Harvey Lee 1910-1971

Price, James Hubert 1878-1943 See also groups: Washington and Lee University; Posters, Oversize PR71

Price, James H., Jr. See: Price, James H., Sr.

Price, Jule 1911-(?)

Price, Dr. Lawerence (Maj.)

Price, Lillian See: Price, James H.

Price, Lillian (Martin) See also: Price, James H.

Price, Lucy See: Weisiger, Lucy (Price), 1794-1857

Price, Mary Luster 1912-(?) See: Price, Jule, 1911-(?)

Price, Michael Wallace 1944-(?) See: Price, William Conway, 1941-(?)

Price, Mary White

Price, Richard Channing 1843-1863

Price, Roy

Price, Sterling, CSA 1809-1867 See also: groups: Confederate Commanders

Price, Susan A.

Price, Wharton

Price, William See groups: Nolley's School 1901

Price, Maj. William 1756-1830

Price, William Conway 1906-(?)

Price, William Conway 1941-(?)

Price, William Little 1806-1868 See: oversize

Priddy, Tom See groups: Va. State Guard, Co. 54

Pride, Curtis

Priest, Mrs.

Prime, Samuel Irenaeus 1812-1885

Prince, George William

Prince, Irene

Prior, Matthews 1664-1721 Commisioner of Trade and Plantations, See: oversize

Prissy See groups: Galt, Annie A.

Pritchard, Jeter Conley (?)-1921

Procter, Elma J.

Procter, M. J.

Procter, Tilden

Procter, W.A.

Proffit, Joseph Edwin 1876-1958

Proffit, Senator S.G.

Pruden, George See groups: VA State Guard, Co. 54

Pryor, Caroline Banister

Pryor, Roger Atkinson 1828-1919

Pryor, Sarah (Rice)

Pucinelli, Oswald

Pugh, James Lawerence 1820-1907

Pulley, Franklin Pierce, Jr. 1893-1966

Pulliam, Willis Clapton 1878-1952

Pultz, David Carlyle

Purcas, Samuel 1575(?)-1626

Purcell, Elizabeth See: Purcell, Elizabeth (Bosher)

Purcell, Elizabeth (Bosher)

Purcell, Addie

Purcell, William E., Jr.

Purdie, John H.

Purdy, Annie See: Bostic, Annie (Purdy)

Purdy, Charles Richard 1907-1968

Purdy, James 1827-1917 See also: Group photograph: Purdy family

Purdy, Jane (Wells) i.e. Mrs. Jane Purdy 1828-1921 See also: 1. Purdy, James 1827-1917 2. Group photograph: Purdy family

Purdy, Julia Lee See group photograph: Purdy family

Purdy, Mattie (Jarrat) See: group photograph: Purdy family

Purdy, Leonard Sydney (?)-1956 See: Purdy, Nicholas T., (?)-1940; See also: group photograph: Purdy family

Purdy, Lizzie (Miles) See: group photograph: Purdy family

Purdy, Nicholas T. (?)-1940 See also: group photograph: Purdy family

Purdy, Robert O. See: group photograph: Purdy family

Purdy, William H. See: group photograph: Purdy family

Puryear, Bennett, 1826-1914

Puryear, B. See groups: Va. State Guard, Co. 54

Puryear, John see groups: Mosby and Men

Putnam, Israel 1718-1790

Putnam, Virginia Hamilton (Miley), Mrs. Paul A. Putnam See also: Miley, Edwin 1876-(?); oversize: Putnam, Virginia Hamilton (Miley)

Putney, Stephen See groups: Nolley's School, 1901

Pyle, Elizabeth Roller

Pyle, Anne