Rachel - Ryland: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Rachel, William Munford Ellis 1910-1980 See also groups: Virginia Historical Society

Radclyffe, Thomas See: Sussex, Thomas Radclyffe, earl of, 1526(?)- 1583

Radford, Lawrence

Radford, Mary

Radford, Wilhelmina Jordon See: Gray, Wilhelmina Jordon (Radford), 1856-1922

Radford, William d. 1803

Radford, Winston 1820-1861

Raffaeli, Rabbi J. E.

Ragland, ie., Mrs. Stuart Ragland See: Satterfield, Blanch

Ragland, Herbert Shelton 1888-1946

Ragland, Norma

Raham, Frank See groups: Mosby’s Men

Raines, Billie See groups: WOBCA

Raines, Elizabeth d. 1811 See: Wilkins, Elizabeth (Raines)

Rains, Gabriel James 1803-1881

Rainsford, Eliza Hall (Hill) See album: Dunlop family

Rainsford, William S.

Raleigh, Sir Walter c. 1552-1618 See also oversize

Ramsay, David 1749-1815

Ramstad, Lillian See also: Davis, Charles J. R. Scrapbook- extra oversize

Ramus, Jose B.

Randall, Charlotte Helen Overton

Randall, Henry Stephens 1811-1876

Randall, Louis See locations: Christchurch School, Christ Church, Va. See groups: Christchurch School, Christ Church, VA.

Randolph, Alfred Magill 1836-1918

Randolph, Anne (Harrison) Wife of William Randolph III

Randolph, Beverley 1713-1750

Randolph, Beverley 1754-1797

Randolph, Brett b. 1760

Randolph, Buckner Magill 1842-1903

Randolph, Charles Carter 1846-1925

Randolph, Edmund 1753-1813

Randolph, Edmund 1821-1861

Randolph, Edward ca. 1690

Randolph, Elizabeth See: Chiswell, Elizabeth (Randolph), c. 1722-1776

Randolph, Elizabeth See: Grymes, Elizabeth (Randolph)

Randolph, Elizabeth (Beverley) 1691-1723

Randolph, Elizabeth (Harrison) ca. 1724-1783

Randolph, George Wythe 1818-1867

Randolph, Innes 1837-1887 See groups: Literary Figures

Randolph, Isham 1685-1742

Randolph, James

Randolph, Jane See: Walke, Jane (Randolph)

Randolph, Jane (Bolling)

Randolph, Janet Henderson (Weaver) 1848-1927

Randolph, Sir John 1693-1737

Randolph, John 1773-1833

Randolph, John

Randolph, John Hampden

Randolph, Joseph Williamson

Randolph, Lucy See: Burwell, Lucy (Randolph)

Randolph, Lucy

Randolph, Lucy (Bolling)

Randolph, Lucy (Harrison) Wife of Peyton Randolph

Randolph, Maggie See: Randolph, Lucy

Randolph, Margaret See: Bird, Margaret (Randolph)

Randolph, Martha (Jefferson) 1772-1836

Randolph, Mary See: Bolling, Mary (Randolph), 1774-1863

Randolph, Mary See: Grymes, Mary (Randolph), d. 1768

Randolph, Mary See: Harrison, Mary Randolph, 1773-1853

Randolph, Mary

Randolph, Mary See: Randolph, Mary (Randolph), b. 1762

Randolph, Mary (Bolling)

Randolph, Mary C.

Randolph, Mary Hoxton

Randolph, Mary (Isham) d. 1735

Randolph, Mary (Randolph) b. 1762

Randolph, Norman See groups: Richmond, "Westbrooke"

Randolph, Norman

Randolph, Norman V. See groups: Mosby’s Men

Randolph, Norman Vincent 1847-1903

Randolph, Oscar DeWolfe See groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Randolph, Peter

Randolph, Peter

Randolph, Peyton 1721-1775 "The Speaker"

Randolph, Peyton 1781-1828

Randolph, Peyton 1738-1784

Randolph, Richard "Sr" of Curles

Randolph, Richard "Jr" of Curles

Randolph, Richard Kidder

Randolph, Robert 1835-1864

Randolph, Robert b. 1869

Randolph, Robert B. 1791-1866

Randolph, Robert (Captain)

Randolph, Susan See: Douglas, Susan (Randolph)

Randolph, Susan Frances See: Botts, Susan Frances (Randolph)

Randolph, Susanna See: Harrison, Susanna (Randolph), b. 1757

Randolph, Susanna (Beverley) ca. 1692-1768

Randolph, Tarmesia (Meux) Wife of Edmund Randolph, 1821-1861

Randolph, Thomas Jefferson

Randolph, Thomas Mann, Sr. 1741-1793

Randolph, Thomas Mann, Jr. 1768-1828

Randolph, Mrs. Thomas N.

Randolph, Virgil Patrick, Jr. 1905-1970

Randolph, Virginia See: Cary, Virginia (Randolph), 1786-1852

Randolph, Virginia

Randolph, William 1651-1711

Randolph, William 1681-1741

Randolph, William 1713-1746 of Tuckahoe

Randolph, William E.

Randolph, Wilson Cary 1834-1907 See group (persons): Taylor, Kidder, d. 1913

Ranger, Frank

Rankin, J. J.

Ransom, Helen Frances (Carlton)

Ransom, James M. See: FU 934.15 for additional information JM 8-23-84

Ransom, Matt Whitaker 1826-1904

Ransom, Robert, Jr. 1828-1892

Ranson, Frank

Ranson, John Baldwin 1874-1905

Ransone, C. B. See groups: Medical College of Virginia

Ransone, Dr. L. C.

Rapalje Children

Rasche, H.

Ratcliffe, Clyde H.

Ratcliffe, Clyde H. ca. 1875-1956 See: Gregory, Ollyn Wickliffe, 1871-1934

Ratcliffe, Frances Jefferson (Gregory) ca. 1836

Ratcliffe, Harold Macon 1896-1953

Ratcliffe, John L.

Ratcliffe, Mrs. John L.

Rawley, J. Kent

Rawlings, Mrs. B. L.

Rawlings, James Scott See groups: Gregory family

Rawlings, Marjorie (Kinnan) 1896-1953

Rawlins, Brig. Gen. J.

Raysley, Mr. (?)

Raysley, Mrs. (?)

Read ie., Mrs. Barclay Read

Read, Albert Gallatin b. 1800

Read, Anne Mayo (Venable) 1784-1869 ie., Mrs. Isaac Raed, Jr.

Raed, Charles Henry 1811-1900 See also: Richmond, VA- Linden Row, Franklin Street

Read, "Mrs. Charles H."

Read, Elizabeth Fisher (Wash)

Reed, Georgis Tompkins

Read, Helen (Calvert) Maxwell 1750-1833

Read, Mayo

Read, Thomas 1742-1817

Reade, Frank Marshall

Reagan, John Henninger 1818-1905

Reardon, Neil William 1889-1960

Reasor, John J . 1880-1945

Reavis, James W. See groups: Forrest-Ehrhart family


Redd, John W.

Redd, Marrian Dandridge (Fontaine) 1837-1913

Reddick, Jonathon

Redfern, William A. 1877-1950

Redford, Horace See groups: Norwood’s University School Room "C"

Redford, Martha

Redmayne, Dorothy (Mason) Rolfe

Redwood, J. H., Sr.

Reed, Alice Lewis (Burwell) See: Reed, William Thomas, 1864-1935

Reed, George M.

Reed, Jefferson Davis, Jr. 1908-1966

Reed, Joseph 1741-1785

Reed, Judye

Reed, Pleasants Larus

Reed, P. W.

Reed, Stanley H. See groups: University of VA 1/31/16

Reed, Stuart

Reed, Walter 1851-1902

Reed, William T., Sr.

Reed, William Thomas 1864-1935 See also groups: Hunting trip, 1933

Reed, William T., Jr.

Rees, Carlyle Treveric 1893-1943

Reeves, Dock

Reeves, Ellen See: Reeves, Dock

Reeves, Joan Usshor (Mallory) 1921-(?) i.e. "Mrs. C. E. Graham Reeves"

Reger, Rebecca Ann See: Seay, Rebecca Ann (Reger), 1831-(?)

Regester, Samuel 1857-1940

Regirer, Walter W. See groups: Va. State Bar. Committee commemorating advent of Common Law - Jamestown 1607.

Rehan, Ada 1860-1916

Reid, Anne Randolph 1931-(?) See: Davison, Byrd Taliaferro (Conway) Reid, 1903-(?)

Reid, Taliaferro (Conway) See: Davison, Byrd Taliaferro (Conway) Reid, 1903-(?)

Reid, Catherine Brown

Reid, Cornelia

Reid, George 1762-1838

Reid, Hugh 1885-(?)

Reid, Mark Robin 1954-(?) See: Reid, Robin LeRoy, 1928

Reid, Robin LeRoy 1928-(?) See also: Davison, Byrd Taliferro (Conway), 1903-(?)

Reid, Timothy Roy 1957-(?) See: Reid, Robin LeRoy, 1928-(?)

Reinhart, i.e. Mrs. Joseph W. Reinhart See groups: White Sulphur Springs, WVa.

Reinhart, Charles Stanley See groups: White Sulphur Springs, WVa.

Reinhart, Joseph W. See groups: White Sulphur Springs, Wva.

Reinhart, Miss Kitty See groups: White Sulphur Springs, Wva.

Reins, Richard 1797-1871

Rembrandt, van Rym

Remenji, Edward

Remington, Eliphalet

Renforth, Pauline (Miley) See group photographs: Miley (Samuel) Family

Rennolds, Zayde Bancroft (Branch), 1891-(?)

Renshaw, Wickham

Revercomb, George Anderson Jr. 1896-1969

Reynolds, ie., Mrs. Stewart Reynolds See groups: Equal Suffrage League of Richmond

Reynolds, Ab

Reynolds, Allae See: Carson, Allae (Reynolds)

Reynolds, John "Sewing Machine" See groups: Roanoke group

Reynolds, John

Reynolds, John O.

Reynolds, Sir Josha 1723-1792

Reynolds, Julian Sargeant 1936-1971

Reynolds, William Davis See group photograph: Hampden- Sydney College. Hampden- Sydney, VA, student group

Reynolds, Mjr. Gen.

Reynoldson, John Smith b. 1812

Rhinehart, Sue See: Van Doren family album

Rhoads, Webster Sterling 1858?-1941

Rhodes, Emanuel See groups: Forrest-Erhart family

Rhodes, James T., Ph. D.

Ribble, Frederick Deane Goodwin 1898-1970

Rice, David Clark 1913-1971

Rice, George B.

Rice, John Holt 1777-1831

Rice, Nellie McRae See: Stagg, Nellie McRae Rice

Rice, Perley A. 1892-1968

Rice, Sarah Jane See: Fishback, Sarah Jane (Rice), 1802-1875

Rich, Henry See: Holland, Henry Rich, 1st earl, 1590-1649

Rich, Robert See: Warwick, Robert Rich, 2nd earl, 1587-1658

Richard, C. A. G.

Richard, Scot John 1762-1824

Richards, A. E.

Richards, Buchan 1822-1900

Richards, Elizabeth Mary d. 1880 See: Stafford, Elizabeth Mary (Richards), d. 1880

Richards, Harrison Henry and Richards, James Neville

Richards, James Donald 1880-1961

Richards, James Neville Cocke d. 1918

Richards, John

Richards, Katherine Coolidge See: James, Katherine Coolidge (Richards)

Richards, Lloyd Montague 1890-1966

Richards, Maggie D.

Richards, Mary Francis (Doyle) b. 1810

Richards, Mary Munro (Cocke)

Richards, Mary Monro (Cocke) See: Mason, Ann Harrison (Cocke), b. 1860

Richards, Walter Buck 1863-1905

Richardson, Charles Coker

Richardson, David Crockett 1845-1928

Richardson, D.C.Judge

Richardson, Fitzhugh Briggs 1884-1964

Richardson, Frederick Dawson 1884-1954

Richardson, H. Fields 1916-1969

Richardson, Judith Edwards Vaiden (Jennings) 1854-1917

Richardson, Olin See: extra-oversize

Richardson, Richard Cunningham 1902-1961 See: Protestant Episcopal Church, St. Peter’s, New Kent County, Virginia

Richardson, Robert Benskin 1831-1890

Richardson, W. Fred

Richardson, William H. 1795-1876

Richardson, William Hull See: Dudley, Benjamin Winslow

Richardson, W. P.

Richardson, William Winfree, Jr. 1918-1968

Richberg, Donald R.

Richie, Governor

Richmond, Edward Hagan 1907-1960

Richmond, Frances, Duchess Of,

Richmond, Frances Theresa, Duchess Of, 1647-1702

Richmond, James Buchanan 1842-1910 See: extra-oversize, Group Album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Richmond, Ludowik Stuart, Duke Of, 1574-1624

Rick, Annie (Miller) See: Supplee, Annie (Miller), Rick, Flynn

Richetts, Benjamin d. 1815

Ricketts, Ralph A. 1895-1968

Ricks, Judge J.H.

Ricks, Mrs. James Hoge

Riddell, Mrs. Joseph

Riddick, Emma

Riddle, Dr.

Riddle, Anne See: Watson, Anne (Riddle), 1791-1882

Ridley, Elizabeth Norfleet See: Ridley, Francis Thomas, 1817-1898

Ridley, Ann E. (Blunt)

Ridley, Elizabeth Norfleet (Goodwyn) See: Ridley, Francis, 1817-1898

Ridley, Francis 1817-1898

Ridley, Robert 1850's

Ridley, William Godwyn 1842-1862

Ridpath See: Maupin-Ridpath family album, extra-oversize


Rigby, Richard 1722-1788 Commissioner of Trade and Plantations in 1756

Riggs, Alice Lawrason (Mrs. Elisha Riggs)

Riley, Edward M. See Groups: Virginia Colonial Records Project

Riley, Jon Whitcomb

Rinehart, Hollis See Groups: Virginia University Board, 1933

Ring, Robert See Groups: Washington and Lee University Lexington, Virginia Students

Ritchie, Anna Cora (Ogden) Mowatt 1819-1870 7/11/61 Bullre, 0/2/6 (Suckling)

Ritchie, Georganna

Ritchie, Mary Roane (Ritchie)

Ritchie, Thomas 1778-1854 See: Events 1846

Rives, Abraham Timothy Orville Chastaine 1802-1878

Rives, Alden Benjamin Christopher

Rives, Amelie Louise See: Sigourney, Amelie Louise (Rives), 1832-1873

Rives, Amelie Louise See: Troubetskoy, Amelie Louise (Rives) Chanler, 1863-1945

Rives, Brune 1596-1677

Rives, Charles Jefferson 1829-1895

Rives, Claudius Green 1816-1857

Rives, Eleanor Rosalie 1847-1904 See: Van Doran Family Album

Rives, Ella 1834-1892

Rives, Frank

Rives, George (Mrs.) See: Van Doran Family Album

Rives, George E. 1829-1884

Rives, George Lochhait 1849-1917

Rives, John Hicks, Jr. 1893-1966

Rives, George Washington 1815-1892

Rives, Green 1776-1859

Rives, Green 1791-1853

Rives, Hallie Ermine See: Wheeler, Hallie Ermine (Rives), 1876-

Rives, Henrietta (Rives) 1824-

Rives, Henry Edgar 1841-1922

Rives, Henry Hardaway 1817-1866

Rives, James 1807-1866

Rives, James Monroe 1832-1876

Rives, Jerusha May See: Caffey, Jerusha May (Rives), 1837-1861

Rives, John Edwards 1802-1895

Rives, John William 1818-1904

Rives, Joseph 1781-ca.1865

Rives, Mary Browne (Greene) 1779-1860

Rives, Mary Williamson (Rives)

Rives, Nan

Rives, Mary Browne (Green) 1779-1860

Rives, Nathan Granville 1834-1903

Rives, Nathaniel Frederick 1825-1884

Rives, Peter Franklin 1812-1876

Rives, Robert 1801-1877

Rives, Robert 1803-1885

Rives, Robert Edward 1812-1861

Rives, Robert Franklin 1837-1922

Rives, Rosalie

Rives, Sarah Catherine (MacMurdo) 1833-1909

Rives, Stephen Turner 1838-1918 See: Rives, Robert Franklin, 1837-1922

Rives, Timothy 1807-1865

Rives, Timothy 1854- See: extra-oversize, See Group Album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Rives, Vienna (Jackson)

Rives, William Cabell 1793-1868 See: oversize, 930.7

Rives, William Francis 1827-1856

Rives, William Marshall 1841-1863 See: Rives, Robert Franklin, 1837-1922

Rives, Willis Green 1821-1860

Rivinus, Francis Markoe

Rixey, Charles Jones, Jr. 1875-1928

Rixey, John F.. 1854-1907

Roach, Henry See Groups: 16th Virginia Cavalry

Roach, Henry See: Row, John Sanders

Roane, Curtis 1814-1893

Roane, Ella Bascom (Anderson) 1855-1921

Roane, Elmira Franes See: Anderson, Elmira Frances (Roane), 1825-1918

Roane, Lemuel Thomas 1839-1915

Roane, Spencer 1762-1822

Roane, William Harrison 1788-1845

Robb, Bernard See: Gaymont

Robb, Charles Spittal See Groups: VHS Grand Opening; Wilder, Governor, and Clinton Campaign

Robb, Fannie B. See: Gaymont #15

Robb, Gay S. See: Upton, Gay S. (Robb)

Robb, Helen Straun Bernard See: Gaymont #10

Robb, J. Bernard See: Gaymont #15

Robb, Linda (Johnson) See: Robb, Charles and Wilder, Governor D.

Robb, Philip L., Sr. See: Gaymont #33

Robb, Philip L., Jr. 1878-1965 See: Gaymont #15

Robb, Robert G. 1878-1951 See: Gaymont #15

Robb, Robin See: Gaymont #32

Robb, Sally See: Tyler, Sally (Robb), 1832-1907

Robbins, Augustine Warner

Robbins, Sally Nelson See Group: Virginia Historical Society

Roberdeau, Isaac 1763-1829

Roberson, Ann See Groups: Barrow Research Laboratory

Roberson, David See Groups: Barrow Research Laboratory

Roberts, Alice Virginia (Barksdale) 1903- See: Mss1 b8346a75

Roberts, Benjamin C. 1839-1926 See Groups: Roberts Family

Roberts, Francis Columbus 1840-1903 See Groups: Roberts Family

Roberts, J. Manning

Roberts, John 1835-1901 See Groups: Roberts Family

Roberts, Joseph Jenkins

Roberts, Lloyd See Groups: Virginia State Guard Co. 54

Roberts, Miss Margaret In front of Maury Statue

Roberts, Margaret Ann See: Picot, Margaret Ann (Roberts), 1823-

Roberts, Mary Ann 1806-1881

Roberts, Mills W. 1832-1893 See Groups: Roberts Family

Roberts, Rosa (Hughes) i.e., "Mrs. Theodorick Erasmus Roberts"

Roberts, Steven W. 1833-1897 See Groups: Roberts Family

Roberts, Sylvester James 1837-1915 See Groups: Roberts Family

Roberts, Theodorick Erasmus

Roberts, Mrs. Virginia Lewis

Roberts, William Thomas 1854- 1938

Robertson, Andrew

Robertson, Anne Frances 1831-1857

Robertson, Archibald

Robertson, Archibald G. See Groups: Virginia Historical Society, Board of Contract Adjustment

Robertso, Absalom Willis 1887-1971

Robertson, Ben Temple

Robertson, Beverly Holcombe 1827-1910

Robertson, Edward Watts 1868-1921

Robertson, Elizabeth See: Barksdale, Elizabeth (Robertson), 1824-1858

Robertson, Elizabeth Braxton (Slaughter)

Robertson, Ellen See: Harrison, Ellen (Robertson)

Robertson, Gay See: Fleming, Gay (Robertson)

Robertson, J. M.. See Group: Union officers at Brandy Station, 1864

Robertson, Dr. James Edward

Robertson, Jaquelin Taylor

Robertson, John d.1873

Robertson, John W.

Robertson, Kate Tabb (Mrs. Powhatan Robertson) See: Gaymont

Robertson, Mrs. Laura Jane (Green)

Robertson, Margaret (Robinson)

Robertson, Lelia Bolling (Bernard) 1827-1873

Robertson, Marion Gordon "Pat"

Robertson, Mary Dade (Taylor) 1899- See: Robertson, Walter Spenser, 1893-1870; Robertson, Jaquelin Taylor; Jeffress, Elizabeth (Gwathmay)

Robertson, Nancy Bessie (Alley) 1873-

Robertson, Nellie See: Capers, Nellie (Robertson)

Robertson, Nelly

Robertson, Powhatan 1820-1882

Robinson, Powhatan 1862-1945 See: Gaymont #51

Robertson, Ruth I. See: McGuire, Ruth I. (Robertson)

Robertson, Samuel Churchill, c. 1857-1873

Robertson, Susan Baldwin See: Cochran, Susan Baldwin (Robertson), 1887-

Robertson, Walter Henderson 1879-1950

Robertson, Walter Spencer 1893-1970 See Group: Robertson, Walter Spencer, 1893-1970

Robertson, Walter Spencer, Jr.

Robertson, William Gordon 1856- See Group: Extra-Oversize, "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902"

Robertson, William E.

Robertson, William Gordon 1856-1910

Robertson, William J. 1817-1898

Robertson, Wyndham 1803-1888

Robinette, Lloyd M. 1881-1951

Robinette, Senator Lloyd M..

Robins, Augustine Warner

Robins, Bunyan See Group: Norwood’s University School Room "C"

Robins, Charles R.

Robins, E. Claiborne, Jr.

Robins, Sally Nelson

Robins, Spotswood

Robinson, Mrs.

Robinson, i.e. Mrs. James Robinson See Group: Gregory Family

Robinson, Agnes Moncure

Robinson, Anne Hoomes (Maury) 1852-1920 See: Maury, Allen, 1854-1907

Robinson, Anthony 1771-1851 See: Oversize

Robinson, Beverly

Robinson, Bill Bojangles See: 1990.75. 2-10

Robinson, Cary 1843-1864

Robinson, Clarence Welmore 1870-1922

Robinson, Clifford Cabell 1866-1934

Robinson, Conway 1805-1884

Robinson, Elizabeth Marshall 1842-1909

Robinson, Evelyn Byrd

Robinson, Francis Margaret (Spencer)

Robinson, Jennie A.

Robinson, John 1650-1693

Robinson, John

Robinson, John (The Speaker) 1704-1766 See: Pleasant Hill, King and Queen Co., Va. (His name)

Robinson, Judith See: Braxton, Judith (Robinson), 1736-1757

Robinson, Judith Willantina Frances See: Taylor, Judith Willantina Frances (Robinson), 1808-1830

Robinson, Leigh See Groups: McGuire, William

Robinson, Lizzie (Giles)

Robinson, Lucy Lilly See: Temple, Lucy Lilly (Robinson), 1848-935

Robinson, Martha (Gilmore)

Robinson, Moncure

Robinson, Morgan Poitiaux 1876-1943

Robinson, Poitiaux 1800-

Robinson, Samuel

Robinson, Dr. Thomas of Petersburg

Robinson, Thomas See: Grantham, Thomas Robinson, First Baron, 1695-1770

Robinson, William Russell 1814-1867 See: Oversize

Rochambeau, Jean Baptiste Donatien De Vimeur, Comte de 1725-1807

Rochester, Laurence Hyede 1641-1711

Rockefeller, John David, III 1906-1978 See Group: Williamsburg, Va., 1946

Rockingham, Charles Watson Wentworth, Second Marquis, 1730-1782

Roden, E. L.

Rodes, Robert Emmett 1829-1864 See: Extra-Oversize

Roe, Sir Thomas 1581-1644 Member of the Virginia Council

Rodgers, Samuel Dagnell 1874-

Rogers, A.

Rogers, Edmund 1762-1843

Rogers, Frank W

Rogers, George Edward See: Rogers, Joe

Rogers, James Pendleton See Group: Lee, Fitzhugh, and staff

Rogers, Joe

Rogers, Joe Harvey See: Bobbitt, Linwood, Jr.; Rogers, Joe; Bobbitt, Mamie (Graves)

Rogers, John 1757-1794

Rogers, Margaret (Bryan) "Mrs. Archibald Coleman Rogers"

Rogers, Midred See: Rogers, Joe

Rogers, Robert Empie 1813-1884

Rogers, William Barton 1804-1882

Rolfe, Dorothy (Mason) See: Redmayne, Dorothy (Mason) Rolfe

Roller, Caro

Roller, Elizabeth (Bottimore)

Roller, Elizabeth Whitmore

Roller, Frances Lewis

Roller, Frances Sidney Allebaugh

Roller, John

Roller, John Edwin

Roller, Lucy Cabell

Roller, Margaret Stuart "Marco"

Roller, Peter Samuel

Roller, Robert Douglas

Roller Family Groups

Ronald, Charles A.

Rooke, James Rowland 1903-1967

Roome, Cabell (Brown) Cheek

Roop, Redmond Ira 1869-1947

Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor (Roosevelt) 1884-1962 See: Goodwin, William Archer Rutherfoord, 1869-1939

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano 1882-1945 President of the United States, 1933-1945, See: Oversize. See: Perry, George Campbell; Goodwin, William Archer Rutherfoord, 1869-1939; Stettinius, E. R., Jr.; See Events: World War II, Yalta Conference

Roosevelt, Theodore 1858-1919 See: Group Photographs, Oversize, and Coles, Russell J.

Roper, Mary See: Wingfield, John Henry Ducachet, 1833-1898

Rorie, John Mc

Roscoe, Burton See Groups: Cabell, Thomas Branch

Rose, (Tinsley) See Group (Persons): Campbell’s (Rev. and Mrs.) School, Richmond, Va.

Rose, Henry

Rose, John Carter 1861-1927

Rose, Josephine (Maginnis)

Rose, Nelly Conway See: Newman, Nelly Conway (Rose)

Rose, William

Rosecrans, William Starke 1819-1898 See Groups: Oversize, Union Generals "Our Generals in the Field"

Rosecrans, Maj. Gen.

Rosenberg, Mourice D. 1909-1950

Rosenberg, Robert William 1920-1963

Rosenberger, Stewart See Groups: U.S. Army

Rosenegk, Albrecht See: Rosenegk, Alfred Friedrich Wilhelm Von Nickisch, 1852-1917

Rosenegk, Alfred Wilhelm Von Nickisch 1852-1917

Rosler, John C. See Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1931

Ross, Callie See: Ross, Nancy

Ross, Clyde F.

Ross, Erskine M.

Ross, Miss Fannie See Groups: Wilton, Henrico Co., Va.

Ross, George 1838-1926 See: Brock, Charles William Penn, 1836-1916

Ross, George

Ross, Miss Hattie See Groups: Wilton, Henrico Co., Va.

Ross, John D. 1886-1950

Ross, Nancy

Rosser, Thomas LaFayette 1836-1910

Rostrect(?), Maguerite

Rotter, E. G. See Groups: Blue Ridge Springs, Virginia

Rotter, Sanford S. See Groups: Blue Ridge Springs, Virginia

Roumania, Royal Family See: Marie, Queen of Rumania

Roundtree, H.W. See Groups: American National Bank Directors

Rouse, Fannie

Rouse, Parke 1915-

Rouss, Charles Broadway 1836-1902

Routh, David Dunlop See Extra-Oversize: Photograph album, "VMI, class 1889-18893"

Routh, Sallie Dunlop See Album: Dunlop Family

Row, Abb

Row, Elhenon

Row, Dr. Elhanon See Groups: 16th Va. Cavalry

Row, Eliza (Walker)

Row, John Sanders See Groups: 16th Va. Cavalry

Row, Mary Elizabeth

Row, Maude E.

Rowe, Dr. Taylor

Rowland, Dr. J.M.

Rowley, William S.

Roy, Ann See: Mercer, Ann (Roy)

Roy, Anne Seddon See: Rutherford, Anne Seddon (Roy)

Roy, Catherine See: Bullock, Catherine (Roy)

Roy, Philip

Royall, Judith Page (Aylett) d.1942

Royer, Henry Howard 1881- See: Perrine Collection filed by city, by gallery

Royall, William Lawrence 1844-1913(?)

Royster, Elizabeth R. (Burton)

Roystar, John

Royster, Ocie Hanison 1854-1943

Ruark, Louise (Werner) See Groups: Hassel Golden Wedding

Rubin, Louis D. See Groups: Virginians 1972

Rucker, Dr. M.. P.

Rucker, William James

Rudasill, C. L. See Groups: military- doctors, 1917

Rudd, F. W. MCV

Rudd, Robert Hugh 1897-1949

Rudd, Robert Hugh, Jr. 1928-1967


Rueger, Charles A.

Rueger, Charles A. See Groups: McGuire’s University School Football Squad, 1926

Rueger, Doris (Werner) 1898- i.e. "Mrs. Ferdinand Albert Rueger, Sr. See Groups: Hassel Golden Wedding

Rueger, Dorothea b.1900 i.e. Honnnie Neil Mills See Groups: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (groups)- Girl Scout Troop #31

Rueger, Ferdinand A.. See Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class of 1913

Rueger, Mrs. Ferdinand A. See: Werner, Doris

Rueger, Henry See Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Church

Rueger, Mrs. Henry See Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Church

Ruehrmund, Louise See Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class of 1901

Ruffin, Edmund 1794-1865 See Groups: Ruffin, Edmund

Ruffin, Edmund 1794-1865 Group Photograph

Ruffin, Edmund, Jr.

Ruffin, Ree See Groups: Meade Family and Frieds

Ruffin, Elizabeth See: Cocke, Elizabeth (Ruffin)

Ruffin, Ellen

Ruffin, Jennie

Ruffin, Mary Smith

Ruffin, Rebecca See: Christian, Rebecca (Ruffin)

Ruffin, Mrs. Thomas C.

Ruffin, William

Ruffner, Henry 1790-1861

Ruffner, Richard Laidley 1893-1965

Ruffner, William Henry 1824-1908

Rugg, John (and Mrs.) See Groups: Oversize A

Ruggles, Daniel 1810-1897

Rumble, Harry Hampton 1865-1940

Rumsey, James From MSS3 R8695a Rumseyan Society

Runton, Henrietta Bronston 1890-1974 See: Winfrey, Henrietta Bronston (Runton)

Rupert, Prince 1619-1682

Ruppert, Anna Margaretha (Henneberger) 1820-1900 See Groups: Haase Family

Ruppert, Margaretha Josephine See: Hennighansen, Margaretha Josephine (Ruppert), 1845-1922

Ruppert, Margaretha Lissette See: Haase, Margaretha Lissette (Ruppert), 1844-1932

Rush, Benjamin 1746-1813

Rush, William

Rush, W. See: Pic925.5 Richmond Light Infantry Blues, Co. A 46th Va Regt.

Ruskin, John 1819-1900

Russel, Lucynder (Battle)

Russell, Anne Maria (Julian)

Russell, Anna Page See: Maus, Anna Page Russell

Russell, Averley C. Holmes

Russell, Coralelia See: Gaines, Coralelia (Russell)

Russell, Elizabeth (Henry) Campbell 1749-1825 See: William Russell

Russell, Ernest 1899-1968

Russell, John, Fourth Duke Of Bedford See: Bedford, John Russell, 4th Duke, 1710-1771

Russell, John Crittenden See Groups: Russell, John Wilson, children of

Russell, John Edward 1909-197

Russell, John See Groups: Virginians, 1972

Russell, John Wilson

Russell, Margaret See: Cumberland, Margaret Russell, Countess, 1560-1616

Russell, Margaret Julian See Groups: Russell, John Wilson, children of

Russell, Margaret (Wilson) 1769-1862

Russell, Martha T. See: Allen, Martha T. (Russell), 1806-1845

Russell, Mary Brown See Groups: Russell, John Wilson, children of

Russell, Robert Achilles 1886-1949

Russell, William

Russell, William Russell, Baron 1639-1683 Commissioner of Trade and Plantations in 1679 See: Oversize

Rust, Senator John W.

Rust, John Warwick 1881-1958

Rust, Laura

Rust, Mollie Locke See: Van Doren family album

Rutherford, Alexander Hawksley 1807-1886

Rutherfoord, Anne Seddon (Roy)

Rutherfoord, Betty

Rutherfoord, Martha

Rutherfoord, John 1861-1942

Rutherfoord, Samuel James 1806-1880

Rutherfoord, Thomas 1776-1852

Rutherfoord, Thomas Meldrum

Rutledge, John 1739-1800

Rutledge, Julie

Rutledge, Robert See: Rutledge, Julia

Ryan, Abram Joseph 1839-1886 See Groups: Literary Figures- Poets

Ryan, Edward L.

Ryan, Thomas Fortune 1852-1928

Ryland, Anna Maria (Garnett) (Mrs. John N. Ryland)

Ryland, Annie See Groups: Gwathmey Family

Ryland, Bettie (Mrs. Robert Ryland)

Ryland, Callie T.

Ryland, Charles H. See Groups:Gwathmey Family

Ryland, Constance

Ryland, D. B.

Ryland, David

Ryland, Frank

Ryland, Garnett See Groups: Gwathmey Family

Ryland, Howsie See Groups: Gwathmey Family

Ryland, James F.

Ryland, John (Rev.)

Ryland, John N. See: 1987.73 (tintype)

Ryland, Joseph

Ryland, Joseph

Ryland, Josephine See: Lyne, Josephine (Ryland)

Ryland, Katie See Groups: Gwathmey Family

Ryland, L. W. See Groups: Ryland Family

Ryland, Marion See Groups: Gwathmey Family

Ryland, Norvel

Ryland, Robert

Ryland, Samuel P. Jr.

Ryland, Thomas M.