Sackille - Szymanski: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Sackille, Edward See: Dorset, Edward Sackville, 4th Earl, 1590-1652

Saelzer, Carl H. See Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1909

St. Clair, Arthur 1734-1818

St. Clair, Walter

St. John, Abby See Groups: Blue Ridge Springs, Virginia

St. Vincent, John Jervis, Earl 1735-1823

Sackett, Henry Moseley

Sackville, George Germaine, 1st Viscount 1716-1785 Colonial Secretary during American Revolution

Sadler, Joseph P. 1866-1925

Sadler, Robert Watson 1899-1957

St. John, Isaac M.

Sale, Adj. Gen. W.W.

Salisbury, Robert Cecil, 1st Earl ca.1563-1612

Salisbury, William Cecil, 2nd Earl 1591-1668 Commissioner of Trade and Plantations in 1638

Salle, Elizabeth See Groups: Salle Family and Friends

Salle, Katherine See Groups: Salle Family and Friends

Salmon, John Barker 1739-1826

Saloman, Frederick

Samon, George W.

Sampson, Carrie Dandridge See: Graham, Carrie Dandridge (Sampson)

Sampson, Emma Speed

Sampson, Harry

Sampson, Helen See: Wooldridge, Helen (Sampson)

Sampson, Richard 1773?-

Sampson, Sarah Spotswood (Fontaine) 1848-

Sampson, Thornton R. Group Photographs: Fredericksburg Collegiate Institute

Sancroft, William Archbishop of Canterbury, 1693-1768

Sanders, John C. Calhoun 1840-1864

Sanders, Lorraine See Groups: McGuire’s University School, 1926 football sqad

Sanders, Emma Lorraine

Summerell, Lucy Cabell Pyle

Sanders, Nina (Taliaferro)

Sanders, William Boyton 1874-1945

Sanders, William P.

Sanderson, James M.

Sands, Alexander Hamilton 1828-1887

Sands, Alexander Hamilton 1874-1965 See Groups: Virginia Historical Society

Sands, Oliver J. See Groups: American National Bank Directors

Sands, William Hamilton 1857-1918

Sandwich, Edward Montague, 1st Earl, 1625-1672 Commissioner of Foreign Plantations in 1662

Sandwith, Elizabeth See: Drinker, Elizabeth,1735-1807

Sandys, Cecily (Wilford) ca.1610 See: Sandys, Edwin, Bishop of London, 1516-1588

Sandys, Sir Edwin

Sandys, Edwin 1516?-1588 Bishop of London

Sandys, Sir Edwin 1661-1629

Sandys, George 1577-1644

Sanford, Charles D’Arcy 1892-1963

Sanger, William Thomas 1885-1975

Sanyour Family See Groups: Sanyour Family

Sanzsay (Lieut.) See: Pic 925.5, Richmond Light Infantry Blues Co. A, 46th VA. Regt.

Sargeant, Daniel Trigg 1909-1970

Sargeant, Francis Sheldon See Groups: Norfolk-hunter School-1895-96

Sartoris, Algernon See Groups: Lee (Fitzhugh) and staff 1898

Sarvay, Addie See Group (persons): Campbell’s (Rev. and Mrs.) School, Richmond, Va.

Satchwell, Charles Benjamin 1898-1958

Satterfield, Blanch (i.e. Mrs. Dave Satterfield)

Satterfield, D. E., Jr.

Satterfield, Dave Edward, Jr. 1894-1946

Satterfield, Mrs. David E., Jr.

Sauer, Bradford B. See: Lewis, Lawrence

Sauer, C. F.

Sauer, Charles L. ca.1869-d.1937

Sauer, Conrad Frederick 1867-1927

Sauer, Elizabeth See: Dunstan, Elizabeth (Sauer) i.e. Mrs. Sam Dunstan, 1874-1935

Sauer, Helen Olga See: Will, Helen Olga (Sauer), 1901-

Sauer, Olga (Hassel), 1869-1963 See: Sauer, Conrad Frederick, 1866-1927 and See Groups: Hassel-Golden Wedding

Sauer, Sarah (Brauer) 1842?-1874 See Groups: Brauer Family

Saunders, Ann Amanda (Jones) 1830-1895 i.e. Mrs. James Garland Saunders

Saunders, Annie Kelly 1854-1940 See: Page, Ann Kelly (Saunders)

Saunders, Edward Watts 1860-1921

Saunders, Judge E. W.

Saunders, Elizbeth (Proby)

Saunders, Franklin See Groups: Bainbridge Junior High School Safety Patrol

Saunders, Harold See Groups: Va. State Guard Co. 54

Saunders, Henry Vaughan See Groups: Va. Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Saunders, Uncle Jack

Saunders, Mrs. James H.

Saunders, John

Saunders, John Richard 1869-1934 See: Posters-Oversize Pr31

Saunders, L. L.

Saunders, Mary

Saunders, Robert S.

Saunders, Senator W. Conway

Saunders, William Richard 1897-1949

Saunderson, Llewellyn Bassett

Savage, Esther

Savage, Toy Dixon 1878-1941

Savage, Toy D., Jr.

Savile, George See: Halifax, George Savile, maranis, 1633-1695

Saville, Allen J. See Groups: Nolley’s School, 1901

Say, Thomas 1787-1834

Sayre, Burwell Bassett

Sayre, Faye

Sayre, Jessie Woodrow (Wilson) See Groups: Wilson Family

Sayre, Stephen

Scanlan, Clayton (Estes)

Scarborough, Sir Charles

Scarborough, John

Schaaf, Edward See Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Church

Schaaf, Fred See Groups: Church Groups- St. John’s Evangelical Church

Schaaf, Christian L.

Schaaf, Louise (Brauer) (Mrs. C. Schaaf)

Schaaf, Marie See: Haase, Marie (Haase), i.e. Mrs. Henry R. Haase, ca 1879-1951

Schaaf, Marianna (Brauer), 1850-1917 See Groups: Brauer Family

Schack, Constance Elsie See: Gracie, Constance Elsie (Schack)

Schaefer, Paul Eugene See Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1901

Schaff, Judith Ethelyn (Foege)

Schaff, "Fergie" See: Schaff, Judith Ethelyn (Foege)

Schele de Vere, Maximilian 1820-1898

Schenck, Hollesler See Groups: Robertson, Walter Spencer

Scherer, Dr. J.J.

Scherer, John Jacob 1830-1919

Schiebelbuth, Emilie See: Enders, Emily (Schiebelbuth)

Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich Von 1759-1805

Schilling, Franz Milhelm Von 1832-1895

Schilling, Ida V. See Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church- Confirmation Class of 1920

Schilling, Louis N. See Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1913

Schley, Winfield Scott 1839-1909

Schloss, Mrs. Philip

Schmidt, Ben See Groups: U.S. Army

Schmidt, Louise

Schmidt, Mary See Groups: Brown, Mrs., Coffee Party

Schoen, Jane F. See: Venable, Jane F. (Schoen)

Schoolcraft, Mattie (Dald)

Schott, Emily See Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1913

Schott, Margareth See: Wenzel, Margareth (Schott), 1840-1922

Schrandt, Mrs. George E.

Schremp, Charles M. d. 1942 See: White Sulphur Springs Band Photo

Schroeder, Clara See Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church- Confirmation Class of 1921

Schroeter, Herbert Frederick See Groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910

Schulz, George J. 1885-1961

Schulz, Maria Catherine See: Hennighansen, Maria Catherine (Schulz), 1806-1879

Schumaker, Elizabeth See: Anderson, Elizabeth (Schumaker) i.e. Mrs. John T. Anderson

Schumaker, Rosa See: Dubert, Rosa (Schumaker)

Schuricht, Hermann 1831-1899 See Groups: German Day Festival Meeting

Schuyler, Philip John 1733-1804

Schwartzchild, Belle

Sclater, Thomas Lowry 1869-1952

Scollay, Samuel 1781-1857

Scott, Dr.

Scott, Family

Scott, i.e. "Mrs. Fred Scott" See Groups: Scott Family

Scott, Adolphus Blair 1904-1964

Scott, Annie Thewett

Scott, Asenath 1852-1853 See: Scott, Martha Minor (Hall), 1827-1883

Scott, Buford See Groups: Scott, Buford (Family of)

Scott, Caroline See: Harrison, Caroline (Scott), 1833-1901

Scott, Caroline Pocahontas Bernard See: Gaymont #10

Scott, Judge Carter

Scott, Charles Landon 1853-1922

Scott, Charles Rush Hall 1846-1849

Scott, Dred

Scott, Earl Johnson, Jr. See Groups: Scott, Buford (Family of)

Scott, Earl Johnson, III See Groups: Scott, Buford (Family of)

Scott, Elise See Groups: Scott, Buford (Family of)

Scott, Elizabeth Mayo (Strother) 1868-

Scott, Edward

Scott, Ella Drake (Liggett) See: Wiggins, Ella Drake (Liggett) Scott, 1863-1942

Scott, Ewell See Locations: Carter’s Grove, James City Co., Va.

Scott, Mr. F.

Scott, Fayette

Scott, Frank May

Scott, Mrs. Fred & Children 1900 Governor’s Mansion, Richmond

Scott, Frederic R.

Scott, Fredrick (CSA)

Scott, Fredrick See Groups: Richmond, "Westbrooke"

Scott, Frederick William See Groups: Virginia University Board, 1933

Scott, George Campbell 1924-

Scott, George Cole

Scott, George Cole Scott See: Dauls, Harriett Hildreth (Dunn) Scott

Scott, George Ross See Groups: Scott, Buford (Family of)

Scott, Heningham Lyons

Scott, James Hamilton

Scott, J. J. 1865-1941

Scott, Kitty Henry (Scott) 1819-1845 i.e. Mrs. Robert W. Scott

Scott, Sir John 1570-1616

Scott, John

Scott, John Waverly

Scott, Lucy Atkinson (Chamberlayne) 1875-1944 See: McNeill, Martha Dabney (Chamberlayne) Valentine, 1874-

Scott, Margery See Groups: Scott Buford (Family of)

Scott, Maria

Scott, Martha Minor (Hall) 1827-1883 i.e."Mrs. William Poston Scott" See: Group Photographs (oversize): Scott Family

Scott, Dr. Martin P. See: Gaymont #37

Scott, Mrs. Martin P. See: Gaymont #37

Scott, Mary See Groups: Scott, Buford (Family of)

Scott, Mary Denny See Groups: Scott, Buford (Family of)

Scott, Mary Hall

Scott, Mary (Wingfield) i.e. Mrs. J.H. Scott See: Wingfield, John Henry Ducachet, 1833-1898

Scott, Miss Mary Wingfield

Scott, Randolph

Scott, Mitchell 1790-1858 See Groups: Oversize: Scott Family

Scott, Mitchell 1854-1902 See Groups: Oversize: Scott Family

Scott, Richard Carter See Groups: Lorton Family and Friends

Scott, Robert Eden 1858-1954

Scott, Robert Taylor 1834-1897

Scott, S. Buford

Scott, Sidney Buford See Groups: Scott, Buford (Family of)

Scott, Sophie Hall 1848-1849 See: Charles Rush Hall, 1846-1849

Scott, Susan Bailey See Groups: Scott, Buford (Family of)

Scott, Walter B. See Persons: Group Photographs, Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk Academy Football Team, 1900

Scott, Walter H. Hon.

Scott, Willard See: Couric, Katie

Scott, William Poston, Jr. 1850-1852

Scott, William Trigg, Jr. 1906-1957

Scott, William Wallace 1845-1929

Scott, Winfield 1786-1866 See Groups: Oversize: Union Generals "Our Generals In The Field"

Scruggs, John William 1902-1965

Seaman, Valentine

Sears, Barnas 1802-1880

Sears, Charles E.

Seaton, Elizabeth (Todd) See: Moore, Elizabeth (Todd) Seaton

Seaton, Nan

Seawell, Leon Tylor

Seay, Jean See: Richmond, Va.- Valentine Museum

Seay, Julia See: Richmond, Va - Valentine Museum

Seay, Perry 1892-1970

Seay, Rebecca Ann (Reger) 1831- i.e. Mrs. Thomas Edward Seay

Seay, Thomas Edward 1825-

Seay, Thomas Jackson 1864-c.1920

Sebrell, John N. 1871-1974

Sebrell, Hon. W. J.

Secker, Thomas 1693-1768 Archbishop of Canterbury

Secrist, Mammie See: Perrine Collection- filed by city, by gallery

Secrist, Nora See: Perrine Collection- filed by city, by gallery

Seddin, Thomas See: Van Doren family album

Seddon, James Alexander 1815-1880

Seddon, James Alexander 1850-1938

Seddon, Sarah Alexander See: Bruce, Sarah Alexander (Seddon), 1829-1907

Seddon, Sarah (Bruce) 1822-1882

Seddon, Susan Parson Alexander

Seddon, Tom

Sedgwick, Maj. Gen. John 1813-1864 See Group: Union Officers at Brandy Station, 1864

See, Richard Henry 1732-1794

Segar, Arthur Simpkins 1844

Seibel, Fred Otto 1886-1969

Seidel, Heinrich d. 1963

Seidel, Ida d. 1963 Mrs. Heinrich Seidel

Seidel, Johann Matthias

Selby, Margaret E.

Selden, John 1584-1654 Member of the Virginia Company of London

Seldon, Miles

Semler, George, III See: Semler, Mary Meek (Brown)

Semler, Mary Meek (Brown)

Semmes, Eliz Frances (Bernard) 1815-1889

Semmes, Raphael 1809-1877

Semmes, Thomas 1778-1833

Semmes, Thomas M. 1840-1904

Semple, Letitia (Tyler) 1821-1907

Semple, Robert Baylor 1769-1831 See: Christmas Cards

Sergeant, John 1779-1852

Sergeant, John

Sergeant, Jonathan Dickinson

Sergeant, Sarah See: Wise, Sarah (Sergeant), 1818-1850

Settle, George W. 1860-1944

Settle, Harry See Groups: U.S. Army

Settle, William Barbee 1887-1945

Sevier, John 1745-1815

Seward, Walter M.

Seward, William Henry 1801-1872

Sexton, Vincent Legrand 1868-1944

Seymour, Lt. See Group: Union Officers. Morell’s Headquarters

Seymour, Truman

Shackelford, George Scott 1856-1918

Shackelford, George Scott, Jr. 1897-1965

Shackelford, Lucy See: Walker, Lucy (Shackelford)

Shackelford, Maria Louisa See: Fontaine, Maria Louisa (Shackelford)

Shackelford, Muscoe Livingston 1865-

Shackelford, Peachy Gascoigne (Lyne) See also: Group photographs: Lyne family group.

Shackelford, Virginius Randolph 1885-1949

Shackelford, Virginius R, Jr.

Shackleford, Howard G.

Shafer, Carlton See Groups: Charge of the V.M.I. Cadets

Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashby Cooper, 1st earl of 1621-1683

Shakespeare, William 1564-1616

Shanks, David Cary

Shanks, Cassandra M See: Anderson, Cassandra M. (Shanks)

Shanks, Thomas

Shands, William R.

Shannon, Edgar Finley, 1918- See: Darden, Colgate Whitehead, 1897-

Shannon, Preston C.

Sharpe, George H. See Groups: Sharpe, George H. and staff

Sharp, Henry T. 1843-

Sharp, Robert

Sharp, William Willoughby

Shaver, David 1802-1902

Shaw, Albert

Shaw, Jimmie See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery.

Shaw, Albert See Groups: Johns Hopkins University Glee Club

Shaw, Joshua

Shaw, Lemuel

Shaw, James O. See Groups: Randolph Macon College 1966

Shecut, John Lennaeus Edward Whitridge, MD

Sheddon, Thomas

Sheerin, Maria Ward Skelton (Williams) See: Minor, Maria Ward Skelton (Williams) Sheerin, 1902-

Sheets, Anne Pleasants (Haxall) See: Johnson, Rose Gordon (Haxall)

Sheffield, Edmund Sheffield, 3rd baron 1564?-1646

Sheffield, Edward See: Mulgrave, Edward Sheffield, 1st earl, 1564-1646

Sheibley, Sinclair

Sheilds, John Nelson 1802-1868

Shelburne, Cephas 1817-1865

Shelburne, Craig Augustine 1859-1935

Shelburne, Nathaniel Burwell 1887-1978

Shelburne, Silas 1790-1871

Shelburne, William James, 1837-1917

Sheldon, Gilbert, archbishop of Canterbury 1598-1677

Shell, Frank See: Groups: Nolley’s School, 1901

Shelor See: Groups: Shelor

Shelor, Henry

Sheltman, Edward Fletcher d. 1881

Shelton, Evelina (Gregory) Roane Garrett Brookes

Shelton, Turner S.

Shephard, Frances (Schaaf) See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Shephard, Issac F.

Shepherd, E.B. See: Groups: McGuire’s University School, football squad, 1926

Shepherd, Gordon Williamson 1897-

Shepherd, Henry E

Shepherd, Lem (?), General See: Keith, John A.C.

Shepherd, Maude (Gold)

Shepherd, Priscilla (Bradley) See: Cabell, Priscilla (Bradley) Shepherd d. 1949

Shepherd, Robert Barnes 1853-

Shepherd, Stonewall Jackson

Shepherd, Thomas Rogers 1913-1969

Shepherd, H.

Sheppard, Helen Louise (Gasser) (Mrs. Lee C. Sheppard)

Sheppard, Namie Ludwell -1879 possibly Annie Wilson?

Sheppard, Ruth Haxall (Scott)

Sheppard, Samuel

Shepperson, John Daniel 1851-1921

Shepperson, Lucy

Shepperson, Mary Agnes (Burton) 1852-1911


Sherard, the Honorable Mrs.

Sheridan, Philip Henry 1831-1888 See also: oversize

Sherman, Roger 1721-1793 See: Jefferson, Thomas 1743-1826

Sherman, William Tecumseh 1820-1891 See also: oversize

Sherwin, Georgianna June See: Conway, Georgianna June (Sherwin), 1920

Shewmake, Oscar L.

Shiebly, Mollie

Shield, Philip B.

Shields Family

Shields, Calvin R.

Shields, Egbert Oswald 1818-1883

Shields, Eliza See: Thomson, Eliza (Shields)

Shields, Frank

Shields, Dr. F.M.

Shields, Grace Elliott

Shields, General James W. 1806-1879

Shields, Jeff

Shields, John f. See also: Shields Family

Shields, Joseph

Shields, Maud 1882- See also: Knudson, Maud Shields

Shields, Myrtle May and Roger Earl

Shields, Sterrett 1894 See also: Gay, Ed

Shields, Susan

Shields, Tomas

Shields, W.T.

Shipley, E.J. See: Van Doren Family Album

Shipley, Elmon See: Van Doren Family Album

Shipley, Maynard See: Van Doren Family Album


Shipp, Eliza H. See: Burton, Eliza H. (Shipp), 1804-1862

Shipp, Scott 1839-1917 See also: Extra Oversize: Photo album, "VMI, Class 1889-93" And Groups: Charge of the VMI Cadets

Shippen, Margaret See: Arnold, Margaret (Shippen), 1760-1804

Shippen, Thomas Lee

Shippen, William

Shober, Annie Lee

Shockey, Harry A.

Shook, Catherine Thayer (Gephart)

Shook, Eliot See: Shook, Catherine Thayer (Gephart)

Shore, Henry Smith 1768-1832

Shore, John 1795 See: Shore, Henry Smith, 1768-1832

Shore, Juliet Jordan See: Drew, Juliet Jordan (Shore), 1797-1862 And also: Shore, Henry Smith, 1768-1832

Short, Bessie Morton Goode (Jeffreys) d. 1977 See: Groups: Jeffreys, Robert Meekin, family of

Short, Cynthia See: Groups: WOBCA

Short, George See: Groups: Lucy Family Reunion, 1972

Short, John 1764-1799

Short, John See: Perrine Collection filed by City, by gallery

Short, Peyton 1761-1825

Short, Shelton Hardaway 1872-1955

Short, Shelton Hardaway 1898-1974 See also: Groups: Randolph-Macon College Groups: Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Development Groups: Lucy Family Reunion, 1972 Groups: Virginia Military Institute-Training, 1941

Short, Shelton Hardaway III 1926- See also: Groups: Hampden-Sydney College, Chi Phi Fraternity, 1946 Groups: Lucy Family reunion, 1972

Shortt, Willie

Shortt, Unidentified See: Groups: Shortt Family

Shortt, John

Shouse, Mrs. Jouett See: Groups: Wolf Trap Farm, Virginia, 1971


Showen, Ernest

Shreves, Melvin L. 1910- See: Groups: Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society

Shrewsbury, Charles Talbot, duke 1660-1718

Shrewsbury, Paulina Moseley (Quarrier) 1857 See: Groups: Early Family

Shriver, Samuel S. See: Groups: Charge of the V.M.I. Cadets

Shryock, George S.

Shryock, Joseph G.

Shuck, Henrietta (Hall) 1817-1844

Shuck, J.Lewis 1812-1863

Shuford, Paul M.


Shumate, Anderson E. 1879-1947

Sibley, Henry H.

Sibold, Maggie S. See: Groups: Roanoke Group

Sickles, Maj. Gen. Daniel

Sidell, W.A.

Sidney, Algernon 1622-1683

Sidney, Mary See: Pembroke, Mary Sidney, countess, 1555-1621

Sidney, Sir Philip 1554-1586

Sieg, Arthur R. See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Siegel, Franz 1874-1902

Siegel, Marion (Kaston) See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Sievers, Frederick William 1872-1966

Sigfried, Joshua K.

Sigourney, Amelie Louise (Rives) 1832-1873

Sigourney, Lydia Howard Huntley 1791-1865

Sill, Joshua Woodrow 1831-1862

Sills, Wallace Jeffress

Silver, Gray Sen.

Silverthorn, Willie See: Hill/Booten Family Album, Page 48

Silvette, David 1909-

Silvette, Ellis Meyer 1876-1940

Silvette, Marcia See: Kiachif, Marcia (Silvette), 1911-

Sim, Lettice (Lee) Wardrop Thompson d. 1776

Sim, Lightfoot Turnbull See: Christian, Lightfoot Turnbull (Sim)

Simcoe, Annie Wrenn (Cofex)

Simcoe, Walter Taylor Sr.

Simmons, Ruth

Simms, Gilmore 1806-1870 See: Groups: Literary Figures - Poets

Simms, Raphael 1809-1877


Simpson, J. B. See Groups: McGuire’s University School, Football Squad, 1926

Simpson, Thomas McNider 1852-

Sims, Frank See Groups: Theatrical and Musical Groups

Sims, Frederick Wilmer 1862-1925

Sinclair, Arthur 1780-1831

Sinclair, Arthur William 1852-1917

Sinclair, Sarah Skipwith (Mrs. Arthur) 1790-1827

Singer, Herndon See Groups: Gwathmey Family

Singer, Josephine See Groups: Gwathmey Family

Singer, Mary Peachey See Groups: Gwathmey Family

Singer, Tom See Groups: Gwathmey Family

Sinnott, Harry T. See Groups: Mosby’s Men

Sinnott, J. J.

Sinton, Katherine See: Martin, Katherine (Sinton), -1968

Sinton, Nannie Tyree See: Hill/Booton Family Album, Page 15 and Page 33

Siple, Paul

Siple, Ruth (Mrs. Paul Siple) See: Byrd, Richard E.

Sisson, Nellie C.

Sisson, Rowena G.

Sitterding, Fritz

Sitterding, W.H.

Sizea, Herndon

Sizer, Hunter 1906-

Skeen, Alfred Absolom 1870-1951

Skeen, Henry Alexander Wise 1858-1939

Skelton, Annie

Skelton, Catherine Gifford 1821-1897

Skelton, Charlotte Randolph See: McVeigh, Charlotte Randolph (Skelton), 1847-

Skelton, John Gifford 1815-1889

Skelton, Julian

Skelton, Marianne Everard See: Gibbs, Marianne Everard (Skelton), 1861-

Skelton, William Old 1858-1911

Skinner, Frederick Gustavus 1814-1894

Skinner, Fred H. 1886-1944

Skinner, Helen (Johnston) Jones See: Groups, Daughters of Dr. G.B. Johnston

Skinner, John Stuart 1788-1851

Skipwith, Jane Rolfe (Bolling) 1817-1867

Skipwith, Kate Brander (Harris) Mayo See: Williams, Kate Brander (Harris) Mayo Skipwith, (d.1945)

Skipwith, Robert 1810-1904

Slacum, George

Slacum, Mrs. George

Slade, Caroline (McCormick) 1874-

Slagle, Linwood Ralph 1903-1970

Slater, Edward Beverley 1862-1913

Slaughter, Anne (Blackwell)

Slaughter, Augusta Bolling (Banister)

Slaughter, Charles 1855-

Slaughter, Charles

Slaughter, Elizabeth Braxton See: Robertson, Elizabeth Braxton (Slaughter)

Slaughter, James E.

Slaughter, John F. Jr.

Slaughter, Katherine Lightfoot

Slaughter, Mary (Harker)

Slaughter, Monro Banister 1896-1976

Slaughter, Robert Harrison

Slaughter, William

Sledd, Mamie

Slemp, Campbell 1839-1907

Slemp, Campbell Bascom 1870-1943

Sloan, Dorthea See Groups: Hanover Bicentennial Parade

Sloan, Sir Thomas

Smallwood, Eleanor See: Grayson, Eleanor (Smallwood)

Smart, Henry Gaillard 1916-1947

Smedes, Aldert

Smick, Edith

Smick, Jamie and Roy

Smick, Lewis

Smith, A.W.

Smith, Agnes Aitkin See: Album: Dunlop Family

Smith, Alfred Emanuel 1873-1944

Smith, Amanda Melvina (Johnson) 1831-1903

Smith, Anna (Bull) 1760-1831

Smith, Anna Maria (Davidson)

Smith, Arthur

Smith, Austin E. d. 1862

Smith, Ben See: Groups: Nolley’s School, 1901

Smith, Mrs. Benjamin Hodges

Smith, Britt Foster See: Perrine Collection

Smith, Britt Lester See: Perrine Collection

Smith, Charles Jr.

Smith, Dr. Charles Henry

Smith, Charles Henry 1893-1955

Smith, Columbia (Turner)

Smith, D.P. See: Groups: McGuire’s University School, Football Squad 1926

Smith, E. Hugh

Smith, Edmund

Smith, Ed W. See: Groups: McGuire’s University School, Football Squad 1926

Smith, Edwin Hugh 1883-1964

Smith, Edmund Kirby 1824-1893 See also: Groups: Confederate Commanders

Smith, Elizabeth Nash

Smith, Ellen Harvie

Smith, Ellen Scott See also: School and College Groups (not athletic)

Smith, Emma Louise (McCormick) 1854-1893

Smith, Miss Estelle See: Groups: Williamsburg, VA. ca. 1935

Smith, Eugene Allen d. 1927

Smith, Ernest

Smith, Francis H.

Smith, Francis Henney 1812-1890 See also: Extra-oversize: "VMI Class of 1889-93" Photograph album

Smith, Francis Henry 1829-1928 See also: oversize

Smith, Francis Lee 1845-1916 See: Extra-oversize. Group. Album - "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902"

Smith, Francis Williamson 1838-1865

Smith, George Archibald 1802-1889

Smith, George William 1762-1811

Smith, Gulielmus

Smith, Gustavus Woodson 1821-1896

Smith, Henry L.

Smith, H. H.

Smith, H. N.

Smith, Hiram Moore 1884-1946

Smith, Horace

Smith, Inez

Smith, J. Philip See also: Groups: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan and his staff

Smith, J. Porter

Smith, Jack See: Groups: Virginia State Guard Co. 54

Smith, James G. 1888-

Smith, James Marsden d. 1889

Smith, James Power 1837-1923

Smith, James W.

Smith, James W. See: Groups: Forrest-Ehrhart Family

Smith, James Waller

Smith, Jane Henry Meredith (Garland) 1847-

Smith, John 1580-1631 See also: Sheet Music: Pocahontas Grand March and: Menus: "Banquet of the Virginians...1906..."

Smith, John 1750-1836

Smith, John Augustine 1782-1865

Smith, John Blair 1756-1799

Smith, John Henry Anderson 1876-1941

Smith, John Hill

Smith, Hon. Jos. C.

Smith, Joseph H.

Smith, Joshua Hett 1736-1818

Smith, Juliana (Chapin) McPherson 1799-

Smith, Katherine Byrd (Hill) See: Weaver, Judith Bransford (Hill)

Smith, Gen. Kirby

Smith, Lily C.

Smith, L. L.

Smith, Lemuel Franklin 1890-1956

Smith, M.W. See: Groups: Virginia State Guard Co. 54

Smith, Maggie Dunlop See: Album: Dunlop Family

Smith, Margaret (Vaughan) 1735-1822 See: Parry, Edward 1776-1834

Smith, Mary See: Nicholas, Mary (Smith)

Smith, Mary Dare (White) Simcoe also: Lucille (Simcoe) Gaines

Smith, Mary (Frazer) 1784-1862 See: Parry, Edward 1776-1834

Smith, Mary (Jaquelin)

Smith, Meriwether 1730-1794

Smith, Minor

Smith, Nathan

Smith, N. Clarence 1889-1955

Smith, P. Albert 1871-1928

Smith, Perry Herbert 1854-1914

Smith, Randolph Albert 1905-1959

Smith, Rebecca Beach

Smith, Richard M., Jr.

Smith, Richard March 1898-1970

Smith, Richard Scott Blackburn 1871-1928

Smith, Robert Clyde 1927-1961

Smith, Rosalley W.

Smith, Rosannah Lilly (Deans) See: King, Rosannah Lilly (Deans) Smith

Smith, Roy 1894-1966

Smith, Ruby

Smith, Samuel Stanhope 1750-1819

Smith, Sarah See: Macon, Sarah (Smith) Dabney 1775-1851

Smith, Sidney See: Groups: Nolley’s School, 1901

Smith, Sidney S.

Smith, Stella (Hagan) i.e. Mrs. Charles Evelyn Smith

Smith, (Sir) Thomas 1558-1625 Treasurer, Virginia Company of London 5/5/61 Simon de Passe

Smith, Thomas Adams 1781-1844

Smith, Thomas C. H.

Smith, Thomas W. See: Perrine Collection, filed by City, by Gallery

Smith, Wayne R.

Smith, (Gen.) W. F.

Smith, William 1797-1887

Smith, William D.

Smith, William Harrison

Smith, William P.

Smith, William Roy Member, Va. House of Delegates

Smith, William Taylor

Smith, (unknown female) portrait by Thomas Sully (1783-1872)

Smithdeal, George Michael 1855-

Smithson, Martha Hamilton

Smithers, J. W.

Smyth, John Ferdinand Dalziel 1745-1814

Smyth, Lucy Taliaferro See: Munford, Lucy Taliaferro (Smyth)

Smyth, (Sir) Thomas See: Smith, (Sir) Thomas 1558-1625

Snaff, Leslie See: Perrine Collection, filed by City, by Gallery

Snead, Charles Goodall, 1840-1925

Snead, Harold See: Groups: Virginia Supreme Court

Snead, John L. T.

Snead, Samuel Jackson 1912-

Snead, Thomas Burton 1878-1942

Snidow, William Bane 1877-1950

Snodgrass, Caroline (Acree) i.e. Mrs. Cyrus Snodgrass

Snodgrass, Cyrus

Snow, Harriet Derby 1887-

Snow, Martha Ann (Derby) 1860-1944 i.e. Mrs. Julian Franklin Snow

Snowa, (Miss) Carine See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Church

Snowa, Edna L. i.e. Mrs.Burks; See: Groups:Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church - Confirmation Class 1920

Snydor, Lillian (Breschel) See: Groups: Church Groups: St. john’s Evangelical Luthran Church - Confirmation Class 1932

Snydor, Lovetta (Stuart) Adams

Solmon, Dorothy

Somers, (Sir) George 1554-1610

Somers, John Somers, Baron 1651-1716 Lord, Chancellor in 1693 8/16/60 Lodge 5/0 8/16/60 Faber 1/15/0 oversize

Somers, (Lady)

Somerset, Henry, 1st Duke of Beaufort See: Beaufort, Henry Somerset, 1st Duke, 1629-1699

Sommer, Minnie (Grimmell)

Sommer, Etta See: Miller, Elsie (Brauer)

Soper, MorrisAmes 1873-1963

Sophia, Electress of Brunswick 1630-1714 Mother of George I; 5/31/61 Smith 2/10/-

Sophia Dorothea, Queen of England 1666-1726 Wife of George I; 5/20/60 Birrell 3/6

Sophia Dorothea, Queen in Prussia 1685-1757 Daughter of George I 5/31/61 Smith 1/10/-

Sorrell, Gilbert Moxley 1838-1901

Souer, C.F.

Soule, Joshua 1781-1867

Southall, Ira Roane 1918-1966 See: Groups: Bicycle Endurance Contest, Winners

Southall, James Cooke 1827-1897 Professor of International Law, Univ. of Virginia

Southall, James Philip Cooke 1891-1962

Southall, Kenneth William, Jr. 1916- See: Groups: Bicycle Endurance Contest, Winners

Southall, Mary Jo (Stahl) See: Groups: Church Groups: St John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class - 1932

Southall, Robert G.

Sowder, Valentine M. 1866-1956

Southampton, Henry Wriothesley 1573-1624 3rd Earl

Southapton, Thomas Wriothesley 1607-1677 4th Earl; Lord Treasurer in 1660 8/16/ 60 Scott 5/0; 8/16/60 Lodge 5/0

Southgate, Hugh See: Groups: Norfolk, Va. - Hunter School

Southward, W. Ross

Southwell, Elizabeth (Cromwell) d. 1709 i.e. Baroness Cromwell

Southwell, (Sir) Robert 1635-1702

Southwell, (Sir) Robert

Spalding, (Dr.) B. D.

Spangler See: Groups: Booth, John Wilkes, and his associates

Sparks, (Dr.) Bushrod Henry See: Groups: Conway Family Reunion

Sparks, Eva Fitzhugh(Conway) 1849-1934 See Also: Groups: Conway Family Reunion

Sparks, Mamie (Mary Mildred) See: Groups: Conway Family Reunion

Sparks, Rosa See: Groups: Conway Family Reunion

Sparks, William Clark See: Groups: Conway Family Reunion

Spaudling, Henry Cannon

Spear, Elias

Speed, John

Spence, (Col.) E. Leslie

Spence, Rosa See: Fitzhugh, Rosa (Spence), -1849

Spencer, Ella

Spencer, F. Gilman

Spencer, Fred

Spencer, George

Spencer, Ida

Spencer, John Curtis & wife

Spencer, Julie See Also: Spencer, Fred

Spencer, Mary Graves See: Moupin, Mary Graves (Spencer)

Spencer, Nellie

Spencer, Paul

Spencer, Robert See: Sunderland, Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl, 1640-1702

Spencer, Sally Louise (Pendleton)

Spiers, John Benjamin 1897-1956

Spilling, Edward J. See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class - 1913

Spilman Family

Spilman, Alice Taylor

Spilman, Henry, Taylor See: Spilman, Isabel deLeon

Spilman, Isabel deLeon

Spilman, Margaret White See: Spilman, Isabel deLeon

Spilman, Robert Scott d. 1926 See: Extra-oversize: Photograph album, "VMI, Class of 1889-93"

Spindle, Richard B. 1886-1954

Spinning Family Mr. Jessie McIntosh, Duncan

Spitler, Madeline See: Groups: Schools and College Groups (not athletic)

Spitzer, Berlin See: Groups: Maryland, Virginia Cornet Band

Spitzer, Charles Billy See: Groups: Maryland, Virginia Cornet Band

Spitzer, Edward See: Groups: Maryland, Virginia Cornet Band

Spitzer, Elmer See: Groups: Maryland, Virginia Cornet Band

Spitzer, Marion See: Groups: Maryland, Virginia Cornet Band

Spotswood, Alexander c. 1661

Spotswood, Alexander 1676-1740

Spotswood, Anne Butler (Brayne) i.e. Mrs. Alexander Spotswood; See: Thompson, Anne Butler (Brayne) Spotswood

Spotswood, Dandridge 1787-1849

Spotswood, Dandridge 1872-1939

Spotswood, John 1565-1639

Spotswood, John Grandson of the Governor

Spotswood, Lelia Lewis d. 1967 See: Willis, Lelia Lewis (Spotswood)

Spotswood, Martha (Watkins)

Spotswood, Mary (Dandridge)

Spotswood, (Sir) Ninan

Spotswood, Rachel (Lindsy) c. 1663

Spotswood, (Sir) Robert 1596-1656

Spotswood, William Elliot

Spott, Josephine i.e. Mrs. Oscar E. Spott See: Groups: Richmonders: Richmond Coffee Party

Sprague, John Wilson 1817-1893 See: Groups: Oversize: Union Generals "Our Generals in the Battlefield"

Spratley, C. Vernon See: Groups: Virginia Supreme Court

Spratley, S. S.

Sprenkle, C. E. Family See: Groups: Spenkle Family

Spreull, George Baird

Spreull, James Manley

Spruell, Johnnie Marks

Spruell, Lula Ramos

Spruell, Queenie

Spruell, (unidentified) See: Lamb, (unidentified)

Sprigg, Sophia See: Mercer, Sophia (Sprigg)

Springs, Elliot See: Groups: Cabell, James Branch

Sprull, Joseph See: Groups: Norfolk, Va. - Hunter School

Spurlock See: "James"


Stafford,Elizabeth Mary (Richards) d. 1880

Stagg, Hunter F.

Stagg, John 1792-1842

Stagg, Nellie McRae (Rice)

Stagg, William See: Groups: United Confederate Veterans, Isle of Wight C. H.

Stahl, Josephine Blanche (Hennighausen) 1878-1967 See Also: Group Photographs: Hennighausen Family (Laura Anna) See Also: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Church 1931 See Also: Richmond, Va. Central School See Also: Richmonders, Coffee Party

Stanard, Eliza Jane See: Buffington, Eliza Jane ( Stanard) Nicholas, 1811-1862

Stanard, Jane Stith (Craig) d. 1824

Stanard, John

Stanard, Larkin 1759-1837

Stanard, Martha (Pearce)

Stanard, Mary Mann Page (Newton) 1865-1929

Stanard, Robert

Stanard, Robert Conway 1833-1861

Stanard, Robert Craig 1814-1857

Stanard, William Glover 1858-1933 See Also: Lancaster, Robert Alexander, 1862-1940 See Also: Persons, Group: 1. Virginia Historical Society 2. Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities Jamestown Commission 3. Wilton, Henrico County, Va.

Stanhope, James Stanhope 1673-1721 1st Earl; Chancellor of Exchequer in 1717 8/16/60 Faber 1/8/0; See: Oversize

Stanislas II, King of Prussia 1732-1798

Stanley, Augusta Frederica Elizabeth (Bruce) 1822-1876

Stanley, Thomas Bahnson 1890- See Also: Groups: Virginia Governors See Also: Groups: Godwin, Miles Edwin - Inauguration 1966 See Also: Individuals: Clark, Adele, 1882-1983

Stanley, (Hon.) Thomas B.

Stanley, Timothy

Staples, Abram Penn 1885-1951

Staples, Colin

Staples, Harris See: Brown, Harris (Staples) Wightman

Staples, Waller Redd 1826-1897

Staples, William Daniel 1907-1959

Strake, E. D. (Ned)

Stark, John 1728-1822

Starke, Ashton See: Groups: Richmond, "Westbrooke"

Starke, Lucien Douglas 1826-1902

Starke, Norborne

Starke, William E. 1813-1862

Starr, J. L. F.

Staton, Henry See: Extra-oversize: Photograph Album, "VMI, Class of 1889-93"

Stauffer, William H.

St. Claire, Geo. W. See: Perrine Collection, filed by City, by Gallery

Steadman, Virginia (Chase) See: Weddell, Virginia (Chase) Steadman, 1874-1948

Stearns, Florence (Dickinson) 1883-1958

Stebbins, Joseph, Jr. 1850-1919 See Also: Extra-oversize: Groups: Album, "Virginia Constitutional Convention 1901-1902"

Steel, Janey P.

Steen, A. E.

Steen, Paulina P. See: Acree, Paulina P. (Steen) 1806-1861

Stegall, Mr.

Stein, Albert

Stein, Charles G. See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class, 1913

Stein, Claude

Stein, Evelyn See: Groups: Church Groups: St John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1931

Stein, Irene E. See: Flicken, Irene E. (Stein)

Stein, Iwan See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class, 1913

Steinbach, Charles A. See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class, 1919

Steingold, Samuel Alvin 1910-1960

Steinke, Ann Margaret See; Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class, 1919

Steinmetz, Alfred See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Confirmation Class, 1921

Stephens, Alexander Hamilton 1812-1883

Stephens, Allie Edward Stakes 1900-1973

Stephens, James Athey See: Groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Va., 1910

Stephenson, Harold 1896-1956

Stephenson, John W. 1850-1921

Stephenson, John Wilson, Jr. 1882-1929

Stephenson, Mary See: Groups: Wakefield, Va. High School Students

Stephenson, Roscoe Bolar 1884-1905

Stephney, George 1663-1707 Member of Board of Trade and Plantations in 1697 8/16/60 Faber 1/4/0; See: Oversize


Steptoe, Ella See: Judd, Ella (Steptoe)

Steptoe, Elizabeth See: Christian, Elizabeth (Steptoe)

Steptoe, Helen See: Christian, Helen (Steptoe)

Sterrett Family Arthur, Mary, Helen, Clara, Lula

Sterrett, Hannah

Sterritt, Josephine Moseley (Quarrier) 1861-

Sterret, Mariah J.

Sterrett, Marie Woods

Sterrett, Robert 1806-1881

Sterrett Family James, Ellen, Jennie, Florence

Sterling, Bessie & Orpho

Stern, D.

Stern, Jo Lane 1848-1932

Stern, Ruth Jean See: Groups: Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts: Girl Scout Troop #12

Stettinius, Mrs. E. R.

Stettinius, Edward R. Jr. See Also: Events: World War II, Yalta Conference, UN Connference

Stewart, Alexander Peter

Stewart, George Hume 1828-1903

Stewart, Richard Dennis 1882-1951

Steuben, Friedrich Wilhem Ludolf G. A. 1730-1794 Baron Von...

Stevens, C. H.

Stevens, Charles Benjamin

Stevens, Louis T. See: Groups: Johns Hopkins University Glee Club

Stevenson, Adlai Ewing 1835-1914 See: Cleveland, Stephen Grover, 1837-1908

Stevenson, Andrew 1785-1857

Stevenson, Carter L.

Stevenson, Andrew 1784-1857

Stevenson, Carter Littlepage 1817-1888

Stevenson, Sarah (Coles) 1789-1848

Steward, Austin

Stewart, Annie Carter 1853-1957

Stewart, Carol S.

Stewart, Elizabeth Hope 1862-1936

Stewart, Henry 1846?-

Stewart, John

Stewart, Lucy Williamson 1851-1947

Stewart, Marion McIntosh See: Peterkin, Marion McIntosh (Stewart) 1849-1942

Stewart, Mary Amanda (Williamson) 1822-1910 See Also: Bryan, Isabel Lamont (Stewart) 1847-1910

Stewart, Norman

Stewart, William 1838-1912

Stickler, Fred See: Dorsey, John C.

Stickley, Euretta (Banister)

Stickley, Ezra Eugenius 1839-1915

Stickley, F. R. 1854-1930

Stiff, Frank W.

Stiles, Joseph Stiles 1795-1875

Stiles, Robert 1836-1905

Stirling, William Alexander (Earl) 1567?-1640 Commissioner for Foreign Plantations in 1634 9/30/60 Becquet 2/0; 9/30/60 Pye 2/0; 9/30/60 Richardson 2/0

Stith, Ann Doyle See: Bolling, Ann Doyle (Stith)

Stith, Elizabeth See: Fitzhugh, Elizabeth (Stith) 1754-1786

Stith, Maria (Meade) i.e. Mrs. John Stith (married 1799)

Stith, Maria See: Daniel, Maria (Stith)

Stith, Susannah See: Meade, Susannah (Stith)

Stockner, Wilford McDaniel 1893-1962

Stodghill, Elizabeth See: Henderson, Elizabeth (Stodghill), 1776-1896

Stokes Family

Stokes, Margaret P. See: Stokes Family; See Also: Groups: Williams, Maude Lathrop (Stokes) Stokes, Maude L.See: Groups: Blue Ridge Springs, Virginia

Stokes, Maude Lathrop See: Williams, Maude Lathrop

Stokes, Thomas D. See: Stokes Family; See Also: Groups: Williams, Maude Lathrop (Stokes)

Stomber, Julius Boyd 1919-1968

Stone, (?)

Stone, Andrew 1703-1773 Commissioner of Trade and Plantations in 1753 9/30/60 Bestland 3/6

Stone, Charles Green 1899-1967

Stone, John Ashley 1799-1852

Stone, M. D. See: Groups: Richmond Auto Show Committee, 1917

Stone, Mary Frances (Green) 1829-

Stone, Mary Grigsby (McCormick) 1878-

Stone, Sarah (Massey)

Stone, Thomas 1740-1788 of Maryland (no relation to Stone family of Axton, VA

Stone, Virginia See: Groups: Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts: Girl Scout Troop, 1924

Stoneman, Major General

Stoner, Mrs. R.

Storrs, George 1796-1879

Story, Joseph 1779-1845

Stough, Israel

Stoughton, Edwin H.

Stout, Mary See: Davies, Mary (Stout)

Stout, Samuel H.

Stovall, Emma Serena i.e.: "Queena"

Stovall, Faye

Stowe, Susanna Butterfield See: Granbery, Susanna Butterfield (Stone) 1772-1852

Stowers, Frank W. 1873-1960

Strahl, Oscar F.

Strange, Bishop

Strange, Curtis

Stratford, Dr. A. L.

Stratton, Janie

Stratton, Joseph Howard, Jr. 1915-1967

Straus, Alice See: Groups: Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts: Girl Scout Troop #12

Straus, Nathan, Jr. See: Battle, George Gordon, 1868-1949, Photograph #30

Strauss, John P. 1907-1967

Strauss, Joseph 1793-1866

Strauss, Lewis Lichtenstein 1896-1974

Streit, Christian

Streights, A. D.

Stribling, Ben S. See: Van Doran Family Album

Stribling, Dr. C. R. Union Theological Seminary

Strickler, John 1902-1961

Stringfellow, Franklin 1840-1913

Strode, Aubry E., Jr. 1908-1970

Strode, Aubry Ellis 1873-1946

Strong, George Vaughan 1827-1897

Strother, Ann Lameure See: Groups: Coons Family

Strother, David Hunter 1816-1888

Strother, Elizabeth Mayo 1868- See: Scott, Elizabeth Mayo (Strother), 1868-

Strother, Eudora Coons See: groups: Coons Family

Strother, Joseph

Strother, Margaret See: Hancock, Margaret (Strother), 1763-1834

Strother, Martha (Payne) 1773-

Strother, Sarah See: Banks, Sarah ( Strother)

Stroud, John Dilworth See: Groups: Norfolk-Hunter School, 1895-96

Stuart, Mr. & Mrs. A. P.

Stuart, Charles Edward 1892-1951

Stuart, Alexander Hughes Holmes 1807-1891

Stuart, Caroline C. See: Holliday, Caroline C. (Stuart)

Stuart, Dale Carter 1858-1928 See: Stuart, Henry Carter

Stuart, Elizabeth Case See: Waller, Elizabeth Case (Stuart)

Stuart, Flora (Cooke) 1836-1923

Stuart, Frank 1885-1923

Stuart, G. R. C.

Stuart, Gilbert 1755-1828 Painted Virginia Subjects 8/21/61 Edwin $3.00 (Goodspeeds)

Stuart, Henry Carter 1855-1933 See Also: Group Photograph: White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, Richmond Baseball Opening, 1916; See Also: Extra-Oversize: Album. "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902 See Also: Events: 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition

Stuart, Jame Ewell Brown 1833-1864 See Also: Oversize; See Also: Localities: Richmond (Capitol Building) See Also: Groups: Confederate Commanders See Also: Groups: West Point

Stuart, James Ewell Brown II 1860-1930

Stuart, Janet See: Durham, Janet (Stuart)

Stuart, John See: Bute, John Stuart, 3rd Earl, 1713-1792

Stuart, John Dabney 1828-1877

Stuart, John H. See: Groups: Charge of theV.M.I. Cadets

Stuart, (Judge) John J. Abingdon

Stuart, John James 1860-1939 See: Stuart, Henry Carter, 1855-1933

Stuart, Louetta See: Synder, Louetta (Stuart) Adams

Stuart, Ludowick See: Richmond, Ludowick Stuart, Duke, 1574-1624

Stuart, Margaret See: Hunter, Margaret (Stuart)

Stuart, Richard

Stuart, Virginia Pelham 1863-

Stuart, William Alexander See Also: Groups: Virginia University Board, 1933 See Also: Groups: Virginia Historical Society

Stubbs, Thomas Jefferson 1841-1915 See: Groups: William & Mary College, "Seven Wise Men" See: Groups: William & Mary College, Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Stump, James William 1931-1968

Stumpf, Joseph & Mrs.

Sturgis, Mrs. A. P. (Aunt May) See: Hill/Booton FamilyAlbum, page 5

Sturgis, Charlie O. See: Hill/Booton Family Album, pages 6-7

Stutler, Boyd B. See: Groups: Civil War Centennial Commission - West Virginia

Stutz, C. N. See: Groups: McGuire’s University School, Football Squad, 1926

Styll, Elgin Dentin (Moncure)

Sublett, Claude See: Groups: Norwood’s University School, Room C

Suffolk, Henry Grey d. 1554 Duke of Suffolk

Suffolk, Thomas Howard 1561-1626 Earl of Suffolk; 5/5/61 Elstracke 2/5/0

Sullivan, Arthur O. See Also: Extra Oversize: Album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention. 1901-1092."

Sullivan, George Hammond 1859-1956 See: Sullivan, Mary Mildred

Sullivan, Francis John

Sullivan, Mary Mildred 1836-1933 i.e. Mrs. Algernon Sydney Sullivan

Sully, Julia See: Chichester, Julia (Sully)

Sully, Julia

Sully, Robert Matthew, Jr. 1837-1912

Sully, Thomas

Summerall, Charles Pelot 1867-1955 See: Group: Jamerson, George Hariston, 1869-1960

Summers, John C. 1841- See: Extra Oversize: Album:" Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902."

Summersgill, H. T. See: Hill, Julien

Sumner, Edward Vose 1797-1863

Sumpter, Thomas (Maj. Gen.) 1734-1832

Sunderland, Robert Spencer 1640-1702 Earl of Spencer; Commissioner of Trade and Plantations in 1679 8/16/60 Lodge 5/0; See: Oversize

Supplee, Annie (Miller) Rick Flynn 1871-1943 See Also: Groups: Richmonders, circa. 1890 Miller, Elsie (Brauer), 1883-1937

Sussex, Thomas Radclyffe 1526?-1583 Earl of Sussex

Sutherland, H. S.

Sutherland, Sallie Wise

Sutherland, Sam

Sutro, Theodore 1845-1927

Sutterlin, Oscar See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class, 1909.

Suttlin, Ernestine See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Confirmation Class, 1909.

Sutton, Frank Taylor, Jr. 1877-1944

Sutton, Lee E.

Sutton, Lucy Gordon

Sutton, Mary M. d. 1905 See Also: Glazebrook Family Album

Swain, Rena See Also: Ninimo, Alicia

Swank, Ward 1885-1949

Swann, Mary See: Mercer, Mary (Swann)

Swann, Mary Scott See: Mercer, Mary Scott (Swann)

Swanson, Claude Augustus 1862-1939

Swanson, Elizabeth Deane (Lyons) Wife of Gov. Claude Swanson

Sweeney, Sam

Sweeny, Ralph See: Groups: Bainbridge Junior High School, Richmond, Va., Safety Patrol.

Sweitzer, (Lt. Col.) See: Groups: Union Officers. Morell’s Headquarters.

Swem, Earl Gregg 1870-1965 See Also: Groups: Virginia Colonial Records Project; See Also: Groups: Virginia Historical Society.

Swinford, M. D.

Sydenham, (Sir) Philip

Sydnor, Charles William See: Groups: Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 1910.

Sydnor, Virginia (Taylor) 1900- See Also: Taylor, Mary, ca. 1903-

Syme, Bernard Chapman 1888-1945

Symington, (Sen.) Stuart

Symington, William Stuart

Suphax, John B.

Szymanski, Adrian J.