Tabb - Tysinger: photographs and portraits of individuals

The VMHC maintains an extensive series of photograph files that may contain a combination of original photographs, cartes de visite, prints, or other images, along with copies of portraits, photographs, and other images from the VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular individual should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact content. To help with your research, VMHC has organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter.

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC hold some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collections, usually a part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

To help with your research, we have organized folders containing photographs and portraits of individuals. These files are organized by the surname of the sitter. 

Names that have a "see also" reference indicate images are available in two or more locations. Researchers may wish to consult multiple files in such cases. Additional materials may also be located though the online catalog.

Tabb, (?) Daughter of W. K. Tabb, C. S. A.

Tabb, E. P. See: Groups: Wise, John Cropper, 1848-1922

Tabb, Frances Peyton

Tabb, John Banister 1845-1909 See Also: Events, 1909, Funeral of

Tabb, Marianna Elizabeth See: Barksdale, Marianna Elizabeth (Tabb), 1796-1856

Tabb, Mary Marshall See: Bolling, Mary Marshall (Tabb)

Tabb, Mary Mason (Todd) Booth 1751-1814 i.e. Mrs. Philip Tabb

Tabb, Philip 1750-1822

Tabb, Thomas 1835-

Tabb, W. K.

Tabb, Warner Throckmorton 1888-1979

Taft, William Howard 1857-1930 President of the U. S., 1909-1913 See Also: Groups: Taft Parade

Talbot, Charles See: Shrewsbury, Charles Talbot, Duke, 1660-1718

Talbot (of Hensol), Charles 1685-1737 Baron; Lord Chancellor in 1733; 8/16/60 Houbraken 10/0 See: Oversize

Talbot, (Dr.) E. B.

Talbot, Elizabeth Wright See: Weddell, Elizabeth Wright, 1878-1955

Talbot, Fannie

Talbot, John

Talbot, Minton Wright See: Groups: Virginia University, Students, 1890.

Talbot, T. H.

Talbott, Charles

Talcott, Andrew 1797-1883

Talcott, Harriet Randolph (Hackley) 1810-1880

Talcott, (Miss)

Talcott, Thomas Mann Randolph 1838-1921

Taliaferro, Alfred W. d. 1885

Taliaferro, Charles

Taliaferro, Hay

Taliaferro, M.

Taliaferro, Marca Isabel 1910-1973 See: Groups: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Girl Scout Troop #31.

Taliaferro, Susannah Conway See: Taliaferro, Hay

Taliaferro, (Gen.) William Booth 1822-1898

Taliaferro, William George 1862-1944

Talley, Daniel Dee, Jr.

Talley, Eliza Archer

Talley, Ruby See: Waldrop, Rosa

Tallmadge, Benjamin 1754-1835

Tallman, Frances See: Foster, Frances (Tallman)

Talman, Carter E.

Taney, Roger Brooke 1777-1864

Tankerville, Forde Grey d. 1701 Earl; Lord Treasurer in 1699; 8/16/60 Scott 2/6 3/23/61 Browne 1/15/0

Tanner, Evelyn See: Goodwin, Evelyn (Tanner), d. 1915

Tapley, R. T.

Tapscott, Aulbin Delaney 1840-1911

Tapscott, Sally Lyell See: Zachary, Sally Lyell (Tapscott), 1880-1946

Tarleton, John Banastre 1754-1833 British General in American Revolution 3/23/61 Reynolds 7/6; 3/23/61 Small Anonymous 2/6 6/26/61 Full Size Mezzotint L 25 (Frederick Danniell & Son, London) Oversize See Also: Oversize

Tarrant, Helen

Tarrant, Dick See: Bobb, Robert

Tarrant, George E.

Tarry, George Patrick 1841 See: Extra Oversize: Album: Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902."

Tasker, Ann (Bladen) i.e. Mrs. Benjamin Tasker

Tasker, Frances Ann See: Carter, Frances Ann (Tasker) 1738-1787

Tatnell, Josiah See: Buchanan, Franklin

Tatham, William

Tatum, Dorothea (Claiborne) 1766-1844 i.e. Mrs. Henry Tatum

Tatum, Edith Sherwin See: Hundley, Edith Sherwin (Tatum), 1863-1918

Tatum, Dr. R. H.

Tatum, William Henry 1838-1903

Tavenner, Frank Stacy, Jr. 1895-1964

Tayloe, Anne (Ogle) 1772?-1855 Wife of John Tayloe III, 1771-1828

Tayloe, Benjamin Ogle 1796-1868

Tayloe, Elizabeth See: Corbin, Elizabeth (Tayloe), 1721-1784

Tayloe, Elizabeth (Gwyn) Lyde 1692-1745 Wife of John Tayloe I 1687-1747

Tayloe, Henrietta (Ogle) 1800-1844 Wife of William Henry Taylor, 1799-1871

Tayloe, John 1688-1747

Tayloe, John II 1721-1779

Tayloe, John III 1771-1828

Tayloe, Mary See: Page, Mary (Tayloe), 1758-1835

Tayloe, Mary See: Tayloe, Rebecca (Plater), 1731?-1787

Tayloe, Rebecca (Plater) 1731?-1787 i.e., "Mrs. John Tayloe II"

Tayloe, William Henry 1799-1871


Taylor, i.e., "Mrs. Albion Taylor" See: Groups: Williamsburg, VA ca. 1935

Taylor, i.e., "Mrs. Henry Magruder Taylor See: Groups: Gregory Family

Taylor, Alice See: Taylor, Henry IV

Taylor, Anne Elizabeth Sandridge

Taylor, Anne Gilbert

Taylor, Archibald Henderson 1851-

Taylor, Belle

Taylor, Betty (Bryerly) See: Van Doren family album.

Taylor, Bushrod

Taylor, Charles See: Groups: Gayle Family

Taylor, "Cousin"

Taylor, Davis Watson 1864-1940

Taylor, E. D.

Taylor, Elizabeth (Actress) See: Warner, John

Taylor, Elizabeth Ann See: Johnston, Elizabeth Ann (Taylor)

Taylor, Elizabeth (Fitzhugh) Conway 1754-1823

Taylor, Euphania Claiborne 1819-1897 See: Elllis, Euphania Claiborne (Taylor) Harrison

Taylor, Fielding Lewis See: Groups: Virginia University, students 1890

Taylor, Forest Todd 1901-1959

Taylor, Frances Fielding Lewis Mrs. Archibald Taylor

Taylor, Fred S. See: Groups: Wise, John Cropper, 1848-1922

Taylor, George See: Taylor, Henry IV

Taylor, George Alexander Watkins

Taylor, George Alex Watkins Jr. With: Harvey, Ellen Virginia (Taylor) and Chase, Isabella Watkins (Taylor)

Taylor, George Braxton 1860-1942

Taylor, Gertrude (McGuire) 1828-1894 i.e. "Mrs. William Taylor"

Taylor, Henry See: Groups: Taylor Family

Taylor, Henry Jr. 1854-1945

Taylor, Henry III 1887-

Taylor, Henry IV

Taylor, Henry VI

Taylor, Mrs. Henry

Taylor, Henry M.

Taylor, Herbert Jackson 1869-1945

Taylor, Isabel (Williams) See: Taylor, Henry IV

Taylor, J. B. Jr.

Taylor, ? i.e. Mrs. J. E. Taylor

Taylor, J. E.

Taylor, J. E.

Taylor, J. Mitchell 1862-1951

Taylor, Jaquelin Plummer 1797-1872

Taylor, Jaquelin Plummer 1860-1950

Taylor, Mrs. Jaquelin Plummer Wife of Jaquelin Plummer Taylor, 1797-1872

Taylor, Jane See: Thorp, Jane (Taylor), 1779-1859

Taylor, Jane

Taylor, Jane (Kent) See: Kent?

Taylor, Jane Pratt

Taylor, John 1754-1824 (Of Caroline) See: oversize

Taylor, John Claiborne b. 1830

Taylor, John Hume 1899-1961

Taylor, John Wesley 1896-1946

Taylor, Joseph C.

Taylor, Judith Willantina Frances (Robinson) 1808-1830

Taylor, Kate See: Groups: Rose Lawn, Orange Co., VA, 1896

Taylor, Katherine Wall

Taylor, Kidder d. 1913 See: Persons (Group): Taylor, Kidder, -1913

Taylor, Lewis Littlepage

Taylor, Lloyd See: Groups: Nolley’s School, 1901

Taylor, Lucy Lewis (Thom) d. 1863 i.e. "Mrs. William Taylor"

Taylor, Lucy Parke Chamberlayne 1888-1938 See: Groups: Bagby Family, Taylor Family

Taylor, M..

Taylor, Madeline D. See: Groups: Gayle Family

Taylor, Margaret

Taylor, Maria See: Byrd, Maria (Taylor), 1698-1771

Taylor, Martha Jefferson Randolph

Taylor, Martha Letitia Womack (Dickson) i.e. "Mrs. Lewis Littlepage Taylor"

Taylor, Martha (Thompson) 1679-1762

Taylor, Mary ca.1903-

Taylor, Mary Dade See: Robertson, Mary Dade (Taylor), 1899

Taylor, Mary Miriam Watson See: Groups: Bagby Family

Taylor, Mrs. See: Taylor, "Cousin"

Taylor, Mildred Lee

Taylor, Narcissa (Bacon) i.e. Mrs. William Henry Taylor

Taylor, O. H.

Taylor, Pattie Hardaway (Harvie) 1838-1901

Taylor, Preston Phillips 1891-1964

Taylor, Reuben d. 1864

Taylor, Richard 1826-1879

Taylor, Robert

Taylor, Robert Alexander (?)

Taylor, Robert Barraud 1774-1834

Taylor, Robert P.

Taylor, Robertson

Taylor, Sally Carter See: Groups: Hanover Bicentennial Parade

Taylor, Sarah Winston i.e. Mrs. J. T. Morris, See: Groups: Hanover Bicentennial Parade

Taylor, T. See: Groups: Blue Ridge Springs, Virginia

Taylor, T. W.

Taylor, Tazewell 1874-1951

Taylor, Tazewell Jr. 1898-1961

Taylor, Thomas 1767-1832

Taylor, Thomas Hart 1825-1901

Taylor, Val

Taylor, Virginia See: Sydnor, Virginia (Taylor), 1900- / Groups: Taylor Family

Taylor, Virginia (Bagby) 1864-1955 See: Groups: Bagby Family, Taylor Family

Taylor, Waller 1775-1826

Taylor, Walter Herron 1838-1916 See: Lee, Robert Edward

Taylor, Walter H.

Taylor, Walter Herron IV See: Groups: Norfolk - Hunter School 1895-96

Taylor, Wickham C. See: Groups: Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk Academy Football Team 1900

Taylor, William 1827-1891

Taylor, William d. 1850

Taylor, William Henry 1835-1917

Taylor, William Henry Jr. See: Groups: Bagby Family

Taylor, William Henry 1784-1846

Taylor, Willie See: Hill/Booton Family Album, page 8

Taylor, Zachary 1784-1850 President of the U.S., See: Localities: Richmond, Capitol Building & oversize

Tazewell, Anne Stratton (Nivison) i.e. "Mrs. Littleton Waller Tazewell"

Tazewell, Dorothy (Waller) d. 1777

Tazewell, Henry 1753-1799

Tazewell, Littleton Waller

Teach, Edward d. 1718

Teamon, George

Tebbs, Foushee G.

Teck, Duke of

Temple, Anthony 1723/24-1795

Temple, Benjamin

Temple, Charles Wellford 1834-1889

Temple, Henry John

Temple, John Twohig 1869-

Temple, Josiah Jordan 1892-1962

Temple, Judith Willantina See: Harrison, Judith Willantina (Temple), 1837-1905

Temple, Lucy A.

Temple, Lucy Lilly (Robinson) 1848-1935

Temple, Ludwell Robinson 1846-1876

Temple, Robert

Temple, Robert Henry 1831-1901

Temple, Shirley See: Black, Shirley (Temple) Agar, 1928-

Temple, Theodore Edward See: Hibbs, Henry Horace, 1888-1977

Temple, Sir William 1628-1699

Tenison, Thomas b. 1636 Archbishop of Canterbury

Tennant, Agnes

Tennant, Alexander 1772-1814

Tennant, Charles

Tennant, Charles 1768-1838

Tennant, David 1762-1839

Tennant, David Buffington 1876-

Tennant, Eugenia Baskerville See: Fairfax, Eugenia Baskerville (Tennant), 1873-

Tennant, James

Tennant, John

Tennant, John 1760-1853

Tennant, John 1868-

Tennant, John Bayne

Tennant, Virginia S.

Tennant, William 1758-1813

Tennant, William 1802-1878

Tennant, William Brydon 1870-1940

Tennant, Willie Ann (Buffington) 1843-1921 i.e. "Mrs. David Brydon Tennant"

Tennyson, Alfred, 1st Baron Tennyson 1809-1892

Tenser, Anna Martha 1898-1978

Tenser, Maria (Haxall) 1859-1937?

Tenser, William Haxall 1888-

Terhune, Elizabeth See: Groups: Terhune Family

Terhune, Harry See: Groups: Terhune Family

Terhune, Mary Virginia

Terhune, Nancy See: Groups: Terhune Family

Terhune, Webster Gregory See: Terhune, Elizabeth

Terrell, Charles James 1834-1925

Terrell, Lewis Frank d. 1864

Terrell, Phillip Augustus

Terrell, Brigadier General, J. B.

Terrill, J. B.

Terrill, William R. d. 1862

Terry, Andrew Jackson 1843-1912

Terry, Edgar

Terry, Louisa Cutler (Ward) Crawford 1823-1897

Terry, Mary Sue See: Wilder, Gov. D.

Terry, William Richard 1827-1897

Teute, Fredrika J.

Tevis, Hugh See: Bruce, Charles Morelle, 1853-1938

Tevis, Lloyd 1853-1938

Thackeray, William Makepeace 1811-1863

Thackston, W. W. H. 1820-1899

Thatcher, Margaret

Thaxton, Robert 1844?-1936

Thayer, Abigail Faxon See: Davis, Abigail Faxon (Thayer), -1874

Thayer, J. M.

Thayer, Sylvanus 1785-1872

Thom, Alfred Pembroke 1854-1935 See: extra-oversize: Album: "Virginia Convention, 1901-1902"

Thom, Alfred Pembroke Jr. 1883-1944

Thom, George

Thom, Joseph Pembroke

Thom , Lucy Lewis See: Taylor, Lucy Lewis (Thom), -1863

Thom, William Taylor 1849-1930

Thoma, John Edward 1906-1959

Thomas, Adam

Thomas, Allen

Thomas, Anne See: Anderson, Anne (Thomas)

Thomas, Anne Campbell (Gordon) 1819-1886

Thomas, Annie E.

Thomas, Bathia

Thomas, Bryan M.

Thomas, Claude Osborn 1889-1951

Thomas, Francis 1799-1876

Thomas, Frank

Thomas, General George Henry 1816-1870

Thomas, Henry d. 1921 See: Group: Virginia Theological Seminary. Alexandria, VA, Class of 1878

Thomas, Harry Randolph 1878-1965

Thomas, Henry P 1894-1969

Thomas, Isaiah 1749-1831

Thomas, John

Thomas, John 1767-1849

Thomas, John

Thomas, Julia Ellen See: Conway, Julia Ellen (Thomas), 1844-1916

Thomas, Lamar Curry

Thomas, Martha Jane See: Bernard, Martha jane (Thomas), 1810-1843

Thomas, Nannie Gordon See: Duval, Nannie Gordon (Thomas)

Thomas, Stephen

Thomas, W. J.

Thomas, W. J.

Thomas, W. T. See: Groups: McGuire’s University School, Football Squad, 1926

Thomas, William Crockett 1881-1963

Thomas, William Jenkins 1796-1863

Thomas, Wray

Thomas, (Bishop)


Thompson, Alice See: Meynell, Alice (Thompson), 1850-1922

Thompson, Anne Butler (Brayne) Spotswood

Thompson, Dr. Arad

Thompson, Mrs. Arad

Thompson, Arnita See: Groups: WOBCA

Thompson, Beulah Herndon See: Derby, Beulah Herndon (Thompson), 1882-1961

Thompson, Caroline M (Garland) 1853-1881

Thompson, Cephas

Thompson, Deborah Sturterant 1748-1842

Thompson, E.

Thompson, Fannie Brooks See: Perrine Collection, filed by city, by gallery.

Thompson, G. W.

Thompson, Gordon d. 1864

Thompson, Isaac

Thompson, James F.

Thomson [sic], James Walton

Thompson, Jeff

Thompson, Jerome 1814-1886

Thompson, John L.

Thompson, John Reuben 1823-1873

Thompson, John

Thompson, Rev. John (Artist)

Thompson, Julius 1824-1900

Thompson, Lettice (Lee) Wardrop See: Sim, Lettice (Lee) Wardrop Thompson, d.1776

Thompson, Lewis W.

Thompson, Lucy i.e. "Mrs. Cephas Thompson"

Thompson, M. Jeff

Thompson, Marie (Gibboney) See: Gibboney, Louise

Thompson, Martha See; Taylor, Martha (Thompson), -1762

Thompson, Roby Calvin 1898-1960

Thompson, Samuel James 1899-1955

Thompson, W. A.

Thompson, W. H.

Thompson, Wilfred/Jimmy 1922 Golfers

Thompson, William B.

Thompson, Mrs. Adam (?)

Thomson, Adam

Thomson, Charles

Thomson, Eliza (Shields)

Thomson, James Mayo 1897-1983 See: Groups: Thornton family and friends

Thon, John A. Jr. See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1931

Thorn, Mary Elizabeth See: Van Doren family album

Thorn, S. S. See: Brock, Charles William Penn, 1836-1916

Thornton, Ann Ellen (Flournoy) 1857-1945 See: Groups: Thornton family and friends.

Thornton, Daniel McCarty Fitzhugh 1885-1978 See: Groups: Thornton family and friends.

Thornton, Elise (Harrison, Elise Thornton) 1888?-1972 See: Groups: Thornton family and friends.

Thornton, Elizabeth Ann See: Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Ann (Thornton)

Thornton, Elizabeth Gregory See: Dunbar, Elizabeth Gregory (Thornton)

Thornton, Gustavus B. d. 1910 See: extra-oversize: photograph album, "V.M.I. class 1889-93.

Thornton, James Bankhead Taylor 1856- See: extra-oversize: Album: "Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902."

Thornton, Mary Dade (Arrington, Mary Dade Thornton), 1886-1979 See: Groups: Thornton family and friends.

Thornton, Richard Ewell 1865-1928

Thornton, Sally (Innes) 1776-1807

Thornton, William Mynn 1851-1935

Thorp, Benjamin Person

Thorp, Jane (Taylor) 1779-1859

Thorpe, Margaret Newbold

Thrift, George N.

Thrift, Mary Ann Elizabeth

Throckmorton, Edmund

Throckmorton, John Arris 1815-1891

Thumb, Tom

Thumb, Mrs. Tom

Thurlow, Edward Thurlow, 1st Baron 1731-1806 Lord Chancellor in 1778, See: oversize

Thurman, Allen Granbery 1813-1895 Born at Lynchburg, Virginia. 7/11/61 Engraving, 0/2/6 (Suckling)

Thurston, Leon

Tiberatore, Claudia See: Tiberatore, Richard

Tiberatore, Richard

Tichbourne, R. D.

Tidball, Thomas, A.

Tiffany, Harry Irving 1888-1960

Tiffany, Walter MacLaren 1908-1960


Tiller, Genie See; Perrine Collection, filed by city, by gallery.

Tiller, Gertie See: Groups: W.O.B.C.A.

Tilley, William B. 1895-1951

Tillotson, John, Archbishop of Canterbury 1630-1694 5/20/60: White 10/0, Blooteling 8/0, Vertue 7/6.

Tilton, James

Timberlake, D. A.

Timrod, Henry 1828-1867 See: Groups: Literary Figures: Poets.

Tindall, William

Tingay, Thomas Ewin 1750-1829

Tinsley, See: Rose, (Tinsley)

Tinsley, Thomas Garland

Tinsley, Clair See: Jones, Clair (Tinsley)

Tinsley, Garland See: Williams, Robert Lancester Jr.

Tinsley, Garland See: Williams, Francis

Tinsley, Garland See: Groups: Norwood’s University School Room "C".

Tinsley, James Garland 1843-1920 See: oversize

Tinsley, Maggie See: Moncure, Maggie (Tinsley)

Titsworth, Henry Hopkins 1875-1943

Titus, Calvin P. See: Groups: Inauguration, Theodore Roosevelt, 1905

Todd, Dolley (Payne) See: Madison, Dolley (Payne) Todd, 1768-1849

Todd, Charles Leforester

Todd, Elizabeth See: Moore, Elizabeth (Todd) Seaton

Todd, George M.

Todd, Lilian Ruth

Todd, Marie Gill

Todd, Marius Pendleton

Todd, Mary Frances Boyd

Todd, Mary Mason See: Tabb, Mary Mason (Todd) Booth, 1751-1814

Todd, Mary Virginia

Todd, Ruth Corbin

Todd, Sarah Virginia See: Field, Sarah Virginia (Todd), fl.1812-1830

Todd, Thomas 1765-1826

Todd, (Elder) William

Todd, William B.

Tomlin, Judith Harrison See: Coalter, Judith Harrison (Tomlin)

Tomlinson, J. W.

Tompkins, C. See: Groups: McGuire’s University School Football Squad 1927

Tompkins, Christopher 1778-1838

Tompkins, Christopher Quarles 1813-1877

Tompkins, Clara Allen

Tompkins, Elizabeth Nelson 1898-1981

Tompkins, Ellen (Wilkins) 1818-1901

Tompkins, Elvira Poe (Mrs. John)

Tompkins, George H.

Tompkins, Margaret Randolph (Bird) 1899- See: Trask, Rebecca M. (Bird)

Tompkins, Sally Louisa 1833-1916

Tompkins, W. See: Groups: McGuire’s University School, Football Squad 1927

Tompkins, William Fraser 1892-1969 See: oversize, Groups: Virginia Historical Society

Toms, Virginia

Toombs, Robert Augustus 1801-1885

Toon, Thomas F.

Toone, Ted See: Groups: Virginia State Guard Co. 54

Toppin, Edgar A.

Topping, Hon. J. W.

Torbert, Alfred Thomas Archimedes 1833-1880 See: Groups: Union officers at Brandy Station, 1864

Torrence, Arthur W. (?)

Torrence, William Clayton 1884-1953

Totness, George Carew, 1st earl 1555-1629 Named in 2nd Virginia Charter; member of Virginia Council, 4-7-60 Meyer 4/0

Totten, Jane Catherine See: Barbee, Jane Catherine (Totten), 1829-1908

Totten, Lucy

Totty, William Arthur III 1829-1964

Towles, Agatha (Lewis)

Towles, Oliver 1736-1825

Towles, Oliver 1771-1823

Towles, William Beverly 1804-1870

Townsend, James Morton Orr 1876-1955

Townsend, Charles 1725-1767 Commisioner of Trade and Plantations in 1749; Chancellor of Exchequer in 1766, 9/30/60: Miller 2/0, Gomek 2/0, Cook 2/0, Reynolds (S.W.) 7/6

Toy, Walter D.

Tracy, E. D. d. 1863

Trader, Ella (King) Newsom 1838-1919

Tradescant, Hester d.1678 Wife of John Tradescant. 5/20/60: Rodd 3/6, Caulfield 2/0

Tradescant, John 1608-1662 Came to Virginia in the 1630s; collector of Virginiana. 5/20/60: proof 2/6, Smith 2/6

Tragle, Henry

Tragle, Henry Irving

Trainum, Clarence Algie 1894-1974

Trapler, James H.

Trapnell, Annie Mercy (Allen) (Mrs. William), 1832-1908

Trapnell, Emily

Trapnell, Emily Green (Watkins) 1817-1862

Trapnell, Fannie 1846-1900

Trapnell, Fredricka Holmes

Trapnell, Harriet (Wylds) 1790-1853 Mrs. Joseph Trapnell

Trapnell, Joseph I. 1775-1870

Trapnell, Joseph II 1814-1887

Trapnell, Joseph III 1842-1912

Trapnell, Rebecca Holmes (White) 1845-1931 Mrs. Joseph Trapnell III

Trapnell, Richard Watkins Jr. 1881-1950

Trapnell, Richard Watkins Sr. 1844-

Trapnell, William Henry 1811-1872

Trapnell family See: Groups.

Trask, Rebecca M. (Bird) 1898-

Travers, Samuel Wingfield 1848-1923

Travis, Rebecca (Champion) See: Brodnax, Rebecca (Champion) Travis, d.1723

Trawick, Thomas Lawrence See: Groups: Hampden-Sydney College. Hampden-Sydney, Virginia. Student Group.

Traylor, Anne 1887- See: Larus, Anne, 1887-

Traylor, J. W.

Treece, W. F.

Trenholm See: Beckwith

Trevilian, Dr. John Guerrant With Mrs. Trevilian (Virginia C. Parrish)

Trevilian, Virginia Creed (Parrish) See: Trevilian, Dr. John G.

Trevilleau, Sam See: Perrine Collection, filed by City, by gallery

Trevor (of Bromhm), Thomas Trevor, Baron, 1658-1730 Lord Chancellor in 1690 and 1710. 9/30/60: Sympson 6/0

Trexler, Carlton

Trice, Mary Palmer 1951 See: Trice, Wilson

Trice, Virginia Dorsey (Brown) 1923-

Trice, Wilson Randolph 1950 See: Groups: Trice family.

Trigg, Mrs.

Trigg, Emma Gray See: Adams, Helen Dewitt

Trimble, Isaac Ridgeway 1802-1888

Trinkle, Elbert Lee 1876-1939 See: Groups: Trinkle family and Trinkle signing war bill.

Trinkle, Mrs. E. Lee

Trinkle, Elbert Lee Jr. See: Groups: Trinkle family and; Trinkle, Elbert lee

Trinkle, Helen Ball (Sexton) See: Groups: Trinkle family

Trinkle, Helen Sue

Trinkle, Helen Sue See: Groups: Trinkle family.

Triplett, Emily L. Sister to Mary J. (Triplett) Haxall

Triplett, Granville / G. Buford

Triplett, John

Triplett, Lizzie

Triplett, Mery Jenifer See: Haxall, Mary Jenifer (Triplett), 1849-1892

Trivillion, Virginia Creed Parrish

Troubetzkoy, Amelie Louise (Rives) Chanler, 1863-1945 See: oversize

Troubetzkoy, Pierre 1864-1936

Trowbridge, Mrs. H. L.

Truman, Harry S. President of the United States. See: Events: World War II, U.N. Conference

Trumbull, John 1756-1843

Trumbull, Jonathan 1710-1785

Truban, William A.

Truxtun, William Talbot See: Groups: Norfolk, Hunter School, 1895-96

Tuberville, John 1737-1799

Tuck, William Munford 1896- See: Groups: Virginia Governors and Godwin, Miles Edwin. Inauguration 1966.

Tuck, Whirley See: Groups: Virginia State Guard Company 54.

Tucker, (Rev.) A. C. Of Farmville, VA

Tucker, A. R.

Tucker, Annie (Butterfield)

Tucker, Anne Evelina (Hunter) i.e. Mrs. Henry St. George Tucker

Tucker, Ann Frances Bland

Tucker, Augustine See: Groups: Norfolk, Va. Hunter School

Tucker, Augustine W. See: Groups: Norfolk, Va. Norfolk Academy Football Team, 1900.

Tucker, Augustine Washington, Jr. 1915-1989

Tucker, Beverly 1820-1890 Son of Henry St. George Tucker and Anne Eveline (Hunter) Tucker

Tucker, Beverley Dandridge, Jr. 1882-1969 See: Groups: Tucker Family See Also: Groups: Protestant Episcopal Church, St. Peter’s, New Kent County, Virginia.

Tucker, Beverley Randolph 1874-1945

Tucker, (Mrs.) Beverly See: Groups

Tucker, (Dr.) Beverly D., Jr.

Tucker, Beverly R., Jr.

Tucker, Clarence See: Groups: Virginia State Guard, Co. 54

Tucker, Cynthia Beverley See: Coleman, Cynthia Beverley (Tucker) Washington, 1832-1908

Tucker, David Hunter 1815-1871

Tucker, Frances Bland 1752-1788

Tucker, Frances Bland See: Coalter, Frances Bland (Tucker), 1779-1813

Tucker, Frances Bland See: Groups: Tucker Family

Tucker, Frank E. d. 1864

Tucker, Harry

Tucker, (Col.) Henry

Tucker, Henry St. George 1780-1848

Tucker (Bishop) H. St. G.

Tucker, Henry St. George 1853-1932

Tucker, Henry St. George 1891-1932

Tucker, Herbert Nash See: Groups: Tucker Family

Tucker, Herbert Nash See: Groups: Norfolk, Va. Hunter School, 1895-96

Tucker, Jane Shelton (Ellis) 1820- i.e. Mes. Nathaniel Beverley Tucker

Tucker, John Randolph See: Groups: Tucker Family See Also: Lorton Family

Tucker, John Randolph

Tucker, John Randolph 1823-1897

Tucker, John Randolph 1879-1954

Tucker, Josiah 1712-1799 Writer on American Revolution 3/23/61 Clamp 4/0

Tucker, Lawrence Fontaine See: Groups: Tucker Family

Tucker, Lucy Goode See: Chambers, Lucy Goode (Tucker), 1805-1854

Tucker, Maria Carter 1784-1823

Tucker, Martha See: Newton, Martha (Tucker)

Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley 1820-1890

Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley 1784-1851

Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley d. 1921 See: Extra-Oversize: Photograph Album: "VMI, Class of 1889-93."

Tucker, Ran See: Groups: Norfolk, Va. Hunter School

Tucker, Richard See: Groups: Norfolk, Va. Hunter School

Tucker, Richard Blackburn See: Groups: Tucker Family See Also: Groups: Norfolk, Va. Hunter School, 1895-96

Tucker, St. George 1752-1827 See Also: Por 968.29 (Vertical File - Storage Area)

Tucker, Sterling H. 1809-1852 See: Tucker, Thomas Goode, 1807-1897

Tucker, Thomas Goode 1807-1897 See Also: Poe, Edgar Allen

Tucker, Thomas Tudor 1745-1828

Tucker, William F.

Tucker, (Rev.) W. L.

Tuckman, Howard P. (Ph.D)

Tuenley, Irene Jewell

Tunstall, Aqusta (Hobson)

Tunstall, Alfred M.

Tunstall, Nannie

Tunstall, Richard See: Groups: Norfolk, Va. Hunter School, 1895-96

Tunstall, R. B.

Tunstall, Robert Baylor 1880-1956

Tupper, C. B.

Tupper, H. A.

Turchin, John B.

Turnbull, Edward Randolph 1875-1922

Turnbull, Irby 1887-1967

Turnbull, Knox 1916-1971

Turnbull, Needham Stuart, Jr. 1886-1944

Turnbull, Robert See: Extra-Oversize: Album: Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902

Turner, Edward Spilman 1870-1922

Turner, Ernest D.

Turner, Ethelred Peyton 1877-1945

Turner, Fielding Lewis

Turner, Frederick Jackson

Turner, George Gideon 1856-

Turner, Howard G. See: Groups: Virginia Supreme Court

Turner, John W.

Turner, Judith A. See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s United Church of Christ Confirmation Class, 1962

Turner, Marjorie (Behle) See: Groups: Church Groups: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1931

Turner, Mary (Mason)

Turner, Nancy Byrd 1881-1971 See Also: Groups: Gregory Family

Turner, Nat See: Events: Nat Turner’s Rebellion, 8/1831

Turner, Nellie

Turner, Owtice See: Groups: Mayland, Va. Cornet Band

Turner, Samuel See: Perrine Collection, Richmond, Lee Gallery

Turner, Thomas 1772-1839

Turner, William Joel 1882- See: Groups: Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. Students

Turpin, Meta Lee (Randolph)

Turpin, Sally Wardlaw (Eustace) 1827-1855

Turpin, William Archer

Tweedy, Eliza O.

Twyford, B. H.

Twyman, Francis & wife

Tyler, Alfred See: Groups: Tyler, Alfred

Tyler, Beulah

Tyler, Daniel

Tyler, Daniel Gardiner 1846-1927

Tyler, Henry C. 1878-1941

Tyler, Hiram W.

Tyler, James P.

Tyler, John 1747-1813

Tyler, John 1790-1862 President of the U. S.

Tyler, John

Tyler, Julia (Gardiner) 1820-1887

Tyler, Lyon Gardiner 1853-1935 See Also: Groups: William & Mary College: "The Seven Wise Men." See Also: Lancaster, Robert A.

Tyler, Letitia See: Semple, Letitia (Tyler), 1821-1907

Tyler, Lydia

Tyler, Mary Morris (Jones) 1865-1931

Tyler, Pearl See: Ellis, Pearl (Tyler), 1860-1947

Tyler, Robert 1816-1877

Tyler, Robert C.

Tyler, Sally (Robb) 1832-1907 Wife of Nathaniel Tyler

Tyler, Susan See: Pollard, Susan (Tyler)

Tyler, William H.

Tyndall, John

Tynes, Molly

Tyree, John Logan See: Hill/Booton Family Album, page 10 and page 28

Tyree, Phoebe Ann See: Hill/Booton Family Album, page 11

Tysinger, William E. d. 1862 See: Broadsides: 1862, August 30