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Exhibition Type
Limited Time Display
Time Period
1925 to Today
Civil Rights
Politics & Government
Women's History
Logo for Artists4ERA features multicolored words in a spray painted font

About the Exhibition: In 1923, a few years after women gained the right to vote, Alice Paul first proposed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to guarantee equal rights for all Americans regardless of sex. In 2020, Virginia became the 38th and final state needed to ratify the ERA—the culmination of a century-long fight. Artists4ERA is part of ongoing efforts to ensure that the ERA becomes the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Participating artists from across the country have created original works of art to raise awareness about the ERA and to promote gender equality. 

This display in the final section of The Story of Virginia exhibition features 28 works from the Artists4ERA collection, including 20 designs by Virginia artists. The vitality and diversity of these images embody an enduring commitment to a Constitution that guarantees equality for all.

Artists4ERA is organized by VoteEquality, a grass roots, non-partisan organization working to guarantee equality for all Americans by enshrining the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S. Constitution.

Artists4ERA Featured Objects

A painting of 4 women wearing white, walking through a field of flowers with white text that says Pass the Equal Rights Amendment

"Pass the Equal Rights Amendment" by Amir Khadar, 2022.

A painting of a woman with a flower crown and text that reads Equal Rights: Flower of Democracy

"Equal Rights, Flower of Democracy," by Chuck Sperry, 2022.

An illustration of a woman with a horse's head sitting in a field with a tree and purple sun.

"Working Mother," by Deedee Cheriel, 2021.

A painting of a woman with a tiger mask atop their head

"Portrait of Tomeo Gozen," by Ferris Plock, 2022.

Women in shades of blue, green, and pink on a dark orange background surrounded by flowers

"Together," by Kelly Tunstall, 2022.

An illustration in tones of black, blue, red, and yellow of a woman with long hair and a cap

"The Future Is Equal," by Shepard Fairey, 2022.

An illustration of a woman with braids wearing a shirt that says Equality. The ERA Now logo is in the upper left corner

"Equality," by Tara McPherson, 2022.