Guest Rules & Regulations

Guest Rules & Regulations

To ensure a positive guest experience for all, we ask guests to observe and adhere to the following rules while at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture (VMHC):

General Protocols:

  • Appropriate attire, including shirt and shoes, is required.
  • Smoking and use of electronic cigarettes are not permitted.
  • Eating or drinking, with the exception of clear bottled water, is not permitted in most museum galleries, except where noted. Chewing gum and other candy is not permitted.
  • Animals, other than designated service animals, are not permitted.
  • While personal photography is encouraged, selfie sticks and tripods are prohibited. Video or audio recording of live programming is not permitted unless otherwise noted. All professional photography or videography without prior VMHC approval is restricted; to apply for approval, please contact Tracy Schneider, Vice President for Marketing & Communications, at or 804.342.9661.
  • Regular photography and filming at the VMHC may incidentally capture guest images. By accessing the property, guests grant the VMHC permission to utilize their image, appearance, and statements in audio, video, or photographic form without further authorization or compensation and acknowledge that the VMHC owns these images and has the right to share them with media outlets and select partners of their choosing.
  • Sporting activity (i.e. frisbees, footballs, and hacky sacks) is not permitted without prior approval from VMHC.
  • Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones), or any similar remote-controlled vehicles/flying devices, is not permitted without prior VMHC approval; to apply for approval, please contact Tracy Schneider, Vice President for Marketing & Communications, at or 804.342.9661.
  • Bags larger than 16x16x8 inches are prohibited. All bags are subject to inspection. Guests who refuse inspection of parcels will be restricted from entering the property. Lockers are available for use free of charge.
  • The following items are strictly prohibited:
    • Weapons/firearms (except qualified law enforcement)
    • Knives/blades longer than 3.5 inches
    • Clubs, hammers, martial arts devices, and related items
    • Flammable liquids and gases of more than 0.5 oz
    • Fireworks, ammunitions, explosive devices, and related materials
    • Paint and related marking materials; spray cans and other aerosols
    • Other items deemed dangerous, suspicious, or inappropriate by VMHC personnel
    • Additional regulations apply in the Research Library 
  • Inappropriate treatment, including unwelcome conduct, of guests or any VMHC representative (staff and volunteers), whether verbal, physical, or visual, is not permitted. Use or display of obscene or abusive language is not permitted.
  • Engaging in disorderly conduct or participating in unauthorized assemblies or protest (to include use of flags or banners) is not permitted. Displaying signs or distributing solicitations, advertisements, or other materials without prior VMHC approval is prohibited.

Thank you for your cooperation. Failure to observe these guidelines may result in denial of access.  If you have a question about these guidelines, please contact

Parking Rules and Regulations:

  • The VMHC lot is intended for passenger vehicles (no more than 2 axles and not more than 19 feet in length) only and should not be utilized by commercial or mass transit vehicles, buses, or recreational vehicles.
  • Guest vehicles should not be parked in a way that results in the occupation of more than one designated parking space.
  • Children and animals may not be left unattended for any amount of time in vehicles parked in the VMHC parking lot.
  • The VMHC parking lot is intended for short-term parking only and should not be used for car repairs or washing, tailgating, picnicking, sporting activity, or habitation. Vehicles parked for more than 24 hours without prior VMHC permission may be towed.
  • Boisterous, insulting, or indecent language and loud music are not permitted in the parking lot.
  • Food trucks are not permitted to operate in the parking lot unless prior authorization has been specifically provided by the VMHC.
  • Parking tickets, membership cards, and monthly passes allow the holder to park one vehicle in the VMHC lot at the holder’s risk. Vehicles should be locked and the VMHC is not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss of vehicles or the property left inside them.
  • Free parking for VMHC members is intended as a benefit when visiting the museum and is not to be used for daily/regular parking for purposes other than participating in VMHC guest activities.
  • Violation of these policies may result in removal of vehicles from the parking lot by towing service. Information on towed vehicles can be found by calling 804.340.1800.