Ambassador Nicholas and Eugenia Taubman, 2000–2010.

A guide to the Ambassador Nicholas and Eugenia Taubman Papers, 2000–2010
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Ambassador Nicholas and Eugenia Taubman Papers, 2000–2010 (Mss1 T1918 a FA2), Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.

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Gift of Ambassador and Mrs. Nicholas F. Taubman, of Roanoke, Va., in 2011 (2011.0162). Accessioned October 31, 2012.

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Virginia Historical Society.

Collection number: Mss1 T1918 a FA2

Title: Ambassador Nicholas and Eugenia Taubman papers, 2000–2010

Size: 400(ca.) items.

Language: English

Abstract: Include scrapbooks, audio-visual and miscellaneous materials documenting Ambassador Nicholas and Eugenia Taubman's time in Romania.

Scope and Content Information

Collection includes seven scrapbooks, 2005-2008, reflecting diplomatic and social events during Ambassador Taubman's term of service; photographs and video footage of the Taubmans attending and hosting events while in Romania; and miscellany.


The collection is divided into three series as follows: Series 1. Scrapbooks; Series 2. Audio-Visual materials; and Series 3. Miscellany.

Biographical/Historical Information

Nicholas Taubman was born in 1935 in Roanoke, Va. He graduated from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in economics. He served in the military from 1957-1958 and 1960-1961. He previously held the positions of chairman of the board, CEO, and president of Advance Auto Parts which was founded by his father and is headquartered in Roanoke, Va. He serves as the president of Mozart Investments. Mr. Taubman is an influential supporter of the Republican party. He received an appointment in 2005 from President George W. Bush to serve as Ambassador to Romania until 2008.

Eugenia L. Taubman was born in Bulgaria in 1939 and educated in Israel and Europe, Mrs. Taubman has worked as a soldier in the Israeli army, model, interpreter and image consultant.

Index Terms

Ambassadors -- United States -- History -- 21st century.
Diplomatic and consular service, American -- Romania -- History -- 21st century.
Romania -- Description and travel -- 21st century.
Romania -- Foreign relations -- United States -- History -- 21st century. Scrapbooks.
Taubman, Nicholas F., 1935-
Taubman, Eugenia L., 1939-
United States. Dept. of State -- Officials and employees -- History -- 21st century.
United States -- Foreign relations -- Romania -- History -- 21st century.

Contents List

Series 1. Scrapbooks, 2005-–2009. 7 volumes.

Scrapbook one, 2005-2006, contains a large number of letters offering congratulations to the Ambassador on his appointment. Notable correspondents include Senator George Allen, Governor Gerald Baliles, and Congressman Bob Goodlatte along with many friends and business associates from the Roanoke, Va., area. It also features photographs and programs from the Ambassador's swearing in ceremony performed by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Washington, D.C., and presenting his diplomatic credentials to Romanian President Traian Băsescu. The scrapbook also features images of Secretary Rice's visit to Romania in December of 2005. Lastly, the scrapbook features a presidential George W. Bush family Christmas card.

Scrapbook two, 2005-2006, features articles about a car accident involving a U.S. Marine embassy security guard which resulted in the death of Romanian musician Teofil Peter. Also included are invitations for events from other Romanian ambassadors including those from Israel, Sweden, Russia, England, Canada and Germany; letters from Karl Rove thanking Taubman for his holiday card; a letter from Governor Bob Riley of Alabama regarding a delegation from his state visiting Romania; a handwritten note from the royal family of Romania (signed by King Michael, Queen Anne, Princess Margarita and Prince Radu); and documentation of a party held at the embassy for breast cancer awareness.

Scrapbook three, 2006-2007, mainly documents the embassy's Fourth of July celebration in 2006; a letter from President George Bush complimenting Taubman on a good job; photographs of Taubman with Vice President Dick Cheney at a conference in Lithuania; documentation of the Art in Embassies exhibit; and photographs of the Marine Corps Ball in Bucharest in 2006. The scrapbook also includes a letter from John D. Negroponte, Director of U.S. National Intelligence, regarding his visit to Bucharest; photographs of a visit by FBI director Robert S. Mueller, III; images and invitations from the NATO Balkans Chiefs of Mission conference in Naples, Italy; photographs of Christmas celebrations at the embassy in 2006; a letter from then U.S. Senator George Allen; Christmas cards; and an exhibit publication and CD for "After September 11: Images from Ground Zero." The scrapbook contains two other CDs relating to the "Art in Embassies" Exhibition, 2006 October and the 2006 Leadership Conference, Thermon Knighten, Ring of Excellence Introduction, Advance Auto Parts, a video of an event honoring Mr. Knighten, an Advance Auto Parts employee.

Scrapbook four, 2006-2007, features letters from James P. Cain, U.S. Ambassador to Denmark; Senator George Allen; and Bill Gates. Included are two photographs of Taubman and President George W. Bush in the Oval Office, with one of the images signed by the president. Also included is documentation of a trip to Israel to see an exhibit of the Romanian artist Reuven Rubin and a visit to the Romanian Cyber Crimes Unit. The scrapbook additionally contains copies of photographs of Romanians at the turn of the 20th century digitally restored with a grant from the United States Agency for International Development, and clippings of negative and positive Romanian press on Taubman's diplomacy.

Scrapbook five, 2007-2008, holds a photograph of President George Bush and Taubman and note; information about the commissioned Nelson Shanks portraits of King Michael I and Queen Anne; a Karl Rove letter from 2007 August 31 upon his departure from the Bush White House Administration; letters from U.S. Ambassadors Victoria Nuland (NATO), Susan McCaw (Austria), and Denise M. Vallee wife of Rodolphe Vallee (of Slovakia); and a letter from Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte. Also included is a letter from Romanian Foreign Minister Mihai-Răzvan Ungureanu; documentation and photographs from the 232nd Marine Corps birthday ball in Bucharest; a note from Romanian prime minister Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu; the Taubman's Christmas Card featuring them in traditional Romanian dress along with Christmas cards from other ambassadors, the White House and Princess Margarita of Romania; a photograph of Taubman with Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon R. England; a copy of the dynastic statute for the royal family of Romania entitled "Fundamental Rules of the Royal Family of Romania"; the 1st Embassy newsletter of 2008, and an Embassy art exhibit catalog from 2008.

Scrapbook six, 2008 contains letters from other ambassadors of Romania leaving their posts and announcing their succesors. Also documented is the NATO summit held in Bucharest April 2-3, 2008; including photographs, correspondence regarding President George W. Bush's attendance, a schedule of events, a handwritten thank you note from Bush, and a typed thank you from Laura Bush. Also included are an invitation and photographs of the unveiling ceremony for the portrait of King Michael I and Queen Anne; a handwritten thank you note from former Secretary of State Madeline Albright regarding her trip to Romania to raise awarness of cervical cancer; the invitation to the Taubman's July 4th party along with photographs from the event, an a letter from Congressman Joe Wilson and a photograph with him.

Scrapbook seven, 2005-2009, includes documentation of Eugenia L. Taubman's involvement with "Restore the Beauty" at the Romanian National Art Museum; a letter from King Michael I saying goodbye to the Taubmans along with many other letters and invitations to dinners in their honor held by ambassadors of other countries in Romania. Ambassador Taubman also received the Order of the Star of Romania late in 2008. The scrapbook shows the Taubmans celebrating staff birthdays as well as their own in the embassy. At this point the scrapbook moves from chronological and goes back to 2005 and includes letters from Condoleezza Rice and President George W. Bush regarding Taubman's appointment as ambassador and chief of mission; a biography of Ambassador and Mrs. Taubman and daughter Lara; information about the "Art in Embassies" exhibit; speeches; certificates for Taubman's flight in Air Force One; and a letter from George W. Bush at the end of Taubman's ambassadorship.

12005-2006 (1 of 2)
22005-2006 (2 of 2)
32006-2007 (1 of 2)
42006-2007 (2 of 2)


Series 2. Audio-Visual Materials, 2005–2008. 32 items.


The collection includes 32 CD-Rs and DVDs (including those removed from the scrapbooks) of photographs and video footage of the Taubmans attending and hosting events while in Romania, along with images of art exhibits held at the embassy; and an audio cassette tape of Ambassador Taubman's swearing in ceremony with Secretary Condoleezza Rice. Materials are arranged by type and then in chronological order.

12005 November 29, Swearing in of Ambassador Taubman by Secretary Rice, 1 jpg, 4.34MB.
22006 March 2, Ambassador Taubman's visit to Timisoara Center in Romania to see Uzbek refuges, 53 jpg. images, 1 video (Duration 1 minute).
32006 June 7, Sacred Heritage Edward S. Curtis and North American Indian exhibit opening, folders 1. Curtis exhibit labels (7 pdfs + 1jpg) 2. Curtis photographs for poster (2 jpgs) 3. Curtis Exhibition Prof (138 jpgs)
42006 September, Ambassador's visit with Romanian former NBA player (Washington Wizard) Gheorghe Muresaw, 21 jpg. images.
52006 September 11, Ambassador hosting exhibit "After September 11 Images from Ground Zero," 48 jpg images. The president and Prime Minister of Romania both attended the exhibit.
62006 October, "Art in Embassies" Exhibition, 34 jpgs. 1 of 2 mini disc copies. Jpgs are images of works in the exhibit. (removed from Scrapbook 3) 1 of 2 copies.
72006 October "Art in Embassies" Exhibition, 34 jpgs. 2 of 2 mini disc copies. Jpgs are images of works in the exhibit. (removed from Scrapbook 7) 2 of 2 copies.
82006 Leadership Conference, Ring of Excellence Introduction, honoring Thermon Knighten, Advanced Auto Parts, 2006, 845 MB. (removed from Scrapbook 3)
92007 June, Nelson Paints King and Queen, Images of Nelson Shanks painting portraits of the King and Queen of Romania, 13 jpg. images. (removed Scrapbook 7)
102007 June, Flag Day, 1. Audio of U.S. National Anthem 2-4 and 6-7. each section feature 10 photos of U.S. States posters made by Romanian Students for Flag Day at the U.S. Romanian Embassy. 5. 165 jpg images from 2007 June 14. Also on the disc is an interactive map noting the five high schools where the students came from in Romania.
112007 July 4, CD1 July 4th Celebration at U. S. Embassy in Bucharest, Romania, 4.07.07 us1, 140 jpg. images.
122007 July 4, CD2 July 4th Celebration at U. S. Embassy in Bucharest, Romania, 4.07.07 us2, 159 jpg. images.
132007 July 4, CD3 July 4th Celebration at U. S. Embassy in Bucharest, Romania, 4.07.07 us3, 145 jpg. images.
142007 July 4, CD4 July 4th Celebration at U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, Romania, 04.07.07 us4, 107 jpg. images.
152007 July 4, Video media coverage on the July 4th celebrations at the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, Romania, 1.52 GB.
162007 July 4, Small Size Photos (for e-mail), 551 jpg images. (removed Scrapbook 7)
172007 July 13, Visit of US Ambassador Nicholas Taubman to Cernavoda NPP, 2 folders 1. NRC visit to CNCAN (15 jpgs) 2. US AMB Taubman (252 jpgs) CNCAN stands for Romanian National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control.
182007 September 25, Ambassador and Mrs. Taubman's photography shoot for their Christmas card in 2007, 12 jpg images.
192007 October 20 to 2008 March 18, Photos of visits around Romania, Art, and the Ambassador's Christmas with family; some photos duplicate images in scrapbooks; 104 jpg images plus 2 videos (both under a minute in length). (removed from Scrapbook 7)
202007 November 14, TVR1 Bagaj pt. Europa, National Day of Turkish Republic, redactor Marilena Borcescu, 269 MB.
212007-2008, H'Art Gallery, Romanian Art in Consulate, works by Sebastian Moldovan, 2 folders, 1. Ambasada Americii below that folder 1-2-5 (14 jpgs) 3 (3 jpgs) 6 (5 jpgs) 7 (1 jpg) Proposals.doc (29k) list of artist images from above jpgs. 2. Sebastian Moldovan and below that folder Mail (5 jpgs) and after Mail 5 jpgs.
226 March 2008, visit to Romanian Police (?) Intalnire meeting in Timişoara, 28 jpg images and 4thm files.
232008 April 2-4, NATO ppt. (read only), NATO Summit highlights, 18,583 KB or 50 jpg images. CD represents 50 images in a power point presentation highlighting the NATO Summit in Romania, featuring images of President George Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, Secretary of State Rice, Ambassador and Mrs. Taubman and the President of Romania.
242008 April, NATO Summit, and Piteşti, Romania, visit, 2 folders 1. NATO Summit, 2008 April 2-4, 8 jpg images and 2 videos (1. 9752KB, 2. 4661KB) 2. Piteşti visit to the international flower exhibition and I.C. Brãtianu National College, 2008 April 18, 81 jpg. images 1 video, 1 second, 134KB.
252008 April 7, TVR Report on International Roma Day, 241 MB.
262008 April16, TVR1 16.04.2008 Convigtuiri International Roma Day, redactor Marilena Borcescu, 1.04GB.
272008 April 17, Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform at the Piata Revolutiei, Bucharest, Romania.
282008 July 4, Photos 4 of July Reception, 1119 jpg. images.
292008 July 4, Part II, TV Coverage of 4 of July recreation, 143 GB.
302008 August 23, U. S. Veterans Visit to Bucharest WWII Monument, 82 jpg images. Momumentul Eroilor Americani = Monument to American Heroes Ceremony.
312008 November 25, Ambassador Taubman receiving the National Order of the Star of Romania Award at Cotoroceni Palace, 56 jpg. images. (Scrapbook 7)
322005 November 29, Swearing in ceremony for Ambassador to Romania, Department of State Treaty Room, with Secretary Rice. [audio cassette]


Series 3. Miscellaneous Materials, 2005–2010.


Notable miscellaneous items include images of Taubman's confirmation hearings; photographs from Secretary Rice's visit to Romania in 2005 (duplicates photographs in scrapbook); photographs documenting the Ambassador Taubman's trip to Regia Autonomă Judeteană de Apă Constanta for a meeting, wine tasting, and meal in 2005; a briefing binder for the Ambassador's visit to Timişoara to provide U.S. assistance for Uzbek refuges in 2006, along with photographs of the visit; photographs of the Embassy Christmas party in 2006 (duplicates photographs in Scrapbook Three); a print out of Taubman's daily schedule from 2006 December-2008 December; photographs documenting the Black Sea Defense and Aerospace Trade Show, 2007 April 24-35; photographs of an Award ceremony presided over by Ambassador Taubman, 2007; a picture of Ambassador Taubman featured in The Diplomat, Bucharest, 2008 March; NATO Summit Bucharest, Romania, Protocol and Schedule Binder, 2008 April 2-4; information about Romanian Jewish history and the NATO Summit, 2008; images of the portraits commissioned by the Taubman's for King Michael I and Queen Anne of Romania, 2008; the book Heartfelt Diplomacy in Romania (2010) from author Eldar Hasanov the ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Romania; miscellaneous photographs, including some from the Bush administration, 2000-2008 (some of which duplicate those found in the scrapbooks). Also included are photocopies made by the archivist of the photographs in the scrapbooks, due to the delicate assembly of the photographs to help maintain original order.

12005, Images of Ambassador Taubman's confirmation hearing.
22005-2007, Romanian-English language newspapers
32005-2006, Romanian newspapers
42005-2006, Romanian and Romanian/English newspaper scrapbook
52005 December 6, Photographs of Secretary Rice's visit to Romania
6ca. 2005 (undated), Regia Autonomă Judeteană de Apă Constanta
72006 January 17-18, Briefing binder for visit to Cluj and Timişoara
82006 January 16-17, Photographs of Ambassador's visit to Timişoara
92006 February, State Magazine
102006 December 15, Photographs from Embassy Christmas Party (duplicates of images in Scrapbook Three)
112006 December 16, Diploma, Honorary Member and Support of the Jewish Community of Bucharest
122006 December-2008 December, Ambassador Taubman's Schedules
132007 April 24-25, Black Sea Defense and Aerospace Trade Show Images
142007 May 18, Awards Ceremony
152007 November-December, Press Reactions to Ambassador Taubman's Speech
162008 March, The Diplomat Bucharest
172008 April 2-4, NATO Summit Bucharest, Romania, Protocol and Schedule Binder
182008, Information about Romanian Jewish history and the NATO Summit
192008 May 10, Photographs of the portrait of King Michael I and Queen Ana and information about the unveiling
202010, Heartfelt Dipolmacy in Romania, by Eldar Hasanov
21Miscellaneous photographs
22Images of photographs in scrapbooks




Oversized items consist chiefly of items removed from the scrapbooks. Notable items include: a U.S. Department of State Alumni Database print out from the Bush Administration, 2001-2009; Taubman's credentials to serve as the United States representative in Romania; the Mr and Mrs. Taubman's awards from The Roanoker magazine; and Ambassador Taubman's remarks after presenting his credentials to Romanian President Traian Băsescu.

O.S. Folder 
12001-2009, U. S. Department of State, Alumni Database, (removed from Scrapbook 1)
2Oversized photographs (removed from Scrapbook 1)
32005, Ambassador Taubman's Credentials (unframed)
42005-2006, The Roanoker Awards, (removed from Scrapbook 1)
52005-2009, Ambassador and Mrs. Taubman's Diplomatic Passports (removed from Scrapbook 7)
62005 October 7, Bucharest Daily News, "Bush Nominates Auto Parts Mogul as New Ambassador to Romania" (removed from Scrapbook 7)
72005 December 5, Remarks, Ambassador Taubman before President Traian Băsescu (removed from Scrapbook 7)
82009 May 6, International Herald Tribune, "A U.S. Hog Giant Transforms Eastern Europe" (removed from Scrapbook 7)