Beverley Family

A Guide to the Beverley family, Papers, 1654-1929. Part 19.
Call Number Mss1 B4678 b 21,735-21,857 (303 items)

Collection Description

This portion of the collection contains correspondence, accounts, and miscellaneous papers of various persons either related to or engaged in business with members of the Beverley family (chiefly Robert Beverley [1858-1928]). Many letters relate to business of the Episcopal Church in Virginia or to the management of the Upper Rappahannock Telephone and Telegraph Company. Sections 86-123 contain correspondence and are arranged from oldest to youngest writer/recipient. Sections 124-135 contain accounts and financial materials, and are arranged alphabetically by individual. Sections 136 and 137 contain miscellaneous materials.

PLEASE NOTE: There is an extensive index at the end of this description.


Sec. 86. Letters, 1884, written by Frances Scott (Carter) Scott (of Warrenton, Va.) to Mary Welby (DeButts) Carter (of Fauquier County, Va.). 2 items.

Sec. 87. Correspondence, 1902, of Richard Carter Turner (of Fauquier County, Va.) with Robert Avenel Beverley and Lilburn Trigg Myers (of Richmond, Va.). 2 items.

Sec. 88. Correspondence, 1889-1905, of William P. Ball (of Caret, Va.) with Thomas A. Coghill (of Caret, Va.), Waller J. Parker (of Mt. Landing, Va.), and Chas. W. Owens & Co. of Baltimore, Md. 5 items.

Sec. 89. Letters, 1902, written by A. L. Martin (of Essex County, Va.) to H. B. Williams (of Essex County, Va.) and Emmerson Taylor (of Essex County, Va.). Many are requests for payment of day laborers working on construction or maintenance of phone lines. 18 items.

Sec. 90. Letters, 1902-1904, written to William Turner Pratt (of Port Royal, Va.) by J. F. Crook (of Chicago, Ill.) And John Arthur Upshur (of Richmond, Va.). 2 items.

Sec. 91. Correspondence, 1903, of H. G. Ransburg (of Baltimore, Md.) with A. Andrew (of New York, N.Y.) And Henry Williams (of Baltimore, Md.). 3 items.

Sec. 92. Letters, 1904, written to Landon Carter Catlett (of Gloucester Court House, Va., concerning the Tidewater Telephone Co.) by J. Carson Phillips (of Tappahannock, Va., enclosing a petition, 1904, of Thomas Evans Blakey, H. B. Bristow, George Wythe Daingerfield, Alphonso A. Crallé, J. S. Harrison, John Leonard Henley, Allen Douglas Latané, J. Carson Phillips, W. B. Robinson, James A. Rouzie, R. B. Rouzie, Charles Sale, and J. B. Scott), and George R. Scott (of Tappahannock, Va., enclosing a petition, 1904, of M. W. Durham, George H. Derieux, George R. Scott, Harrison Southworth, and Edward Macon Ware). Both petitions concern the potential location of a telephone exchange in Tappahannock. 3 items.

Sec. 93. Letters, 1904-1907, written to John Lawrence Brooke (of Loretto, Va.) by Bickford & Huffman Co. of Baltimore, Md. 2 items.

Sec. 94. Correspondence, 1904-1908, of D. P. Motley (of Battery, Va.) with William P. Ball (of Caret, Va.), Peter Vivian Daniel Conway (president of Conway, Gordon & Garnett National Bank, Fredericksburg, Va.), Caldwell Hardy (president of Norfolk National Bank, Norfolk, Va.), A. B. Schwarzkopf (cashier of Norfolk National Bank, Norfolk, Va.) and G. S. Briggs & Co. of Norfolk, Va., dealers of wholesale lumber. The bank and Briggs Co. letters concern the use of discount “acceptances” to pay debts. 16 items.

Sec. 95. Letters, 1904-1909, written to W. H. Adkins (of Richmond, Va.) by J. W. Gibson (of Atlanta, Ga.), C. J. Holditch, F. G. Warde (of Atlanta, Ga.) and E. J. Wallis (of Atlanta, Ga.). 4 items.

Sec. 96. Letters, 1906, written to H. F. Crismond (of Fredericksburg, Va.) by Morton Marye (of Richmond, Va.) and Henry Williams (of Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

Sec. 97. Correspondence, 1907, of Leonard Forster Pierson (of Summit, Va.) with Charles W. Culp (of Richmond, Va.), Warren Poindexter Taylor (of Richmond, Va.) and Augustine Fitzhugh Turner (of Port Royal, Va.) 3 items.

Sec. 98. Correspondence, 1907-1912, of William D. Scott (of Fredericksburg, Va.) with H. G. Howard (of Fredericksburg, Va.) and Robert Riddick Prentis (of Richmond, Va.). 4 items.

Sec. 99. Letters, 1908, written to W. Thomas Jones (of Fredericksburg, Va.) by Richard F. Morris (of Richmond, Va.). 2 items.

Sec. 100. Letters, 1908-1909, written to Nellie Kirtley (of Fredericksburg, Va.) by A. V. Cole (of Fredericksburg, Va.) and George W. Ribble (of Fredericksburg, Va.). 2 items.

Sec. 101. Correspondence, 1909-1912, of J. William Crews (of Richmond, Va.) with W. H. Adkins (of Atlanta, Ga.), J. S. Early (of Fredericksburg, Va.), J. B. Jones (of Fredericksburg, Va.), W. M. McDonald (of Richmond, Va.), and Alfred Willis Withers (of Roane, Va.). All concern the business of the Upper Rappahannock Telephone and Telegraph Company. 5 items.

Sec. 102. Letters, 1909-1924, written to Claude Augustus Swanson (while serving in the U.S. Senate) by Harry Hilton Billany (of Washington, D.C.) and Thomas Roane Barnes Wright (of Tappahannock, Va.). 2 items.

Sec. 103. Correspondence, 1912, of Williams Slate Roofing Co., Inc., of Richmond, Va., with J. H. Cofer & Co., of Norfolk, Va. 2 items.

Sec. 104. Letters, 1907, written to C. B. Conway (of Moss Neck, Caroline County, Va.) by Edward L. Hutchinson (of Indian Neck, King and Queen County, Va.), J. D. Hutchinson (of Indian Neck, King and Queen County, Va.) and Silas J. Sale (of Corbin, Caroline County, Va.). 4 items.

Sec. 105. Correspondence, 1917 and 1923, of Luther Allen (of Caret, Va.) with Lemuel G. Mundie (of Caret, Va.) and O. E. Driscoll & Bro. of Beazley, Va. 2 items.

Sec. 106. Letters, 1916, written to S. S. Ware (of Port Royal, Va.) by Lawrence Rosseau Combs (of Lancaster County, Va.), Whitfield Samuel Llewellyn Romilly (of Oak Grove, Va.) and John F. Scott (of Fredericksburg, Va.). 3 items.

Sec. 107. Correspondence, 1918, of Edward H. DeGroot (of Washington, D.C.) with Thomas Staples Martin and E. R. Rowzer (of Baltimore, Md.). 3 items.

Sec. 108. Correspondence, 1918-1927, of R. H. Soulsby (of Baltimore, Md.) with D. W. Downey (of Baltimore, Md.), A. J. McKericher and A. F. Ray, and a letter, of D. W. Downey (of Baltimore, Md.) to John M. Gressitt & Co. of Baltimore, Md. Chiefly concern the loss of merchandise shipped to or from “Blandfield,” Essex County, Va., on behalf of Robert Beverley (1858-1928). 5 items.

Sec. 109. Letters, 1919 and 1921, written to Henry Latane Baylor (of Loretto, Va.) by A. L. McGavack (of Waterford, Va.) and William Clarkson Marshall (of Warrenton, Va.). 2 items.

Sec. 110. Correspondence, 1921-1926, of Rev. Robert Upshur Brooking (of Fleeton, Loretto and Port Royal, Va.) with William Cabell Brown (of Richmond, Va.), M. B. Crane (of Essex County, Va.), Thomas Frank Gailor (of New York, N.Y.), Laura Virginia (Sclater) Garrett (of Newport News, Va.), W. W. Motley (of Hustle, Va.), and Edmund Lee Woodward (of Richmond, Va.). All concern Episcopal Church finances. 8 items.

Sec. 111. Correspondence, 1921-1928, of George MacLaren Brydon (of Richmond, Va.) with Frederick Deane Goodwin (of Warsaw, Va.), Frank D. Beveridge (of Richmond, Va.), Robert Upshur Brooking (of Port Royal, Va.), Elizabeth Edrington (Combs) Pierce (of “The Oaks,” Lancaster County, Va.), Latane Sale (of Chance, Va.), and John Letcher Showell (of Occupacia, Va.). Chiefly concern issues relating to St. Anne’s Parish, Va.. 10 items.

Sec. 112. Correspondence, 1922, of John Letcher Showell (of Occupacia, Va.) with Thomas Frank Gailor (of New York, N.Y.) And Frederick Deane Goodwin (of Warsaw, Va.). 2 items.

Sec. 113. Letters, 1923, written to R. P. Ellison (of Fredericksburg, Va.) by George Preston Coleman and Claree Sutton Mullen. 2 items.

Sec. 114. Letters, 1923-1924, written to Charles Sale (of Tappahannock, Va.) by C. M. Carter (of Peeds, Va.), Griffith and Turner Company (Baltimore, Md.), The Implement company of Virginia (Richmond, Va.), Mathews Supply Co., Inc. (Williams Wharf, Va.), and the Watt Plow Co. (Richmond, Va.). 5 items.

Sec. 115. Correspondence, 1923-1924, of Edmund Lee Woodward (of Richmond, Va.) with Frederick Deane Goodwin (of Warsaw, Va.), Dr. Chichester Tapscott Peirce (of “The Oaks,” Lancaster County, Va.), J. Carson Phillips (of Tappahannock, Va.); and Frederick E. Nolting & Co. (Richmond, Va.). 5 items.

Sec. 116. Correspondence, 1923-1927, of George H. Bowles (of Lynchburg, Va.) with F. M. Bunch (of Richmond, Va.), J. C. Coiner (of Staunton, Va.), Benjamin F. Moomaw (of Roanoke, Va.), J. Carson Phillips (of Tappahannock, Va.), C. B. Ralston (of Staunton, Va.), and W. G. Spigle (of Troutville, Va.). Relate to the Virginia Division of the Farmers Educational and Co-operative Union of America. 8 items.

Sec. 117. Correspondence, 1923-1928, of Frederick Deane Goodwin (of Warsaw, Va.) with Morris S. Eagle (of Bowling Green, Va.), Wiley Roy Mason (of Charlottesville, Va.), and Courtenay Tayloe (Crump) Pratt (of Port Royal, Va.). Concerns financial shortages within the Virginia Diocese of the Episcopal Church. 3 items.

Sec. 118. Correspondence, 1923-1928, of Langbourne Meade Williams (of Richmond, Va.) with Walter Russell Bowie (of Richmond, Va., and New York, N.Y.), Robert Upshur Brooking (of Loretto, Va.), William Archer Rutherfoord Goodwin (of Williamsburg, Va.), Beverley Dandridge Tucker (of Richmond, Va.) and Edgar M. Young (of Fredericksburg, Va.). Letters between Williams and Bowie relate to Williams’s objections to the quality of material appearing in the Southern Churchman. 11 items.

Sec. 119. Letters, 1924-1928, written by T. Gilbert Wood (of Roanoke, Va.) to M. L. Carter (of Roanoke, Va.), O. W. Cox (of Roanoke, Va.), W. R. Crockett (of Draper, Va.), W. Conway Saunders (of Richmond, Va.), and W. P. Wood (of Richmond, Va.). Chiefly concern the shipment of a pedigree Shorthorn bull calf from Baltimore, Md., to Caret, Va., for the benefit of Robert Beverley (1858-1928), but also include a letter of T. G. Wood to the Virginia State Fair Association concerning potential cattle exhibitors in the Middle Atlantic Region. 6 items.

Sec. 120. Letters, 1925, written by Albert G. Gresham (of Bruington, Va.) to Dr. R. D. Bates (of Newtown, Va.) and William Alfred Wright (of Tappahannock, Va.). 2 items.

Sec. 121. Correspondence, 1927, of Legh Richmond Page (of Richmond, Va.) with J. Kent Rawley (of Richmond, Va.). 2 items.

Sec. 122. Letters, 1927-1928, written by Henry Lester Hooker (of Richmond, Va.) to Bristow Brothers of West Point, Va. 2 items.

Sec. 123. Letters, 1829-1928, written by or addressed to: George F. Akers, Lawrence B. Andrews, Edward R. Baird (b. 1840), Stephen Baker, Thomas Bowerbank Barton, Harry Shroeder Belt, C. A. Berry, Vester (Crowe) Beverley, Schuyler Otis Bland, Athanasius N. B. Boyd, Edgar Brown, William Cabell Brown, George MacLaren Brydon, Maxwell Cunningham Byers, Walter Branham Capers, Mary (Henley) Carter, Robert S. Carter, E. H. Catlett, Dr. George Rush Clarke, O. H. Coghill, Clement Cox, William Edward Cox, D. H. Crosby, Charles W. Culp, William H. Cumpston, John Dickinson, W. C. Dickinson, W. DeW. Dimock, F. C. Doolittle, Mrs. [?] Eley, Robert G. Elliott, George Dandridge Ellis, Charles R. Fogg, J. L. Fortune, Alexander Forward, Thomas Edgar Frank, Robert Atkinson Gibson, Carter Class, A. S. Goldsborough, George Cyril Herring, Minnie R. Holladay, A. Randolph Howard, John Hyde, A. B. Jones, Thomas G. Jones, William Atkinson Jones, Mrs. C. W. Lewis, W. N. Lipscomb, R. W. Macreth, John William Masters, William J. Maybee, T. M. Maynadier, John Maffit Miller, [?] Murphy, George Vivian Peyton, W. L. Powers, Otto Praeger, Robert Riddick Prentis, Walter Jacob Quick, C. C. Redding, Mrs. [?] Sale, W. D. Saunders, Monell Sayre, Richard Carter Scott, John Trimmier Sloan, Ashton Starke, Dr. A. N. Talley, A. S. Tanner, John Marion Taylor, Mary Craik (Davis) Temple, E. M. Thomas, Coffy Thompson, Willard Thomson, Edward Carter Turner, Marianna Hamilton (Carter) Turner, Thomas B. H. Turner, F. M. Walker, Charles Crocker Warner, John Henry Washington, Nina Dulany (Carter) Washington, Charles S. Weller, R. S. Werntz, Christine Wildman, Dr. Felix Wilson, Thomas Roane Barnes Wright, B. F. Yoakum, Braddock Wire Co. of [?], Collins Plow Company of Quincy, Ill., Hening & Nuckols of Richmond, Va., W. P. Longworth & Co. of Richmond, Va., Maryland, Delaware and Virginia Railway, The Ottawa Manufacturing Co. of Ottawa, Kan., Rife’s Hydraulic Engine Mfg. Co. of New York City, John A. Roebling’s Sons Co. of Trenton, N.J., U.S. Post Office Dept., and the John C. Winston Company of Philadelphia, Pa. 48 items.

Accounts and Financial Materials

Sec. 124. Accounts, 1922, of Luther Allen, kept at “Blandfield,” Essex County, Va. 2 items.

Sec. 125. Accounts, 1907, of Joseph Baker, kept at “Blandfield,” Essex County, Va. 2 items.

Sec. 126. Accounts, 1887-1915, of William P. Ball, kept at “Blandfield,” Essex County, Va. 14 items.

Sec. 127. Accounts, 1911-1926, of Henry Latane Baylor, kept in Essex County, Va., concerning fire insurance. 11 items.

Sec. 128. Accounts, 1892, of Robert G. Elliot, kept at “Blandfield,” Essex County, Va. 2 items.

Sec. 129. Accounts, 1907-1911, of D. P. Motley, kept in Essex County, Va. 2 items.

Sec. 130. Accounts, 1902-1903, of William Madison Pratt, kept in Essex County, Va. 2 items.

Sec. 131. Accounts, 1885-1888, of Lawson Satterwhite, kept in Essex County, Va. 2 items.

Sec. 132. Accounts, 1925-1928, of Lewis Staples, kept in Caret, Va. 7 items.

Sec. 133. Accounts, 1911, of Emmerson Taylor, concerning the Upper Rappahannock Telephone and Telegraph Company of Caret, Va. 2 items.

Sec. 134. Accounts, 1847-1926, of the following: Nicholas Floyd Adams, R. J. Allen, F. W. Bailey, Hilliard Baylor, Thom Baylor, Robert Upshur Brooking, George Strong Clay, Alfred Coleman, Horace Coleman, W. A. Cooper, William Cridlin, S. Field, Z. T. Flinn, James Robert Foster, Waller Goode, Edgar W. Heflin, F. M. Hutcherson, Daniel Johnson, Isabella Johnson, Richmond Johnson, John Stevens Mason, D. A. Motley, W. S. Osborne, Fanny Scott (Washington) Piper, Edward F. Porter, W. L. Powers, Bartlett Pratt, Armstead Robb, Thomas N. Russell, George C. Taylor, W. D. Waters, Warner Woodfork, and Crutchfield & Doggins (Caret, Va.), and Myers & Houseman (Baltimore, Md.). 33 items.

Sec. 135. Bills of lading, 1902-1910, to L. J. McSweeney (of Fauquier County, Va.) and Marianna Hamilton (Carter) Turner (of Fauquier County, Va.). 2 items.


Sec. 136. List, 1913, of poll tax payers in Essex County, Va. (bears affidavits of Waller J. Parker and Harrison Southworth); notes, 1899, concerning eggs; and a list, 1911, of laborers on the roads of Essex County, Va. 3 items.

Sec. 137. Lines of verse, n.d., entitled “The Broken Tie” and “Will You Love Me When I’m Old”; and a song (copy made by Ida Dulany (Beverley) Wellford) entitled “Sweet Marie.” 3 items.

Index to Sections

Adams, Nicholas Floyd, 1873-1947, 134
Adkins, W. H., 95, 101
Akers, George F., 123
Allen, Luther, 105, 124
Allen, R. J., 134
Andrew, A., 91
Andrews, Lawrence B., d. 1906, 123

Bailey, F. W., 134
Baird, Edward Rouzie, b. 1840, 123
Baker, Joseph, 1846-1925, 125
Baker, Stephen, 123
Ball, William P., d. 1915?, 88, 94, 126
Banks and banking, 94
Barry, C. A., Mrs., 123
Barton, Thomas Bowerbank, 1792-1871, 123
Bates, R. D., 120
Baylor, Henry Latane, 1853-1930, 109, 127
Baylor, Hilliard, 134
Baylor, Tom, 134
Belt, Harry Shroeder, 1863-1920, 123
Beveridge, Frank K., 1858-1923, 111
Beverley, Robert Avenel, 1861-1904, 87
Beverley, Vester (Crowe), b. 1877, 123
Bickford & Huffman Co. (Baltimore, Md.), 93
Billany, Harry Hilton, b. 1860, 102
Bills of lading, 135
Blakey, Thomas Evans, 1852-1915, 92
Bland, Schuyler Otis, 1872-1950, 123
Blandfield, Essex County, Va., 124, 125, 126, 128
Bowie, Walter Russell, 1882-1969, 118
Bowles, George H., 116
Boyd, Athanasius N. B., 123
Braddock Wire C., 123
Briggs (G. S.) & Co. (Norfolk, Va.), 94
Bristow Brothers (West Point, Va.), 122
Bristow, H. B., 92
Brooke, John Lawrence, 93
Brooking, Robert Upshur, d. 1943, 110, 111, 118, 134
Brown, Edgar, b. 1871, 123
Brown, William Cabell, 1861-1927, 110, 123
Brydon, George MacLaren, 1875-1963, 111, 123
Bunch, F. M., 116
Byers, Maxwell Cunningham, 1878-1930, 123

Capers, Walter Branham, b. 1870, 123
Carter, C. M., 114
Carter, M. L., 119
Carter, Mary (Henley), 1845-1921, 123
Carter, Mary Welby (DeButts), 1819-1885, 86
Carter, Robert S., d. 1918, 123
Catlett, E. H., 123
Catlett, Landon Carter, b. 1857, 92
Cattle, 119
Clarke, George Rush, 1812-1857, 123
Clay, George Strong, 1860-1941, 134
Cofer (J. H.) & Co. (Norfolk, Va.), 103
Coghill, O. H., 123
Coghill, Thomas A., 88
Coiner, J. C., 116
Cole, A. V., 100
Coleman, Alfred, 134
Coleman, George Preston, 1870-1948, 113
Coleman, Horace, 134
Collins Plow Company (Quincy, Ill.), 123
Combs, Lawrence Rosseau, 1858-1937, 106
Conway, C. B., 104
Conway, Peter Vivian Daniel, 1842-1924, 94
Cooper, W. A., 134
Cox, Clement, 123
Cox, O. W., 119
Cox, William Edward, b. 1870, 123
Crallé, Alphonso A., b. 1878, 92
Crane, M. B., 110
Crews, J. William, 101
Cridlin, William, 134
Crismond, H. F., 96
Crockett, W. R., 119
Crook, J. F., 90
Crosby, D. H., 123
Crutchfield & Doggins (Caret, Va.), 134
Culp, Charles W., b. 1856, 97, 123
Cumpson, William H., 123

Daingerfield, George Wythe, 1870-1961, 92
Debtor and creditor, 94
DeGroot, Edward H., b. 1871, 107
Derieux, George H., 92
Dickinson, John, 123
Dickinson, W. C., 123
Dimock, W. DeW., 123
Doolittle, F. C., 123
Downey, D. W., 108
Driscoll (O. E.) & Bro. (Beazley, Va.), 105
Durham, M. W., 92

Eagle, Morris S., 117
Early, J. S., 101
Eggs, 136
Eley, [?], Mrs., 123
Elliott, Robert G., 123, 128
Ellis, George Dandridge, 1888?-1953, 123
Ellison, R. P., 113
Episcopal Church, 110, 111, 117, 118

Farmers Educational and Co-operative Union, 116
Field, S., 134
Flinn, Z. T., 134
Fogg, Charles R., 123
Fortune, J. L., 123
Forward, Alexander, b. 1877?, 123
Foster, James Robert, 1849-1919, 134
Frank, Thomas Edgar, b. 1875, 123

Gailor, Thomas Frank, 1856-1935, 110, 112
Garrett, Laura Virginia (Schlater), 110
Gibson, J. W., 95
Gibson, Robert Atkinson, 1846-1919, 123
Glass, Carter, 1858-1946, 123
Goldsborough, A. S., 123
Goodwin, Frederick Deane, 1888-1968, 111, 112, 115, 117
Goodwin, William Archer Rutherfoord, 1869-1939, 118
Gresham, Albert G., 120
Gressitt (John M.) & Co. (of Baltimore, Md.), 108
Griffith and Turner Company (Baltimore, Md.), 114

Hardy, Caldwell, 1852-1923, 94
Harrison, J. S., 92
Heflin, Edgar W., 1864-1945, 134
Hening & Nuckols, Inc. (Richmond, Va.), 123
Henley, John Leonard, b. 1864, 92
Herring, George Cyril, 123
Holditch, C. J., 95
Holladay, Minnie R., 123
Hooker, Henry Lester, 1885-1988, 122
Howard, A. Randolph, 123
Howard, H. G., 98
Hutcheson, F. M., 134
Hutchinson, Edward L., 104
Hutchinson, John Delaware, 104
Hyde, John, 1848-1929, 123

Implement Company of Virginia (Richmond, Va.), 114
Insurance, Fire, 127

Johnson, Daniel, 134
Johnson, Isabella, 134
Johnson, Richmond, 134
Jones, A. B., 123
Jones, J. B., 101
Jones, Thomas Gabriel, b. 1886, 123
Jones, W. Thomas, 99
Jones, William Atkinson, 1849-1918, 123

Kirtley, Nellie, 100

Labor and laboring classes, 136
Latané, Allen Douglas, 92
Lewis, C. W., Mrs., 123
Lipscomb, W. N., 123
Longworth (W. P.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.), 123

Macreth, R. W., 123
Marshall, William Clarkson, b. 1863, 109
Martin, A. L., 89
Martin, Thomas Staples, 1847-1919, 107
Marye, Morton, 1831-1910, 96
Maryland, Delaware and Virginia Railway, 123
Mason, John Stevens, 1839-1918, 134
Mason, Wiley Roy, 1878-1967, 117
Masters, John William, 123
Mathews Supply Co., Inc. (Williams Wharf, Va.), 114
Maybee, William J., 123
Maynadier, T. M., 123
McDonald, W. M., 101
McGavack, A. L., 109
McKericher, A. J., 108
McSweeney, L. J., 135
Miller, John Maffit, 1868-1948, 123
Moomaw, Benjamin Franklin, 116
Morris, Richard F., 99
Motley, D. A., 134
Motley, D. P., 94, 129
Motley, Wallace W., 110
Mullen, Claree Sutton, 113
Mundie, Lemuel G., 105
Myers & Houseman (Baltimore, Md.), 134
Myers, Lilburn Trigg, b. 1857, 87

Nolting (Frederick E.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.), 115

Osborne, W. S., 134
Ottawa Manufacturing Co. (Ottawa, Kan.), 123
Owens (Chas. W.) & Co. (Baltimore, Md.), 88

Page, Legh Richmond, 1867-1944, 121
Parker, Waller J., 88, 136
Peirce, Chichester Tapscott, 1877-1964, 115
Peirce, Elizabeth Edrington (Combs), 1885-1971, 111
Petitions, 92
Peyton, George Vivian, b. 1872, 123
Phillips, J. Carson, 92, 115, 116
Pierson, Leonard Forster, 97
Piper, Fanny Scott (Washington), b. 1885, 134
Poetry, 137
Porter, Edward F., 1839-1907, 134
Powers, W. L., 123, 134
Praeger, Otto, d. 1948, 123
Pratt, Bartlett, 134
Pratt, Courtenay Tayloe (Crump), 117
Pratt, William Madison, 130
Pratt, William Turner, 1868-1948, 90
Prentis, Robert Riddick, 1855-1931, 98, 123

Quick, Walter Jacob, 123

Ralston, C. B., 116
Ransburg, H. G., 91
Rawley, J. Kent, 1877-1950, 121
Ray, A. F., 108
Redding, C. C., 123
Ribble, George W., 100
Rife’s Hydraulic Engine Mfg. Co. (New York, N.Y.), 123
Roads – Maintenance and repair, 136
Robb, Armstead, 134
Robinson, Willard Bellamy, b. 1859, 92
Roebling’s (John A.) Sons Co. (Trenton, N.J.), 123
Romilly, Whitfield, Samuel Llewellyn, 1859?-1945, 106
Rouzie, James A., 92
Rouzie, R. B., 92
Rowzer, E. R., 107
Russell, Thomas N., 134

St. Anne’s Parish (Essex County, Va.), 111
Sale, Charles, b. 1875, 92, 114
Sale, Latane, 111
Sale, Silas J., 104
Sale, [?], Mrs., 123
Satterwhite, Lawson, 131
Saunders, W. Conway, 1867-1961, 119
Saunders, W. D., 123
Sayre, Monell, 1875-1926, 123
Schwarzkopf, A. B., 94
Scott, Fanny Scott (Carter), 1838-1923, 86
Scott, George R., 92
Scott, J. B., 92
Scott, John F., 106
Scott, Richard Carter, 1859-1928, 123
Scott, William D., 98
Shipment of goods, 108
Showell, John Letcher, 111, 112
Sloan, John Trimmier, 123
Songs, 137
Soulsby, R. H., 108
Southern Churchman, 118
Southworth, Harrison, 1840?-1920, 92, 136
Spigle, W. G., 116
Staples, Lewis, 132
Starke, Ashton, 1849-1934, 123
Suffrage, 136
Swanson, Claude Augustus, 1862-1939, 102

Talley, A. N., 123
Tanner, Albert Snead, 1874?-1941, 123
Taxation, 136
Taylor, Emmerson, 89, 133
Taylor, George C., 134
Taylor, George Conway, 1769-1805, 134
Taylor, John Marion, 1866-1941, 123
Taylor, Warren Poindexter, 1868-1918, 97
Telecommunication, 92
Telecommunication workers, 89
Temple, Mary Craik (Davis), 123
Thomas, E. M., 123
Thompson, Coffy, 123
Thomson, Willard, 123
Tidewater Telephone Co., Inc. (Gloucester Court House, Va.), 92
Tucker, Beverley Dandridge, 1846-1930, 118
Turner, Augustine Fitzhugh, 1874-1967, 97
Turner, Edward Carter, 1886-1969, 123
Turner, Marianna Hamilton (Carter), 1859-1936, 123, 135
Turner, Richard Carter, b. 1883, 87
Turner, Thomas B. H., 123

United States. Post Office Dept., 123
Upper Rappahannock Telephone and Telegraph Company (Caret, Va.), 101, 133
Upshur, John Arthur, 1861-1936, 90

Virginia State Fair Association, 119

Walker, F. M., 123
Wallis, E. J., 95
Warde, F. G., 95
Ware, Edward Macon, 1851-1923, 92
Ware, S. S., 106
Warner, Charles Crocker, 1850-1935, 123
Washington, John Henry, 1837-1918, 123
Washington, Nina Dulany (Carter), 1846-1921, 123
Waters, W. D., 134
Watt Plow Co. (Richmond, Va.), 114
Weller, Charles S., 123
Wellford, Ida Dulany (Beverley), b. 1883, 137
Werntz, R. S., 123
Wildman, Christine, 123
Williams, H. B., 89
Williams, Henry, 91, 96
Williams, Langbourne Meade, 1872-1931, 118
Williams Slate Roofing Co., Inc. (Richmond, Va.), 103
Wilson, Felix, 123
Winston (John C.) Company (Philadelphia, Pa.), 123
Withers, Alfred Willis, 1865-1928, 101
Wood, T. Gilbert, 119
Wood, W. P., 119
Woodfork, Warner, 134
Woodward, Edmund Lee, 1873-1948, 110, 115
Wright, Thomas Roane Barnes, 1839-1914, 102, 123
Wright, William Alfred, 1891-1959, 120

Yoakum, B. F., 123
Young, Edgar M., d. 1944, 118

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