Cabell Family

A Guide to the Cabell Family Papers, 1808-1935
Call Number Mss1 C1118 c FA2


Main Entry:Cabell family.
Title: Papers, 1808-1935.
Size:1,500 (ca.) items (3.0 linear feet)
Biographical Note:Concerns the Cabell family of “Inglewood,” Nelson County, Va., including George Washington Cabell (1802-1869) and his wife Mary Anne (Anthony) Cabell (1808-1868); their children Sarah “Sallie” Syme (Cabell) Laidley, Anne Woolston (Cabell) Cabell, Margaret Clifford Cabell, Lucy Brown Cabell, and Patrick Henry “Pat” Cabell (and wife Elizabeth “Bettie” Willis (Eubank) Cabell); and Patrick Henry and Elizabeth W. (Eubank) Cabell’s children Patrick Henry “Carey” Cabell, Mary Caroline “Callie” Cabell, Anne Woolston (Cabell) Flowers, Lucy Brown “Lily” (Cabell) Roller, George Washington Cabell, Margaret “Etta” (Cabell) Matthews, Royal Eubank Cabell (and wife Lillian Hoge (Lorraine) Cabell), John Willis Cabell, and Somers Eubank Cabell.
Scope Note: Correspondence, financial, legal, and miscellaneous papers of the Cabell family of “Inglewood,” Nelson County, Va., concerning agricultural operations; the education of children at Emory and Henry College, Farmville Normal School, Roanoke College, the University of Virginia, and the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Patrick Henry Cabell’s work as a teacher, school board official for Nelson County, and for the Richmond and Danville Railroad Company and Southern Railway Company; the running of a school and summer boarding house at “Inglewood”; and marriages, births, illnesses, and deaths among family members. Also included are papers of the related Robinson family, chiefly concerning the administration of a trust established by the will of Rebecca Price (Keim) Robertson.
Provenance:Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Royal E. Cabell, Jr., 1999. Accessioned 7 April 2004.
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Collection Description

The collection is arranged into seven series by document type and further ordered chronologically.

Series 1 includes correspondence of George “Washington” Cabell with his siblings and with his children, in particular Patrick “Pat” Henry Cabell (while attending Emory and Henry College, 1854-1858, and while teaching,). Also included is the correspondence of Pat Cabell (while away from “Inglewood” teaching and working for the railroad in Lynchburg, Va.) and his wife Elizabeth “Bettie” Willis (Eubank) Cabell with each other and with their children (concerning news of illnesses, births, deaths, marriages, and local events, home life, and discussing attendance of the children at various Virginia colleges, including Roanoke College, the University of Virginia, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and teaching in various locations in Virginia and North Carolina). Additional topics include the running of the school at “Inglewood” by Mary Caroline “Callie” Cabell and the taking in of summer boarders, and Patrick Henry “Carey” Cabell’s stay, May 1896, at the Keeley Institute, Greensboro, N.C., for the treatment of “nervous exhaustion”. Also included is the correspondence of Patrick Henry “Carey” Cabell and Royal Eubank Cabell while living in Richmond, Va., with their siblings following the deaths, in 1907, of both of their parents. Of particular interest is a letter, 1876 January 18-February 14, from missionary Lottie Moon in Sun Chow, China, describing her life, mission work, and local customs.

Series 2 includes loose accounts for purchases of agricultural supplies, dry goods, groceries, and services. Also included are account books, specifically of George Washington Cabell containing plantation accounts for 1826 and 1827 (folder 48); and of the law firm of Cabell, Talley and Cabell of Richmond, Va. (folder 52). Of particular interest are fines for missing militia musters in 1830 and 1831.

Series 3 includes legal documents concerning land ownership and other matters. Of particular interest are the agreements, deeds and receipts, ca. 1825-1845, concerning the purchase and hire of slaves; plats, 1808, 1847, and 1857, and 1877, of Nelson County land owned by Samuel Jordan Cabell, Mayo Cabell, and Royal Eubank; plat and rental agreements for a lot in New Market, Va., 1841; wills, 1850 and 1854, of Anne Woolston (Couch) Anthony; materials relating to Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell’s share of the estate of Caroline E. Eubank; and agreement, 1907, of the heirs of Patrick Henry Cabell and Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell concerning the house and property at “Inglewood..” (folder 53). Other material of interest in this series are summonses issued by Patrick Henry Cabell as a Justice of the Peace for Nelson County (folder 54).

Series 4 contains school materials of Patrick Henry Cabell while attending Emory and Henry College, and of Patrick Henry Carey Cabell while attending Norwood High School, Nelson County, Va. Also of interest are certificates received by Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell while attending the Albemarle Female Institute (folder 63).

Series 5 contains miscellaneous materials, including memorandum books of George Washington Cabell (1802-1869) containing notations concerning agricultural operations (folders 65-67); embroidery, lace and quilting patterns, including a sample of handmade lace (folder 71); printed materials, including a broadside, n.d., of the James River Valley Immigration Society, regulations, 1882, of the Board of Education of Virginia concerning textbooks, Horsford Almanac and Cook Book for 1885, Nelson County electoral ticket, 1891 May 28, and a Colgate & Co. calendar for 1904 (folder 73); and scrapbooks documenting the years Royal Eubank Cabell (1878-1950) and his wife Lillian H. (Lorraine) Cabell spent living Washington, D.C., while R. E. Cabell was Commissioner of Internal Revenue (folders 74-76).

Series 6 contains correspondence and other papers, 1846-1861, of Joseph Laidley (1829-1861), husband of Sarah “Sallie” Syme (Cabell) Laidley. Correspondence, 1846-1861, consists chiefly of letters his Joseph’s brother Thomas Laidley (of New York, N.Y., while working as a shopkeeper’s apprentice, and in other positions in New York, Hartford, Conn., Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and while traveling from Liverpool, England) and from friends and relatives in Philadelphia, Pa. (discussing family news and social activities of friends). Correspondents of particular interest include P. W. Butler (of Burlington, N. J., discussing the use of hydrangea for the treatment of kidney stones [1857 October 16]), (Bulloch & Crenshaw of Philadelphia, Pa., concerning pharmaceutical supplies), William R. Galt (discussing the education of Laidley’s nephew R. Morton Drinker [1858 February 23]), and William Proctor, Jr. (of Philadelphia, Pa., giving him names of subscribers to the American Journal of Pharmacy in Maryland [1853 January 9] and Richmond [1853 January 14]). Financial and legal papers include accounts concerning Laidley’s estate and agreements for the dissolution of Laidley’s partnership with Edward T. Robinson. Miscellaneous materials include Laidley’s diploma from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, draft of a pamphlet concerning the drug trade, and undated diary [?] entitled “Alexipharmics” (i.e., anecdote for poison or other toxin) that appears to contain a rational for choosing one spouse over another based on family response to the offer.

Series 7 includes papers of the related Robinson family, in particular concerning a trust fund set up to manage the estate of Rebecca Price (Keim) Robinson (1821-1888). Mrs. Robinson’s son William Russell Robinson (1842-1907) married Evelyn Carter Byrd Cabell (1844-1910), daughter of Clifford Cabell (1810-1871) and Margaret Couch (Anthony) Cabell (1814-1882). Margaret Couch (Anthony) Cabell was the sister of Mary Anne (Anthony) Cabell, mentioned above. William Russell Robinson and Evelyn Carter Byrd (Cabell) Robinson had two sons, Wirt Robinson and Clifford “Cabell” Robinson. After the death of C. Cabell Robinson, his wife Emma B. (Simpson) Glover Robinson contacted her cousin-in-law, lawyer Royal Eubank Cabell, for legal advice concerning her husband’s portion of Mrs. Robinson’s estate. Of particular interest is the correspondence, 1903, documenting the removal of trustee Charles U. Williams (of the law firm of Williams and Boulware) and his replacement by C. Cabell Robinson. Other materials include scattered financial and legal papers of William Russell Robinson, son of Wirt and Rebecca Price (Keim) Robinson, and his wife Evelyn Byrd Carter (Cabell) Robinson; and of their sons Wirt Robinson (1864-1929) and C. Cabell Robinson (1866-1934), and Cabell’s wife Emma Bogardus (Simpson) Glover Robinson. In the Miscellaneous folder (Folder 100) are tax receipts relating to Nelson County, Va., land owned by Mrs. W. P. Echolls, Henry Scott (African American?), and William Woody, as well as materials relating to land in Richmond, Va., owned by the heirs of Adolphus Beirne.


Box 1

Series 1. Correspondence, 1854-1915.

Folder 1.Correspondence, 1854
2.Correspondence, 1855 January-June
3.Correspondence, 1855 July-December
4.Correspondence, 1856 January-June
5.Correspondence, 1856 July-December
6.Correspondence, 1857 January-June
7.Correspondence, 1857 July-December
8.Correspondence, 1858 January-June
9.Correspondence, 1858 July-December
10.Correspondence, 1859
11.Correspondence, 1860-1880
12.Correspondence, 1881-1885
13.Correspondence, 1886-1890
14.Correspondence, 1891-1895
15.Correspondence, 1896-1897
16.Correspondence, 1898-1900
17.Correspondence, 1901
18.Correspondence, 1902
19.Correspondence, 1903
20.Correspondence, 1904
21.Correspondence, 1905
22.Correspondence, 1906
23.Correspondence, 1907
24.Correspondence, 1909-1915

Box 2

25.Correspondence, n.d. – Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell
26.Correspondence, n.d. – George Washington Cabell (1802-1869)
27.Correspondence, n.d. – George Washington Cabell (1873-1943)
28.Correspondence, n.d. – Margaret Clifford Cabell
29.Correspondence, n.d. – Mary Caroline Cabell
30.Correspondence, n.d. – Patrick Henry Carey Cabell
31.Correspondence, n.d. – Patrick Henry Cabell
32.Correspondence, n.d. – Margaret Etta (Cabell) Matthews
33.Correspondence, n.d., unidentified author/recipient

Series 2. Financial materials, 1823-1916.

Folder 34.Accounts, 1823-1830
35.Accounts, 1831-1835
36.Accounts, 1836-1837
37.Accounts, 1838-1840
38.Accounts, 1841-1845
39.Accounts, 1846-1850
40.Accounts, 1851-1855
41.Accounts, 1856-1860
42.Accounts, 1861-1865
43.Accounts, 1866-1869
44.Accounts, 1870-1894
45.Accounts, 1895-1897
46.Accounts, 1898-1907
47.Accounts, n.d.
48.Account book, 1824-1833, of George Washington Cabell
49.Account book, 1891-1892, of Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell
50.Account book, 1896-1899, of Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell
51.Account book, 1906-1907, of Cabell, Talley and Cabell (Richmond, Va.)
52.Account book, 1913-1916, of Patrick Henry Carey Cabell

Series 3. Legal materials, 1808-1907.

Folder 53.Cabell family legal documents, 1808-1907 SEE ALSO Oversize
54.Patrick Henry Cabell legal materials and J.P., 1876-1878 and 1883

Series 4. School materials.

Folder 55.Patrick Henry Cabell Greek notebook I
56.Patrick Henry Cabell Greek notebook II
57.Patrick Henry Cabell Latin notebook
58-60.Patrick Henry Cabell school papers (3 folders) SEE ALSO Oversize
61.Patrick Henry Carey Cabell grade reports, 1878-1882
62.Patrick Henry Carey Cabell property law notebook, n.d.
63.Cabell family school materials, miscellaneous SEE ALSO Oversize

Box 3

Series 5. Miscellaneous materials, 1831-1913.

Folder 64.Calling cards
65.Memorandum book of George Washington Cabell, 1831-1833
66.Memorandum book of George Washington Cabell, 1842-1847
67.Memorandum book of George Washington Cabell, n.d.
68.Memorandum book of Patrick Henry Cabell, 1883-1884
70.National Association of U.S. Internal Revenue Oficers Convention, Detroit, Michigan, 1911
71.Patterns, Embroidery, lace and quilting SEE ALSO Oversize
73.Printed materials SEE ALSO Oversize
74.Scrapbook of Lillian H. (Lorraine) Cabell, 1911
75.Scrapbook/testimonial album of Royal E. Cabell, 1913 SEE Oversize
76.Scrapbook/specimen book of U.S. Internal Revenue Stamps, 1913 SEE Oversize

Series 6. Joseph Laidley materials, 1846-1861

Folder 77.Correspondence, 1846-1861
78.Legal and financial materials, 1859-1862
79.Miscellaneous materials, n.d., 1850 SEE ALSO Oversize

Series 7. Robinson family materials, 1871-1935.

Folder 80.Robinson, Wirt (1806-1863) estate papers (includes will)
81.Robinson, Rebecca P. (Keim) estate, accounts, 1900-1918.
82.Robinson, Rebecca P. (Keim) estate, accounts, loan to J. P. Johnson
83.Robinson, Rebecca P. (Keim) estate, accounts, 210 E. Franklin Street
84.Robinson, Rebecca P. (Keim) estate, bank book, 1909-1912
85.Robinson, Rebecca P. (Keim) estate, canceled checks, 1906
86.Robinson, Rebecca P. (Keim) estate, canceled checks, 1907
87.Robinson, Rebecca P. (Keim) estate, canceled checks, 1933-1934
88.Robinson, Rebecca P. (Keim) estate, correspondence, 1896-1934
89.Robinson, Rebecca P. (Keim) estate, legal documents, 1871-1900 (includes will)
90.Robinson, Rebecca P. (Keim) estate, legal documents, 1901-1915
91.Robinson, William Russell, financial materials, 1887-1911
92.Robinson, William Russell, legal materials, 1873 and 1890
93.Robinson, Evelyn Carter Byrd (Cabell), financial materials, 1887-1915
94.Robinson, Evelyn Carter Byrd (Cabell), legal materials, 1889-1910, chiefly concerning “Colleton,” Nelson County, Va.
95.Robinson, Wirt (1864-1929), financial materials, 1911-1918
96.Robinson, C. Cabell, financial materials, 1897-1921
97.Robinson, C. Cabell, legal materials, 1918-1935
98.Robinson, Emma (Simpson) Glover, financial materials, 1916-1932
99.Robinson family correspondence, 1871-1935
100.Robinson family miscellaneous.

Box 4 (Oversize)

The following items have been removed from the folders indicated to an Oversize box at the end of the collection:
Folder 53Plat, 1808, of 1579 acres in Amherst County, Va., belonging to Samuel Jordan Cabell
Plat, 1848, of 452 acres in Nelson County, Va., belonging to Royal E. Eubank
Plat, 1857, of 521 acres in Nelson County, Va., surveyed for Mayo Cabell (3 copies)
Plat, 1877, of 60 acres in Nelson County, Va., part of “Union Hill” estate, sold to Alexander Brown and Donald Dixon
Folder 60Diploma, 1858, granted to Patrick Henry Cabell by Emory and Henry College
Folder 62Certificate, 1879, granted to Patrick Henry Carey Cabell for excellence in Latin and English
Certificate, 1881, granted to Patrick Henry Carey Cabell by Norwood High School
Certificate, 1882, granted to Patrick Henry Carey Cabell by Norwood High School
Certificate, 1885, granted to Patrick Henry Carey Cabell by the University of Virginia for excellence in Greek
Certificate, 1885, granted to Patrick Henry Carey Cabell by the University of Virginia for excellence in Latin
Folder 63Certificate of distinction, 1895, granted to Royal Eubank Cabell by Roanoke College
Certificate of distinction, 1896, granted to Royal Eubank Cabell by Roanoke College
Diploma, 1902, granted to Royal E. Cabell by the Richmond College School of Law (2 copies)
Folder 71Quilting pattern
Folder 73Richmond Times Dispatch Confederate Souvenir Edition, 1896 (title page only)
Folder 75Scrapbook/testimonial album, 1913, granted to Royal E. Cabell upon his retirement as Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Certificate appointing Royal E. Cabell Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 1909
Certificate appointing Royal E. Cabell Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 1910
Folder 76Scrapbook of revenue stamps, 1913, given to Royal E. Cabell upon his retirement as Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Folder 79Diploma, 1850, granted to Joseph Laidley by the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

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