Claud C. Kendall

A Guide to the Claud C. Kendall, Papers, ca. 1900-1993
Call Number Mss1 K3312 a FA2


Main Entry:Kendall, Claud C., 1904-1993.
Title: Papers, ca. 1900-1993.
Size:ca. 6,500 items (13.5 linear feet)
Biographical Note:Claud Carl Kendall was born in Mannington, Marion County, West Virginia, the only child of Cassie B. and Laura Dell (Baker) Kendall. He married Mildred Ruth Cottrill (b. 1906) in 1926 and the couple had three children. Mr. Kendall had life-long interests in things historical and genealogical, and pursued his interests full-time after his retirement. He and his wife traveled the country researching and meeting Kendalls and their kin.
Summary:Genealogical notes and materials collected and generated by Claud C. Kendall of Mannington, West Virginia, in the process of writing the history of the Baker family and two books on the Kendall family, including English Ancestors of the Virginia Kendalls, Vol. 1 (1985) and The Kendall Family: A Working Copy (197-).
Provenance:Gift of the estate of Claud C. Kendall, Mannington, W. Va., through the courtesy of Mildred C. Kendall (Mrs. Claud C. Kendall), Mannington, W. Va., and Charles Robert Kendall, Elberton, Ga., in 1993. Accessioned 28 February 2001.

Because so much of this collection is reflected in the two published volumes of Kendall family history compiled by Claud C. Kendall, a minimal level of arrangement and description was used during processing.

Series One includes correspondence between Claud C. Kendall and individuals and repositories, arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Series Two includes historical and genealogical information about members of the Kendall and related families, arranged alphabetically by subject. Series Three consists of family histories, arranged alphabetically. Series Four includes information about the English branches of the Kendall family. Series Five contains miscellaneous historical and genealogical records arranged alphabetically by location and then by type. Series Six includes personal materials, photographs, miscellaneous research notes, and scrapbooks.

Subject Entries:

Baker family Genealogy.
England Genealogy.
Kendall, Claud C. (Claud Carl), 1904-1993.
Kendall family Genealogy.
Virginia Genealogy.
West Virginia Genealogy.


Collection Description

Series One: Correspondence.

Correspondence, chiefly concerning genealogy, between Claud C. Kendall and individuals and repositories, arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Many letters include genealogical information that was later incorporated into individual and family files.

Folder1Address List
2Addressees, Unidentified
3Adam County, Ohio. Clerk's Office
4Alderman Library, University of Virginia
5Allen, Leadon W.
6Allen, Victoria Pitt
7American Genealogical Lending Library
8Amstead, Evelyn
9Anderson, Alvin, Mrs.
10Anderson, Linda
11Anson County, North Carolina. Clerk's Office
12Appleyard, H.
13Arrington, Marie K.
14Ash, Arvil
15Bailey, Sam
16Baker, Charles
17Baker, Dennis
18Baker, Emmett
19Baker, Gerald
20Baker, Henry
21Baker, R. H.
22Baker, Tillie
23Bardo, Gerrie and Buffy
24Barnes, Cora N.
25Barnum, Dorothy
26Bath County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
27Batson, W. Ross
28Bearinger, "Woodie"
29Bell, Waldo E.
30Benson, William
31Berlin, Arnold, Mrs. [Margaret?]
32Berlin, E. Claire
33Berner, Tom and Bernice
34Betts, Naomi
35Bock, Eugene
36Bock, Kenneth W.
37Bond County, Illinois. Clerk's Office
38Booth, Arthur E.
39Borden, Duane L.
40Boyack, Mark F.
41Bratt, John Jr.
42Bridger, Frank E.
43British Museum
44Brooks, C. D.
45Brown, Cammie
46Brown, Laura Ellen
47Buck, Jo-Ann
48Budge, Priscilla
49Bulciri, E. R.
50Burnsworth, Katie
51Burt, Letty M.
52Campbell, Dennis
53Campbell, John and Nancy (Kendall)
54Campbell, Linda (Smith)
55Campbell, Kenneth
56Carder, David T.
57Carlton, L. L.
58Carson, R. A. G.
59Catterall, Jonise
60Cesarino, Sonia
61Clarke County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
62Clark, Simeon
63Clayton, Flora
64Closson, Bob
65Clower, Maxine
66Cochran, Wes
67Cole, A. Colin
68Coleman, Daisy
69College of Arms
70Connellsville, Pennsylvania. Historical Society
71Cook County, Illinois. Coroner's Office
72Cook, James L.
73Cottrell, George, Dr.
74Cottrill, Ray
75Courreges, Faye
76Cowan, Charles W., Dr.
77Cox, R. Dewitt (Mrs.)
78Crim, James L.
79Crossen, Forest
80Cullipher, Martha R.
81Cunningham, Mary
82Cutright, Orla
83Darling, Rowland E.
84Davis, Chlora (Baker)
85Davis, John
86Davis, Laura
87Dayred, W. J. M.
88Deal, N. Harvey
89Delaware Public Archives
90Derbyshire Library Service
91Dickinson, Josiah L.
92Dodson, William W.
93Doggell, H. R.
94Doggett, Emily
95Doggett, Lulu Dale
96Donaldson, Mamie (Baker)
97Donovan, Robert
98Doyle, Robert E.
99Dubester, Henry J.
100Dudley, John
101Dunham, E. C.
102Eastern Shore, Virginia. Historical Society
103Eddy, Richard
104Engels, Mary
105Essex County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
106Estes, Robert F.
107Evans, Anna
108Evans, Bob
109Evans, Vickie L.
110Fauquier County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
111Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Recorder of Deeds
112Florence, Neil A.
113Frederick County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
114Freeland, Aaron
115Gamble, Robert M.
116Garrett County, Maryland. Circuit Court
117Garrett County, Maryland. Clerk's Office
118Garvey, Nora
119Gaynor, Dora
120Genealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
121Godwin, G. A.
122Goff, Frederick R.
123Good, Rebecca
124Gordon, George L.
125Great Britain. P.R.O.
126Grey, Gertude E.
127Green County, Pennsylvania. Historical Society
128Greenleaf, Margaret
129Grubb, Wayne
130Hackley, Woodford B.
131Hager, Esther M.
132Hale, Otelia
133Ham, Gerald
134Hamilton, Theresa
135Hammond, Leria
136Hampshire Review
137-38Harbath, Margaret (2 folders)
139Hardman, James
140Harper, Georgia B.
141Harris, Andrew
142Harrison County, Kentucky. Clerk's Office
143Hawley, Agnes
144Hayes, Ruth
145Heiselt, Wilson J.
146Hindershot, Elven
147Hildreth, John E.
148Hinton, Virginia
149Hite, H. Paul, Mrs.
150Hoge, Mary R.
151Holden, J. J.
152Holden, Nellie
153Hudson, Mary K.
154Huey, Jim and Grace
155Huffard, Eva
156Hunnisett, R. F.
157Hunter, Leslie L.
158Hupp, J. C.
159Hupp, James L.
160Hutsell, Bob
161Hutt, Lucille S.
162Iberian Publishing Company
163Ingram, W. C.
164Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies
165-66Jameson, Kenneth (2 folders)
167Jeffery, Blanche
168Jeffery, Jerrine Cadman
169Jenkins, Hazel
170Jones, B. C.
171Joyner, Peggy
172Kahl, Lorette
173Kansas State Historical Society
174Keesling, Dutch and Nancy
175Kelly, Francis
176Kendall, Bartholomew
177Kendall, Blenda
178Kendall, Bill and Barbara
179Kendall, Charles Robert
180Kendall, Claud A.
181Kendall, Claud C. (to Mildred Kendall)
182Kendall, Claud C.
183Kendall, Clyde
184Kendall, Debbie
185Kendall, Everett
186Kendall, Florence
187Kendall, Harry
188Kendall, Hazel
189Kendall, J. I.
190Kendall, John B.
191Kendall, Joseph M.
192Kendall, Lester W.
193Kendall, Maurice
194Kendall, Maury
195Kendall, Mildred
196Kendall, N. F.
197Kendall, Norman
198Kendall, Ray
199Kendall, Robert
200Kendall, Rosa
201Kendall, Roy C.
202Kendall, Sara
203Kendall, Scott
204Kendall, Stephanie
205Kendall, Stephen
206Kendall, Sula and Edna
207Kendall, William
208Kennedy, J. M.
209Kephart, Lila Row
210Kerns, Claude
211Kimball, Frankie
212Kindel, Fred
213King George County, Virginia. Circuit Court
214Klinger, Theo
215Koch, Wendy
216Labette County, Kansas. Clerk's Office
217Ladu, Gladys
218LaFollette, Margaret S.
219Lambert, Harold M.
220Land, Robert H.
221Landers, Hazel
222Lathrop, B.
223Lawrence, Richard L.
224Layne, Stuart D.
225Ledger, V. J.
226Lehman, Thomas
227Lehman, William P.
228Lewis, Mark C.
229Library of Congress
230Lincolnshire, England. Archives Committee
231Lipscomb, Bonnie Reeds
232-33Longbotham, Ida (2 folders)
234Longbotham, Janet
235Longsdorf, Kenneth D.
236Loudoun County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
237Louise, Jack
238Louise, Sara
239Maine, Irene Wayne
240Maine, William R.
241Manchin, Joe
242Marchant, Ellen K.
243Marion County, West Virginia. Historical Society
244Marsh, William A.
245Martz, J. T.
246Mason County, Kentucky. Clerk's Office
247Mason, Elwood V.
248Matthews, Adelia C.
249McCormick, Kyle
250McIntyre, Jody and Martha
251McIntyre, John L.
252Meade County, Kentucky. Clerk's Office
253Metz, Bob
254Metz, Dorothy
255Metz, Leon
256Metz, William
257Miller, Ann
258Miller, Paula
259Minar, Lloyd
260Monongalia County, West Virginia. Clerk's Office
261Montgomery County, North Carolina. Clerk's Office
262Moore, Arch A.
263Morgan, Bess
264Morris, Tusca
265Mortorff, Denise
266Moss, Richard S.
267Musselman, Cynthia L.
268National Archives Field Office (Kansas City, Mo.)
269Nelson, Jennie Lecky
270Nelson, Daniel and Mary
271Newhouse, Ruth
272Newman, Ronald, Mrs.
273Northampton County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
274Nowlin, E. F.
275Nunn, Harold D.
276Ogilvie, Mary
277Opyoke, John, Mrs.
278Orange County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
279Order of St. John, London, England
280Ornduff Family
281Parker, L. A.
282Parrott, A. J. I.
283Patton, Edward F.
284Paugh, Ruth (Metz)
285Pearson, Lennart
286Penfold, P. A.
287Phillips, Delmar and Mary Jo (Kendall)
288Phillips, Greg
289Phillips, J. W. M.
290Price, Edward D.
291Price, Gloria
292Princess Anne County, Maryland. Clerk's Office
293Rossow, Ed
294Randle, L. Vernon
295Rasmuson, Velma
296Reed, R. E.
297Reil, Dora
298Reil, Fred
299Richardson, Richard H.
300Richmond County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
301Rider, John L.
302Ritenour, D. W.
303Robb, John M.
304Robinett, Erna
305Robinson, Rosetta (Baker)
306Root, Ralph
307Rose, Keith F.
308Ross County, Ohio. Clerk's Office
309Ruff, Paul M.
310Sandy, G. O.
311Saucier, John and Joyce
312Schwarz, Charles T. and Mary K.
313Schwartz, D.
314Scioto County, Ohio. Clerk's Office
315Seitzinger, Mildred
316Sewell, James R.
317Shenandoah County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
318Shepherd, Thomas
319Simmons, Loola
320Simpson, Willa
321Sipes, Ann T.
322Skeat, T. C.
323Slack, Hazel V. (Kerns)
324Smith, Clyde Henry
325Smith, Jane F.
326Smith, Kathryn
327Smith, Patty
328Smith, T. A.
329Sparacio, Sam
330Spencer, Campbell and Jennifer
331Spencer, Elijah and Minnie
332Spencer, J. A.
333Spencer, Kelvin
334Spouaugle, William
335St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Strasburg, Va.)
336St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Uniontown, Pa.)
337Stafford County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
338Stines, C. T. M.
339Stitt, Wilson M.
340Stoney, R. L.
341Stottlemyre, Don, Mrs.
342Street, George T.
343Sturm, Bliss
344Sturm, H. J.
345Sturtevent, Anne F.
346Tennant, Francis
347Tennant, Marian A.
348Terreau, Viola
349Thomson, Edith
350Thomson, Godfrey
351Thomson, Mary Margaret
352Toothman, Harold and Betty
353Toothman, Rick
354Turner, Nora Mills
355Tyler, Eva
356Umberger, Henry
357United States. Internal Revenue Service
358Virginia Genealogical Society
359Virginia State Library
360Vjak, Raul, Mrs.
361Vogelman, B. W.
362Walker, James and Hannah
363Walker, Lynn
364Walker, Richard R.
365Walker, Tania (Donaldson)
366Ward, Thelma J.
367Walsh, Millard F.
368Washington County, Pennsylvania. Clerk's Office
369Washington County, Pennsylvania. Public Library
370Waters, Ralph
371Wayne County, Ohio. Clerk's Office
372Wayne, Goldie (Horr)
373Webster, K. M.
374Webster, Pearl
375West Virginia State Medical Association
376West Virginia. State Auditor's Office
377West Virginia. University. Library
378Western Pennsylvania West Virginia Synod, Lutheran Church in America
379Westmoreland County, Virginia. Clerk's Office
380Wetzel County, West Virginia. Historical Society
381Whitaker, Lee N.
382Williams, B. H.
383Williams, Chad E.
384Willis, C. Hunter
385Wilshire, Joe
386Wolfe, Harley A.
387Wood, Mary B.
388Work, William H.
389Zabriskie, Harry B.
390Zirkle, L. C.

Series Two: Genealogical Records of Individuals.

Consists of genealogical notes, photographs, photocopies and transcriptions of original documents concerning members of the Baker, Kendall and related families. Arranged alphabetically by individual, with like names arranged by full dates, birth dates, death dates, flourish dates, and no dates. Many files also contain information about the particular individual's family. Consequently, there is significant duplication between the files of direct descendants.

Folder391       Baker, Aaron (b. 1838?)                                                                            
392Baker, Anthony (1761/2-1816 )
393Baker, Charles G. (1871-1971)
394Baker, Cyrus Ellis (d. 1946)
395Baker, Dorsey
396Baker, Elias (1846-1926)
397Baker, Ezra Washington (1866-1901)
398Baker, Francis
399Baker, George (1762-1820)
400Baker, George Washington (1854-1908)
401Baker, Harper Yates (1873-1943)
402Baker, Harrison Lee (1852-1924)
403Baker, Henry (1846-1942)
404Baker, Hieronimus (d. 1908)
405Baker, Ira Deckover (1874-1935)
406Baker, Jacob (1792-1898)
407Baker, Jacob Raymer (1852-1926)
408Baker, John (d. 1819)
409Baker, John (d. 1853)
410Baker, "Devil" John (d. 1881)
411Baker, John Nicholas (1701-1762)
412Baker, John Nicholas (1741-1793)
413Baker, Joseph Clyde (1857-1950)
414Baker, Joshua
415Baker, Lucy
416Baker, Marshall Oliver
417Baker, Melcher
418Baker, Michael M.
419Baker, Nelson
420Baker, Nicholas (1744-1832)
421Baker, Nicholas (d. 1793)
422-23Baker, Nicholas (2 folders)
424Baker, Nicholas Valentine (1771-1846)
425Baker, Noah (1816-1895)
426Baker, Peter (d. 1812)
427Baker, Philip (d. 1816)
428Baker, Philip Peter (1759-1837)
429Baker, Phillip
430Baker, Solomon (b. 1781)
431Baker, Thomas
432Baker, William Deckover (1844-1883)
433Bartlett, Paul
434Bauman, Albert
435Becker, Johannes (1719-1794)
436Berlin, Arnold Axel (1893-1983)
437Black, John, Mrs.
438Blankenship, Henry (b. 1756?)
439Block, Nicholas (1793-1861)
440Boone, Daniel
441Booton, Travis (d. 1814)
442Brown, William
443Budge, James
444Cadman, Martha (Kendall) Glockin (1856-1932)
445Campbell, Archibald
446Campbell, Dennis
447Campbell, Nancy (Kendall) (1815-1898)
448Campbell, Thomas (1788?-1860)
449Cannon, Cora Darling (Baker) (1882-1951)
450Casper, Elizabeth (Kendall)
451Cottral, Andrew
452Cottrell, Andrew (d. 1726)
453Cottrell, John (d. 1726)
454Cottrell, Thomas (d. 1763)
455Cottril, Orin
456Crashawe, William (d. 1626)
457Critchfield, David (d. 1836)
458Critchfield, Mary (Campbell)
459Critchfield, Zedekiah
460Cunningham, David
461Cunningham, John (1780-1866)
462Dogget, H. R.
463Druria, Bob and Eugene
464Enis, Nathaniel (d. 1720?)
465aErnest, Boney
465bFloyd, Colden
466Floyd, Harold
467Floyd, Henry F.
468Floyd, Henry T.
469Freeland, Aaron
470Gainor, Zachariah
471Glasscock, William
472Godly, Edward
473Goff, Thomas (d. 1734)
474Green, John
475Griffith, Dorothy Marie (Kendall)
476Harbath, Marjorie Leigh (Applegate)
477Haught, Peter (b. 1760)
478Hawkins, Frederick
479Haynes, William Elijah
480Hays, Jonathon Pindle
481Hellem, John H.
482Hellem, Robert E.
483Hidley, Irma Lee (Kendall)
484Higgenbottom, Wesley Lewis
485Hodge, John (d. 1789?)
486Hoge, Israel (d. 1802)
487Hoge, James (d. 1795)
488Hoge, Moses (d. 1865)
489Holden, Amelia (Kendall)
490Holden, James
491Holden, John Hutchinson
492Holden, John Nelson (1861-1948)
493Holden, Joseph L.
494Horr, Edward Lee
495Hoskins, Anne (Washington) (fl. 1680)
496Hulett, James M.
497Johnston, James Morgan
498Johnston, Lucy (Kendall)
499Kelley, Denise Anne
500Kendall, Anne (d. 1559)
501Kendall, Ashbury
502Kendall, Bailey A. (b. 1786)
503Kendall, Cassie B. (1870-1940)
504Kendall, Charles Robert
505Kendall, Claud Albert
506Kendall, Claud Carl
507Kendall, Cornelius
508Kendall, Curtis
509Kendall, Daniel (1753-1832)
510Kendall, Daniel (1830-1905)
511Kendall, Eli (1841-1921)
512Kendall, Elias (1816-1906)
513Kendall, Elizabeth (b.1765)
514Kendall, Enoch (b. 1787)
515Kendall, Enoch Wilson (1813-1881)
516Kendall, Everett
517Kendall, Fielding (1790-1866)
518Kendall, George (1514-1566)
519Kendall, George (1744-1830?)
520Kendall, George (d. 1755)
521Kendall, George A. (d. 1864)
522Kendall, George M. (1842-1918)
523Kendall, Harrison (d. 1863)
524Kendall, Heli (fl. 1798-1801)
525Kendall, Henry (1582-1627)
526Kendall, Henry (1749-1810)
527Kendall, Henry (d. 1592)
528Kendall, Henry (d. 1644)
529Kendall, Henry (fl. 1735-1758)
530Kendall, Henry C. (b. 1843)
531Kendall, Henry H. (d. 1915)
532Kendall, Homer J. (1868-1945)
533Kendall, J. Thomas (1742-1814?)
534Kendall, Jacob (fl. 1827)
535Kendall, Jacob H. (fl. 1876-1878)
536Kendall, James (1756-1798)
537Kendall, James (1761-1823)
538Kendall, James (d. 1679)
539Kendall, James (d. 1852)
540Kendall, James (fl. 1840)
541Kendall, James Key (1772?-1826?)
542Kendall, James [P.] (fl. 1846)
543Kendall, Jeremiah (1758-1843)
544Kendall, Jeremiah (1771-1830)
545Kendall, Jeremiah (fl. 1775-1782)
546Kendall, John (1385?-1487)
547Kendall, John (1412-1483)
548Kendall, John (1470?-1528?)
549Kendall, John (1614-1631?)
550Kendall, John (1649-1679)
551Kendall, John (1675?-1736)
552Kendall, John (1717?-1754?)
553Kendall, John (1724-1808?)
554Kendall, John (1748-1825)
555Kendall, John (b. 1312?)
556Kendall, John (d. 1583?)
557Kendall, John (d. 1606?)
558Kendall, John (d. 1613?)
559Kendall, John (d. 1619?)
560Kendall, John (d. 1625)
561Kendall, John (d. 1639)
562Kendall, John (d. 1651)
563Kendall, John (d. 1672?)
564Kendall, John (d. 1689?)
565Kendall, John (d. 1701?)
566Kendall, John (d. 1732)
567Kendall, John (d. 1738)
568Kendall, John (d. 1792)
569Kendall, John (d. 1831)
570Kendall, John (d. 1837)
571Kendall, John (fl. 1715)
572Kendall, John (fl. 1761)
573Kendall, John (fl. 1781)
574Kendall, John (fl. 1809)
575Kendall, John Bartley (1861-1905)
576Kendall, John T. (d. 1897?)
577Kendall, Joseph (1803-1864)
578Kendall, Joshua (1723?-1795?)
579Kendall, Julius (1820-1888)
580Kendall, Lawrence (d. 1622)
581Kendall, Leah (d. 1625?)
582Kendall, Lemuel (1821-1910)
583Kendall, Lewis Lemuel (1851-1935)
584Kendall, M. Jeremiah
585Kendall, Mary Ann (b. 1752)
586Kendall, Morris (d. 1712)
587Kendall, Moses (d. 1793)
588Kendall, Oliver O.
589Kendall, Peggy (d. 1735)
590Kendall, Ransom (1782-1852)
591Kendall, Ransom (1816-1887)
592Kendall, Reuben
593Kendall, Richard (d. 1704)
594Kendall, Robert (d. 1608)
595Kendall, Robert (d. 1664?)
596Kendall, Robert (fl. 1817-1827)
597Kendall, Samuel (1713?-1789?)
598Kendall, Samuel (1749-1829)
599Kendal, Samuel (1758-1823)
600Kendall, Samuel (1809-1869)
601Kendall, Samuel (d. 1840)
602Kendall, Shelton
603Kendall, Stephen (1817-1893)
604Kendall, Stephen (b. 1832)
605Kendall, Stephen William
606Kendall, Thomas (1518?-1548?)
607Kendall, Thomas (1587?-1641)
608Kendall, Thomas (1645?-1710?)
609Kendall, Thomas (1670?-1716)
610Kendall, Thomas (1742-1804)
611Kendall, Thomas (b. 1336?)
612Kendall, Thomas (d. 1646)
613Kendall, Thomas (d. 1720?)
614Kendall, Thomas (d. 1799)
615Kendall, Thornton (1760?-1820?)
616Kendall, Travis (d. 1843)
617Kendall, Turner (1813-1886)
618Kendall, Varney
619Kendall, William (1272-1338)
620Kendall, William (1359-1447)
621Kendall, William (1459-1500)
622Kendall, William (1485-1543)
623Kendall, William (1692-1741)
624Kendall, William (1716-1777)
625Kendall, William (1749-1829)
626Kendall, William (1749-1836)
627Kendall, William (1781-1855)
628Kendall, William (1783-1849)
629Kendall, William (1819-1865)
630Kendall, William (1844-1901)
631Kendall, William (b. 1750?)
632Kendall, William (b. 1793)
633Kendall, William (b. 1835?)
634Kendall, William (d. 1616)
635Kendall, William (d. 1620)
636Kendall, William (fl. 1636)
637Kendall, William (fl. 1639)
638Kendall, William (fl. 1667)
639Kendall, William (fl. 1686)
640Kendall, William (fl. 1695)
641Kendall, William (fl. 1718)
642Kendall, William (fl. 1720)
643Kendall, William (fl. 1736)
644Kendall, William (fl. 1744)
645Kendall, William (fl. 1758)
646Kendall, William (fl. 1777)
647Kendall, William (fl. 1804)
648Kendall, William, Sir (b. 1199?)
649Kendall, William B. C.
650Kendall, Willis J. (1833-1869)
651Kendall, Woffendal (d. 1795)
652Kendall, Zachariah (b. 1835)
653Kendall, Zebedee (1819-1892)
654Kendall, Zebulon
655Kendel, Tipton (b. 1847)
656Kendle, William (1752-1834)
657Kerns, Emery
658Kindle, William
659King, Anariah (Kendall)
660Kirk, Edward
661Knight, Peter (b. 1758)
662Larson, Stella (Baker)
663Laurence, Ralph
664Lawhorn, Sarah Louise
665Lee, Hancock (d. 1709)
666Lucas, Charles (d. 1740)
667Lucas, Frances
668Lucas, Thomas (d. 1756)
669Luther, Harley F.
670McClelland, Marian
671Merchant, Ellen (Kerns)
672Metz, Henry
673Metz, Jacob
674Minear, David
675Minear, Robert Evans
676Mitchell, John (1763-1840)
677Morris, Jack
678Murdock, Jeremiah (d. 1752)
679Phillips, Delmar
680Phillips, Gregory
681Prickett, Jacob
682Prosser, John (d. 1677)
683Prosser, John (d. 1707)
684Pryor, Rosa Forrest (Kendall)
685Rasmussen, Elayne
686Ray, Thomas (fl. 1827)
687Reed, William (d. ca. 1720)
688Reeds, Samuel (d. 1749/50)
689Robinson, Benjamin (b. 1757)
690Robinson, James
691Rogers, John
692Satterfield, Samuel
693Savage, John (d. 1678)
694Savage, John (d. 1701)
695Shuman, John (d. 1832)
696Shup, Nicholas
697Sissel, Elizabeth (Kendall) (fl. 1806)
698Smith, Benjamin Franklin
699Smith, Susannah
700Snodgrass, Squire William B.
701Spencer, John Arthur
702Strum, Hugo
703Tennant, Bell (Baker)
704Tennant, Marian E.
705Thomson, Edith (Campbell)
706Tyndall, Thomas
707Walker, Arminta Elizabeth Marie (Kendall)
708Warren, Henry (d. 1693)
709Washington, Bailey (d. 1811)
710Washington, John (fl. 1671)
711Washington, Lawrence (d. 1697/8)
712Watson, Anthony (d. 1682)
713Watson, David (d. 1769)
714Watson, George
715Watson, Lancelot (d. 1762)
716Watson, Lucy (d. 1773)
717Watson, William (d. 1715)
718Wayne, John Horr
719Webner, Katharine
720Willis, John (d. 1715?)
721Willis, William
722Woffendale, Francis (fl. 1733)
723Young, Richard (fl. 1756)
724Yowell, Thomas (d. 1696)

Series Three: Family Histories.

Narrative family histories and miscellaneous notes, arranged alphabetically by surname. The Kendall Family "Combined Study" was an attempt to explain or correct contradictions among various Kendall researchers.

Folder725-26Baker Family (2 folders)                                                                                 
727Baker Family (LDS Records)
728Baker Family (VA Frederick and Shenandoah Counties)
729Baker Family (WV Marion County)
730Baker Family (Thomas Baker)
731Batson Family
732Beatty Family
733Boice Family
734Boyles Family
735Campbell Family
736Combs Family
737Copenhaver Family
738-39Cottrill Family (2 folders)
740Criss Family
741-43Critchfield Family (3 folders)
744Cunningham Family
745Efaw Family
746Glassel Family
747Goff Family
748Hall Family
749Hayes Family
750Higginbotham Family
751Hoge Family
752Ice family
753Johnson-Redd-Kendall families (Naomi Johnson Betts)
754-56Kendall Family (Combined Study) (3 folders)
757-58Kendall Family (Harbath Study) (2 folders)
759Kendall Family (Kentucky Branch)
760Kendall Family (Maryland Branch)
761Kendall Family (Massachusetts Branch)
762Kendall Family (Ohio Branch)
763Kendall Family (Quaker members)
764Kendall Family (James L. Kendall notes)
765Kendall Family (William B.C. Kendall, 1844-1926)
766Kendall Family (William Leroy Kendall)
767-69Kendall Family (Miscellaneous notes) (3 folders) * See also Oversized
770-72Kendall-Baker families, Wills, Deeds, etc. (3 folders)
773Kendall-Cunningham-Snodgrass families
774Kendall/Kindle family
775Kirk Family
776Larrick, Family
777-79Metz Family (3 folders)
780Minear Family
781Mitchell Family
782-83Nottingham Family (2 folders) * See also Oversized Materials
784Nutter-Cottrill Families
785Nutter-Mays Families
786Prickett Family
787Roberts Family (Horace Roberts)
788Robinson Family
789Satterfield Family
790Savage Family
791Shuman Family
792Snodgrass Family * See also Oversized Materials
793Stephens Family
794Straight Family
795Strother, Family
796Sturm Family
797Thomas Family (Joseph Thomas)
798Washington Family (John Washington)
799-800Watson Family (2 folders)

Series Four: English Kendalls.

Information about the English branches of the Kendall family, miscellaneous research notes, and scrapbooks.

Folder801English Ancestors of the Virginia Kendalls
802English Ancestors of the Virginia Kendalls (draft)
803-04English Kendalls, Austrey (2 folders)
805-07English Kendalls, Norfolk (3 folders)
808-09English Kendalls, Smithsby (2 folders)
810-15English Kendalls, Misc. Notes (6 folders) * See also Oversized Materials
816English Kendalls, Wills
817Kendall Coat of Arms)

Series Five: Historical Materials and Maps.

Miscellaneous records arranged by record type and then alphabetically by location. Most of these materials deal with members of the Kendall, Baker and related families, and do not represent the entirety of record available for the areas listed.

Series 5.1. Historical materials

Folder818Miscellaneous notes
819Colorado. Douglas County. Deaths
820Georgia. Revolutionary War records
821Georgia. Civil War records
822Indiana. Harrison County. Census records
823Indiana. Harrison County. Marriages
824Kansas. Stafford County. Census records
825Kansas. Stafford County. Deaths
826Kansas. Stafford County. Deeds
827Kansas. Stafford County. History
828Kansas. Stafford County. Marriages
829Kentucky. Census records
830Kentucky. Gallatin County. Census records
831Kentucky. Gallatin County. Marriages
832Kentucky. Meade County. Census records
833Kentucky. Meade County. Deeds
834Kentucky. Meade County. Marriages
835Kentucky. Nelson County. Deeds
836Kentucky. Nelson County. Marriages
837Kentucky. Woodford County. History
838Louisiana. War of 1812 records
839Maryland. Census records
840Maryland. Revolutionary War records
841Maryland. Wills
842North Carolina. Census records
843Ohio. Census records
844Ohio. Adams County. History
845Ohio. Scioto County. History
846Pennsylvania. Census records
847Pennsylvania. Land Patents
848Pennsylvania. Marriages
849Pennsylvania. Miscellaneous
850Pennsylvania. Fayette County. Baptismal records (German Twp.)
851Pennsylvania. Fayette County. Deaths
852Pennsylvania. Fayette County. History
853Pennsylvania. Fayette County. Land Patents
854Pennsylvania. Fayette County. Wills
855Pennsylvania. Westmoreland County. Church records
856South Carolina. Miscellaneous
857Utah. Lehi. Deaths
858Utah. Midvale. Deaths
859Virginia. Census records
860Virginia. Counties and parishes
861Virginia. Land records
862Virginia. Miscellaneous
863Virginia. Revolutionary War records
864Virginia. Wills
865Virginia. Albemarle County. Deeds
866Virginia. Caroline County. Orders
867Virginia. Essex County. Deeds and wills
868Virginia. Essex County. Orders
869Virginia. Fauquier County. Deeds
870Virginia. Fauquier County. Marriages
871Virginia. Fauquier County. Miscellaneous
872Virginia. Frederick County. Census records
873Virginia. Frederick County. Marriages
874Virginia. King William County. Court records
875Virginia. King William County. Land grants
876Virginia. King William County. St. Paul's Parish register
877Virginia. King William County. Wills
878Virginia. Loudoun County. Deeds
879Virginia. Loudoun County. Marriages
880Virginia. Loudoun County. Wills
881Virginia. Orange County. Chancery Suits
882Virginia. Orange County. Deeds
883Virginia. Orange County. Miscellaneous
884Virginia. Orange County. Tithables
885Virginia. Orange County. Wills
886Virginia. Prince William County. Deeds
887Virginia. Rappahannock County (Old). Deeds
888Virginia. Rappahannock County (Old). Deeds and wills
889Virginia. Rappahannock County (Old). History
890Virginia. Richmond County. Deeds
891Virginia. Richmond County. Marriages
892Virginia. Shenandoah County. Census records
893Virginia. Shenandoah County. Marriages
894Virginia. Spotsylvania County. Court records
895Virginia. Spotsylvania County. Orders
896Virginia. Stafford County. Deeds and wills
897Virginia. Stafford County. Land grants
898Virginia. Stafford County. Overwharton Parish register
899Virginia. Tazewell County. Deeds
900Virginia. Warren County. Deaths
901Virginia. Warren County. Deeds
902Virginia. Warren County. Marriages
903Virginia. Warren County. Wills
904Virginia. Westmoreland County. Deeds
905Virginia. Westmoreland County. Marriages
906West Virginia. Revolutionary War records
907West Virginia. Civil War records
908West Virginia. Barbour County. Births
909West Virginia. Braxton County. Land grants
910West Virginia. Harrison County. Census records
911West Virginia. Harrison County. History
912West Virginia. Harrison County. Land grants
913West Virginia. Harrison County. Marriages
914West Virginia. Lewis County. Deaths
915West Virginia. Marion County. Births
916West Virginia. Marion County. Census records
917West Virginia. Marion County. Deaths
918West Virginia. Marion County. Deeds
919West Virginia. Marion County. Land grants
920West Virginia. Marion County. Marriages
921West Virginia. Marion County. Miscellaneous
922West Virginia. Marion County. Wills
923West Virginia. Monongalia County. Census records
924West Virginia. Monongalia County. Land grants
925West Virginia. Monongalia County. Marriages
926West Virginia. Monongalia County. Wills
927West Virginia. Pocahontas County. Deeds and grants
928West Virginia. Pocahontas County. Estates
929West Virginia. Ritchie County. History
930West Virginia. Tyler County. Census records
931West Virginia. Tyler County. Marriages
932West Virginia. Wetzel County. Deaths

Series 5.2. Maps

Include modern highway maps as well a photocopies and reprints of historic maps.

Folder933  District of Columbia                                                                          
934Georgia. Elbert County
938Kentucky. Fort Knox
940North Carolina. Anson County
942Ohio. Adams County
943Ohio. Guernsey County
944Ohio. Scioto County
945Ohio. Yohogania County
947Pennsylvania. Beeson's Town
948Pennsylvania. Fayette County
949Pennsylvania. Greene County
950Pennsylvania. Monongahela River Bason
952United States
954Virginia. Accomack County
955Virginia. Augusta County
956Virginia. Caroline County
957Virginia. Charles City and New Kent counties
958Virginia. Charlottesville
959Virginia. Clarke and Warren counties
960Virginia. Culpeper County
961Virginia. Eastern Shore
962Virginia. Essex County
963Virginia. Fauquier County
964Virginia. Frederick County
965Virginia. Greene County
966Virginia. King George County
967Virginia. Loudoun County
968Virginia. Northampton County
969Virginia. Northern Neck * See also Oversize materials
970Virginia. Orange County
971Virginia. Page County
972Virginia. Prince William County
973Virginia. Richmond County
974Virginia. Shenandoah County
975Virginia. Stafford County
976Virginia. Tazewell County
977Virginia. Westmoreland County
978West Virginia.
979West Virginia. Barbour County
980West Virginia. Bridgeport
981West Virginia. Dents Run
982West Virginia. Douglas County
983West Virginia. Fairmont
984West Virginia. Harrison County * see also Oversize materials
985West Virginia. Mannington
986West Virginia. Marion County * see also Oversize materials
987West Virginia. Monongalia County
988West Virginia. Morgantown
989West Virginia. Tucker County
990West Virginia. Wetzel County
991West Virginia. Wood County
992England and Wales

Series Six: Personal Materials.

Miscellaneous personal materials of Claud C. Kendall and family.

Series 6.1. Financial Materials

Accounts, account books, and miscellaneous correspondence concerning the payments of bills. Of interest is the ledger, 1966-1968, concerning accounts of Laura D. Kendall, mother of Claud C. Kendall.

Folder   993        First Exchange Bank, 1961-1965
994Ledger, 1960-1965 (house repairs)
995Ledger, 1966-1968 (Laura D. Kendall, Anna Bauman, Claud C. Kendall, Mildred C. Kendall)
996Mannington Cemetery Care Fund, 1980-1990
997Medical receipts, Claud C. Kendall, 1991
998Medical receipts, Mildred C. Kendall, 1991
999Morgantown Printing and Binding Company
1000Receipts, Miscellaneous

Series 6.2. Legal Materials

The materials in the "Kendall vs. Stewart" file concern a lawsuit between the Kendalls and their neighbors in Mannington, W. Va., over a disputed property line and include copies of early deeds and indentures to trace the evolution of the lots involved.

Folder1001Kendall vs. Stewart, 1974                                                                       
1002Lease and inventory for house in Lake Wales, Florida, 1984
1003Living will and powers of attorney, Claud C. Kendall, 1993
1004Miscellaneous legal materials

Series 6.3. Personal Materials

The "Mannington High School Reunion" Oversize Material consists of Claud C. Kendall's high school diploma, dated 1922.

Folder1005Airline tickets and itinerary                                                                      
1006Anniversary cards
1007Mannington High School Reunion * See also Oversized Materials

Series 6.4. Mannington, West Virginia, and Miscellaneous Historical Materials

The "Mannington Sewer Installation" file includes letters, reports, newspaper clippings, and additional materials concerning the installation of sewer mains in downtown Mannington, W.Va., and the disputes between the city and the contractors and the contractors and the citizens whose property was affected.

Folder1008Mannington Centennial program)                                                                                   
1009Mannington News Items and Photographs)
1010Mannington Obituaries)
1011Mannington Sewer installation)
1012West Virginia history by Claud C. Kendall)
1013-14West Virginia News Items and Photographs (2 folders)

Series 6.5. Miscellaneous Materials

The Clyde H. Smith materials include several certificates of recognition issued to Mr. Smith by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, recognizing him for his citizenship and contributions to society.

Folder1015Custis, John                                                                                            
1016Early Virginia Immigrants
1017Memorial Service programs
1018Smith, Clyde H.

Series 6.6. Travel Photographs

Folder1019Florida: Everglades National Park                                                           
1020Florida: Key West
1021Florida: Maco Island
1022Florida: St. Petersburg
1023Georgia: Atlanta
1024Georgia: Elberton
1027New York: Palmyra
1028Utah: Lehi

Series 6.7. Volumes

Folder1031Kendalls of Virginia (Draft)                                                                                          
1032Kendalls of Virginia (Incomplete copy)
1033-36Scrapbooks (4 folders)

Series 6.8. Photographs

The cemeteries files include photographs of headstones of individual Kendalls, Bakers, and related families in a variety of locales. Most images are duplicated elsewhere, either in the files on individuals, the files on the families, or Mr. Kendall's work, "Kendalls of Virginia."

Folder1037Photographic negatives, Unidentified and Misc.                                                          
1038Photographs, Unidentified and Misc.
1039-40Photographs, West Virginia cemeteries (2 folders)
1041Photographs, Cemeteries (Other)
1042Photographic Negatives, Cemeteries
1043Photographic Negatives, Cemeteries (List)


Series 3. Family files.

  • Oversized items 1-22 Kendall Family genealogical charts
  • Oversized items 23-24 Nottingham Family genealogical charts
  • Oversized item 25 Snodgrass Family genealogical charts

Series 4. English Kendalls.

  • Oversized items 26-58 Kendall Family of England, genealogical charts

Series 5.2. Maps.

  • Oversized items 59-60 Maps of the Thomas Kendall and William Kendall grants, Northern Neck, Va.
  • Oversized item 61 Map of Harrison County, W. Va. (blue-line)
  • Oversized item 62 Map of Marion County, W. Va., showing 19th century family farms (blue-print)

Series 6.3. Personal materials.

  • Oversized item 63 Claud C. Kendall High School diploma, 1922

Container List

Box 1: Series One: Correspondence, A - Kendall, Hazel (folders 1 - 188)

Box 2: Series One, Cont.: Correspondence, Kendall, J. I. - Z (folders 189 - 390)

Box 3: Series Two: Genealogical records of individuals, Baker - Kelley (folders 391 - 499)

Box 4: Series Two, Cont.: Genealogical records, Kendall, A-S (folders 500-605)

Box 5: Series Two, Cont.: Genealogical records, Kendall, T - Yowell (folders 606-724)

Box 6: Series Three: Family files, Baker - Johnson (folders 725-753)

Box 7: Series Three, Cont.: Family files, Kendall - Kirk (folders 754-775)

Box 8: Series Three, Cont.: Family files, Larrick - Watson (folders 776-800)

Box 9: Series Four: English Kendalls (folders 801-817)

Box 10: Series Five: Historical materials, Misc. and Colorado - Virginia (folders 818-905)

Box 11: Series Five, Cont.: Historical materials, West Va. - Maps (all) (folders 906-992)

Box 12: Series Six: Personal and miscellaneous (financial, legal) (folders 993-1030)

Box 13: Series Six, Cont.: Personal and miscellaneous (volumes, photos) (folders 1031-1043)

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