Fairfax Harrison

A Guide to the Fairfax Harrison Papers, 1928-1945
Call Number Mss1 H2463 p


Main Entry:Harrison, Fairfax, 1869-1938.
Title: Papers, 1928-1945.
Size:5,000 (ca.) items (4 boxes).
Biographical Note:Lawyer, of "Belvoir," Fauquier County, Va., and CEO of the Southern Railway Company. Harrison was also a prolific writer whose interests included thoroughbred horses and horse racing, as well as Virginia genealogy and history.

Chiefly notes concerning thoroughbred horses compiled for a planned publication, "Portraits of English Turf Horses before [George] Stubbs" (copy of manuscript included).

Also, include research files on artists, collectors and printers of horse images, correspondence, 1928-1944, and a collection of likenesses of various persons, including Anne (Byrd) Carter, Charles Carter, Beverley Tucker Crump, Benjamin Ogle Tayloe, John Tayloe (1721-1779), John Tayloe (1771-1828), George Washington, and Ralph Wormeley, and of Virginia places, including "Chelsea," King William County, "Mount Airy," Richmond County, and Leedstown.

Also, include catalog of Harrison's collection of books on the history of sport.

Provenance:Gift of Ursula Fairfax (Harrison) Baird (i.e., Mrs. Charles Baird), Dunnsville, Va., and Sally (Harrison) Dieke (i.e., Mrs. Gerhard Dieke), Baltimore, Md., 30 December 1959.


Part I. Notes, photographs, and engravings concerning horses

Box 1
 Folder 1Aaron                                                                                          
 3Alcock’s Arabian
 4American Eclipse
 10Arthur O’Bradley
 15Bald Charlotte
 22Bay Bolton
 23Bay Malton
 24Black Chance
 25Black Spot
 29Bloody Shouldered Arabian
 30Blue Bonnet
 32Bonnets O’Blue
 33Bonny Black
 39Brokelsby Betty
 40Bryan O’Lynn
 43Byerley Turk
 47Cardinal Puff
 50Carriage race
 51Cartouche (Old)
 52Cartouche (Young)
 66Creeping Molly
 67Cullen Arabian
 68Curwen’s Bay Barb
 70Dairy Maid
 72Darley Arabian
 73Delphine and Herald
 76Diomed (see also Ulyses)
 79Dun Arabian
 84Eastern Princess (See Tomyris)
 86Fair Play
 91Flying Dutchman
 99Godolphin Arabian
 102Grey Cardigan
 103Grey Carey
 104Grey Eagle
 105Grosvenor Arabian
 107Hampton Court Chestnut Arabian
 110Herald (See Delphine)
 123Keppel’s Arabian
 124King Herod
 125Lady Lightfoot
 134Little David
 143Mary Grey
 144Mary Randolph
 145Master Robert
 149Merry Batchelor
 150Merry Pintle
 152Miss Craven
 153Miss Doe
 154Miss Slamerkin
 156Molly (Yorkshire Coaching Mare)
 157Molly Longlegs
 167Newcomb’s Bay Arabian
 169Northumberland Arabian
 175Partner (Croft’s)
 176Partner (Grisewood’s)
 180Petre’s Arabian Mare
 183Play or Pay
 185Polly Peachum
 189Prince Charlie
Box 2
 Folder 191Queen of Trumps
 193Red Robin
 198Robinson Crusoe
 201Sacripant (See Sir John)
 202St. Simon
 207Scar (Old)
 208Scar (Young)
 216Silver Leg
 218Sir Archy
 219Sir Hal
 220Sir Harry
 221Sir Henry Tonson
 222Sir John
 223Sir Peter Teazle
 228Smiling Ball
 229Smiling Billy
 230Smiling Tom
 232Snap (Portmore’s)
 233Snap (Shafto’s & Latham’s)
 235Spanish Horse
 236Spanking Roger
 246Squirt (Young)
 250Starling (Ancaster’s)
 251Starling (Bolton’s)
 252Stiff Dick
 260Thessalian Horse
 266Traveller (Lee’s)
 267Traveller (Old)
 269True Blue
 277Victorious (Onslow’s)
 278Victorious (Portmore - Hamilton)
 288Wilson’s Bay Arabian
 289Wilson’s Chestnut Arabian
 290Windham (Young)
 291Winter Arabian
 292Young Lightfoot
 293Young Pretender

Part II. Artists, Collectors, Printers

Box 2
 Folder 295Alken, Henry
 296Antrim, Lord
 297Arthurton, harry
 298Baillie-Grohman, William A.
 299Barlow, Francis
 300Beaufort, Duke of (Henry Somerset, 1707-1745/6)
 301Bedford, Duke of
 302Best, T.
 303Bolton, Duke of
 304Boultbee, John
 305Bowles family (printers)
 306Brigham, [?]
 307Burford, Thomas
 308Bute, Marquis of
 309Butler, Thomas
 310Castle Rea Screen
 311Castlecoole Screen
 312Chalon, H. B.
 313Cheny’s pedigrees
 314Chinese Horses
 315Clarke. Ropbert A.
 316Cocks (cock fighting)
 317Collins, Charles
 319Cotton, John
 320Country life exhibition
 321Cuyp, Aalbert
 322D’Arcy family
 323Davies, A. Rees
 324Davis, R. B.
 325Delattre, Henri
 326Devis, Arthur
 327Drake, Nathan
 328Dromoland Castle
 329Dubost, A.
 331Dunn-Gardner collection
 333E. P. Dutton and Company – catalogue of old and rare books on horses
 334Francis Edwards, Ltd. – list of books on horses
 335Epsom races (1756)
 336Ferneley, John E.
 337Fisher, Alvan
 338Flemish primitive
 339Fores (London, Eng.)
 340The Gardener’s Mare
 341Ernest R. Gee (N.Y., N.Y.) – catalogue of horse books
 342George V
 343Gift Horse
 344Gilpin, Sawrey
 345Gooch, Thomas
 346Duke of Grafton
 347Lord Granby
 348Graves. Algernon
 349Greek horse
 350Greffier, Robert
 351Grimbaldson, Walter
 352Haddon Hall
 353Hancock, Arthur B.
 354Healy, Robert
 355Heber, Reginald
 356Herring, John Frederick
 357Hindley, John
 358Holoway, [?]
 359Hookham, Thomas
 360Horse clothing
 361Houston, Richard
 362Hungerford, Walter, Sir
 363Hutton, Ernest E.
 364Lord Hylton
 365Iremonger, H. F. W.
 366Irish coins
 367The Jockies Intelligencer
 368June J.
 369Kane, Paul
 370Killingbeck, Benjamin
 371King, Edward
 372Kirkall, Elisha
 373Kneller, G.
 374Langdale collection
 375Leggatt Bros.
 376Lewis, John Frederick
 377Libian Horse
 378Luttrell Psalter
 379Maas, Dirk
 380Marlow Races
 381Marshall, Ben
 382Martin, Willard
 384The Meltonians (See Aiken, Hery)
 385Mercier, Philip
 386Millais, Raoul
 387Miller, Andrew and John
 388Morier, David
 389Morland, George
 391Nevill, R.
 392Newhouse Gallery
 394Oglebay, Crispin
 395Lord Onslow
 396Osbaldeston, George
 397Palace House Collection
 399Parsons, G. H.
 400Penny, Edward
 401Persian miniatures
 402Pickering & Chatto Ltd. (London, Eng.)
 403Place, Francis
 404Plaistow, Eng.
 405Lord Portmore
Box 3
 Folder 406Quigley
 407Racing at home and abroad
 408Reinagle, Philip
 409James Rimell & Son (London, Eng.)
 411Lord Rockingham
 412Roman Horses
 413Romano, Giulio
 414Roper, Richard
 416Thomas Ross & Son (London, Eng.)
 417Sandby, Paul
 418Sartorius, Francis
 419Sartorius, John N.
 420Sartorius, W.
 421Sartorius family
 422Schwerdt, Charles Francis George Richard
 423Scott, J.
 424Seymour, James
 425Seymour, James
 426Seymour, James
 427Seymour, James
 428Seymour, James
 429Shaw, William
 430Siberechts, Jan
 431Simpson, Joseph
 432Sowers, Roy Vernon
 433Spencer, Thomas
 434Spencer, W. T.
 435The Sporting Magazine
 437Stradanus, John
 438Stubbs, George
 439Stubbs, George
 441Tillemans, Peter
 442Towne, Charles
 443Troye, Edward
 444Turner, F. C.
 445Van Haecken, Alex and Joseph
 446Vertue, George
 447Walpole, Horace
 448Ward, James
 449Watt, Richard
 450Weaver, Thomas
 451Welbeck Abbey
 452Whitely, W. T.
 453Wiese, Kurt
 454Windsor Castle
 455Wolstenholme, Deane
 456Wood, Carter
 457Wood, John
 458Wyck, Jan
 459The Yorkshireman
 460Wootton, John

Part III. Correspondence.

Box 3
 Folder 461ACorrespondence, 1928-1930 August                                                              
 461BCorrespondence, 1930 September-1931
 462Correspondence, 1932-1934
 463Correspondence, 1935 January-May 31
 464Correspondence, 1935 June-December
 465Correspondence, 1936 January 2-April 24
 466Correspondence, 1936 April 25-May 31
 467Correspondence, 1936 June-July
 468Correspondence, 1936 August
 469Correspondence, 1936 September
 470Correspondence, 1936 October
 471Correspondence, 1936 November-December
Box 4
 Folder 472Correspondence, 1937 January
 473Correspondence, 1937 February
 474Correspondence, 1937 March
 475Correspondence, 1937 April
 476Correspondence, 1937 May-June
 477Correspondence, 1937 July-August
 478Correspondence, 1937 September
 479Correspondence, 1937 October
 480Correspondence, 1937 November-December
 481Correspondence, 1938–

Part IV. Miscellaneous

Box 4
 Folder 482Miscellaneous                                                                                         
 483Unpublished manuscript
 484Unpublished manuscript
 485Unpublished manuscript
 486Unpublished manuscript
 487Unpublished manuscript
 488Unpublished manuscript
 490Mason’s Farrier, 1811 ed.
 491Colden’s Sporting Magazines
 492Additional miscellaneous notes
 493Proposal, 1934, to legalize horse racing in Virginia

Part V. Portraits and Photographs

Box 4
 Folder 494Carter, Anne (Byrd)                                                                                
 495Carter, Charles
 496Cromwell, Oliver
 497Crump, Beverley Tucker
 498Davie, Allen Jones
 499Dobson, William
 500Duvall, Gabriel
 501Fenton, Lavinia
 502Filmer, Edmund, Sir
 503Fisher, Kitty
 504Forman, Thomas Mrsh
 505Harrison, Fairfax
 506Irving, John B.
 507Porter, William Trotter
 508Shafto, Jennison
 509Skinner, John S.
 510Tayloe, Benjamin Ogle
 511Tayloe, John (1721-1779)
 512Tayloe, John (1771-1828)
 513Walker, Robert
 514Washington, George
 515Williams, William
 516Wormeley, Ralph
 517Chelsea (King William County, Va.)
 518Mount Airy (Richmond County, Va.)
 519Leedstown (Va.)

Part VI. Fairfax Harrison’s Book Collection

Box 4     Catalogue cards for Harrison’s collection of sporting books (end of Box 4)

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