James River Corporation

A Guide to the James River Corporation, Richmond, Va., Records, 1969-1996
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Series 1. Annual Reports
Series 2. Newsletters
Series 3. Public Relations (includes company history materials)
Series 4. Facilities
Series 5. Aquisitions
Series 6. Officers and Employees
Series 7. Oversize Photographs


Main Entry:James River Corporation (Va.)
Title: Records, 1969-1996.
Size:ca. 9,340 items (29 boxes)
Historical Note:James River Paper Company, later James River Corporation, was formed by Brenton S. Halsey and Robert Williams in 1969. With its headquarters based in Richmond, Virginia, and its owners having extensive backgrounds in the paper business, James River Corporation established itself as a leader throughout the world. Specializing in a variety of consumer, specialty, and industrial paper products, James River Corporation was a pioneer in many ways in American industry and the business world. Furthermore, the corporation’s first president, Brenton S. Halsey, was an active community leader, whose influence can be found throughout Richmond, especially in the revitalization and protection of the James River as the city’s most valuable resource. Brenton Halsey and Robert Williams created a business that far surpassed their wildest expectations, an empire that grew and maintained its position as a world leader in the paper business until its merger with Fort Howard and the eventual move of its headquarters to Chicago, Illinois, in 1997 under the name of Fort James.
Summary:Annual reports, newsletters, scrapbooks, acquisitions records, press releases, facilities records, information files on selected officers and employees, audio visual materials related to James River Corporation, and miscellaneous documentation. Most materials included in this collection were produced or compiled by the public relations department.
Provenance:Gift of Fort James Corporation, Richmond, Va., through the courtesy of Brenton S. Halsey, chairman emeritus of James River Corporation, in 1998. Accessioned 30 August 2000.

Introduction and Chronology


James River Paper Company was formed in 1969 when Brenton S. Halsey and Robert Williams purchased the assets of Ethyl Corporation’s (a subsidiary of Albemarle Paper Manufacturing Company) Specialty Papers Division. Included in this initial purchase were the Hollywood Mill, the Riverside Converting Plant, and the cast-coating operations plant based at Tredegar. Former employees of the Albemarle’s Paper Manufacturing Company, Brenton Halsey and Robert Williams brought with them the experience and knowledge to make their new acquisition a success. With a vast background in the paper business, Halsey and Williams devised a simple plan that carried this corporation throughout its history. They shared a belief that after operations were improved, assets could be leveraged and used to buy out larger companies and other specialty papers divisions. This plan not only revolutionized the business world, but also with time made James River Corporation the leading paper manufacturer in the world.

From the outset, Halsey and Williams outlined founding values and beliefs (corporation ethics) that would guide James River Corporation in all transactions. Beginning with Pepperell, James River Corporation began a series of acquisitions, that included such corporations as American Can and Crown Zellerbach, the former making James River the largest paper manufacturing corporation in the world. These acquisitions continued through the years and would continue to play a vital role in constructing James River Corporation’s history.

Halsey and Williams also believed that good employee relations were a must for any business to succeed. In this aspect, They began by striving to include employees in the business itself and to let them take an active role in not only the company’s success, but their own. New management techniques such as employee incentive programs, recognition programs, emphasizing employee ownership, participation, and creativity were all factors in James River Corporation’s success.

Specializing in a variety of consumer, specialty, and industrial paper products, James River Corporation was a pioneer in many ways to American industry and the business world, a corporation that far surpassed Brenton Halsey’s or Robert Williams’s wildest dreams. Under their leadership James River Corporation quickly grew and established itself as a world leader in the paper business, and proudly maintained this position until its merger with Fort Howard in 1997.

For an insider’s look at the history of James River Corporation, see Brenton S. Halsey’s James River Corporation: A Personal Memoir (1998), a copy of which is filed in folder # 134.


1969James River Paper Company co-founded by Brenton Halsey and Robert Williams, with purchase of Ethyl’s Specialty Papers Division.
1971Pepperell acquisition.
1972Fitchburg acquisition.
1973Name changed to James River Corporation.
1976Riegal Division acquisition.
1980Brown acquisition.
1982American Can acquisition.
1985H. P. Smith acquisition.
1986Crown Zellerbach acquisition.
1986James River Corporation named largest paper manufacturer in the world.
1986Specialty Papers Business acquisition.
1997Acquisition by Fort Howard, then merger with Fort Howard. Name changed to Fort James and corporation headquarters moved to Chicago, Illinois.

Series Descriptions

Series 1: Annual Reports

Annual reports dating from 1969 to 1996, including the 1992 Employees Annual Report, and a gold pen issued with one of the reports. Also, included are the annual report photography files from 1980 to 1996.

Gold Pen issued with Annual Reports.

Folder  1James River Paper Company First Annual Report 1970 for fiscal year ending April 26, 1970.                                                                                    
2James River Paper Company Second Annual Report 1971 for fiscal year ending April 25, 1971.
3James River Paper Company Third Annual Report 1971 for fiscal year ending April 30, 1972.
4James River Corporation Fourth Annual Report for fiscal year ending April, 29, 1973.
5James River Corporation Annual Report for 1974.
6James River Corporation Annual Report for 1975.
7James River Corporation Annual Report for 1976.
8James River Corporation Annual Report for 1976/77.
9James River Corporation Annual Report for 1977/78.
10James River Corporation Annual Report for 1978/79 (1969/1979).
11James River Corporation Annual Report for 1979/80.
12James River Corporation Annual Report for 1980/81.
13James River Corporation Annual Report for 1981/82.
14James River Corporation Annual Report for 1982/83.
15James River Corporation Annual Report for 1983/84.
16James River Corporation Annual Report for 1984/85.
17James River Corporation Annual Report for 1985/86.
18James River Corporation Annual Report for 1986/87.
19James River Corporation Annual Report for 1987/88.
20James River Corporation “Two Decades of Growth” Annual Report 1988/89.
21James River Corporation Annual Report for 1989/90.
22James River Corporation Annual Report for 1990/91.
23James River Corporation Annual Report for 1991/92.
24James River Corporation Annual Report for 1992/93.
25James River Corporation Employees 1992 Annual Report.
26James River Corporation Annual Report for 1993/94.
27James River Corporation Annual Report for 1994.
28James River Corporation Annual Report for 1995.
29James River Corporation Annual Report for 1996.
30James River Corporation Annual Report for 1980/81 Photography.
31James River Corporation Annual Report for 1982/83 Photography.
32James River Corporation Annual Report for 1984/85 Photography.
33James River Corporation Annual Report for 1985/86 Photography.
34James River Corporation Annual Report for 1986/87 Photography.
35James River Corporation Annual Report for 1987/88 Photography.
36James River Corporation Annual Report for 1988/89 Photography.
37James River Corporation Annual Report for 1988/89 Photography.
38James River Corporation Annual Report for 1989/90 Photography.
39James River Corporation Annual Report for 1989/90 Photography.
40James River Corporation Annual Report for 1990/91 Photography.
41James River Corporation Annual Report for 1991/92 Photography.
42James River Corporation Annual Report for 1992/93 Photography.
43James River Corporation Annual Report for 1992/93 Photography.
44James River Corporation Annual Report for 1993/94 Photography.
45James River Corporation Annual Report for 1994/95 Photography.
46James River Corporation Annual Report for 1994/95 Photography.
47James River Corporation Annual Report for 1995/96 Photography.
48James River Corporation Miscellaneous Out takes.
49James River Corporation Miscellaneous Out takes.

Series 2: Newsletters

Corporation’s monthly “On Stream” newsletters to employees dating from 1982 to 1997.

Folder 50“On Stream,” 1993.
51“On Stream,” 1994
52“On Stream,” 1995
53“On Stream,” 1996
54“On Stream,” 1997
55“On Stream,” 1982
56“On Stream,” 1983
57“On Stream,” 1984
58“On Stream,” 1985
59“On Stream,” 1986
60“On Stream,” 1987
61“On Stream,” 1987
62“On Stream,” 1988
63“On Stream,” 1988
64“On Stream,” 1989
65“On Stream,” 1989
66“On Stream,” 1990
67“On Stream,” 1990
68“On Stream,” 1991
69“On Stream,” 1991
70“On Stream,” 1991
71“On Stream,” 1992
72“On Stream,” 1992
73“On Stream,” 1992

Series 3: Public Relations

The following subseries are record groups generated by the public relations division of James River Corporation primarily covering the history of the firm and information released to the press and public about corporate operations.

Series 3:1: James River Corporation History
Articles, essays, events files, photographs, and slides covering a variety of aspects of James River Corporation’s history and corporate structure. Included in this series are: photographs of James River Corporation’s 10th Anniversary, a 1985 company picnic, the Richmond River Front kick off event, visual records of the James River floods of 1985 and 1992, James River Corporation identification standards, articles concerning Albemarle Paper Manufacturing Company’s history, story scripts and slide lists pertaining to James River Stories, and Jamont, Crown Zellerbach, and James River Corporation. Also, these files include Towel and Tissue stories, collected articles that pertain to James River Corporation, and Brenton S. Halsey’s personal memoir.
Folder 74James River 10th Anniversary, 1979.
75James River 10th Anniversary, 1979.
76James River Picnic, 1985.
77James River Picnic, 1985.
78James River Picnic, 1985.
79James River Picnic, 1985.
80James River Picnic, 1985.
81James River Picnic, 1985.
82James River Picnic, 1985.
83James River Picnic, 1985.
84James River Picnic, 1985.
85Flood, 1985.
86James River Corporation 20th Anniversary Presentation.
87James River Corporation 20th Anniversary Presentation.
88River Front Kickoff, 1985.
89JR/CZ Story for James River Employees.
90Crown Road Show, 1986 (left slide tray).
91Crown Road Show, 1986 (right slide tray).
92The Cascade Story, 1985.
93JR/CZ Story for James River Employees, 1986.
94Finding A Better Way, 1993.
95PIMA Awards Dinner, 1985.
96Halsey/Williams Awards Banquet.
97Spring Flood, 1992.
98Identification Standards.
99History Fact Duplicate Slides.
100Miscellaneous James River Slides.
101Articles, 1983-1995.
102Miscellaneous Slides.
103James River Corporation Miscellaneous Papers.
104Albemarle Paper Manufacturing Company history, 1887-1962.
105Ethyl, 1986.
106“JR This Week,” 1994/95.
107James River Corporation.
108James River Corporate Goals, 1984.
109Hollywood Mill, and its 100th Anniversary.
110Towel And Tissue; Crown and Dixie.
111James River/New York Stock Exchange, 1980.
112James River Common Stock Certificate.
113James River/NYSE, 1980.
114James River Story, 1980.
115James River Story, 1983.
116James River Story, 1983.
117James River Story, 1984.
118James River Story, 1984.
119James River Story, 1986.
120James River Story, 1986.
121James River Story, 1987.
122James River Story, 1988.
123James River Story, 1988 September 22.
124James River Story, 1989.
125James River Story, 1989.
126James River Story, 1989 December 27.
127James River Story, 1991.
128James River Story, 1992.
129James River Story, 1993
130James River Story, 1993.
131James River Story, 1993.
132Miscellaneous James River Story material.
133Jamont Bank Presentation, 1991.
134Brenton S. Halsey Memoir, 1998.
135Brenton S. Halsey Memoir, 1998.
Series 3:2: Press Releases
Press releases concerning James River Corporation paper and product lines.
Folder 136James River Product Lines.
137James River Product Lines Photographs.
138Early James River Images.
139James River Premium Printing Papers.
140James River Factory History.
141Product performance Book, 1988.
142James River 25th Anniversary 25 Big Ideas, 1994.
143James River 25 Year Calender.
Series 3.3: Scrapbooks
Scrapbooks, 1969-1988, containing news clippings, articles, invitations, and related materials concerning the corporation’s history.
Folder 144James River Scrapbook, 1969-1977.
145James River Scrapbook, 1969-1979.
146James River Scrapbook, 1976.
147James River Scrapbook, 1980/81.
148James River Scrapbook, September 1981/July 1982.
149James River Scrapbook, July 1982/June 1983.
150James River Scrapbook, June 1983/May 1984.
151James River Scrapbook, June 1984/September 1985.
152James River Scrapbook, October 1985/October 1986.
153James River Scrapbook, October 1986/September 1988.
154James River Scrapbook, March 1987/September 1988.
Series 3.4: Audio/Visual Materials
Audio, Beta, VHS and cassette tapes of corporate public relations presentations, advertisements, orientation programs, and oral histories all pertaining to James River Corporation.
Folder 155Halsey-Williams 25 Years (beta tape).
156Halsey-Williams 25 Years (beta tape).
157Halsey-Williams 25 Years (beta tape).
158Halsey-Williams 25 Years (beta tape).
159Halsey-Williams, 1994 (beta tape).
160Halsey-Williams, 1994 (beta tape).
161Crown Zellerbach Advertising, 1986 (audio tape).
162James River-Battling Distributers, 1983 (audio tape).
163James River Story (audio tape).
164James River Story, 1983 (audio tape).
165James River “On a Roll,” 1992 (audio tape).
166James River Corporation “Piano Gymnast,”1989 (vhs tape).
167James River Corporation 25th Anniversary Show, 1994 (vhs tape).
168James River Corporation “On A Roll,” (vhs tape).
169James River Corporation Advertising (vhs tape).
170James River Corporation and Northern Bathroom Tissue “Little Girl” (vhs tape)
171Bob Williams, 1990, Reel 1 (beta tape).
172Bob Williams, 1990, Reel 2 (beta tape).
173(01) James River Corporation, 1992 (beta tape).
174(02) James River Corporation, 1992 (beta tape).
175James River Corporation 25th Anniversary, 1994 (beta tape).
176James River Corporation 25 Year scenic views of River and Buildings (vhs tape).
177Brenton S. Halsey interview (vhs tape).
178Brenton S. Halsey CEO (vhs tape).
179James River Corporation Orientation Program “Get On Stream,” part one, (vhs.tape).
180James River Corporation Orientation Program “Chart Your Course,” part two (vhs tape).
181James River Corporation Orientation Program “ Know the Ropes,” part three (vhs tape).
182James River Corporation Orientation Program “Sail with the Wind,” part four (vhs tape).
183James River Corporation “I’ll Be There” (vhs tape).
184James River Corporation Advertising (vhs tape).
185James River Corporation Advertising (vhs tape).
186“Northern, Aurora, and Brawny” (vhs tape).
187The James River Story (vhs tape).
188James River Corporation “People, Products, Processes,” (vhs tape).
189“Other Side of the Mountains, Berlin, N.H. (vhs tape).
190“Excellence in Papermaking, Green Bay Mill” (vhs tape).
191“A Bend in the River” (vhs tape).
192“This is Naheola” (vhs tape)
193“Naheola Pride ”(vhs tape).
194“Jamont” (vhs tape).
195The 1988/89 James River Story (vhs tape).
196James River Historical, 1988 (vhs tape).
197James River Corporation 1969-1979 (vhs tape).
198James River Corporation 1969-1989 (vhs tape).
199James River 20 Year History, 1989 (vhs tape).
200“Towel and Tissue Story,” 1990 (vhs tape).
201The James River Story, 1990 (vhs tape).
202The James River Story, 1990 (vhs tape).
203James River Corporation “History Module,” 1991 (vhs tape).
204James River/Dixie Historical Reel, 1992 (vhs tape).
205“The St. Francisville Mill,” 1992 (vhs tape).
206“The Camas Story,” 1992 (vhs tape).
207“Northern Bath Tissue,” 1993 (vhs tape).
208Pacesetter, 1993 (vhs tape).
209The James River Story, 1993 (vhs tape).
210Halsey-Williams “25 Years,” 1994 (vhs tape).
211Halsey-Williams “25 Years,” 1994 (vhs tape).
212James River Corporation 25th Anniversary.
213“Tribute,” 1995 (vhs tape).
214James River Corporation “On A Roll,” (1995).
215James River Corporation 25 Years Various Scenic Views of River and Buildings.
216James River Corporation “On A Roll,”1995 (audio tape).
217Brenton S. Halsey CNN Net “Inside Business,” 1982 (audio tape).
218Crown Zellerbach “Specialty Girl.”
219James River Presentation (cassette tape).
220The James River Story (cassette tape).
221The James River Story (cassette tape).
222Filtration products (cassette tape).
223The James River Story, 1984 (cassette tape).
224The James River Story, 1984 (cassette tape).
225WXEX 60 Second Spot (audio tape).
226James River/Crown Zellerbach Story for James River Employees (cassette tape).
227The James River Story, 1988 (cassette tape).
228The James River Story, 1990 (cassette tape).
229The James River Story, 1990 (cassette tape).
230Unlabeled (audio tape).
231Halsey-Williams “25 Years,” 1994 (audio tape).
232Brenton S. Halsey, Jr. “On A Roll,” (audio tape).
233Crown Zellerbach “Communication Paper,” (audio tape).
234James River Orientation Program “Know the River” (audio tape).
235James River Orientation Program “Chart your Course” (audio tape).
236James River Orientation Program “Know the Ropes”(audio tape).
237James River Orientation Program “Sail With the Wind” (audio tape).
238The James River Story, 1988/89 (audio tape).
239The James River Story, 1989 (audio tape).
240Chairman Halsey Looks Ahead, 1990 (audio tape).
241“Richmond, We’re Still Making History,” 1986 (audio tape).

Series 4: Facilities

Materials concerning James River vehicles, corporate headquarters, Hollywood Mill, machines and facilities, and James River Corporation’s specialty division, all locally operated in Richmond, Virginia.

Folder 242James River Corporation Trucks.
243Corporate Office Construction Plan, 1984.
244Corporate Office Construction Plan, 1984.
245Corporate Headquarters Construction, 1985.
246Corporate Headquarters River Shots.
247Corporate Headquarters slides.
248Corporate Headquarters prior to 1990
249James River Pump House Construction
250Hollywood Mill Photos.
251Hollywood Mill Hydroelectric Plant.
252Hollywood Mill Corporate Headquarters.
253Specialty Division.
254Hollywood Mill.
255Hollywood Hydro-Plant Pre-1980.
256Richmond, Virginia.
257Machines and Facilities.
262Miscellaneous Photos.
263Miscellaneous Photos.
264Miscellaneous Negatives.

Series 5: Acquisitions

Records relating to selected corporate acquisitions made by the James River Corporation throughout its history. Acquisitions are arranged by date of purchase.

Folder 265Ethyl (Specialty Papers), 1969.
266James River-Pepperell, 1971/72.
267James River-Fitchburg, 1975/76.
268James River-Fitchburg, 1975/76.
270Riegal, 1976/77.
271American Can Purchase, 1982.
272American Can Purchase, 1982.
273American Can Purchase, 1982.
274H. P. Smith, 1985/86.
275James River Non-Woven Division.
276James River Non-Woven Division.
277Crown Zellerbach Purchase, 1986/87.
278Presentation after acquiring Crown Zellerbach, 1986/87.
279Crown Zellerbach, 1986/87.
280Specialty Papers Business, 1986/87.
281James River Pulp Division.
282James River Graphics.
283Acquisitions Safety.
284Acquisitions (slides).
285Acquisitions (slides).
286Acquisitions (slides).

Series 6: Officers and Employees.

Photographic images of selected executives, members of the board of directors, and employees of James River Corporation. Employee/directors files are arranged alphabetically.

Folder 287Board of Directors.
290Officers, 1983.
291Policy committee June 1985.
292Brenton Halsey/Robert Williams (Old).
293Brenton Halsey/Robert Williams (Old).
294Brenton Halsey/Robert Williams (Current).
295Brenton Halsey/Robert Williams (Current).
296Corporate Meetings.
297Judd Alexander.
298Allen Baker.
299FitzGerald Bemiss.
300John Birtwell, 1979.
301W. J. Bowan.
302William Burgin.
303R. H. Catlett.
304J. B. Charron.
305William Comfort.
306Tom Costello.
307Milford Dalrymple.
308Sam Doak.
309Stanley C. Ellspermann.
310Dick Erikson.
311Ed Greenbaum.
312Bruce Gottwald.
313John Griffith (1979, 1981).
314Jim Harper.
315Ron Hoge.
316John Joyce.
317Joseph Judge.
318W. M. Kirkland.
319Karl Kraske (1981).
320Frank Krasofski.
321(? ) Lanford.
322Richard Longnecker.
323Don Marth.
324Robert (Bob) Martin.
325Neil Martin.
326Steve Metheny.
327Larry Morrow (1981).
328Andrew Muha.
329Dilwyn Paiste.
330Joseph Piemont.
331Tom D. Plant.
332Charles Robbins.
333James (Jim) E. Rogers.
334Robert J. Sherry.
335Lee Showalter (1993).
336Robert Smith.
337Warren L. Spiller.
338K. Viljanen.
339Bruce D. Wagner.
340Patrick Welsh.
341Karen M L. Whelan.
342Charles M. Williams.
343William Woodside.
344Andrew F. Zephir.
345Frank Zichelle.
348Miscellaneous Employees.
Group Photographs:
Folder 349Baker, Hines, and Zimmerman.
350Bill Daniel and Sam Doak.
351Doak and Zichelle.
352Erikson and Rogers.
353Haper and Allen.
354Holloman and Joyce.
355Johnson and Vanstavern
356Paiste and Krasofski.
357Roussel, Ulincy, Robbins.
358Zephir and Lanford.
359Group photo.
360Miscellaneous employees.
361Paul/Garnett Corporation Contributions, 1989.
362Paul/Garnett Corporation Contributions, 1989.
363Paul/Garnett Corporation Contributions, 1989.

Series 7: Oversize Miscellaneous Photographs and Objects.

Photographs of persons, facilities, machinery, and general operations. Also, included in this series are miscellaneous objects such as the Brown Paper Company Seal, James River Corporation stock pattern, James River Corporation Audit Committee Meeting minutes reproduced on birch bark paper, additional materials related to James River Corporation’s 25th Anniversary, and the Ethyl Intercom.

Folder 364Halsey/Williams.
365Board of Directors.
366Board of Directors.
367James River Corporate Headquarters.
368James River Corporate Headquarters.
369River Shots.
370River Shots.
371Dave McKittrick
372Air filters.
373Air filters
374Air filters.
377Job Safety.
378Film Transparency.
481Robert Williams.
482Board of Directors.
483Board of Directors.
484Board of Directors.
485Board of Directors.
486Board of Directors.
487Board of Directors.
488Board of Directors.
489Board of Directors.
490Board of Directors.
491Board of Directors.
492Corporate Headquarters.
493Corporate Headquarters.
494Corporate Headquarters.
495Corporate Headquarters.
510Film, Transparency.
511Film, Transparency.
512Film, Transparency.
513Air Filter.
514Air Filter.
515Air Filter.
516Air Filter.
517Air Filter.
518Air Filter.
519Air Filter.
526Miscellaneous Employees.
527Miscellaneous Employees.
528Miscellaneous Employees.
529Miscellaneous Employees.
530Miscellaneous Employees.
531Miscellaneous Employees.
532Miscellaneous Employees.
533Miscellaneous Employees.
534Miscellaneous Employees.
535Miscellaneous Employees.
536Miscellaneous Employees.
537Miscellaneous Employees.
538Miscellaneous Employees.
539Miscellaneous Employees.
540Miscellaneous Employees.
541Miscellaneous Employees.
542Miscellaneous Employees.
543Miscellaneous Employees.
544Miscellaneous Employees.
545Miscellaneous Employees.
546Miscellaneous Employees.
547Miscellaneous Employees.
548Miscellaneous Employees.
549Miscellaneous Employees.
550Brown Paper Company Seal.
551James River Corporation Stock Pattern.
552Audit Committee Minutes of Meeting on Birch Paper.
553James River Corporation 25th Anniversary.
554James River Corporation 25th Anniversary.
555James River Corporation Communication, 25th Anniversary Calender.
556Ethyl Intercom.

Container List

Box 1Series 1(Folders 1-30)
Box 2Series 1 (cont.) 
 Series 2(Folders 33-54)
Box 3Series 2 (cont.)(Folders 55-64)
Box 4Series 2 (cont.)(Folders 65-73)
Box 5Series 3.1(Folders 74-104)
Box 6Series 3.1 (cont.)(Folders 105-135)
Box 7Series 3.2(Folders 136-143)
Box 8Series 3.3(Folders 144-146)
Box 9Series 3.3 (cont.)(Folders 147-148)
Box 10Series 3.3 (cont.)(Folders 149-150)
Box 11Series 3.3 (cont.)(Folders 151-152)
Box 12Series 3.3 (cont.)(Folders 153-154)
Box 13Series 3.4(Folders 155-165)
Box 14Series 3.4 (cont.)(Folders 166-176)
Box 15Series 3.4(Folders 177-188)
Box 16Series 3.4 (cont.)(Folders 189-201)
Box 17Series 3.4 (cont.)(Folders 202-213)
Box 18Series 3.4 (cont.)(Folders 214-229)
Box 19Series 3.4 (cont.)(Folders 230-239)
Box 20Series 3.4 (cont.) 
 Series 4(Folders 240-257)
Box 21Series 4 (cont.)(Folders 258-264)
Box 22Series 5(Folders 265-286)
Box 23Series 6(Folders 287-329)
Box 24Series 6 (cont.)(Folders 330-351)
Box 25Series 6 (cont.)(Folders 352-363)
Box 26Series 7(Folders 364-399)
Box 27Series 7 (cont.)(Folders 400-475)
Box 28Series 7 (cont.)(Folders 476-549)
Box 29Series 7 (cont.)(Folders 550-556)

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