Manchester Lodge No. 14, A.F. & A.M.

A Guide to the Manchester Lodge No. 14, A.F. & A.M. Papers, 1769-1988
Call Number Mss3 F8774 a FA2

Chronological guide compiled by Bernard Lewis Brock and Charles Andrew Wilson


Main Entry:Freemasons. Manchester Lodge, No. 14 (Richmond, Va.)
Title: Papers, 1769-1988.
Size:963 items.
Historical Note:Established in Manchester, Va. (now part of the city of Richmond), February 28, 1786, and operated under a dispensation until chartered November 20, 1786. At first the members rented rooms for their meetings. Later they built the first of three halls at Fifth and Bainbridge Streets. The second Hall was located at Cowardin Avenue and Hull Street. The present Temple is located at Forest Hill Avenue and Melbourne Drive.
Summary Note:

Include loose papers (i.e., accounts, correspondence, invitations, programs, reports, and minutes of meetings). Also, include constitution; account books, 1810-1988 (various dates); and minute book, 1908-1949, of meetings of trustees.

The majority of the accounts concern basic expenses of the lodge, including rent and maintenance of the various buildings it occupied over time, expenditures for advertising of and liquor and food for meetings, and payment of the tiler (i.e., door-keeper) and steward for their services. Also included are receipts for monetary gifts and donations to needy individuals, and accounts for food served during the annual dinners honoring Saint John the Baptist (held in June) and St. John the Evangelist (held in December).

Correspondence largely concerns the collection of dues, the proposal of candidates, and the granting of demits to members who wished to resign for various reasons.

Items of particular interest include rules and regulations for the Mutual Assurance Society Against Fire on Buildings of the State of Virginia (1795); correspondence and newspaper article about the laying of the corner stone for the Free Bridge [now the Ninth Street Bridge] (1871); correspondence and newspaper article concerning the first public school for deaf mutes in the United States, held in Manchester Lodge Hall in 1841 (1906-1907); and Plan Showing Proposed Widening of Cowardin Avenue from Hull Street to Semmes Avenue, June 10, 1933 (located in Oversize storage).

Provenance:Deposited by Manchester Lodge No. 14 of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Richmond, Va., in 1990. Accessioned 17 April 1991.



00105/20/1769Bill sent to Col. Archibald Cary by Cary Harrison in behalf of Abasalem Hammon, for making 109 pairs of shoes (5 pounds, 9 shillings), one day's work (2 shillings), currying 4 sides of leather (2 shillings), for a total of 5 pounds, 13 shillings, less a credit of 4 shillings and 6 pence for 6 lbs. of wool, leaving a balance owed of 5 pounds, 8 shillings and 6 pence.


00102/04/1786Receipt from Will Carter, Jr., for 2 pounds, 7 shillings, 6 pence to Gardner Fleming for white sheepskins.
00202/23/1786Note from Beng. Blythe to Gardner Fleming asking him to pay James Slate 18 shillings, for him. Received by James Slate.
00303/04/1786Bill from Gardner Fleming for Bible, Jewels, etc.
00403/04/1786Receipt from Jacob Ege to Gardner Fleming for 4 pounds 10 shillings, for making Jewels.
00503/06/1786Bill to Gardner Fleming for one blank book from James Cross for 16 shillings. Marked paid by Fred C.?.
00603/07/1786Bill from Moses Tredway for 10 pounds,14 shillings, to Manchester Lodge for first two meals of the Lodge.
00703/07/1786Receipt to Mr. Gardner Fleming from Jacob Ege for making 3 Jewels, 1 pounds,10 shillings.
00803/14/1786Receipt from Francis Baillee [sic] [Bailey] for 11 pounds, 6 shillings, for Lodge rent.
00903/14/1786Receipt from Alex. Montgomery, Grand Treasurer, to Manchester Lodge for 10 Pounds.
01004/05/1786Bill from Moses Tredway to Francis Baillie [sic] [Bailey] for 2 pounds for toddy, porter and grog. Marked paid.
01104/05/1786Bill from Montgomery Henry to Bro. Blythe for 2 pounds, for one umbrella delivered to Bro. Blythe, by order of J. Burke, (paid 7 May 1786).
01204/10/1786Bill to Mr. Slate for 1 pound, 16 shillings, for 12 white skins from Thomas Carter, (paid April 11).
01304/11/1786Note from Gardner Fleming to treasurer to pay for one dozen aprons to Bro. Slate.
01404/16/1786Bill from Lyle and Murray for sugar, rum, and nutmeg grater, 1 pound, 1 shilling, 9 pence. Paid May 9 by Francis Bailey.
01504/18/1786Bill For making chest 3 pounds, 14 shillings, 9 pence to Mr. Fleming from James Alexander.
01604/18/1786Bill from Frisbee and Elliott for one loaf sugar (7 pounds 7 oz.) 9 shillings, 4 pence. Paid 4-19.
01704/22/1786Bill from John Graham to Francis Baillie [sic] [Bailey] for 21 gals. of old spirits, 7 pounds, 17 shillings (paid 4-26).
01804/29/1786Bill from Jacob Ege to Gardner Fleming for three Jewels, 7 pounds (paid 4-30).
01905/02/1786Receipt from James Alexander to Gardner Fleming for 3 shillings, 7 1/2 pence for a look for chest.
02005/05/1786Receipt from Beng. Blythe to Gardner Fleming for 2 1/2 Guineas for account of the Lodge.
02105/??/1786Bill for bowls and muggs from David Pagan to Francis Baillee, (paid 8 October).
02205/09/1786Receipt from Francis Baillee [sic] [Bailey] to Robert Murray for 17 pounds to pay for necessaries for the Lodge.
02305/16/1786Bill from John Clark for 4 columns, 3 pillars and one balloting box, 3 pounds.
02405/16/1786Receipted bill from Benj. Blythe for rods and pillars, sheeting, painting, cloths, Bible, rods, painting and gilding rods and pillars, drawing the design for 4 pillars, drawing the figure of Mercury for goldsmith to use in making Senior and Junior Deacons Jewels 18 pounds, 15 shillings, (paid July 2).
02505/16/1786More pertaining to #024, plus computations of various accounts on back.
02605/18/1786Receipt from Benj. Blythe to Gardner Fleming for 4 pounds on account of Lodge.
02705/18/1786Receipt from John Clark to Gardner Fleming for 3 pounds for sundry articles.
02805/27/1786Bill for 16 gals. of old spirits with casks, from Donaldson and Stotts to Francis Baillie [sic] [Bailey] 5 pounds, 10 shillings, 8 pence (paid 5-27).
02905/27/1786Petition for initiation of John Heveningham.
03006/06/1786Receipted bill from Lyle and Murray for 17 yards black gauze and a bottle of spirit of wine.
03106/06/1786Report of committee examining the treasurer's books.
03206/13/1786Bill for making tables, stands, benches, and platform from Thomas Railey for 12 pounds, 17 shillings. Receipted on rear for 9 pounds, 17 shillings, 4 pence in part payment dated June 18.
03306/16/1786Bill from Gardner Fleming listing cost of clasp for Bible, and broom, to carpenter for fixing 2 locks, cleaning room, Master's table, 2 gallons of wine, candles and blanket delivered in May, total 5 pounds, 18 shillings, 2 pence.
03406/19/1786Bill from Alex. Banks for 2 chamber door locks, one closet door lock and nails, total 1 pound, 13 shillings, 3 pence receipted by Thomas Banks.
03506/20/1786Receipt for 16 gallons of old spirits plus freight, total 2 pounds, 9 shillings, 2 pence from Donaldson and Stotts.
03606/20/1786Receipt for various items for 2 pounds, 13 shillings, 3 pence from Lyle and Murray.
03706/20/1786Receipt from Moses Tredway for nine pounds for dinner on St. John's Night.
03806/20/1786Receipted bill from Kelso & Kincaid for snuffer trays, Japanned waiter, polished spring steel snuffers, snuffers trays, one pair candle sticks for 1 pound, 8 shillings, 8 pence.
03906/20/1786Receipted bill from J. Murchie and Co. for Princess mettle candle sticks, quart decanters, salt petre, total 4 pounds, 10 shillings, 6 pence.
04006/22/1786Receipt bill from J. Minter for two Japanned Weighters for 4 pounds, 8 shillings.
04106/22/1786Order for 2 pint decanters, 2 goblets, 2 porter cups, 6 pairs spring candle snuffers, 2 gallon jug and 2 cork screws. 1 pound, 11 shillings to Alex. Banks from Mr. Ballie, paid June 30, 1786.
04206/23/1786Receipted bill from Francis Baillie and Thomas Banks, Stewards, for 4 pounds, 2 shillings, 3 pence, for 4 dozen large bottles of porter, 1 gallon of old brandy and 9 bottles.
04306/30/1786Receipt from Francis Ballie to Robert Murray for 26 pounds, 12 shillings for rental of lodge room.
04407/08/1786Bill from Thomas Banks for nails and broad tape for 5 shillings, 3 pence receipted September 8th.
04507/10/1786Bill from James Brander for blank record book 1 pound, 6 shillings receipted October 31st.
04608/28/1786Bill from Austin and Elliott for 10 yards of green baize for covering the tables receipted same day.
04709/06/1786Bill from J. Hayes and Company for printing 1,600 summonses, 4 pounds, 8 shillings.
04809/10/1786Bill from Alex Banks for two locks, hinges and screws, 7 shillings, 6 pence receipted June 18, 1786.
04909/16/1786Stewards account from April 20, 1786 to September 16, 1786.
05009/16/1786Steward's bill for outstanding debts due Donaldson and Stotts and David Pagen 5 pounds, 14 shillings, 9 pence.
05109/16/1786Report of the Lodge Committee recommending payment of certain accounts signed by Alex Banks, Jacob Rubsamen, Cornelius Buck and Francis Ballie, ordered paid by James Lyle.
05209/17/1786List of dues owed by membership.
05309/19/1786Treasurer’s account of membership dues and fees from September 19, 1786 to June 19, 1787.
05409/20/1786Bill from Charles Railey for making two writing desks, installing locks and hinges on desk, repairing small table, 22 shillings. Recommendation by Jacob Rubsamen to pay only 18 shillings.
05510/02/1786Order from Wor. Master James Lyle to Treasurer Robert Murray, Esq. to pay Mr. Thomas Railey 10 pounds. Receipted same day.
05610/30/1786Circular letter from Grand Secretary William Waddill, requesting the names of the present Masters and Wardens in order that new Charters might be made out, also a list of members not in arrears.
05711/06/1786Lyle G. Mitchell for candles 3 pounds, 1 shillings, 3 pence, receipted in 1787.
05812/??/1786Bill from William Waddill, Grand Secretary, for past master's jewel for James Lyle for 3 pounds paid 02/10/1889.
05912/26/1786Steward's bill dated December 26, approved by standing committee


00101/08/1787Order from James Lyle, W. M., to Robert Murray, Treasurer, to pay William Van Worn five pounds, ten shillings, and charge it to the Lodge Charity Account.
00201/12/1787Order from James Lyle, W. M., to Robert Murray, Treasurer, to pay Peter Kane Eight Dollars and charge it to the Lodge Charity Account.
00301/15/1787Bill from Austin and Elliott for 18 shillings for crackers, cheese and candles (paid by Francis Baillie Jan. 15, 1787).
00401/18/1787Order from James Lyle, W. M., to Robert Murray, Treasurer, to pay Thomas Railey for one quarter rent plus amount not paid of the former quarter (total 10 pounds paid 01/19/1787).
00502/07/1787Bill from Lyle and Murray to Francis Baillie for 12 shillings for shovel, tongs, poker, and hearth broom (receipted June 10, 1787 by George McCredie for Lyle And Murray).
00602/22/1787Receipt from Thomas Reams to Robert Murray, Treasurer, for Ten Dollars from the Charity Fund.
00703/??/1787Bill from Austin and Elliott to Francis Baillie for 16 shillings, 6 pence, for cheese and crackers, (Paid same date).
00804/17/1787Petition for Initiation of Daniel Weisiger.
00905/20/1787Bill from Lyle and Murray to Francis Baillie for 1 pound, 7 shillings, 9 pence for 21 1bs. loaf of sugar and large knife (paid 09/19/1787).
01006/01/1787Request for demit from David Leitch.
01106/??/1787Bill from George Yuille & Co. to James Lyle for 9 shillings, 6 pence for 9 1/2 yards blue ribbon for Lodge Jewels.
01206/08/1787Bill from Robert Taylor to William Cuthbert for 12 pounds, for one cask spirits. (Paid 06/19/1787).
01306/08/1787Stewards' account of Thomas Banks and Francis Baillie from Sept. 17, 1786 to June 8, 1787 (paid June 16, 1787).
01406/12/1787Invitation to Brethren of Manchester Lodge to celebrate Festival of St. John the Baptist on June 24th with Richmond Lodge No. 10. (Accepted).
01506/16/1787Receipt from Ben Plummer to Francis Baillie for payment in full for St. John's Day. (?)
01606/16/1787Receipt from Francis Baillie and Thomas Banks, Stewards, to Robert Murray, Treasurer for 23 pounds, 11 shillings, 6 1/2 pence, to settle the stewards' books.
01706/18/1787Stewards account, Thomas Banks and Francis Baillie from June 18, 1787 to Sept. 6, 1787 for 4 pounds, 7 pence. (Approved by command of Gardner Fleming, Horace Austin, Alex. Banks). (Paid Sept.17, 1787)
01807/07/1787Order from James Lyle, W. M., to Robert Murray, Treasurer, to pay Thomas Railey 17 pounds, 16 shillings, 9 pence, for one year's rent of Lodge Room. (Paid same date)
01908/23/1787Bill from Buck and Brander to Francis Baillie for 3 pounds, 6 shillings, ½ pence for curtain rods and green moreen material. (Paid Dec. 1, 1787)
02010/10/1787Stewards account of Thomas Banks and Francis Baillie from Oct. 10, 1787 to March 19, 1788. (Paid March 19, 1788)
02110/21/1787Receipt from Thomas Railey to Robert Murray, Treasurer, for 10 pounds, rent of Lodge Room from June 20, 1787 to Sept. 20, 1787.
02212/04/1787Letter from William Calder, Secretary of Cabin Point Royal Arch Lodge announcing a lottery being held by that Lodge to raise five hundred pounds to erect a Mason's Hall at Cabin Point and asking Manchester Lodge to buy tickets.


0101/16/1788Receipt from Nath. Frisbie to Robert Murray, Treasurer, for payment, of 15 pounds.
0203/14/1788Payment of Tiler's fees to James Swain 03/14 88 to 09/16/88 in the amount of 1 pound, 1 shilling.
0303/14/1788Payment of Tiler's fees to Daniel Ball 03/14/88 to 12/ 27/91 in the amount of 3 pounds.
0406/16/1788Letter from James Slate requesting reinstatement.
0506/20/1788Order from James Lyle to Horace Austin, Treasurer, to pay Thomas Railey 6 pounds, 5 shillings, for rent.
0606/24/1788Receipt of 1 pound 3 shillings, 3 pence, for 15 yards of Federal Ribbon from John Ferguson to Horace Austin.
0706/28/1788Receipt from Francis Baillie to Horace Austin for 12 pounds, 11 shillings, 6 pence.                                                                                                                  
0807/16/1788Order from Cornelius Buck to Horace Austin, Treasurer, to pay John Kidd Five Dollars.
0909/20/1788Order from Cornelius Buck to Horace Austin to pay Andrew Nicholson 15 shillings, for printing summonses.
1010/10/1788Order from Cornelius Buck to Horace Austin to pay Thomas Railey 6 pounds, 5 shillings, for one quarter rent.
1110/24/1788Account of William McKinnon, Senior Steward, for 2 pounds, 6 1/2 pence, for period 08/12/88 to 10/24/88. Paid same day.
1212/08/1788Account of William McKinnon, S. S., for 7 pounds, 1 shilling 8 pence for period 12/08/88 to 01/27/89. Paid same day.

1789 THROUGH 1790

0101/14/1789Bill for sundry articles of clothing for Daniel Carter by N. Frisby on behalf of the lodge committee in the amount of 6 pounds, 18 shillings, 6 pence. ( N. Frisby reimbursed 01/14/89)
0201/17/1789Order from Cornelius Buck to Horace Austin to pay Thomas Railey 6 pounds, 5 shillings, for quarter rent.
0303/23/1789Order from Luther Stoddard, S. W., to Horace Austin to pay Thomas Railey 6 pounds, 5 shillings, for quarter rent.
0405/02/1789Circular letter from William Waddill, Grand Secretary, requesting money for charity.
0506/22/1789Account of William McKinnon, S. S., 10 pounds, 4 shillings, 4 pence, for sundry items. Paid same day.
0606/24/1789Order from James Lyle to Horace Austin to pay Thomas Railey 6 pounds, 5 shillings, for quarter rent.
0709/21/1789Order from James Lyle to Horace Austin to pay Thomas Railey 6 pounds, 5 shillings, for quarter rent.
0810/05/1789Bill from Robert Pollard for balance owed 1 pound 10 shillings, 4 pence for 24 lottery tickets.
0910/26/1789Receipt from James Lyle, Grand Treasurer, 10 pounds, for Grand Charity.
1010/28/1789Account of William Mc Kinnon, 10 pounds, 4 pence, for sundry items. Paid same day.
1104/01/1790Order from James Lyle, W. M., to Horace Austin, Treasurer, to pay Captain Railey for rent.
1206/21/1790Account of George Yuille, Steward, for sundry items. (Paid and receipted Nov. 27, 1790 14 pounds, 6 shillings, 1 ½ pence).
1306/24/1790Bill from William Ball, 7 pounds, for sundry items approved by committee. (Paid and receipted July 3, 1790)
1407/15/1790Order from James Lyle, W. M., to Horace Austin, Treasurer, to pay Mr. Railey last quarters' rent, 5 pounds. Receipted same day.
1512/20/1790Steward's account with George Yuille and Co. from Dec., 1790 to July, 1791, for16 pounds, 2 shillings, 3 pence. Receipted by George Yuille.


0101/01/1791Order from committee to Horace Austin, Treasurer, to pay Andrew Johnston 40 shillings. Receipted 01/04/91.
0203/22/1791Order from James Lyle, W. M., to Horace Austin, Treasurer, to pay Captain Railey balance due on rent.
0308/16/1791Letter from James A. Patteson petitioning Lodge for initiation.


0105/08/1792Request from Andrew Nicolson, Senior Warden, to Thomas Banks, Treasurer, to pay Mr. McKickney the sum of thirty shillings, for dozen sheep skins. Receipted.
0206/19/1792Sum of debt due the Lodge including assumed debt of the United States and Interest Warrants.
0306/20/1792Order from Alex. Banks, Worshipful Master, to Thomas Banks, Treasurer, to pay Mr. Reid twenty three shillings, for 3 copies of the new "Book of Constitutions".
0407/24/1792Request from Andrew Nicolson to Thomas Banks to pay Mr. Lang four shillings, for making one Dozen apron.
0509/20/1792List of fees due the Lodge by William Tatham, from Sept. 20, 1792 to March 19, 1793.
0609/20/1792List of fees due the Lodge by William Tatham, from Sept. 20, 1792 to Dec. 27, 1795. (1st part repetition of item #5)
0710/01/1792Order from committee composed of W. Cameron and James Brander to Thomas Banks, Treasurer, to pay three pounds to Elijah Evans for a silver seal.
0812/29/1792Receipt from John Widervilt, musician, for providing music on Dec. 27, 1792. (1 pound, 8 shillings)


0103/19/1793List of debts due the Lodge including debts of the United States.
0203/29/1793Request from Cornelius Buck, Worshipful Master, to Thomas Banks, Treasurer, to pay Thomas Railey five pounds, one quarter rent of the Lodge Room.
0304/17/1793List by Thomas Banks, Treasurer, of the debts due the Lodge.
0406/18/1793List by Thomas Banks, Treasurer, of quarterly fees paid to the Lodge by the members.
0506/20/1793Letter from Thomas Banks, Treasurer, listing shares of stock of the United States entered in his name, and declaring that they are the property of Manchester Lodge to do with as they see cause.
0606/20/1793List of debts due the Lodge including debts of the United States.
0712/27/1793Receipt from Simon Gilliard, musician, for three pounds for music provided Dec. 27, 1793.


0106/24/1794Part of Treasurer's report from June 24, 1794 to June 23, 1795.                                                                                                                                            
0206/24/1794Stewards' report for St. John's Night June 24, 1794.


0101/24/1795Order from Cornelius Buck, W. M., to H. L. Biscoe, Treasurer, to pay 1 pound, 4 shilling, to Thomas Nicolson.                                                                      
0210/01/1795Account of Authur Graves for rent plus interest and payment made from Oct. 1, 1795 to Oct. 14, 1802.
0311/17/1795Report from M. Murchie, Secretary, soliciting funds for the new Masons Hall. (with list of members)
0412/26/1795Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Mutual Assurance Society against Fire on Buildings of the State of Virginia.


0101/14/1796The account with Cornelius Buck from Jan. 14, 1796 to July 17, 1801.
0207/20/1796The account with Cornelius Buck from July 20, 1796 to Feb. 17, 1801.
0311/01/1796Bill from Thomas Upshaw to John Hix for tuition for his son Jack from July 18, 1796 to Nov. 11, 1796. (School being held in Lodge Building.)
0411/10/1796Letter from Thomas Upshaw, Tiler, offering to live in the new Lodge Building as a Security Guard.
0511/30/1796Receipt from J. Darmstadt, Grand Treasurer, to James Strange for 5 pounds Lodge donation to Grand Lodge.
0612/??/1796Treasurer's account for November and December, 1796.


01??/??/1797List of subscribers signatures to pay for furniture necessary for the Lodge.
02??/??/1797List of record #1 subscribers with additional signatures.
03??/??/1797A list of members of Manchester Lodge #l4 for Col. William Smith to solicit funds for furniture. (Note remarks beside names of James Lyle, Sr., James Lyle, Jr., and James Lyle, minor, father, son, and grandson, all on same piece of paper).
0406/24/1797Treasurer's report from June 24, 1797 to May 12, 1798.
0508/07/1797Letter from Nathaniel W. Price, Master of Richmond Lodge #10 about the laying of the Corner stone of the State Penitentiary.
0608/26/1797Letter from Robert Brooke, Grand Master, to James Strange, Worshipful Master, requesting his presence at a committee meeting on Sunday morning, Sept. 3rd at Mason's Hall to consider matter of importance.
0710/10/1797Same as record #6.
0810/10/1797Letter from Daniel Price, Secretary, regarding delinquent members and possibility of suspension if dues not paid.


0101/16/1798Report of committee appointed to settle certain accounts.
0204/17/1798Petition for initiation from Daniel Weiseger.
0305/08/1798Account, with Richard Hewlett for carpenter work, with approval of certain unpaid items by committee.
0405/29/1798Report of committee appointed to examine certain candidates on their Masonic proficiency.


0106/17/1800Page from minute book Stated meeting Tuesday, June 17, 1800, at which officers were elected for ensuing year.
0212/16/1800Page from minute book, a Quarterly meeting, opened in the First Degree in Masonry, to consider business of the Lodge.
0312/27/1800Page from minute book, on occasion of celebration of St. John the Evangelist.


0105/19/1801Page from minute book, this date and also 06/17/1801 on back. (Two meetings)
0206/02/1801Letter from H. F. Ast notifying the Trustees of a past due insurance premium on the Lodge Building.
0310/14/1801Letter from Martin Gordon, Treasurer of the Lodge, to John Johnson, Senior Warden, explaining the reason for his sudden departure from Manchester to Philadelphia, also explaining his handling of certain Lodge funds.
0410/15/1801Letter from James Scott to Martin Gordon, Treasurer, requesting a demit from the Lodge


0102/08/1802Not concerning payment of Court Judgement mentioning the name of John and Thomas Upshaw (one of the Upshaws was evidently the High Sheriff).
0202/16/1802Receipt from Richard Carter to Thomas Upshaw for payment of 1 shilling and 6 pence. List on back dated 02/17/02 of payment from Robert Gary, William Brooks, Daniel Gordon, and A. Homer.
0307/03/1802Bill from John Hewlett, Steward, for sundry items purchased July 3 and Aug.7, and hiring one servant to wash the walls for 6 shillings.
0409/08/1802Receipt from Arthur Graves to Joseph C. Brown, Treasurer, for 3 pounds for house rent for Manchester Lodge. (Note on back initialed Ben P. Owen states "This was in 1802, but the rent was for the year 1795 -B. P. 0.").
0512/04/1802Payment to Swan Tavern for meals on 12/04 and 12/27. (Also 3 quarts of rum.)
0612/04/1802Page from minute book for this date.
0712/13/1802Certificate authorizing Joseph C. Brown, John Hewlett and David Patteson to represent the Lodge in the Grand Lodge of Virginia, signed by Henry L. Biscoe, Teste by Tim R. Ryan Secretary.
08??/??/1802Receipt from Grand Treasurer, Darmsdatt, to H. L. Biscoe, Worshipful Master, for contribution.


0102/05/1803Page from minutes this date.
0203/21/1803Letter from Thomas Upshaw, Tiler, explaining his absence from the Lodge from the middle of Nov. to the middle of Feb. last.
0304/02/1803Petition for initiation of Nicholas Mills.
0406/09/1803Receipt from Block and Seixas to Joseph Brown, Treasurer, for payment for curtain material.
0512/03/1803Steward's account for sundry items 3 pounds, 13 shillings. (Paid 12/27/1803)                                                                                                                            

1804 AND 1805

0101/02/1804Letter from M. Watkins to Richard B. Goode asking him to endorse his petition.
0204/28/1804Letter from Thomas Upshaw at Rattlesnake Spring (his home) to the Lodge.
0306/02/1804Account of W. B. Clarke, Steward, for April, 1804, but dated June 2nd. paid June 23rd.
0412/01/1804Report of committee appointed to consider letter from Grand Secretary relative to the incorporation of the Grand Lodge, expressing their disapproval. (Report unanimously approved). Committee: James Henderson, Richard B. Goode, David Patteson, Jr. and Henry L. Biscoe.
0503/02/1805Letter from Nicholas Mills requesting withdrawal of his name.

1806 THROUGH 1810

0104/05/1806Letter from Thomas Upshaw, Tiler, asking for an advance payment of his half-year fees.
0202/25/1808Letter from Thomas Upshaw, Tiler, to Captain Richard B. Goode, and John Jenkins protesting a charge against him on the Treasurer's books.
0305/18/1808Circular from William Fitzwhylsonn, Grand Secretary, discussing printing cost.

1811 THROUGH 1815

0106/04/1814Account Of Daniel Weisiger, Steward, for $14.94 for meals served in May and June. (July 2, 1814)
0210/09/1815Receipt from George Beckley to Nicholas Mills for paying Beckley $3.75 for nine suppers plus $1.00 for scouring the Lodge some time past.
0312/14/1815Request from William H. Moseley to be withdrawn as a member as he was leaving the area.


0102/09/1816Letter from Chris. Branch to Allan McRae, Secretary, objecting to a note from McRae which he felt contained some unkind remarks. Letter was sent from Summerville?).
0203/18/1816Circular from William H. Fitzwhylsonn, Grand Secretary, listing the names of the D. D. G. M. 's of the 20 districts then existing, (except districts 7, 12, 13, 17 which had no D. D. G. M.'s appointed yet). Also list of Lodges comprising each district. (#14 was in district #5 with Solomon Jacobs as D. D. G. M. He later served as Grand Master, Dec. 11, 1810 to Dec. 14, 1813).
0306/21/1816Note from Robert McTyre begging leave to withdraw from membership.


0102/24/1817Petition for membership of Richard 0. Henderson.                                                                                                                                                                 
0203/01/1817Letter fromYoung Pankey requesting a demit.
0304/25/1817Receipt from John Jenkins, Tiler, for ten dollars on account for fee as tiler.
0405/03/1817Petition for membership of George Byrne.
0507/02/1817Report from the committee appointed to update the by-laws of the Lodge.
0608/02/1817Petition for membership of Ben. Smith.
0711/12/1817Bill from Richard Archer and Co. for building supplies.


0101/01/1818Letter from James Henderson, W.M., to Captain Booker, S.W., and Captain Standard, J.W., telling them that he may not be present at the next meeting when the petition of Nathan Chandler will be considered and expressing his approval of Chandler's initiation.
0203/07/1818Order from James Henderson, W.M., to Overton D. Baker, Apt. - Treasurer, to pay Andrew Smith the sum of $10.00 on account of the Lodge.
0311/07/1818Petition for initiation of Robert. A. Payne.
0411/07/1818Contract with Asa Driscoll for repair of the roof of the Lodge House, signed by B.C. Stanard, Overton D. Baker and Asa Driscoll.


0105/01/1819Letter from James Brander explaining his view on a resolution pertaining to his occupancy of a room in the Lodge Building.
0205/01/1819Letter from James Brander with reference to 01 file.
0307/03/1819Bill from Thomas Ball for 12 suppers, ice and cigars, receipted July 6.
0408/07/1819Note from J. Henderson concerning a ticket to be presented by Robert R. Miller to the Lodge.


0106/29/1820Report from the committee advising of acute financial condition of the Lodge.                                                                 


0106/18/1821   Report of committee from four lodges, 10, 14, 19, and 54, to make plans for the celebration St. John's Day Festival.                       
0208/09/1821Report of the standing committee of accounts noting delinquent dues of the Lodge.


0101/30/1822Note from James Henderson, S.W., to a Mr. Pearce, asking him to send some refreshment for those who are copying the records. Some spirits, cheese and crackers. (Note on the bottom says, see other side. -B.P.0., Jr.) (They got a quart of gin- 37 1/2, one doz. crackers -.12 1/2, one pound of cheese - 17 and one quart of rum - 31 for a total of $.98).
0203/??/1822Piece of a page from minutes which speaks about P.F. Archer being relieved from all dues and fees after March, 1822, when he had paid $25.00 and considered himself authorized to withdraw as a member.
0303/15/1822Resolution postponing action against brethren behind in their dues and authorizing the Treasurer to receive notes from delinquent brethren for their arrearages and make report.
0409/17/1822Report of standing committee on accounts listing the members and balance owed by each to the Lodge, also listing cash in Treasurer's hand, notes owed the Lodge by seven brethren, and bills for music at funeral of Brother Joseph Sowden, for a Jewel for the Steward, and for a month's rent of Bro. Beverly Smith's house while the Lodge was being held therein.
0510/??/1822Bill from John Worrock for $5.00 for printing 500 notices.
0610/03/1822Letter from Beverley Smith asking to be withdrawn. (Demit)


0101/07/1823Note from James Henderson, W. M., to N. C. Pearse, Tiler, telling him to notify the members of a meeting on Thursday evening next at 5 o'clock for important matters in the third degree.
0203/01/1823Page from the minute book of this date.
0303/23/1823Bill from A. Wilkinson for $10.00 for 4 days writing of records the last December and February.
0406/22/1823Standing committee on accounts' report of amounts owed by the brethren which totaled $1,796.06 and amounts owed by the Lodge to some of the brethren which totaled $197.92.


0106/04/1824Report of standing committee on accounts listing amounts due by and to the Lodge.
0206/05/1824Petition for initiation of William Adcock.
0312/13/1824Report of Joint committee appointed from Lodges No. 10, 14, and 19 to make suitable preparations for a joint celebration of the approaching Anniversary of St. John the Evangelist.


0109/02/1825Petition for initiation of A. C. Brander.
0209/02/1825Report of standing committee on account after auditing the book of the Secretary and Treasurer.
0309/14/1825Resolution calling for a Lodge Masters on this date to confer Master's Degree on W. Adcock, Patteson and Nelson Carey.

1826 THROUGH 1830

0108/24/1826Letter from James Henderson asking that he not be considered for reelection as Secretary.
0209/16/1826Letter from Peter F. Smith asking the Lodge’s permission to retire (demit) from Lodge membership.
0312/13/1827Request for withdrawal (demit) by Edward Ferguson.
0405/25/1828Request to be discontinued as a member (demit) by James Henderson. (Ill health given as reason).
0502/24/1829Page from the minute books of this date (funeral of James Brander).

1831 THROUGH 1835

0112/01/1831Letter from Overton D. Baker asking for pemission to withdraw (demit) from the Lodge.

1846 THROUGH 1850

0101/09/1850Petition for initiating of W. R. Weisiger.
0201/19/1850Petition for initiation of Thomas Vaden, Jr.
0301/19/1850Petition for initiation of Francis E. Hatcher.
0401/19/1850Petition for initiation of Alfred A. Allen.
0501/26/1850Invitation from John Dove, Grand Secretary, to Manchester Lodge to participate in laying the Cornerstone of the Washington Monument in Capital Square, on February 22, 1850.
0601/28/1850Dispensation from James Evans, Deputy Grand Master, granting permission for Manchester Lodge to suspend requirements in the by-laws that a petition had to be presented at a stated meeting and that it had to lay over for one month.
0702/13/1850Petition for initiation of John W. Archer.
0812/03/1850Letter from Washington National Monument Society, soliciting donations to help pay for the completion of the monument in Washington, D.C., also enclosed was a paper signed by the Officers and Board of Managers of the Society, which included some very famous signatures. (NOTE: Manchester #14 donated enough money to get both pictures mentioned in the letter. We still have them.)

1851 THROUGH 1855

0101/28/1851Report of committee to examine the books of the Secretary and Treasurer.
0202/10/1851Petition for initiation of John T. Lyle.
0303/17/1851Petition for initiation of William Wallace Day.
0405/13/1851Daniel K. Weisiger demit from Blandford Lodge No. 3 in Petersburg, Va. (Blandford was then in it's 96th year.)
0503/02/1852Petition for initiation of James B. Richmond.
0604/13/1852Letter from F. Perry Abbott of Birmingham declaring that the report that James B. Richmond (petitioner) had two wives must be untrue, at least it was not so when he was there. He then gave him a very lukewarm endorsement, saying Masonry was intended to make men better. (NOTE: Richmond was elected and initiated June 1, 1852, but was not raised until April 17, 1858).
0706/01/1852Petition for initiation of William B. Ball.
0806/23/1852Report of committee appointed to examine the Treasurer's accounts for the period June 7, 1851 to June 1, 1852.
0908/30/1852Letter to W. R. Weisiger from a ”committee appointed to correspond with the Masters of the several Lodges from Washington D.C. to Wilmington, N.C. and such others as they may deem proper, for the purpose of devising and perfecting some plan by which the funds of our Institution may be protected from the ravages and constant demands of the unworthy, and by which we can with confidence protect and relieve the necessities of the worthy traveling members".
1001/25/1853Petition for initiation of James T. Weisiger.
1103/22/1853Petition for initiation of William L. Cheatham.
1203/22/1853Petition for initiation of F. G. Hancock.

1856 THROUGH 1860

0106/26/1858Petition for initiation of Henry Fitzgerald.
0203/12/1859Petition for initiation of William V. Archer.
0308/25/1859Letter to Lodge from F. P. Welford asking for payment of $35.00 pledged in 1853 toward the erection of a statue of George Washington as the statue had been completed and was being shipped.
0409/29/1859Bill of E. Semom, Steward and Tiler, for food, Steward and Tiler's fee, and advertising meeting.

1861 THROUGH 1865

0102/23/1861Receipt from Emmanuel Semon for $3.00 for Steward and Tiler fees.
0205/09/1861Receipted bill from Walter C. Day for $5.00 for tuition of West Toddy for one quarter.
0306/27/1863Opinion of John Dove that the election of officers of #14 on June 24 was illegal and therefore null and void.
0407/07/1864Order from F. C. Weisiger, Master Protem, to Wor. William Ambers, Treasurer, to pay R. Y. Condry the sum of ten dollars and charge it to the Charity Fund.
0507/16/1864Receipted bill from F. C. Weisiger, Master Protem, for $18.00 for 2 lbs. candles. (He approved it and ordered it paid himself.)
0607/16/1864Receipted bill for $10.00 paid to A. J. Simmons for Steward and Tiler fees for two meetings in June, 1864.
0710/15/1864Bill from A. J. Simmons for Steward and Tiler's fee for two meetings ($12.00) and 1 lb. candles ($15.00).
0811/05/1864Grand Lodge Certificate issued to William B. Johnson and signed by W. H. Harman, Grand Master, and John Dove, Grand Secretary.
0911/12/1864Bill from A. J. Simmons, Steward and Tiler for his fee ($12.00 for 2 meetings) 1 lb. candles ($15.00) and washing aprons ($10.50). Ordered paid by William Bradley, W. M.
1011/12/1864Order to the Treasurer to pay $14.00 (1/2 the balance) of a voluntary contribution of $100.00. ($50.00 to Mrs. E. Handcock and $50.00 to Mrs. R. Y. Condry).
1112/10/1864Bill from A. J. Simmons, Steward and Tiler, for his fee for three meetings ($18.00) and 2 lbs. candles ($30.00).
1202/03/1865Bill from A. J. Simmons, Steward and Tiler, for his fee for three meetings ($18.00), one load wood ($20.00) and 2 lbs. candles ($30.00).
1303/11/1865Bill from A. J. Simmons, Steward and Tiler, for his fee for three meetings ($18.00), 1 lb. candles.
1407/07/1865Petition for initiation of David A. Richardson.

1866 THROUGH 1870

0104/16/1867Demit certificate from S. Ward Lodge #62, Marine City, Michigan for Brother Robert Beattie.
0204/16/1867Same as file #1 for Brother Robert B. W. Beattie.
0308/15/1867List of Lodge Members with amount of dues paid opposite name, on back of printed notice listing cost of school courses, principals' names and references.
0403/17/1868Receipt from Thomas Turner, Rose Hill, Rappahannock, County, Va. for $60.00 on account for tuition of Masonic School for children. (reference minutes 01/04/1868).
0504/04/1868Letter of petition for initiation from L. S. Clarke.
0608/18/1870Note listing money collected at meeting including dues, special charities and fees.
0710/05/1870Certificate of demit from Ancient Land-Mark Lodge No. 17 of Portland, Maine for Brother William L. Fernald.


0103/04/1871Resignation of J. R. Perdue, Junior Warden.
0204/06/1871Letter to Roman Eagle Lodge No. 122, Danville, Virginia, stating that we did not have money in the treasury to pay partial expenses of Brother W. L. Cheatham' s funeral.
0304/08/1871Letter to T. W. Crow, W.M., requesting Manchester No. 14 to officiate in the corner stone laying of the Free Bridge, to be constructed, from W. G. Taylor, chairman of the committee. (NOTE: this was the 9th Street Bridge)
0404/17/1871Letter announcing the organization of a Board of Relief for Masonic Charity, and inviting No. 14 to join in this enterprise and to appoint a Lodge representative to the Board, from George R. Pace.
0504/21/1871Letter from J. R. Dowell, W.M. No. 19, to T. H. Crow, W.M. No. 14, inviting No. 14 to participate in laying corner stone of a Monument to be erected for the Confederate dead at Oakwood Cemetery.
0604/21/1871Letter from James A. Scott, E. C., to L. S. Clarke, Secretary No. 14, accepting invitation for Commandery to serve as escort for the corner stone laying of Free Bridge.
0704/24/1871Letter from Grand Master T. F. Owens, to L. S. Clarke, Secretary of No. 14, accepting invitation to participate in corner stone laying of Free Bridge.
0804/29/1871Petition of W. B. McCrary for affiliation with Manchester No. 14.
0905/09/1871Letter from Thomas W. Wynne and William I. Clopton, Bridge Committee, to T. W.Crow, W.M. No. 14, requesting his presence to lay the corner stone, on May 22nd., of the Free Bridge.
1005/23/1871Copy of news item about corner stone laying of Free Bridge.
1106/21/1871Letter from W. R. Waggener, J. W. Compton and G. W. Carrington, to T. W. Crow, requesting Manchester No. 14 to lay the Corner stone of the Literary Society of Randolph College.
1206/12/1871Report of audit committee.
1308/26/1871Petition for H. W. Bransford to Manchester No. 14, recommended and avouched for by J. H. Hatcher and W. R. Weisiger.
1408/27/1871Petition for James Buchannon to Manchester No. 14, recommended and avouched for by H. Ftzgerald and W. Craig.
1509/06/1871Letter from R. F. Graves, Jr., P. M. Prince George Lodge No. 15, to W. M. Manchester Lodge requesting aid for Mrs. Richard D. Booker, widow, of our Lodge.
1609/07/1871Letter from James E Riddick, Secretary, Richmond Lodge No. 10 to W. M. Manchester No. 14, granting permission to act on petition of H. W. Bransford.
1709/17/1871Letter from Mary D. Totty, widow, requesting aid from the Lodge.
1809/26/1871Petition for initiation from Henry M. Vaden.
1909/27/1871Petition for initiation from Allen L. Bradley.
2010/19/1871Letter from daughter of Emanuel Semon, requesting a contribution for a monument in his memory in Philadelphia, Pa.
2110/28/1871Petition for initiation of Walter H. Cheatham.
2211/25/1871Petition for initiation of Robert B. W. Beattie. (2 copies)
2311/25/1871Petition for initiation of L. R. Chiles.


0102/01/1872Receipt of bill for load of wood I. Weisiger.
0202/20/1872Letter from George R. Pace, Chairman of Committee for Memorial in Hollywood Cemetery in memory of Emanuel Semon.
0302/24/1872Petition of Samuel Carter Weisiger.
0404/24/1872Petition of E. T. Osborne.
0505/18/1872Petition for reinstatement of W. L. Holt.
0606/04/1872Letter from Lodge No. 138 Orange Court House, Virginia, advising of the death and Masonic burial of Brother William M. Jourdan.
0706/24/1872Bill from W. D. Craig, Secretary for 18 meetings at $2.00 a meeting. Ordered to be paid by J. D. Craig W. M.
0806/24/1872Bill from Steward and Tiler, R. H. Beasley.
0908/15/1872Bill from Henry Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler.
1008/17/1872Resolution instructing Trustees of the Lodge not to rent or loan any portion of the building without the consent of the Lodge.
1108/21/1872Check on Mutual Building Fund and Dollar Savings Bank of Richmond for $18.59.
1208/21/1872Same as file #11 for $3.00
1308/21/1872Same as file #11 for $8.00.
1408/21/1872Same as file #ll for $12.50.
1508/21/1872Petition, on printed form, of O. B. Sims.
1609/07/1872Bill from John H. Rose Co., successor to Rose and Day, for metal cover.
1709/14/1872Bill for candles and oil.
1810/07/1872Letter from W. M. of Chesterfield Lodge No. 161 requesting that they be allowed the courtesy of conferring the degrees on Thomas H. Bransford and J. B. Robertson. (Waiver refused)
1910/12/1872Petition for initiation of Charles W. Conway.
2010/14/1872Receipts from George W. Anderson and Son for $12.32.
2110/14/1872Check on Mutual Building Fund And Dollar Savings Bank of Richmond for $12.32. (see file #19)
2211/08/1872Bill from Kellogg and Gibson for light brackets and porcelain shades and holders.
2311/09/1872Bill from H. Fitzgerald, Jr., Tiler, for tiler's fees and fixing lamps.
2411/13/1872Letter from W. E. Wright, Secretary, of Monitor Lodge No. 197 Fort Monroe, Virginia. Informing us that Brother T. C. Rice formerly a member of our Lodge, had committed suicide, and asking if he was a member in good standing.
2511/23/1872Check from W. E. Gary, Treasurer, to George N. Wilson.
2611/??/1872Bill from Blanton and Hughes, for brick work, plastering and whitewashing.
2711/13/1872Bill from A. B. Wooldridge for 1 ton of anthracite coal. Paid.
2812/14/1872Application for membership of A. W. Dunn, Blandford Lodge No. 3. Elected this date.
2912/14/1872Check to S. C. Weisiger, Secretary, to W. E. Gary, Treasurer.
3012/14/1872Petition of A. C. Attkinsson.
3112/16/1872Check No. 8 from W. E. Gary, Treasurer.
3212/16/1872Check to Wilson and West from W. E. Gary, Treasurer.
3312/16/1872Check to E. Gallagher from W. E. Gary, Treasurer.
3412/16/1872Check to Blanton and Hughes from W. E. Gary, Treasurer.
3512/20/1872Letter from Roman Eagle Lodge to S. C. Weisiger, Secretary, that some matter had been settled.
3612/26/1872Receipted bill from J. H. Matthews for food and sundry items for Dec. 27th.
3712/27/1872Receipted bill from D. J. Weiseger for one load wood.
3812/31/1872Receipted bill from Mrs. Adams for washing aprons and table cloths.


0101/01/1873Receipted bill from E. W. Weisiger, for sundry items from June 2, 1872 to December 2, 1872.
0201/11/1873Steward's and Tiler's fees for December 27, 1872.
0302/08/1873Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald for tiler's fees.
0403/08/1873Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for tiler's fee and repairs to Lesser Lights.
0503/08/1873Petition (printed form) from S. C. Dyer.
0603/14/1873Receipt for $25.00, in full, from Blanton and Hughes.
0704/12/1873List of dues paid by members of the Lodge on Saturday evening, April 12th.
0804/15/1873Receipt from Mutual Assurance Society against Fire on Buildings of the State of Virginia, for fire insurance premium on the Lodge Building.
0904/15/1873Canceled check for file #08
1004/15/1873Canceled check for $31.00 to E. Gallagher.
1104/22/1873Bill from Kellogg and Gibson, 1207 Main Street, Richmond, VA.
1204/22/1873Canceled check to Alex. Fitzgreald.
1304/23/1873Canceled check to Kellogg and Gibson.
1404/23/1873Canceled check to Wilson and West.
1504/28/1873Paid bill from Richmond Dispatch, for funeral notice, for $.50.
1604/28/1873Bill from Richmond Enquirer Company, for notice concerning called meeting.
1704/29/1873Letter from J. E. Hammond, requesting to be excused from attending the funeral of F. W. Redford.
1804/30/1873Bill from Mrs. M. A. Laing, corner of Six and Hull Streets, Manchester, Virginia for crepe and ten pairs of gloves.
1905/02/1873Letter from John P. Woodward, Chuckatuck, Virginia, requesting a demit.
2005/09/1873Petition for degrees (printed form) from Allie Fore.
2105/10/1873Resolutions of Committee on the death of F. W. Bedford.
2205/10/1873Resignation of Junior Warden, A. C. Gibbs.
2305/12/1873Canceled check to H. Fitzgreald.
2406/07/1873Petition for initiation of George A. Smith.
2506/07/1873Receipted bill from Pizzini, Confectioner, for 4 gallons of ice cream and fancy cake.
2606/12/1873Receipted bill from Wilson and West for one furnace, one stove and accessories.
2706/24/1873Report of W. E. Gary, Treasurer.
2807/05/1873Resignation of 0. B. Sims as Secretary.
2907/05/1873Petition for initiation of William S. Lawder.
3009/01/1873Circular from John Dove, Grand Secretary, announcing the death of Levi Stevenson, Past Grand Master.
3109/27/1873Letter from Midlothian Lodge No. 211, certifying that Brother E. M. Archer was a Mason in good standing. (Signed by P. S. Hancock, W. M., and William H. Marshall, Secretary.)
3209/27/1873Letter from Midlothian Lodge No. 211, certifying that Brother A. G. Elam Was a Mason in good standing. (Signed by P. S. Hancock, W. M. and William H. Marshall, Secretary.)
3310/03/1873Receipted bill from J. H. Matthews, for groceries and candles.
3410/04/1873Application for membership of Brother S. L. Ingram. (Ballot was favorable).
3510/04/1873Application for membership of Brother E. M. Archer and A. G. Elam, on the same sheet of paper. (Ballot was favorable).


0102/23/1874Application for membership of William S. Fernald, Ancient Landmark No. 17. Elected same date.
0203/28/1874Receipted bill from John Matthews, for candles and matches.
0303/28/1874Petition for initiation of John B. Anderson.
0406/18/1874Receipted bill from L. E. Franck, for 1 walnut and gilt frame.
0506/22/1874Letter from Lelia T. Cheatham, requesting assistance.
0606/24/1874Bill from Henry Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for food and sundry items, paid.
0706/24/1874Report of Audit Committee for year ending June 24, 1874.
0806/24/1874Bill from Thomas Taylor and Co., for two boxes cigars.
0906/27/1874Report of committee investigating a misunderstanding between two members. (Settled).
1006/27/1874Bill from Henry Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for tiling and ice.
1107/02/1874Bill and receipt from W. E. Trahern, to James D. Craig, Treasurer, for $ 22.50, in full for Trahern repairing portrait of James Lyle.
1207/02/1874Receipt to James D. Craig, Treasurer, from Thomas Taylor and Co.
1307/03/1874Receipt to James D. Craig, Treasurer, from W. L. Walker for $ 10.00, being a donation to Mrs. L. Cheatham.
1408/13/1874Receipted bill from J. H. Matthews for candles and matches.
1508/22/1874Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for candles, matches, ice, and tiling one night.
1608/25/1874Note from J. B. Vaden, Secretary, to J. D. Craig, Treasurer, that the Lodge had donated $10.00 to Mrs. Totty on last Saturday night.
1708/28/1874Bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for $6.25 paid to W. H. Walker for two blinds over doors and putting in glass in sash.
1809/02/1874Receipted bill from James W. Gibson (successor to Kellogg & Gibson), for six dozen common tumblers purchased June 24, 1874.
1909/07/1874Letter from Peterfield Trent, M.D., concerning the appointment of delegates to a committee to contemplate the establishment of a Masonic Widows and Orphans Home in Virginia.
2009/12/1874Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for $2.59 paid to J. C. Wells, for shoes furnished Thomas J. Hancock.
2109/12/1874Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for $3.42 paid to J. M. Perdue, for groceries for Thomas J. Hancock.
2209/12/1874Bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for $6.83 paid to Mrs. M. A. Laing for shirt, socks, gloves, hat, crepe, and two boxes of pins.
2309/14/1874Receipt from John Branch for $3.00, for digging grave for T. J. Hancock.
2409/14/1874Receipted bill from B. H. Morrissett for $80.00, funeral expenses of Brother T. J. Hancock.
2509/19/1874Petition for initiation of lrvin Weisiger.
2610/21/1874Receipted bill from Isaac Kahn for $2.75 for 22 lbs. of corned beef.
2710/24/1874Bill from E. W. Weisiger for $10.15 for lamps, oil, lamp chimneys, lamp shades, and pills for Mrs. Condrey, purchased from January 29, 1874 to October 22, 1874. (Credited to his dues). (NOTE: Robert Y. Condrey died May 30, 1867.)
2810/24/1874Bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for tiling 3 meetings ($9.00), ice ($.50), washing aprons ($3.00) and Ballot Box ($.75). (Paid)
2910/24/1874Bill from C. A. Jones and Brother for 1/2 cord wood ($2.25) and sawing the same ($.50). (paid)
3010/24/1874Receipt from William Evans for $13.00 being one half for one cooking stove.
3111/21/1874Bill from J. H. Matthews for 4 lbs. candles, ($1.00) (credited to his dues.)
3212/10/1874Receipted bill from S. R. Owens and Sons, for one ton of R. A. Egg anthracite coal ($8.00). (Paid 12/10/74)
3312/14/1874Receipt from Thomas 0. Dudley, Grand Treasurer, for $38.00 contribution to Grand Lodge. (Paid by S. C. Weisiger, S. D.)
3412/24/1874Bill from James W. Gibson, (successor to Kellogg and Gibson) for 3 doz. cups and saucers ($6 .00), 3 doz. deep dishes ($7.50), and 6 Tinned Iron Tea Spoons ($2.25) - total $15.75. (approved July 17, 1875, paid Aug. 20, 1875).
3512/24/1874Receipted copy of bill of file #34


0101/15/1875Bill from J. B. Vaden, Secretary, for his fees for 12 meetings to January 1, 1875. ($24.00)
0201/16/1875Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for fees and washing aprons, $10.75.
0301/16/1875Bill from Mrs. S. M. Harding, for $1.50, for lodging and meals for a distressed Mason. Ordered paid by J. Coleman Wells.
0401/16/1875Receipted bill from Steward's Committee, refreshments Dec. 27, 1875, $68.04.
0502/01/1875Bill from James E. Goode, for printing summons (4,000), $10.00.
0602/20/1875Bill from John Matthews, for 4 pounds of candles, ($1.00). Credited to his dues.
0703/05/1875Note Showing the Lodge borrowed $60.00 from B. H. Morrisett. Signed by the trustees, W. R. Weisiger, A. A. Allen, John H. Hatcher.
0804/18/1875Petition for initiation of William W. Roberts.
0904/21/1875Receipt from James E. Goode, for $10.00 for printing notices, to James D. Craig, Treasurer.
1005/07/1875Note showing Lodge borrowed $30.00 from B. H. Morrisett signed by Trustees, W. R. Weisiger, A. A. Allen, John H. Hatcher.
1105/15/1875Treasurer's account from June 24, 1874 to May 15, 1875.
1206/12/1875Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, for tiling and ice.
1306/19/1875Receipted bill from J. B. Vaden, for seven nights as Secretary, ($14.00).
1406/23/1875Petition for initiation of Thomas B. Sims.
1506/23/1875Copy of order from Manchester Hustings Court Clerk, John R. Cogbill, appointing A. A. Allen, John H. Hatcher and William R. Weisiger Trustees of the Lodge.
1606/24/1875Receipted bill from R. Elder, for $1.00 for 25 pounds of ice.
1706/24/1875Receipted bill from A. C. Harding, for $14.00 for ice cream, lemons and hauling.
1806/24/1875Receipted bill from A. Boiler, for bread, crackers and cokes, $4.00.
1906/24/1875Receipted bill from John H. Matthews, for four pounds of candles, $1.00.
2006/24/1875Receipted bill from Nunnally and Jones, for groceries, $15.00.
2106/24/1875Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for sundry bills for refreshments for St. John's Night.
2207/07/1875Letter from P. S. Hancock, W. M. Midlothian Lodge No. 211, requesting our Lodge to waive Jurisdiction on Mr. Alex. Garrison. (Requested granted)
2307/17/1875Receipted bill from A. C. Harding for ice cream, $5.00.
2407/17/1875Bill from School Board of Manchester for seven months rent for temporary hall, ($84.00).
2507/17/1875Bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for fees and sundry items, June 24 to July 17, 1875.
2607/20/1875Receipt from Nunnally and Jones, to H. Fitzgerald, in full for E. Gary's account.
2707/22/1875Envelope postmarked 07/22/1875 addressed to James D. Craig, Sec.
2807/27/1875Receipted bill from Nunnally and Jones, to E. Gary, for $10.00, groceries for Mrs. Totty.
2908/09/1875Petition for initiation of Charles Rizzi.
3008/12/1875Petition for initiation of John McConnell.
3109/10/1875Receipted bill from J. W. Randolph and English, for letters and rubber holders, $3.00.
3209/10/1875Petition for initiation of Daniel W. Sylvester.
3309/11/1875Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for fees and ice, $ 4.25.
3509/11/1875Receipted bill from John H. Matthews, for sundry items, $5.85.
3609/11/1875Petition for initiation of J. T. Borum.
3709/25/1875Receipted bill from John H. Matthews, for sundry items, $4.70. (Dues credited $3.85, cash received $.85.)
3810/09/1875Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for fees ($7.00), 5 gals. oysters ($7.50), putting away coal ($.25).
3908/14/1875Petition for initiation of George J. Kaufman.
4010/11/1875Receipted bill from B. H. Morrissett, for funeral expenses of Brother E. Gary.
4110/16/1875Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, for fees, $4.00.
4210/16/1875Receipted bill from J. H. Matthews, for groceries, $8.59.
4310/16/1875Bill from J. H. Matthews, for sundry groceries, $6.60.
4410/21/1875Receipted bill from Mrs. M. A. Laing, for gloves, crepe, pins, $7.65.
4510/27/1875Receipted bill from A. C. Harding, for sardines and apples, $1.90.
4611/03/1875Receipted bill from C. A. Jones and Bro., for two cords of wood, sawing and splitting, $3.00.
4711/13/1875Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, for fees washing aprons, 10 gals. of oysters and bread, from Oct. 9 to Nov. 13, 1875.
4811/13/1875Receipted bill from J. H. Matthews, for groceries, $9.23.
4911/13/1875Receipted bill from J. B. Vaden, for nine meetings as Secretary.
5011/27/1875Receipted bill from J. H. Matthews, for groceries and candles, $4.00.
5111/27/1875Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for 5 gals. oysters and washing table cloths.
5111/??/1875Receipted bill from E. Gallagher, for glazing nine glasses, $2.25.
5212/11/1875Receipted bill from J. H. Matthews, for groceries Nov. 27 to Dec. 11, 1875, $2.15.
5312/11/1875Receipted bill from H. Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for oysters, cracker and tiling Nov. 27 to Dec. 11, 1875.
5412/13/1875Receipt from Thomas U. Dudley, Grand Treasurer, for $43.00 Contribution to Grand Lodge.

1876 THROUGH 1880

010/01/1876Bill from William Evens for two three gallon buckets, one dipper, and one zinc bottle for the water cooler, ($3.15). (Ordered paid Feb. 4, 1986 by D. J. Weisiger, W. M.)
0201/01/1876Receipt to A. A. Allen, W. R. Weisiger, and J. H. Hatcher, Trustees, for $15.00 premium on $3.000.00 insurance 01/01/76 to 01/01/77, from Virginia Home Insurance Co.
0301/08/1876Receipted bill Henry Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for fees for two meetings and washing four doz. aprons and three table cloths.
0401/08/1876Bill from Henry Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for sundry expenses for refreshments on St. John's Night, Dec. 27, 1875.
0502/05/1876Receipted bill from James H. Matthews, for 4 lbs. of candles, ($1.00).
0602/05/1876Receipted bill from Henry Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for Tiler's fee ($3.00) and repairing looks to doors, ($2.00).
0703/04/1876Receipted bill for Henry Fitzgerald, Steward And Tiler, for $3.00 for tiling one meeting.
0803/??/1876Bill from R. Hunter Beazley, for $.50, for" sewing on straps etc." (Credited to his dues April 8, 1876.)
0906/03/1876Receipted bill from Henry Fitzgerald, Steward and Tiler, for fees and ice.
1006/03/1876Bill from J. B. Vaden, Secretary, for $18.00 secretary's fees for 9 meetings. ($5.00 credited to Vaden's dues, $3.50 to W. R. Weisiger's dues and balance of $9.50 paid by check Jan. 5)
1106/03/1876Bill from James H. Matthews, for groceries $4.02. (Paid by check Jan. 5.)
1206/03/1876Bill from Jake Wirt, for $9.00 for six gals. of ice cream at $1.50 per gallon. (Paid by check Jan. 5)
1311/24/1876Petition for initiation of Frank D. Shelton.
1403/07/1877Note from D. J. Weisiger, W. M., to J. H. Matthews, requesting him to let Brother James Loss, No. 8 British Lodge, London, England, have $2.50.
1508/15/1878List of brethren who paid their dues on Jan. 4, 1878.
1604/05/1879List of brethren who paid their dues April 5, 1879.
1704/23/1880Receipted bill from E. W. Weisiger, for oil, medicine and liniment for Mrs. Condrey.
1806/19/1880Bill from J. B. Vaden, Secretary, for his fees to July 1st.
1906/19/1880Bill from A. J. Simmons, Steward and Tiler, for fees, washing and ironing aprons, ice cream, ice, candles and sundry groceries. (Paid)
2006/24/1880Receipted bill from A. J. Simmons, Steward and Tiler, for sundry items for Feast of St. John the Baptist.
2107/17/1880Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for tiling two meetings, ($6.00).
2208/14/1880Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for tiling one meeting, ($3.00).
2309/15/1880Request from Alexander Fitzgerald, Worshipful Master, to the Treasurer of the Lodge, to pay to Mrs. Totty (Mrs. Mary D. Totty, widow) five dollars.
2409/18/1880Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for tiling one meeting, ($3.00).
2509/18/1880Receipted bill from J. B. Vaden, Secretary, for three months service as Secretary, ( $7.00).
2609/21/1880Letter from Taylor Lodge No. 117, A. F. & A. M., located in Well Water, Virginia, in Buckingham County, (with envelope attached) requesting aid to buy a home for a widow with nine children. (Manchester Lodge donated $1.00) (Widow’s name was Mrs.Garland B. Hanes.)
2710/16/1880Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for tiling, ice, and mending water cooler, ($3.65).
2810/26/1880Postcard from James C. Turner of Taylor Lodge No. 117, located in Well Water, Virginia, in Buckingham County, to D. J. Weisiger, Esq., Treasurer of Manchester No. 14, thanking No. 14 for sending $1.00 to the Hanes fund to buy a home for the Widow Hanes. (Postcard was mailed from Glenmore, Virginia.)
2911/13/1880Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for his fees, 5 gals. of oysters ($4.50), and sundry other groceries.
3012/11/1880Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for tiling one meeting, ($3.00).
3112/11/1880Bill from J. B. Vaden, Secretary, for services as secretary to Jan. 1, 1881, ($7.00).
3212/27/1880Receipted bill from George Gibson, Jr, for use of crockery, ($1.40).
3312/27/1880Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for oysters, turkey and other sundry items for supper on St. John's Night.

1881 THROUGH 1885

0101/10/1881Bill from B. H. Morrissett, undertaker, at No. 12 7th Street Manchester, Virginia for furnishing hearse and 8 hacks at funeral of Mr. M. Odonell.
0201/15/1881Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for services Dec. 7, 1880 and Jan. 11, 1881.
0302/01/1881Bill from Owens and Bro., for 1/2 cord of fire wood ($3.50).
0402/12/1881Bill for Tiler's fee $3.00.
0502/25/1881Bill for 18 X 22 photographic portraits of Dr. Patteson and James Henderson, for $70.00, from M. J. Powers.
0602/26/1881Notices of receipt of portraits in file 05.
0703/02/1881Bill for refreshments, from B. A. Riggin.
0803/12/1881Bill from Secretary of Lodge for services.
0903/12/1881Bill from Tiler for services.
1003/18/1881Bill from Nunnally and Son, 8th and Hull Street, Manchester, Virginia, for 1 gallon Durham Whiskey and jug $3.20.
1104/09/1881Bill from Lithgow, Steward and Tiler for services.
1205/07/1881Bill from Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for services.
1306/07/1881Bill from Joseph Wyatt, for white washing anteroom and stairway of Lodge Building at 5th and Bainbridge Street ($1.00).
1406/08/1881Bill from W. D. Blair and Co. 1109 Main Street, Richmond, Virginia for two gallons Claret.
1506/09/1881Bill from J. W. Randolph and English, 1302 - 1304 Main Street, for 1 1/2 dozen envelopes and book $1.80.
1606/11/1881Bill from J. B. Vaden, Steward and Secretary, for services and bill of file 15.
1706/11/1881List of items purchased for dinner and cost.
1806/11/1881Bill from Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for services, ice cream and cake.
1906/24/1881Bill for refreshments and services.
2006/27/1881Bill from George Schoen at No. 1100 Main Street for 200 cigars ($5.50).
2107/09/1881Receipted bill from H. J. Nunnally and Son, for 1/2 lb. tea ($.55) and 3 sets knives and forks ($3.00).
2207/09/1881Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for tiling ($3.00) and hire of crockery ($1.30).
2307/18/1881Receipted bill from J. H. Foster, for groceries furnished Mrs. Totty. (Feb. 22, $2.50 and July 18, $2.50 = $5.00).
2408/01/1881Receipted bill from Mrs. M. A. Laing, for 29 pairs gloves ($2.20).
2508/01/1881Receipted bill from Richmond Transfer Company, General Railroad Ticket Office, Telegraph Office and Baggage express, 1000 Main Street, A. W. Garber, Proprietor, for the hire of six carriages for a funeral ($21.00 less "By abatement" (deduction) $3.00, balance paid $18.00) (NOTE: Funeral was for Brother A. A. Bradley).
2608/04/1881Receipted bill from E. W. Weisiger, for oil, lamp, door spring, chimneys, candles, matches, chimney mop, burner, 1/2 gal. can, bucket, etc. from Dec. 3, 1880 to Aug. 4, 1881 ($9.06).
2708/06/1881Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiller, for tiling two meetings ($6.00), an washing 52 aprons ($ 2.00).
2808/08/1881Receipted bill from Mrs. M. A. Laing, for crepe, gloves, pins and fans from July 6, 1880 to Aug. 8, 1881 ($12.64).
2909/03/1881Receipted bill from J. B. Vaden, Secretary, for 3 months services ($7.00).
3009/03/1881Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for tiling one meeting ($3.00).
3110/03/1881Receipt to D. J. Weisiger, Treasurer, from T. J. Borum, for $10.00 donation.
3210/13/1881Advertisement from C. & 0. Railway, for excursion trains to Yorktown, to celebrate the centennial of Cornwallis’ surrender. Celebration from Oct. 13 through Oct. 21.
3311/05/1881Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for fees and washing gloves, aprons and table cloths ($13.00).
3411/07/1881Receipt from D. J. Weisiger, Treasurer, from Amelia C. Mosby, widow, for $10.00 donated to her.
3511/11/1881Resignation of William I. Clopton as Worshipful Master.
3611/11/1881Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for fees and refreshments.
3711/17/1881Receipted bill from B. H. Morrissett, for a casket ($55.00), and hire of hearse and six hacks ($20.00), for funeral of Alexander Baxter, total $75.00.
3811/19/1881Receipted bill from Hollywood Cemetery, for digging grave for Alexander Baxter ($11.00).
3911/30/1881Receipted bill from R. F. Elder, for ice for the season ($2.00).
4012/03/1881Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tier, for tiling two meetings, Nov. 21, and Dec. 3, ($6.00).
4112/03/1881Receipted bill from J. B. Vaden, Secretary, for services as secretary ($7.00) and cash paid for calling lodge in State (newspaper) ($.50).
4212/27/1881Receipted bill from Steward's Committee for oysters, cigars, cooking turkeys, servants, etc. for St. John's Night ($29.31).
4312/31/1881Receipted bill for $3.50 from Richard Baker, for shaving Brother A. T. Baxter for his funeral 11/18/81.
4412/31/1881Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for fees, two meetings ($7.00).
4501/28/1882Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for tiling one meeting ($3.00).
4604/29/1882Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for tiling one meeting ($3.00) and washing aprons and table cloths ($ 2.50).
4705/27/1882Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for tiling one meeting, ($3.00).
4805/27/1882Receipt from W. D. Craig, Worshipful Master, Protem, to the Treasurer of the Lodge for "$3.00 for appropriation to an indigent Master Mason".
4911/20/1882Receipted bill from B. H. Morrissett, for coffin ($30.00) and hire of hearse and three hacks ($12.50) for funeral of Brother Alex. Fitzgerald. (Total $42.50)
5011/20/1882Receipted bill from J. H. Foster, for drayage, ($2.00).
5112/06/1882Canceled check for $75.00 payment on note.
5212/11/1882Canceled check for $34.00 paid to O. M. Marshall, Grand Treasurer.
5312/18/1882Canceled check for $10.00 paid H. Fitzgerald, for donation made to Mrs. Jessee Muter.
5412/23/1882Canceled check for $5.00 donation to Mrs. H. M. Vaden.
5512/23/1882Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, for tiling 2 meetings ($6.00) and washing aprons and table cloths, ($2.50).
5612/23/1882Receipted bill from J. B. Vaden, Secretary, for 3 months services as secretary ($7.00), cash paid for opening grave for Worshipful A. Fitzgerald ($4.00), calling Lodge in State and Dispatch (newspapers) ($.75), and postage ($.25).
5712/27/1882Receipted bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for fees, ($4.00).
5807/19/1883Circular from the Grand Lodge, announcing the death of Right Worshipful Oscar Maberry Marshall, Grand Treasurer, and appointing John Farran Regnault to succeed him.
5908/09/1883Letter from A. F. Garrison, with a partial payment of his dues and asking indulgence in paying the remainder.
6009/18/1883Letter from Mann S. Quarles, Cashier of the Planters National Bank, notifying the Lodge that the rate of interest on its account would be 3% starting Oct. 1, 1883.
6112/31/1883Note from J. W. Johnson to the Mechanics Building Co. of the city of Manchester, authorizing the transfer of ten shares of stock to Mrs. M. J. Young.
6203/08/1884Letter from John E. Bland of Centerville Lodge No. 80, located at Shackelfords, King and Queen County, Virginia, requesting financial assistance with one of their distressed brethren.
6306/07/1884Letter from Worshipful William Lovenstein, Secretary on Loge Francaise, No. 53, requesting his pay of $50.00 plus $10.00 traveling expenses, for teaching the officers and members of Manchester Lodge the true way to do the Virginia Masonic Work. (Loge Francaise No. 53 is now Fraternal Lodge No. 53. The name was changed Dec. 12, 1889.)

1886 THROUGH 1890

0102/22/1886Letter from Benjamin Riddick, Secretary of Suffolk Lodge No. 30, certifying that W. H. Christian had been granted a demit from the lodge.
0205/13/1886Petition for initiation of J. C. Snelling.
0305/13/1886Petition for initiation of J. A. Rradshaw.
0406/12/1886Bill from R. S. Stone, for $2.50 rent of a carriage.
0509/01/1886Bill from Mrs. M. A. Laing, for cotton, tapes and thread for making aprons ($8.84).
0609/20/1886Bill from G. F. Cox, for fixing wallpaper and canopy over Master's Chair ($3.00).
0711/04/1886Bill from William Ellis Jones for printing 600 excursion tickets ($1.75) and 50 invitations ($1.50). (Centennial celebration in Bon Air.)
0811/06/1886Bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for refreshments.
0906/15/1888Bill from Ryland and Lee, Piano and Organ Warerooms, 900 E. Main Street, for hauling organ 2 ways ($1.50).
1006/25/1888Bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for refreshments for St. John's Night ($36.82).
1107/21/1888Bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for refreshments.
1206/21/1888Bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, for tiling, refreshments, postage, and Brother J. W. Powers for cleaning jewels ($8.31 total).
1307/21/1888Bill from E. W. Weisiger, Retail Druggist, for oil, chimneys, candles, matches, etc. ($10.40).
1407/01/1890Bill from "The Leader", corner 10th and Hull Street, for ad. of meeting ($.25).
1507/10/1890Bill from The Leader, Leader Building, corner 10th and Hull Street, for printing Lodge notices ($6.00).
1611/17/18890Receipt to Worshipful James Rice, from Virginia Electric Light and Power Co, for $2.25 for electric services. (Signed by J. R. Perdue, Jr. )
1711/24/1890Bill from W. T. Lithgow, Steward and Tiler, For tiling one meeting ($3.00).
1811/24/1890Bill from Stewards Committee, M. R. Lloyd, Chairman, for 6 gallons oyster ($6.00), coffee ($1.20), 1 gallon cream ($.40), biscuits and oyster crackers ($1.10), 3 lbs. butter and sugar ($1.18), "Aunt Emily" (cook) ($1.00).
1912/09/1890Copy of Decisions of Most Worshipful R. T. Craighill, Grand Master, as taken from the Grand Lodge Proceedings 1890.

1891 THROUGH 1895

011891Grand Masters' Decisions from 1891 to 1895.
0209/22/1894Letter from J. W. Kendall requesting financial aid.
0302/09/1895Request from Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows to use the Lodge room for their state meeting.
0402/15/1895Letter from Frank Fitzgerald, to John O'Brien, pertaining to file #03.
0505/04/1895Memo pertaining to initiation of C. D. McRae.                                                                                                    

1896 THROUGH 1900

011897Grand Masters' Decisions from 1897 to 1900 inclusive.                                                                                   
0212/14/1898Receipted bill from Friend Bros. for improvements to the building.
0306/03/1898Treasurer's report for June, 1897, to June, 1898, with auditing committee approval.
0406/13/1899Treasurer's report for June, 1898, to June, 1899.
0506/16/1899Statement of rents collected and bills paid.
0611/11/1899Fifty dollars life insurance policy issued to Laurence Ingram by the Lodge.                                                                                                                                  

1901 THROUGH 1905

011901Grand Masters’ Decisions for 1901, 1902, 1903, 1905.
0205/27/1901List of Lodge members and dates raised.
0307/07/1903Request on letterhead of Hamburg Bremen Fire Insurance Co. of Hamburg, Germany, No. 5 N. Tenth Street, Richmond, Virginia, from Lodge to Grand Master to change Article1 of the By Laws to hold stated communications on the third Monday of each month.
0407/08/1903Letter from Grand Master approving the request of file #03.
0511/21/1904Printed form to certify that Brother William J. Carter is a member in good standing.
0612/??/??Letter on Masonic Home letterhead listing the Board of Governors, concerning bazaar to be held at the 7th Street Armory the week of Dec. 26.

1906 THROUGH 1910

0102/13/1906Grand Master's Decisions from the Grand Lodge proceedings of 1906 and 1907.
0206/24/1906Invitation and program sent to the brethren by R. E. Brown, Secretary, for the celebration of the Festival of St. John The Baptist.
03??/??/1906Sketch made from memory by Confederate Artist W. L. Shepherd, at the request of Ben P. Owen, Jr. to show how the figure of Mercury ought to appear on the Junior and Senior Deacons Jewels.
0410/24/1906Letter from Guilford D. Euritt, under letterhead of the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind, Staunton Virginia, William A. Bowles, Superintendent, to Ben P. Owen, Jr. with an enclosed copy of a. letter written to Rev. Joseph D. Tyler, Principal of the Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institute in Staunton, Virginia, on Dec. 10, 1841, from Col. William Boiling about John Braidwood who held the first public school for deaf mutes in the United States in the Manchester Lodge Hall on Fifth Street.
0511/17/1906Letter from Wor. Bro. Thomas H. Betty, Past Master of Manchester Lodge No. 14, who was living in Montgomery, Ala., thanking the Lodge for electing him an Honorary Member and enclosing a check for $6.00 to be used to pay the interest on the Lodge debt and stating that he would make a similar one each year until the entire debt of the Lodge was paid.
0601/27/1907Copy of the Times Dispatch with a story about the first public school for deaf mutes in the United States which was held in Manchester Lodge Hall.
0702/20/1907Circular from J. D. Eggleston, Jr. Superintendent of Public Instruction of the Commonwealth of Virginia, to the public school teachers, informing them of impending regular examinations of teachers and other subjects.
0812/16/1907Letter from Aaron L. Sampson. W. M. to R. E. Brown, Secretary, informing him that Bro. W. F. Bryce, Jr., Senior Warden-Elect, had received his Past Master's Degree in a Provisional Lodge of Past Masters.
0902/11/1908Front pages from the Grand Lodge Proceedings with a picture of J. W. Eggleston, Grand Master on the back page.
1002/11/1908Grand Masters' Decisions from the Grand Lodge Proceedings of 1908, 1909 and 1910.
1103/16/1908Letter from the trustees of the Lodge recommending that the indebtedness of the lodge ($10,566.00) should be consolidated with one person or firm and bearing an attached resolution to that effect. (They were authorized to borrow $9,000 for this purpose.)
1208/??/1910Letter from the Lodge at Narrows, Virginia (Intermont, No. 269), asking for contributions to help them rebuild their Lodge Hall which burned down on April 15, 1910. ($5.00 donated).
1310/10/1910Circular letter from W. B. McChesney, Grand Master, announcing the death of Most Worshipful Silvanus Jackson Quinn Past Grand Master, on Sept. 6, 1910.
1412/19/1910Report of the Auditing Committee on the books of the Secretary and Treasurer for the year 1910.
1512/19/1910Report of the Trustees for the year 1910.
1612/27/1910Photo of the results of the Possum Hunt in preparation for the Feast of St. John the Evangelist on Dec. 27, 1910. (Reprinted in the South Side News,1930. )

1911 THROUGH 1915

0102/14/1911Grand Masters' Decisions as taken from the Grand Lodge Proceedings of 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, and 1915.
0212/27/1912Lodge notice for the Festival of St. John the Evangelist with list of officers-elect, picture of black man holding a possum, and a poem by Frank L. Stanton entitled “Possum an’ Taters.”
0305/13/1915Letter from George L. Christian, attorney, under the letterhead of Christian, Gordon and Christian, Law Offices, Travelers Insurance Building, Rich, Virginia, concerning a renewal bond and a Deed of Trust to secure the same to Mrs. Jesse A. Davie, for an old bond in the amount of $2400.00 which the Lodge owed her. Letter was addressed to John R. Robertson, Esq., c/o Southern Bargain House, Richmond, Virginia. Robertson was the Lodge Secretary.
0409/23/1915Another letter from George R. Christian, Attorney, to John R. Robertson, Secretary, concerning claim of Mrs. Jesse A. Davie against the Lodge.
0510/11/1915Another, more threatening, letter from George R. Christian, Attorney, to John R. Robertson, Secretary, about the money owed to Mrs. Jesse A. Davie.

1916 THROUGH 1920

0102/08/1916Grand Masters' Decisions as taken from the Grand Lodge Proceedings for 1916, 1917, 1918, and 1919.
0209/19/1916Report identifying the portraits, pictures, aprons, Charter, designs, etc. on the walls of the Lodge Room at Cowardin Ave. and Hull Street.
0301/17/1917Receipted bill from Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Company, 1015 Main Street, for payment of interest on two Mortgage Loans ($2500.00 and $1800.00) for which The Lodge owed them.
0411/??/1917Picture of "Marks of Operative Masons, Taken From Ancient Structures in and About Jerusalem".
0502/18/1918Notice for Stated Communication of this date names of officers. Past Masters, etc., also contains the announcement that the Lodge now had a telephone. (No. Madison-3748)


0102/08/1921Decisions of the Grand Master as taken from The Grand Lodge Proceedings for 1921.
0212/27/1921Copy of a totally different "Possum Hunt Dialogue".


0101/12/1922A court-ordered Deed of Release for which the Trustees had to sue the mortgage holders on the Lodge property at Coward in Ave. and Hull Street to obtain after paying off the mortgages.
0202/14/1922Decisions of the Grand Master as taken from the Grand Lodge Proceedings for 1922.
0305/12/1922Letter from G. Milton Wright, seeking the Lodges approval of a petition to form a new Lodge at Atlee, Virginia. On Motion, the petition was approved by No. 14, May 15, 1922 and the new Lodge was chartered under designation of Washington and Henry Lodge No. 344 on Feb. 14, 1923. (Later moved to Mechanicsville, Virginia.)
0406/19/1922Letter from Wor. Lloyd L. Bradford, under the letterhead War Department, Office of the Depot Quartermaster, General Supply Depot, Norfolk, Virginia, with a check enclosed to pay up his dues and requesting a demit. The demit was granted. (Bro. Bradford was a career Army Officer who once served as Grand Marshall of the Grand Lodge of Maryland. He re-affiliated with No. 14 Sept. 16, 1957.)
0507/17/1922Bill from W. T. Andrews, for Curbing Masonic Section in Maury Cemetery ($80.00). Approved and ordered paid same date.


0101/31/1923Letter from Bro. S. A. Ride to W. W. Friend, asking Bro. Friend to obtain a demit for him as he was now living in Coldwater, Michigan. (Demit granted March 19, 1923.)
0202/13/1923Decisions of Most Worshipful James H. Price, Grand Master, as taken from the Grand Lodge Proceedings for 1923. (M. H. Bro. Price signed the Charter of Woodland Heights Lodge No. 345 at this same Grand Lodge session. He later served as Governor of Virginia.)
0303/01/1923A letter from the Grand Master, James H. Price, announcing an assessment on each Subordinate Lodge of one dollar per member, including Honorary Members, for improvements to the Masonic Home.
0404/02/1923Letter from Marshall W. Beville, Secretary - Trustees to John R. Robertson, Lodge Secretary, announcing that every organization using the Lodge and Dining Rooms, including the Lodge itself, as of April 1, 1923 would have to pay rent ($15.00 a month for one regular and one special meeting, $5.00 for each additional meeting.)
0504/16/1923Letter from J. T. White, Secretary, of Hunter's Lodge No. 156 Blacksburg, Virginia, thanking Manchester Lodge No. 14 for conducting Burial Services for one of their members, Bro. R. G. Duval.
0604/21/1923Copy of letter written by W. M. Engard, Worshipful Master, No. 14, to E. E. Butler, Jr. Worshipful Master of Kilwinning Crosse Lodge No. 2-237, Bowling Green, Virginia, asking if their Lodge had gone to any expense in calling a meeting to hold a courtesy funeral for Walker H. Washington of Manchester Lodge, and offering to reimburse them.
0704/23/1923Letter from J. Floyd Bradley, Secretary of Myrtle Lawn Protestant Children's Home, 3700 "P" Street, Richmond, Virginia, inviting the Master of 14 to appoint a visiting committee to make such visits as it may deem wise that they might keep informed as to Home's activities. This was done because of a contribution the Lodge had made.
0804/24/1923Reply from E. E. Butler, Jr., W. M. Kilwinning Crosse Lodge No. 2-237 to W. M. Engard, W. M. Manchester No. 14, informing him that no expense had been incurred by their Lodge in calling the meeting on the 20th. (see file 06).
0905/11/1923Letter from J. T. Milburn, Secretary of Belhaven Lodge No. 509 in Belhaven, Beaufort County, N.C. requesting another copy of a demit granted to Bro. Henry Tutem, he having misplaced the original.
1005/19/1923Application for reinstatement from William J. Carter, on Carter, Venable and Co., Inc. stationery.
1105/19/1923Letter from Thomas B. Morion, Pres. of the South Richmond Patriotic Memorial Association, announcing the unveiling on June 2nd, in Maury Cemetery, of a monument to the men who died in World War I.
1206/16/1923Part of an envelope postmarked Kinston, N.C., this date, with $.02 stamp.
1307/05/1923Application for advancement to the Fellowcraft's Degree of Brother Cristopher Duncan McRae. He had been initiated on July 6, 1895, and waited 28 years to apply for advancement. (Form dated June 30, 1923 attached.)
1407/10/1923Letter from D. G. Lancaster with a check for part of the dues he owed.
1507/20/1923Letter from H. R. Barnes in Florence, S.C., with a money order for his dues and requesting a demit.
1607/26/1923Copy of the By-Laws approved July 26, 1923.
1708/07/1923Letter to “Newt” (John R. Robertson ?) from “Emmett” (Emmett N. Bailey ?) describing an almost hilarious occasion when a lodge was opened in an automobile while travelling across Mayo’s Bridge for the funeral of Daniel K. Weisiger.
1808/10/1923Letter from James H. Price, Grand Master, Announcing the laying of the Corner-stone of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Temple in Alexandria, Virginia on November 1, 1923. All Virginia Masons urged to attend. Special trains to be provided from different cities.
1908/21/1923Receipt to the Lodge from Joseph W. Eggleston, Grand Treasurer, for $366.00 Masonic Home Assessment for 1922. ($1.00 per member).
2012/17/1923Letter from Isador Goldstein with check for his dues.
2112/17/1923Note written on a prescription form from Dr. S. J. Baker, asking Wor. Bro. C. A. Watkins, Treasurer to get him a demit. (Dr. Baker, S. R. Ford, and C. J. Bruce names pencilled on the same form as receiving demits that night.
2212/17/1923Lodge bulletin for meetings on Dec. 17, 1923 and Dec. 27, 1923.
2312/26/1923Letter to Rt. Wor. Ben P. Owen, Jr. from James H. Price, Grand Master, expressing his regrets at not being able to attend Manchester Lodge on Dec. 27 for the Celebration of the Festival of St. John the Evangelist.
2412/27/1923Excerpt of the program for The Festival of St. John the Evangelist.
2512/29/1923Letter from W. S. Lipcomb, District Deputy, Grand Master for Masonic District No. 15, to John R. Roberts on Lodge Secretary, requesting him to forward the Lodge's Annual Report, Grand Lodge Dues and Masonic Home Assessment to the Grand Secretary as soon after the December Communications as possible.


0101/07/1924Letter from Frank P. McGonnell with the letterhead of Peoples Bank of Radford, Virginia, paying up his dues and requesting a demit. (Granted 01/21/24)
0201/21/1924Application for membership of Bro. W. Garrett Weisiger, a member of Ashland Lodge No. 168. (Elected)
0301/3/1924Letter from Lawson H. Cooke, Worshipful Master, of Richmond, Lodge No. 10 Announcing a meeting of the Masters and Wardens of the 15th District on Jan. 6, 1924, at the Masonic Temple, Broad and Adams Street, to form an organization and make plans to remodel and fire-proof the Mason's Hall on Franklin Street between 18th and 19th, and establish an endowment fund for the future maintenance of the building.
0401/25/1924A letter from Arthur Brodrick, requesting information about Freemasons with the view of joining the order.
0501/28/1924A letter from A. B. Cook, Secretary, of Chesterfield Lodge No. 161, requesting permission of Manchester Lodge to move 161 to Broad Rock School building which invaded the jurisdiction of Richmond Lodges. (Request granted)
0602/12/1924Decision of the Grand Master as taken from the Grand Lodge Proceedings for 1924. (James H. Price, G. M.) (In separate sheet protector)
0702/05/1924Petition for initiation of Linwood Lewis Holt.
0802/18/1924Resolution offered by W. M. Engard and E. N. Bailey: Resolved that the flat to be vacated on March 1st., by Mr. Lowry, be not rented to private families as use for home. (Bro. R. L. Patram offered as a substitute: That the Trustee rent the flat as soon as possible. The question being called for, the substitute was adopted.)
0902/18/1924Proposed amendment to the By-Laws that the Two Stewards should be paid $5.00 each per month. Submitted by L. E. Patram. (Adopted March 17, 1924)
1002/29/1924Form from Admiral A. D. Wright, Confederate Veteran, with a Joint Resolution adopted by the State Senate and House of Delegates endorsing his efforts, seeking help from the citizens of Virginia and West Virginia, to locate old Confederate Sailors and to rescue and preserve the records of the Confederate Sailors.
1103/11/1924Letter from D. G. Lancaster, paying up his dues and extending fraternal greetings. (He lived near Staunton, Virginia.)
1203/13/1924Note from A. L. Carson with check paying up his dues and requesting a demit.
1303/14/1924Copy of resolution adopted at the Grand Lodge session pertaining to the desirability of learning the Master Mason's Catechism, from Charles A. Nesbitt, Grand Secretary.
1403/17/1924Telegram sent to John R. Robertson, Secretary, from L. M. French in New York, N.Y. informing him that he was mailing his dues that day in answer to a citation.
1504/03/1924Letter from John R. Robertson, Secretary, to W. S. Lipcomb, District Deputy Grand Master, District No. 15, asking for approval by him and the Grand Master of the amendment to the By-Laws adopted by the Lodge, March 17, 1924. (Approved.)
1604/14/1024Letter from Weiss Brothers, Artolass Pictures Corporation, inviting the "Executive Board" of the Lodge to attend a special private showing of a Bible movie called "After Six Days", to be shown at the Bijou Theater on Saturday, April 17th. at 9:30 A.M. sharp.
1704/16/1924Letter from E. J. Collins, Jr. under the letterhead of E. J. Collins, Wholesale Grocer, 427 - 433 Old Market Square, Petersburg, Virginia, to C. A. Watkins, Treasurer, with a check enclosed to pay the dues of Bro. T. B. Perdue, at the request of Mrs. Perdue in Ettrick, Virginia.
1804/16/1924Petition for initiation of George Droper Matthews. (Elected)
1905/15/1924Bro. W. G. Weisiger's demit from Ashland Lodge, No. 168.
2005/19/1924Copy of Lodge Bulletin for May 19, 1924.
2107/01/1924Copy of Richmond Lodge No.10 bulletin for July 1, 1924.
2207/05/1924Copy of petition for dispensation for new Lodge in Fulton to be named Robert Fulton Lodge. (Dispensation granted as Thomas Davis)
2307/21/1924Petition of Herbert Baxter Love. (Elected)
2409/15/1924Application for membership of Noel Joseph Lee, a member of Henrico Union Lodge No. 130. (Elected)
2510/22/1924Letter from John R. Robertson, Secretary, to H. S. Lipscomb, District Deputy Grand Master, District No. 15, requesting permission from the Grand Master to lay the corner stone of Oak Grove Baptist Church on Nov. 8, 1924. (Approved by Grand Master)
2611/26/1924Receipted bill for $15.00 from J. G. Hankins of the Virginia Masonic Journal for subscription to the Journal for 3 years at $5.00 per year. (April 1922 to April 1925), with a note to John R. Robertson regretting Lodge canceling its subscription.
2712/13/1924Letter from Bro. B. D. Hamilton, Washington, D.C. with a check enclosed to pay his dues.


0102/10/1925Decisions of Grand Master as taken from Grand Lodge Proceedings for 1925.
0202/12/1925Letter dated February 12, 1925 from Charles R. Purdy to John R. Robertson with reference to dues.
0302/20/1925Letter from James H. Price Chairman, George W. Wright Memorial Fund to Masters And Wardens of Lodges of Virginia requesting payment of pledges.
0405/07/1925Letter on the O. Henry Hotel, Greensboro, N. C. stationery, from W. L. Weisiger enclosing his dues for the year.
0505/08/1925Letter from W. O. Topham, Brooklyn, N.Y. requesting information on his father and grandfather.
0605/08/1925Letter from P. E. Wood, Secretary-Treasurer, of the Masters and Wardens Association of the Fifteenth Masonic District which was organized March 28, 1925.
0705/12/1925Letter from Grand Master establishing June 24 for the general commemoration of the founding of the Babcock Memorial Building.
0805/16/1925Letter from R. L. Newman, Draper, N.C. requesting a duplicate copy of the demit given him.
0905/18/1925Copies of 25 year Honor Roll list for observance of 25 Year Night.
1005/24/1925Letter from W. 0. Topham, Brooklyn, N.Y. thanking Brother John R. Robertson for the information on his father and grandfather, requested in his letter dated 05/08/25.
1108/05/1925Letter from Grand Master outlining rules governing District Deputies and schools of instruction.
1208/10/1925Information concerning the laying of the corner stone for West End Methodist Church at McRae and Broad Rock Road on Sept. 7.
1308/15/1925Letter from D. G. Lancaster enclosing dues.
1408/17/1925Information concerning the laying of the corner stone for Clopton Street Baptist Church.
1509/03/1925Letter from James Price, Treasurer, acknowledging receipt of $74.62 covering pledges to George W. Wright Memorial Fund.
1610/01/1925Certificate from Murray Lodge No. 175 advising Frank B. Hart in good standing.
1712/09/1925Bill from the Lilley Co., Columbus, Ohio, for 12 aprons.
1812/15/1925Letter from W. R. Moore, advising that he was unable to pay his dues because he was in ill health. (Dues were remitted.)
1912/21/1925Report of the Masonic Charity Committee.
2012/21/1925Certificate from Triune Lodge No. 159, New Jersey, advising Charles A. Blankenship, Jr. member in good standing.


0101/18/1926Application for Fellowcraft's Degree from Samuel Levy.
0202/01/1926Typed note requesting annual dues of $12.00 for Masonic Class.
0302/09/1926Grand Master's Decisions from 1926 Grand Lodge Proceedings.
0402/15/1926Letter from Charles A. Blankenship, Jr., requesting membership in Lodge.
0503/05/1926Citation for nonpayment of dues to G. F. Green. Paid dues of $7.50 and was granted a demit 03/15/26.
0603/10/1926Letter from Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co. of Virginia, notifying change of telephone number from Randolph 140-J.
0704/20/1926Letter notifying Lodges that children from the Masonic Home would go on the air over W.R.V.A. on the evening of April 28, and 30, from 8:15 to 9:15 P.M.
0805/21/1926Notice from Fitzgerald Lodge No. 299 of those who were to be voted on for initiation and membership at their next meeting. Written on rear of above, a resolution to borrow $3,500.00 for repairs to the Lodge.
0906/04/1926Bulletin From Temple Lodge No. 9.
1007/10/1926Information on laying of corner stone for Asbury M. E. Church at Chicago Ave. and Petersburg Pike.
1107/15/1926Letter from Masonic Relief Foundation requesting all monies collected for George A. Wright Memorial Fund. Also included a list of Lodge pledges and amount paid.
1209/18/1926Letter from F. R. Turner, Raleigh, N.C. enclosing dues for the year.
1312/01/1926Letter from Grand Lodge, reference to installation of Master and Wardens.
1412/01/1926Letter to John R. Robertson requesting information on J. Cleveland Hall.
1512/14/1926Certificate from Corinthian #266 certifying that L. J. Phaup member in good standing.
1612/18/1926Letter to John R. Robertson from W. W. Friend enclosing check for $8.60 for his dues.


0101/17/1927Request from Virginia Lodge Ho. 177, Claremont, Virginia for price and kind of furniture available for their Lodge.
0202/21/1927Application for membership of Luther Hunter Apperson from Victoria. No. 304.
0302/27/1927Letter from Virginia No. 177 commenting on editorial in a magazine.
0403/07/1927Request for a demit from R. F. Ellington.
0503/14/1927Letter from G. W. Sikes enclosing check for $9.50 for dues.
0603/15/1927Letter from Isador Goldstein advising that he could not pay his dues.
0703/16/1927Letter from Masonic Board of Relief of District of Columbia requesting information on A. B. Garber who had requested relief.
0803/18/1927Letter from George Wright, Jr. Secretary and Treasurer, Masonic Class stating no longer necessary to pay dues.
0903/21/1927Letter from Grand Lodge stating Tubercular Pavilion at Blue Ridge, Charlottesville, Virginia, will be opened on April 26, 1927.
1003/31/1927Letter from B. D. Hamilton requesting a loan of $300.00.
1104/04/1927Masonic Relief Foundation, letter concerning opening exercises for pavilion at Blue Ridge.
1204/08/1927Letter from B. D. Hamilton again requesting loan from the Lodge.
1304/15/1927Letter from William J. Morrissett requesting John R. Robertson to present Leslie E. Morrissett for membership in the Lodge.
1404/16/1927Third letter from B. D. Hamilton requesting a loan.
1504/26/1927Information, program, picture. And application for admission to Blue Ridge Sanatorium.
1605/02/1927Letter from B. D. Hamilton acknowledging receipt of $25.00 from Lodge.
1705/13/1927Letter from E. M. French enclosing $10.00 and referring to check that did not clear.
1606/01/1927Letter from Grand Master requesting support for pavilion at Blue Ridge.
1807/07/1927Letter from George H. Keiser, New York, N.Y. enclosing check for his dues.
1910/05/1927Receipted bill from Lilley Co. for Square and Compasses.
2010/14/1927Letter from Earnest W. Parley requesting reinstatement and enclosing check for $6.00 for one year dues in advance.
2110/22/1927Letter requesting demit from N. W. Betts.
2210/31/1927Letter from District Deputy Grand Master calling attention to section 167 of the Methodical Digest, concerning necessary Past Master's Degree and certificate before installation as Master or Warden.


0101/02/1928Alexandria Gazette with articles about the George Washington National Memorial Temple.
0201/04/1928Letter to John R. Robertson, Secretary, from Brother W. O. Randlett which accompanied items of file 01.
0301/23/1928Letter to Treasurer from Herman A. Cooper asking indulgence in payment of his dues.
0402/16/1928Letter to Brother Robertson from S. A. Johns, Red Oak, Virginia, requesting extension of time to pay dues. (Dues remitted)
0505/21/1928Application from J. W. Cole for reinstatement to the rights and benefits of Masonry.
0608/18/1928Letter from Carroll S. James, Secretary, Babcock Lodge No. 322 seeking information as to the initiation, passing and raising of Worshipful Brother W. Lance Walker.
0708/18/1928Letter from B. D. Hamilton, Washington D.C. requesting indulgence in the payment of his dues.
0811/28/1928Letter from B. B. Williams, President of Mosque Blue Lodge Class announcing classes were being held every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights. Also two letters from Cariton E. Jewett, reporting on the activities of the class.
0912/17/1928Report of committee on Masonic Section, Maury Cemetery, of tremendous interest and importance.
1012/17/1928Resolution on the death of Worshipful F. A. Lamb.
1112/27/1928Annual report to Grand Lodge.


0101/04/1929Receipted bill from Mutual Assurance Society for payment of premium on fire insurance.
0201/22/1929Letter from Edwin L. Levy, President of the Masonic Relief Board, requesting $.05 per capita from all the Lodges in the 15th. Masonic District.
0302/01/1929Letter from West Duluth Lodge No. 168 I. O. O. F West Duluth, Minn., requesting contribution.
0402/08/1929Postcard from Ruth Lodge A. F. & A. M. No. 59 acknowledging the visit of V. H. Percival of Manchester No. 14.
0502/13/1929Letter from J. T. Cocran Grand Master, announcing the establishment of a second and third school of instruction at Waynesboro and Blacksburg.
0602/18/1929An amendment to the By-Laws proposed by E. N. Bailey and A. L. Sampson raising the pay of the Treasurer and Secretary.
0702/18/1929Recommendations of a committee to consider the recommendations of the outgoing Master.
0802/28/1929Summary of the transactions of the Grand Lodge for 1929.
0903/01/1929Letter from The Masonic Home of Virginia, announcing plans for trips of Band and Glee Club of boys and girls of the Masonic Home and asking for assistance in arranging and financing these trips.
1003/18/1929Copy of the Amended By-Laws with Letter from John R. Robertson, Secretary, being sent to the D. D. G. M. for his approval and that of the Grand Master.
1105/14/1929Letter from G. W. Sikes enclosing money for dues $8.50.
1205/16/1929Letter from J. O. Johnson with check for his dues $6.50.
1305/16/1929Letter from R. E. Fitzgerald in answer to a citation requesting to be indulged to next meeting in payment of dues.
1405/20/1929Letter from Earl J. Hadden, Ore Bank, Virginia with check for his dues.
1506/27/1929Copy of petition for dispensation for a new Lodge in Sandston, Virginia.
1607/20/1929Letter from E. T. Smith To C. A. Watkins, Treasurer, asking for indulgence in payment of his dues for several months.
1709/05/1929Letter from George H. Keiser, New York, N.Y., enclosing a check for his dues and a change of address.
1810/23/1929Letter from H. W. Royal asking for extension of time for payment of his dues.
1910/31/1929Letter from O. C. Hope, Chairman of Entertainment Committee of the Masonic Home asking for contribution.
2011/06/1929Letter from C. A. Watkins to H. W. Royal granting approval to delay his dues.
2111/08/1929Certificate from C. A. Wright, Division Lecturer, Grand Lodge of Virginia, that A. D. Wallhour was qualified to confer the three degrees of Masonry. (# 757)
2211/18/1929Lodge Bulletin For November, 1929.
2312/16/1929Report of Special Charity Committee for the year.
2412.16.1929Report of the committee for the George W. Wright Memorial Fund.
2512/16/1929Annual report to Grand Lodge.
2612/27/1929Bill from J. A. Lundin, Jeweler for Past Master's Watch.


0102/07/1930Letter from Brother W. V. Bradshaw, who ran a general store in Golddale, Orange County, Virginia, inquiring about the status of his dues from John R. Robertson.
0202/11/1930Letter from Brother W. V. Bradshaw to John R. Robertson. Secretary, thanking him and discussing various other subjects including the funeral of Right Worshipful Ben P. Owen, which took place on February 10, 1930.
0302/25/1930Circular letter from the Grand Lodge listing the elected and appointed officers, and also a summary of some of the things that were enacted at Grand Lodge.
0403/11/1930Letter from Jefferson Wallace, member of Dove Lodge No. 51, to John R. Robertson, Secretary, concerning some resolutions on the death of Right Worshipful Ben P. Owen which Brother Wallace had written.
0503/11/1930Letter from F. H. Herndon, Treasurer of Masters And Wardens Association concerning a change in its constitution.
0604/15/1930Letter from Russell Fitzgerald, Clifton Forge, Virginia regarding payment of George Jewett's dues.
0704/17/1930Letter from E. T. Smith with check for partial payment of his dues.
0804/28/1930Letter from a brother in Dillwyn, Virginia asking for help.
0905/08/1930Letter from James F. Cliff, Grand Secretary, announcing he had acquired one of our old minute books which had been missing.
1007/01/1930Letter from F. T. McFaden, Grand Master, announcing a pictorial addition of The Masonic Herald about the Masonic Home.
1108/07/1930Bulletin on the death of James Alston Cabell, Past Grand Master.
1208/06/1930Letter from B. D. Hamilton, requesting indulgence in payment of his dues.
1309/06/1930Letter from E. T. Smith requesting indulgence in payment of his dues.
1409/06/1930Letter from George W. Meredith with a money order for his dues.
1510/25/1930Letter from Earnst W. Parley with a check for $9.50 and requesting reinstatement.
1611/12/1930Letter from George Wright, Jr., Division Lecturer, with attached certificate for A. R. Morris, S. W.
1712/01/1930Auditing Committee report.
1812/06/1930Letter from C. A. Blankenship, Jr. requesting indulgence in payment of his dues.
1912/11/1930Letter from B. D. Hamilton requesting indulgence in payment of his dues.
2012/12/1930Annual report of Special Charity Committee.
2112/15/1930Receipt to F. A. Schutte for payment of rent $20.00 for October, 1930.
2212/24/1930Bills from Oilman Bros. for groceries delivered to the needy.
2312/24/1930Bill from C. S. Tony's Country Store for groceries delivered to the needy.
2412/27/1930Receipted bill from J. T. Morrissett for typing songs and programs $2.10.
2512/27/1930Secretary's annual report to Grand Lodge.


0101/08.1931Bill from Jim Baber Purveyor.
0201/09/1930Letter from Secretary of Verde Lodge No. 14 A. F. & A. M. Jerome, Arizona, concerning James T. Crawford who was supposed to be a member of Manchester No. 14 who had received assistance from them.
0301/16/1931Letter from B. D. Hamilton thanking Lodge for financial assistance.
0401/23/1931Receipted bill from E. T. Payne for groceries delivered to the needy.
0502/08/1931Letter from Board of Zoning Appeals in regard to the reclassification of Cowardin Avenue from residential to business.
0602/24/1931Letter to W. E. Ennis, Secretary Wallace Lodge No. 595, Wallace N.C., in regard to R. S. McClung, who claimed to be a member of Lodge No. 595 but was unable to satisfy a committee who examined him when he visited our Lodge. (Manchester No. 14)
0703/13/1931A letter from A. R. Morris, Worshipful Master to J. R. Christy, Worshipful Master, Palestine Lodge No. 470, A. F. & A. M., Philadelphia, Pa., accepting an invitation for the brethren of No. 14 to visit Palestine Lodge.
0803/13/1931Letter to A. L. Kirk, Secretary Anniston Fraternal Lodge No. 700 A. F. & A. M., Anniston, Ala., requesting information on a Mr. Charles Mitchell, who desired to affiliate with a Lodge in his area.
0903/18/1931Letter to John R. Robertson of No. 14, from Norman F. Wykoff, Secretary of Verde Lodge No. 14, Jerome, Ariz., regarding an imposter touring the country cheating Masons.
1004/01/1931Receipted bill from Gill Fuel Company.
1105/01/1931Receipt from Grand Lodge of Virginia for Payment of $592.50 Masonic Home Assessment.
1205/11/1931Letter to John R. Roberts on Secretary from George N. Keiser explaining why he was late in payment of dues.
1305/14/1931Letter from L. K. Morris with check for dues.
1405/19/1931More explanation from G. H. Keiser regarding payment of his dues. (see file #12)
1506/05/1931Letter from A. R. Morris, Worshipful Master, requesting Brother Dietrick to give $2.50 to Brother Andrews. (from Charity Fund)
1606/08/1931Receipted Gas Bill for $4.36.
1707/01/1931Receipted bill from H. V. Godbold Co. for $10.00 ins. Prem.
1807/13/1931Letter from H. D. Owen with money order to cover his dues.
1908/10/1931Letter from Carroll S. James, Secretary, Babcock No. 322 requesting the dates L. J. Laws was initiated, passed and raised as he is now a member of Babcock No. 322.
2008/13/1931Receipted bill Virginia Electric and Power Co. for lights to 08/15/31.
2108/14/1931Letter from Ralph J. Hewlett requesting indulgence in payment of his dues.
2209/02/1931Receipted bill from B. G. Harris and Company for a new waste container and new sink.
2311/09/1931Receipted bill from City of Richmond for gas to 09/24/31.
2411/09/1931Receipted bill from City of Richmond for gas to 10/26/31.
2511/13/1931Certificate for C. E. Jewett to serve as Worshipful Master, from George Wright, Jr., Division Lecture.
2611/16/1931Application for membership of William Douglas Smith of Chesterfield Lodge No. 161.
2711/19/1931Letter from R. F. Gayle with check for his dues.
2811/20/1931Letter from G. W. M. Taylor asking how much he owed to bring his dues up to date. (possible demit)
2912/01/1931Auditing committee report for year ending 12/30/31.
3012/11/1931Report of the George W. Wright Memorial Fund Committee for the year 1931.
3112/12/1931Report of the Special Charity Committee for 1931.
3212/17/1931Letter from K. R. Poter, Secretary, Waycross Lodge No. 305, Waycross, Georgia, asking for information on E. P. Owen, formerly of Manchester No. 14 now a member of Waycross Lodge No. 305.
3312/23/1931Bills from Ullman Bros. for groceries bought the 23th and 24th for the needy.
3412/28/1931List of all members of Manchester No. 14 as of 12/28/31.


0101/01/1932Receipted bill from A. S. Bartlett, grocer, for groceries sent to two needy persons.
0201/07/1932Receipt from E. P. Payne for Christmas Basket sent to needy family.
0301/26/1932Letter from Robert D. Ford, Secretary of the Scottish Rite, inviting the Lodge members to hear a George Washington Memorial Address by Major General John A. LeJeune, Commandant of. V. M. I. on February 17, 1932.
0402/17/1932Letter from A. G. Frostick, thanking the Lodge for financial assistance.
0502/22/1932Letter from Congressman Andrew J. Montague, 3rd District Virginia, announcing that he was sending the Lodge a large picture of George Washington in Masonic Regalia, suitable for framing.
0602/22/1932Proclamation from Harry K. Green, Grand Master, directing that the flag of the United States and a picture of George Washington be appropriately displayed in all Lodge Rooms from Feb. 22, 1932 to Thanksgiving Day, 1932 and that at least one meeting be held to commemorate the 200th. anniversary of Washington’s birth.
0703/03/1932Letter from Carleton E. Jewett, Worshipful Master, to the Richmond Times Dispatch with a check for $1.40 in payment for an ad.
0803/08/1932Bill from W. S. Pettit, Grand Treasurer, for $603.00 balance due on 1931 Grand Lodge Dues and assessments.
0903/15/1932Letter from John R. Robertson, Secretary to Harry F. Juergensen, Worshipful Master of Trowel Lodge No. 918, A. F. & A. M., concerning a Masonic Funeral Manchester Lodge Held for one of their members who died in the Richmond area.
1003/16/1932Letter from B. R. Martin begging indulgence in the payment of his dues.
1101/23/1932Letter from W. S. Pettit, Grand Treasurer, acknowledging receipt of a check for $300.00 part payment of arrears for 1931.
1203/25/1932Letter from Wilson Line Inc. announcing a visit of their excursion steamer "City of Washington" to Richmond, and the possibility of an excursion trip down the James.
1304/02/1932Letter from John R. Robertson, Secretary, to A. D. Montague, Member of Congress, thanking him for sending Manchester Lodge a beautiful picture of George Washington.
1404/15/1932Letter from A. D. Frostick asking the Lodge to buy him one more half-ton of coal.
1504/15/1932Letter from W. R. Moore expressing his regrets at not being able to accompany the brethren to Alexandria Masonic National Memorial on May 12, 1932 because he could not leave his wife who was an invalid.
1604/18/1932Resolution Submitted by W. M. Engard, William J. Jones, and E. N. Bailey that the Worshipful Master appoint a committee to look into the question of providing a suitable fireproof place for the storage of the books and records of the Lodge.
1705/11/1932Copy of the minutes of the Twenty-second Annual Convention of the George Washington Masonic National Association on May 11, 1932 and the Dedication Ceremony of the Memorial on May 12, 1932.
1806/02/1932Copy of letter from Harry K. Green, Grand Master, accepting an invitation to address Manchester Lodge on June 24, 1932.
1906/10/1932Permit to connect a drain pipe to the city sewer system.
2006/10/1932Letter from W. M. Engard, Past Master, accepting an invitation to participate in the meeting on June 24, 1932.
2106/11/1932Letter from Carleton E. Jewett, Worshipful Master, to John R. Robertson, Secretary informing him of the Grand Master's visit on June 24 and of the permit for connecting the drain line to the city sewer line, with copies of articles mentioned in file #18 and #19 enclosed.
2206/13/1932Letter from Walter Deitrick, Past Master, accepting an invitation to participate on June 24.
2306/14/1932Letter from William J. Morrissett, Past Master, accepting an invitation to participate on June 24.
2406/??/1932Copy of article about the meeting held on the Festival of St. John the Baptist ( June 24, 1932) and the Grand Master's Visit, to be Published in the Masonic Herald.
2506/28/1932Letter from Harry K. Green, Grand Master, thanking the Lodge for courtesies extended to him and his wife and for the beautiful silver tray presented to them on their visit on June 24, 1932.
2608/25/1932Article from Richmond News Leader dated August 25, 1932, about the Masonic Home of Virginia, with a typewritten copy of the same made by Alfred D. Lynch, July 22, 1985.
2711/09/1932Letter from Rev. Bro. L. J. Phaup, requesting financial assistance, with a copy of the Worshipful Master's reply, and a copy of the Master's letter to W. M. Engard, Chairman of the Charity Committee, concerning this matter.
2806/28/1932Letter from Carleton E. Jewett, Worshipful Master, to Clifford G. Barnes, Worshipful Master, of Virginia Lodge No. 177, A. F. & A. M., Claremont, Virginia, asking to buy a Christmas basket of provisions for Brother Hugh W. Royal of Manchester Lodge who lived in Claremont and send No. 14 the bill. Also attached are Brother Barnes reply with a list of the groceries purchased and a copy of Brother Jewett's letter sent with a check enclosed to pay for the groceries.
2912/14/1932Letter from Carleton E. Jewett, Worshipful Master, to James R. Taylor, Worshipful Master, Williamsburg Lodge No. 6, asking him to buy a Christmas basket for one of our Brethren in Eastern State Hospital.
3012/23/1932Receipted bill from J. W. Trevilliam and Co. for a Christmas Basket of groceries for a needy family.
3112/27/1932List of all members of Manchester Lodge No. 14 as of December 27, 1932.


0101 /10/1933Letter from Mrs. J. H. Vaden, widow, thanking the Lodge for assisting her financially and otherwise.
0201 /13/1933Receipted bill from Sample Shoe Store for $7.53 for two pairs shoes and two pairs of rubbers furnished to Mr. Andrews and his son. (Henry W. Andrews)
0301/21/1933Card from O. D. Brinser thanking the Lodge for the flowers, and phone calls during his illness.
0402/01/1933Lease agreement renting the barber shop built on to the Coward in Ave. side of the Lodge Building to W. J. Poyntes.
0504/01/1933Lease agreement between the Trustees and Brother Frank S. Anderson, renting him the drugstore which he occupied on the ground floor of the Lodge building.
0604/01/1933Letter from Carleton E. Jewett, to John R. Robertson, Chairman of the Trustees, enclosing and explaining the leases mentioned in file #04 and 05.
0706/10/1933Plan for proposed widening of Cowardin Ave. from Hull Street to Semmes Ave. with list of property owners affected.
0806/19/1933Lodge bulletin for June, 1933.
0909/05/1933Letter from Mrs. Kidd (widow), thanking the Lodge for financial assistance given her.
1010/07/1933Letter from James M. Cliff, Grand Secretary to W. M. Engard, Past Master of No. 14, in answer to a request for the Masonic record of Rev. Bro. Leroy J. Phaup deceased.
1110/14/1933Copy of letter from Harry C. Martin, Secretary of Ashland Lodge No. 168, to J. M. Cliff, Grand Secretary, concerning the Masonic record of Rev. Bro. L. J. Phaup, deceased.


0110/15/1934Report of Carleton E. Jewett, Attorney, regarding proposed widening of Coward in Avenue.
0211/30/1934Letter from James M. Cliff, Grand Secretary, to Lodge Secretaries containing instructions on how to file their Annual Reports to Grand Lodge.


0104/08-20/1935Seven letters between John R. Robertson, Secretary, Thomas W. Hooper, Grand Master, and. Dr. William R. Weisiger, D. D. G. M. for Masonic District No. 15, concerning a request for a dispensation to lay the corner stone of a Monument in memory of the Manchester Elliott Grays, which was granted and later refused.
0212/27/1935List of members of Manchester Lodge No. 14 as of 12/16/35.


0102/17/1936Letter from Brother Joe Chapman requesting indulgence in the payment of his dues. (Dues were remitted)
0204/17/1936Letter from Brother R. C. Noble requesting indulgence in the payment of his dues. (Indulgence granted)
0305/12/1936Letter from A. L. Carson requesting indulgence in the payment of his dues. (Dues remitted )
0409/08/1936Lease agreement renting the corner store building at 1801 Hull Street to Charles Auto Supply Co. for two years and fifteen days.
0509/14/1936Another copy of lease from file # 04.
0610/15/1936Receipt from Laburnum Realty Corporation for $50.00 paid by Charles Auto Supply Co. for first fifteen days, rent on lease on files # 04 & 05.
0711/20/1936Minutes of the Sesqui-Centennial Committee on the celebration held Friday, November 20, 1936.
0811/20/1936Bills, checks and receipts for expenses for Sesqui-centennial celebration.
0911/23/1936Letters from Charles E. Maurice, Worshipful Master to W. A. Deitrick, Chairman of the Charity Committee concerning a request for aid from the daughter of one of the Lodges deceased members.
1012/28/1936Annual return to Grand Lodge for the year 1936.


0108/16/1937Statement from Laburnum Realty Corp. of rent collected from Charles Auto Supply Co. for store at 1801 Hull Street.

1938 THROUGH 1986

0110/19/1942History of Central M. E. Church, presented to Manchester Lodge by Brother Luther W. Well on October 19, 1942.
0211/25/1963Report of William J. Jones, Chairman of the History and Memorials Committee on a joint meeting held with a special committee from Woodland Heights Lodge No. 345 to reach a mutual understanding on the placing of certain items in the new, jointly - owned Temple, such as pictures, portraits, benches, framed aprons, urns, ashlers, tapers, etc. Worshipful Brother Jones explained the historical and sentimental value of some of these items.
0312/20/1965Report of William J. Jones, Chairman of the History and Memorials Committee, on the recovery of the corner stone, with it contents, from our first and second Lodge Buildings.
0406/12/1985Address delivered by Harry E. Fainter, Jr. Past Master Of Manchester Lodge No. 14 on June 3, 1985 and to Black Heath Daylight Lodge No. 1982, on June 12, 1985 on the "Two Saints John".
0507/15/1985Speech delivered by Brother Alfred D. Lynch, Lodge Historian, on July 15, 1985, on the life of Most Worshipful William Anderson Patteson, Past Grand Master.
0607/15/1985Copy of an address by Right Worshipful William A. Patteson, Deputy Grand Master, which was delivered at the opening of Grand Lodge on January 8, 1838, and which accompanied Brother Lynch’s speech, (file # 06).
0708/08/1985Article From The Richmond News Leader, Thursday, August 8, 1985, about the laying of the corner stone of the State Capitol on August 18, 1785, by Richmond Masonic Lodge No. 13, five months before Thomas Jefferson completed his design and sent his plans.
0812/16/1985Report of Worshipful Charles A. Wilson, Jr., Chairman of the History and Memorials Committee on the committee's activities during the year 1985.
0905/19/1986Historical Sketch on Right Worshipful William lzard Clopton, prepared and written by Worshipful Garland L. Wells, and presented to Manchester Lodge No. 14 on May 19, 1986.
1012/15/1986Report of Worshipful Charles A. Wilson, Jr., Chairman of the History and Memorials Committee on the activities of the committee during 1986.



01Circa 1800Bill from Martin Gordon, Steward, for ham, bacon, 2 barrels of crackers, bread, 1 gallon of rum, 1 gallon of gin, etc.
02Circa 1800Report, of committee investigating status of members' dues.
03Circa/1825Report of committee investigating delinquent dues.


v. 1December, 1810 to June, 1818
v. 2June, 1818 to June, 1823
v. 3June, 1818 to July, 1823
v. 4.June, 1823 to September, 1827
v. 5.January, 1850 to January, 1868
v. 6.July, 1854 to July, 1883
v. 7.June, 1893 to June, 1904
v. 8.December, 1913 to December, 1919
v. 9.January, 1920 to December, 1924
v. 10.1930 to 1945
v. 11.November, 1956 to June, 1976
v. 12.November, 1982 to November, 1988
v. 13.Trustee’s minute book, February, 1908 to September, 1949

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