Richmond Home for Ladies Records, 1883–2008

A Guide to the Richmond Home for Ladies Records, 1883–2008
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Richmond Home for Ladies Records, 1883–2008 (Mss3 R41566 a FA2), Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.

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Gift of Covenant Woods, Mechanicsville, Va., 2012 August 22 (Acq. 2012.0062). Accessioned 2016 May 10.

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Virginia Historical Society.
Collection number: Mss3 R41566 a FA2
Title: Richmond Home for Ladies records, 1883–2008.
Size: 33 linear feet (996 folders).
Language: English
Abstract: Institutional records of the elderly care facility, the Richmond Home for Ladies, located in Richmond, Virginia.


The collection includes minutes, committee reports, correspondence, census records for the Home, account and treasurer's ledgers, financial statements, tax records, regulation and licensing documents, property titles and deeds, brochures, newsletters, application materials, admissions policies, drug and medical ledgers, guest records, and photographs and scrapbooks.


The collection has been organized into three series. Series 1 consists of administrative records and has been divided into the following sub-series: 1.1 Board of Lady Managers, 1.2 Men's Board of Directors, 1.3 Board of Directors, 1.4 Guild, and 1.5 General Administrative Records. Series 2 consists of operational records and has been divided into the following sub-series: 2.1: General Operational Records, 2.2: Guest Records, 2.3: Photo Albums, Photographs, and Scrapbooks, and 2.4: Donor Plates. Series 3 contains the records of Covenant Woods, the modern successor to the Richmond Home for Ladies since 2001.


The Richmond Home for Ladies, an elderly care facility for women, was established in 1883, eighteen years after the Great Evacuation Fire of 1865 at the end of the Civil War. By 1873, approximately 80,000 white widows of Confederate soldiers were applying for financial support. A great impetus for construction of the Home was concern for those women who had lost their husbands and sons to the war and had inadequate resources to care of themselves; the Home was to provide these women an alternative to the almshouse.

The Home was the outcome of collaboration between two physicians, Dr. William W. Parker and Dr. D.H. Gregg. Dr. Gregg was able to ensure approximately $10,000 in Petersburg-Railway bonds for the construction of a home, while Dr. Parker secured support from Dr. Moses D. Hoge, pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, and Bishop John Cowper Granberry of Centenary Methodist Church. Requirements for residency stated that the women had to be age sixty years or older and be in good standing with either the Presbyterian or Methodist Church. Guests were accepted on the basis of need with an admission fee of $200 and turned over all their assets to the Home for total life care. They received all meals, medical and dental care, medications, clothes, burial expenses, etc. In later years, the ladies received a check each month for spending money, made up from social security money and 3% interest from the assets turned over to the home at time of entry.

Formal inauguration of the home took place on Monday, October 22, 1883 at 515 North Seventh Street. A matron, Sarah M. Woodson, was placed in charge of seven residents: Jane E. Womack, Lizzie Pleasants, Catherine M. Brockenbrough, Eliza A. Duval, Evelin P. Maynard, Mary M. Forbs and Mary A. Allen. By 1913 the Home was filled to capacity and a lot was purchased at the corner of Stuart Avenue and Mulberry Street. In February 1914, 2620 Stuart Avenue was ready for occupancy and thirty ladies were moved from the old home to the new. The property on North Seventh Street became the headquarters for the Phyllis Wheatley Branch of the Y.W.C.A. It continued to be used by the Y.W.C.A. until it was demolished in 1961 to make way for the Coliseum and other proposed centers.

From its beginning, and until 1987, the Home operated under the dual management of two Boards composed of volunteers from participating churches: the Men's Board of Directors and the Board of Lady Managers. Following traditional gender roles, the Men's Board of Directors controlled business affairs and oversaw the endowment, while the Board of Lady Managers was responsible for the caretaking of residents and day-to-day administration. It was not until March 1987 that the two boards were dissolved and a Board of Directors was established with nine men and nine women, all drawn from the existing boards. The new Board was to be a governing board while a staff handled daily operations. The Home remains in operation today as Covenant Woods and now accepts both female and male residents.

Researchers may be interested in viewing the collection as a source for Women's History, Progressive Era History, the history of elder-care, and post-Civil War institutional history.


Covenant Woods (Hanover County, Va.)
Elderly poor -- Housing.
Old age home trustees.
Old age homes -- Virginia -- Richmond.
Older women -- Health and hygiene -- History -- 20th Century.
Poor women -- Virginia -- Richmond -- History -- 19th century.
Retirement communities -- Virginia -- Hanover County -- History -- 21st Century.
Richmond Home for Ladies (Richmond, Va.)
Women in charitable work -- Virginia -- Richmond -- 20th Century.


Series 1. Administrative Records, 1883-2000.

Series 1.1. Board of Lady Managers, 1883-1990.

Spanning from the inaugural year of the Home in 1883 through 1990, the Board of Lady Managers records include financial documentation, such as account ledgers, treasurer's ledgers, and receipt books detailing money doled out to residents based on social security income and asset interest. Moreover, management of the home is covered through correspondence, minutes, and committee reports. All members of the Board of Lady Managers were required to serve on a committee. The number of committees changed over the years, but typically included amongst others a House Committee (assisting the Hostess in overseeing the Home), a Visiting Committee (to visit with residents and encourage others to visit), a Sick and Nurses Committee (to visit with the sick and supervise nurses), and an Admissions Committee (to interview all applicants). Information about Board members can be gleaned from member lists, directories, and roll books. Please note that while the Board of Lady Managers was disbanded in 1987, there is some overlap in dates here with the Board of Directors papers as several former members retained their positions or activities.

Box 1

1.Committee Interest Sheets, 1972
2.Correspondence, 1930s
3-4.Correspondence, 1940s (2 folders)
5.Correspondence, 1950s
6.Correspondence, 1960s
7.Correspondence, 1970s
8.Directories, 1960s
9.Directories, 1970-1980
10.General Accounts Ledger, 1883-1910
11.General Accounts Ledger, 1940-1978
12.Gift receipts, 1961-1966
13.Gift receipts, 1970-1987
14.Member lists, 1947
15.Member lists, 1950s
16.Member lists, 1960s
17.Member lists, 1980s (circa)
18.Member lists, undated
19.Minutes, 1897-1903
20.Minutes, 1907-1910
21.Minutes, 1911-1915
22.Minutes, 1915-1919
23.Minutes, 1920-1925
24.Minutes, 1932-1937


Box 2


25.Minutes, 1942-1947
26.Minutes, 1947-1949
27.Minutes, 1949
28.Minutes, 1949-1954
29.Minutes, 1952-1954
30.Minutes, 1954-1956
31.Minutes, 1956
32.Minutes, 1957
33.Minutes, 1958
34.Minutes, 1959
35.Minutes, 1960
36.Minutes, 1961
37.Minutes, 1962
38.Minutes, 1963
39.Minutes, 1965
40.Minutes, 1966
41.Minutes, 1966 May-1967 March
42.Minutes, 1967 April-1968 April
43.Minutes, 1968-1969
44.Minutes, 1970
45.Minutes, 1971
46.Minutes, 1972
47.Minutes, 1973
48.Minutes, 1974
49.Minutes, 1975
50.Minutes, 1976
51.Minutes, 1977
52.Minutes, 1978
53.Minutes, 1979
54.Minutes, 1980
55.Minutes, 1981
56.Minutes, 1982
57.Minutes, 1983
58.Minutes, 1984
59.Minutes, 1985
60.Miscellaneous, 1948-1949
61.Miscellaneous, circa 1960s
62.Receipt Book, 1966-1967
63.Receipts, 1968-1969
64.Receipts, 1970-1972


Box 3


65.Reports, 1918-1928
66.Report, 1930
67.Reports, 1936-1937
68.Reports, 1942-1949
69.Report, 1950
70.Reports, 1952
71.Reports, 1953
72.Reports, 1954
73.Reports, 1955
74.Reports, 1956
75.Reports, 1957
76.Reports, 1958
77.Reports, 1959
78.Reports, 1960
79.Reports, 1961
80.Reports, 1962
81.Reports, 1963
82.Reports, 1964
83.Reports, 1965
84.Reports, 1966
85.Reports, 1967
86.Reports, 1968
87.Monthly Report, 1969 January-February
88.Monthly Report, 1969 March
89.Monthly Report, 1969 April
90.Monthly Report, 1969 May-June
91.Monthly Report, 1969 July
92.Monthly Report, 1969 August
93.Monthly Report, 1969 September
94.Monthly Report, 1969 October
95.Monthly Report, 1969 November
96.Monthly Report, 1969 December
97.Monthly Report, 1970 January-February
98.Monthly Report, 1970 March-April
99.Monthly Report, 1970 May
100.Monthly Report, 1970 June
101.Monthly Report, 1970 July
102.Monthly Report, 1970 August
103.Monthly Report, 1970 September
104.Monthly Report, 1970 October
105.Monthly Report, 1970 November
106.Monthly Report, 1970 December
107.Monthly Report, 1971 January
108.Monthly Report, 1971 February
109.Monthly Report, 1971 March
110.Monthly Report, 1971 April
111.Monthly Report, 1971 June (there is no May report)
112.Monthly Report, 1971 July
113.Monthly Report, 1971 September (there is no August report)
114.Monthly Report, 1971 October
115.Monthly Report, 1971 November
116.Monthly Report, 1971 December
117.Monthly Report, 1972 January
118.Monthly Report, 1972 February
119.Monthly Report, 1972 March
120.Monthly Report, 1972 April
121.Monthly Report, 1972 May
122.Monthly Report, 1972 June
123.Monthly Report, 1972 August (there is no July report)
124.Monthly Report, 1972 September
125.Monthly Report, 1972 October
126.Monthly Report, 1972 November
127.Monthly Report, 1972 December
128.Monthly Report, 1973 January
129.Monthly Report, 1973 February
130.Monthly Report, 1973 March
131.Monthly Report, 1973 April
132.Monthly Report, 1973 May
133.Monthly Report, 1973 June
134.Monthly Report, 1973 July
135.Monthly Report, 1973 August
136.Monthly Report, 1973 September
137.Monthly Report, 1973 October
138.Monthly Report, 1973 November
139.Monthly Report, 1973 December


Box 4


140.Reports, 1974
141.Reports, 1975
142.Reports, 1976
143.Reports, 1977
144.Reports, 1978
145.Reports, 1979
146.Reports, 1980
147.Reports, 1981
148.Reports, 1982
149.Reports, 1983
150.Reports, 1984
151.Reports, 1985
152.Reports, 1986
153.Reports, 1987 January-March
154.Report to Executive Board of Richmond Home for Ladies Re: Confederate Home for Women, 1954
155.Report on Present and Future Needs, 1972
156.Report on Records Survey and Recommendations, 1969
157.Roll Book, 1963-1975
158.Social Security Ledger, 1960-1964
159.Social Security Ledger, 1965-1968
160.Social Security Ledger, 1970-1976
161.Treasurer's Ledger, 1961
162.Treasurer's Ledger, 1962
163.Treasurer's Ledger, 1963
164.Treasurer's Ledger, 1965
165.Treasurer's Ledger, 1971-1972
166.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1954-1959
167.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1956-1960
168.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1959-1960
169.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1962-1964
170.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1962-1966
171.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1965-1966


Box 5


172.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1969-1972
173.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1969-1976
174.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1972-1976
175.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1973-1976
176-178.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1976-1979 (3 folders)
179.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1979-1984


Box 6



180.Cash Receipts Ledger, 1979-1984
181.General Accounts Ledger, 1943-1946
182.General Accounts Ledger, 1947-1958


Box 7 (Oversize volumes)



183.Cash Receipts Ledger, 1955-1983
184.General Accounts Ledger, 1955-1960
185.Personnel Payroll Journal, 1958-1960
186.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1984-1990


Series 1.2. Men's Board of Directors, 1898-1998.


Spanning the period from 1898 to 1998, records of the Men's Board of Directors are primarily financial in nature and include contribution lists, tax records, and financial statements. SCC registration statements can also be found. Managing of finances is included in minute books and correspondence, and information on members can be obtained from member lists. Please note that the minutes of the Men's Board of Directors are incomplete as much of the early years were destroyed in a fire. Researchers may also note that while the Men's Board of Directors was disbanded in 1987, there is some overlap until 1998 as some members retained their positions or activities with the newly formed Board of Directors.

Box 8

187.Contributions, 1898-1909
188.Correspondence, 1970s-1980s
189.Finance Ledger, 1883-1932
190.Lists, 1960s
191.Member List, 1980s
192.Minutes, 1936-1941
193.Minutes, 1943-1970
194.Minutes, 1974
195.Minutes, 1977
196.Minutes, 1978
197.Minutes, 1979
198.Minutes, 1980
199.Minutes, 1981
200.Minutes, 1982
201.Minutes, 1983
202.Minutes, 1986
203.Receipts, 1975-1976
204.Report on Audit for Year Ending March 31, 1939
205.Report on Audit for Year Ending March 31, 1940
206.Report on Audit for Year Ending March 31, 1946
207.Report on Audit for Year Ending March 31, 1947
208.Report on Audit for Year Ending March 31, 1950
209.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1951
210.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1952
211.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1953
212.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1954
213.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1955
214.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1956
215.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1957
216.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1958
217.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1960
218.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1961
219.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1962
220.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1963
221.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1964
222.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1965
223.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1967
224.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1968
225.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1969
226.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1970
227.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1971
228.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1972
229.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1973


Box 9


230.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1974
231.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1976
232.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1977
233.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1978
234.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1979
235.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1980
236.Report on Examination for Year Ending March 31, 1981
237.Financial Statements for Year Ending March 31, 1982
238.Financial Statements for Year Ending March 31, 1983
239.Financial Statements for Year Ending March 31, 1984
240.Financial Statements for Year Ending March 31, 1985
241.Financial Statements for Year Ending March 31, 1987
242.SCC Registration Statements, 1977-1981
243.SCC Registration Statements, 1985
244.SCC Registration Statements, 1986
245.SCC Registration Statements, 1987-1998


Series 1.3. Board of Directors Records, 1986-2000.


The Board of Directors papers consist of minutes, member lists, disclosure statements, financial statements, and market analysis and assessment. Of note are the papers of the Long-Range Planning Committee (1988-1995) which was looking for a way to increase applicants and ultimately resulted in the formation of Covenant Woods. Please note that while minutes for the Board of Directors exist for 1986, this was actually a planning exercise and separate boards remained until 1987.

Box 10

246.Admissions Assessment, 1989
247.Citation for Meritorious Achievement to Alex Armour, 1993
248.Correspondence, 1988-2001
249.Disclosure Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1988
250.Disclosure Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1989
251.Disclosure Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1990
252.Disclosure Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1992
253.Disclosure Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1993
254.Disclosure Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1994
255.Disclosure Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1996
256.Disclosure Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1997
257.Disclosure Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1998
258.Disclosure Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1999
259-262.Finances, April 1986-March 1987 (4 folders)
263-264.Finances, April 1987-March 1988 (2 folders)


Box 11


265-266.Finances, April 1988-March 1989 (2 folders)
267-268.Finances, April 1989-Marach 1999
269.Finances, 1990s
270-271.Finances, April 1990-March 1991 (2 folders) )
272.Finances, April 1991-March 1992
273-274.Finances, April 1992-March 1993 (2 folders) )
275-276.Finances, April 1993-March 1994 (2 folders)
277-278.Finances, April 1994-March 1995 (2 folders) )
279.Finances, April 1995-March 1996


Box 12


280.Finances, March 1996-March 1997
281-282.Finances, April 1997-March 1998 (2 folders)
283-284.Finances, April 1998-March 1999(2 folders)
285.Finances, April 1999-March 2000
286.Financial Statements for Year Ending March 31, 1989 and 1990
287.Financial Statements for Year Ending March 31, 1991-1993
288.Financial Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1994
289.Financial Statements for Year Ending March 31, 1995
290.Financial Statement for Year Ending March 31, 1996
291.Financial Statements, 1997
292.Insurance Policy, 1987
293.Legal Policy, 1988
294.Long-Range Planning Committee, 1988-1995
295.Market Analysis and Assessment of Program Options, 1993
296.Market Assessment for a Proposed Continuing Care Retirement Community in Richmond, VA, 1997
297.Marketing Plans, 1990s
298.Member Lists, 1990s
299.Member Lists and Attendance Records, 1998-2001
300.Minutes, 1986
301.Minutes, 1987
302.Minutes, 1988
303.Minutes, 1989


Box 13


304.Minutes, 1990
305.Minutes, 1991
306.Minutes, 1992
307-308.Minutes, 1993 (2 folders)
309.Minutes, 1994
310-311.Minutes, 1995 (2 folders)
312-313.Minutes, 1996 (2 folders)
314-315.Minutes, 1997 (2 folders)
316.Minutes, 1998
317.Minutes, 1999
318.Minutes, 2000


Box 14


319.Organizational Chart, 1988
320.Reflections Committee, 2000
321.Report of Independent Auditors, 1996
322.Reports, 1988
323.Roll Book, 1976-1991
324.Roll Book, 1991-1997
325.Special Gift Fund, April 1995-March 1996
326.Treasurer of Special Gifts' Ledger, 1988-1996


Series 1.4. Guild Records, 1987-2000


Following the merging of the Men's Board of Directors and the Board of Lady Managers in 1987, a Guild was formed to cover duties formerly the responsibility of the Board of Lady Managers, namely organizing activities for residents and encouraging community involvement and support with the Home. As stated in the minutes of the newly formed Board of Directors in 1987, "Some of the functions of the former Boards are being assigned to the administrator of the Home and staff. A Guild is being formed to provide the services which will enhance the happiness, comfort, and welfare of the residents." The Guild was responsible to the Liaison Committee appointed by the Board of Trustees, and would coordinate activities with the administrator of the Home. Records span the period of 1987-2000 and include minutes, treasurer's reports, and yearbooks.

327.Minutes, 1993-1996
328.Minutes, 1996-1997
329.Minutes, May 1997-June 1999
330.Treasurer's Reports, 1986-1992
331.Yearbooks, 1987-2000


Series 1.5. General Administrative Records, 1883-2000


General Administrative Records contain papers spanning 1883-2000 concerning the general operation of the Home. Included are the original printed charter, by-laws, census reports (providing guest names, admissions, deaths, room transfers, and hospital admissions), property titles and deeds, Department of Welfare and Institutions' Standards and Regulations for Homes for the Aged, Donation records, estate information, history notes, Home for Adults Licenses, personnel policies, stock certificates, and a 1986 consultation with Westminster-Canterbury House concerning reorganization of the home.

332.By-laws, circa 1930s and 1940s
333.By-laws, 1960s
334.By-laws, 1971
335.By-laws, 1980s
336.By-laws, 1991-1994
337.By-laws, 1996
338.By-laws, 1997
339.By-laws, 1999.
340.By-laws, 2000.
341.Calculation of Deferred Revenue and Obligation to Provide Future Services, 1996
342.Census Data, 1987
343.Census Data, 1991
344.Census Report, 1978.
345.Census Report, 1979
346.Census Report, 1980.
347.Census Report, 1981
348.Census Report, 1982
349.Census Report, 1983
350.Census Report, 1984
351.Census Report, 1985
352.Census Report, 1986


Box 15


353.Census Report, 1987
354.Census Report, 1988
355.Census Report, 1989
356.Census Report, 1990
357.Census Report, 1991
358.Census Report, 1992.
359.Census Report, 1993
360.Census Report, 1994
361.Census Report, 1995
362.Census Report, 1996
363.Census Report, 1997
364.Census Report, 1998
365.Census Report, 1999.
366.Census Report, 2000.
367.Census Report, 2001
368.Constitution, 1970s
369.Deed to and Title Insurance for Stuart Property, 1934.
370.Deed to Mulberry and Stuart Property, 1912
371.Department of Welfare Standards and Regulations for Homes for the Aged, 1960s
372.Department of Welfare Standards and Regulations for Homes for the Aged, 1970s
373.Donations, Call for, undated.
374.Donations, Calls for, 1950s
375.Donations, Calls for, 1960s. 
376.Donations, Mercer, Al, 1888
377.Donations, Pettus, Bessie Henry, 1989-1995
378.Donations (to) Sheltering Arms Hospital, 1960-1963
379.Elevator Inspection, 1980s
380.Estates: Ehrlich, Irma M., 1996
381.Estates: Garber, Lena, 1999
382-383.Estates: Hechler, Mildred, 1995-2000 (2 folders)
384-384.Estates: Kidd, Willie Layne, 1992-1996 (2 folders)
386.Estates: McClung, Mary E., 1907
387.Estates: Schrepel, Elida F., 1991-1992
388.Financial Underwriting Program, 1997
389.Health Care Financing Administration CLIA Program, 1992-1998
390.Healthcare Policy, 1970s
391.History Notes, undated.
392.History Notes, circa 1950s-1960s
393.History Notes, from an Interview with Mr. Charles F. Cole, undated.
394.History Notes, "Then and Now: A Brief History of the Richmond Home for Ladies, 1883-1983."
395.History Notes, "Then and Now" Original Manuscript and Notes, 1983


Box 16


396.Home for Adults Licenses, 1970s
397-398.Home for Adults Licenses, 1980s (2 folders)
399.Home for Adults License, 1990
400.Home for Adults License, 1991
401.Home for Adults License, 1992
402.Home for Adults License, 1993
403.Home for Adults License, 1994
404.Home for Adults Licenses, 1995-1998. 
405.Home for Adults License, 2000
406.Inspections, 1970s
407.Legal matters, 1989. 
408.Licensing, 1960s
409.Licensing, 1970s. 
410.Licensure Deficiency Reports, 1987-1990
411.Nursing Home License, 1981-1986
412.Nursing Home License, 1988-1991
413.Nursing Home License, 1992 (Application submitted 1991)
414.Nursing Home License, 1993 (Application submitted 1992)
415.Nursing Home License, 1994 (Application submitted 1993)
416.Nursing Home License, 1995 (Application submitted 1994)
417.Occupational Safety and Health Administration Reports, 1980-1989
418.Original printed charter, 1883
419.Owner Architect Agreement Proposal, 1998
420.Personnel, 1970s-1980s
421.Personnel: Administrator Applications/Search, 1995. 
422.Personnel: Employee Pension Plan, 1990s
423.Personnel Payroll Journal, 1966-1968
424.Personnel Policies, 1963-1964
425.Personnel Policies, 1979
426.Personnel: Wage and Hour Administration, 1961, 1969-1971.
427.Shared Provider Financial Participation program, 1992
428.Stock certificates, 1891 (John A. Marks)
429.Stock certificates, 1891 (Walter B. Marks). 
430.Virginia Association of Non Profit Homes for the Aging (VANHA) Membership Certificates, 1986-1995
431.Virginia Medical Care Facilities Certificate of Public Need, 1980-1990
432.Virginia Museum Loan, 1981
433.Westminster-Canterbury House Consultation, 1986


Series 2. Operational Records, 1883-2000


Series 2.1. General Records, 1883-2000

Materials included in General Operational Records concern day-to-day running of the home and span the period of 1883-2000. Included are brochures, applications materials, admissions policy, admissions committee minutes, waiting lists, entrance fee log, guest registers, guest birthdays, guest correspondence, newsletters, burial plans, drug and medical ledgers, record of deceased, cash books on daily expenditures for groceries, laundry, etc., special event invitations, anniversary celebration materials, and Donnan-Battle Dinner materials. The Donnan-Battle Dinner was celebrated annually at the Home in memoriam of the former President of the Board of Directors, W.S. Donnan, and his daughter, Mrs. Archibald John Battle. Following the death of Mr. Donnan's wife, she left a trust fund of $5,000 to the Richmond Home for Ladies to be used for the upkeep of a room and to provide an annual banquet dinner for the residents, each of whom was to receive the gift of one dollar.

Box 17

434.Admission Applications Forms and Regulations, circa 1943-1960s
435.Admission Policy, circa 1990s
436.Admissions Committee Meetings and Notes, 1977-1988
437.Anniversary-50th, 1933
438.Anniversary-73rd, 1956
439.Anniversary-75th, 1958
440.Anniversary-80th, 1963
441.Anniversary-100th, 1983
442.Applications, 1968
443.Big Sister Program, undated
444.Brochures/Advertising, 1950s-1990s
445.Brochures (other institutions), 1995-1996
446.Burial plans, 1930s-1940s
447.Burial Plans, 1977-1989
448.Burial Plans, 1990s


Box 18


449.Burial Plans/Funeral Arrangements/Death lists, 1950s-1960s
450.Burial Plans: Headstones/Markers, 1983-1994
451.Calendar, 1976
452.Cash Book, 1910-1921
453.Cash Book, 1925-1928
454.Cat (Homer), 1991-1997
455.Directory, 1960-1961
456-457.Donnan-Battle Dinner, 1970s-2000 (2 folders)


Box 19


458.Drug Ledger, 1970-1972
459.Drug and Medical Ledgers, 1968-1971
460.Drug and Medical Ledger, 1972-1975
461.Drug and Medical Ledger, 1975
462.Entrance Fee Log, 1883-1935
463.Fire Evacuation Plans, 1970s
464.Grade Book: "Mary Latham Willis, Randolph School, Richmond, VA," circa 1908
465.Guest Birthdays, 1950s
466.Guest Birthdays, 1960s
467.Guest Birthdays, 1970s
468.Guest Book, Open House, 1989
469.Guest Correspondence, 1960s
470.Guest Lists, circa 1960s
471.Guest Pledge, undated
472.Guest Register, 1921-1937
473.Guest Register, 1929-1987
474.Guest Register, 1932-1954
475.Guest Register, 1947-1948
476.Guest Register, 1952-1987
477.Guest Register, 1954-1975
478.Guest Register, 1975-1988
479.House Rules, circa 1960s-1970s
480."My Name is Bill W" (movie filmed in part at Home), 1989
481.News Clippings, 1937
482.News Clippings, circa 1989-1990
483.Newsletters, 1982
484.Newsletters, 1994
485.Newsletters, 1995
486.Newsletters, 1996
487.Newsletters, 1997
488.Newsletters (original mock-ups), 1998
489.Presbyterian Endowed Rooms, undated, circa 1940s
490.Quote Book, undated
491.Record of Deceased (maintained by Leila M. Shanklin, Nurse and Guest), 1954-1972
492.Resident Satisfaction Survey, 1998-2000
493.Special Events: "I am Thankful for" Thanksgiving, 1985
494.Special Event Invitations, 1933-1999
495.Waiting Lists, 1960s


Box 20


496.Guest Register, 1930s-2000s


Series 2.2: Guest Records, 1911-1994


Guest Records includes records related to individual residents of the home, arranged alphabetically by name. Included are application materials and notes such as date of birth, date of entrance, church affiliation, doctor's notes, obituaries, and occasional correspondence when available. Researchers should note that the dates listed after individual names in this finding aid are the dates of residence at the Home, not life dates. The Information Cards were a form of index.

Box 21

497.Guest Information Cards: "A," 1953-1972
498.Guest Information Cards: "B," 1941-1990
499.Guest Information Cards: "C," 1952-1994
500.Guest Information Cards: "D," 1951-1993
501.Guest Information Cards: "E," 1947-1994
502.Guest Information Cards: "F," 1949-1983
503.Guest Information Cards: "G," 1949-1982
504.Guest Information Cards: "H," 1943-1977
505.Guest Information Cards: "I-K," 1948-1993
506.Guest Information Cards: "L," 1934-1993
507.Guest Information Cards: "M-N," 1941-1992
508.Guest Information Cards: "O-P," 1942-1992
509.Guest Information Cards: "Q-R," 1935-1973
510.Guest Information Cards: "S-T," 1944-1994
511.Guest Information Cards: "U-Z," 1941-1993


Box 22


512.Adkins, Martha, 1948-1967
513.Allen, Alice G., 1932-1935
514.Anderson, Mary, 1951-1964
515.Armstrong, Elizabeth Lee, 1959-1962
516.Ashton, Alice B., 1919-1926
517.Atkins, Ida Montague, 1972
518.Ayers, Katie H., 1958-1964
519.Bagley, Anne E., 1966-1974
520.Bailey, Cordelia E., 1923-1928
521.Ball, Jennie Gunn, 1928-1929
522.Bandy, Lola Wagner,1957-1960
523.Banks, M.L., 1932
524.Barclay, Mary Eleanor, 1941-1967
525.Bare, Alma, 1938-1952
526.Barrow, Florence, 1941-1963
527.Barweger, Ethel, 1936-1962
528.Baskette, Ada Washington, 1940-1946
529.Batten, Frances Woods, 1963-1967
530.Bawsel, Ellen Louise, 1990
531.Baxter, Lidie, 1928-1932
532.Bentley, Anne H., 1976-1981
533.Bentley, Lina P., 1929
534.Bentley, Lizzie, 1955-1960
535.Biehler, Harriett F., 1969
536.Binns, Florence A., 1941-1952
537.Binns, Pattie, 1927-1929
538.Bishop, Olivia, 1959-1960
539.Blackwell, Mary Lee, 1952-1970
540.Blanks, Norma, 1971-1975
541.Blanton, Edwina, 1938-1963
542.Bohannon, Agaliece Hudgins, 1957-1968
543.Booth, Florence M., 1936-1943
544.Booth, Mary C., 1946-1950
545.Bowles, Bertha U., 1955-1958
546.Bowman, Mary K., 1945-1947
547.Boyers, Helen Huffman, 1986-1987
548.Boykin, Emily W., 1936-1958
549.Brandon, Helen Johnson, 1989
550.Brott, Carrie M., 1932
551.Brown, Maude R., 1936-1960
552.Browning, Vallye Baker, 1978-1979
553.Brunning, Florrie M., 1972-1975
554.Burcham, Dorothy Emma, 1988
555.Burks, Emma Cornelia, 1982-1983
556.Butcher, Harriet E., 1966-1971
557.Butler, Lurah, 1934
558.Card, Laura D., 1926-1927
559.Carter, Anna M., 1961-1965
560.Cary, Lillian G., 1960-1967
561.Chalkley, Samuella, 1933
562.Chandler, Stella B., 1964-1969
563.Cherry, Nellie J., 1948-1951
564.Childress, Annie Schwartz, 1973-1975
565.Childs, Myrtle Tomblin, 1981
566.Clarke, Anna T., 1960-1962
567.Clarke, Ella D., 1959-1963
568.Clarke, Mrs. William A., Jr., 1938
569.Clary, Alice Roberta, 1953-1973
570.Clary, Myrtie Oneal, 1963-1964
571.Clayton, Mattie Lou, 1960-1972
572.Clements, Dorothy Gayle Hopkins, 1980-1981
573.Clemmer, Marcia Swineford, 1978
574.Coleman, Lucy Leona Pratt, 1988
575.Conner, Bertha Marshall, 1986-1988
576.Cook, Mary, 1949-1952
577.Cram, Eula, 1960-1973
578.Crowder, Bertha Jordan, 1968-1973
579.Crowe, Luella D., 1939-1941
580.Cumbea, Rebecca W., 1977-1978


Box 23


581.Daniel, Mary Edith, 1987
582.David, Mary M., 1966-1972
583.Davis, Ethel M., 1957-1960
584.Davis, Helen Green, 1971-1983
585.Davis, Irene McGhee, 1972-1974
586.Davis, Mabel A., 1957-1971
587.Dietrich, Katie Elizabeth, 1973-1975
588.Dixon, Mary Lura, 1935-1940
589.Denoon, Anne Richardson, 1972-1980
590.Douglas, Jennie H., 1929.
591.Duke, Marcha Goode, 1990
592.Duke, Nannie F., 1934-1951
593.Driscoll, Cora Bell, 1956-1957.
594.Eastwood, Josephine Parkinson, 1956-1968
595.Eaton, Francis Scott Wallace, 1987-1988
596.Elliott, Grace M., 1958-1970
597.Embrey, Josephine McRay, 1933
598.Eppes, Magnolia B., 1944
599.Ern, Susan, 1935.
600.Evans, Margaret, 1930
601.Evensen, Margaret L., 1971
602.Fairlamb, Mary L., 1952-1954
603.Farley, Mary Marshall, 1937
604.Fendley, Ruth, 1965-1966
605.Fergusson, Bertha Harris, 1971-1973
606.Field, Effie M., 1958-1961
607.Finch, Margaret S., 1969-1971
608.Fink, Nancy Jane, 1970
609.Flemming, Lena Vivian, 1936-1941
610.Fletcher, Rebecca J., 1962-1972.
611.Folkes, Maggie Moseley, 1955-1960
612.Ford, Harriett T., 1970-1973
613.Ford, Ruth Pearl, 1946-1961
614.Forrester, Sallie Webb, 1941-1950
615.Foster, C.W., 1952-1964
616.Foulkrod, Sadie, 1957-1966
617.Fox, Josephine, 1977
618.Fox, Myrtle A., 1959-1972
619.Franklin, Lucy Addie, 1938-1944
620.Fussell, Cora Lee, 1944
621.Gale, Cora, 1930
622.Garvin, Cora Lee, 1959-1964
623.Gaulding, Ella P., 1936-1942
624.Gayle, Louise, 1979
625.Gibbs, Rosa Gunn, 1960-1972
626.Gill, Mollie S., 1943-1965
627.Gillespie, Emma Beatrice Jenkins, 1978-1980
628.Ginn, Susan G., 1960-1968
629.Glass, Mrs. Philip H., 1950-1965
630.Gooding, Mrs. J.H., 1928-1929
631.Gordon, Louise, 1928-1929
632.Greenwood, Daisy Olivia, 1966
633.Gregory, Francis T., 1978-1990
634.Grooms, Roberta J., 1943-1949
635.Grosch, Mary, 1954-1958
636.Grubbs, Statha B., 1973-1976
637.Hall, Marjorie E., 1973-1976
638.Hamilton, Elma Virginia, 1989
639.Hardaway, Ella H., 1958-1970
640.Harford, Mary E., 1960-1964
641.Harner, Willabell J., 1969-1970
642.Harper, Katie McGehee, 1973-1974
643.Harrison, Alice E., 1933-1936
644.Harrison, Elizabeth, 1941
645.Harvey, Blanche, 1961-1964
646.Hatton, Eunice, 1944-1957
647.Hawpe, Edith Searson, 1980
648.Haynes, Lavania, 1938
649.Henry, May K., 1969
650.Hickman, Ollie Lockridge, 1963-1965
651.Hill, Hazel, 1950-1968
652.Holley, Sarah Zella, 1985-1986
653.Holms, Mrs. Henry E., 1938-1939
654.Holmes, Sebreal Collier, 1964-1986
655.Holzapfel, Daisy, 1943-1963
656.Houchens, C.L., 1942-1961
657.Hundley, Elizabeth Watts, 1985-1987
658.Hungate, Suzanne H., 1977.
659.Hunt, Helen Morton, 1934-1938
660.Hunter, Josephine D., 1928
661.Hutchinson, Susan A., 1945-1948
662.Ingram, Myrtle Elizabeth, 1960-1965.
663.Ireland, Elizabeth Mary, 1984
664.Jackson, Eugenia, 1941-1963
665.Jenkins, Emma, 1951-1962
666.Jenkins, Mary E., 1943-1965
667.Johnston, Lena Hickok, 1980-1983
668.Jones, Clara, 1934-1938
669.Jones, Irene H., 1950-1968
670.Jones, Laura B., 1987
671.Jones, Lummie N., 1960-1965
672.Jones, Pattie, 1925


Box 24


673.Kain, Mamie Crostic, 1975-1976
674.Kaufelt, Cecilia Elizabeth, 1954-1973
675.Kay, Susie, 1959-1967
676.Keiningham, Ruby E., 1966
677.Kendall, Cornelia May Cuy, 1941-1961
678.King, Eliza Congdon, 1938-1957
679.Kniseley, Lena Hill, 1973
680.Knote, Irena W., 1940
681.Knowles, Jean B., 1960-1964
682.Lambertson, Martha, 1960-1964
683.Lane, Geneva, 1973-1976
684.Landers, Louise J., 1989
685.Lankford, Agnes R., 1936-1941
686.Lankford, Susie Folkes, 1935-1941
687.LaPlace, Mary, 1964-1972
688.Leadletter, Mollie, 1919
689.Leake, Carolina "Callie" James, 1921
690.Lee, Juliet, 1921-1924
691.Liggan, Martha Ella, 1983.
692.Liles, Lilia Omeda, 1990
693.Link, Jessie, 1938-1941
694.Linkenhoger, Arlene Tysor, 1988
695.Lockett, Ruby, 1949-1962
696.Lowrie, Nannie Marie, 1966-1970
697.Lucie, Sarah G., 1969-1972
698.Lyford, Lena Fuller, 1973-1975
699.Mains, Mary Adelena, 1942-1961
700.Mann, Obedience "Bena" Noble, 1960-1972
701.Martens, Martha Newman, 1987
702.Martin, Nora, 1959-1960
703.Mason, Angie C., 1969-1978
704.Massie, Bettie Burton, 1936-1971
705.Mathews, Emily E., 1931
706.McCloud, Cora L., 1951-1955
707.McGee, Mary Susie Walker, 1979
708.McKay, Mary Ellen, 1934-1939
709.McKendree, Virginia Ann, 1989
710.McKinley, Clara May Anderton, 1927-1978
711.McMinn, Marie B., 1969
712.Miller, Ella M., 1935
713.Millner, Mattie P., 1929-1932
714.Miltz, Minnie, 1960-1968
715.Mithchell, Emma, 1929
716.Monk, Elizabeth Estelle, 1965-1971
717.Moody, Margaret L., 1959-1971
718.Moore, Mary Elizabeth, 1977
719.Morris, Phoebe L., 1923
720.Morton, Alla Hamilton, 1967
721.Moseley, Maria Pleasants, 1936
722.Nase, Alice, 1941-1943
723.Nase, Ellen, 1941-1943
724.Neale, Mary Sue, 1958-1968
725.Newell, Ida Pearce, 1979-1980
726.Newsom, Lillie Gertrude, 1946-1963
727.Nichols, Mary Parham, 1988
728.Nightingale, Emma C., 1961-1968
729.Oliver, Sadie Adele Chandler, 1952-1974
730.Outland, Brownie, 1973-1976
731.Owen, Jane, 1944
732.Page, Ethel, 1957-1959
733.Palmer, Jessie, 1940-1941
734.Palmore, Louisa Jane May, 1932-1937
735.Parrish, Juliet J., 1924-1928
736.Parsley, Eleanor Overton, 1974-1976
737.Patterson, Annie Woodruff, 1963-1975
738.Payne, Ruth V., 1948-1967
739.Pedin, Ella, 1932
740.Peffley, Edith Rebecca, 1977
741.Percival, Annie R., 1934-1937
742.Perkins, Maggie L., 1969-1979
743.Pohle, Paulina, 1939-1942
744.Pollard, Lucile Mann, 1969
745.Potts, Martha H., 1946-1948
746.Pregeant, Nannie R., 1969
747.Pulley, Margaret Cosby, 1959-1971
748.Pulling, Alma Lee, 1918-1978
749.Quarles, Alice, 1961-1966
750.Quarles, Ruby, 1960-1965
751.Ransone, Pattie Elizabeth, 1971-1973
752.Redford, Eva, 1949-1956
753.Redmond, Julia H., 1946-1952
754.Rhea, Elizabeth G., 1957-1959
755.Riddle, Mattie D., 1943-1946
756.Rike, Laura Ramsey, 1962-1969
757.Ritter, Alice Huggings, 1983-1984
758.Robbins, Mattie Helen Stovall, 1987
759.Robins, Emma, 1947-1959
760.Rodden, Dorothy Edmunds, 1987
761.Roper, Mary Evelyn, 1934-1938
762.Rudd, Emma B., 1963-1969
763.Ruffin, Tallulah, 1923
764.Ryland, Mary Virginia, 1965-1970


Box 25


765.Sands, Virginia, 1948-1957
766.Savage, Olivia Richardson, 1950-1961
767.Sawyer, Clara H., 1960-1971
768.Saxby, Grace D., 1989
769.Schmitz, Georgia F., 1968-1972
770.Seabright, Lacy Richardson, 1976-1984
771.Seay, Mary E., 1932
772.Shanholtz, Mary Florence Kyle, 1979-1981
773.Shanklin, Lelia May, 1957-1971
774.Sharpe, Elizabeth A., 1960-1962
775.Sharpe, Ethel W., 1958-1960
776.Sharpe, Lelia Agnes, 1934-1940
777.Shelton, Virginia Pendleton Lacy, 1976
778.Simpson, Etta Herrell, 1954-1966
779.Sims, Annie Venton, 1977-1978
780.Sipp, Margaret Anna, 1924-1955
781.Smith, A.B., 1940-1942
782.Smith, Alice Gena, 1989
783.Smith, Bertie W., 1962-1968
784.Smith, Edith M., 1943-1948
785.Smith, Mary Hayward, 1965
786.Smith, Mrs. Olin T., 1934
787.Smith, Phianna W., 1934
788.Snead, Sarah E., 1934.
789.Snodgrass, Mary C., 1934
790.Spencer, Cornelia, 1926-1928
791.Stephins, Jessie, 1930
792.Stertz, Lillie M., 1927-1928
793.Stockton, Sally M., 1946-1961
794.Stover, M.D., 1926
795.Street, Frances Elizabeth, 1922
796.Strickland, G.F., 1946-1948
797.Sullivan, Fannie Swineford, 1978
798.Swann, Frances Dew, 1947-1973
799.Sydenstricker, A.H. Fitzhugh, 1958-1968
800.Talley, Annie Pleasants, 1962-1963
801.Tatum, M.H., 1938-1945
802.Taylor, Nettie, 1927-1930
803.Teasdale, Madge Davis, 1986-1987
804.Thomas, Annie Ethel, 1939-1947
805.Thomas, Mary E., 1961-1968
806.Thomasson, Annie Walker, 1954-1958
807.Tiller, Carolyn Beth, 1940-1968
808.Traylor, Agnes, 1956-1963
809.Tredway, Lucy W., 1928
810.Trimmer, Madeline Gladys, 1984-1985
811.Tucker, Mary J., 1939
812.Tyler, Lizzie C., 1933-1941.
813.Tyler, N.R., 1934
814.Turner, Rosa Newby, 1972-1973
815.Usher, Ann Elizabeth, 1937-1968
816.Utley, Leonora, 1925-1928
817.Van Deventer, Nellie, 1947-1950
818.Vandiver, Mrs. Charles W., 1939-1946
819.Vaughn, Willie C., 1931
820.Venable, Ellen, 1915
821.Walden, Mattie Lee, 1943-1957
822.Walker, Alleene Bryant, 1959-1972
823.Walters, Annie S., 1942-1968
824.Warriner, Mary, 1931-1935
825.Watkins, Alice M., 1927-1961
826.Watkins, Lillie Viola, 1988
827.Watkins, Maggie, 1936
828.Wayland, Lucy Blanton, 1977
829.Webb, Francis B., 1925-1961
830.Webb, Sallie, 1941-1949
831.Weed, Ruth Kerr, 1979-1980
832.Weis, Lillian Alice Blankenship, 1984-1987
833.Westbrook, Frances Maye, 1962-1968
834.Whiteside, Hattie Louise, 1935
835.Wilcox, Florence Zimmerman, 1976-1978
836.Wilkerson, Lena Jane Barker, 1978-1979
837.Wilkinson, Mary E., 1960
838.Wilkinson, Sara Wash, 1978
839.Willeroy, Olive G., 1960-1962
840.Williams, Birdie Day, 1982-1983
841.Williams, Florence P., 1958-1965
842.Williams, Helen Moss, 1987
843.Williams, Mattie, 1940-1947
844.Willis, Kate, 1934-1938
845.Wilson, Janie Rogers, 1953-1957
846.Wilson, Mrs. J. Fred, 1953-1955
847.Wingfield, Emma S., 1969-1971
848.Wood, Ida Usher, 1958-1962
849.Wood, M.W., 1930
850.Woods, Leila P., 1941-1949
851.Woodall, Marion H., 1938-1941
852.Womack, Mrs. R.C., 1938-1947
853.Wright, Bernice Lee, 1924-1982
854.Wright, Mary Louise, 1958-1960
855.Yancey, L.A., 1911-1919
856.Zimmerman, Irene Pope, 1984-1985


Series 2.3 Photo albums, Photographs, and Scrapbooks, and Donor Plates, 1937-1999.


Box 26

857.Photo Album, 1995-1998
858.Photo Album: Donnan-Battle Dinner and Halloween Party, 1986
859.Photo Album: Hat Show, Easter, Halloween, and Game Night, 1985


Box 27


860.Photographs, undated, circa 1960s.
861.Photographs, undated, circa 1990s.
862.Photographs, 1969.
863.Photographs, 1983
864.Photographs, July 1996
865.Photographs, December 1996
866.Photographs, February 1997
867-868.Photographs, March 1997 (2 folders)
869.Photographs, April 1997
870-871.Photographs, May 1997 (2 folders)
872-874.Photographs, June 1997 (3 folders)
875.Photographs, July 1997.
876.Photographs, August 1997
877.Photographs, September 1997
878-879.Photographs, October 1997 (2 folders)
880.Photographs, November 1997
881-882.Photographs, December 1997 (2 folders)


Box 28


883.Photographs, January 1998
884.Photographs, February 1998
885.Photographs, March 1998
886-887.Photographs, April 1998 (2 folders)
888.Photographs, May 1998
889-892.Photographs, June 1998 (4 folders)
893.Photographs, July 1998
894.Photographs, August 1998
895-896.Photographs, September 1998 (2 folders)
897-898.Photographs, October 1998 (2 folders)
899-901.Photographs, December 1998 (3 folders)
902.Photographs, January 1999
903.Photographs, February 1999
904.Photographs, March 1999
905-906.Photographs, April 1999 (2 folders)
907.Photographs, May 1999


Box 29


908-910.Photographs, June 1999 (3 folders)
911-912.Photographs, July 1999 (2 folders)
913.Photographs, August 1999
914.Photographs, September 1999


Box 30


915.Scrapbook, 1937-1988-photos and clippings
916.Scrapbook, Clippings, 1945
917-918.Scrapbook, "Thoughts, Flowers, and Cheer," 1941-1945 (2 volumes)
919.Scrapbook, 1967-1978-photos and clippings
920.Scrapbook, Greeting Cards, undated


Series 2.4 Donor Plates (Endowment/Memorial Plates)


Box 31

921.Alathean Class of Broad Street Methodist Church ("Furnished by")
922.Battle, Mary Donnan ("In Memory of Daughter")
923.Centenary Methodist Church ("Endowed by")
924.Christian, L.T. ("Endowed by")
925.Cole, Mrs. Charles F. ("In Memory of")
926.Cooke, Percy Vaden ("In Memory of")
927.Crass, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. E. ("Endowed by")
928.Davis, Ann Truell ("In Memory of")
929.Davis, J. Lee ("In Memory of)
930.Eason, Mrs. Thomas D. ("In Memory of")
931.Ellis, Mrs. J.W., Sr. ("In Memory of Mother")
932.Fraser, Dr. Thomas ("In Memory of")
933.Friendship Bible Class, Boulevard Methodist Church ("Furnished by")
934.Gray, Horace A., Jr., Family ("In Memory of")
935.Gray, Mrs. James Edwin ("Furnished by")
936.Green, Major Otis M. ("Furnished in Memory of").
937.Harvie, Lewis Edwin, Elder Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church ("In Memory of")
938.Hastings, Edgar Morton ("A Memorial to")
939.Houston, Stella M. ("In Memory of").
940.Keesee, Dr. George F. ("In Memory of")
941.Kemp, George S., Sr. ("In Memory of")
942.Kruse, Mae Belvin ("In Memory of")
943.Larus, Mrs. Cornelia K. ("In Memory of Mother)
944.Lucy, Mrs. Samuel B. ("In Memory of")
945.Morgan, Alice Davis ("In Memory of").
946.Morton, Caroline Gilliam ("In Memory of")
947.Pathfinders Class, Boulevard Methodist Church ("Furnished by")
948.Patterson, J. Kenneth ("In Memory of")
949.Reed, Mary A. ("In Memory of Mother")
950."The Ruth Shoppe, In Memory of Ruth Armour
951.Sampson, Robert L. ("In Memory of")
952.Women of Westminster Presbyterian Church ("Furnished by")


Series 3: Covenant Woods Materials, 1995-2008


Covenant Woods, located in Hanover County, Virginia, opened in 2001 with the purpose of providing "a continuing care retirement community in which elderly men and women of respectable character may be provided a comfortable home and health care." As before, the institution was to be run by a Board of Directors consisting of twenty-one members. Members of the Board are to be in good standing with the Methodist or Presbyterian Church and there are not to be more than twelve Methodists or twelve Presbyterians on the Board at any one time. This series contains records detailing the operation of Covenant Woods from its inception in 1995 through 2008. Included are development plans, documentation of the Richmon Memorial Hospital Conversion Project, by-laws, minutes, annual reports, finances, marketing plans and committee meetings, residency and care agreements, newsletters, and slides.

Box 32

953.Anniversary, 2008 (125th).
954.Annual Reports, 2002-2004
955.Binder including Minutes, Financials, Resumes, Events, Etc., 2001-2005.
956.Burial Plans, 2004.
957.By-laws, 2000
958.Call for Donations, undated.
959.Chorus Book, undated
960.Construction Contract, 1999
961.Consulting Proposal, 1998
962.Correspondence, 2004
963.Development Plan: Design Development Phase, 1999
964-965.Development Plan: Schematic Design Phase, 1998 (2 folders)
966.Disclosure Statement, 2000
967.Employee Benefit Analysis, February 2000
968.Geotechnical Engineering Services Proposal, 1999.
969.Finances, 2004.
970.Financial History of Richmond Home for Ladies, undated
971.Financing Proposal, 1999
972.History Notes, 2008.
973-974.Marketing Plan and Committee Meetings, 2003-2005 (2 folders)
975.Mulberry Place, undated
976.Newsletters, 1998-2005
977.Operating Plan (Draft), undated
978.Promotional Materials, circa 2003-2005
979.Quality Improvement Program, 1999
980."Remarks Made by Lila Irby," 2006.


Box 33


981.Residency and Care Agreement, 1999
982-986.Richmond Memorial Hospital Conversion Project, 1995-1999 (5 folders)
987-988.Sale of 2620 Stuart Avenue, 2000-2001 (2 folders)
989-994.Slides, Spring 1998 (6 folders)
995.Slides, Spring 1998, brochure/table top
996.Special Event Invitations and Planning, 1999-2002.