Roy M. Martin Papers

A Guide to the Roy M. Martin Papers, 1978-1996.
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Roy M. Martin papers, 1978-1996 (Mss1 M3656 a FA2), Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.


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Gift of Roy M. Martin, Richmond, Va., in 2005. Accessioned 26 July 2007.


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Repository:Virginia Historical Society
Collection Number:Mss1 M3656 a FA2
Collection Name:Roy M. Martin Papers, 1978-1996
Size:62 folders (2 linear feet)
Abstract:Historical and administrative materials relating to Reynolds International, Inc., a subsidiary of Reynolds Metals Company, and its involvement with establishing an aluminum manufacturing plant, Sayanal Joint Venture, in Sayanagorsh, Siberia; and Roy M. Martin’s oversight of the new facility’s development.


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This collection consists of various manuals used by Reynolds International, Inc. (RII) as part of the technology supplied by RII for the construction and startup of the Sayanal Joint Venture in Sayanagorsh, Siberia. Sayanal was a continuous casting, foil rolling, and converting plant in which RII held approximately a fifteen percent interest. This enterprise employed around 5,000 individuals. In return for a partial ownership, RII provided the technology and technical supervision to build and run the plant. Roy M. Martin was the Reynolds employee who served as the consultant to the technology staff at the Siberian plant, and he used these manuals in his work. This collection also includes slides of Sayanal Plant and of several similar American, Japanese, and German plants that used aluminum foil to manufacture end products.


Biographical/Historical Information


Roy Martin worked for Reynolds Metals Company and its subsidiary, Reynolds International, Inc., for 32-years. He had a background in packaging research, technical operations, technical maintenance functions, packaging machinery development, supervision in foil rolling and converting plants, and technology transfer in the Reynolds European operations, including Italy and Spain. One of his last responsibilities before retiring was the technology transfer in Sayanagorsk, Siberia, Russia. Reynolds Metals Company shared its methodology in creating new plants in a number of foreign countries. This information transfer included planning, preparing, and implementing total plant organization plans and job descriptions for all managerial levels, all technological specifications, and installation of equipment.




The papers of Roy M. Martin are arranged into eight series with series one through six containing technical and training manuals used at the Sayanal plant. Series Seven contains 33 mm photographic slides of various Reynolds manufacturing plants and processes, as well as images of a Japanese plant owned by Sumitomo Corporation. Series Eight contains miscellaneous materials, chiefly business cards reflecting the various positions Martin held during his tenure at Reynold Metals.


Index Terms


Aluminum industry and trade – United States – History
Aluminum plants – Siberia (Russia)
International business enterprises
Manufacturing processes
Martin, Roy M.
Reynolds Metals Company
Russia – Foreign economic relations – United States – History – 20th century
Sayanal Joint Venture
United States – Foreign economic relations – Russia – History – 20th century




Series 1. Sayanal Technology Manual.

Box 1

Folder1Introduction and Table of Contents
 2Product Specifications and Samples
  Continuous Roll Casting
 3     Process Description
 4     Alloy Melting Furnace
 5     Holding Furnace
 6     Grain Refining
 7     Filter/Degassing
 8     Continuous Roll Caster
 9     Coil Cooling and Storage
 10     Aluminum Association Guidelines for Handling Molten Metal
  Cold Rolling
 11     Process Description
 12     Cold Rolling Mill
 13     Coil Anneal Furnace
 14     Standard Engineering Procedures, Fire Protection
  Foil Rolling
 15     Process Description
 16     Breakdown Mill
 17     Intermediate Mill
 18     Finishing Mill
 19     Standard Engineering Procedures
 20     Separators
 21     Light Gauge Aluminum Foil Slitter and Fire Protection
 22Foil Annealing – Process Description of Foil Annealing Furnace
 23Finished Metal Storage, Material Handling, Packaging
 24     Table of Contents, Process Description
 25     Wet Laminating
 26     Wet Laminating with In-Line Lacquer
 27     Double Lacquering
 28     Double Dry Laminating
 29     Rotogravure Printing
 30     Embossing Machine
 31     Slitting and Guidelines for Handling Aluminum Fines Generated during various Aluminum Fabricating Operations

Series 2. Sayanal Quality Control Manual.

This series concerns Sayanal Material Specifications (SMS), Sayanal Product Specifications (SPS), and Sayanal Test Methods (STM).

Volume 1. Continuous Cast Sheet

Folder32Introduction and Procedures                                                                                                                          
 33Material Specifications (SMS 1-34)
 34Product Specifications (SPS 1-4)
 35Test Methods (STM 1-29)
 36Test Methods (STM 30-47)
 37MOR Testing Fixture Diagrams

Box 2

Volume 2. Converted Products

Folder38Introduction and Procedures
 39Material Specifications (SMS 35-71)
 40Product Specifications (SPS 5-17)
 41Test Methods (STM 48-76)
 42Test Methods (STM 77-97)
 43Sayanal Code System and Necessary Equipment and Materials for Foil Manufacture and Converted Products

Series 3. Sayanal Training Manual.

Folder  44Supervisory Training Schedule, Index, Process Description                                                                                                 
 45Section 1. Familiarization and Descriptions of the Basic Process Used
       Lecture 1: Continuous Roll Casting
       Lecture 2: Cold Rolling
       Lecture 3: Coil Annealing
       Lecture 4: Foil Rolling
       Lecture 5: Separating, Slitting, Annealing
       Lecture 6: Converting
       Lecture 7: Rotogravure Printing
 46Section 2: General Process Flow through the Plant; Familiarization with Auxiliary Operations
       Lecture 8: Roll Grinding
       Lecture 9: Reclaiming Rolling Coolant
       Lecture 10: Introduction to Cryogenic Nitrogen Production
       Lecture 11: Coolant Filtration
       Lecture 12: Ink and Lacquering
       Lecture 13: Cylinder Manufacturing and Repair
 47Section 3: Product Familiarization and Specific Product Flow for Each Product
       Lecture 14: Specific Process Flow for Each Product
  Section 4: Material Handling and Storage
       Lecture 15: Material Handling and Storage through Finished Foil
  Section 5: Quality Assurance Policy and Standards
       Lecture 16: Quality Assurance Policy and Standards
 48Section 6: Sayanal Code System
       Lecture 17: Sayanal Code System
  Section 7: Sayanal Production Department Organization
       Lecture 18: Sayanal Production Department Organization

Series 4. Sayanal Organization Manual.

Folder       49Organization Chart and Job Descriptions for General Manager, Financial Manager, and Plant Manager; Organization Manpower Chart
 50Organization Chart and Job Descriptions for Technical Manager, Research and Development Manager, Quality Assurance manager, Graphic Services Manager, and other Technical Positions
 51Organization Chart and Job Descriptions for Production and General Supervisors of Melting/Casting, Rolling, Converting, and Services
 52Organization Chart and Job Descriptions for the Engineering and Maintenance Manager (and the 21 other managers, engineers, planners, and supervisors reporting to him)
 53Organization Chart and Job Descriptions for Purchasing, Marketing, and Sales, Data Processing, and Personnel Departments

Series 5. Sayanal Process Manual.

Folder54Flow Charts for Process Control in the Production of Household Foil, Converter Foil, and Cigarette Liner; Test Methods and Materials

Series 6. Sayanal Technical Mill Data.

The calculations in folders 56 and 57 were developed by FATA, and Italian equipment builder for the steel and aluminum industries, in conjunction with Reynolds International, Inc.

Folder55Flow Charts by Product and Equipment List                                                                                                                                 
 56Cold Rolling Calculations
 57Foil Rolling Calculations

Series 7. Photographic Slides (35 mm) of Reynolds Metals Company Plants.

Include slide presentations concerning manufacturing processes for aluminum products. Several different foreign and U.S. plant locations of Reynolds Metals are represented in these slides, including South Plant in Richmond, Va.; Hot Springs Continuous Rolling Plant in Hot Springs, Ark.; Sayanal Plant in Siberia, Russia; Sumikei Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Light Metal Industries, Ltd. (now known as the Sumitomo Group) in Japan; and Vereinigte Aluminum-Werke AG in Germany.

Folder58Hot Springs, Arkansas                                                                       
 59Metal Defects; Louisville, Ky., equipment; Roll Casters in several locations, including Spain; and Shape Control
 60South Plant, Richmond, Va., equipment; Sumitomo Corporation plant (Japan); Processes, including Water-Based Rolling
 61Spiral Can Production

Series 8. Miscellaneous.

Folder 62 contains a brochure for Reynolds-INASA, an international joint venture involving Industria Navarra del Aluminio, S.A., based in Irurzun, Spain.

Folder62Brochure, Reynolds-INASA; and Roy M. Martin business cards, various positions                                                                  

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