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Repository: Virginia Historical Society.
Collection number: Mss3 V81965 a FA2
Title: Virginia Society of Health-System Pharmacists records, 1955–2013.
Size: 7 linear feet.
Language: English
Abstract: Institutional records of the Virginia Society of Health-System Pharmacists, a professional organization for pharmacy in Virginia.


The collection consists of documents relating to specific programming sponsored by the Virginia Society of Health-System Pharmacists, papers pertaining to organizational matters, meeting minutes, correspondence, and newsletters.


The collection has been arranged into four series. Series I consists of programs (seminars, events, lectures, etc.) sponsored by the VSHP. Series II includes general organizational records such as institutional ties with the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, the Virginia Pharmaceutical Association, and the Medical College of Virginia in addition to documents pertaining to management services. Series III consists of meeting minutes and member correspondence. Series IV contains VSHP newsletters.


The Virginia Society of Health-System Pharmacists is a professional organization for pharmacy in Virginia. Members include pharmacists , educators, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technicians tied in their support of safe, effective, and rational drug therapy through the concept of pharmaceutical care. Known as the Virginia Society of Hospital Pharmacists until 1996, the VSHP began with a small group of interested pharmacists at a family picnic in 1954. These pharmacists--R. David Anderson, Russell H. Fiske, Mary Ann Magee [later Johnson], and J.Y. Thomas--wanted to provide a regional counterpart to the nationwide American Society of Hospital Pharmacists so as to better facilitate information exchange and education. Fiske and Gary had been charter members of the ASHP, and Anderson would serve as that organization's President in 1971.

The first formal meeting of the VSHP was held on May 21, 1955 at the John Marshall Hotel in Richmond, Virginia. Dr. George F. Archambault, Past President of ASHP, was the guest speaker and advisor. Twenty-two people were in attendance. From the beginning, the primary objective of the Virginia Society of Health-System Pharmacists has been to provide a means for continuing education programs and to establish standards of practice for the betterment of the profession.


Anderson, R. David
Fiske, Russell H., -2002
Johnson, Mary Ann Magee, 1925-2004
Pharmacists -- Education (Continuing)
Pharmacists -- Societies, etc.
Pharmacy -- Law and legislation -- United States
Pharmacy -- Study and teaching
Thomas, J. Y.
Virginia Society of Health-System Pharmacists -- Records and correspondence
Virginia Society of Hospital Pharmacists


Series 1. Programs

As its primary function is to serve as a conduit for information and educational opportunities within the field of pharmacy, the VSHP has since its inception sponsored numerous conferences, seminars, lectures, and events. Detailed information on these programs may be found in Series I.

Of note are the Annual Seminars. Beginning in 1967, the VSHP held joint annual meetings with the Virginia Pharmaceutical Association to discuss organizational business, provide social functions, and offer educational talks. Eventually, these meetings turned into the Annual Fall Seminar, which focuses on enhancing clinical practice and provides accredited pharmaceutical education courses. In 1983, an additional educational meeting was instituted jointly with the North Carolina Society of Hospital Pharmacists. This meeting grew into the Annual Spring Seminar, oriented mainly towards management topics.

As with the Fall Seminars, many programs are focused on providing actual coursework in pharmaceutical education. In 1986 the VSHP joined with the School of Pharmacy, the Virginia Pharmaceutical Association, and the Board of Pharmacy to form the Virginia Council on Pharmaceutical Education in an effort to assure easy access of participating pharmacists to accredited educational programs. Additional programs were developed by the VSHP to assist students. The Society first offered a scholarship in 1960 and a Student Chapter of the VSHP was established in 1970. The chapter encourages involvement of students with pharmacists practicing in hospitals. To further foster interest in hospital practice, VSHP developed a "Shadow Program" in 1987. The program pairs interested students with a staff pharmacist to allow a brief "real-life" view of institutional practice.

The VSHP has also strived to be active in the legislative and regulatory arenas. The Society was instrumental in the development and implementation of the first regulations of the Board of Pharmacy governing hospital practice. Efforts continue to be directed at assuring the presence of a hospital-based practitioner on the Board of Pharmacy. Moreover, specific responses to bills regarding pharmaceutical practices have been filed on behalf of the Society.

Awards and award recipients may also be found in Series I files. Every Annual Meeting holds an awards ceremony in recognition of significant contributions to pharmacy in Virginia. The Hospital Pharmacist of the Year Award was instituted in 1974 with W.L. "Bill" Harrison as the recipient. A Student Service award was begun in 1985 to recognize contributions to the Student Chapter. An award for Excellence in Clinical Pharmacy Practice was established in 1989.

Box 1

1.1968 Seminar
2.1969 Seminar
3.1970 Seminar
4.1971 Seminar
5.1972 Seminar
6.1973 Seminar
7.1974 Seminar
8.1975 Seminar
9.1976 Seminar
10.1978 Seminar
11.1979 Seminar
12.1980 Seminar
13.1981 Seminar
14.1981 Seminar Photographs
15.1982 Seminar
16.1983 Seminar
17.1984 Fall Seminar
18.1985 Fall Seminar
19.1986 Fall Seminar
20.1986 Fall Seminar Photographs
21.1987 Fall Seminar, Infection Disease: New Answers, New Questions
22.1987 Fall Seminar Photographs
23.1988 Spring Seminar. 
24.1988 Fall Seminar
25.1988 Fall Seminar Photographs
26.1989 Fall Seminar
27.1990 Spring Seminar
28.1990 Fall Seminar
29.1990 Fall Seminar Photographs
30.1991 Fall Seminar
31.1992 Spring Seminar
32.1992 Fall Seminar
33.1993 Spring Seminar
34.1993 Fall Seminar
35.1994 Fall Seminar
36.1995 Spring Seminar
37.1995 Fall Seminar
38.1996 Spring Seminar Photographs
39.1997 Spring Seminar
40.1999 Spring Seminar
41.1999 Fall Seminar
42.1999 Fall Seminar Photographs
43.2000 Spring Seminar
44.2001 Spring Seminar
45.2001 Fall Seminar
46.2002 Spring Seminar
47.2002 Fall Seminar
48.2003 Spring Seminar
49.2003 Fall Seminar
50.2004 Spring Seminar
51.2004 Fall Seminar
52.2005 Spring Seminar
53.2005 Fall Seminar
54.2006 Spring Seminar
55.2006 Fall Seminar
56.2007 Spring Seminar
57.2007 Fall Seminar

Box 2

58.2008 Spring Seminar
59.2008 Fall Seminar
60.2009 Spring Seminar
61.2009 Fall Seminar
62.2010 Fall Seminar
63.2011 Spring Seminar
64.2011 Fall Seminar
65.2012 Spring Seminar
66.2012 Fall Seminar
67.Anti-Discount Pricing Legislation in the Commonwealth of Virginia, 1994-1995
68.Awards and Recognition, 1980
69.Awards and Recognition, 1983
70.Awards and Recognition, 1986
71.Awards and Recognition, 1987
72.Awards and Recognition, 1988
73.Awards and Recognition, 1991
74.Awards and Recognition, 1992
75.Awards and Recognition, 1993
76.Awards and Recognition, 1994
77.Awards and Recognition, 2003
78.Awards and Recognition, 2009
79.Awards and Recognition, 2011
80.Board of Pharmacy Regulation Revisions, 1987
81.Embracing the Future: Implementing Break-Through Systems and Tools, 2004
82.Fun Run Photographs, 1986
83.Hospital Pharmacists Week 1987, Photograph
84.Indigent Health Care (Governor's Task Force), 1987
85.Intravenous Immune Globulin: Current and Future Uses, 1987
86.Legalization of Heroin for Terminal Cancer Pain, 1988
87.Legislative Day, January 19, 1995
88.Legislative Day, February 10, 1997
89.Legislative Day Photographs, February 10, 1997
90.Lobby Day, February 1, 2001
91.Lobby Day, February 2, 2006
92.Lobby Day, February 8, 2007
93.Lobby Day, February 5, 2009
94.Mandatory Continuing Education for Pharmacists, 1987-1988
95.Past President's Breakfast, 1986
96.Past President's Banquet, 2002
97.Past President's Banquet, 2003
98.Past President's Banquet, 2004
99.Past President's Banquet, 2005
100.Past President's Banquet, 2006
101.Past President's Banquet, 2011
102.Pharmaceutical Care Delivery Study, 1994
103.Pharmaceutical Policy Clippings, 1984
104.Pharmaceutical Policy Clippings, 1987
105.Pharmaceutical Policy Clippings, 1988
106.Pharmaceutical Policy Clippings, 1992
107.Position Statements, 1984
108.Position Statements, 1987
109.Programs, 1963
110.Programs, 1966
111.Programs, 1982
112.Programs, 1983
113.Programs, 1984
114.Programs, 1985
115.Programs, 1986
116.Programs, 1987
117.Programs, 1988
118.Programs, 1989
119.Programs, 1990
120.Programs, 1991
121.Programs, 1992
122.Programs, 1993
123.Programs, 1994
124.Programs, undated
125.Regulations on Hospital Pharmacy Practices, 1973
126.Southeastern States Invitational Conference on Clinical Pharmacy, 1987
127.Virginia Anti-Drug Switching Patient Protection Act, 1997
128.Virginia Society of Hospital Pharmacists 1989 Salary Survey
129.VSHP/VPhA Annual Joint Convention, 1973-1989

Series 2. Organizational Records

Organizational records focusing primarily on groups affiliated with the VSHP comprise Series II. These include the American Pharmaceutical Association, the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists (and state chapters), the Virginia Pharmaceutical Association, and the Medical College of Virginia. Files regarding management services may also be found in this series. As the time demand for volunteers to type, copy, file, and mail became unmanageable with organizational growth, services needed to be contracted. Here may be found documents pertaining to Professional Management Services and Pharmacy/Association Services.

It should be noted that Series II opens with a series of folders linked under the heading "Historical Records." These were originally contained in a series of binders maintained by the Society Historian. They have been left in their original order to preserve their integrity, but contain files that may be found elsewhere within the collection, such as minutes, constitution and by-laws, Board of Pharmacy Regulations, etc.

Box 3

130.Historical Records: First Meeting, First Constitution and By-Laws, First Issue of The Dispenser, 25th Anniversary, Hospital Pharmacy Week
131.Historical Records: Constitution and By-Laws
132.Historical Records: American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Affiliation, 1958-1987
133.Historical Records: Financial Records, 1970-1988
134.Historical Records: Management Contracts, 1981-1987
135.Historical Records: Board of Pharmacy Appointments, 1965-1986
136.Historical Records: Board of Pharmacy Regulations, 1958-1987
137.Historical Records: Publicity, 1958-1986
138.Historical Records: Virginia Pharmacists Columns on Hospital Pharmacy, 1967-1980
139.Historical Records: Articles on Hospital Pharmacy History
140.Historical Records: Articles on VSHP History, 1961-1975
141.American Pharmaceutical Association, 1987
142.American Pharmaceutical Association, 1988
143.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1977
144.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1981
145.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1982
146.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1983
147.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1985
148.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1986
149.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1987 (1 of 2 folders)
150.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1987 (2 of 2 folders)
151.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists' Affiliates, 1987
152.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1988
153.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists' Affiliates, 1988
154.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1989
155.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists' Affiliates, 1989
156.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Delegate Packet, 1989
157.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1990
158.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Delegate Packet, 1990
159.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists' Affiliates, 1991
160.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1992
161.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1993
162.American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 2001
163.Pharmacy Association Services, 1987
164.Pharmacy Association Services, 1988
165.Pharmacy Association Services, 1989
166.Pharmacy Association Services, 1990
167.Pharmacy Association Services, 1991
168.Professional Management Services, 1985
169.Professional Management Services, 1986
170.Professional Management Services, 1987
171.Virginia Pharmaceutical Association (VPhA), 1984
172.Virginia Pharmaceutical Association (VPhA), 1987
173.Virginia Pharmaceutical Association (VPhA), 1988
174.Virginia Pharmaceutical Association (VPhA) Research and Education Foundation, 2000
175.VSHP/VPhA/MCV Tripartite Committee, 1983.
176.VSHP/VPhA/MCV Tripartite Committee, 1984
177.VSHP/VPhA/MCV Tripartite Committee, 1985

Series 3. Minutes and Correspondence.

The bulk of the collection consists of both meeting minutes and member correspondence, which may be found in Series III. Included here are meeting notes existing prior to the establishment of a specified Board, Executive Committee Minutes, Advisory Committee Minutes, Officers' Meeting Minutes, Annual Meeting Minutes, Board Retreat Minutes, Regional Meeting Minutes, Legal and Public Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes, etc. Presidential correspondence in addition to that sent to and sent from regular members may also be found in Series III. A wealth of information regarding the running of the Society may be found in these files.

Box 4

178.Meetings, 1955
179.Meetings, 1956
180.Meetings, 1957
181.Meetings, 1958
182.Meetings, 1959
183.Meetings, 1960
184.Member Correspondence, 1960
185.Meetings, 1961
186.Meetings, 1962
187.Member Correspondence, 1962
188.Meeting, February 16, 1963
189.Meeting, April 27, 1963
190.Meeting, August 17, 1963
191.Meeting, October 12, 1963
192.Member Correspondence, 1963
193.Meeting, February 15, 1964
194.Meeting, May 9, 1964
195.Executive Committee Meeting, June 12, 1964
196.Meeting, August 2-7, 1964
197.Meeting, October 17, 1964
198.Member Correspondence, 1964
199.Meetings, 1965
200.Meetings, 1966
201.Member Correspondence, 1966
202.Meetings, 1967
203.Member Correspondence, 1967
204.Meetings, 1968
205.Meetings, 1969
206.Meeting, January 10, 1970
207.Meeting, April 25, 1970
208.Advisory Committee Meeting, August 8, 1970
209.Meeting, September 18, 1970
210.Advisory Committee Meeting, October 7, 1970
211.Executive Committee Meeting, November 6, 1970
212.Member Correspondence, 1970
213.Meeting, January 16, 1971
214.Meeting, April 24, 1971
215.Meeting, September 18, 1971
216.Member Correspondence, 1971
217.Meeting, January 15, 1972
218.Meeting, April 22, 1972
219.Meeting, October 6, 1972
220.Member Correspondence, 1972
221.Meeting, January 13, 1973
222.Retreat, January 20, 1973
223.Meeting, April 7, 1973
224.Meeting, May 12, 1973
225.Executive Committee Meeting, September 16, 1973
226.Meeting, November 17, 1973
227.Member Correspondence, 1973
228.Meeting, January 19, 1974
229.Retreat, March 16, 1974
230.Annual Meeting, April 27, 1974
231.Officers' Meeting, September 15, 1974
232.Meeting, November 9, 1974
233.Member Correspondence, 1974
234.Meetings, 1975
235.Member Correspondence, 1975
236.Meetings, 1976
237.Meetings, 1977
238.Meetings, 1978
239.Region III Meetings, 1978
240.Member Correspondence, 1978
241.Meetings, 1979
242.Region III Meetings, 1979
243.Member Correspondence, 1979
244.Executive Committee Meeting, January 19, 1980
245.Executive Committee Meetings, February 1980
246.Executive Committee Meeting, March 27, 1980
247.Executive Committee Meeting, April 16, 1980
248.Annual Meeting, May 17, 1980 (25th anniversary)
249.Executive Committee Meeting, June 18, 1980
250.Executive Committee Meeting, September 10, 1980
251.Executive Committee Meeting, October 15, 1980
252.Executive Committee Meeting, November 19, 1980
253.Legal and Public Affairs Committee, 1980
254.Region III Meetings, 1980
255.Member Correspondence, 1980
256.Executive Committee Meeting, January 21, 1981
257.Executive Committee Meeting, February 19, 1981
258.Executive Committee Meeting, April 15, 1981
259.Annual/Transition Meeting, May 16-17, 1981
260.Board of Directors Meeting, July 15, 1981
261.Board of Directors Meeting, September 16, 1981
262.Board of Directors Meeting, November 18, 1981
263.Legal and Public Affairs Committee, 1981
264.Region III Meetings, 1981
265.Member Correspondence, 1981
266.Board of Directors Meeting, February 1, 1982
267.Board of Directors Meeting, March 17, 1982
268.Board/Transition Meeting, June 27, 1982
269.Board of Directors Meeting, August 4, 1982
270.Board of Directors Meeting, September 15, 1982
271.Board of Directors Meeting, November 10, 1982
272.Member Correspondence, 1982
273.Board of Directors Meeting, January 19, 1983
274.Board of Directors Meeting, March 16, 1983
275.Board/Transition Meeting, June 17-19, 1983
276.Board of Directors Meeting, September 14, 1983
277.Board of Directors Meeting, October 19, 1983
278.Board of Directors Meeting, November 30, 1983
279.Member Correspondence, 1983
280.Board of Directors Meeting, January 18, 1984
281.Board of Directors Meeting, February 22, 1984
282.Board of Directors Meeting, April 16, 1984
283.Annual/Transition Meeting, June 23, 1984
284.Board of Directors Meeting, August 22, 1984
285.Legal and Public Affairs Committee, 1984
286.Member Correspondence, 1984

<4>Box 5

287.Board of Directors Meeting, March 19, 1985
288.Board of Directors Meeting, May 6, 1985
289.Annual/Transition Meeting, June 16, 1985
290.Board of Directors Meeting, August 21, 1985
291.Board of Directors Meeting, October 18, 1985
292.Legal and Public Affairs Committee, 1985
293.Member Correspondence, 1985
294.Munden, Empsy, President VSHP 1985-1986, Correspondence
295.Board of Directors Meeting, January 15, 1986
296.Board of Directors Meeting, March 19, 1986
297.Board of Directors Meeting, May 19, 1986
298.Annual/Transition Meeting, June 8-11, 1986
299.Board of Directors Meeting, August 27, 1986
300.Board of Directors Meeting, October 24, 1986
301.Legal and Public Affairs Committee, 1986
302.Member Correspondence, 1986
303.Crowe, Doug, President VSHP 1986-1987, Correspondence
304.Board of Directors Meeting, January 21, 1987
305.Board of Directors Meeting, April 9, 1987
306.Annual/Transition Meeting, June 1987
307.Board Retreat, July 31-August 1, 1987
308.Board of Directors Meeting, October 6, 1987
309.Board of Directors Meeting, October 23, 1987
310.Legal and Public Affairs Committee, 1987
311.Membership Committee Meetings, 1987
312.Region IV Meeting, 1987
313.Strategic Planning Committee Meetings, 1987
314.Member Correspondence, 1987
315.Rosner, Margaret C., President VSHP 1987-1988, Correspondence
316.Legal and Public Affairs Committee, 1988
317.Board of Directors Meeting, January 20, 1988
318.Board of Directors Meeting, March 26, 1988
319.Board Retreat and Board of Directors Meeting, June17-18, 1988
320.Board of Directors Meeting, August 17, 1988
321.Board of Directors Meeting, October 20, 1988
322.Member Correspondence, 1988
323.Board of Directors Meeting, January 18, 1989
324.Board of Directors Meeting, April 29, 1989
325.Board of Directors Retreat and Transition Meeting, June 16-17, 1989
326.Board of Directors Meeting, August 28, 1989
327.Board of Directors Meeting, October 19, 1989
328.Board of Directors Meeting, February 2, 1990
329.Board of Directors Meeting, April 7, 1990
330.Retreat/Transition Meeting, June 29-30, 1990
331.Board of Directors Meeting, August 27, 1990
332.Board of Directors Meeting, October 25, 1990
333.Member Correspondence, 1990
334.Rosner, Margaret C., VSHP Historian, 1990-1997, Correspondence

Box 6

335.Board of Directors Meeting, February 1, 1991
336.Board of Directors Meeting, April 12, 1991
337.Board of Directors Retreat, June 28-29, 1991
338.Board of Directors Meeting, August 12, 1991
339.Board of Directors Meeting, October 3, 1991
340.Member Correspondence, 1991
341.Board of Directors Meeting, February 7, 1992
342.Board of Directors Meeting, April 10, 1992
343.Board of Directors Meeting/Retreat, June 19-20, 1992
344.Board of Directors Meeting, July 30, 1992
345.Board of Directors Meeting, August 25, 1992
346.Board of Directors Meeting, October 15, 1992
347.Board of Directors Meeting, February 2, 1993
348.Board of Directors Meeting, April 3, 1993
349.Board of Directors Meeting, June 26, 1993
350.Board of Directors Meeting, August 12, 1993
351.Board of Directors Meeting, October 21, 1993
352.Board of Directors Meeting, January 20, 1994
353.Board of Directors Meeting, April 14, 1994
354.Board of Directors Retreat, June 24-25, 1994
355.Board of Directors Meeting, January 19, 1995
356.Board of Directors Meeting, April 8, 1995
357.Board of Directors Retreat and Meeting, June 23-24, 1995
358.Board of Directors Meeting, September 15, 1995
359.Board of Directors Meeting, January 30, 1996
360.Board of Directors Meeting, March 22, 1996
361.Board of Directors Retreat and Meeting, June 21-22, 1996
362.Board of Directors Meeting, September 20, 1996
363.Board of Directors Meeting, February 10, 1997
364.Board of Directors Meeting, March 14, 1997
365.Board of Directors Meeting, April 1997
366.Board of Directors Meeting, June 21, 1997
367.Board of Directors Meeting, September 19, 1997
368.Member Correspondence, 1997
369.Board of Directors Meeting, February 9, 1998
370.Board of Directors Meeting, March 27, 1998
371.Board of Directors Retreat and Meeting, June 26-27, 1998
372.Board of Directors Meeting, September 18, 1998
373.Board of Directors Meeting, February 1, 1999
374.Board of Directors Retreat, June 25-26, 1999
375.Board of Directors Meeting, September 24, 1999
376.Board of Directors Meeting, February 1, 2000
377.Board of Directors Meeting, February 7, 2000
378.Board of Directors Meeting, March 31, 2000
379.Board of Directors Retreat and Meeting, June 16-17, 2000
380.Board of Directors Retreat Photographs, 2000
381.Board of Directors Meeting, September 29, 2000
382.Legislative Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes, 2000
383.Board of Directors Meeting, February 1, 2001
384.Board of Directors Meeting, March 16, 2001
385.Board of Directors Meeting, September 21, 2001
386.Board of Directors Retreat Photographs, 2002
387.Board of Directors Retreat, June 17-18, 2005
388.Board of Directors Meetings, 2006
389.Board of Directors Meeting, April 12, 2007

Series 4. Newsletters.

Society newsletters provide an excellent source of information on both the organization itself, and the pharmaceutical field. The Dispenser, VSHP's first newsletter, was published beginning in July of 1958. To reflect the changing practice of pharmacy, the title of Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News was adopted with the July/August 1983 issue and again changed to Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News in 1996. Regrettably, there are gaps in the collection for the years 1960-1964, and 2011.

Box 7

390.The Dispenser, 1958-1959
391.The Dispenser, 1965
392.The Dispenser, 1966
393.The Dispenser, 1967
394.The Dispenser, 1968
395.The Dispenser, 1969
396.The Dispenser, 1970
397.The Dispenser, 1971
398.The Dispenser, 1972
399.The Dispenser, 1973
400.The Dispenser, 1974
401.The Dispenser, 1975
402.The Dispenser, 1976
403.The Dispenser, 1977
404.The Dispenser, 1978
405.The Dispenser, 1979
406.The Dispenser, 1980
407.The Dispenser, 1981
408.The Dispenser, 1982
409.The Dispenser/Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1983
410.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1984
411.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1985
412.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1986
413.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1987
414.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1988
415.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1989
416.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1990
417.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1991
418.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1992
419.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1993
420.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1994
421.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News, 1995
422.Virginia Hospital Pharmacy News/Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 1996
423.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 1997
424.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 1998
425.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 1999
426.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2000
427.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2001
428.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2002
429.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2003
430.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2004
431.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2005
432.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2006
433.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2007
434.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2008
435.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2009
436.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2010
437.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2012
438.Virginia Health-System Pharmacy News, 2013