Bruce Family, Section 8

Bruce Family Papers, 1665-1926. Section 8
Correspondence, 1841-1894, of Charles Bruce
Call Number Mss1 B8306 b28-331

African Americans in politics SEE Seddon, Thomas; Times (Richmond, Va.)
Alexander, Henry Carrington, 1835-1894
Antrim, Hattie Hathwell (Ross), 1867-1931
Arizona Territory SEE Bruce, Charles Morelle

Bruce, Albert Carson, 1850-1921
Bruce, Ann Carrington (Clark), 1831-1900
Bruce, Charles Morelle, 1853-1938 SEE ALSO Bruce, Albert Carson; Hodge, William H.
Bruce, Charles SEE ALSO Hodge, William H.
Bruce, Eliza (Wilkins), 1809-1850
Bruce, Elvira A. (Cabell) Henry, 1783-1858
Bruce, James Coles, 1806-1865
Bruce, Sarah Alexander (Seddon), 1829-1907 SEE also Galt, Alexander
Bruce, Thomas, 1830-1861
Bruce, William Cabell, 1860-1946

Cabell, Patrick Henry, 1827-1865
Carrington, Anne Seddon (Smith), 1842-1923
Carrington, Issac Coles, 1811-1876
Carrington, Paul Sydenham, 1798-1866
Cattle SEE Bruce, Charles Morelle
Clairborne, Elvira Cabell (Clark), 1829-1868
Clark, Elvira Ann (Henry), 1804-1870 SEE ALSO Bruce, Ann Carrington (Clark)
Clark, William Howson, 1805-1873
Confederate States of America. Army. Virginia Artillery. Staunton Hill Artillery SEE Bruce, Sarah Alexander (Seddon)

Daniel, John Warwick, 1842-1910
Dix, Morgan, 1827-1908

Edmunds, Joseph Nicholas, b. 1820.

Flournoy, William Cabell, 1809-1861
France -- History -- February Revolution, 1848 SEE Bruce, Sarah Alexander (Seddon)

Galt, Alexander, 1827-1863

Hodge, William H.
Howard, Robert
Hoyt, Dudley Marvin, 1812-1846 SEE ALSO Bruce, Alvira A. (Cabell) Henry

Johnson, John Evans, b. 1814
Jones, Robin Cadwallader, 1826-1863

Martin, Alexander, 1822-1895
Morrell, Charles Henry, d. 1877
Morson, Ellen Carter (Bruce), 1820-1862
Murder SEE Bruce, Elvira A. (Cabell) Henry

Norcott, Joseph J.

Osborne, John Dunlop, 1827-1894

Republican Party (U.S.) SEE Seddon, Thomas
Rives, William Cabell, 1825-1889
Robinson, H. P.
Roy, James Henry, 1828-1854
Rutherfoord, Rosalie (Seddon), 1858-1918

Seddon, James Alexander, 1815-1880
Seddon, Sarah (Bruce), 1822-1882
Seddon, Thomas, 1848-1896
Slavery SEE Bruce, James Coles; Seddon, Sarah (Bruce)
Staunton Hill (Charlotte County, Va.) SEE Johnson, John Evans

Tayloe, David T., 1826-1884
Thompson, Catharine Scott (Carrington), 1825-1893

Vaughan, Clement Read, 1827-1911
Virginia. General Assembly. House SEE Carrington, Isaac Coles; Flournoy, William Cabell
Virginia. General Assembly. Senate SEE Bruce, Sarah Alexander (Seddon); Seddon, James Alexander

Yellowley, Edward Clements, 1822?-1885

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