Cocke Family

A Guide to the Cocke family. Papers, 1770-1860.
Section 17. Correspondence, 1796-1859, of James Powell Cocke (1781-1861).
Call Number Mss1 C6458 b 451-789

Includes personal and business correspondence, 1796-1859, of James Powell Cocke (of "Woodland," Amelia County, Va.; while a student at Hampden-Sydney College and the College of William and Mary; and at Camp Warrany Church [New Kent County], and Richmond, Va.). Primary topics include family, horses, arming, and national politics (inclduing the Missouri Compromise and the secession of the southern states from the federal union). Correspondents also include merchants in Petersburg and Richmond, Va.

This section is part of a larger collection of Cocke Family papers available at the Virginia Historical Society.

Index to Individuals and Selected Subjects

Abbott, J. B.
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, James D.
Anderson, Joseph Bass, b.1795
Archer, Jane Segar, 1801-1885
Archer, John Randolph
Archer, Miles
Archer, Richard Thompson, 1797-1867
Archer, Stephen Cocke, 1795-1837
Archer, William Segar, 1789-1855

Baker, Jerman, 1776-1828
Baker, Jerman, b.1809
Bass, William C.
Bevill, George
Bevill, James Branch
Blankenship, Thomas
Booker, John, 1779-1833
Booker, John S.
Booker, Richard
Booker, William
Brazeal, Richard H., 1802?-1878
Bridgforth, Benjamin
Burfoot, Thomas E.
Burton, William F.
Butler, Jesse

Carle, John
Carroll, John
Carroll, William H.
Cliborn, William
Cocke, Caroline Matilda (Lewis), d. 1841
Cocke, Charles, 1784-1861
Cocke, Charles, 1785-1863
Cocke, Jane Segar (Eggleston), 1756-1835
Cocke, Joseph, d. 1805
Cocke, Martha Ann (Lewis), d. 1856
Coleman, Thomas
Cooper, John
Cousins, Willis
Craddock, Henry
Crump, Joshua, 1784?-1851

Dabney, William Beverley, 1801-1866
Daniel, Henry
Dick, Waltons
Drake, Elisha
Drew, Josiah
Drew, Thomas Harrison, 1785-1878
Drewry, A. T.
Drewry, Henry Tandy, 1795?-1866
Dromgoole, George Coke, 1797-1847
Dunavant, Walthall
Dupuy, William Jones, 1792-1853

Eggleston, H.
Eggleston, Joseph, 1754-1811
Eggleston, Richard
Eggleston, Richard Beverly, 1797-1853
Eggleston, Stephen R., 1816-1860
Eggleston, William
Eggleston, William Trent, b. 1777

Feild, Grandison
Felt (Horse) SEE Merritt, Alexander T. B.
Ford, William
Frith, John

Gill, William R.
Goodin, John
Gwathmey, Robert

Hall, Thomas B.
Hammond, M. L.
Hancock, William H.
Hanserd, J.
Harrison, Edmund, 1764-1828
Harrison, Nathaniel
Harrison, Nathaniel, 1773-1852
Harrison, William Mortimer, 1817-1865
Harvie, Jaquelin Burwell, 1788-1856
Haxall, Philip, 1770-1831
Hobson, James, 1787-1857
Hudson, Francis E.
Hudson, Josiah T.
Hurt, William W.

Jefferson, George
Jeter, George R.
Jeter, Jarratt Allen, b. 1797?
Jeter, John Tinsley
Jeter, Tilman Ellett, d. 1848
Johnson, George W.
Jones, John A.
Jones, Peter
Jones, Samuel

Knight, John Wesley

Lawson, Fabius
Leigh, Egbert Giles, 1814-1890
Leigh, John Townes
Lewis, Francis
Ligon, E. N.
Lockett, Christopher C.

McCune, Robert
Mackenzie, Donald, 1764-1844
Marshall, Warren
Masters, Leander
Meade, Everard, 1748-1802
Meade, Mary (Eggleston) Ward, b. 1759
Merritt, Alexander Thomas Belfield, b. 1803?
Missouri Compromise SEE Archer, William Segar
Moody, Benjamin
Morton, William H.
Myrick, R.

Nelson, Hugh, 1793-1862
Nelson, Thomas, 1775?-1847

Ogilby, Patrick
Old, William
Osborne, John

Peyton, Bernard, 1792-1854
Pleasants, James, 1769-1836
Ponton, John
Postal accounts (Amelia Court House, Va.) SEE Jones, John A. and Lockett, Christopher C.

Randolph, John, 1779-1834
Randolph, Julia
Randolph, Thomas Mann, 1768-1828
Randolph, William M.
Redford, Frederick W.
Richardson, M.
Riego (Horse) SEE Harvie, Jaquelin Burwell
Robertson, Wyndham, 1803-1888
Ross, Andrew, d. 1836
Rowlett, Henry
Rowlett, Thomas W.
Rowton (Horse) SEE Merritt, Alexander T. B.
Royall, Elizabeth

Sadler, James
Sands, Samuel
Scott, Joseph, 1743(ca.)-1810
Scott, Martha
Secession SEE Meade, Everard
Smith, John G.
Smithey, Royall Beverley, 1812-1883

Talley, Nathaniel
Townes, Allen
Townes, Armistead T.
Townes, James
Townes, John
Townes, John L.
Truly, Grief
Truly, John
Tucker, John
Tuskener (Horse) SEE Hammond, M. L.

Walthall, Alexander B.
Winter Arabian (Horse) SEE Tucker, John
Wilkinson, Edward
Willson, Francis Albert, d. 1844

Companies and Organizations

Binford, Brooks, Gay & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Birchetts & Puryear (Petersburg, Va.)
William B. Clarke & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
George Dyball & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
William Ford & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Fords and Woodson (Richmond, Va.)
Gallego Mills (Richmond, Va.) SEE Warwick & Barksdale (Richmond, Va.)
Holloway & Hanserd (Petersburg, Va.)
Mackenzie & Christian (Petersburg, Va.)
Nelson, Boswell & Co. (Petersburg, Va.)
Southside Mills (Petersburg, Va.) SEE Nelson, Boswell & Co. (Petersburg, Va.)
Perkins and Harris (Richmond, Va.)
Rives & Harris (Richmond, Va.)
Warwick & Barksdale (Richmond, Va.)
Watkins & Southall (Amelia Court House, Va.)
Wilson, Drew & Robertson (Richmond, Va.)
Winfree & Williamson (Richmond, Va.)

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