Holladay Family, Section 114

Holladay Family Papers, 1753-1961. Section 114
Correspondence, 1835-1891, of James Minor Holladay
Call Number Mss1 H7185 b 4588-6663
Index to Correspondents and Selected Subjects

African Americans – Colonization SEE Minor, James Hunter
Agriculture – Societies, etc. SEE Ruffin, Francis Gildart
Allmond, Marcus Blakey
Amos, George A.
Andrews, Samuel
Ashby, W. W.
Aspen Hill Academy (Louisa County, Va.) SEE Kemper, Charles Joseph
Atkinson, George W., 1806?-1859

Baldwin, Heman R., 1826?-1890
Baldwin, Herman, 1784?-1873
Bayly, Samuel Thomas, 1830-1842 SEE ALSO Holladay, Virginia Randolph (Bolling)
Bickers, James Meredith, 1836-1919
Biscoe, Lafayette
Boggs, Lewis Alexander, 1811-1880
Boggs, Waller Edward, b. 1858
Bowers, Marcus M., 1828-1904
Branson, E. H. SEE O. W. Lindsley & Co. (Fredericksburg, Va.)
Brautigam, Charles H., 1821?-1895
Brent, William S.
Briggs, William H., 1832-1887
Broadsides SEE Holladay, Henry Milton
Brock, Richard
Brown, Louisa A., Mrs.
Brown, Robert J.
Buchanan, Thomas Griffin
Bureau Of Refugees, Freedmen, And Abandoned Lands SEE Sears, Hector
Burkley, James
Burruss, John L., 1817-

Campbell, John Archibald, 1811-1889 SEE ALSO Seddon, James Alexander
Charlottesville Woollen Mills (Charlottesville, Va.) SEE Marchant, Henry Clay
Chew, Robert Stanard, 1828-1886 SEE Taylor, Walter Herron
Chewning, William B. SEE ALSO Allmond, Marcus Blakey.
Chiles, Virginia Day (Mansfield), b. 1843?
Clarke, Willis
Cole, Archibald H.
Colonization SEE Minor, James Hunter
Comfort, Frank
Connor, F. W.
Conway, Charles Catlett, 1843-1903
Conway, Edward Henry, b. 1871
Conway, Katharine Littlepage (Holladay), 1849-1923
Conway, Margaret Eleanor (Daniels), b. 1807
Conway, Peter Vivian Daniel, 1842-1924
Conway, Richard Moncure, 1840-1888
Conway, [?]
Crenshaw, Spotswood Dabney, 1854-1940

Dabney, Robert Lewis, 1820-1898
Daniel, Elizabeth Randolph, 1810-1879
Davis, John W. SEE ALSO Morton, Robert C.
Day, W. L.
Dickinson, Hugh M.
Dillard, Anne M.
Dillard, Emily T., Mrs.
Dillard, George B.
Dillard, Thornel T.
Diplomatic and consular service, American SEE Conway, Richard Moncure

Elam, James Beverly, 1847-1925 SEE ALSO Holladay, Addison Lewis
Ellis, Thomas Harding, 1814-1898
Estes, Thomas B.
Evans, Maurice, 1839-1915
Ewing, Daniel Blain, 1821-1886
Eyler, [?]

Fisher, Edward C., d. 1890
Fisher, Mary F., Mrs.
Fisher, Samuel
Fort Delaware (Del.) SEE Holladay, Albert Lewis
Frazer, Herndon, 1792-1877
French, Samuel Bassett, 1820-1898
Fruit-culture SEE Robey, Henry Richard
Funsten, Oliver Herbert, 1869-1939 SEE Elam, James Beverly

Garrett, William SEE ALSO Peake, George R.
Gerner, Henry
Gibson, George T. SEE Morton, Robert C.
Gifford, W. C.
Giles, James, 1831-1887 SEE Taylor, Walter Herron
Goodwin, Richard T., b. 1849
Gordon, Samuel SEE Green, James L.
Graves, Benjamin F., b. 1825?
Graves, Ella M., Mrs.
Graves, Isaac L.
Graves, James L.
Graves, Lee Jackson, b. 1862
Graves, Thomas
Graves, Winnie H. SEE Brock, Richard
Green, Nelson
Green, William N. SEE ALSO Brock, Richard
Grinnan, Andrew Glassell, 1827-1902
Gwathmey, Charles Browne, 1830?-1894

Hampden-Sydney College SEE Holladay, Lewis Littlepage
Hancock, H. P.
Hansbrough, M. F.
Harris, John P.
Harrison, T. L.
Hart, James C.
Hawes, Herbert Henry, 1834-1906
Hayden, Horace Edwin, 1837-1917
Hesser, William H.
Hicks, Nancy E., Mrs.
Hilbus, George
Hill, Mary Waller
Hillman, James R.
Hillman, John A.
Hillman, William D.
Holladay, Addison Lewis, 1851-1931 SEE ALSO Holladay, Alexander Quarles
Holladay, Affie F. (Yerby) SEE Holladay, William Henderson
Holladay, Albert Lewis, 1844-1915
Holladay, Alexander Quarles, 1839-1909
Holladay, Alexander Richard, 1811-1877 SEE Holladay, Patsy Quarles (Poindexter)
Holladay, Alfred L, b. 1828
Holladay, Alice C., Mrs., 1834?-1925
Holladay, Benjamin Lewis, 1823-1866 SEE ALSO Boggs, Lewis Alexander
Holladay, Benjamin Lewis, 1855-1888
Holladay, Eliza Lewis, 1816-1878 SEE ALSO Holladay, Alexander Quarles
Holladay, Emily (Mansfield), 1827-1866
Holladay, Frances Ann,1821-1878 SEE ALSO Holladay, Alexander Quarles
Holladay, Frederick Harris
Holladay, Henry Milton, b. 1855 SEE ALSO Green, Nelson
Holladay, Henry Thompson, b. 1828
Holladay, Huldah Fontaine (Lewis) 1781-1863
Holladay, Huldah Lewis, 1814-1891 SEE ALSO Holladay, Alexander Quarles
Holladay, James Minor, 1841-1862
Holladay, John
Holladay, John Mansfield, b. 1850
Holladay, John Waller, 1864-1914
Holladay, John Zachary, d. 1925
Holladay, Julia, d. 1874 SEE Nalle, Gustavus Brown Wallace
Holladay, Lewis Littlepage, 1832-1891
Holladay, Lewis Littlepage, 1876-1925
Holladay, Louise Richmond, 1862-1930
Holladay, Lucy Daniel (Lewis), 1826-1904
Holladay, Mary E. (Lawrence) SEE Wright, Edward
Holladay, Mary Elizabeth (Willis) Garnett SEE Holladay, Waller Lewis, b. 1830
Holladay, Mary Isabelle (Henderson)
Holladay, Mary R.
Holladay, Mary Walker (Dupuy), b. 1849?
Holladay, Mary Waller, b. 1818 SEE Holladay, Alexander Quarles; Holladay, Eliza Lewis
Holladay, Patsy Quarles (Poindexter), 1815?-1902
Holladay, Sallie Binford (Gwathmey), 1855-1915 SEE Holladay, Addison Lewis
Holladay, Virginia Randolph (Bolling), 1838-1899
Holladay, Virginia Watson, 1829-1888 SEE ALSO Graves, Benjamin F.; Holladay, Alexander Quarles; Holladay, Frances Ann; Holladay, Waller Lewis
Holladay, Waller, 1840-1907
Holladay, Waller Lewis, 1809-1873
Holladay, Waller Lewis, b. 1830
Holladay, William, 1833-1877 SEE Wright, Edward
Holladay, William Armstrong, 1847-1894
Holladay, William Henderson
Holladay, William J.
Hopewell Nurseries (Fredericksburg, Va.) SEE Robey, Henry Richard

Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Lewis
Jacobs, W. F.
Jenkins, Albert G.
Jenkins, Benjamin F.
Johnson, Wyatt
Johnston, Lewis Burwell, 1848-1907 SEE ALSO Winston, Joseph Barbee
Johnston, Sarah Watson (Holladay), b. 1842
Jones, Ferdinand
Jones, Gabriel
Jones, J. L.
Jones, John W.
Jones, T. S.
Jones, Thomas
Judson, J.

Keller, L. A.
Kemper, Charles Joseph, b. 1829
Kendall, Julia A. W., Mrs.
Kent, Joseph H.
Kent, Martha C., Mrs.
Kettlewell, Robert C.
Kettlewell, S. H.
Knighten, Thomas M.

Latane, Henry Waring, 1859-1890
Latane, James Allen, 1831-1902
Latane, Mary Minor (Holladay), 1837-1922
Lewis, Cadwallader, 1811-1882
Lewis, Elizabeth H., b. 1872
Lewis family – Genealogy SEE Ellis, Thomas Harding
Lewis, Frances Taylor, b. 1870
Lewis, George Wythe, 1815-1865
Lewis, John Moncure, 1851-1929
Lewis, Margaret Abbett, 1865-1846
Lewis, Margaretta Gillian (Mitchell), 1829-1879
Lewis, Mary Patteson, 1847-1908
Lewis, Richmond Addison, 1824-1900
Lewis, Richmond, b. 1855
Lewis, Waller Morton, 1853-1919
Lewis, Walter Raleigh Daniel, 1830-1863
Little, Archibald Alexander
Littlepage family – Genealogy SEE Ellis, Thomas Harding
Lumsden, Henry

McCance, Thomas W., 1813?-1889
McClung, Mary E., Mrs.
McCoy, Henry Pendleton Rose, 1830-1914 SEE ALSO Winston, Joseph Barbee
McGary, Benjamin SEE Andrews, Samuel
McGary, Henry SEE Andrews, Samuel
McGehee, Thomas A.
McIlwaine, Richard, 1834-1913
Mansfield, Anne F.
Mansfield, Henry P.
Mansfield, John C., d. 1906
Mansfield, [?], Mrs.
Marble, Edgar M., d. 1908
Marchant, Henry Clay, b. 1838
Mason, John Gerrod, 1838-1892?
Massey, E. W.
Mastin, Frances C., Mrs.
Minor, Francis, 1820-1892
Minor, James Hunter, 1818-1862
Minor, John, 1822-1881
Moncure, Charles Prosser, 1819-1887
Montague, John Henry, 1822-1911
Moore, Walter William, 1857-1926
Morris, Paschall
Morton, Lilly, Mrs.
Morton, Robert C., 1835-1903

Nail, Gustavus Brown Wallace, 1846-1926
Nuckols, William P.

Oakes, Mildred, Mrs.
Oaks, Delilah

Painter, Joseph Crockett, 1845-1919
Patent Right Gazette (New York, N.Y.) SEE Gerner, Henry
Patross, Richard D.
Payne, [?]
Peake, George R.
Peake, James B.
Peyton, Bernard, 1860-1902
Peyton, Huldah T. Lewis (Holladay), b. 1837
Pickett, George Edward, 1825-1875 SEE Taylor, Walter Herron
Planters National Bank (Richmond, Va.) SEE Quarles, Mann Satterwhite
Plows SEE Watt, George
Poindexter, Addie S. (Brother)
Poindexter, Ellen (Lynch)
Poindexter, George A.
Poindexter, Henry Pleasants
Poindexter, Martha (Morgan)
Poindexter, Waller Holladay
Poindexter, William Quarles
Poindexter, William Rice, d. 1870 SEE Poindexter, Addie S. (Brother)
Point Lookout Military Prison for Confederates SEE Holladay, Henry Thompson
Pollard, C. R. SEE Taylor, Walter Herron
Princeton University SEE Minor, Francis
Prisoners of war SEE Holladay, Albert Lewis; Holladay, Henry Thompson
Procter, Northanna, Mrs.

Quarles, Mann Satterwhite, 1845-1909
Quisenberry, Albert
Quisenberry, William

Randolph, Ann Elizabeth (Holladay), d. 1888
Randolph, Wilson Cary Nicholas, 1833-1907
Rawlings, Benjamin C., 1845-1908 SEE ALSO Taylor, Walter Herron
Rawlings, James H., d. 1848
Rawlings, James Minor, b. 1846
Robertson, Alexander G., 1831?-1888
Robey, Henry Richard, 1810-1876
Rogers, Nevel
Ruffin, Francis Gildart, 1816-1892

Saelzer, Charles
Saunders, Robert Chancellor, 1827-1902 SEE Seddon, James Alexander
Scott, Anne Elizabeth, 1852-1914
Scott, Bradford Ripley Alden, 1851-1925
Scott, Frances Greenhow, b. 1857
Scott, James McClure, 1841-1913
Scott, John T.
Scott, Sarah Louis (Dickinson)
Seddon, James Alexander, 1815-1880
Seely, Franklin A.
Silos SEE Watson, Thomas Shelton
Sims, Ann E., Mrs. SEE Kent, Martha C.
Slaves SEE Hill, Dickinson & Co. (Richmond, Va.); Holladay, Emily (Mansfield)
Smith, E. W.
Smith, G.
Smith, James Power, 1837-1923
Smith, John M.
Smith, John Overton, b. 1851
Smith, Larkin, d. 1884 SEE Seddon, James Alexander
Soldiers – Correspondence SEE Holladay, Henry Thompson; Holladay, James Minor
Southern Mutual Insurance Company (Richmond, Va.) SEE John Brooke Young
Spencer, James
Straughan, Jane L., Mrs.
Sumner, George J.

Taliaferro, [?], Mrs.
Taxation – Confederate States of America SEE Jones, John W.
Taylor, Erasmus, 1830-1907 SEE Conway, Richard Moncure
Taylor, Lucy E., Mrs.
Taylor, Walter Herron, 1838-1916
Terrill, John, b. 1818
Thomas, J. Preston
Thompson, J. B.
Thurman, R. A.
Tranum, Melia SEE Andrews, Samuel
Trees SEE Kent, Joseph H.
Trice, Mary J.
Turnley, Ira P.
Turpin, William H,., 1813?-1892
Twyman, James W.

Union Theological Seminary (Hampden-Sydney) SEE Moore, Walter William
University of Virginia SEE Winston, John Hastings
University of Virginia. Washington Society SEE Holladay, Waller

Vicksburg (Miss.) SEE Lewis, Walter Raleigh Daniel
Virginia State Agricultural Society SEE Ruffin, Francis Gildart

Waddy, John A.
Waddy, S.
Walker, Frances A. (Holladay) Bayly
Ware, George F.
Watson, Martha
Watson, Thomas Shelton, 1819-1895
Watson, [?]
Watt, George, 1815-1884
West, Sarah M.
Western Lunatic Asylum SEE Fisher, Edward C.
Wharton, Andrew SEE Andrews, Samuel
White, William Spottswood, 180-1873
Whitlock, John H.
Wiatt, Henry Martyn, b. 1830
William Wood’s Patent Shingle Machine SEE Thomas, J. Preston
Willis, Reuben Garnett SEE ALSO Holladay, Waller Lewis, b. 1830
Winston, Bowling H., b. 1822
Winston, John Hastings, b. 1824
Winston, Joseph Barbee
Withrow, J. W.
Woods, Edgar, 1827-1910
Wright, Edward
Wright, Edward, Mrs.
Wright, G. W.

Young, Edward
Young, John Brooke, 1813-1886

Zimmerman, [?] SEE Garrett, William.




Allison & Addison (Richmond, Va.)

Bement (Wm. B.) & Son (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Briggs (W. H.) & Brother (Richmond, Va.)
Briggs (Wm. H.) & Brother (Richmond, Va.)
Burr & Dodge (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Cardwell (J. W.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Chipman, Hosmer & Co. (Washington, D.C.)

Davenport & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Dolin & Worsley (Charlottesville, Va.)
Downward (James G.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Gilmore, Smith & Co. (Washngton, D.C.)
Gordon & Cringan (Richmond, Va.)
Gordon (John N.) & Son (Richmond, Va.)
Gordon’s (John N.) Sons (Richmond, Va.)
Great American Tea Company (New York, N.Y.)

Hart & Massey
Hilbus & Hitz (Washington, D.C.)
Hill, Dickinson & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Holladay & Mansfield

King (R.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Lancaster & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Lear & Lewis (Richmond, Va.)
Lewis & Huggins
Lewis (W. M.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Lindsley (O. W.) & Co. (Fredericksburg, Va.)
Lowery & Brent (Fredericksburg, Va.)
Lyne (W. H.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Lynn & Eyler (Staunton, Va.)

McCarthy & Haynes (Richmond, Va.)
Magrath & Chesley (Fredericksburg, Va.)
Mann & Co. (Baltimore, Md.)
Mansfield (J. C.) & Co. (Holladay’s Mills, Va.)
Jno. C. Mansfield & Co. (Holladay’s Mills, Va.)
Moffett & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Moffett (Jno. G.) & Bro. (Richmond, Va.)
Morrett (Jno. G.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Munn & Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Munn & Co. (Washington, D.C.)

New-York Life Insurance Company

Paine, Grafton & Ladd (Washington, D.C.)
Palmer, Hartsook & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Palmer & Turpin (Richmond, Va.)
Peake & Dillard

Quarles & Kent

Richards (V.) & Bros. (Fredericksburg, Va.)
Ross (E. W.) & Co. (Springfield, Ohio)

Smith (H. M.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Snow (C. A.) & Co. (Washington, D.C.)

Thomas (L. B.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Tucker (Luther) & Son (Albany, N.Y.)
Tyler (H. W.) & Co.

Watt (Geo.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
West, Johnston & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Williams (Robt. F.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Wilson (N. M.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

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