Holladay Family, Section 174

Holladay Family Papers, 1753-1961. Section 174
Correspondence, 1839-1904, of Lucy Daniel (Lewis) Holladay
Call Number Mss1 H7185 b 8959-11102
List of Correspondents

Alderman, L. G., Mrs.
Alexander, Victoria Minor (Holladay), 1896-1984 SEE Lewis, Martha Victoria (Harris)
Allen, L. J.
Allison, Annye Lewis, 1878-1943
Allison, Elizabeth Price, b. 1880
Allison, John Gano, b. 1883
Allison, Susan Gano (Price), 1856-1932
Allison, William Byron, d. 1891
Anderson, Sarah Travers Lewis (Scott), 1847-1926
Armstrong, Charlotte A., Mrs.
Armstrong, D. C.

Baird, Aida (Poindexter)
Baker, Louisa M.
Barbee, [?], Mrs.
Bates, Susan P., Mrs. SEE Daniel, Elizabeth Randolph
Bayly, Henrietta O.
Bedott, Priscilla, Mrs.
Bell, Patsey
Bibb, Huldah Fontaine (Lewis), 1838-1872
Boggs, Elizabeth (Rawlings), d. 1875
Boxley, Fenton Bruce (Mansfield), 1845-1899
Bullock, E. C.

Chambers, W. F.
Chiles, M. D.
Chiles, Virginia Day (Mansfield), b. 1843?
Cole, S. S.
Collins, Harriet Elizabeth (Allen), 1847-1917
Collins, John S.
Conway, Charles Catlett, 1842-1903 SEE Daniel, Elizabeth Randolph
Conway, Ellen Dana, 1876-1933
Conway, Gordon, & Garnett, Fredericksburg, Va.
Conway, Katharine Littlepage (Holladay)
Conway, Margaret Eleanor (Daniel), b. 1807
Conway, Mildred S.
Conway, Richard Moncure, 1840-1888
Conway, Walker Peyton, 1805-1884

Daniel, Elizabeth Randolph, 1810-1879
Daniel, Peter Vivian, 1784-1860
Daniel, Peter Vivian, 1818-1889
Daniel, Travers
Dickinson, [?]
Dillard, Anne M.
Dillard, Emily T., Mrs.
Dillard, George B.
Dillard, Lucy, Mrs.
Duerson, E. V., Mrs.
Dunnica, Sarah Billlingsly (Lewis)

Fox, Nannie B., Mrs.
Freeman, Rebecca W., Mrs.
Freeman, Terah Major, b. 1839

Graves, Benjamin F.
Graves, Ella M., Mrs.
Green, Clara (Thurman)
Green, Elizabeth (Ashby), b. 1825
Green, Kate, Mrs.
Green, William N.
Greenhow, Mary Tinsley, 1845-1929
Grymes, Lucy Randolph (Moncure), 1861-1934

Hansbrough, M. F.
Hansbrough, S. M.
Hansbrough, Sallie
Harris, Edmonia Virginia, 1835-1900
Harris, Mary Overton
Harris, Victoria Martha (Harris), 1845-1920
Harris, Virginia
Hedgman, Hannah Ball (Daniel), 1780-1845
Helm, Emily P. (Todd)
Hill, Ann Elizabeth
Hill, Edmonia Virginia (Harris)
Hill, Margaret W.
Hill, Martha Hannah
Hill, Mary Waller
Hill, Sarah Frances Addison, d. 1885
Hillman, Nancy J.
Hillman, William D.
Hiter, Sallie
Hodges, Elizabeth B.
Holladay, A. L.
Holladay, Albert Lewis, 1844-1915
Holladay, Emily (Mansfield), 1827-1866
Holladay, Frances
Holladay, Frances Ann, 1821-1878
Holladay, Frances Walker (Porter)
Holladay, Henry Milton, b. 1855
Holladay, Henry Thompson, b. 1828
Holladay, Huldah Fontaine (Lewis), 1781-1863
Holladay, James Minor, 1823-1891
Holladay, John Mansfield, b. 1850
Holladay, John Waller, 1864-1914 SEE ALSO Patteson, Jean Wood (Lewis)
Holladay, John Zachary, d. 1925
Holladay, Louise Richmond, 1862-1930
Holladay, Margaret Campbell (Miller)
Holladay, Mary Caroline (Harris), 1866-1942
Holladay, Mary Crump
Holladay, Mary Frances (Jenkins) Calvert
Holladay, Mary Jane (Boggs), d. 1861
Holladay, Mary Love (Minor), b. 1862
Holladay, Mary Virginia, b. 1880
Holladay, Mary Walker (Dupuy), b. 1849?
Holladay, Mary Waller, b. 1818 SEE ALSO Holladay, Huldah Fontaine (Lewis); Holladay, Virginia Watson
Holladay, Nannie W. (Easham)
Holladay, Patsy Quarles (Poindexter), 1815?-1902
Holladay, Sallie Binford (Gwathmey), 1855-1915
Holladay, Virginia Watson, 1829-1888
Holladay, William Armstrong, 1847-1894

Johnston, Sarah Watson (Holladay), b. 1842
Jordan, Ira F.

Kendall, Julia A. W., Mrs.
Kettlewell, H. E., Mrs.
Kettlewell, Robert C.
Knott, Ann Mary, Mrs.
Knott, M. R.

Lewis, Alice (Giltner)
Lewis, Anne Terrell, 1829-1853
Lewis, Cadwallader, 1811-1882 SEE ALSO Lewis, Margaretta Gillian (Mitchell)
Lewis, Elizabeth, 1872-
Lewis, Elizabeth Henry (Patteson), 1821-1889
Lewis, Elizabeth Humphries (Price), 1851-1926
Lewis, Elizabeth Travers, 1813-1886
Lewis, Frances Mitchell
Lewis, Frances Taylor, 1870
Lewis, George Alexander, b. 1847
Lewis, George Wythe, 1815-1865
Lewis, Hugh Rodman, b. 1875
Lewis, James Minor, 1832-1898
Lewis, James Mitchell
Lewis, Jane Elizabeth Taylor, b. 1825
Lewis, Jane Rebecca, b. 1883
Lewis, Jean Wood (Daniel), 1787-1855
Lewis, John, 1784-1858
Lewis, John Alexander, 1841-1918
Lewis, John Franklin, b. 1845
Lewis, John Moncure, 1820-1845
Lewis, John Moncure, 1851-1929
Lewis, John Moncure, 1877-1944
Lewis, Joseph Bullock, 1841-1925
Lewis, Louise Taylor (Wallace)
Lewis, Margaret Abbett, 1865-1946
Lewis, Margaret Louise Taylor (Wallace)
Lewis, Margaretta
Lewis, Margaretta Gillian (Mitchell), 1829-1879
Lewis, Martha Victoria (Harris)
Lewis, Martha Victoria (Harris)
Lewis, Mary (Sneed), b. 1849
Lewis, Mary Jane (Todd), 1820-1900
Lewis, Mary Overton, 1816-1894
Lewis, Mary Patteson, 1847-1908
Lewis, Richmond Addison, 1824-1900 SEE ALSO Lewis, Margaretta Gillian (Mitchell)
Lewis, Richmond Addison, b. 1879
Lewis, Richmond, b. 1855
Lewis, Sarah Anne (Minor), 1799-1886
Lewis, Sophie A. (Reading), 1856?-1893
Lewis, Sydney Scott, 1871-1947
Lewis, Waller Morton, 1853-1919
Lewis, Walter Raleigh Daniel, 1830-1863
Lewis, William Abbett, 1870-1936
Lewis, William Jarratt, 1839-1917
Lewis, William O.

Mansfield, James
Mansfield, John C., d. 1906
McClung, Mary E., Mrs.
McCoy, Elizabeth
McCoy, Helen M.
McCoy, Henry Pendleton Rose, 1830-1914
McCoy, Lucy G. (Shelton)
McGehee, Thomas A.
Miller, Etta
Mills, Maria Louisa (Patteson), 1827-1903
Mills, R. P.
Minor, Elizabeth Lewis (Scott), 1835-1917
Mitchell, Frances Anne (Lewis), b. 1810
Mitchell, James F., b. 1837
Mitchell, Jean Lewis, b. 1839
Mitchell, Lewis Edward, b. 1842
Moncure, Ann Lewis (Daniel), 1822-1905
Morton, N. J., Mrs.

Nuckols, Anne L.
Nuckols, Nancy R.

Overton, Charles F.
Overton, E. D.
Overton, Mary E.
Overton, Mary Ellen (Leonard)

Parkinson, Augusta (Patteson), b. 1842
Patteson, Alexander Augustus, 1818-1889
Patteson, Frances A. (Overton)
Patteson, Jean Wood (Lewis), 1822-1886
Patteson, Lucy Devereax, 1854-1934
Patteson, Richmond Cadwallader, 1864-1890 SEE Patteson, Jean Wood (Lewis)
Peake, Charles
Peake, J. J.
Peyton, Huldah T. Lewis (Holladay), b. 1837
Pitts, C. A.
Poindexter, Daysie
Price, Florence
Price, Jean Wood, 1854-1865
Price, John Gano, 1826-1862
Price, John Lewis, b. 1860
Price, Susan Waller Raleigh (Lewis), 1828-1911
Price, William H.

Quisenberry, Charlotte A., Mrs.

Read, M. Else, Mrs.
Roberts, Ann Mary
Roberts, M. A.
Rodgers, Elizabeth F.

Sanders, Mary A.
Sanders, Mary Eliza (Lathrop)
Scott, Anne Elizabeth, 1852-1914
Scott, Bedotte
Scott, Frances Greehow, b. 1857
Scott, Frances Herbert (Taylor), b. 1845
Scott, John Zachary Holladay, 1843-1904
Scott, Rebecca
Scott, Sarah Travers (Lewis), 1713-1781
Scott, Sidney J.
Scott, Thomas W.
Semmes, Thomas, 1860-1951
Shafer, Rosalie L. (Holladay)
Smith, Agnes (Lacy), 1851-1916
Smith, Ethel Marion, 1877-1951
Smith, James Power, 1837-1923
Smith, Margaretta E. G.
Smith, Marion Elizabeth (Patteson), 1850-1925
Smith, Rebecca
Snead, O. L., Mrs.
Starke, Ashton, 1849-1934
Stover, Helen Wallace (Holladay)
Sumner, George J.

Thurman, Mildred Vivian (Scott), 1855-1935
Todd, Emily
Todd, Sallie

Walker, Frances A. (Holladay) Bayly
Wallace, Dora Ashby (Green)
Ware, George E.
Ware, Nathan A.
Warren, [?]
Watson, S.
Wilcox, Jean Frances (Patteson), 1844-1909
Willis, Rebecca Ann (Holladay), b. 1839
Wingfield, Annie Q., Mrs., 1854-1935
Woods, Jeannie Lewis (Holladay)
Woodson, Sarah M., Mrs.

Companies and Organizations

Conway, Gordon & Garnett, Fredericksburg, Va. SEE Conway, Katharine Littlepage (Holladay)

Ellerson (A. R.) & Co.,. Richmond, Va.

Ford (Frank) & Sons, Ravenna, Ohio

Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky. SEE Lewis, Cadwallader

Llangollen High School, Franklin County, Ky. SEE Price, Susan Waller Raleigh (Lewis)

McCarthy & Haynes, Richmond, Va.

Parrish Bros., Richmond, Va.

Storrs, Harrison & Co., Painesville, Ohio

University of Virginia SEE Freeman, Terah Major

West, Johnson & Co., Richmond, Va.

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