Young Family, Section 18

Young family papers, 1835-1900. Section 18

Mss1 Y885 a 660-701

Index to Correspondents and Subjects

Adams, John SEE Young, Elizabeth (Steel)
Baird, E. J.
Cameron, William, 1829-1902
Cameron Tobacco Co, Petersburg, Va. SEE Miller, W. G.
Chepp, Eunice O. SEE Young, Elizabeth (Steel)
Clark, Elizabeth (Tool) Mercer SEE Mercer, Isaac John
Condolence notes SEE Young, Elizabeth (Steel)
Crookson, Mrs. Agnes SEE Steel, William
Donamead, Helen Adam SEE Young, Elizabeth (Steel)
Falkner Bell & Co., San Francisco, Calif. SEE Cameron, William
Forrest, Christina (Steel), b. 1795 SEE Steel, William
Forrest, Robert SEE Steel, William
Gilchrist, Margaret (Steel), b. 1795 SEE Steel, William
Glasgow, Scotland SEE Steel, William
Gordon, W. E. SEE Mercer, Isaac John
Iron industry SEE Steel, William
Marriage SEE Young, David W. P.
Mercer, Hugh Chambliss, 1876-1908 SEE Young, Mercer Gilchrist
Mercer, Isaac John SEE also Cameron, William
Mercer, James, 1800-1871 SEE Mercer, Isaac John
Mercer, James Herbert SEE Young, Mercer Gilchrist
Mercer, Josephine Virginia (Arsell) SEE Simpson, M. N.
Mercer, Solomon SEE Mercer, Isaac John
Miller, Florence Isabel (Young) SEE Cameron, William; Young, Elizabeth (Steel)
Miller, W. G.
Simpson, M. W.
Smith, David SEE Steel, William
Smith, Lillias (Steel), b. 1789 SEE Steel, William
Steel family – Genealogy SEE Steel, William; Young, Elizabeth (Steel)
Steel, Alexander
Steel, David
Steel, Elizabeth, Mrs. SEE Young, David W. P.
Steel, Gilber SEE Young, Elizabeth (Steel)
Steel, John, b. 1791 SEE Steel, William
Steel, John G. SEE Steel, David
Steel, Mary Katherine (Mann), 1834-1857 SEE Steel, David; Young, Elizabeth (Steel)
Steel, Robert SEE Steel, Alexander
Steel, William, b. 1800? SEE ALSO Smith, David; Steel, William
Winn, S. K. SEE Young, Elizabeth (Steel)
Young, David W. P.
Young, Elise Morton SEE Cameron, William
Young, Elizabeth (Steel) SEE ALSO Steel, David
Young, Mercer Gilchrist SEE ALSO Cameron, William; Young, Elizabeth (Steel)
Young, William Junius, 1853-1898 SEE Cameron, William; Young, Elizabeth (Steel)