Commonwealth Explorers

Daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Christina & Martha Goode Gallery

This gallery offers a playful exploration specifically oriented toward VMHC’s youngest visitors and their companions, launching a connection to Virginia’s distinctive history and culture for years to come.

A gallery with a dogwood tree mural, picnic table, and interactive children's costumes

Admission: Included with Museum Daily Admission

Square feet: 700

Number of interactive stations: 10

About the Exhibition:  Through designated stations as well as opportunities for free play, this hands-on, interactive exhibition uses a wide range of story-driven features for kids to see, touch, and experience Virginia’s past and present.   


  • Community Builders – dress up as a Virginian who made history in their profession 
  • Virginia Nature – explore Virginia’s distinctive flora and fauna 
  • Food Truck – smell the scents of Virginia-grown ingredients and create your own fusion dish to share  
  • Inside the Museum – learn about the various jobs museum people do and create your own museum display 

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Inside the Exhibition

A gallery with activities in the shape of a flowering tree, bench, and food truck
Three children play with toy food in a food truck interactive exhibition
Children play with toy food in an interactive food truck exhibition
Children play with costumes of park ranger and nurse