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The John Marshall Center (JMC), founded in 1987, educates learners of all ages about constitutional history and civics and explores the life and legacy of Chief Justice John Marshall (1755-1835). The JMC joined the Virginia Museum of History & Culture as a signature study center on July 4, 2023, and serves as a hub for civics education throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond.

Civics engagement is crucial to our nation’s health. The John Marshall Center at the VMHC is amplifying civics education as part of a multi-year commemoration of America’s 250th. With a new chapter ahead for civics education in Virginia, we wanted to know just how knowledgeable are Virginians about civics? Can the average adult answer the same questions our students are asked in school? Watch our new video now to find out!

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Caroline Legros, Manager of Civics Education

Questions about educational resources or programs related to the John Marshall Center for Constitutional History & Civics at the VMHC? Please contact Caroline at

John Marshall Center Council

Joni Albrecht, Director of the John Marshall Center

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Henry N. Butler
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The Honorable Stephen R. McCullough
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