Aberdeen - Curles: photographs of localities

Aberdeen - Curles: photographs of localities

The VMHC maintains a series of photographic files of images of

  • Residences

  • Plantation homes

  • Public and private sites

  • Structures

  • Landscapes

These files may contain a combination of orginial photographs, prints and other images, along with copies of photographs, prints and other images from VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular locality should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact contents. 

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC holds some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collection, usually as part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

This index is organized by the name of the place or structure, then by geographic area (town, city, county, etc.). Please note that places and structures located in the Richmond area (e.g. "Richmond, Va. - View of Capitol Square.") are listed under R in Painter - Rustburg.

To locate holdings concerning a particular locality, choose an index from below or search the online catalog

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Aberdeen Farm House, Prince George Co.

Abingdon, Washington Co. see also: postcard collection; groups:Abingdon Board of Trade; Transportation, trains

Abingdon Church, Gloucester Co. see also: postcard collection

Abrahams Delight (house), Frederick Co. see also: postcard collection

Accomac see also: postcard collection; Eastern Shore, VA; Nassawadox, Northampton Co.; Collections: Bodine, A. Aubrey

Achnacarry, Orange Co. (house)

Afton, King and Queen Co. (house)

Afton, Nelson Co. (includes Blue Ridge Terrace; Afton House; Railroads)

Agee House, Buckingham Co.

Aikens Landing, Varina (farm, prisoner exchange)

Airlie, Albemarle Co. (farm,)

Airville, King and Queen Co. (house)

Airwell, Hanover Co. (house, xerox - see TX715 F67)

Aldingham, Hanover Co. (house)

Alexandria- Folder 1 Views (includes: Old Pump [African-Americans], Negro quarters, Old Slave Pen, Fairfax House, Carlyle House, Fort Lyon); Schools (includes Hallowell School, Episcopal Theological Seminary, Lancaster School, Lyceum, Episcopal High School); Clubs and Organizations (includes Cameron Club, Old Mechanics Hall, Presbyterian Meeting house); Churches (includes Christ Church, Old Presbyterian House); Houses (includes miscellaneous unidentified houses) Folder 2 Houses (includes: Carlyle House [see also oversize], Chandler House, "Colross," Craik House, Dick Residence, Dulaney House, Fairfax House, Fairfax (William) House, Fowle-Taylor House, "Gravel Hall," Larchmont, Lee (R. E.) House, Lloyd House, McVeigh House, Marshall House, Murphy House, Ramsay House, Robinson (T. W.) House, Smoot House; Hotels and Taverns (includes: Catts Tavern, City Tavern, Claggett's Tavern, Gadsby's Tavern {see also postcard collection}, Wise Tavern; Businesses (includes generic store, Win, May & Son {wagon}, Benjamin Barton's Store) see also Works by Specific Artists-Stoutenburgh, groups-roller skating; Hospitals (see postcard collection); Monuments (includes: Confederate Monument, Masonic Memorial {see also postcard collection}; Municipal (includes courthouse, Friendship Fire Co., water plant see also: postcard collection

"Algoma" (house)

Alleghany County Court House - see Covington, VA

Alleghany Springs, Montgomery Co (stereocard) see also postcard collection, groups-Alleghany Springs

Allen's Cabin, Buckingham Co.

Allendale, Buckingham Co.

Allison House (Cook)

Amelia Sulphur Springs, Amelia Co.

Amelia Co. (includes courthouse, Grubhill Church, Meade House, "Wayside," Amelia Hotel)

Amelia, VA

Amherst, Amherst Co. (includes Ascension Episcopal Church, Red Hill, Presbyterian church, barn) see also Mss5:10P4436:1

Ampthill, Chesterfield Co. (since removed to Richmond) (includes a Cook image, see also: collections-Bagby, W. Harry)

Ampthill, Cumberland Co.

Anderson House, Buckingham Co.

Anderson House (J.R.), Buckingham Co.

Anderson House, Tappahannock, Essex Co.

Andover, Wise Co. (mining images, trains)

Annadale, Louisa Co.

Antioch Church, Charlotte Co.

Appalachia, Wise Co. (includes reservoir lake, dam, L & N railroad, Southern Railroad shops, coke ovens, and miscellaneous buildings)

Appledore (hotel) see Natural Bridge, Rockbridge Co.

Appomattox Manor, Prince George Co. (includes structure, dependencies, plantation activities, and personnel) African-Americans, agriculture, and Eppes family

Appomattox (includes high school, court house) see also events 1861-1865, postcard collection

Appomattox River see slides

Aquia Church, Stafford Co. (includes exterior and interior) see also works of specific artists - Davis, Bernard W

Arcadia, Northumberland Co. see Phoenix, Northumberland Co.

Archers Hope Creek, James City Co.

Arlington, Arlington Co. (includes exterior views, stereocards, civil war monuments) see also oversize, postcard collection, Mss1L51c733

Arlington, VA (includes Freedman's Village) see also postcard collection

Arlington Cemetery, Arlington, VA (stereocards)

Arlington, Northampton Co. - see Tombstones and memorials: Custis, John

Arlington Parish Church, Gloucester Co. - should be Abingdon Parish Church

Armentrout House

Arrowpoint, Madison Co.

Arvonia, Buckingham Co.

Ashland (includes Randolph Macon College, W. W. Vaughan home) many Foster prints, see also: postcard collection, and groups: Camptown Races, Hanover Co.

Ash Lawn, Albermarle Co. see also: postcard collection, collections: Bagby, W. Harry

Ashwood, Bedford Co.

Aspin Grove, King and Queen Co.

Assateague lighthouse, Accomack Co. see F232 E2 T8

Attonce, Louisa Co. xerox

Auburn, Cumberland Co.

Auburn Hill, Albermarle Co.

Audley, Clarke Co.

Pratt house, Augusta Co.

Austin Farms, Stafford Co.



Back Creek, Pulaski Co. see postcard collection, see Pulaski, VA

Bacon Quarter Branch

Bacon's Castle, Surry Co. see Works of Specific Artists: Cook Collection

Baldwin house, Buckingham Co.

Ball's Bluff, Loudoun Co. see also Events 1861-1865

Ballyshannon, Richmond

Barboursville, Orange Co.

Barhamsville see groups: Barhamsville school

Barn Elms, Middlesex Co. see also tombstones and memorials

Barracks, Albemarle Co.

Barrow's Mill, Henry Co.

Base Hospital, Toul, France

Bassett Hall, Williamsburg, Va. See also oversize.

Batesville, King and Queen Co. see also Haynes Collection

Bath Allum Springs, Bath Co.

Bath Co.

Bathurst, Essex Co. see also: oversize

Battersea, Dinwiddie Co.

Bay View, Northampton Co. see Eastern Shore

Bear Castle, Louisa Co.

Bear Garden, Kin William Co.

Bear Lithia Springs see also: postcard collection under Elkton, see group: Bear Lithia Springs

Bear Point, Norfolk Co.

Beaver Creek, Henry Co.

Beaverdam farm and graveyard

Beckworth Hotel

Bedford, King George Co.

Bedford (includes Apple Orchard Camp, Confederate monument, Apple Orchard Falls, Otter River, National Elks Home, Randolph Academy) see also: postcard collection


Beechwood, Prince George Co.

Beechwood, Middlesex Co.

Bel Air plantation

Bel Air, King and Queen Co.

Bel Air, Prince William Co.

Belvette, Nelson Co

Belle Branch, Buckingham Co. see Union Hill, Cumberland Co.

Belle Farm, Gloucester Co.

Bellefield, York Co. see also tombstones and memorials: Diggs

Belle Grove, King George Co.

Belle Grove, Frederick Co.

Belle Hampton, Pulaski Co. see Pulaski

Belle Isle, Richmond

Belmont, Buckingham Co.

Belleville, Gloucester Co.

Bellevue, Bedford Co.

Belevue, King and Queen Co.

Bellona Arsenal, Chesterfield Co.

Bellwood, Chesterfield Co.

Belmont, Loudoun Co.

Belmont, Mathews Co.

Belmont, Stafford Co.


Belvidere, Goochland Co. see TX5 G6 p. 149

Belvoir, Albermarle Co.

Belvoir, Fairfax Co.

Belvoir, Fauquier Co.

Belvoir, Spotsylvania Co.

Ben Coolyn, Albermarle Co.

Black Creek Baptist Church, Hanover Co.

Bendover, Goochland Co.

Benhams Mill, Washington Co. see extra-oversize, album: Grist Mills in the Appalachian Highlands

Ben Loman, King William Co.

Bennett house

Ben Venue, Hanover County

Bent Pine, Henrico Co., VA

Berkeley, Charles City Co., VA see also: Tombstones and Memorials; Postcard collection

Berkeley Springs, Morgan, VA

Bermuda Hundred

Bernard House, Spotsylvania Co., VA see: Mannsfield, Spotsylvania Co., VA

Berry Hill, Orange Co., VA see: Postcard collection

Berry Hill, Halifax Co., VA

Berryville, Clarke Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Bethpage, Middlesex Co., VA

Bernick, Albermarle Co., VA

Bethel Baptist Church, Chesterfield Co., VA

Bethel Church, Caroline Co., VA

Bethel Methodist Church, Buckingham Co., VA

Beulah Church, King William Co., VA

Beverly house, Spotsylvania Co., VA

Bewdley, King and Queen County

Bewdley, Lancaster Co., VA

Big Stone Gap, Virginia ( Wise Co.)

Birds, King and Queen County

Black Heath, Chesterfield Co., VA

Black Rock Springs, VA

Blacksburg, VA (Montgomery Co.) see also: Postcard collection

Blackstone, Nottoway Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Bladensfield, Richmond Co., VA

Blandfield, Essex Co., VA

Blandville, King and Queen County

Bleak Hill, Chesterfield Co., VA see: Hedge Lawn, Chesterfield Co., VA

Blenheim, Caroline Co., VA

Blenhein, Powhatan Co., VA

Bloemendaal Farm ( Henrico County)

Bloomfield, Hanover County

Bloomsbury, Orange Co., VA

Blue Grottoes, Rockingham Co., VA

Bluemont, Loudoun Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge/James River

Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Farm, Albermarle Co., VA

Blue Ridge Sanitorium, Albermarle Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Blue Ridge Springs, Botetourt Co., VA

Boatwright house, Buckingham Co., VA

Bobtail, Henrico Co., VA

Bolling Hall, Goochland Co., VA

Bolling Island, Goochland Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Bon Air, VA see also: Postcard collection

Bondurant's Mill, Henry Co., VA

Bondsmill, Scott Co., VA see extra-oversize Album: Grist mills in the Appalachian Highlands.

Bonny Court, Chesterfield County, Virginia

Booth Plantation, Gloucester County, Virginia see: Tombstones and Memorials: Booth

Borden's mill see: Tom's Brook, Shenandoah Co., VA

Boscobel, Goochland Co., VA see also: Postcards

Botetourt Springs, Roanoke Co., VA

Bottoms Bridge, New Kent Co., VA see: Pic 970.29

Botts house, Culpeper Co., VA see: Events: 1861-1865. Stereoptican views. Miscellaneous.

Bowers house, Petersburg see: Original works of Art. Petersburg ( Locations ).

Bowling Green, VA

Bowman Mill, Shenandoah Co., VA

Bowman's Folly, Accomack Co., VA see also: Eastern Shore

Boxley, Amherst Co., VA see: The Brick House, Amherst Co., VA

Boxwood Farm, Bath Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Boxwood Hill, Goochland Co.

Boyce, Clarke County, VA see also: Postcard collection

Boydton, Mecklenburg Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Brae Side, Henrico County

Brandon, Middlesex Co.


Brandon Church, Prince George County, VA

Brandon's Landing, Prince George County

Brandy Station

Braynefield, Caroline Co., VA see also: Tombstones and Memorials: Buckner, George

Breaks Interstate Park, Dickenson and Buchanan Co.'s , VA

Bremo ( at Curles ) Henrico Co.

Bremo ( Lower ) Fluvanna Co.

Bremo, Fluvanna Co., VA ( Upper Bremo ). see also: Postcard collection

Briar Hill, King and Queen County

The Brick House, Amherst Co., VA

Bridgetown, Northampton County, VA see: Eastern Shore

Briey Presbyterian Church see: Keysville, VA

Bristol, VA see also: Postcard collection

Broadfield, Spotsylvania Co., VA

Broadway, VA - Dept. Store

Brockenbrough house, Caroline Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Bromfield Colonial Episcopal Church, Rappahannock Co., VA

Brookes Bank, Essex Co., VA

Brook Hill, Henrico Co., VA see also: Oversize; Postcard collection

Brookshire, King and Queen County

Brown's Chapel, Buckingham Co., VA

Brown's Presbyterian Church, Cumberland Co., VA

Brownsburg, VA

Bruington Female Institute, King and Queen County see: Groups

Bruington Baptist Church, King and Queen County

Bruington Meeting House, King and Queen Co., VA

Buchanan, VA ( Botetourt Co. ). see also: Postcard collection

Buchanan Co., VA

Buck Hill, Chesterfield Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Buck Mountain Church, Albermarle Co., VA see also: Buck Mountain Church Preservation Association

Buckeye, Hanover Co., VA

Buckhead Springs, Chesterfield Co., VA

Buckingham, VA

Buckingham Tavern, Buckingham Co., VA

Buckingham hotel, Buckingham Co., VA

Buckingham Baptist Church, Buckingham Co., VA

Buckingham Public School, Buckingham Co., VA

Buckles Family mill, Darkesville, WVA

Buckroe Beach, VA see: Hampton, VA

Buena Vista, Virginia see also: Postcard collection

Buena Vista, Albermarle Co., VA

Buena Vista, King and Queen County

Buena Vista, Spotsylvania Co., VA see: La Vista, Spotsylvania Co., VA

Buffalo Lithia Springs, VA ( Mecklenburg Co. ) see also: Postcard collection

Buffalo Presbyterian Church, Prince Edward Co., VA

Buffalo Ridge Springs, Patrick Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Bunker Hill, King and Queen Co., VA see: Hewick, Middlesex Co., VA

Burkeville, VA

Burgh Westra, Gloucester Co., VA

Burke, VA

Burlington, King William Co., VA see also: Albums: Burlington Album

Burlington, Orange Co., VA

Burnt Quarter, Dinwiddie Co., VA

Burwell's Landing, James City Co., VA

Bush Hill, Charles City Co., VA

Bush Hill, Henrico Co., VA

Bushfield, Westmoveland Co., VA

Byrd Mill

Byrdton, VA


Caledon, King George Co., VA

Callahan House, Accomack Co., VA

Camden, Caroline Co., VA

Cameron Lodge, Orange Co., VA

Camp A.A. Humprhrey's, VA see: oversize

Camp Alger, VA

Camp Chase, VA see: Blue Box; Events 1861-1865 Civil War; By locality A-Z

The Campbell Field, Orange Co., VA see: Postcard collection, see also: Pr1:1 Persons, Bagby Family Photograph Album

Canaan, Brunswick Co., VA

Canaan Farm

Campbell County Courthouse, Rustburg

Camp Convalescent, Near Alexandria see: Original Prints, Events 1861-1865 "Camp Convalescent"

Camp Lee, VA see: Fort Lee, VA - Petersburg, VA

Camp Morrison, VA see: Postcard collection

Camp Peary, VA see: Postcard collection

Camp Pickett, Virginia see: Blackstone, VA

Camp Tilden see: oversize

Camp Worrini, New Kent County see: Richmond Light Infantry Blues

Cape Charles, Northampton Co., VA see also: Eastern Shore, VA; Postcard collection

Cape Henry, VA Princess Anne Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Cappahosic, Glouceter Co., VA

Carters Grove, James City Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Carter Hall, Clarke Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Cartersville, Cumberland Co., VA see also: Postcard collection


Carolina Furnace see: Powell's Fort, Shenandoah Co., VA

Carrers Creek, Gloucester Co., VA

Castalia, Albermarle Co., VA

Castle Hill, Albermarle Co., VA

Catalpa Grove, King William Co., VA

Cedar Circle, King William Co., VA

Cedar Creek

Cedar Grove, New Kent County, VA

Cedar Level, Sussex Co., VA

Cedar Lodge, Mathews Co., VA

Cedar Park, Middlesex Co., VA

Central Virginia Community College, Campbell County, VA

Cessford, Northampton Co. see: Eastern Shore

Charlie's Hope Plantation

Clarke's Mountain

Chamberlain Hotel, Old Point Comfort, VA see also: oversize; Postcard collection

Champe ( John ) House, Loudoun Co., VA

Chancellor House, Spotsylvania Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania County see also: Postcard collection; Works of Specific Artists: Jenkins, E Frances

Charles City - Charles City Co., VA

Charles City County, VA - Glebe ( localities)

Charlotte Co., VA

Charlotte Court House, Charlotte Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Charlottesville, Virginia see also: oversize; Postcard collection

Charlottesville, Virginia - University Of Virginia see also: Oversize; Localities, and works of specific Artists (oversize): Davis, Bernard W.; Postcard collection

Charlottesville, Virginia - University of Virginia see also: Works of specific Artist (oversize): Davis, Bernard W.; Localities (oversize)

Chase City, VA see also: Postcard collection

Chatham, Pittsylvania Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Chatham, Stafford Co., VA see also: Events:1861-1865. Stereoptican views. Falmouth, VA; Postcard collection

Chatham Episcopal Institute, Chatham, VA

Chatham Hill, King and Queen County

Cheeks, King and Queen County

Chellowe, Buckingham Co., VA

Chelsea, King William Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Chenault, King and Queen County

Chericoke, King William Co., VA see also: Tombstones and Memorials: Braxton

Cherry Grove, Rockbridge Co., VA

Cherry Stone, VA

Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake Bay see: oversize

Chester, VA

Chester Agricultural High School, Chester, VA

Chesterfield (Courthouse) Chesterfield Co., VA

Chesterfield Co., VA Stone Bridge

Chesterfield Co., VA Unidentified house

Chesterville, Elizabeth City Co., VA

Chestnut Grove, New Kent Co., VA

Cheswick, Henrico Co., VA

Chickahominy River

Chincoteague, Accomack Co., VA see also: Eastern Shore, VA; Postcard collection

Chincoteague Farm, Near Horntown, Accomack Co. see also: Eastern Shore

Chippokes, Surry Co., VA

Chiskiack, York Co., VA

Christ Church, Glendower, Albermarle Co., VA

Christ Church, Kingston Parish, Mathews Co., VA see: Tombstones and Memorials: Tompkins, Sally Louisa

Christ Church, Lancaster Co., VA see also: Tombstones and Memorials: Carter family; Postscard collection

Christ Church, Middlesex Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Christ Church School, Christ Church, VA see also: Groups: Christ Church School, Christ Church, VA

Christ Cross, New Kent Co., VA

Christian, (Dr.) house, Middlesex Co., VA

Church of the Blind Preacher, Orange Co., VA

Church Hill, Gloucester Co., VA

Church Hill, King and Queen County

Church of our Savior, Hanover Co., VA

Church Quarter, Hanover Co., VA

Church View, Middlesex Co., VA see: Postcard collection

Churchland, Virginia

Churchville, Virginia

City Point, Virginia see: Hopewell, Virginia

Clarendon, VA (Arlington Co.)

Clarkesville, Mecklenburg Co., VA

Clarkton, Halifax Co., VA (formerly called Rosenbank)

Claremont, Culpeper County, VA

Claremont, Surry Co., VA see also: oversize; Postcard collection


Clarke County

Clarke's, Stafford Co.

Cleveland, Goochland, Co., VA

Clay, Henry, Hanover Co., VA

Claymont, Jefferson Co., WVA

Clear View, Stafford Co., VA

Clerk's Office, Sussex Co.

Cleve, King George Co., VA

Clifford, Virginia

Clifton, Accomack Co., VA

Clifton, Albermarle Co., VA

Clifton, Buckingham Co., VA

Clifton, Clarke Co., VA

Clifton, King and Queen County

Clifton Forge, Alleghany County, VA see also: Postcard collection

Cloverdale Mills, Botetourt Co., VA

Clover Fields, Albermarle Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Clover Forest, Cumberland Co., VA

Clover Hill, Appomattox

Clover Hill, Chesterfield Co., VA

Clover Hill, Keswick, VA

Clover Hill, Louisa Co., VA

Clover Plain, King William Co., VA

Club Creek Church, Charlotte Co., VA

Cluster Springs, Halifax Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Cobbs, Chesterfield Co., VA see also: Tombstones and Memorials: Bolling

Cocke Memorial Bridge - Buckingham Co., VA

Cocrums Mill, Patrick Co., VA see extra - oversize; Album: Grist Mills in the Appalachian Highlands.

Col Alto, Buckingham Co., VA

Cold Harbor National Cemetery, Hanover Co., VA

Cole's Tavern, Pungoteague, Accomack Co., VA see: Eastern Shore, VA

Colle, Albermarle Co., VA

Colonial Beach, VA see also: Postcard collection

Colonial Parkway, VA

Columbia, VA see: Postcard collection

Colraine, Gloucester Co., VA

Confederate Monument, Buckingham Co., VA see: Shaw house, Buckingham Co., VA

Conjurers neck [Henrico Co., VA?]

Cook Place, King William County, VA

Cool Water, Hanover County

Corbin Hall, Accomack Co., VA

Corbin Hall, Middlesex Co., VA see: Hampstead, Middlesex Co., VA

Corbins Mill, King and Queen Co., VA

Corregidor, Philippines

The Cottage, Near Tappahannock, VA?

Court House Field, Coggins Point, Prince George Co. (maps) V.M April 85

Courtland, Southampton Co., VA

Covesville, Albermarle Co., VA see: Postcard collection

Covington, VA (Alleghany Co.) see also: Postcard collection

Cow Creek Mill, Gloucester County, VA

Craig Healing Springs, Craig Co. (?) VA see also: Postcard collection

Craig House Art Center

Crew house

Crewe, Nottoway Co., VA see: Postcard collection

Crisman's mill, Montgomery Co., VA

Crockett, Wythe Co., VA see: Postcard collection

Crockett Springs Hotel, Montgomery County

Crossroads Farm, Rockbridge Co., VA

Crucifix, Stafford County, VA see: Stafford County - Roman Catholic Crucifix

Cruser, Clarence M. house, Princess Anne Co.

Cub Creek Place, Louisa Co., VA

Cuckoo, Louisa Co., VA

Culpeper, VA (see also: Events 1861-1865: Miscellaneous; Postcard collection)

Cumberland, Cumberland Co., VA (see also: Postcard collection)

Cumberland, New Kent Co., VA

Cumberland Courthouse, VA (CCC Camp)

Cumberland Gap

Curles, Henrico Co., VA