McAfee's Knob - Oyster Cove: photographs of localities

McAfee's Knob - Oyster Cove: photographs of localities

The VMHC maintains a series of photographic files of images of

  • Residences

  • Plantation homes

  • Public and private sites

  • Structures

  • Landscapes

These files may contain a combination of orginial photographs, prints and other images, along with copies of photographs, prints and other images from VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular locality should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact contents. 

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC holds some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collection, usually as part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

This index is organized by the name of the place or structure, then by geographic area (town, city, county, etc.). Please note that places and structures located in the Richmond area (e.g. "Richmond, Va. - View of Capitol Square.") are listed under R in Painter - Rustburg.

To locate holdings concerning a particular locality, choose an index from below or search the online catalog

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McAfee's Knob see: postcard collection

McChesney house, Rockbridge Co.

McClellan's headquarters, Hanover Co. see: Lee's headquarter's, Hanover Co.

McComb, James homeplace, Stuart's Draft, Augusta Co.

McConnell's mill, Scott Co. see: extra-oversize, Album - Grist Mills in the Appalachian Highlands

McCool Farmhouse, Spotsylvania Co.

McIlwaine house, Dinwiddie Co.

McKay house, Warren Co.

McLean house, Appomattox Co. see also: postcard collection

Mabry Mill, Blue Ridge parkway see also: postcard collection

Madison, Madison Co. see also: postcard collection

Madison mills, Madison Co. see: postcard collection

Magnolia Grange, Chesterfield Co.

Maidens (includes Virginia Industrial School)

Malvern Hall, Bath Co.

Malvern Hill, Henrico Co.

Manakin Episcopal Church, King William Parish, Powhatan Co.

Manassas (includes: Southern depot, Manassas Industrial School, Prince William Co. courthouse, Eastern College, Manassas Agricultural High School, Centre Street, Prince William hotel, National Bank of Manassas, Grant Ave., Bull Run) see also: Events 1861-1865, stereoptican views, postcard collection, Groups: Manassas High School (1912)

Mangohick Church, King William Co.

Mansfield, Spotsylvania Co.

Manse, Merry Point

Mansfield Hall Country Club

Mannsville, Goochland Co.

Mantua, Chesterfield Co.

Mantua, Northumberland Co.

Maplewood, Greene Co.

Mapsico church, Charles City Co.

Mariners Museum, Warwick Co. see also: postcard collection

Marion, Smyth Co. see also: postcard collection

Marlborough Point, Stafford Co.

Marlbourne, Hanover Co.

Marl Ridge, Hanover Co.

Marmion, King George Co.

Marshall house, Alexandria

Martinsville, Henry Co. (includes: Beaver Creek Clinic, Cosmetic Surgery of VA, Church St., Walnut St., Mulberry St., Starling St., Court House Square, post office, Graded High School and Auditoriam, Thomas Jefferson Hotel, North Caroline highway, Liberty Heights, Anderson Memorial Presbyterian Church, Henry Hotel, Christ Episcopal Church, Methodist Church, Baptist Church, Henry County Court House, Whitten residence, Methodist parsonage, Lester Lumber Works) see also: postcard collection

Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, Va.

Massanetta Springs, Rockingham Co.

Massanetta Caverns, Rockingham Co. see also: postcard collection

Massanutton pioneers monument see New Market

Massie's Mill, Nelson Co. see postcard collection

Mathews, Mathews Co. see postcard collection

Matoaca High School, Chesterfield Co.

Mattapony Church, King and Queen Co.

Maurertown, Shenandoah Co.

Maxilva, King and Queen Co.

Maycock house, Prince George Co.

Maysville Baptist Church, Buckingham Co.

Maysville Hotel, Buckingham Co.

Maysville Presbyterian Church, Buckingham Co. see also: postcard collection

Meadow Creek Falls, Craig Co. see postcard collection

Meadow Farm, Hanover Co.

Meadow Farm, Henrico Co. (Bagby images)

Meadow View Inn, Botetourt Co.

Meadowbrook, Chesterfield Co. (Bagby images)


Mecklenburg Co. - old Roger Gregory home

Mecklenburg Correction Facility

Meherrin River see also: postcard collection

Melfa, Accomack Co.

Melrose, Fauquier Co.

Melville, King & Queen Co.

Menokin, Richmond Co.

Menona, Loudoun Co.

Merchant's Hope church, Prince George Co.

Merry Mills, Albemarle Co.

Merrywood, Buckingham Co.

Michie Tavern, Albermarle Co.

Mickle Knox, Buckingham Co.

Middleburg, Loudoun Co. see also: postcard collection

Middletown, Frederick Co. see postcard collection

Midland, Orange Co.

Midlothian (Franklin School)

Midway, Albermarle Co.

Milford, Caroline Co. see postcard collection

Milford, King & Queen Co.

Milford Mills, Prince William Co.

Mill Creek Mill, Shenandoah Co.

Mill View, Cumberland Co.

Millar homestead, Front Royal

Millboro, Bath Co. see also: business cards and advertisements, postcard collection

Miller School, Miller School see also: postcard collection

Millwood, Clarke Co. see also: postcard collection

Millwood, Powhatan Co. see Whitewood, Powhatan

Mine Run School, Orange Co.


Miniborya, Chesterfield Co. (Bagby images)

Minor Hall, Amherst Co. see the Brick House, Amherst

Mint Spring, Augusta Co. see postcard collection

Minter House, Mathews Co.

Mirador, Albermarle Co.

Moldavia, Richmond see also: Closver Forest, Cumberland Co.

Monroe house, Westmoreland Co.

Monroe house, Charlottesville

Monrovia, Liberia

Montebello, Orange Co.

Montebello, Nelson Co.

Monterey, Highland Co. see also: postcard collection

Montgomery Co. Mss5:10M6155:1

Monticello, Albemarle Co. (includes: interior and exterior views, Bagby images) see also: Tombstones and Memorials: Jefferson, Thomas; postcard collection

Monticola, Albemarle Co.

Montpelier, Orange Co. see also: Tombstones and Memorials: Madison graveyard; postcard collection

Montpelier, Rappahannock Co.

Montpelier, Surry Co. see TX715 S97

Montrose, Amherst Co.

Montrose, Henrico Co.

Montross see postcard collection

Montvale see postcard collection

Mordington, King and Queen Co.

Mororless, Edwardsville

Moore house, Louisa Co.

Moore House, York Co. See Yorktown Houses

Morton (Joseph) house, Charlotte Co.


Morven Park, Loudoun Co. see also: postcard collection

Mosby monument see Front Royal, Mosby monument

Mosby house, Buckingham Co. see Buckingham hotel, Buckingham Co.

Moss Neck, Caroline Co.

Mount Airy, Richmond Co. (includes: interior and exterior views), see also: oversize print; postcard collection; Rare SF293 A1 T84 v. 6; SF355 S5 B54; Bodine collection

Mount Airy (Shenandoah?)

Mount Athos, Campbell Co.

Mount Bernard, Goochland Co.

Mount Custis, Accomack Co.

Mount Elliott Springs, Augusta Co. see postcard collection, Groups: Mount Elliott Springs picnic, Individuals: Sutherland, Sallie Wise

Mount Horeb Baptist church, Caroline Co.

Mount Jackson, Shenandoah Co. see also: F232 S47 S42

Mount Pisgah, King William Co.

Mount Pleasant, Buckingham Co.

Mount Pleasant, King William Co.

Mount Pleasant, King and Queen Co.

Mount Pleasant, Surry Co. see also: TX715 S97

Mount Prodigal, Gloucester Co.

Mount Prospect, New Kent Co.

Mount Rush, Buckingham Co.

Mount Vernon, Fairfax Co. (includes: interior and exterior views, postcards, stereocards, lantern slides), see also: oversize, Whittet family, postcard collection, E166 S4 1852, 985.5, E312 M33 1807 Atlas, E208 S41 1856, E164 W442

Mount Vernon Grist Mill

Mount Vernon - Washington Tomb see also: Whittet family, oversize postcard collection

Mount Warren, Albemarle Co.

Mount Zion, Caroline Co.

Mount Zion church, Buckingham Co.

Mountain Lake see also: postcard collection

Mountain View, Amherst Co. see the Brick House, Amherst Co.

Mountain View on Rt. 29, Amherst Co. see the Brick House, Amherst Co.

Mountain View, Cumberland Co.

Muddy Creek church, Powhatan Co.

Muddy Creek Mills, Cumberlan Co. see also: Works of Specific Artists: Davis, Bernard W. (oversize)

Mulberry Grove church, Buckingham Co.

Mumpowers Mill, Washington Co. see: extra-oversize album: Grist Mills in the Appalachian Highlands

Mulberry, Caroline Co.

Mulberry Grove Baptist church, Buckingham Co.

Mulberry Hill, Charlotte Co.

Murray plantation, Middlesex Co.


Nanzatico, King George Co.

Nassawadox, Northampton Co. see also: Eastern Shore, postcard collection

Natural Bridge, Rockbridge Co. Miley photos, see also: oversize collection, post card collection 990.131, 992.104.2-3, 992.22, 992.97.1, 993.41.1, 993.96, 994.26.2, 994.3A-E, 995.98

Natural Bridge Hotel, Rockbridge Co.

Natural Chimney, Augusta Co. see also postcard collection

Natural Tunnel, Scott Co. see also: postcard collection

Needham, Cumberland Co.

Neighbors, Susan cabin, Buckingham Co.

Nelson House, York Co. See Yorktown Houses

Nelson's Mill Pond, Accomack Co.

New Alsace, Rockbridge Co.

Newbern, Pulaski Co.

New Glasgow, Amherst Co.

Newington, King and Queen Co.

New Kent, Va. New Kent Co. including courthouse, St. James Church, Richardson's store. See also Tombstones and Memorials, Groups: Liberty School

New London Courthouse, Campbell Co. Includes aerial picture of New London

Newmarket, Caroline Co. See also: Oversize collection

Newmarket, Hanover Co.

New Market, Shenandoah Co. See also: postcard collection, Timberville album

New River, Montgomery Co. See also: postcard collection

Newport News. Includes: Churches, Baptist, First Baptist (ruins), First Presbyterian, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic, Trinity Methodist, Trinity Lutheran, Thirteenth St. Christian; Hotel Pocahontas, Elizabeth Buyton Hospital and Nurses Home, Elks Home, Newport News Park, Victory arch, Colony Inn, Shipyards, John Daniel School, Public Library, Market, Tazewell Hall, Post office and Custom House, Casino Park, Warwick Hotel, See also: oversize collection (Hampton and Newport News) Postcard collection

Newstead, Gloucester Co.

Nimrod Hall, See postcard collection

Nomini Hall, Westmoreland Co.

Norfolk, Va. Folder 1: St. Paul's Episcopal Church, See also postcard collection

Norfolk, Va. Folder 2: Hospitals, Marine Hosp. Norfolk Protestant Hosp. See postcard collection

Norfolk, Va. Folder 3: St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church

Norfolk, Va. Folder 4: Churches: includes Christ Church, Epworth Methodist Episcopal, St. Luke's, Second Presbyterian

Norfolk, Va. Folder 5: Municiple buildings: Includes post office, custom house, scenes. See also postcard collection

Norfolk, Va. Folder 6: Homes and doorways

Norfolk, Va. Folder 7: Archer House

Norfolk, Va. Folder 8: Mallory House

Norfolk, Va. Folder 9: Myers House, See postcard collection

Norfolk, Va. Folder 10: Seldon House

Norfolk, Va. Folder 11: Tazewell House

Norfolk, Va. Folder 12: White (William) House

Norfolk, Va. Folder 13: Navy Yard, Waterfront scenes. See also Davis, Charles, J.R. Scrapbook-extra oversize, postcard collection, Also see works of specific artists: Wyland "Whaling Wall"

Norfolk, Va. Folder 14: Schools See also postcard collection

Norfolk, Va. Folder 15: Mace of the City of Norfolk

Norfolk, Va. Folder 16: Parks See also postcard collection

Norfolk, Va. Folder 17: Jamestown Exposition, Misc. See also sheet music, Jamestown Exposition March

Norfolk, Va. Folder 18: Beaches, See also postcard collection

Norfolk, Va. Folder 19: Hotels

Norfolk County, Va. Scenes

North Bank, King and Queen County

North Farnham Church, Richmond Co.

North Garden, Caroline Co.

North Mountain, Washington Co. (now called Mt. Rogers)

Norton, Va. Wise Co., Scenes

Nottoway, Nottoway Co., Scenes including courthouse


Oak Hill, Fairfax Co.

Oak Hill, Fauquier Co.

Oak Hill, Loudoun Co. See also postcard collection

Oakland, Buckingham Co.

Oakland, Charlotte Co.

Oakland, Chesterfield Co.

Oakland, Clarke Co.

Oakland, Cumberland Co.

Oakland, Hanover Co.

Oakland, King and Queen Co.

Oakland, Mathews Co.

Oakland, Prince Edward Co.

Oakland, Washington Co.

Oaklands, Loudoun Co.

Oak Ridge, Nelson Co.

Oaks, The, Nelson Co.

Oaks, The, Staunton, Va. See Staunton, Va.

Oakwood, Fauquier Co.

Occoquan, Prince William Co. "Old Cooper House" See also postcard collection

Old Buffalo Church

Old Chapel, The, Clarke Co.

Old Christ Church, Lancaster Co.

Old Church (Methodist), King and Queen Co.

Old Church Tavern, Hanover Co.

Old Fletcher's Chapel

Old Fork Church, Hanover Co.

Old Foundry, Powhatan Co.

Old Mansion, Caroline Co. See also postcard collection

Old Point Comfort, See Hampton, Hampton oversize

Old Powhatan, James City Co.

Old Rolfeton, Buckingham Co.

Old Sapponey Church, Dinwiddie Co.

Old Stone House, Toano, Va. James City Co.

Old Virginia Brick Co. Salem, Va. Roanoke Co.

Oliver Plantation, Mechlenburg Co.

Onancock, Accomack Co. Scenes. See also Eastern Shore, Va.; postcard collection

Onley, Accomack Co. See also Eastern Shore, Va.; postcard collection

Onley (village), Accomack Co.

Onyx Mine, Rockbridge Co. See Timberville, Va. album

Opequon Church

Orange, Va. Orange Co. Scenes and buildings. See also postcard collection

Orange Grove, King and Queen County

Orapax, Goochland Co.

Orkney Springs Hotel, Shenandoah Co. See also postcard collection

Ormesby, Caroline Co.

Osmore, Amelia Co. (dismantled ca. 1920)

Otter Burn, Bedford Co.

Oyster Cove, See original prints "Oyster Cove"