Jackson River - Lynnhaven Bay: photographs of localities

Jackson River - Lynnhaven Bay: photographs of localities

The VMHC maintains a series of photographic files of images of

  • Residences

  • Plantation homes

  • Public and private sites

  • Structures

  • Landscapes

These files may contain a combination of orginial photographs, prints and other images, along with copies of photographs, prints and other images from VMHC holdings, from other repositories, or in private hands.

Researchers who determine that the VMHC holds a photo file for a particular locality should then request an appointment to view that file to determine its exact contents. 

Researchers should also be aware that the VMHC holds some photographs and other images in its manuscripts collection, usually as part of a collection of family or personal papers. Thus, a search of the online catalog is also advised.

This index is organized by the name of the place or structure, then by geographic area (town, city, county, etc.). Please note that places and structures located in the Richmond area (e.g. "Richmond, Va. - View of Capitol Square.") are listed under R in Painter - Rustburg.

To locate holdings concerning a particular locality, choose an index from below or search the online catalog

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Jackson River

Jackson shrine, Spotsylvania Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

Jackson, Thomas Jonathan house see: Localities than Virginia: West Virginia

Jackson's Ferry, Wythe Co., VA see: Postcard collection

Jacquelin - Ambler house, Jamestown, James City Co., VA see: Ambler house, Jamestown, James City Co., VA

Jackson's Mill


James City County

James River and James River and Kanawha Canal

Jamestown Exposition - 1907 see also: Postcard collection (events)

Jamestown, James City Co., VA, Ambler House see also: Postcard collection

Jamestown Monuments ( Miscellaneous ) see also: Postcard collection Hunt see also: Postcard collection Pocahontas see also: Oversize; Postcard collection ( Jamestown - Monuments ) Smith see also: Oversize

Jamestown, VA

Jamestown Landing: 1607 see also: Menus - Banquet of the Virginians.....1906

Jamestown, James City Co., VA see also: Whittet Family ( PR1:2); oversize; Postcard collection

Jamestown Cemetery see also: Postcard collection

Jamestown Church, James City Co., VA see also: Oversize; Tombstones and Memorials: Wingfield, Edward & Maria; Postcard collection; Menus: Banquet of the Virginians....1906.

The Jamestown Exposition ( The Official Photo-Gravures )

Jamestown Exposition

Jane Way, Hanover County

Jarratt, VA see: Postcard collection

Jeffress, Mecklenburg Co., VA

Jerdone Castle, Louisa Co., VA

Jerico Mills, Caroline Co., VA see: Events: 1861-1865 (Civil War) North Anne River; Events 1861-1865 (Civil War) Stereoptican views.

Jessee's Mill, Russell Co., VA see: extra-oversize; Album: Grist Mills in the Appalachian Highlands.

Joe Brooke, Goochland Co., VA

John H. Kerr Dam, Mecklenburg Co., VA

Jones, Matthew House, Caroline Co.

Jordan Alum Springs, Rockbridge Co.

Jump Mountain

Jonesville VA, Lee County


Kanawha Canal see: James River and Kanawha Canal

Kaylor's Mill, Washington Co., VA see: extra-oversize; Album: Grist Mills in the Appalachian Highlands.

Kearney's Mountain, Albermarle Co., VA see: Roll of film on shelf.

Keezletown Mill, Rockingham Co., VA

Kell Plantation, Lunenberg Co., VA

Keller see: Eastern Shore

Kendall Grove, Northampton Co., VA see also: Eastern Shore, VA

Kenmore, Fredericksburg, VA see: Fredericksburg file

Kenmore, Amherst Co., VA see: The Brick House, Amherst Co., VA

Kenmuir, Louisa Co., VA

Kenwood, Gloucester Co., VA

Kerr Place, Onancock, Accomack Co., VA see also: Eastern Shore

Keswick, Powhatan Co., VA

Keysville, VA

King George County, VA - Lamb's Creek Church (localities)

King George County, VA - St. Paul's Church (localities)

King Jane House, Middlesex Co., VA

Kings Creek, York Co., VA

King William, King William Co., VA see also: Postcard collection

King William County

Kingsmill, James City Co., VA see also: Events: 1861-1865

Kingston, Dinwiddie Co.

Kingston, Mathews Co. Bagby images

Kinlock, Albemarle Co.

Kinlock, Essex Co.

Kinsale, Westmoreland Co.


Konnarock, Washington Co. see postcard collection


Lacy house, Stafford Co. see Chatham, Stafford Co.

La Grange, James City Co.

La Grange Creek, Middlesex Co. see also: Hampstead, Middlesex Co.

Laird house, Rockingham Co.

Lake View Cemetery

Lamb's Creek Church, King George Co.


Lancaster Co. (includes White Marsh Church, St. Mary's White Chapel)

Landon, King and Queen Co.

Lane Field, King and Queen Co.

Langley Field, Hampton see greeting cards

Lansdown, Middlesex Co. see also: postcard collection

Laurel Foster images

Laurel Grove, Hanover Co.

Laurel Spring, Surry Co.

LaVista, Spotsylvania Co. 969.28

Lawrenceville see also: postcard collection

Lebanon, Russell Co.

Lebanon Church, Shenandoah Co.

Lee (Charles) House, Shenandoah Valley

Leesburg, VA includes: court house, John Janney house, Valley bank, St. James Episcopal church, Evergreen lodge, Selma, Union Cemetery, Goose Creek Dam, Washington and Old Dominion Railway bridge, Mott house, Carlheim, Market Street Methodist Episcopal church, Leesburg Inn, Old Stone Church, Thomas Balch library, high school, Loudoun county hospital, post office 1947, People's National bank, St. James Episcopal church, Loudoun National bank, Camp Ordway)

Lee's headquarters, Hanover Co.

Legocello, Albemarle Co.

Lethe, Powhatan Co.

Level Green, Gloucester Co.

Level Green, Nelson Co.

Lewis (John) house and fort, Augusta Co.

Lewis Mountain, Albemarle Co. see Kearny's Mountain, Albemarle Co.

Lexington (includes: Cemeteries - Jackson, Thomas Jonathan grave (Miley images), Churches - Presbyterian Church, Lee Chapel (Miley images), Lee Memorial Church (Episcopal), Hospitals - Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, Hotels - Dutch Inn, National Hotel, Houses - John Campbell house, Thomas Jonathan Jackson house, Robert E. Lee house, Michael Miley studio, Municipal, Monuments - Jackson monument (see also VMI), Schools - Virginia Military Institute (see also: oversize, Mss1 Sm 653a p. 20, greeting cards, extra-oversize - photograph album VMI clas of 1889)(Miley images), Washington and Lee University (see also: Tombstones and Memorials - Graham, Robinson) (Miley images), Views - House Mountain, post office, Anne Smith Academy, Woman's Club, Main St., railroad station.) This group contains many miscellaneous Michael Miley photographs See also: postcard collection

Liberty house

Liberty Furnace, Shenandoah Co. see F232 S47 S42

Liberty Hall, King and Queen Co. 994.163.230 a & b

Liberty Hall Academy, Rockbridge Co. see also: Timberville album

Liberty Hall Cemetery, Nelson Co.

Lightfoot, James City Co. see postcard collection

Lightfoot house, Caroline Co.

Lightfoot House, York Co. See Yorktown Houses.

Lime Kiln bridge, Rockbridge Co.

Lindon, Prince Edward Co.

Lindley, Hanover Co. see Signal Hill, Hanover Co.

Linton Hall, Bristow, King William Co.

Little England, Gloucester Co. (Bagby images)

Little Fork Church, Culpeper Co.

Little Garden, Hanover Co. see Broadside: 1977 August 22

Little Genito, Goochland Co. see TX 715 G6 p. 73

Littletown, James City Co.

Litwalton, Lancaster Co. see postcard collection

Livingston, Spotsylvania Co.


Llangollen, Loudoun Co.

Lockwood 992.96

Locust Grove

Locust Grove, Brunswick Co.

Locust Grove, Buckingham Co.

Locust Grove, Campbell Co.

Locust Grove, Middlesex Co.

Locust Grove, Rappahannock Co.

Locust Hill

Locust Lyn, Bath Co.

Lofty Retreat, New Kent Co.

Log Cabin, see also: Giles Co.

Lombardy Grove

Lombardy Grove, King & Queen Co. 994.163.231

Lone Oak, Buckingham Co.

Long Branch, Clarke Co.

Longbridge Ordinary, Gloucester Co. see postcard collection

Longdale Railroad tresle wreck - see 992.31.2, box 68c:4 for original

Long Meadows, Fishersville, Augusta Co.


Longwood, Prince Edward Co.

Louisa, Louisa Co. see also: postcard collection

Louisa Co.

Lovingston, Nelson Co. see also: postcard collection

Lower Brandon, Prince George Co. (includes exterior views, interior views) (Bagby)

Lower Chapel, Middlesex Co.

Lower Highland, Highland Co. see bookplates

Lowland Cottage, Gloucester Co. (Bagby)

Lowmoor, Alleghany Co. see postcard collection

Lunenburg Co.

Luray Caverns

Luray, Page Co. (includes 990.50., Panorama Hotel, Park Hurst Hotel, Virginia Chapman Guest house, Virginia Skyline Co., Court house, Christ Episcopal Church, Mimslyn Hotel, Mansioin Inn and post office, Ames Street, Panorama Lodge and entrance to Panorama Resort, Kauffman's Restaurant, Norfolk and Western depot)

Lynchburg (includes Randolph Macon Woman's College, Rivermont Bridge, approach to Lover's Leap, John Jordan Cabell house, Virginia Christian College, National Bank building, St. Mary's, Fort Early, Old Market) see also: Mss5:10 P4436:1, African Americans, F224 E26, TS 300 I6 v. 18-20

Lynnhaven Bay, Princess Anne Co. see: 970.31, original prints