Curator Conversations: We Choose to Go to the Moon

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1925 to Today
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Business & Industry
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Andrew Talkov

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We Choose to Go to the Moon (February 27, 2023): In July 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the Moon. His achievement reflected the skill and determination of hundreds of thousands of Virginians and other Americans—engineers and technicians who worked to train, launch, land, and safely recover the crew. Now, as the United States once again journeys to the Moon, the VMHC is exploring the dramatic history of America’s mission to the Moon and the major role played by Virginia and Virginians—then and now. Join Sr. Director for Curatorial Affairs, Andrew Talkov, for some behind the scenes stories at two out of this world exhibitions—Apollo: When We Went to the Moon and From Virginia to the Moon—that explore the human space program before they launch in March 2023.